Making the Time to Connect to Me

by Claudia Swadek, Germany

For me the holiest place in the world is in my bed under my blanket. I love the time early in the morning, when it is still outside and I have the space for myself to feel me in my body. When I choose that time for me, there is a longing inside to connect deeper within myself.

I want to describe, what I experience:

I start with honestly nominating what is there at that moment. The only truth is me being with my body, and my body reflecting back to me how it really feels.

Often I recognise that I have a lot of thoughts and am very busy in my head. I am quite warm, but I notice I am still feeling a coldness and constriction, mostly in the upper part of my body, even when I have two blankets over it.

More issues are coming to my mind, going in circles and going nowhere. This doesn`t feel good in my body, I feel small, cold, contracted and empty. But, coming from the experience where my body has felt something different – something which was greater, warmer, lighter – I start to connect deeper and reflect that the cold contracted feeling is not the true me, I know I am much more than that.

I drop immediately into my body, connecting to an energy flowing within – just waiting for me to go with it. I sense an energetic opening, cascading and starting from the upper body down to the feet and beyond – becoming warmer, bigger, lighter. It`s like a stretching from the inside, a wonderful process of unraveling, breaking through old pathways.

I am really impressed with the power of that energy working through me and I become aware of parts of my body that I haven`t noticed before – I am opening and relaxing, I get a smile on my face.

In this state I feel free and joyful, playful as a child, there is no need for any coffee or drink, or even an ounce of a thought of it, that could possibly distract me from that lovely feeling inside of me.

There is no room for bigger or better than others, no emotions of anger, jealousy, sadness, there is just love with me and others, and even all those I haven`t yet met.

Now I am ready for the day…

I feel very supported and I want to say thank you to Serge Benhayon, his family, Universal Medicine and the esoteric students, because they present a loving, true and deeper understanding of energy that helps me to better understand what I have always known and felt before.

227 thoughts on “Making the Time to Connect to Me

  1. What a beautiful reminder Claudia to take the time to truly connect to you first thing in the morning will bring more quality and stillness into the day.

  2. What a ride and a pleasure to read. Connecting to and feeling the body first thing really sets up the day for us to be open and expressive. I’ve been pondering on my mornings of late and feel a real sluggishness and unwillingness to even get out, yet my head is already busy and starting the day without me. I love what you have shared Claudia and will make this part of a morning rhythm, to feel and accept what is there so I can release and expand.

  3. I just melted reading this once again. That choice to feel underneath the contraction and cold to feel the grand warmth underneath is hugely powerful and so needed. I still feel as though there is a pattern to break in regards to – feeling the what is wrong then focusing on the what is wrong so intently as if that will make it go away, is that not how the world has been taught to address things? attack it head on. Taking a step back and feeling that there is a love underneath all of this has healed far more in my life than the ‘head on’ approach.

    1. So beautifully said Leigh, I can feel you sweetness in your words, which is exquisite and I agree to stop and feel the love underneath all our stuff is very healing and a true way forward.

    2. Thank you Leigh, I was at a meeting today and it was nearly all ‘head on approach’ and I found myself getting led by my head too. We certainly have been encouraged to tackle things head on and it just doesn’t work, it leaves people emotionally stimulated with high adrenalin and probably dopamine and goodness knows what imbalances to all systems of the body. I felt the heat around my throat and upper chest and knew I had to get up and walk around to reconnect to the more natural flow of energy that had once been in my body.

  4. ‘The only truth is me being with my body, and my body reflecting back to me how it really feels.’ Waking up with this point of view sets the tone for everything we do subsequently throughout the day with and through our bodies – our inbuilt marker of truth.

  5. What a beautiful start into the day! I would love parents to teach this to their kids, so that getting up becomes a loving moment as you describe, Claudia, instead of this dreadful, noisy and rushed moment it is for most kids!

    1. If we´d taught children that a doing is never more important than a connection to the body.That a day starts with YOU. If I ´d had learned that as a kid, my life would have look totally different, than it does now in retrospective.

