My Questions were Finally Answered

by Terri-Anne Connors, Melbourne, Victoria

I am thirty-six years of age and some would say I have already lived through more significant life events than most people have lived in their entire lives. I could write pages on a number of deeply painful and nothing less than traumatic events that have occurred in my life, either directly to me, a member of my immediate family or a close friend: from death, murder, rape, suicide, illness, disease, drug and alcohol abuse to physical and emotional abuse.

As I experienced each one of these events they were not the most difficult things for me to deal with in my life. Yes they were at the time very painful and extremely sad, but it is my experience when the big events like these happen, we inevitably find an inner strength. A strength that cannot be likened to anything else – it is a knowing that you will get through, that you are being looked after, that there is a reason for everything and that much will be learnt from it. It is also my experience that when the big stuff happens people check in on you, they rally around, including strangers. The generosity and care from people is deeply touching and reinforces your will to go on. It is after the shock wears off and you start to get back to everyday life that it becomes difficult.

What I needed help with was much simpler, the questions I needed answered were about the everyday things:

  • How to get a good night sleep so I didn’t wake feeling like I hadn’t slept at all.
  • How to eat in a way so that I didn’t feel heavy, tired and craving more food, especially food that contained sugar and were high in carbohydrates.
  • How to exercise without hurting myself and wanting to give up after a couple of days.
  • How to finish a full day of work without feeling exhausted and drained.
  • How to be responsible without taking on the burdens of others; knowing the difference between what could truly help another and what actually didn’t help at all.
  • How to speak up about what is wrong in the world without fear of retribution, even when retribution came.
  • How to deal with work colleagues, family and friends who sometimes lie and betray my trust.
  • How to watch while those same people say and do things that clearly hurt themselves and others, including me.
  • How to be a woman, to transition from being a girl innocent to the world and still honour that fragility while becoming a responsible adult.
  • How to choose to not want to have children and still feel like a whole woman.
  • How to stop the constant barrage of subtle but negative undermining thoughts towards myself.
  • How to trust that you don’t have to have a tertiary education, be the most qualified or the oldest in the room to be intelligent or have a worthwhile contribution.

It was these everyday things that challenged me more than those big, painful and traumatic events.

I genuinely did go looking for answers. I have always had the ability to ask questions and understand things well beyond my education or age and experience – one would say I was discerning. But how does that help when you live in a world that discourages that? When we are taught not to question, especially of those who are leaders, experts in their fields and in positions of authority or power. Nothing I tried, read and attended worked – the many books, groups and courses both religious and spiritual, personal trainers, diets, financial advisors or business ideas. I would start a book and not finish it because although there were some valid points, most of it did not actually help. I would attend sessions with a counselor, a psychologist or group therapy, but went away no better off and inevitably returning to the confusion that led me there in the first place. I even tried to go back to Church – I was raised as a Catholic, but again none of it really answered my questions. None of it helped with the day-to-day things and I always came back to: there had to be more to life, there had to be a reason for the suffering and why life could not be simpler.

Serge Benhayon was the first person who actually listened to me and understood where I was coming from. It was Serge who recognised in me that inner knowing and inner strength. He could see through the frustration and the confusion. Serge was the first person who genuinely cared for me and what I had to share. Not what clever things he could tell me, or how he could help me to be a ‘better person’ or what he thought was wrong with me. He always, mostly confirmed what I knew was right and wrong. Serge knew I was discerning and was not put off by that, but rather he encouraged it. It was Serge who showed me it was the inner strength and knowing which was worth encouraging and talking about, that THAT is who I am – that it is not the details and events of my life which defined me. Serge showed me that all that was important was for me to continue to nurture and develop my inner strength and my inner knowing by learning how to best deal with the everyday life things and how that would support me to develop those inner qualities.

There are two very important things about Serge Benhayon’s presentations that greatly inspired me:

  1. Everything is energy – therefore everything is because of energy, and
  2. We all have a personality, a spirit and a soul.

For me, once I understood those two things in full, everything else could be explained. That is what I had been missing and the fact that nothing and no one had encouraged me to nurture my inner qualities and support me to deal with the everyday life things. That is what I needed help with. This explained the suffering, and why life was not simpler. I don’t know of a better way to live than how I am living now based on all of what Serge has inspired and encouraged in me.

Of course there is room for improvement in some areas, but from where I stand now there has been a significant shift in my overall well-being and in my day-to-day living. I am still asking questions, still being discerning, but up until and including now, the time spent with Serge Benhayon is the only time my questions got answered.

