My Questions were Finally Answered

by Terri-Anne Connors, Melbourne, Victoria

I am thirty-six years of age and some would say I have already lived through more significant life events than most people have lived in their entire lives. I could write pages on a number of deeply painful and nothing less than traumatic events that have occurred in my life, either directly to me, a member of my immediate family or a close friend: from death, murder, rape, suicide, illness, disease, drug and alcohol abuse to physical and emotional abuse.

As I experienced each one of these events they were not the most difficult things for me to deal with in my life. Yes they were at the time very painful and extremely sad, but it is my experience when the big events like these happen, we inevitably find an inner strength. A strength that cannot be likened to anything else – it is a knowing that you will get through, that you are being looked after, that there is a reason for everything and that much will be learnt from it. It is also my experience that when the big stuff happens people check in on you, they rally around, including strangers. The generosity and care from people is deeply touching and reinforces your will to go on. It is after the shock wears off and you start to get back to everyday life that it becomes difficult.

What I needed help with was much simpler, the questions I needed answered were about the everyday things:

  • How to get a good night sleep so I didn’t wake feeling like I hadn’t slept at all.
  • How to eat in a way so that I didn’t feel heavy, tired and craving more food, especially food that contained sugar and were high in carbohydrates.
  • How to exercise without hurting myself and wanting to give up after a couple of days.
  • How to finish a full day of work without feeling exhausted and drained.
  • How to be responsible without taking on the burdens of others; knowing the difference between what could truly help another and what actually didn’t help at all.
  • How to speak up about what is wrong in the world without fear of retribution, even when retribution came.
  • How to deal with work colleagues, family and friends who sometimes lie and betray my trust.
  • How to watch while those same people say and do things that clearly hurt themselves and others, including me.
  • How to be a woman, to transition from being a girl innocent to the world and still honour that fragility while becoming a responsible adult.
  • How to choose to not want to have children and still feel like a whole woman.
  • How to stop the constant barrage of subtle but negative undermining thoughts towards myself.
  • How to trust that you don’t have to have a tertiary education, be the most qualified or the oldest in the room to be intelligent or have a worthwhile contribution.

It was these everyday things that challenged me more than those big, painful and traumatic events.

I genuinely did go looking for answers. I have always had the ability to ask questions and understand things well beyond my education or age and experience – one would say I was discerning. But how does that help when you live in a world that discourages that? When we are taught not to question, especially of those who are leaders, experts in their fields and in positions of authority or power. Nothing I tried, read and attended worked – the many books, groups and courses both religious and spiritual, personal trainers, diets, financial advisors or business ideas. I would start a book and not finish it because although there were some valid points, most of it did not actually help. I would attend sessions with a counselor, a psychologist or group therapy, but went away no better off and inevitably returning to the confusion that led me there in the first place. I even tried to go back to Church – I was raised as a Catholic, but again none of it really answered my questions. None of it helped with the day-to-day things and I always came back to: there had to be more to life, there had to be a reason for the suffering and why life could not be simpler.

Serge Benhayon was the first person who actually listened to me and understood where I was coming from. It was Serge who recognised in me that inner knowing and inner strength. He could see through the frustration and the confusion. Serge was the first person who genuinely cared for me and what I had to share. Not what clever things he could tell me, or how he could help me to be a ‘better person’ or what he thought was wrong with me. He always, mostly confirmed what I knew was right and wrong. Serge knew I was discerning and was not put off by that, but rather he encouraged it. It was Serge who showed me it was the inner strength and knowing which was worth encouraging and talking about, that THAT is who I am – that it is not the details and events of my life which defined me. Serge showed me that all that was important was for me to continue to nurture and develop my inner strength and my inner knowing by learning how to best deal with the everyday life things and how that would support me to develop those inner qualities.

There are two very important things about Serge Benhayon’s presentations that greatly inspired me:

  1. Everything is energy – therefore everything is because of energy, and
  2. We all have a personality, a spirit and a soul.

For me, once I understood those two things in full, everything else could be explained. That is what I had been missing and the fact that nothing and no one had encouraged me to nurture my inner qualities and support me to deal with the everyday life things. That is what I needed help with. This explained the suffering, and why life was not simpler. I don’t know of a better way to live than how I am living now based on all of what Serge has inspired and encouraged in me.