  6. Thank You dear it inspires me to be more aware in the morning and really yes start taking the time to connect with me in the morning when I wake before I get out of bed and start with the day. With love Nadine

  7. I drop immediately into my body, connecting to an energy flowing within – just waiting for me to go with it.
    I love your description -how easy it is to drop easily in your body, you just need to choose and that it is always waiting within..To finally welcome you to walk with it. Beautiful and so true..

  8. Making the time to connect to me is a super supportive way to start the day. And a lovely reminder to call out or nominate what gets in the way, so we can drop deeper into our bodies.

  9. Thank you Claudia, for an amazing reminder that at any time I can reconnect to who I am and feel the true presence in any part of my body just as it is presented in Esoteric Yoga!

  10. I love that time in the morning too Claudia on first waking and then to do some gentle connective tissue exercises in bed checking in and connecting with me before gently rising out of bed to start the day.

  11. Absolutely gorgeous way to start the day. This foundational quality not only benefits ourselves in our connection during the day, but also every one else as we can bring more of ourselves to every situation.

  12. Claudia the connection you are able to achieve with yourself not only benefits you but everybody you come into contact with

  13. Your heading (making time to connect with me) Claudia says it all really and I just love the way in which you do just that each morning. What a gorgeous way to start the day;
    “There is no room for bigger or better than others, no emotions of anger, jealousy, sadness, there is just love with me and others, and even all those I haven`t yet met”.

  14. Thank you Claudia, what a glorious way to start the day. ”The only truth is me being with my body, and my body reflecting back to me how it really feels.” The warmth and glow you describe is to me reconnecting to being the Son of God as presented by Serge Benhayon.

  15. Interesting how the mind is the only one that has the issues and dilemmas, the body does not when we are truly with is. Shows how little we are often with our bodies and how much we are caught up in the mind

  16. What a great exploration of connection shared in this blog, with the quality of accepting all that is there in our bodies that is not who we are and how this allows us to unfold back to the truth of who we are. We are called back to ourselves, from a point of connection that never asked us to leave and never judges the choice.

  17. Thank you Claudia, for a beautiful awakening to a new day, feeling the quality of our love moving through our bodies, knowing that we are not what our minds are trying to tell us. Once we know this it is amazing how it all dissolves.

  18. I can totally relate to doing this in the mornings. More recently I’ve felt the deep desire inside me to do this all of the time, throughout my whole day and not just when I’m in the comfort of my own bed. I feel much more vulnerable and fragile in the world and with people so close to me but it’s well worth it because living not deep inside myself is extremely painful in so many ways.

  19. Such a beautiful blog Claudia – great to re-read. I love the time after waking when I’m in my bed, and clocking how my mind wants to take me straight into activity. Connecting back with my true self and my body is a wonderful way to begin each day.

  20. It’s a very beautiful thing when we give ourselves the opportunity to feel the loveliness of who we are. With what Danielle has just shared above too, why save it to only one small section of the day when there is a whole day plus that we can be this way and then share who we are with others.

  21. What a gorgeous way to get ready for the day Claudia, how very loving and self-nurturing. Tomorrow morning I will remember and be inspired by your blog.

  22. Creating space to reconnect to our bodies is such a supportive part of rhythm it allows to connect to the quality that we can take with us and reflect to others through the day. Thanks for sharing Claudia.

  23. Thank you for describing in detail how it is a choice to be with ourselves, feeling our body in all its warmth and expansion or to contract and go into the head and let thoughts and pictures run the show.

  24. Claudia, I too find it super supportive to take time as soon as I wake up in the morning to connect with me and my body. If for any reason, which is a very rare event, that I don’t do this I find my day lacks flow and I feel ‘out of sorts’ for the whole day.

  25. My feeling is that I still can take my reconnection to many more levels, by bringing what you have shared Claudia and also by introducing checking my connection into my day. Not leaving that marker in bed, but checking in during the day will bring a greater awareness and the chance to catch the point of were I lose myself. This will give me more times to re-embody my connection and build on my Livingness as my rhythm become stronger.