346 thoughts on “My Questions were Finally Answered

  1. What a beautiful sharing with us all Terri-Anne – When my list of ‘what if’s’ get too big I go into overwhelm and everything becomes heavy and somewhat complex to work with. To stop and connect to that stillness inside of me really breaks those old patterns of behaviour – then the true discernment of what is going on and how to move forward just flows with ease. Until, another of life’s challenges comes along! – but that’s ok as now I have the ‘tools’ to work with and a known inner strength to guide me.

  2. Serge Benhayon touched my life in the same way as he seems to have touched yours too Terri-Anne. I would sit for hours at the beach and look out at the ocean, seeing it was vast, knowing it was powerful, and somehow feeling similar qualities in myself, but I couldn’t put it into words. Within 5 minutes of the first presentation I went to by Serge, I knew what came from him was the truth and it too was vast and powerful. The connection I felt was immense and I felt like shouting ‘This is it!’ My questions were answered too.

      1. I am with you both Suzanne and Heidi! I spent a number of decades looking for answers knowing there was so much more but not knowing where to find it, only to realise after meeting Serge Benhayon that the answers were always within… What a home-coming and what wisdom always comes from within.

  3. I agree Terri-Anne Serge Benayon answers all the questions, even those unasked, and more, with a love and simplicity that my whole body registers as the absolute truth. At no other time in my life have I felt this deep sense of knowing. Like you, after a long search, finally finding someone who understood, who cared, who made sense of even the small things in life, who seemed to love me more than I loved myself and held that same love for all others equally so was, at least, phenomenal. Serge shares his ever deepening living truth with an unwavering dedication to humanity and brotherhood. “Everything is energy therefore everything is because of energy.” There is much for us all to consider in this one statement, there is so much more to be gained if we understand it and live it.

  4. Serge Benhayon supports who we truly are in a way many of us have never experienced and with an unwavering love and consistency that I have found to be unmatched. There is a knowingness inside of us that the world rejects and to have our knowingness confirmed is the greatest blessing ever.

  5. The simplicity of your search exposes the complexity that we have made this world Terri-Anne. Serge Benhayon has shown the way to unfold the truth of us all inside and present that to the world as inspiration.

    1. That is so true what you say Lee, that we are making life complex and complicated while in fact this is only because we resit to go with the flow of life because we have lost our connection with it. Instead of simply live the flow of life with all the universal rhythms and cycles we are part of, we have created a way of living where we are fed with images that pre-define our lives without considering our connection with the universe and all that we belong to. We have separated ourselves from the grandness where we belong to and reduced ourselves to small creations of our own imagination.

  6. I totally concur Terri-Anne –
    “Everything is energy – therefore everything is because of energy, and
    We all have a personality, a spirit and a soul.” Learning about these two things from Serge’s presentations has changed my life, it has also bought in responsibility and accountability, both of which were sorely lacking when I just wanted to blame the world and God for all the suffering, mine and others. It never ceases to amaze me that Serge Benhayon’s presentations are always apt to me at the time that I am listening to them.

  7. I loved reading your blog Terri-Anne. It is amazing as I read through your bullet points that the work I have done with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine answers all those questions – and more. There is a forever deepening and honouring that we can go to with ourselves, with everyone in our lives and those who we come across in our day to day travels.The inspiration comes from first being met for who we truly are, and this is also what happened for me when I met Serge Benhayon.

  8. ‘I don’t know of a better way to live than how I am living now’. Couldn’t agree more, Terri-Anne. Serge Benhayon has brought the possibility of living much more simply and profoundly, truthfully and harmoniously to many.

    1. Yes Cathy Hackett. There are many who have chosen to put into practice the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Reminding us that discerning and feeling the lived example from another brings the potential and inspiration to many in living a simple and joyous way.

  9. And now you too inspire many Terri-Anne. You are a very wise and deeply caring woman. Thank goodness you met Serge as we now get to experience your great warmth and love for people.

  10. That universal medicine nutures every individual to heal old hurts, start to embody self-love in simple and practical ways, and offers ancient and practical wisdom to guide one to connect with one’s deep and inner truth reflects that what is being offered here is what humanity truly needs right now.

  11. Great questions Terri-Anne which illustrate that the struggle for most people is in how to cope with the everyday aspects of life because as you say we are usually given strength to get through the big events and then there is the let down when we come back to day-to-day reality and for me the deep loneliness in that. I too questioned that ‘there had to be more to life, there had to be a reason for the suffering and why life could not be simpler’ and found nothing that resonated with me until I attended my first Universal Medicine presentation and was given simple practical tools which I could choose to implement and support me to live my life in a more loving way that is ever evolving.

