I was 9 Years Old when my Family joined a Real Cult

by Bianca Barban, Registered Nurse, Melbourne, Australia

I find it absolutely ridiculous that sections of the media are calling Universal Medicine a cult and Serge Benhayon a cult leader – how far away are they from the reality of who Serge is, and how Universal Medicine contributes to society?

When I was nine years old my family joined a cult my uncle started. My uncle (the cult leader) was a well known and respected medical doctor practising in Melbourne who decided his time would be better spent inciting fear, intimidation and paranoia amongst a group of people who were lost and searching for an escape from life. When I reflect on this time it brings up such feelings of paralysing fear, debilitating confusion and total lack of self – this is true abuse. I remember my uncle used to say he was higher up than Jesus.

Through my nine year-old eyes I remember observing this fat, white-haired man, who felt so angry and intimidating, and thinking – Jesus represents LOVE and this man is so far from LOVE, so what is he really representing? Unfortunately, I felt my parents would not listen to my view so I never expressed it, but with hindsight I know now I felt the truth while my parents did not.

I spent my weeknights and weekends going to these strange meetings with my parents and younger brothers where we observed chanting, meditation and the channelling of energy. My brothers and I were encouraged to join in the meditation and I clearly remember feeling it was bizarre. I was meant to stare into the light of a candle and go into the ‘white light’, and while my uncle chanted something, I was meant to lose myself. I watched a lady go into a trance and become a totally different person – it was truly frightening and felt so unnatural. I knew I did not want to experience that ever, but I lived in paralysing fear that it would happen. This is when the nightmares started, and an eerie feeling of spirits being around while I went to sleep.

Along with the paralysing fear, there was the harsh judgment of the outside world and exclusion from people I had known. Although I was still allowed to live at home and go to my Catholic school, I was told everyone else was evil and to stay away or I would be influenced and become evil too. The tragic thing was that when I looked outside the cult group there were so many people in the real world who I truly loved, and I felt loved me. I remember not being allowed to see my grandmother, who I loved dearly, because she was “absolute evil” and an “energy sucker” and I had to protect myself from her. This was devastating.

There were also predictions that the world was going to end and some people, i.e. the cult members, would get to move on to another world, and everyone else would just cease to exist because they were like robots – he called them “non-permanent atom beings” – catchy, isn’t it? The most hilarious thing was that every time my uncle predicted a date, nothing would happen. He would then say it was because we weren’t ready, then move it to another date in the future. I can laugh at it now but at the time I was anxious and absolutely terrified: I was too young to die and so confused about why God would want to kill so many people. The thing is, this energy wasn’t from God – it was just the ravings of an empty man. Other people in the group felt this tension also, and I remember a couple in their 70s drove their car off a bridge and died so they didn’t have to wait for the end of the world.

My body began to react to this state of constant terror and unknowing. I started having stomach issues, sleeplessness, and I created bizarre rituals to ensure I was good and got to move on to the new world. I became so controlling of myself and my behaviour – perfection was my new name. I lost my innocence, my freedom to be a child and the feeling that I was good, un-harming and safe. I totally lost the real me.

When I was nearly 11 my uncle moved to America to continue his work, and without his dominating influence my father decided this cult stuff was just too far away from Catholicism for him, so back we went to the Catholic church. We spent the rest of my childhood being devout Catholics – we had so much to repent for in my father’s eyes. I guess he felt like he could sweep away all the harm that was done by going to church every Sunday and having a friendship with our local priest.

So, my reason for expressing the above (apart from it feeling amazing to be so open and exposed), is to illustrate the differences between a real cult and its cult leader, and to critically discern what Universal Medicine is and what Serge Benhayon represents. The following points illustrate the key differences between what I experience now, and what I experienced as a child:

  • Serge Benhayon has never said he is above anyone. It is actually the exact opposite: he always talks about how we are all equal and we are all equally the sons of God. This makes sense to me.
  • There is no fear, no predictions of the world going to end, no channelling or bizarre occurrences – just presentations that are easily applicable to real life and are about being committed to living in the world and fully part of society.
  • There is no judgment of other people’s choices, but an allowing for everyone to choose how their life is for themselves.
  • There is no mandate to avoid people in society, and absolutely no segregation – there is actually the exact opposite.
  • Serge’s presentations are about reconnecting to the love that we all naturally are, healing your stuff and bringing more love, self-nurturing, harmony, stillness and commitment to your life.
  • There are no rules, only the freedom to discern whether or not what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine present feels true and makes sense to you.
  • If you decide what Serge presents doesn’t make sense to you, there is no judgment; no one follows up on your decisions or intimidates you to conform.

At 37 years of age I am now choosing to be more open to love and to take responsibility for healing all the hurts and patterns I created in my childhood. I have re-connected to my essence, live more simply than ever before, and connect to people with an openness and love that I have not experienced for a long time – and I do all these things without perfection. The most confirming thing for me, is that to reconnect to the love I naturally am, feels like absolute truth in my body.