  26. Claudia making the time to connect to me is now a key part of my life, when I find myself not connected and ask how I ended up there it feels empty and uncertain. To me now their is life with connection and life without. The first is simple where I am at ease, the second complex and anxious. The choice I now have is how I commitment to that consistency of connection and allow that to be the most precious thing in my life.

  27. Thank you Claudia, that is a magical time when you connect to yourself each day and the beauty is – the magic is within.

  28. I never cease to be amazed at how beautifully our body responds when we stop and take the time to become aware of how it is feeling and to honour the divine vessel it is; the vessel that supports us in every moment of our lives. So to take the time to re-connect to it and to listen to what is has to say – and it always has plenty to express – is the most natural thing to do, as we are one and the same; what happens to it, happens to us, as there is always an effect for every movement, every thought, every breath that we take, so why would we not make them loving ones?

  29. I feel my body responding to its love with a beautiful warm glow flowing through me. just by reading your article thank you Claudia, we are truly one within our essence.

  30. Connecting to the quality within ourselves and learning to move with it during our day allows us to let go of pictures we hold about how life needs to be like and to surrender to the beauty of what’s presented in every moment.

  31. That moment when we drop into our body, connect with the warmth within. That is where I find God each and every day, waiting patiently for me to connect… always there, always open, always loving.

  32. Beneath the raciness of the mind, buried if you will, lays a Stillness that speaks the silence of the Soul. In this silence God is known. It is our most natural way to be but we have forsaken the art of how to truly listen to ‘all that we are’, preferring instead to give voice to ‘all we are not’. Thankyou Claudia for sharing this most sacred space with us and showing us that such warmth eternally lives and breathes deep within us all.

  33. How many of us wake and lurch immediately into the drive of life and the multitudes of things to ‘do’ and ‘get done’ that we end up leaving our bodies behind in the process? What you share Claudia is so refreshing for it shows there is a way to live truly connected with ourselves and thus ‘the All that we come from’ rather than lose ourselves living in separation to this.

  34. I love your description of your mornings Claudia. This is the only way to start the day . . . getting out of bed with all of me, rather than being lead by my head and completely disconnected to my body.

  35. You have inspired me to reimprint my morning wake-up rituals… Surely every day has to start with this amount of love and contentment 🙂

  36. I am so delighted that I came back to your blog again today Claudia as it has made me realise that I have not been connecting to myself in the morning, the start of another day, as deeply as I could have. I know from my own lived experience that to take the time to allow myself to truly feel my body as I begin to wake up is the most beautiful way to start building the foundation that will support me through my day, and through to how I sleep the following night; a seemingly simple choice but one that is so powerful, and in my experience, life changing.

  37. Wow Claudia what an inspirational sharing – while reading your honest words I am looking forward to introduce this connection to my body into my morning ritual as well!

  38. Thank you Claudia, so beautiful and inspiring to read your experience, I can feel it in my own body too just by reading your blog.

  39. Simply beautiful, Claudia, . . “It`s like a stretching from the inside, . .” I will take this into my day. I love how you have described connecting to your body. What a gorgeous way to start the day. Very inspiring for all who are blessed to read this.

  40. This is gorgeous Claudia, because reading every word that you wrote from your body allows me and others to connect with it also. I’ve been ignoring my body most mornings lately. Looking at my phone before I actually connect and feel my body and how I have woken up. Beautiful and gentle reminder thank you.

  41. I love what you have described here and such a wonderful way to wake up in the mornings. I too can get into the busy day, before I have even gotten out of bed, so feeling very inspired to adopt what you have shared here.

  42. I love the fact that your writing here is just a simple beautiful expression, not trying to prove a point or satisfy an agenda

  43. A great reminder how simple it is to connect back to stillness within in, allow the true flow of energy to flow through. I allow myself to just feel that connection in me every morning, some days it’s instance other days I have to allow myself to go deeper by surrendering. It is so beautiful when that warmth, openness and light is felt within.

