Supporting Health & Wellbeing: Combining Western & Universal Medicine

by JJ, Australia

I love reading people’s accounts of their experiences since they came across Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I come from a background where Western Medicine was the norm and nothing complementary was even considered. The doctor, pharmacist and, if necessary, the dentist were always our first ports of call, if we ever had a problem with our health. My parents always followed mainstream medicine and Dad would sing its praises until the cows came home.

My younger sister was the first in the family to seek outside the family’s way of looking after their health. She visited a naturopath and a chiropractor and seemed to benefit with pain relief from the services they offered. I was having some trouble with neck pain, so I too started seeing the naturopath and another chiropractor a friend recommended.

These were my only dabblings with other forms of healing apart from looking at Reiki for a very short period of time. The lady I used to see for Reiki sessions introduced me to Serge Benhayon and I began to experience the healing that Serge and the other Universal Medicine practitioners offer.

It’s a hackneyed expression, but my life changed in that first meeting with Serge. There was a true respecting and valuing of me as I felt truly met. As I became aware and felt the true reflection of love Serge presents, I recognised on a very deep level there was more to life than the superficial way we humans go about things.

This one meeting with Serge Benhayon inspired me to make many changes in the way I was living. In all the times I was visiting the chiropractor, I was always dubious about the neck wrenching and cracking I was experiencing. I eventually stopped going and now have Spinal Alignment Therapy with a Universal Medicine practitioner that is gentle and lovingly respects my body without all the harsher push, pull, crunch and crack that happened in a chiropractic visit.

Yesterday, I visited my local GP. I visited, not because I was ill, but to have my annual check-up. I also requested referrals for bone density testing and a full blood check. My doctor loves my visits as I am rarely ill. He has told me to keep doing whatever I’m doing, as he has never seen me looking so well and reckons I’m looking younger each time he sees me. That’s pretty good confirmation for combining both Western Medicine and what Universal Medicine offers as far as I’m concerned.

487 thoughts on “Supporting Health & Wellbeing: Combining Western & Universal Medicine

  1. JJ I have noticed that I stand out to doctors because overall I am much healthier than their regular patients. The health conditions I have had for years are now healing in remarkable ways thanks to the support of Universal Medicine and their therapies, and by working more closely with western medicine. Seeing my doctor more regularly was actually inspired by Universal Medicine!

    1. I second all that Melinda. My visits to the doctors are always very confirming of the way I am living – a testament to The Way of The Livingness. My old chronic and niggling ailments are actually long gone and healed with the support of Universal Medicine in conjunction with medical practitioners. And now my regular visits to the doctors are part of my self-honoring health care routine also inspired by Universal Medicine.

      1. It truly is incredible to read of how so many people are changing the way they are living and bringing a powerful refection of vitality and harmony in their lifestyles. A wonderful confirmation for patients and a breath of fresh air for the GP.

    2. Like many people who have chosen to be supported by the Universal Medicine Therapies I have had a complete transformation in my body shape and size. This continues to change to this day as I make living with self- care and a deep commitment to well being a priority.

    3. Like you Melinda, I too was inspired by Universal Medicine to visit my doctor regularly and like so many other testimonials of those who have combined the two approaches to their healthcare my doctor is also impressed by my state of health, as I am.

  2. Bringing these two forms of medicine together has supported me with many things. It’s great to have a check up at the doctor or go to the dentist for the same for support to see what is going on with my body at different points, coupled this with regular sessions with Universal Medicine I feel I consistently have a greater and greater understanding of the world and a greater understanding of myself.

  3. This is how it ought to be – the love of the doctor’s visits, the doctor loving our visits, because it’s made to be all about people and about the illness. This is where esoteric medicine adds the all important missing link – that it is all about caring deeply for the person, in the reverence and knowing that this person is precious simply by being who they are.

  4. The pathway to greater health that will take us out of our dire plummet into such chronic and multi-symptomatic illness and disease, is to learn to take responsibility for our health long before the onset of dis-ease takes root. In this way there is truth to the old adage ‘prevention is better than a cure’, as it is a path of utmost integrity and responsibility that ensures there is much less work for all involved which means not only a healthier global population but also a less burdened medical system that can tend in a far greater capacity to help those still in need of this support.