In a real cult, like the one I experienced as a child, your natural connection with your essence is lost, and there is an enforced mandate to use practices to ensure this disconnection continues; neither are you asked to find your own truth and live it in full. Universal Medicine presents the exact opposite.

239 thoughts on “I was 9 Years Old when my Family joined a Real Cult

  1. Thank you for being so open and willing to share your experiences with a real cult. This shows that what Serge Benhayon is presenting is so far removed from the actions of a cult and a cult leader.

  2. Thank you Bianca for exposing fairly and squarely and from your lived experience, the fact of how Universal Medicine is the complete opposite of a cult. I have been a student of Universal Medicine for eight years now and can vouch for the fact that we are a group of students living our lives, to the best of our ability, impulsed from the wisdom and love of our inner hearts. What is cultish about that?

  3. Great testimony from one who has experienced what the media have labelled a cult, i.e. where one person decides to control and abuse others based on some seemingly crazy ideas. There is absolutely nothing cult like about Universal Medicine. I have been a student for 10 years and I guarantee there is no cult and no cult leader, nothing like this, simply teachings that will lift mankind to a higher grander level.

  4. “In a real cult, like the one I experienced as a child, your natural connection with your essence is lost, and there is an enforced mandate to use practices to ensure this disconnection continues”. We could say then that by that definition of a cult just about every organisation/religion/educational institution etc in society is a cult because no existing system in the world encourages us to connect with our essence. The only organisation that I have ever come across that tells you about your essence and gives you up front, the very tool that supports you to connect with that essence, is Universal Medicine. Universal Medicine is therefore leading the way in how to live true to the kingdom of God that lives within us.

  5. This sentence for me sums up the difference between, in your words Bianca, a ‘real cult’ and Universal Medicine. “In a real cult, like the one I experienced as a child, your natural connection with your essence is lost,” and from what you have shared I can see why this happens. In absolute contrast, Universal Medicine endlessly offers a wonderful range of healing modalities and workshops to support you to reconnect to your essence, the true you who has often been buried to fit in with today’s deleterious societal beliefs. If Universal Medicine is a cult and Serge Benhayon was a cult leader there would be no way that I would have anything to do with them, but for the last 13 years I have been a very willing student and will continue to be until the end of this life.

  6. When we are connected with our essence no part of us would want to be in any sort of group/organisation etc that did not feel true. That is why living from our essence is the ultimate lie detector.

  7. Thanks Bianca, your description of the characteristics of a cult are the direct opposite of my experience of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. The truth of any experience is also in the outcome, as you described the group your family was a part of led to intense distress for you as a child, whereas the experience with Universal Medicine has led to a healing of past trauma for you, and a reconnection back to the essence of love within yourself, as well as an ability to be open with all and to feel and express your love in all of your relationships.

  8. I sometimes want to put Serge Benhayon on a pedestal, or make him better than me, or that he has something special that I don’t. But all of that is just not true, it is me not really wanting to take full responsibility for the fact that we are all equal, that there are no pedestals, and there is nothing more special about Serge Benhayon than there is me, or anyone else in this world. He absolutely inspires me to want to live more of me, and has always clearly stated and lives in a way that we are all equal.

  9. it is like chalk and cheese your experiences of being in a cult and being a student of Universal Medicine. I felt a bit stressed reading what happened to you as a child as it felt like a horrendous experience, and quite terrifying for a young child. Then reading your experience of Universal Medicine, there was a lightness and an openness with nothing wanting to be attached to me reading it, quite free whereas the cult was very imposing. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Deep down you knew that living the way you were made to live as child was not true for you and you felt it to the ‘bone’ with the nightmares and then seeing and knowing that what was happening around you was not the people you knew, but that there was something driving them. How beautiful to then come to the work as presented by Serge Benhayon, and feel the difference, the complete opposite, the presence of true equality, love and care and deep respect for everyone, as well as an energetic understanding of what is happening in our world. What a blessing – and with your life experience, now that you have found the truth, you will never leave this behind.

  11. Wow, Bianca, this is incredible! Thank you so much for sharing – and in this you totally show the fact that Universal Medicine is far from a cult, in fact it is the complete opposite of a cult. Your experience and your sharing is invaluable!

  12. Cults have a supply and a demand side. On the demand side, we have people who walk in life totally in dis-association with their bodies who are willing to use their right of freedom of association to confirm that dis-association is the way to go. They are way too familiarized with making choices that are harmful to themselves. Joining a cult is just another one. They are not innocent and bear full responsibility for their choices as everybody else does. No more, no less. They are simply exercising their fundamental rights….to harm themselves. On the supply side, there are organizations/people who are willing to supply what such people are looking for. If we understand the demand and supply side of cults, this makes crystal clear that Universal Medicine has nothing to do with a cult. It is not a place for people who wants to be confirmed in their dis-associational way.

  13. ‘The most confirming thing for me, is that to reconnect to the love I naturally am, feels like absolute truth in my body.’ – me too, Bianca, as soon as I read something Serge Benhayon had written on the Universal Medicine website I felt I already knew everything he was saying, not from understanding the words, but from feeling the energy in what he was saying. It was like coming home, to me and everyone else.