  44. “It`s like a stretching from the inside, a wonderful process of unraveling, breaking through old pathways.” What a wonderful description of this flow of energy within us all.

  45. A beautiful sharing and one that reminds us of the power of connecting to what is there to be felt and of our ability to transform whatever feels out of sorts… It is extraordinary how simple it is to connect to and expand the warmth of who we are to be able to embrace us from deep within.

  46. Its the taking the time for oneself that expands our bodies and connects us to all that we are. What a beautiful way to start the day. Thank you Claudia.

  47. Great reminder to stop and connect with one self, starting with that in the morning is a beautiful way to feel where the body is at and what different choices could be made to support the body for the rest of the day.

  48. I really love this. You say ‘Now, I am ready for the day’ – I can feel how often I start my day before I am actually ready, and with myself. What you present here is so simple, yet allowing this precious time with myself is something that I have not committed daily. Thank you for sharing your commitment to yourself and to love, Claudia.

  49. What a lovely way to start the day and connect with the truth of who you are. Thank you for sharing it here Claudia.

  50. A subject so close to my heart Claudia as this is my favourite time to be with myself as well. As soon as I start to waken I feel the warmth in my heart and it starts to swell even more. I usually place my hands on my chest somewhere as I feel to and feel that spread through my whole body and I just love that yumminess. Sometimes I feel lots of energy leaving especially if I have been dreaming or clearing overnight, and I know that I am being prepared for my day. Feeling with all of me I am now ready to get up and magnify this as I move into my day. I can’t imagine leaping out of bed without having gathered me all up like this first. I would rather be awake earlier and have the time for this cuddle with myself first. I strongly recommend it!

  51. Since reading this again I have been building some more on this quality of being before I get up to start my day, and it really feels beautiful and deeply honouring.

  52. When I am not feeling the completeness of me in my body I know that I am not connected. And I feel so blessed that we have all the amazing tools presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that restore connection.

  53. When I am not feeling the completeness of me in my body I know that I am not connected. And I feel so blessed that we have all the amazing tools presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that support us in restoring connection.

  54. It was beautiful to read your blog today and to have a reminder that I am more,; especially as I have had a day full of tension. But as sat and read the blog, surrendered and dropped into my body I could feel the inner joy or the tension has fade and I have a smile of my face. I feel the fire in my body and a lighter feeling. It is so beautiful to connect that energy within.

  55. Making time and space to connect to me has been my saving grace. To be able to feel who I truly am in my essence, who I am from within, not focusing on what the world is trying to reflect to me, which almost always is, that i am less, not good enough or capable enough. But when I connect with me and live from there, I know who I am, where I come from and purpose for being here, that is super solid.

  56. It is beyond golden, to develop a sacred relationship with ourselves.
    Claudia, I love the honesty with which you have shared your experiences with us here, showing just how deeply our relationship with our own bodies is fundamental to fostering a sacred relationship with ourselves – the body being the place that we inhabit, every single day. It’s worth the attentiveness, isn’t it… We are worth it.

    1. Absolutely Victoria, for me the way back to that relationship with myself and my body has come through Esoteric Yoga, surely one of the most gentle and powerful modalities to grace this earth.

  57. It is in such stillness that we find out true self and thus we find God, the Universe and Us All. To wake and thus walk in full connection with ourselves is the key to never having to walk alone.

  58. It’s such a simple yet very powerful choice to make the space to connect to ourselves every morning and to feel how this supports us and brings a greater harmony and flow into every part of our day.

  59. What a gorgeous reminder Claudia that there is just love, when all the other hurts and distractions are taken out of the way. It is a simple choice we make to live the love and truth that is in our bodies; or not.

  60. This sounds like an incredible way to begin any day Claudia.We are everything we could ever want and the more we give ourselves an opportunity to feel and appreciate this the better.