  5. Our whole life can change in an instance and we really ought to embrace that fact. Today for example someone told me that what I had just told them about themselves changed their life forever. It is as simple as having a conversation with someone and just being true to ourselves.

    1. Remarkable yet not uncommon. We are walking encyclopaedias of Universal Wisdom when we share the love within our hearts.

  6. Visiting a GP when you are well! I love this and it must be wonderful for GP’s to be with people who want to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

  7. What a different reflection you presented to the doctor on those visits – it is people that are well that should be studied, to find out how they live and what they are doing differently than those who are poorly.

  8. An awesome confirmation from your doctor and I would highly recommend all the Esoteric Healing modalities brought through and held by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine they are the absolute real deal in supporting the body to truly heal.

  9. Yes, that’s a great confirmation to keeping trusting in what works for you. It’s so powerful when we listen to our bodies and don’t just give our power away to anyone who appears to have some authority. We are our own bosses, and what works best, is when we ask for support to work with us, not for us.

  10. ‘Keep doing whatever you’re doing.’ I too have been told this by medics. What I find curious is that they don’t ask what it is that I’m doing ……. ‘Prevention is better than cure’ is an old saying, but is also true. Lifestyle medicine is slowly creeping its way into some areas of conventional medicine. Universal Medicine therapies have so much to offer in this regard. And UM students are living proof of this.

  11. Great confirmation from your doctor. I as I am sure many others have also felt this with regards to Serge Benhayon ‘my life changed in that first meeting with Serge. There was a true respecting and valuing of me as I felt truly met.’

  12. ‘ As I became aware and felt the true reflection of love Serge presents, I recognised on a very deep level there was more to life than the superficial way we humans go about things.’ So true JJ. To understand our body, life and the quality of way we live on a deeper level, an energetic level, has been revelatory and super self-empowering.

  13. What a wonderful gift you bring your GP who must see so many sick people each day, many of whom, are asking the doctor to take away their ills without wanting to look at what got them to be sick in the first place. Your taking responsibility for your well being must be like a breath of fresh air!

  14. …and my dad was praying songs until to cows came home. That is so funny, Especially the older generations are used to pray outside ourselves for help. What Serge Benhayon teaches us again is to have our prays lived in our body. By living in a way that makes it easy for the love of God, the flow of heaven to flow through us and this way we can support others the best.

  15. The combination of Western Medicine and Universal Medicine therapies is an incredible support for anything the body is going through. You cannot truly heal the body or part of the body alone, without looking at the whole person.

    1. I agree Jenny they go hand in hand, with out the other the healing is not complete. We have to work with both for true healing to take place in the body.

  16. The urge to keep seeking we justify by not having found the true answer but finding the true answer has also to do with responsibility. So if we dedicated ourselves to what we know is true, from our deep inner knowing where we know something feels right for us or not, in every aspect of our life and consistently so, we would step by step get a clearer understanding of what is true for us and what is not and the true aspects in life that are there and can keep building on them.

  17. It’s great to see doctors appreciating our looking after ourselves and practising Universal Medicine. There is no doubt that the Way of The Livingness brings a quality into life and a deeper understanding of how our physical bodies relate and connect with our other bodies such as the emotional, mental and causal and how the relationship between our spirit and soul works. As our awareness grows we grow and are in a greater place to truly look after ourselves and each other.

  18. The one can not work without the other, hence we need all the true medicine we got. That is our medical therapies equally as the energetic approach that is brought by the Esoteric Therapies given and produced by Universal Medicine. We need a whole body intelligence as approach not just a cure. Our true health can only be achieved by a whole body intelligence: one that serves the whole of our body and not just a part.

  19. With so many people not only healing conditions but living with far greater vitality and commitment to live through connecting western medicine with the teachings of Universal Medicine it’s only a matter of time and the honesty that will come when on mass we admit that conventional medicine doesn’t have it all and that we are more than our bodies. Each aspect needs its own medicine and can support the human part of us.