  14. Fantastic sharing Bianca and just goes to show how discerning you have to be in day to day life with everything and, everyone.

  15. ‘Cult’ is an easy label to throw at an organisation if you wish to damage their reputation and turn people away from them. This exposes how vulnerable we are in relying solely on word-based expression. Once we reconnect to our feelings and innate ability to sense, we have more tools we can rely on to discern whether what is said is the truth or not. In this instance, it is a lie. Universal Medicine is an amazing organisation that has helped and supported so very many people have more loving and fulfilling lives. This is very clear to those who allow themselves to have a proper insight into its work.

  16. Wow what an experience and total contrast, Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are completely open and transparent, there is no obligation and attendance is always a choice.

  17. Really when someone has no holes in their make up what else can you do but invent lies and call it a cult. It is the only way that you can attack the truth, but it will never work long term.

  18. “Serge’s presentations are about reconnecting to the love that we all naturally are, healing your stuff and bringing more love, self-nurturing, harmony, stillness and commitment to your life.” Serge Benhayon presents what he lives, he walks the talk and talks the walk.

  19. Thank you for this sharing Bianca. I can feel the coldness and controlling stance of your Uncle’s behaviour and the beliefs he imposed upon you all. There is nothing like this coming from Serge Benhayon, as you quite rightly say it is just the opposite.

  20. Wow Bianca you are the perfect person to expose the lies that Universal Medicine is a cult. First hand experience of what it was like to live under a man who was void of love, to meeting a man who is all about love. The difference is clearly exposed in your blog.

  21. It has always struck me as bizarre that any group of people would think of themselves as special and chosen and that they will go to a certain place that all others are excluded from after their death. This erroneous and arrogant belief does not just apply to smaller groups but in the case of Judaism, to an established religion which thinks of its flock as the ‘chosen people’.

  22. In fact Serge Benhayon is the most humble, non arrogant person I have met, ‘Serge Benhayon has never said he is above anyone. It is actually the exact opposite: he always talks about how we are all equal and we are all equally the sons of God.’ Absolutely.

  23. What you experienced as a young child under the influence of your uncle’s cult Bianca was horrendous, thank you for so honestly sharing your experience of what a cult is like.

  24. It is without question that there are organisations/groups in existence that absolutely suppress the essence of people: conventional religion being a great example of this as well as the group that you described from your childhood Bianca. It is very obvious that Universal Medicine is the direct opposite to this. Nowhere has any religion, school, university, group told me that before I embark on any study that I need to know that I am a Son of God, equally so and that I need to know this fact because it is not about discovering it at the end but knowing it from the start. Universal Medicine presents who we are first and foremost and from there it is about discarding all the things we have taken on that prevents us from know that truth. This is true freedom and liberation.

  25. The labels and throwaway/dismissive sayings that have been attributed to Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon are merely to keep a media storm in operation and not produce actual reporting with integrity with a story or re-telling of something that could change many people’s lives. It’s clear that the thousands of people who know Serge and listen to his teachings would absolutely give a testimony of the amazing integrity, service and inspiration they have received from Serge Benhayon so the interests of media here are clear…. ‘do not tell the truth’

  26. I can relate to much of what you say Bianca, although never was forced to join a cult, my experience with the christian churches as a child and at school, first time there was an inital excitement that I was going to meet Jesus, then somewhat of a dismay when I met the priest walking up the aisle, that this man was so very far from what i knew Jesus to be, and ever since a constant let down that all that purported to be of truth was such a far cry from the truth as I knew in my heart – and the disappointment continued right up until the day I met Serge Benhayon.

  27. It’s super important to expose cults and the harm they unleash on its victims. It’s more widespread than it is really known hence the secrecy. The fact it is hidden or kept away in compounds exposes the fact of the deceitful ways. Universal Medicine has an open door policy. You are free to be yourself and ask as many questions as you can muster up. This is true freedom and more than you see in today’s institutionalised religions.

  28. To bring such a blight to a man who lives and presents the only known way to truly support humanity to heal is a reflection of the arrogance many live in, as to not at the very least consider what Serge Benhayon represents is to instead entrench humanity into the continued suffering humanity finds itself in today.

  29. There is no substitute for lived experience. Your insight reveals that great harm can be done when people choose to give their power away to someone or something. Serge Benhayon provides a living example of what is possible when we connect to our own absolute wisdom. Serge has shown me that when I connect to what I know to be true I can no longer be fooled by anyone or anything.

  30. Bianca, thank you so much for sharing this so openly. All I can say is that my experiences of Universal Medicine match yours I am proud of the changes I have made in my life inspired by the Benhayon family and many of the students. I watch and listen carefully, I observe what is going on in my body and make changes that support me. In my 13 years as a student I have seen that everyone’s journey is unique and forever evolving. I am a person who loves following rules and have tried to seek out the rules so I could obey them and be a good student however this backfires as her is no such thing.

  31. Bianca what you went through would be terrifying for any child let alone the harm an adult feels from being part of a cult such as your uncle’s. The difference as you have clearly felt and stated is that a cult is about crushing the connection to your essence whereas Universal Medicine’s teachings are all focussed on developing and expanding the connection to our essence and the joy that is felt when we re-connect.

