The Busy Practicalities of Daily Life: Responding with Simplicity, Love & Joy

by Sharon Gavioli, R.N, Childbirth Educator, Brisbane

My everyday life revolves around all the necessary practical tasks to ensure my family functions smoothly. I have children to care for, a household to run and a paid job that I love, as well as making time for my relationships.

I am also a student of Universal Medicine. I have been regularly attending workshops by Universal Medicine and esoteric healing sessions and from what I have learnt, I now know that how I go about my everyday tasks is a choice that can either feel in my body as simply lovely, or as incredibly stressful.

Before coming to this understanding, I always felt very stressed in my life. There never seemed enough time and it often felt like someone was demanding something from me. More often than not, I was actually resenting having so much to do. This would result in me always looking forward to something that would give me a break from what I viewed as mundane and boring. That ‘something’ would be staying up, watching TV late, a Lindt chocolate with some chips on the side or looking forward to my next outing.

Today, I am still quite busy but I have changed. More often than not, I can feel more present with what I am doing and not getting ahead of myself thinking of all the things that need to be done. This change has come about through my commitment to developing a deeper love and appreciation of myself. This love has allowed me to be gentler with myself and to trust that life can flow without me always having to control every aspect of it. There is now a greater contentment in all I do, so even doing the dishes can be a lovely experience that I actually enjoy and not something that I have to rush through so I can get my break.

My previous pattern of feeling resentful about always having more to do, stopped me from embracing the simplicity of allowing myself to be truly present in what I was doing. This change in my approach continues to develop often by me catching the frustration and resentment when I start to feel it arising in me. When I can catch it, I just allow myself to feel that my body is holding tension and to then make a choice, knowing that my own resistance to what I am actually doing is what makes the jobs feel boring or mundane. I suppose I could say that I now feel more responsible for my own choices in how I choose to respond to the practical requirements of life.

Some days I still feel the pressure of having too many things to do creeping in and continue to catch myself when I get caught in this old pattern. But the late TV watching and Lindt chocolate fixes are long gone. More importantly, I spend very little time looking forward to an event that will bring that reprieve I so desperately felt I deserved. I know this experience of feeling the pressure of having too much to do is something that many people can relate to. For me, it has been amazing and life-changing to know there is another way.

So my life continues as business as usual, but with a much deeper awareness of how my choices can allow me to feel simplicity and joy in all I do. This simplicity has not only benefited me but also my family. When I make the choice to embrace all I do with simplicity and joy, there seems to be a domino effect that enables my family to get on board with me at times. None of this would have been possible without my choice to embrace the understandings presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for which I am forever grateful!

287 thoughts on “The Busy Practicalities of Daily Life: Responding with Simplicity, Love & Joy

  1. Everyone we connect to benefits from being met by someone in their essence and seeing our greatest form of communication is our reflection, so maybe we can all look into a mirror with a deepening appreciation of the Love we all can be.

  2. “I just allow myself to feel that my body is holding tension and to then make a choice, knowing that my own resistance to what I am actually doing is what makes the jobs feel boring or mundane” – I really like this as our tendency is not to allow ourselves that moment to feel but instead jump into reaction and in that we miss that golden opportunity of becoming honest and making a choice from that space.

  3. This is very true
    “So my life continues as business as usual, but with a much deeper awareness of how my choices can allow me to feel simplicity and joy in all I do.”
    For all of us who have chosen to take a different path to the one that is expected nay demanded of us by society, the difference is night and day. I cannot go back to my old way of life and I look forward to what the day will bring without the need to control the outcome.

  4. It feels amazing when we are busy and yet we don’t get caught up in the busy and we end up in being in a flow with all that we do, without any stress. Then when we do end up in stress it stands out so much as it feels so not right in the body.

  5. When living with the awareness that how I experience life is a result of my choices and thereby making loving choices life has become far more flowing, harmonious and there is not the need of rewards to make it palatable – life itself is now fulfilling.

  6. Great to read this again Sharon, I have seen some real changes on the home front in myself in that it’s not so much about the task but simply being me and enjoying that connection as I move through all my home duties. I am not quite there on the work front as I can tend to lose myself as I seem to place more pressure on myself there, even though it doesn’t need to feel any different to how I am in my home life. What I’m learning is that eventually it all feels as one because the connection to me is what’s consistently present across all of life, with all tasks equally the same.