  20. This is how medicine and healing should be approached. The individual takes responsibility for making changes in their life, whilst complementary and conventional medicine are consulted to support as needed. I can see why your doctor would love to see you, since this is the approach you are taking. Most of us place a huge burden on doctors to fix us, whilst continuing to do the very things that cause the problem. For people like doctors, who are dedicated to serving peoples health, this could be quite draining and demoralising if they take this responsibility on.

  21. ‘That’s pretty good confirmation for combining both Western Medicine and what Universal Medicine offers as far as I’m concerned.’ Absolutely. It doesn’t make sense for one type of ‘medicine’ to fight another. Medicine will work together in supporting the body and being on all levels if it is of truth – and the body clearly reveals this.

  22. It is great how Serge helped you become aware of this fact, ‘As I became aware and felt the true reflection of love Serge presents, I recognised on a very deep level there was more to life than the superficial way we humans go about things.’

  23. How wonderful that you had this opportunity, many people search and crave this yet rarely get to experience it, ‘my life changed in that first meeting with Serge. There was a true respecting and valuing of me as I felt truly met’.

  24. I’m in the same boat JJ, I have never been so well since attending Universal Medicine workshops and their clinic for sessions since 2012. It’s really extraordinary to look at how much they have supported me and how much my life has changed. I could otherwise now be a massive burden on the healthcare system based on where I was headed due to emotional stress and existing health conditions I had. What Universal Medicine is offering is truly supportive, I’m surprised the governments of the world are not yet knocking on their door to find out how they get the results they do.

  25. No wonder your doctor is happy to see you because you are taking responsibility for your health and not looking to him to fix you. On my last visit to my GP she made a comment that i was very body aware.

  26. JJ, these days it would be a rarity for a GP to have someone visit their clinic who is actually well in themselves so it is no wonder that you stand out. I too find that combining Western Medicine and Universal Medicine therapies to be super supportive and in fact I would say they are a marriage made in heaven.

  27. The respect at the hands of a Universal Medicine practitioner is something we all deserve, and thanks to the many practitioners globally many more people now have access to these modalities.

  28. We humans are multi-faceted, we are not just physical, there is a place for complementary medicine of a true quality, if we deepen our relationship for what is not seen, what we feel, we enable ourselves to shift the habits, emotions and ideas we have that do not serve us. It is possible for this way of working to really compliment and support any conventional medicine that is required.

  29. That’s pretty good confirmation for me too JJ and my experience is the same. Western medicine is wonderful, but for too long it has closed the door on the fact that everything is energy first – that there’s an energetic root cause before a physical manifestation i.e. the actual illness or condition. The combination of esoteric and western medicine is a fabulous thing and I’m looking forward to the day when it’s the norm.

  30. I see no need for separation with complementary health and conventional medicine they work hand in hand when they are practiced with true care, integrity and wisdom. It is the quality that defines an activity in any area life, and when it comes to health it is crucial that we utilise the resources that best suit what is being presented in the body.

  31. Esoteric Medicine supports us to return to deeper more loving relationship with our body, how can it not compliment conventional medicine and how it serves us.

  32. Whether it is conventional or not, it is the way we use that defines whether it would be empowering or disempowering. Many people feel put off by the conventional medicine, and become the advocates of alternative medicine, but we could still be approaching by looking for a fix but feel somewhat ‘better’ because their choices are more ‘natural’. I certainly was like that too, thinking somewhat I had more awareness. It is only when we can start taking responsibility for our choices that medicine can work in harmony with us – to complement our choices.

  33. I just completed a healing modality course on Charkra Puncture. This modality and all 9 Modalities pioneered by Universal Medicine is and will change medicine the way we know it today. It is needed now because western medicine cannot keep up..

  34. It’s obvious you have a very responsible approach to your supporting your own health JJ. You remind me that looking after all aspects of our health is a personal responsibility that cannot be outsourced. Medical professionals both complementary and mainstream can offer a huge amount of support when we approach healing discerningly.