  12. I can definitely relate to you saying that the only time your questions got answered was with Serge Benhayon. I too have had the same experience.

  13. It is evident from reading the blog comments Terri-Anne, that many of us share your appreciation for Serge Benhayon, who has gifted us practical ways that enable us to live each day with awareness and understanding about how life really works.

  14. I agree Terri-Anne, Serge Benhayon answered all my questions and more, in a simple, loving and truthful way confirming what we already deeply know to be true within us.

  15. As I was growing up I also found I had many questions that I felt I was searching for the answer to and that these were available in life if only we are open to them – whenever I found what I considered an answer it seemed fractured, partial or incomplete. When I met Serge Benhayon and attended his presentations I discovered that all of the answers to all the questions I had were there, without gaps, contradictions or bits that didn’t fit – they were complete and full answers that left no doubt. I have also learnt from Serge Benhayon that I was right – the answers are all available in life, it’s just that most of us aren’t taught how to find them or see the lessons presented to us. Such a gift to be shown so much by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

    1. The same for me Michael, many questions about life I had when I was growing up and searching for answers but not being able to get the full answers on them. My first encounter with Serge Benhayon was through his book “the Way it is” and that for me was a coming home. In that book I read all the answers I had about life in clarity and completeness, without any gaps or missing points that I had encountered before. The support I got from Serge Benhayon has helped me to restore the connection with my inner knowing and how to trust these again as while I walked away from this inner knowing I also lost my connection with it that was replaced by feeling insecure in life. Now I know and feel the connection within that helps me to be me in every situation in life I encounter, because I always have this connection of truth where I can return to when I have lost my way a little.

  16. It is the issues that we tackle everyday that have the biggest impact of the quality of our life. The quality of how we live allows us to connect to ourselves and those around us.

    1. So true, nicolesjardin, it is all the choices in our day that make the difference, this is the majority of what makes up our lives, the small choices that build up a momentum, a way of being.

      1. Too often we think it the crossroads the big decisions but our ability to make a choice at theses points was precluded by millions of everyday choices.

  17. I was so looking outside of myself searching constantly for answers to the many questions about why life was feeling so complex and difficult. When I attended my first presentation with Serge Benhayon something resonated deep within that what was being presented felt so true. The turn around from a need to know for a more inner connection to feel and work with what I already had available to me. By making everyday changes little by little introducing simple techniques to ‘nurture my inner qualities’. This has and still is life changing. Thank you Terri-Anne for this inspirational sharing.

  18. My search for answers to my questions are now finally over. I have found what I have been looking for, and that’s Serge Benhayon.

  19. I love how you start this blog with what appear to be the bigger thing in life to deal with are ‘easier’ and it is the everyday unanswered questions that are a challenge. As life was going on for me there were more and more of these unanswered questions and it was after just one presentation with Serge Benhayon that life and whats really going on in it started to make sense and this was simply through understanding there is always one of two energies at play. Any searching I was doing stopped at this point as I knew this was where I would find many answers and I did and continue to do so, yet everything is a reawakening of what already lays within.

  20. After re-reading this sharing again today I realised that no matter what I deemed to be a difficult or embarrassing question about life that I put forth to Serge Benhayon – there is never a judgement made or a putting down. Always clear, supportive responses – that further helps me to feel more deeply and expand for myself and, therefore creating a much clearer pathway to further inspire and support my foundation in life. The most amazing, beautiful thing is that I have observed many times over – that EVERYONE is met with this same deep unconditional love that supports our furthering journeys in life. Thank you Terri-Anne for this sharing – this too is an inspiration – Appreciation comes to mind.

  21. Terri Anne, I would have to agree that Serge Benhayon is the only person I know to tell it how it is using love truth and understanding . A lovely sharing of your journey.. I would agree with Marion Hawes absolutely as well. Thank you both.

  22. I can relate to having a lot of unanswered questions with regards to life and there have been many times in my life where I just couldn’t seem to understand why things were happening, but Serge Benhayon has a very natural, no big deal way of answering these questions, and I would like to add that no question is every judged as being silly, stupid or inappropriate, as Serge Benhayon never holds anyone less in any way. It has been my experience that when you talk to him he knows that we already have the answers within us, so he never sees us as lesser than him – this is to be appreciated, as I personally only know of a handful of people in my life who are like this.