  32. Thank you for sharing Bianca, growing up under those circumstances must have been very intense and are indeed nothing like Universal Medicine.

  33. Absolutely brilliant Bianca. Thank you for sharing with the authority of your essence and soul, on what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine bring and represent, and what an actual cult will try to annihilate in us. Universal Medicine and actual cults could not be more apart.

  34. What you have shared here from your understanding of the Teachings of Universal Medicine are so true Bianca. Having been raised as a Catholic the levels of indoctrination from a young age where I was never seen as an equal but constantly striving to be like ‘God stayed with me into adulthood. The ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality was often used and I remember vividly starting university after attending private Catholic schooling and was shocked at being surrounded by non-religious people who had another way of living that was not in the same view as mine. What Serge Benhayon reflects is the highest levels of integrity for the individual to live and learn from their own choices. The teachings are there for all and this can be shared or ignored from ones own calling. This blog is a deeper understanding in how we can identify all groups as the same yet the livingness of the person stands out a mile. In this case Serge Benhayon walks the talk and continues to inspire me daily.

  35. A true Son of God knows he/she is no different to any other, which includes every person here on Earth, there is simply the choice of whether to live and walk with an absolute knowing of our innate divinity or whether to walk a truncated expression of this as a ‘son of man’. Either is fine as it does not change the fact that in essence we are all one and the same but just with the free will to make our own choices in this sphere of life.

  36. Thank you Bianca, the contrast you describe couldn’t be more stark. If Universal Medicine is a cult, then so is every club, organisation and religious movement on the planet. I have never come across a more loving, supportive, embracing, inspiring, genuine, transparent and honest organisation in my 50+ years of life.

  37. I belonged to a cult once. Looking back, if was full of bizarre rituals that at the time I just took for normal. We would all wear the exact same clothing, but with numbers on our back as the only way of identifying ourselves. We had to meet 3 times per week to engage in our religious activities. Often there was alcohol involve at the end of these sessions, and at times unruly behaviour. When there were many of us gathered together, we would sometimes get so aroused in our zealotry, we would say and do things to others we would not ordinarily do. Sometimes it even got violent, and there were times I saw others go over the edge and completely lose themselves. Rather than give us cause for concern, we simply wrote such things off as white line fever, and just excused it as being part of the experience. Our cult was actually very popular, and the papers focussed on us quite a bit, for a few of us had in time become celebrities of sorts. Some of the publicity was good, some was bad, and we were lucky that we had quite a few journalists that were on our side. You may have even heard of it – we called it Sport.

  38. The Way of the Livingness as presented by Serge Benhayon is what it is all about for me. How I choose to be with myself and with others is what matters and the more I make life about my livingness committing to myself and others, I can feel and see that being a student of Universal Medicine is not an issue. If there was an issue which has been in the past it was because I made Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine better than everyone and everything else and people could feel that. It really is about the relationship I have with myself.

  39. What is the fear we live with with the word “cult”. As someone said to me the other day, “isn’t a cult just a group of like minded people”. If someone has a ‘cult’ following it has more of the true meaning of cult in it then it someone labels you as belonging to one. We have had a bad experience with something that was labelled as a cult and now anything that is even spoken about in the same nature brings back those memories. I’m not going to say what is and what isn’t a cult, this article supports that but what I will say don’t believe what people say from something they heard. I would rather and experience has taught me to get the story from the source and that way I can clearly make up my own mind. How many times have you had an image of something or someone only to find out when you meet them that it’s not true. The way we use cult has the same impact and so it’s time for us to have a look deeper.

  40. Thank you for sharing your experiences Bianca thats some up bringing! Amazing you were able to see through the lies and know in your heart what was true.

  41. I’ve never been exposed to any cults so I very much enjoyed reading about your experience Bianca. As far as the allegations made against Universal Medicine, they couldn’t be further from the truth.

  42. It is awesome to read about the difference between the cult experience you experienced as a child and that of Universal Medicine.
    What a blessing that you have such first hand experience that is now, in this writing, printed for all to read, and from such, feel the absolute love and honor that is the work of Serge Benhayon.

  43. An extraordinary story that is nothing short of a blessing to share. There is no doubt that the media can and does prefer to choose sensationalising whatever it can to spark emotion and moral panic but it does so at the expense of the truth and of those who like yourself have actually experienced what a cult is. Thank you for highlighting what Universal Medicine is about and how far it is from what it is accused of.

  44. Hello Bianca and it must be great for you to write about this, I know it’s great for me to hear about things like this and how I can relate it to my childhood and also how I raise my children. As you are saying at 9 you were seeing things that others weren’t and so if you support children with a space to share what they feel then they step into supporting us all in this way. It shows how important we all are in the world, no matter your age and also how important it is to support children to share things they feel. After all we all grow up.

  45. We do not often credit how wise and knowing children are, and how you at 9 clearly discerned that where you and your family were was not true and in fact harmful and bizarre. Thank you for sharing your story.

