Making the Time to Connect to Me

by Claudia Swadek, Germany

For me the holiest place in the world is in my bed under my blanket. I love the time early in the morning, when it is still outside and I have the space for myself to feel me in my body. When I choose that time for me, there is a longing inside to connect deeper within myself.

I want to describe, what I experience:

I start with honestly nominating what is there at that moment. The only truth is me being with my body, and my body reflecting back to me how it really feels.

Often I recognise that I have a lot of thoughts and am very busy in my head. I am quite warm, but I notice I am still feeling a coldness and constriction, mostly in the upper part of my body, even when I have two blankets over it.

More issues are coming to my mind, going in circles and going nowhere. This doesn`t feel good in my body, I feel small, cold, contracted and empty. But, coming from the experience where my body has felt something different – something which was greater, warmer, lighter – I start to connect deeper and reflect that the cold contracted feeling is not the true me, I know I am much more than that.

I drop immediately into my body, connecting to an energy flowing within – just waiting for me to go with it. I sense an energetic opening, cascading and starting from the upper body down to the feet and beyond – becoming warmer, bigger, lighter. It`s like a stretching from the inside, a wonderful process of unraveling, breaking through old pathways.

I am really impressed with the power of that energy working through me and I become aware of parts of my body that I haven`t noticed before – I am opening and relaxing, I get a smile on my face.

In this state I feel free and joyful, playful as a child, there is no need for any coffee or drink, or even an ounce of a thought of it, that could possibly distract me from that lovely feeling inside of me.

There is no room for bigger or better than others, no emotions of anger, jealousy, sadness, there is just love with me and others, and even all those I haven`t yet met.

Now I am ready for the day…

I feel very supported and I want to say thank you to Serge Benhayon, his family, Universal Medicine and the esoteric students, because they present a loving, true and deeper understanding of energy that helps me to better understand what I have always known and felt before.

238 thoughts on “Making the Time to Connect to Me

  1. So much of life is currently about getting things done and how much we can achieve, there is not much focus on or value put to our relationship to ourselves. I have found for me taking care of my relationship to me and my connection to myself as the foundation for life has completely changed the way I am in the world. Although I can still get caught up in the rush and panic of how much there is to do in a day, I am now more able to stop these behaviours and reconnect back to the lovely warmth within that is my essence, and also reconnect to and move with my whole body. As you mentioned Claudia getting stuck in the mind is not a pleasant experience, and it cuts us off from the warmth and loveliness of our connection to our soul and body.

  2. A beautiful way to start the day and “It’s like a stretching from the inside” is a glorious description of re-connecting to oneself.

  3. This is a beautiful testimony of the self-empowerment that is offered for us to embrace through the presentations of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. This highlights precisely how it is possible to live with utter joy through our every day, consistently, through our connection to who we are within, to our Soul.

  4. What a gorgeous account of the power we all have to connect deeply with our inner essence (love) no matter what heady state we may be in at the time. This was really inspiring for me to read and I felt I was right there with Claudia feeling that beautiful stillness.

  5. It is alchemy taking place when we connect to our body by feeling every detail. The stillness that emerges from this opens up your body even more and is the perfect start for a day.

  6. “There is no room for bigger or better than others, no emotions of anger, jealousy, sadness, there is just love with me and others, and even all those I haven`t yet met.” What a lovely way to start the day, waking with you and not allowing the thoughts to come in and distract you or take you away from being with you. I know quite often I can wake thinking of the day ahead and it doesn’t take long before I am lost in the day rather than enjoying the moment that I am in.

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