  35. Universal Medicine was the missing link for me in being able to accept the support from Western Medicine. I always new there was more to health than going to the doctor or the surgeon to getting something fixed. I knew we are meant to be taking more responsibility with how we are living on a daily basis. Universal Medicine helped me to see the whole package how to put this together, and how this integrates with the marvels of western medicine.

  36. I love reading people’s accounts of their experiences since they came across Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine too! The transformation in people’s lives is quite extraordinary. A beautiful confirmation from the medical profession JJ, when your doctor says you look younger with each visit…!

  37. Thank you Joel for sharing your experiences with your doctor. I have had the same comments from mine each time I have my annual checks. To add my GP shared it was so great to see a person your age with no major aliments and looking younger and more vibrant than ever. This is the work of the teachings of Serge Benhayon that changed my life and continues to each day. A true livingness that I never felt before.

  38. That is good! I love that the doctor appreciated you going when you were not sick, that you were actively engaged with your health and looking at prevention. It is something doctors rarely have time to consider. So in fact, by looking after your health, you are also looking after the doctors’ health!

  39. I have seen many amazing miracles within the student body with the support of both Western Medicine and Universal Medicine – a powerful combination that allows for the body to truly heal.

  40. Integrated heath, where conventional and complementary health marry is the future…too long has it been about fire fighting and dealing with the symptoms that show themselves, instead lets start looking at our foundational health and its quality and build this to support us and then if required we use well established and supportive methods offered by conventional medicine.

  41. A healing practitioner that is and works with the Esoteric, offers a beautiful package to anyone willing to submit its body to healing. It is the dialogues between qualities and the open invitation from the highest one to the lower one to raise to where naturally belongs that makes an enormous difference.

  42. “There was a true respecting and valuing of me as I felt truly met.” Thank you JJ, this sentence sums up every encounter with Serge Benhayon and the consequences of being met with such immense love instigates a very natural inspiration for us to begin to take deep care of our selves. What is so awesome is the support you are giving your doctor in the fact that you turn up looking well and getting positive test results – how often do they get to see a real picture of health these days. Truly awesome!

  43. Nothing ‘hackneyed’ at all about sharing what you have about your initial meeting with Serge Benhayon, JJ. Rather, this is something to celebrate and cherish deeply – that there are those in this world who can inspire us so very deeply, to be ourselves, confirming all that we are in the true core of our very being.

  44. ‘I recognised on a very deep level there was more to life than the superficial way we humans go about things’ – To me this is what religion is all about; seeing and feeling that there’s something ‘more’ than surface level living, and I love attending the Universal Medicine workshops as they’re an open environment to talk about the ‘more’ that society is currently way overlooking.

  45. Living in the bush we had our ‘bush’ chiropractors that kept everyone going on their tractors and doing hard manual labour… then moving to the city to the plethora of alternative practitioners, and then , finally, realizing that there was actually an essence of self-responsibility , as presented by Universal medicine, that I had always missed.

  46. Being open to both Western and Universal Medicine gives you the choices to look at your life as a whole, where Western Medicine has not been able to answers some questions you will find Universal Medicine has. Universal Medicine comes form ageless wisdom which is so powerful in its essence.

  47. It is really interesting how we often only go to the Western Medicine and champion that but just looking around does show how it is not really working. It needs us to do our part and that is deeply caring for, loving and cherishing ourselves – something Universal Medicine supports and inspires people to do.

  48. Now I would never have another complimentary therapy, alongside conventional medicine, other than the Universal Medicine Esoteric modalities because I know the practitioner’s know the truth with regards to energy and live in a way that has energetic integrity and responsbility across the board with everything they do not just when they are in a treatment room. You only have to read the Esoteric Practitioners Association’s Code of Ethics to see just how important this is … it is a pretty outstanding Code of Ethics to have that raises the bar for all other therapies and therapists

    1. That is so true! It is an incredible code of ethics. What I found interesting and initially challenging is how it asked us to consider the integrity of the way we lived 24 hours a day – not just when we were in the treatment room or at ‘work’. That level of engagement with our health and service is to be appreciated and valued as it addresses the compartmentalised way we approach our lives which I now see causes so much harm to the mind and the body.