  23. The tragic moments in our life are just that – moments. Everyday living is everyday and we should know how to live a vital, healthy, joyfull life, but the majority don’t. These questions you asked Terri-Anne are valid everyday questions that people should be asking and seeking answers to yet I don’t find many people asking.

  24. What a great blog to read Terri-Anne, totally pin pointing the essence of what it feels like to be truly met by Serge Benhayon. In him seeing you, your inner strength and absolute quality… ‘not the details and events of my life which defined me’ – in that moment you get confirmed by recognising yourself as THAT too. The two points you share about learning from the presentations, that 1) everything is energy, and 2) the difference between personality, spirit and soul, answers everything.

  25. Terri-Anne, your blog makes a lot of sense to me. The people I have looked up to as role models haven’t been the one who have the highest qualifications or the ones with the most formal power etc. The people I find who are most influential are the people who live ordinary lives with a simple dedication to taking responsibility for themselves and who serve others with honesty and truth, regardless of how it is received at the other end. They walk their talk and that is very powerful to feel and observe.

  26. The hurts make it difficult to let people in, to let each and every person be felt and heard in their vulnerability. This is an ongoing, everyday unfolding of the love that we are.

    1. It is an ‘everyday unfolding’ and what I connected to when I read this was how awesome that the defence and hardness I have worn this life is transforming into love and warmth. Every day I have the opportunity to transform how I connect and hold myself and others.

  27. Serge Benhayon answers questions that we were not even aware were eating at us because no one was ever able to even touch on the subjects that we wanted to know about… Truth has a resonance, and we know this from very young, and it is the truth that is able to be felt when Serge talks about philosophy, science, medicine, education, music, and all things relevant and pertinent to all of our lives.

  28. Serge Benhayon encourages everybody to a) ask questions and he presents the art of how to ask the right questions, and b) to live in a way that unveils the answers inside of us that are living there from beginning of time and beyond. Thanks for asking true questions, Terri-Anne.

  29. I can clearly state that having spent more or less three years studying with Serge Benhayon has given me all answers about life, religion, music, the Universe, time, God, where we come from, why there is evil on Earth and everything I ever wanted to know. I still have questions, many of them, but Serge has shown me a way to live that delivers me the answers I need for my daily life and duties and to let go of the questions that are mere mental distractions to lead me astray.

  30. Those questions that ‘sit’ with us all – unanswered, encouraging us to ignore, overlook, bury and maybe even numb. Those questions that have the potential to bring a quality to our lives that trigger change, energetic responsibility and understanding, which can change Humanity – Yes they are big ones. All the time these answers were sitting within me, but it wasn’t until I met Serge Benhayon and started listening to the Universal Medicine presentations that I started to re-connect to this inner knowing, and the answers came. Thanks Terri- Anne.

    1. This is lovely ch1956, I really enjoyed the way you speak of the questions and that they where within all the time…I thank Serge Benhayon for sharing this, that we all have the access and will to understand and know the world we live in if we choose.

  31. Reading this reminded me of something I used to say, ‘I was good in an emergency’, I came good, was calm, purposeful and supportive, and yes, this was true and still is, but I am genuinely less different from emergency to non-emergency, life now has a flow and steadiness to it. In the past, I often felt however that I could deal with emergencies better than I could the every day stuff. Learning the basic elements of self-care have meant so much to the quality of my life. These are built into every day and it sustains me, what ever comes in life.

  32. I am forever inspired by how understanding and supportive Serge Benhayon is “It was Serge who showed me it was the inner strength and knowing which was worth encouraging and talking about,” I have felt more aware of my truth and that my truth is not my issues through being present at Serge Benhayon’s workshops. Profound, I am not my issues…as we all equally divine, we are not our issues, however much we get caught up in them. To begin to pull away from this illusion, changes everything.

  33. Humanity needs truth, and truth so deep that the resonance of truth is there to be felt, and this will not be simply in words because words can fool us and be twisted, but in words that have lived so that the true power of the words can be felt… And this truth is what Universal Medicine brings to the world.

  34. It is worth asking why there is so much in this world that may have sprinkles of truth but does not actually bring the full and whole answer to the questions we each commonly ask about life, such as in relation to its purpose and our responsibility in it.

  35. Your QUESTIONS and sharing echo many of us Terri-Anne . It wasn’t until I came across Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayons Presentations of the Ancient Wisdom that I finally had answers also, having spent many years looking also. After 9 years I still am so glad to have Universal Medicine and these wonderful ever expanding teachings in my life.