  46. I find it very interesting how the word energy gets used for different situations, which can sometimes be about suiting the needs of one person over and above the truth of the word.

  47. Its a horrible term really, and when you look back through history you find it was actually used as a tool of propaganda to incite fear and distrust against those whose religious viewpoints differed to that of mainstream religion. There are those who do not agree with the religious and life philosophy presented by Serge Benhayon, and that is fine. But what I find remarkable is that rather than attempt to dissect the philosophy in any meaningful way, such critics (if you can call them that) have merely resorted to the emotive tactic of labelling Universal Medicine a cult, summarily because it presents a religious philosophy that cannot be attributed to mainstream religion, and because it is a philosophy primarily presented by one man’s teachings, even though by his own admission, Serge Benhayon’s teachings are not his own but find their roots in the very same teachings by others through history – from Blavatsky and Bailey through to Plato, Pythagoras, Sidartha Guatama and Yeshua. That aside, the mere fact that protagonists attempt to label Universal Medicine a cult rather than engage in a meaningful discussion based upon a proper analysis of its principles betrays the fact that they are not serious critics, but rather simply emotive driven bullies hiding behind the tag of skeptics, a term designed to create the illusion that somehow they are intellectual and reasoning thinkers, when in truth they are nothing more than trolls with their own agenda.

  48. The cult idea, is about separation from others, this is the opposite of what Universal Medicine express’s and shares and I know the difference. I have observed, closed groups in school, work, sports, families, friends, religions, hobbies, fashion, music… etc…this is not how Serge Benhayon or Universal Medicine operates, fact.

  49. Thank you for sharing the absolute separation, isolation and fear mongering of a cult life and following an actual cult leader. How terrifying for you as a child to not have one person close to you that could see through the evil in front of them while they were under the influence of your Uncle. Serge represents the complete opposite, continually inspiring anyone he meets to truly be themselves, and he reflects heaven through the joy, love, commitment and harmony he lives, breathes and walks every day.

  50. My parents were Russian Orthodox and, as this was not offered as one of the religions in scripture classes at primary school, I was given the opportunity to sample the others so I could then choose the one I would like to attend. They were all basically teaching the same thing so I chose the ‘best looking’ pastor who felt gentle and kind. I can recall feeling the self-conscious pangs of being the odd one, not being normal and having to fit in, but now I appreciate the blessing I was given as it gave me an insight into the similar thread that runs through most religions and left me open to exploring other possibilities as they presented. Eventually I attended what I believed to be a philosophy school, however, despite loving learning about eastern religion and philosophy there was something very controlling about the head of the school and a lot of rules and practices that just didn’t sit right with me but I simply over-rode and ignored them for 5 years until I could not ignore what I was feeling any longer and made a very good choice to leave. I later learned that I had actually been in a cult. During all my past experiences I was never “asked to find your own truth and live it in full.” It was not until I came to Universal Medicine that for the first time in my life I heard Serge Benhayon present this undeniable truth.

  51. Universal Medicine presentations are so down to earth, so easily applicable to everyday life, and are really enjoyable to attend. Of all the organisations and businesses I have attended, this one offers absolute integrity. And, of every workshop and self help avenue I have explored in the past, this is the only one I have had such success and long lasting results with changes to my health and wellbeing. Universal Medicine is most definitely not a cult, in fact the workshops are a lot of fun to attend.

  52. Thank you Bianca for sharing so honestly your childhood experience of being in a cult and as you show Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are the total opposite of all that a cult is. I can relate to what Gabriele shared about the Catholic Church I well remember as a child hearing sermons by visiting missionaries about hell fire and brimstone instilling fear in me as a child.

  53. I found the teachings of the Catholic Church just as frightening as what you describe from the cult you were made to be a part of – all I ever heard was about hell, purgatory, martyrs, sins, a valley of tears and repentance. Should that be x-rated?

  54. Thank you so much Bianca to share so open and honestly your experience with a real cult. How you describe it is exactly how my own pictures of a real cult are and that is really far away from my own experience with Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon.

  55. The word cult conjures images of lost people, with no sense of self. I have not met a single person in ten years of working with Universal Medicine who matches that image.

  56. My understanding of a Cult is that you actually live on some sort of compound behind large front gates that are heavily guarded to stop outsiders from entering. There is absolutely none of that wth Universal Medicine, everyone is free to come and go as they please. Even unsavoury characters posing as someone else are free to enter. Nothing is hidden and all of Universal Medicine’s workshops and presentations are totally transparent and open for all. No smoke and mirrors here, just absolute love, truth and deep loving commitment to the all.

  57. Sharing your experience Bianca surely illustrates and confirms that Universal Medicine is no cult and Serge Benhayon no cult leader. The offering that is given is a path back to our own true origins which is love as you have described.

  58. I have never been in a cult nor have I been able to tolerate guru’s – both get under my skin. To suggest that Universal Medicine is a cult and Serge Benhayon is a guru is ridiculous, I would give not one shred of my energy to a guru..