Of course there is room for improvement in some areas, but from where I stand now there has been a significant shift in my overall well-being and in my day-to-day living. I am still asking questions, still being discerning, but up until and including now, the time spent with Serge Benhayon is the only time my questions got answered.

398 thoughts on “My Questions were Finally Answered

  1. I have never come across someone like Serge Benhayon it’s as though he can see into your soul and because he can see this depth of quality in you there is no judgement, only love and I know he loves humanity in a way that at this moment in time we are not able to accept or love ourselves to that same degree. What I am discovering is that to know something I must already have that within me or I wouldn’t know it to begin with, there would be no reference point. This is supporting me to look deeper within and find for myself what Serge can see so clearly within us all.

  2. “It is after the shock wears off and you start to get back to everyday life that it becomes difficult.” I recently realised that a very difficult situation I was in actually brought more purpose to my life and brought forth my strengths, even though on the surface we see what’s happening and feel it’s a ‘bad’ thing, but actually even though it was challenging ultimately it was strengthening. Now that the pressure is off and life is so called ‘”good” again, to be honest it feels pretty terrible, because I’m not engaged at that level of purpose and responding to life still. Life is not at all what it seems, the truth is not in the pictures of how life is supposed to be, but in feeling for ourselves the truth of our experiences.

  3. This is unique about Serge, and just one of his many beautiful qualities, ‘ Serge was the first person who genuinely cared for me and what I had to share. Not what clever things he could tell me, or how he could help me to be a ‘better person’ or what he thought was wrong with me.’

  4. Great Terri-Anne, as I relate to so much of what you have shared and may I add that Serge Benhayon also offers everyone to find how life is for them without ever telling people what to do but discerningly providing a Loving space for all to unfold into what will best serve as we all have our own path.

  5. “Nurture my inner qualities and support me to deal with the everyday life things” – if this is how we parent/educate our children, the world is going to be a completely different place. What comes first is our inner-most, and we have got it completely upside-down at the moment.

  6. Serge Benhayon has inspired so many, he certainly has inspired me, to the point my life has completely and utterly changed. Meeting Serge was like being given the best gift in the entire universe.

  7. This is a big one for me to bring understanding to current events.
    “How to watch while those same people say and do things that clearly hurt themselves and others, including me.”
    To bring understanding to a society that has been deeply touched by the teachings of Serge Benhayon and yet are at a juncture in their lives when they are not able to stand up for what they know in their hearts to be true. The pressures that society put on us is huge and for many they buckle under this sustained pressure. Even so the truth will be known because it is impossible for it to be withheld from humanity and one day we will all understand what has been so far presented to the world is true in deed and word.

  8. So very true Elizabeth. Serge Benhayon is definitely the master of simplicity and is constantly offering us the very simple ways we can address the complicated web of life that so may of us have been masters at weaving. I would rather be a master of simplicity than one who makes life so much more challenging than it actually needs to be.

  9. Serge Benhayon was the first person who began to make sense of my life, a life that really never made sense, and sense of a world that seemed to be out of control. It was like I was finally able to take a full, deep and nourishing breath and to start to breathe for myself instead of breathing in reaction to all that was going on around me. I now am able to fully embrace life, a life that makes more sense every time I read or listen to the very wise sharings by Serge.

    1. A life changing event Ingrid, that makes so much sense as the lived wisdom of Serge Benhayon is felt, as if we have already lived that, as it feels like a deeper understanding of what has been shared by Serge comes from our own inner-wisdom as something simple and a practical way of living that we are ready to live!

    2. I agree with you Ingrid I had heard the words personality, spirit and a soul from religious education studies at school but it was Serge Benhayon that made sense of these words so that we can all have an understanding of what is actually occurring in life. When we gain an understanding then we have more control of what is happening rather than just feeling like flotsam in the sea of life with little to no direction but going where ever the current takes us.

  10. This is such an awesome list of questions, it is like you have written the words that so many young women would ask as they venture out in to the world. And it reminds me that these are the kinds of things we can share with each other, and especially with the young people who are stepping out and learning about life.

  11. I know that, directly thanks to Serge Benhayon, I will be more discerning about the energy behind an intention and know that I would not have even contemplated the importance of this had it not been for his example in my life.