  36. What I feel from reading your blog today Terri-Anne is really how simple it all is. As a population we all get caught up in the things that happen in our lives and believe that these are reality and life, the drama of these make us feel alive and that is what living is all about. The truth is far more simple as you have articulated. We all are soul and this essence connects us in love and equality, we all have a spirit that wants to dictate life and draw us out into living what is not true and our personality is the way we choose to express this. Everything is energy and everything is because of energy thus the quality of energy we all allow to flow through us dictates the quality of energy we experience in all our exchanges and experiences, and relationships all of the time. What is true and the choice we can all make is to re-connect to our essence within, our soul, the amazingness we all equally share and make this our livingness in our lives and in the world. Thank you for living the essence of who you truly are for this is reflected through all others in the world.

  37. Serge Benhayon was the first person in my life that could make sense of life in full and not leave any little piece in the mysterious and ‘too hard to answer’ basket which so many do. We accept that there are parts of life that simply cannot be known in full and that there are mysteries but this is not actually true

  38. This shows that the answers we are looking for are already on our body, Serge Benhayon shows us that it is in the energy we choose that we get the answers we need in any point in our life.

  39. All around me as I was growing up people were just getting on with life, not questioning the rollercoaster of highs and lows. Yet I had a deep question, what was life about? So I relate to your blog Terri Anne and have appreciation that even though I tried hard, I could never actually wipe out that question and its development into that knowing that I felt when I met Serge Benhayon.

  40. As I was growing up people just accepted life as it was, where as I wanted answers to questions and what felt true and what knew inside. When I was introduced to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine all changed, I no longer needed to look for answers, I was supported in connecting to myself and my inner knowing where I could find answers.

  41. A beautiful sharing Terri-Anne. I’ve had a similar experience of knowing I’d found truth upon meeting Serge Benhayon and having my unasked questions answered.

  42. Thank you Terri-Anne for sharing such a significant shift in your life, I love how many people are searching for something then when they meet Serge Benhayon they are reminded of the love and wisdom they already hold.

  43. I can say ditto to all of what you’ve shared here Terri-Anne, Serge Benhayon was the first person in my life to see and support what I do innately know. And he supports everyone in this same way by reflecting and sharing what he knows which is no different to what we know. From this quality we are all the same. What I am really feeling lately is in the lifestyle of no knowing or not wanting to know – it feels horrible, it’s like the body is intolerant to unknowingness and when we do settle down and allow ourselves to be open to the fact that we know everything about our lives is when we grow and expand rather than wither under the weight of being reduced to fighting what we do know. Is it possible that our issues in life stem from the stance of ‘I don’t know’ – what if we approached life from ‘I know whats going on’ ?

  44. The Way of The Livingness shared by Serge Benhayon offers a strong foundation from which to live that enables you to know from within yourself how to meet life’s challenges be they big or small.

  45. Thank you Terri-Anne for the reminder that: “it is not the details and events of my life which define me”. This is something that we are not taught as children, a time where we begin to take on the ideals and beliefs of others, with one of them being that what happens to us in life and what we do, is who we are. To know that is not the truth of who we are is one of the many questions that Serge Benhayon has answered for me, as well as many other questions I had been searching for the answers for what seemed forever, but at the same time he has always reminded me that I had the answers within me all along.

  46. Terri-Anne I agree, as I too have found that help and support are there in abundance for the major events in our lives but it is living harmoniously on a daily basis is where we are most challenged, and it is from here where most of our questions arise. Thank God for Serge Benhayon who shares with us all, many tools to assist us on our daily journey through life.

  47. I like how you point out that it were not all the many things that you could do or were clever about but that is was yourself, your inner quality that Serge Benhayon saw in you and encouraged you to nurture and listen to. This shows that we do not need anybody to tell us what to do, we only need support to unfold what is there already and to let go of what stands in the way of it.

  48. What’s amazing about your story Terri Anne, is how you’ve always looked beyond the events, and sought to understand why they occured in the first place, which is quite amazing considering how intense and traumatic they have been. Allowing yourself to deal with the emotions and then seek answers instead of allowing the emotions to run your life forever, is quite inspiring. Who said we have to carry scares of past events around with us forever? We don’t need to identify with past hurts, there is so much more to who we are.