  49. I loved what you shared about how that one meeting with Serge Benhayon inspired so much change in your own habits and choices. Esoteric Medicine / Universal Medicine is deeply healing physically and it does also inspire a deeper knowing and appreciation of ourselves, in so doing it becomes simple to make more loving choices.

  50. I love that your doctor loves your visits JJ. Doctors must struggle under the enormous pressure of having to ‘fix’ most of their patients. That you clearly take responsibility for your own health eases that pressure and allows for a mutually supportive and respectful relationship.

  51. It might be hackneyed as you say JJ but there can be no doubt that a single meeting with Serge Benhayon can change everything. As there can be no doubt that a single meeting with anyone living The Way of the Livingness can change everything. When we’re connected, we bring so much more than we know.

  52. Over 25 years or so I tried a number of different approaches to improve my wellbeing. Most of them did have some benefits and my life did improve. However, it was when I met Chris James and then Serge Benhayon that there was a true shift in my wellbeing. I was unaware at the time but now see that Serge reflected back to me the fullness of who I am. He did not and does not ‘deal in parts’ but the all of a person, the all of humanity and the all of the universe. It was this reflection that has ended my search for alternative or complementary pathways through life. Through the wisdom he shares I have found what I was searching for and know it was within me all the time.

  53. I love combining conventional and Esoteric Medicine. I feel like it supports the body physically and energetically, a whole approach.

  54. Beautiful for the doctor and yourself! It is certainly a beautiful support for our health care professionals to have someone come in for a check up who is living with such love and care for themselves and those around.

  55. Gosh yes! I’ve heard many many stories of doctors being quite surprised at the results of those that have chosen to combine western medicine with esoteric medicine. It certainly is a match made in heaven.

  56. “As I became aware and felt the true reflection of love Serge presents, I recognised on a very deep level there was more to life than the superficial way we humans go about things.” For me I had felt this before meeting Serge but his reflection confirmed this to me and that it is possible to live with this awareness and expansiveness – universally in brotherhood and oneness, whilst being fully part of life. Before this I had been uncommitted to life – preferring to live in my dreams and ideals, metaphorically up in the clouds. Now I have my feet firmly on the ground and with each passing day feel more of the universality that is our natural way of being.

  57. We all have the ability to meet and hold another like this and the many that know and have met Serge Benhayon know how deeply wonderfull and confirming it feels when we are truly met and held in love. This is a great reminder of how we can be with others ‘It’s a hackneyed expression, but my life changed in that first meeting with Serge. There was a true respecting and valuing of me as I felt truly met. As I became aware and felt the true reflection of love Serge presents, I recognised on a very deep level there was more to life than the superficial way we humans go about things.’

  58. There is much that can be gained from looking after our health and being responsible for how we live, not just for us personally but also like your example, the less pressure it puts on the health care system.

  59. It is healthy to see our GP for routine check-ups and maintenance that is focused on prevention and not just when we are sick – just like we do with our car.

  60. ‘As I became aware and felt the true reflection of love Serge presents, I recognised on a very deep level there was more to life than the superficial way we humans go about things.’ Serge Benhayon shows us the multidimensionality of us.

  61. This is a great account of how freeing it is when we find back to the simplicity of our natural way of being. Life is presented to us, and we have made it, as very complicated and complex, but when we allow ourselves to connect back to our inner truth and live that more and more every day the chaos lifts and we can see right through where the simplicity lies.

  62. Meeting Serge Benhayon for the first time and having a healing with him was to experience my body in a way I had not done so in my memory. I felt literally 9ft tall walking down the busy London street, I essentially was feeling my energetic body not just my physical body and I felt amazing. I just knew that the man spoke truth and that he was like no-one I had ever met before and I didn’t want to miss a word he shared.

