Bringing Simplicity to Life

by Fiona, Mells, Somerset, UK

One of the main focuses in my life is simplicity, whilst still being fully engaged and active in the world! Sometimes, when faced with multiple things to do, time limitations or even just new or personally challenging situations, it can be easy to slip into complication or worrying ‘mode’. I’ve found that taking a moment to re-assess how I can fulfill what’s truly needed in the simplest way possible can open up avenues that I hadn’t previously seen and change the quality in the way I get things done.

I often find that even just stopping to write down a list of everything that I need or would like to get done helps. This way I find it easier to prioritise what to do first, where to begin, and what could be moved to another day. And, I stop worrying about forgetting something because I have it written down to come back to later.

Simplicity allows me to open up and have more space to connect with and support the people around me. It’s also a much more enjoyable way to be with myself whilst I go about my day!

At a time in my life where I felt quite lost I remember my mother passing to me something that her father used to say to her – ‘to keep things simple’. It helped me a lot at the time but then gradually I let things slip back into complication! Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine team reminded me in the most loving way that it is possible to bring simplicity to life, practically and consistently (but without perfection!), for which I am deeply appreciative. It wasn’t a theory that Serge shared with me, but his way of living as a true inspiration.

222 thoughts on “Bringing Simplicity to Life

  1. When we keep things simple we are able to be aware of so much more without getting caught up in the busyness of the doing.

  2. Fiona, I also find that prioritising the things I need to do in order of their importance for that day, is really supportive and I find staying totally focused with what I am doing, keeps things simple and I am much more efficient with what I have to get done.

  3. I completely agree Fiona, complication takes the joy out of life and feels horrible in one’s body, causing a closing down or constriction whereas simplicity brings a flow and an expansiveness to my body.

  4. If life does not feel simple and flow, then the first thing I know immediately is that I have lost a connection to my innermost self… it’s that simple!

  5. I know when things feel simple I am in connection with inner self, when complexity creeps in thats a warning that I have lost connection. When everything is simple there is a beautiful flow and space expands.

  6. I know when I start to feel overwhelm that I am making things complicated. Coming back to my body – which I have left by that point – helps hugely. I like the mnemonic KISS – keep it simple sweetheart.

  7. I love simplicity even I am very good in complexity.
    But when I am in my simplicity, which I am lately more and more, I am stunning. Life gets very simple and I feel a power in me from being naturally me and my communication is very clear and I don’t loose my natural rhythm. This way I am best in being for others too. Basically it is the only way to be in service for others not matter what you do.

  8. Today I felt just how simple life truly can be. I feel that to keep things simple the most needed quality is that of presence and trust. Being present and responding in every moment and trusting myself in the response.

  9. I love simplicity, it allows a flow in time and space with an ease fullness in life. Complication on the other hand creates drama anxiety and anxiousness.

  10. what an awesome and simple blog. yes it is so helpful to stop for a moment when we get into worrying mode – when there is a lot on our plate. Simplicity helps us to remember that we are amazing and what we do can have our qualities , creating a feeling of space in what we do.

  11. There is no question Fiona that simplicity brings with it a lightness and joy into life. Enter complication, and these essential ingredients for life evaporate faster than we can blink.

  12. The word simplicity to me brings a sense of 360 degree awareness of the All, rather than the complications that occur in the separation of only looking at self

  13. I love simplicity it gives me a feeling of openness and easefullness with more clarity, where as complication does my head in with anxiety and the trying to get it right.

  14. Your blog is a perfect example of simplicity Fiona – it clearly shows that you ‘practise what you preach’.

  15. When I look for simplicity in my life, I need to be honest with myself, and others. I love how you have nominated worrying as a ‘mode’ – that is so true, we can pretend as if we are a victim of a situation, but really, it is a choice.

  16. I know I was very invested in complication as I used solving complicated matters to get acceptance and recognition. The more I bring love into my life and deeply accept and care for myself, consequently my need for outside recognition is reducing and the more I keep things really simple and am surprised how easy life can be.

  17. It is funny how we often acquaint simplicity with ‘not having much to do’ when really it is the art of doing many things but without the stress and overwhelm that normally accompanies them. Complication is the tool we use to offset the natural wisdom we are otherwise filled with when we approach life through our hearts and not just with our heads.

  18. Your blog is to the point and shows how simple it can be to live our lives without the complexity our mind wants us to live with which causes the stress and anxiousness. Making things and life simple is our natural way of being.

  19. Keep Things Simple – a great motto to start the day with thank you, there’s definitely an art both to complexity and simplicity and the two leave you feeling very different at the end of the day. I like your link between simplicity and spaciousness, the more simple the day is the more space there is in it, and the more you can actually get done.

  20. And what a gorgeous focus to have. I have discovered when simplicity is at hand so too is our love, through which our wisdom is known and we are effortlessly moved by the impulses of our Soul.