  49. It is wonderful to know that in times of need, people find themselves again. We are extremely sensitive and strong, and our ability to get through the most awful of times is quite amazing when we allow the support around us to help us heal.
    I’ve tried two approaches to dealing with hurts – 1: do it on my own, inevitably end up depressed and shut many people out for long periods of time and prolong the wallowing. 2: allow others to be there for me, support me in my sadness and then when it’s time to let it go, allow them to remind me that it’s time and that it’s safe to be in the world. I can assure everyone that the 2nd approach has a worthwhile ending.

  50. That’s the beauty of Serge he connects to our inner qualities and essence and from there he inspires us to connect to the same truth. When we connect to this we can see the light and make choices that honour and supports us.

  51. It’s so true what you share Terri-Anne, that in meeting Serge Benhayon you are allowed the grace to truly meet yourself as he sees you for who you truly are and when held in this way, all that you are is confirmed so that all you are not is exposed for the imposter it is.

  52. One of the greatest things we can ever learn and something Serge Benhayon continuously presents is that we are not evolving to an advanced way of living in terms of being more comfortable due to advances in technology, we are in fact returning to a much grander and far more simpler way of being, (of which technology can be a part but not the focus) that we have lived and will all live in full once more. This means that we do not have to put pressure on ourselves to be or do something, we only need to express that which we already are and let the inherent beauty of this unfold out in all that we do.

  53. I guess we all carry these questions with us but it is so easy to ignore them, more or less, especially when busy with other, ‘bigger’ challenges. Glad of the one who can see, accept and ask these questions and it’s a blessing to get true answers. To get an true understanding of life is the base of development.

  54. You mention the fact that Serge Benhayon was the first person to make sense of the distinction between spirit and Soul and I wholeheartedly agree, it is the same for me. And it has made an unbelievable difference to how I now understand and live life.

  55. ‘How to speak up about what is wrong in the world without fear of retribution, even when retribution came.’ This is something I am still working on, but much has changed here for me thanks to what Serge Benhayon presents. In the past I would simply keep schtum, stay quiet. Gradually I started to speak up, stumbling and clumsy and still often not quite saying what I really felt. Now, although I can still find speaking up excruciating, this is not all the time, and even when it is I am giving it a go. Every time I do, I feel the retribution is really nothing to be scared of and that holding back the truth causes far more hurt and pain.

  56. At first I was a little amazed that you found the everyday things challenged you more than the big, painful and traumatic events but as I continued to read the penny dropped and it all made sense.

  57. “What I needed help with was much simpler, the questions I needed answered were about the everyday things”, I love that you point this out as it is the rhythm of our everyday life that either supports us or not. That – my daily rhythm – is where I need to put my focus to, and everything else will fall into place.

  58. When I first met Serge Benhayon at a workshop, I immediately rang a friend and said I had found the truth, someone who not only made absolute sense but I felt a connection to my inner yearning, like coming home was how I expressed it. It was the big picture, the how, why and wherefore that had me always know there was more and no one had ever been able to explain and I had not witnessed any one living up until that point. My life changed as I finally had a connection, and a purpose to clear all the mistruths, judgements and false beliefs I was holding about myself mainly with impacted how I held others. Thanks to Serge Benhayon, simply knowing and living in accordance with the Divine plan and knowing life does have meaning and purpose, has allowed me to expand according to my natural impulses

  59. What I love on Serge Benhayon is his simplicity and that he simply walk his talk. That inspired me to connect back to my own simplicity. So no need for all those dramas and emotions (work is still in progress). That is what made this everyday things so much easier for me.

  60. Serge speaks the simple truth and lives this in his life, and understanding the teaching that all is energy and all is because of energy make sense of how our world is and how it is being run. The truth about the Soul and Spirit opens us up to the love we hold within and that part of us that lives in denial.

  61. This is a great read Terri-Ann, your honesty is refreshing. All of those questions you asked were not only for and from you but everyone. It feels like anyone could relate to that list and want to know how to do the daily things that we just ‘deal with’ by function. From what I can see, humanity is struggling with the day-to-day stuff, with loving ourselves and expressing that love to each other. There is nothing wrong with us, we just don’t understand life. All these questions could be subjects at school – now that’s what I would call true education.

  62. Serge Benhayon confirmed for me the truth I felt inside me. I have listened to many presenters and teachers, priests and other religious people and mostly I was left with many questions, contradictions and a sense of cynicism. I have never felt this with Serge, because Serge comes from a solid foundation that is the same love that I and everyone else comes from.
    I really appreciate your blog Terri-Anne. It holds wisdom beyond just this life.