  59. One of the most important things that I have learnt from the teaching from Universal Medicine is to discern energy, as you have shared from your experience Bianca being in a real cult is all about fear and being less than another whereas what Universal Medicine represents is far from that as it felt in our bodies the level of integrity, love, respect and equality for all so to call it a cult is totally far from the truth.

  60. It is an utter lie to call Universal Medicine a cult. Thank you Bianca for sharing your experience of what a real cult is which is the absolute complete opposite to everything that Universal Medicine represents.

  61. Wow Bianca, the final paragraph says it all and every word before it provides a rock solid foundation for the truth to be felt. When we understand that true cults seek to disconnect us from our essence we begin to see that almost every institution we encounter is actually cult like. Television, education, most religions – you name it – all of these things tell us we are not enough. How absolutely bizarre it is that the one man and organisation that truly supports us to set ourselves free and connect to who we are is labelled a cult.

  62. Thank you Bianca for sharing your experience of the manipulative, controlling abuse of being forced to be part of a cult channeling oppressive energy. It feels very dark. Your experiences of being a student of Universal Medicine and the presentations of Serge Benhayon sharing the Ageless Wisdom with a freedom to choose in every moment is true light. The light exposes the shadows of the dark.

  63. It is so easy to spread lies about another across the internet, to try to do damage to someone’s reputation, such has been attempted against Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, however the truth is there for anyone who chooses to know it. It is worth taking the time to meet Serge, to listen to his presentations and discern the truth for oneself – just as so many thousands have done already.

  64. If we can bring up children knowing love and true equalness, honouring and allowing them to express what they feel and not to impose ideals and beliefs upon them, then we would have generation who simply could never fall prey to the machinations and manipulations of another individual or institution, who seeks to coerce, control by fear, dogma, blackmail or bullying. Imagine a generation of children and young adults who are not afraid to speak their truth and who would not accept abuse or give their power away to another – and anyone can start to develop this at any age. It would change the world, and herald a new era of respect, equalness and the potential of true relationship – something the world is crying out for.

  65. Thank you for sharing this account Bianca – it shows that our bodies are in fact vessels and to be involved in a group with a very heavy sense of beliefs, and preform rituals and chanting ect is certainly going to have a effect. To say Universal Medicine is a cult is no different than saying a football team is a cult. Universal Medicine – as you say – has never once imposed on anyone who openly chooses to be a part of it. I am a student of Universal Medicine, but i could just as easily not be tomorrow and have no judgement whatsoever. I am a student because what is presented is shared by real people in all walks of life – doctors, builders, businessmen, artists ect. These are real people who can sense that the world asks us to be not who we truly are. It’s that simple – and its great to expose the difference between something like this and a mandatory following.

  66. Wow that was some childhood! Awesome you were able to see through all that and be the amazing lady you are today. Universal Medicine is the complete opposite to everything you experienced through your Uncle, I have never experienced one tiny bit of imposition or persuasion since attending Universal Medicine presentations. For the Media to Call Serge Benhayon a cult leader is a pure and utter lie and a lie that will one day be fully exposed.

  67. “In a real cult, like the one I experienced as a child, your natural connection with your essence is lost, and there is an enforced mandate to use practices to ensure this disconnection continues; neither are you asked to find your own truth and live it in full. Universal Medicine presents the exact opposite.” So interesting for you – having lived inside a real cult – to really know and expose the difference. Everything in Universal Medicine is so transparent, that lies and rumours have to be fabricated in order to try to smear Serge and his family – which includes students. I have never met anyone with such integrity as Serge Benhayon – and I have attended many different spiritual practices over the years. Not one comes close to the equal-ness and love for humanity that Serge offers.

  68. The authority with which you speak is very powerful. I have been listening to the words of Serge Benhayon for more than ten years and can say that I have never felt freer and closer to my true self and true purpose. And no matter what label, smear campaign or slanderous abuse gets thrown at Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine or any of the other affiliate organisations, nothing will ever change that.

  69. Bianca what a full on cult experience for someone so young, no wonder you endured nightmares and full on fear from the description you gave! I totally agree with you that Universal Medicine is not a cult by any means, to me it is the most rewarding experience of my life . I have learnt so much from the Presentations of Serge Benhayon about love, joy, harmony and relationships ,to self and others.

  70. Cults are so abusive, to manipulate and control the way they do is a devastation in our bodies. The abuse you speak of here is what I see in controlling domestic violent relationships on a daily basis with my work. That kind of control is magnified and expanded to be able to hold so many people in it’s clutches, and just as you reflect, the control and manipulation of the Catholic church is very similar, you simply went from one ‘cult’ to another, one where pedophilia dominates.
    Looking at the control you then learned to have over your body is a ‘normal’ response to such experiences. It’s great you are able to talk about it so openly so we all can benefit from your awareness and understanding.

  71. A frank explanation of the control wielded in a cult, made all the more poignant from your real experience. It couldn’t be further from where Universal Medicine is at, where the focus is on reconnecting to your natural essence as the primary objective, rather than losing it or giving it away as is required by a cult.

  72. This contrast is sorely needed. What you have describe is a horrible control over people and people willing to give their power away.

