Supporting Health & Wellbeing: Combining Western & Universal Medicine

by JJ, Australia

I love reading people’s accounts of their experiences since they came across Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I come from a background where Western Medicine was the norm and nothing complementary was even considered. The doctor, pharmacist and, if necessary, the dentist were always our first ports of call, if we ever had a problem with our health. My parents always followed mainstream medicine and Dad would sing its praises until the cows came home.

My younger sister was the first in the family to seek outside the family’s way of looking after their health. She visited a naturopath and a chiropractor and seemed to benefit with pain relief from the services they offered. I was having some trouble with neck pain, so I too started seeing the naturopath and another chiropractor a friend recommended.

These were my only dabblings with other forms of healing apart from looking at Reiki for a very short period of time. The lady I used to see for Reiki sessions introduced me to Serge Benhayon and I began to experience the healing that Serge and the other Universal Medicine practitioners offer.

It’s a hackneyed expression, but my life changed in that first meeting with Serge. There was a true respecting and valuing of me as I felt truly met. As I became aware and felt the true reflection of love Serge presents, I recognised on a very deep level there was more to life than the superficial way we humans go about things.

This one meeting with Serge Benhayon inspired me to make many changes in the way I was living. In all the times I was visiting the chiropractor, I was always dubious about the neck wrenching and cracking I was experiencing. I eventually stopped going and now have Spinal Alignment Therapy with a Universal Medicine practitioner that is gentle and lovingly respects my body without all the harsher push, pull, crunch and crack that happened in a chiropractic visit.

Yesterday, I visited my local GP. I visited, not because I was ill, but to have my annual check-up. I also requested referrals for bone density testing and a full blood check. My doctor loves my visits as I am rarely ill. He has told me to keep doing whatever I’m doing, as he has never seen me looking so well and reckons I’m looking younger each time he sees me. That’s pretty good confirmation for combining both Western Medicine and what Universal Medicine offers as far as I’m concerned.

393 thoughts on “Supporting Health & Wellbeing: Combining Western & Universal Medicine

  1. JJ I have noticed that I stand out to doctors because overall I am much healthier than their regular patients. The health conditions I have had for years are now healing in remarkable ways thanks to the support of Universal Medicine and their therapies, and by working more closely with western medicine. Seeing my doctor more regularly was actually inspired by Universal Medicine!

    1. I second all that Melinda. My visits to the doctors are always very confirming of the way I am living – a testament to The Way of The Livingness. My old chronic and niggling ailments are actually long gone and healed with the support of Universal Medicine in conjunction with medical practitioners. And now my regular visits to the doctors are part of my self-honoring health care routine also inspired by Universal Medicine.

      1. It truly is incredible to read of how so many people are changing the way they are living and bringing a powerful refection of vitality and harmony in their lifestyles. A wonderful confirmation for patients and a breath of fresh air for the GP.

  2. The support that Universal Medicine has brought many has stood the test of time with many visits to the doctor that has shown transformations. The choice to make self-care the key ingredient has brought vitality to many and the way of living has not gone unnoticed by many.

  3. It is inspiring beyond measure when we feel the qualities of love and truth lived in absoluteness by another, as does Serge Benhayon, as it represents the exact same qualities that reside with us all. For me this highlights the responsibility we all hold as to what qualities we are reflecting in the world and the inspiration that can be offered just by living in connection to who we are in essence.

  4. Yes I too was extremely skeptical about anything that was not mainstream medicine. All the alternative modalities like homeopathy seemed barmy to me and I only really trusted a qualified doctor. Then I started to gain a grasp of esoteric medicine and an understanding that there is far more to us that simply the physical, which great as modern medicine is, is all that it really considers. Knowing that we are energetic beings first and physical beings second changes everything. This is why the marriage of esoteric medicine and conventional western medicine is the answer for mankind.

  5. Western and Esoteric medicine is a powerful combination. Before I met Serge Benhayon and Esoteric medicine I arrogantly had put the western medicine to aside and would not take the medicine they prescribed. Now I don’t hand over my power to them but feel it is my responsibility to work with both, western and esoteric medicine and to see how they compliment each other.