  63. “the time spent with Serge Benhayon is the only time my questions got answered.”
    … I have to most definitely agreed here with Terri-anne… Since my late teen years my life was really just a search… I had no idea that the answers for everything were actually inside me… Thank you Serge Benhayon

  64. From the very outset Serge gave me the one answer that covers every question I could have. In his statement, everything is energy and everything is because of energy he shares the truth that energy is a fundamental part of everyday life.

  65. Being discerning means feeling energy and picking up nuances that are otherwise hidden from our other senses. The many self help strategies out in the world which offer some truths but never really seem to help, as Terri-Anne puts it, offer solutions from the same energy that created the problems. Serge Benhayon has always presented how important it is to feel the energy behind the expression and that self care is based on developing a body that can support us to feel all the time and therefore be discerning of the energy we choose. This is the support that empowers true change.

  66. Serge Benhayon presents the basic Laws of the Universe so we can understand clearly what is going on and this answers all our questions and allows us to settle into our body and truly get onto really living in full by applying these principles to our everyday livingness.

  67. I love the honesty of your questions, that you started to ask yourself. When we start to ask these honest questions we open the doors to a truer way of living and are willing to find true answers.

    1. So true, Judith, it is only through honesty, asking the questions that so often feel uncomfortable to ask and then choosing to live the ‘answers’ that we find a truer way of living.

    2. I loved the questions too Judith. There is such a joy and innocence in the way these questions are asked because the answers are now known and lived by the author and many others. Each and every answer provided here is profound beyond measure when it is understood, known and lived.

  68. I have been one with similar questions about how to be in everyday life Terri-Anne and I am sure there are many others who have done and are doing the same. Like you Serge Benhayon has been a major contributor in my understanding about life and has inspired me to live it more truly and with purpose.

  69. “Serge showed me that all that was important was for me to continue to nurture and develop my inner strength and my inner knowing by learning how to best deal with the everyday life things and how that would support me to develop those inner qualities.” This is such a profound and true way of supporting people to heal their hurts.

  70. It is true, we get support for major things (tragic happenings), but to deal with everyday choices that cloud our possibility to be well we are pretty much on our own. We tend to discard everyday matters as less important, but in truth they are not. This is an area where Universal Medicine has a lot to say and where we can gain an amazing lot by giving a go to these teachings.

  71. My life has been touched in the same way Terri-Anne, what you’ve shared is profound and powerful… having life make sense AND being able to use that understanding to build a life that is vital, engaged, purposeful, hard-working, extremely healthy and loving… shows it is true.

  72. I agree Terri-Anne, I spent my life looking for answers then giving up when seemingly there were no answers that made sense. I knew religion held none of the answers but I really believed that science would deliver them for me. How wrong was I. No it was not until I started to listen to what Serge Benhayon had to say that I began to grasp that there really are true and wise answers there and we know what they are, its just that we have accepted lies instead.

  73. Thank you for sharing Terri-Anne – you are living proof that no matter what life throws at us we are more than well equipped to deal with it. Seeing life purely through our eyes does not make sense and much stuff is then unexplained, whereas as soon as we bring energy into the equation suddenly the dots (at least most of them) get connected.

  74. I completely agree how important these “little things” you have listed are. In fact there is no such thing as little things because everything matters and makes a huge difference!

  75. Powerfully shared Terri-Anne. I spent much of my life feeling ashamed and damaged by some of the things I had lived through. Reading this blog today has given me the opportunity to take stock of the fact that thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I no longer define myself by my past, my education, my job, my appearance or how much money is in my bank account. This brings a new flavour to every moment of my life. “It was Serge who showed me it was the inner strength and knowing which was worth encouraging and talking about, that THAT is who I am – that it is not the details and events of my life which defined me.”

  76. Attending to the ‘little’ everyday things makes the bigs things smaller and eminently more easy to handle. Practising the Gentle Breath Meditation and generally bringing a gentleness and presence back to my body and movements and appreciating this in myself brings a quality and steadiness that supports me to take one step at a time in the strength of knowing that I can handle whatever comes up whatever size it may be.

  77. It is sad reality that few of us are brought up to nurture our inner qualities that could support us to deal with the everyday occurences of life let alone the big things. Thank god for Serge not only answering what we have deeply craved for so long but for showing us how to connect back to and embrace what we had been missing inside… ourselves.

  78. Great sharing Terri-Anne.
    I love how you bring everything to the very real and tangible reality of day to day living. The big things in life are so much easier to traverse if we are well rested, vital and present.

  79. Serge Benhayon has the capacity to meet everyone, yes everyone, for who they truly are and offer the support that is true for them.