    Thank you for opening my eyes to what really happens out there.

    1. I agree Luke, it is moving to consider the lives some are asked to lead in the name of god, love or enlightenment. Bianca’s story sits in such stark comparison to my experience with Universal Medicine…polar opposite I would have to say.

  73. Your blog has such power in setting the record straight on Universal Medicine, given your lived experience in a cult as a child. One phrase stood out for me above all else and that was ‘to critically discern’. We have the ability in our own knowing to work out truth from balderdash and your truth presented here is a great testament to the value that Serge Benhayon brings to all those who are prepared to begin to take responsibility for their choices.

  74. Wow Bianca you are clearly someone who can speak with authority on what if feels like to be in a real cult and to know how harming and damaging that felt for you and others. Your experience of Universal Medicine and the true love and care that Serge Benhayon offers us all equally would have been the exact opposite to the frightening experiences you had as a young child in a cult. Thank you for sharing your story so honestly and openly and showing the clear differences between a real cult and when an organisation such as Universal Medicine is conveniently labeled a ‘cult’ by the media and a few angry people intent on damaging Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine’s impeccable reputation with these malicious and ridiculous lies.

  75. Nothing even comes close to your account of cults when compared to Universal Medicine. Simply because it is a health and well-being business and NOT a cult. Reading about your childhood it really brought home as to where the media get these images on cults from. To stick such a label onto an organisation that is the complete opposite says more about those using the label than of those so labelled – who is controlling the publics perception with outright lies? It aint Uni Med.

  76. This was a really interesting experience to read and feel Bianca, thank you so much for sharing it. What it highlighted for me was how energy and the feeling of energy can be bastardised and misconstrued. It is actually a simple fact of life that we feel energy (or whatever term we would like to give it), and yet those that champion the chanelling or manipulation of it take it away from its true meaning. We are all very sensitive beings and have much to learn in how to live with this in everyday life. This is what Serge Benhayon presents, as part of the many teachings he has imparted, in a way to live with our sensitivity when all around us seems to be doing the opposite.

    1. Well said Amelia, we are indeed all extremely sensitive. The more I allow others to see and feel how sensitive I am the more they seem to open up and more surprised I am at times with quite how sensitive others are and how much they do actually indeed feel, just, like me, have not always known what to do with what they have felt so have ignored or suppressed it rather than stayed with it.

      1. I feel the same James. It has been, and continues to be, a slow, steady climb back up to the sunshine again with the realisation that I am actually quite sensitive. The more I am learning to recognise and accept this, the more I am finding that I am genuinely connecting to others. Without the support of Universal Medicine practitioners this growth would not be happening, yet no one is telling me what I should be feeling or what to do. This way of being is more about going out and interacting with everyone than about keeping myself secluded away from others – which, as Bianca’s blog has shown, is all completely the reverse of how cult members live.

      2. That is great to hear Helen, and yes the complete opposite of how a ‘cult’ would operate. Serge Benhayon or Universal Medicine never says do this or that, he/they simply present the possibilities and what may happen but never gives any rules. Ultimately love is our teacher and we are each where we are to learn whatever we need to learn so it is extremely judgmental to tell someone what they should or should not be doing.

  77. Bianca, I can really feel your sadness as a child and what was taken away from you. you are so right -Universal Medicine does not have any cult attributes at all and it is absurd for anyone to claim that it has. Your experience highlights how a cult works and it is frightening. Thank you for sharing.

    1. This really opened my eyes too to how cults form and what happens to those involved. A very interesting difference to feel between that and Serge Benhayon – loveless and empty VS completely full of and about love. It’s difficult to even compare the two!

  78. Thank you for sharing your powerful story about the terrifying reality of living in a cult which is so far removed from attending Universal Medicine presentations as to be totally ridiculous. With your lived knowledge you have highlighted so many differences that demonstrate conclusively that there is absolutely no correlation between the two. Cults take many forms but seem to have in common enforcing separation and dictating beliefs thus trying to ensure blind obedience. Universal Medicine is all about living lovingly in the world and feeling for oneself what is truth, there is personal freedom with responsibility and everyone is equal and equally valued. This enables people to heal past hurts and build trusting relationships and be more productive all of which has to be good for society which is currently sinking under so many seemingly unsolvable problems.

  79. I cannot imagine what it must be like to live in a cult, to have that pressure and control going on must have been the scariest thing for a child. To have someone coming from a superior attitude pretending they know more or are more – what nonsense. We are equal first and last, and integrity is how we see that equality living everyday. We are given clear examples of people living in integrity in the Benhayon family. They are real and live in the world of children and grandchildren, running a business and working hard, yet at no point do they act without integrity. That is so great to see in a world where greed and corruption are normal and everyday occurrences.

  80. Universal Medicine has its doors open wide for everyone to come and go to their own liking, always welcoming but never imposing. Everyone can decide for themselves to come, to go, to stay, to leave, to attend to what is most valuable, helpful or of interest for them or decide this is not for them. It is that simple.

    1. Agree Esther it is that simple. Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon have the highest level of integrity and absolutely respect people’s free will.