  63. I love that JJ that your GP has noticed how well your are looking and the fact you are rarely ill, not to make illness some how wrong because that would be missing the healing being offered when we are ill. But it is great confirmation that lifestyle changes coming from a loving choice are very powerful and very obvious to anyone willing to look.

  64. I too love hearing of everyone’s first sessions with Serge, it is truly remarkable the profound affect that such a short time can have had on peoples lives through the healing and inspiration they are offered….. It is amazing how empowered people are, once they experience the connection and the love that they do, to then make choices that result in them living the life they always wanted and in some cases never knew was possible.

  65. This really also describes my opening to knowing there was more to life, its purpose, direction and enjoyment – as reflected by Serge Benhayon, who serves to remind us of the truth we know but have been otherwise taught… “As I became aware and felt the true reflection of love Serge presents, I recognised on a very deep level there was more to life than the superficial way we humans go about things.”

  66. My life changed when I meet Serge Benhayon. Why? Because I was truly inspired. How? He walks his talk. That really inspires me. Truth, Love and developing self awareness have been important to me and so what I see that Serge Benhayon has developed, learnt, committed to in his life concerning Responsibility, Love andTruth is without doubt awesome.

  67. Thank you JJ, we should never give our power away to any one and so only receive the support in our life. And take responsibility for ourselves first. This is so important as without there is no evolution.

  68. I go to the GP more now than I ever have and not because I am sick, but because I am more responsible. I go for check ups, I am more aware of my body and I practice a commitment to care for it. I love that conventional medicine and Esoteric Medicine complement each other so fully.

  69. To be truly met and in that meet oneself is the greatest healing we can offer and from there all else stems.

  70. Combining both Western Medicine and what Universal Medicine offers is an amazing way to look after our health and wellbeing. Universal Medicine inspires us to look within and from here, and once connected we are given all the tools we need.

  71. “…I recognised on a very deep level there was more to life than the superficial way we humans go about things.” I agree JJ, there is much going on beneath or behind the surface part of life that we see and Serge Benhayon has helped me to understand so much more about human behaviour.

  72. How great and what a confirmation to keep doing what you are doing, as your health as remained great. Just goes to show if we are open to both forms of medicine we can continue to live a healthy life we less or no visits to the doctors.

  73. There is much to learn for both sides to acknowledge the qualities of each way of medicine, how they complement each other. And there will be the ultimate step, to understand the bigger picture, the all-encompassing way of medicine that is universal medicine and that life itself is medicine; that is a step not just practitioners but everyone needs to take at some inevitable point.

  74. It must feel lovely to a doctor when someone makes an appointment to see them simply to maintain and honour their wellness. Being proactive and self responsible like this takes a huge pressure off the health system. Prevention is better (and cheaper) than cure as the saying goes.

  75. As someone who has ignored and or judged western medicine for its shortcomings and out of sheer arrogance for quite a while, through the teachings of Serge Behayon and his complementary approach towards healing and medicine today can very much appreciate what doctors and medicine are capable of and contributing to all our health and well-being. At the same time I am in deep awe and wonder of the ‘more to life’, the other dimensions that make who we are a whole and how all dimensions of life are intimately related and never can be seen separately – true holistic medicine.

  76. It is interesting that you say that you recognised that there is more the life than superficially meets the eye. I think many of us know that there is but there is so much hoopla out there about what that could be and how you can access it, that we can end up being quite confused about what is there.
    I also knew there was more to life than what meets the eye, and dabbled in quite a few things to work it out but nothing lasted and really truly gave any answers. Some things made sense but many did not.

    Until I met Serge Benhayon and to also quote the hackneyed expression, my life too changed forever. He just made so much sense and offered us much information to digest and ponder on and in a way that did not impose upon the audience – we were completely free to take up (or not) what was on offer. He was not attached nor invested in us ‘getting it’ at all. I remember my whole body nodding at some of the things he was presenting and he makes a lot of sense. He is a game-changer for sure, if you so choose. He brings in a level of self-responsibility that is well needed in the world today

  77. We put soo much pressure on doctors to come up with a quick fix in the brief 15-30min appointments – it is like somehow they should magically take away our ills irrespective of how we have been living. I know doctors are great but they are also limited with what they know and with the time they have. The key is to play our part and work with the doctors and not demand things of them.