    1. The power of meeting another in their true essence, as Serge Benhayon has for so many is truly transforming. We can learn much from a true reflection; it inspires us to be that which we are in truth.

    1. Yet we suffer the perversity of such turns because we become tantalized by the outer search for a truth that is actually found deep within us. And so the illusion prevails.

  80. Beautiful sharing of how when we take care of the seemingly smaller things in life, like the quality of our everyday choices eg. how we eat and sleep we have the steadiness to deal with the bigger unexpected events. A true and loving connection with ourselves is the greatest foundation for life, the consistency of one life.

  81. Serge Benhayon is the first person to truly answer my questions too. To me, this is built on the fundamental awareness of who he is and who we all are. It is never about being a ‘better person’ but being the amazingness we are. We are not evolving into loving beings but back to the expression of the love that we are and were born to be.

  82. Serge Benhayon has not only always supported me to be discerning of everything he has given me the tools to reconnect with and develop my awareness of energy and to be discerning at this level. Things may sound good or look good on a physical level but beneath the surface we may be feeling that there is more going on then meets the eye. This is not to say we need to be judgemental or mis-trusting but more to be open to observing what we are sensing on a deeper level in all things and to not dismiss those feelings that we have.

  83. Living the experiment that “Everything is Energy” is inspiring every day, what it inspires in me is the discovery that everything happens because of the energy that we have chosen, or the energy that has chosen us.

  84. I can relate to this, my life was often in a state of drama, survival, concerning what the next issue would be, everyday life and routine and rhythm was a mystery to be…I will be honest and say that I like the adrenaline filled life, I liked dealing with problems, thinking I was orating things out, getting righteous i the family dynamic etc…this was all a big distraction and when it has come to letting it go what has been significant is that I did not really give much attention or have much experience of as you say caring for myself, with bedtime routines, food, being gentle….this has changed so much so, that I now support other sin my life and work to make self-care a propriety for them…we all can, but it takes some honesty about why we are not already making these choices.

  85. It is to me so obvious and such common sense to care for myself in the simplest of ways in my day to support myself and others yet I can find it challenging to consistently look deeper into what’s next… how and in what way can I deepen the love for myself yet I know and this knowing keeps persisting until I finally say “yes”.

  86. Serge Benhayon has encouraged and inspired me to live me. And this is the only and greatest gift we can offer anyone. Permission to be ALL that we are.

  87. This is so true Terri-Anne and has been the way in my life also. When a storm (trauma) hits, we innately know what to do and we all rally together to help deal with the damage. But it is our day-to-day living that can really wear us out if we have not built a solid foundation on which to stand. In a sense, when we do not focus on being consciously present with both mind and body moving as one harmonious unit, we create mini cyclones we then have to deal with at a later date by way of the ensuing exhaustion and illnesses that come from living out of sync to the rhythms of the Universe we are governed by. Drawing focus to the minutiae of life, our daily movements in the way we eat, sleep, converse etc. is the key to developing the rock solid steadiness that will see us through whatever turbulence may come our way.

    1. Beautifully said Liane. I have resisted this for a long time as it asks me to take complete responsibility for my state of being. Your comment reminds me that there are no little things and that responsibility is a joy not a burden.

  88. When humanity finally gets that everything is energy ( and I am resisting the urge to have a lot of capitals here !) then the surging tide of destructive impulses ravaging our world and people will surely start to turn around.

  89. There is nothing wrong with following someone if what they live and teach makes intrinsic sense. It is only when you follow someone in blind faith or in the hope that they know more than you that you get into trouble in life. Always should you discern and apply what you are shown to your own life to ensure that it works.

  90. Everyday the Benhayon’s inspire me to live more, be me, be responsible, drop my guards, honour myself more, I could go on and on for it is endless the way in which I have been inspired by this amazing family.

  91. Absolutely brilliant blog Terri-Anne. I have found that I learn so much about life, myself and the reasons things are as they are through the connections I have with other people. Everyone has a wealth of wisdom to offer if we observe and discern the energetic truth rather than blindly react to the outplay of life.

  92. What you have shared in this blog Terri-Anne highlights your courage, your wisdom and your deep appreciation for Serge Benhayon and yourself. You are such an inspiration and I deeply appreciate you.

  93. Deeply appreciating who we are and the qualities that we inherently carry so supports us in our every day life. Our connection to Serge Benhayon and what he presents to us, reflects to us and how he inspires us is an awesome blessing. Thank you for this very real and wholesome blog Terri-Anne.

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