    1. The responsibility you share here is the combination of support that Western Medicine provides and the offering of Esoteric Medicine to heal great depths of dis-ease we often ignore that over time surfaces.

  6. When we take our health and well-being into our own hands by taking responsibility for our choices we can then make decisions that will best support from there, honestly.

  7. “As I became aware and felt the true reflection of love Serge presents, I recognised on a very deep level there was more to life than the superficial way we humans go about things.” A beautiful medicine and healing.

  8. Combining both Western Medicine and Universal Medicine is the whole package and there are hundreds of people who are living proof that their health and wellbeing has changed dramatically because of choosing it.

  9. I remember the first time I met Serge Benhayon, it was at a workshop he was giving in London the room was small but the people in the room felt very at ease, very open and very welcoming. I remember one young women sitting leaning on a wall in the sun doing her knitting. It was a very unimposing space.

  10. I used to avoid going to the doctor thinking that I should be able to stay well on my own and I did lots of study and research around this. I still feel that my health is my responsibility but I do not put such a focus on seeking the answers from outside myself. I listen to to my own body much more and consciously connect with it, allowing the quality that I bring to it to be in my movements, appreciating the inner wisdom that is there and observing what plays out. I go to the doctors twice a year whether I feel well or not and have a blood test and regular check up and a chat. I get sessions with practitioners of Universal Medicine, both counselling and bodywork and feel supported all round. I feel that this preventative form of medicine, as it is most often termed, is the most sensible as it can nip things in the bud, so to speak, as well as dig up well rooted ill behaviours. In the long term this saves the health service a lot of time and money and keeps me on track with an increasingly clear body and mind.

  11. Awesome blog promoting self responsibility – we all need to get checked by the doctor when there is something we need more understanding of. Its amazing how many of us in society shy away from dealing with an issue.

  12. What an awesome testimony, the type of responsibility you now show with your heath is a model that we should all aspire to. Why wait until something is wrong? Why not confirm that something is in fact right? Inspiration plus, thank you!

  13. JJ a great reflection of all that Universal Medicine offers, and how through changing our choices we are able to support our body in a way that it supports us back.

  14. Yep what if we all have check ups not because we are ill but because we are loving ourselves so much to do this. It is taking responsibility for our well-being.

  15. Of course , I would say with Universal Medicine my life would have been very unhealthy and that it is through Universal Medicine that I have started to make daily chocies that are in true benefit of my body and being.. Every day I deepen the care for myself and also the care I give to others in my every day living.

  16. ‘I recognised on a very deep level there was more to life than the superficial way we humans go about things.’
    Taking our health care to a deeper level of understanding – beautiful JJ.

  17. I love how the Universal Medicine Therapies are not invasive in any way, my experience with other modalities is that they often did more harm then good.

  18. Of course — and we know that there is more that meets the eye when it comes down to medicine. We have a health care system that might take away a problem or disease in the body, but what are we bringing to our health care system? How do we care for our body instead? This is the responsibility of all of us that eventually makes the whole system in the end, so we better truly have a look at what we are choosing and living a like because that might serve our whole of humanity in truth.

  19. Truth unfortunately is rare in our world today. We often live by images, ideals and beliefs – but no truth to how it is that we actually are living truly and or the drive that is driving us.. No honest view is sought by us to what is reality, what is raw and what is truly actualy right and what it is asking of us to change. To be real and honest is our very first step #1.

  20. It would be a welcome relief to the National Health Service and to our many overstressed doctors if one day we were all able to go to the doctors for health check ups rather than the many long term illnesses and complicated diseases we go with at present.

  21. Being truly respected and deeply valued, more than you value yourself, is truly inspiring and this is something I also have experienced very much so with Serge Benhayon.

  22. Conventional medicine is super supportive to our physical bodies and by complementing it with the principles of Esoteric Medicine you consider not only the physical human part of our body but also the being part of us as human beings.

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