  78. When we marry the two we are then offering the already overloaded, overwhelmed and pushed to the brink health care system, a body that has taken responsibility for its own healing.

  79. Supporting my body with the esoteric modalities has been incredible. I have had GPs query and comment on my healthy state of being, particularly my pulse and vitality. At the age of 56 have never felt better.

  80. With illness rates continuing to rise, it is clear that as valuable as Western Medicine is, there is something more needed. Universal Medicine therapies are complementary to medicine, they work alongside it, and for me like you JJ, they are very valuable.

  81. Its great to read other peoples writing … always a reminder of our great diversity…, for example western medicine was the LAST port of call for me… even if I split discs in my back and wasn’t able to walk… no way would I go and see a GP… now thank goodness I take the best of both worlds and am so much healthier as a result… thanks again to Universal Medicine for presenting susch a balanced on going presentation of well being.

  82. I used many many different alternative therapies as well as training as a practitioner myself before meeting Serge Benhayon. It used a lot of time, brought me a relief for a short time but I was getting sicker! So life definitely changed after my first meeting as I stopped all these modalities, embraced conventional medicine having been very anti it and combined with Esoteric medicine my life and health at last made sense. Now life is much more simple health wise with no more managing and trying to ‘fix’ me.

  83. Great to read your experiences JJ, sometimes less is more in treatments, I have found that less pressure applied to the body can actually allow the body to intelligently heal itself, and that too much actually has the opposite effect. It is interesting that there is so much to explore and learn in the way we treat the body and that there are techniques and modalities like Esoteric Healing that can support out current ways.

  84. Thank you JJ for sharing, my life changed also upon meeting Serge, what he presents just made common sense and so practical in choosing a life style that is loving and responsible to ones own body, brings with it health and healing.

  85. That’s the thing we all at some level or another know there is more to life than the very superficial stuff and that we are not only here to be born, eat, pay taxes and die. Meeting Serge Benhayon, confirmed to me not only what the more is, but also why I am here and what my purpose is – a huge healing in itself. I too embrace both Esoteric Medicine and Conventional Medicine as they are truly complementary and in recognition of how important taking care of my body.

  86. I used avoid the medical system at all costs and only going to a doctor when there was something that really needed attention. Now when I go to the doctor I can feel the surprise from them, as I now go with the intent of supporting and keeping my body in harmony. By taking my body to a doctor and not asking them to fix anything but knowing that the responsibility for my body is mine, it frees them up to do what they do best, to be a facilitator in the healing process.

  87. JJ I also combine Western Medicine and complementary medicine like Universal Medicine. My experience is that It is always good to be flexible and to follow what your body needs instead of being rigid and e.g. only follow the mainstream. Our health and body are very precious and need our special attention and care.

  88. exceptional beautiful Joel – what a power of magnitude these support has been having on you at the same time with the inner choice to look after yourself and so your environment too. How amazing that you can shine and reflect vitality to your own GP and ask him for support and check up , also when not ill. That to me is truly taking care. I love it!

    1. Actually taking the time to stop and say ok lets really check up on how I am doing and how my body is without waiting until you get a major illness or disease is great. It is also unusual for a man! I heard that cancer survival rates were higher in women because they were diagnosed earlier than men which says it all!

  89. My life also changed the first time I met Serge Benhayon as I started to see what life was about and feel a purpose in life. It is enormous what we can inspire in people when we live and walk and talk the wisdom that we know to be our truth.

    1. Purpose really is a game changer. For me without it life seems dull, and really pretty pointless as the focus is on trying to get through the day. Whereas with purpose suddenly everything makes sense amd I have a role to play.

  90. As you say JJ, the healthy way of living that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine offers is all about lifestyle choices that empower us. My doctor asked me how I keep myself so healthy… its simple really, healthy choices and listen to my body.

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