  7. “My previous pattern of feeling resentful about always having more to do, stopped me from embracing the simplicity of allowing myself to be truly present in what I was doing.” This is such a familiar experience, just keeping my nose above the water line.

  8. We use control (in more or less obvious ways) to make sure things flow in a specific way, we deem The Way. Temporally, it may make a difference to us because the other scenario brings all kind of emotional reactions in us. Yet, by exerting control, we become masters to use force upon others and invite others to learn how to behave in order to please us. So, the order that we help to generate is not self-sustainable.

    1. It makes sense then when we go into reaction because our attempts to control something have failed. I had a lesson in control over the last few days. Sometimes we get to see clearly that nothing is in our control and the only option that we have is to go with the flow. Having said that we can make letting go of that control very difficult.

  9. Doing all the same tasks but then connected to my inner beauty makes a different life. Perhaps the outer looks the same, but it feels so much different, and far from mundane. It feels like everything is light and enjoyable.

  10. For an observer hard to grasp, but I can testify as well that by being in the livingness every task feels joyful. I am doing the task with me, and feel all the beauty, gorgeousness that is me while doing it.

  11. Working hard is a joy when it is done in connection with our inner heart and for the benefit of all.

  12. Fully embracing practical and functional life and really giving life our full commitment feels incredible, I find that the more I commit and the more I work the more revitalised I feel, whereas if I take it easy and don’t fully give it everything then I get exhausted.

  13. Choosing to stay present is so important and coming back to reconnect when we drift off. This sense of presence has come about because you set to work with the “commitment to developing a deeper love and appreciation of myself”. ,

  14. When we are present with ourselves, how can we but enjoy what we are doing – because we are their enjoying our own presence. I can see how approaching activity in this way brings a simplicity similar to when we were a child and enjoyed the simplest of things.

  15. Establishing a deeper foundation in the way I hold and treat myself with love and care brings more clarity and simplicity to my every day living opening up my awareness to make choices that are far more supportive for my body. When I stay within my own rhythm I don’t want to push my body knowing that will take me out of the ease and flow I feel with my movements.

  16. When we connect to our inner beauty, then everything we do just becomes magical, because we bring in that beauty. That sounds simple, but, in my case took quite some effort to be connected to that beauty constantly and consistently. Hard work to get there, but easy to stay there, if we treat ourselves, and do everything very very lovingly.

    1. Yes, beautifully said Willem, it is really that simple but sometimes it takes a bit of time to accept that we are in fact super beautiful just for who we are.

  17. Thanks Sharon, it’s such a common thing to resist or resent all we have to do in life, and have a reward such as chocolate, TV, or an outing to dangle in front of ourselves to get us through the day. Life for me has also profoundly changed to now be about the connection I have to me throughout the day, and the quality of energy I bring as I get things done. This quality of connection to myself brings a sense of joy and an opportunity to express love whilst I work, making the purpose of the day about being with me and what I bring to life.

  18. It is without a doubt empowering to develop a loving and honouring relationship with our body. For I have discovered that when we do we have with us the truest guide as to how and what will support us best to live with an honouring quality throughout our day be it busy or not. I have converted my way of living from one that was all about how much I was doing, to now being about the quality of how I am doing things, how I am moving, and surprisingly I now am able to do even more with far greater quality of connection and without the exhaustion at the end of the day.

    1. I’ve noticed that in myself as well Carola, that when I take care of my connection to myself and express the quality of my soul in my movements then I have a beautiful steadiness within me throughout the day and a definite increase in vitality.

  19. When I have gotten stressed out about things I need to do and felt into whether anything really changed after I went to certain foods and distractions/entertainment to not feel it, I have slowly begun to see that all those efforts to relieve tension do not ever really work long – term. Only through making a choice to just be me and make more and more self-loving choices can we find true contentment.

  20. What stands out in your blog is your commitment to yourself as in loving yourself and surrendering to whatever it is that you are doing, and taking responsibility for how you are with whatever is needed, in the knowing that how you respond to situations will either make something feel lovely and enjoyable or really stressful.

  21. The amount of energy waisted by us resisting what is ‘on offer’ makes things that can be simple so complicated. And if I am not fully connected to my body… then I am ‘gone’.

    1. Agreed Monika – there is a natural flow to how we can move and live, and the beautiful thing is that it is accessible to us all through our connection to our body and being, as it resides within us. Something only we can choose to develop for ourselves.

  22. Changing the focus from the next thing to the present moment and what I am doing in the moment has been a life-changer that has brought great joy to my life.