  12. I had always been aware that there was a Soul and a spirit, but it was not until I came across The Way of The Livingness that I came to understand and tangibly feel the difference between the two and how my body felt being led by the quality of each. I have found that the more I allow myself to be led by the quality or connection to Soul the more everything makes absolute sense and there is a great clarity as to what is true and real and what is not, what supports the body and what does not. This I found to be empowering in every way along with my life being and feeling deeply enriched and purposeful every day.

  13. I never had really questions except about entities. Serge just confirmed all what I always knew to be true.
    And he helped me to learn to understand the world of energies much better including how the entities try to have hold on us.

  14. Everyday life is a terrain where we can easily hide, get lost, sink or resurrect ourselves. That is why the questions we pose and the answers we come up with are so crucial.

  15. Hang on! If most of us if not all of us cannot answer these questions in full with true and deep understanding that feels true within the body then why are we just putting up with the lies and mistruths that society presents us with? Clearly something does not add up here and our ignorance can only go so far.

  16. If we take the lid of the world of academia it is not so pretty, to be totally honest it seems their bodies are wrecked for the sake of their minds. I used to look up to highly educated people valuing their opinion but I have a question to ask these people
    “As a society we pride ourselves in our education system and there are now millions of people who have university degrees, but we cannot manage to replicate the building of the Pyramids and how did those people in the past know so much about science that we have only discovered recently by using highly sophisticated computers. How did they know about atoms, where did they get this knowledge from?” Back then there was no such thing as evidence based science that had to be proven. How could they prove that atoms existed yet they knew it to be a fact without conducting a double, treble blind experiment. So to me we seem to be painting ourselves into a corner if we pursue this narrow version of life, life cannot not be contained in such a narrow parameters.

  17. Everyone in the world has questions like these, how to actually practically live everyday life in a truthful and beautiful way and not get sucked under or exhausted or life in constant struggle, and I agree that the presentations Serge Benhayon give are the only whole, complete all-encompassing answers to life’s burning questions that I have ever come across.

  18. If everyone knew what was needed to get a good nights sleep and acted on it, the world would be quite different.

  19. Terri-Anne thanks for wring this blog and detailing how Serge Benhayon understood you and has supported you to re connect to the inner knowing that you have that we all have within us and yet have no idea its there. Once we connect back to this inner knowing which is so familiar it’s like being reunited with our most trusted best friend.

  20. “That is what I had been missing and the fact that nothing and no one had encouraged me to nurture my inner qualities and support me to deal with the everyday life things.”
    To live nurturing, suppprting, accepting and appreciating our inner qualities is the most beautiful truth we can live by. As this way of living completely wipes away any and all false ideas of our inabilities and brings to the for our strong true nature, where acceptance of what we are good at, or not so good at is lived with the true grace of our inner essence.

  21. It gave me such a freedom on one side and responsibility on the other side to realize that we are not what we do or the things we have experienced that define us, but our inner strength, knowing and the connection we have to this that define the quality of who we are.

  22. There is so much confusion around what is spirit and what is soul and if those words are even interchangeable. The work of Serge Benhayon casts light on this in a way that totally resonates and supports us to live with more clarity and confidence in what we know in our hearts to be true.

  23. There are some things that explain so much and others that explain so little. Those that explain so much help us to answer our questions, but most importantly, to learn that these questions are on the way to much bigger ones.

  24. Wow if we can as a society get right the list of everyday things you needed help with then we would see a lot more healthier, happier and emotionally stable people. These are the foundations we need in order for us to be truly joyful and settled with life.

  25. Those two points you shared do indeed explain why humanity is as it is because nothing else can explain the lovelessness that we see today.

  26. As well as the two things that you mention that inspired you about Serge Benhayon a third one for me was that that he never told me, or anybody I know, what to do – he only ever presents a reflection.

    1. How true Jstewart51, Serge never told me or anybody I know what to do, his greatness just allows us all to unfold in our own right time. This is what I truly love about Serge Benhayon.

  27. I have to agree Terri-Anne it is more likely to be the simple details of day to day life and our relationships that trip us up and both undermine and prevent us solidifying our foundations so that when the big issues happen we actually have no foundations to hold and support us which is why they can sometimes feel all the more devastating.