  61. Thank you Claudia for presenting a snapshot of how a day can be when we connect to our body and nurture ourselves with love. We can powerfully change the course of each day, and it’s all there in our relationship to ourselves.

  62. This is beautiful what you share here in this blog Claudia, as it to connect with ourselves as you describe and feel the joy and playfulness.

  63. The holiest of holy places for me is within my heart, but being underneath my blanket would absolutely be a bonus, where the warmth within becomes that from without and so when I arise and start my day, it is with an embrace towards the world that emanates from the intimacy within my body.

  64. Is this not what we all are truly looking for in life, to feel that connection within ourselves and with others? It does start with us bringing our loving attention back to our bodies and the being within.

    1. The body always communicates what is there but it varies it how willing we are to listen. Starting the day with a stopmoment, with connecting and listening allows for connection with ourselves and for space in the body. The more space we allow in our bodies, the more truth and love can be there and be lived.

  65. To be honest I never use to take any notice of what I was feeling when I first woke up. I would just wake already thinking about what I needed to do and most of the time I would already be on my feet before I knew it. One day would roll into the next and there seemed to be no time. After reading this article I want to bring more detail to how I feel when I wake, I do take the time to check in but this article has brought me more awareness of what else that is there that I am possibly not seeing.

  66. When I reconnect to the love I am in essence I have also felt this exact same thing “there is just love with me and others, and even all those I haven`t yet met.” Thankyou Claudia.

  67. It is so easy to just feel the tension and think it is us, something I have done a lot, but your approach to it is very inspiring, to know there is a greatness underneath the tension we can always connect to.

  68. To start the day with these movements inside, although they might not look as movements on the outside, influences the movements we make the rest of the day. If we start from connection to ourselves and the sacredness we are we reflect that the whole day and keep building and deepening that. I experience it is also easier to observe and not be judgmental from this place which makes life much more fun.

  69. On completion of your blog about the special space you create to spend with yourself, I begun to consider that on a whole, we seem to avoid these magic moments of connection with ourselves. Most of us, actually deliberately avoid them, I wonder why? Could it be that we are all powerful beings that only require short touch bases to reconnect and re-charge? Maybe deep down are we afraid of our own power? Perhaps we ‘read’ our family and friends arounds us in detail and our biggest fear is getting to a point that we may leave others behind?
    Promoting the joy of these moments of connection is so needed, reminding others that there is nothing to lose and everything to gain! Awesome blog, thank you!

  70. Love is love and that is what Serge Benhayon constantly shares with us in multiple ways. We are born love and we are love, hence when we miss this connection within ourselves we seek love. Even if we dont have it presently in our lives, we seek it, because deep down we know it is all that we are. We are in stuck in a certain creation, that is loveless, all we need to do is get ourselves out of that.

  71. A beautiful reminder of the importance to connect to ourselves first thing in the morning setting ourselves up for the rest of the day, when we are truly connected to ourselves we are able to connect to others too.

  72. What a most delicious way to start every day, in absolute connection to our self. There is nothing more wonderful than to be connected to who we truly are as for most of the time we are living to the frantic beat of the world, a beat that is totally at odds with the harmony that is so natural in our body. When we are connected to our self we are then naturally connected to this innate harmony.

  73. How much of our day do we spend just with ourselves? Not our mind but with what our body is feeling. Granted it can be confronting as our body is always communicating the truth of how we are living within it. But the beautiful thing is that the more I connect the more I feel that loosening and relaxing as the body naturally knows how to re-harmonise.

  74. It really is like magic even when I can feel small/contracted/cold etc. just keep allowing whatever is there to be felt, with no judgment, eventually brings back the grand yumminess of what I truly am that is much bigger than whatever that was I was feeling previously.

  75. ‘For me the holiest place in the world is in my bed under my blanket’ – love it Claudia! What a great reminder of what precious times of the day going to bed and night and waking in the morning really are, times that I could certainly do with appreciating more.

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