  23. I recognise the resentment towards others and just life in general. For me it has been a living way for most of my life – doing all the things I need to do as quickly as possible so I can have a break. But ironically, it is the way I was doing them that made it feel like there was no space for me in my life. What I mean by that is I was pushing hard through everything, creating compression and denseness or heaviness in my body, so it was no wonder I couldn’t feel any space. I’m only just starting to turn this around and recognising that the space I feel, or want to feel, can never, ever come from driving hard to get things done so I can stop for a minute. It comes from the quality with which I move through life. Pushing and driving compresses = no space. Presence and honouring what I feel = Space.

    1. You make such a great point here Lucy that the way we drive and push our body compresses the spaciousness we would naturally otherwise feel if we were taking loving care of ourselves. That need for space, often in the form of a reward or ‘me-time’ post completing work or chores can never truly support us like allowing the space to simply be ourselves as we move through each day.

  24. I too came to realise that when I get ahead of myself I end up pushing my body far beyond its natural limit. Making the choice to build more presence with my movements has enabled me open up my awareness and deepen my relationship with myself so that in aligning to my body’s natural rhythm I do not want to push myself out of sync but stay in the flow of how my body feels impulsed to move.

  25. “…I just allow myself to feel that my body is holding tension and to then make a choice, knowing that my own resistance to what I am actually doing is what makes the jobs feel boring or mundane”- This rings true for me Sharon, as there have been many times that I felt I wasted so much energy resisting and complaining about having to do some chore, but when I just accepted it and got on with it while staying present in the task, it was not only completed easily and rather quickly, but I actually felt good doing it too, as it was something that really needed to be done and I committed to doing it.

    1. Oh I know that feeling so well Michael. And not only do we feel good doing it (because we are completing something that has been draining us by being incomplete), it then supports us to carry on with the momentum of completing things when they need completing and not delaying until they are out of the flow and creating anxiety and tension by not being done.

      1. Thank you Lucy for what you have shared here, you have expressed so clearly what I have felt and observed in my own life around completing tasks, including being faced with the anxiety and tension of a task that was not completed and is now not part of the flow of life because I delayed it.

    2. I’ve experienced the same thing Michael where I’ve found the resistance and complaining about tasks to be done is what’s actually hurting me, because the task itself is fine when I get it done, it never takes much time and if I am connected to myself and my body and take care of myself throughout the task it actually feels pretty good.

  26. ‘My previous pattern of feeling resentful about always having more to do, stopped me from embracing the simplicity of allowing myself to be truly present in what I was doing’. Well said Sharon for when we are not living in the present moment we are at the mercy of our mind can be preoccupied with something unresolved from the past or in the overwhelm of the list of things to do in the future.

  27. What a gorgeous way to be embracing and nurturing your ability to respond to whatever comes your way, which I feel is really what responsibility is about. And I love that we can learn to “trust that life can flow without me always having to control every aspect of it” – this teaches me how and why of Brotherhood.

  28. The work of Serge Benhayon is all about the practicalities of life, in fact every part of life, and that we can bring the soul to every moment. This is so different to some aspects of religion where a priest, monk or nun is taken away from everyday life to be with God, or New Age spirituality which seems to take people away from everyday life with hours of meditation or other practices, and alongside some religions has promises of enlightenment and nirvana, the ultimate escape from life. Nothing out there other than Serge’s work talks about living connected to the soul and God in every moment, and how to practically do this with the support of simple tools. Everything about Serge’s work is simple yet soulful with no part of life made less.

  29. Yes, I recognize this Sharon. Once I start identifying with what I do, the amount of things I have to do, than I am lost. And now I am discovering that when I am connected to myself, doing everything with that lovely energy that I allow to run through me, it doesn’t matter what I do. Even the most mundane activity are done with and touched by my magic in that way.

  30. It really is amazing how much we have control over how we will react/respond or feel in a situation. Like someone annoyingly poking you in the arm, it is the moment we choose to let it get to us that it becomes annoying and the same thing goes for things that are stressful or we get frustrated about – it is when we take it into ourselves from outside of us that we begin to feel overwhelmed or react etc, whereas when we leave it outside of us we are able to bring all of who we are to the situation.

  31. “Knowing that my own resistance to what I am actually doing is what makes the job feel boring or mundane.” This is a great point you bring up here, because when we concentrate and stay focused on what we are doing, it becomes more simple to complete, it is when we are thinking of what we would rather be doing that brings in complication and makes us feel more exhausted.

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