  28. We have a tendency to look at the extreme and write off anything less than the extreme as ‘that’s what happens’ and accept them as part of our normal, and I agree with you – that it is in that everydayness we feel the constancy of unsettlement that builds over time, possibly to eventuate to something bigger.

  29. The Ageless Wisdom, which Serge Benhayon so magnificently represents, answers all our questions, from ‘how to get a good night’s sleep’ to ‘what is the difference between spirit and Soul?’ and ‘what is the meaning of life?’ It’s all mapped out for us and for many, when they have hit absolute rock bottom, it is where they turn to. For others it is an inner knowing they have never lost that allows them to see beyond the general societal discontent, unrest and the inner unsettlement.

    1. Yes, when you are ready for honesty the Ageless Wisdom is there. There is no pandering or skirting around the issue, just truth and therefore freedom from the constrains of ideals and beliefs.

  30. Through the presentations by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine I too have had many of my questions answered, not directly but in a way that has led me to feel things for myself, I know truth through my body and how it feels, and most of all I have changed the way I live which supports me back in more ways than I can say.

  31. I couldn’t agree more, until I was aware of a couple of these very simply energetic facts, life did not make much sense. It was just something that overwhelmed me and that I felt I had to escape from, now life is something I understand more deeply and want to embrace more and more of.

  32. Thank God for Serge Benhayon for bringing back the truth to the meanings and use of word. Not only Can I now get a deep lived sense of what it means to truly be loving I can also get a sense of just how much humanity has been held back by using false meanings to almost every way of describing life to mask what is truly going on here.

  33. Listening to the presentations of the Ageless Wisdom by Serge Benhayon has shown me a way to understand all that goes on in life and hold The Way of The Livingness as a way to be in the world.

  34. ‘Everything is energy – therefore everything is because of energy, and We all have a personality, a spirit and a soul.’ Agreed Terri Anne – the awareness that Serge Benhayon brings is earth shatteringly profound, and the real and necessary game changer.

  35. ‘It was these everyday things that challenged me more than those big, painful and traumatic events.’ I can agree with that, Terri-Anne. What I’m feeling too is it’s the mastery of the everyday things that give us the fortitude for the other: the foundation of self-love that holds us steady when the storm comes.

  36. It’s the everyday support, the simple everyday understanding that we need and in fact it’s what I needed and now grow from. As the article is saying the big ups and downs were explained and would pass, you wouldn’t truly understand but it was more the little questions everyday that remained unanswered., these supposed little things were the key. Once I started to understand these then life as a whole began to take more shape. Before this understanding I was like a cork in the ocean and at times you were under. Simple living qualities that you didn’t need learn but more return to became the dedication and when things felt too big, you simply returned to them as this is your everyday. Universal Medicine didn’t provide the answers but just supported you to turn back to what had already been said, I was already feeling it but just couldn’t grasp it and this has been the truest support for me to make sense of the feelings that were already there.

  37. Serge has introduced that ..”Everything is energy – therefore everything is because of energy, and
    We all have a personality, a spirit and a soul.’ These essential tools for true living.

  38. Love the ‘how to’s’ Terri-Anne – very familiar! This is really about being our true selves in the world.

  39. I too had so many of your “How to” questions throughout my life but as I wasn’t someone who felt confident asking questions of any sort most of them remained un-asked and of course un-answered. It was not until I, like you, came to presentations of Serge Benhayon that many of these questions began to be answered not just by Serge, but by me as he supported me to begin to understand life and my place in it. And today I am finally asking questions and getting some amazing answers!

  40. Asking questions about life, even though the process may be challenging is much more supportive than having no questions because we either have succumbed to comfort and do not choose to feel all the lovelessness and ugliness that do not make sense in life, or we have chosen to be disempowered by life and withdraw.

  41. Absolutely, we all need to have the understanding of this, ‘There are two very important things about Serge Benhayon’s presentations that greatly inspired me: Everything is energy – therefore everything is because of energy, and We all have a personality, a spirit and a soul.’ These two facts help explain much about our current life.

    1. When I got my head around those two facts I have been able to move forward in many ways that seem ordinary on one level, but are deeply supportive and necessary for meaningful and sustained growth.

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