  21. We have a tendency as a society to complicate things, we like to worry and think things over and over of what can go wrong in different circumstances and this is the trap, as living this way keeps us away and disconnected from the simplicity of what life truly is and all that is needed is for us to take responsibility to reconnect to the quality within us and build a solid relationship with it through our movements. It is only then that we will get to experience that living connected to our hearts voids any complexity and creates spaciousness and a settlement in our body making simplicity a normal way of living.

  22. It’s amazing how much we can indulge in complication and deny ourselves the space that simplicity offers us. When we choose the latter, there is just no comparison.

  23. Perhaps the ultimate form of simplicity is to be present with your body, free from the distraction of crazy thoughts or fear or hestitation, just knowing and deeply enjoying the movements and actions that you make. What I have found is then, life’s events tend to get simple too. A stark contrast with the way of ‘thinking hard’ to solve the day’s dilemmas. Thank you Fiona, for this fittingly simple tribute to this way of living.

  24. To live simply requires a different rhythm, it requires a steadiness in yourself to observe life and not be drawn into the momentum of it but to find your own rhythm and then participate in life in full holding your rhythm.

  25. I find that when I connected to my body, I feel a flow and everything around feels simpler, there is a gentle flow. When I am caught in my head, complicity kicks in, everything feels a chore, there is no flow more like obstacles in the way.

  26. Yep, I like to keep things simple, then what happens is everything seems to flow, and what needs done gets done….. with no trying or pushing or with no drive. Now that is what I all simple living and being in the flow of life.

  27. Keeping it simple and allowing the space to be with choices and what is to be done is very loving and feels naturally inclusive of all.

  28. We are multidimensional beings with access to a far greater intelligence than our human mind can fathom. Yet here we are, down here on Earth, moving is a way that ensures that we cannot access such wisdom even though it lives deep within us all, no exceptions. Reduced to this lesser intelligence that we champion as superior over all other life forms here, we parade about as if the mess we have created on this planet is something to be proud about. We as a humanity have brought upon ourselves unfathomable degrees of abuse, misery, indulgence and general recklessness.

    Here in the 21st century we are fatter, thinner, sicker, more miserable, greedier and more grief stricken than ever before yet still we keep choosing the mess and all the complication and confusion that it comes with when all the while there lives within us a living truth that speaks to us of our origins, our God and of the Universe in which we are held. This truth is in essence very simple to live but first we have to be willing to let go of all we have called into place to not live such majesty through our physical form.

  29. It we want to remember what simplicity feels like in the body we only need to observe a child. Life is a joy and flows with ease and delight when we keep things simple. When we let the mind run amok life becomes complicated.

  30. When I find complexity or overwhelm creeping into what I am doing or even arranging what I have to do, I know that I have gone into drive mode and that it is time for me to stop and reconnect with the flow of simplicity which will allow me to restore harmony to what I am doing or preparing to do.

  31. I have a deep lived pattern to make things complicated as me as a spirit loves to run away with that to fullfil the identification of having a certain power over things. But when I choose simplicity I am briljant. I am rock solid, aware and know exactly the way to go and feel everything very clear.
    The teachings of Serge Benhayon supported me deeply to re-connect with me in my body and from there the simplicity can be lived.

  32. It is often simplicity that brings us back, back to us, what we first felt and or what we know is true. Often when we come back to simplicity we can feel that: life is so simple, maybe too simple? There is something about complication that we like, something that drives us than forth.. something that catches us and makes us look hard working and individual. Hence, when we come back to simplicity we often feel more One again, more at true ease with the whole and so less individual.. Things automatically go smoother.. But do we like that, or have we conformed to a norm where struggle is championend. We know, we know well, it is a matter of coming back to our simple normal – our Wholeness.

  33. Simplicity allows for space to be, and in that unnecessary complication naturally unravels. There is an endless depth within space, a fullness that we can connect to and access all that is within.

  34. Simplicity does create space…that I can attest to. Sometimes though, like in this very moment…I’m doing so much rushing that I then become a magnet for complication. It’s frustrating knowing this…and then continuing with the rushing anyway. Boy, sometimes we are weird, aren’t we!

  35. Simplicity feels true. Every time when I feel there is a challenge, I would first stop whatever thoughts and actions I am in, gently sit myself down, be aware of my breathing and my feelings, make choices to even care for myself more and then just allow myself to move with all of this.

  36. A beautiful and simple blog, bringing a great reminder that to simplify and live life from simplicity is far preferable to the stress caused living with complexity. Thank you Fiona.

  37. Life is simple – we make it difficult and complex by choosing struggle, creating problems and choosing not to be who we truly are.