  81. Whoohoo, well said Bianca, this is real and so beautiful portrayed: the difference between a cult and someone who calls a beautiful and beneficial company ‘cult’ (which it is not). By the way your piece is proof to us that there is no element of cultish in Universal Medicine – but the opposite, YES OPPOSITE! Also I deeply loved this expression: The most confirming thing for me, is that to reconnect to the love I naturally am, feels like absolute truth in my body.
    I have got the exact same feeling right now, and since I have met Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, fantastic people, fantastic business, well deserved 2 awards too! Again proof…

  82. Thank you for sharing your experiences so generously, Bianca. I remember about 30 years ago there was quite a few self declared cult leaders popping up spouting ‘the end of the world’ theme. It was a prelude to the turn of the century. People empowering themselves by playing on the fear of others. As you say this is in stark contrast and polar opposite to the principles of integrity, discernment, self care and self responsibility offered by Universal Medicine.

  83. Totally agree Bianca, anyone who says anyone is higher than another has instantly exposed themselves and their false beliefs. As we are all equal within, and the more this is brought out and lived, the greater equality, true brotherhood and true community can grow in the world.

  84. Wow Bianca, thank you for sharing so honestly how it was for you growing up with the antics of the cult your uncle started – it illustrates clearly how a roller coaster of fear and control can erode and distort the truth of what love actually is.

  85. Unfortunately the ill intentions of the group that your family joined and your awful experience is part of the reason that the media like to use the term cult to grab people’s attention, it can also then get associated or branded on any group that people react to.

    1. Very true Nicole, and this goes to highlight the social responsibility everyone has when we choose to join any one group or organisation, to investigate all of its intentions and motivations, it’s practices and its values. Because ultimately those are what you are joining in to and then that is what you bring out to the world.

  86. Thank you very much for sharing your personal experience with a cult, Bianca – this clearly exposes the utter ridiculousness of labeling Universal Medicine as such. Using such a loaded word to tarnish someone’s reputation with no real grounds is simply criminal.

    1. I agree Fumiyo using the word cult to tarnish someone’s reputation is criminal. What I find absolutely laughable about associating Universal Medicine with cults is that there is not one speck of imposition from Serge Benhayon or Universal Medicine. Your free will to choose to come and go as you please is absolutely respected. All people are seen as the innately wise and divine beings we all equally are and because of this we all have the free will to choose for ourselves how I lives will be.

  87. With Universal Medicine I have never witnessed an ounce of trying to control anyone. In fact it has been this total lack of imposing that made me open up and be inspired to change my life and finally take responsibility for me and how I live.

  88. Thank you for sharing your experiences of an actual cult Bianca. When viewed next to this, it exposes how utterly ridiculous, laughable in fact, it is to label Universal Medicine as a cult.

  89. Bianca, it is fantastic to hear the truth from someone who has had first-hand experience of both a cult & Universal Medicine. It was obvious to anyone who had attended a UniMed event that labeling them a cult was bizarre and so far from the truth. Thank you.

  90. This is quite a powerful and illustrated testimonial of what and what is not cult like behaviour. The absurdity of name calling and accusing Serge Benhayon of being a cult leader is born from a desperate lier. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are serving not only communities directly in Australia and the UK, but globally in the support and grounding of truth, each and every participant feels for themselves.

  91. Bianca what you went through as a 9 year old sounds horrendous, no wonder you lived in fear with the intimidation and impositions that were placed on such a young person who was your Uncle. What you describe from your experiences of being in a real cult are so far removed from Universal Medicine. As you say anyone that labels Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon a cult are so far removed from reality and true understanding of what they bring to society. Bianca you are testimony to how cults behave and everything you describe is the exact opposite of Serge Benhayon a truly humble man who has never incited fear ever. what he brings makes total sense, and has helped me make sense of a world that didn’t make sense.

    1. It’s true Bianca, Universal Medicine presents the exact opposite to this kind of control and manipulation. Rather it is about each and every person choosing to be responsible for their own development, their own choices and to learn to respect what they feel, and discern for themselves exactly what feels true to them and what doesn’t.

  92. Incredible and honest description of first hand cult experience Bianca, and then to contrast this with the absolute opposite and absolute truth that Universal Medicine is, is just awesome. Thank you for sharing this, an invaluable read.

    1. Yes expressing the truth of what is love and that nothing less is offered through the work of Universal Medicine and all its modalities.

  93. Thank you so much for sharing Bianca. It was really sad to read about the group you were in and what it lead to- complete separation from those you loved around you. Being told that everyone else was evil would have been totally isolating. And I would have missed, like I’m sure you did, the simple interactions with others.

    1. Thanks Emily, the separation from people and the paranoia that some were evil was awful to live with. One of the things that I love about Universal Medicine is that it presents the truth that we are all connected and everyone has an essence that is love.

      1. Me too Bianca, Universal Medicine says that we are all equal and all special, rather than some having special privileges or anything like that or condemning others for whatever reason. It puts the responsibility back on us and empowers us with the choice that no matter what we can choose love.

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