  38. ‘I’ve found that taking a moment to re-assess how I can fulfill what’s truly needed in the simplest way possible can open up avenues that I hadn’t previously seen and change the quality in the way I get things done.’ I’m so going to be putting this into far more focused practice in life. The world thrives on the drama of complication. I could ask myself what purpose does complication serve? why is it that I create complication where there needn’t be any? This includes any reactions – especially reacting to other’s complications. Complications distract me from the fact that I’ve created my hurts and I don’t want to take responsibility for this or the harm I’ve caused. Complications show my individualism – ‘hey look at me and how much mess I can create!’ Complications can be used to prove life is a mess and God isn’t powerful and doesn’t love me – but this is rubbish. God observes all my goings on knowing what is created will only create suffering and at some point I will accept this and choose to return to love.

  39. At the end of each day at work I write a list of to dos and share it out during the week. I’ve learnt to not be attached to doing things as they are written because things come up and I’ve let go of putting strict times allocations as this stressed me out if I didn’t keep to them or saw they took so much time. But it helps me know that what needs to be done is there and not floating around in my head to possibly get forgotten.

    I’ve also noticed how I can complicate things by doing 4 things at once so now it’s no, not now, that email can be put to one side while I finish this write up or whatever. This one job gets completed and onto the next one, not 4 things half done and more things coming which my body immediately reacts to and stresses.It’s a work in progress but worth choosing simplicity.

  40. “Worry mode” is definitely complication, I wonder if simplicity is actually a quality that leads to a way of doing things, rather than just a way of doing things. If I ask myself how can I make today as simple as possible, first I choose the quality I want my day to be in, then everything else becomes a natural part of the rhythm of the day.

  41. When someone offers such wisdom – true wisdom due to the fact that it is actually lived – we are blessed (if we so choose) with the deepest inspiration possible. Simplicity is something I am yet to bring to every quarter of my life, but the process of restoring its grace has already changed my life enormously.
    We are the makers of our own complication, and it is great mastery to actually undo and unravel all of that which has held us back from living in the true light of simplicity – thus allowing our light to shine in all of its magnificent capacity.

  42. The word ‘simple’ carries a vibration in its quality that we can recognize in small children. They live this naturally. There are many reasons why we drifted away from this natural way of being and now we are gifted to have been given keys to go back to this Way of Livingness which sets us free.

    1. Great observation. Children indeed have simple lives, and with simplicity comes joy, power and wisdom. It seems that simplicity in the adult world is almost a curse where lives have to be complicated. It does not have to be this way.

  43. I also love simplicity in my life. It feels that my body loves simplicity, but that my head creates and loves to create complexity to get it self stimulated. When things get complicated I stop, and start feeling what needs to be done, which is always simple.

  44. I love coming back to your blog Fiona as it is such a simple, succinct and true reminder to keep life and living simple, in a complex pressured world.

  45. I totally agree Fiona, after creating complication for most of my life it has been refreshing to let go of this destructive pattern and to allow the space for simplicity to flow.

    1. We could say that simplicity creates space and complexity shrinks it by way of filling it with a whole heap of stuff (ideals, beliefs and images etc.) that is not true to the love that we are.

  46. The simplest way to return to simplicity when we have slipped is to say oops, stop and change our course of movement. The complicated way is to ignore, to judge, to react to our choice to slip. Love is always very simple.

  47. Reading this blog I can see that when life gets complicated it is with while stopping and considering the elements that need attention so that the whole returns to simplicity and a flow that supports everyone equally. Thank you for the inspiration.

  48. It is so easy to go into over thinking something or building a story around what ever is happening and this just complicates everything – This is a very ‘simple’ reminder to keep things simple and by keeping things simple we have more love in our day.

  49. “I’ve found that taking a moment to re-assess how I can fulfill what’s truly needed in the simplest way possible can open up avenues that I hadn’t previously seen and change the quality in the way I get things done.” Beautiful wise words.

  50. I too am loving simplicity Fiona. Each day I’m enjoying finding ways to make things simpler. One thing I have recently embarked on is a house de-clutter, which is another way of living simply. It feels great to get rid of the excess, unused possessions that have been taking up space in our home.

  51. I love simplicity and my intention is to bring more into my life, so love what you share here, ‘I’ve found that taking a moment to re-assess how I can fulfill what’s truly needed in the simplest way possible can open up avenues that I hadn’t previously seen and change the quality in the way I get things done.’

  52. Taking a moment to feel and check in with my body is the simplest way to approach absolutely everything. Without this choice before the next step can default to a thought from the mind, and time and time again this turns out to lead down the path of complication – making something bigger etc. than what is truly called for. The body only offers what is simply true and needed

  53. I like to write thing down as you describe, in order of their importance for the day, helping me prioritise what order is needed for that day, then I can focus on what I am doing.

  54. Simplicity is the language of the body when it is guiding our choices in life – complication arises in the mind from not being in flow with the body and it’s movements.

  55. For years others have often described me as laid back. I have just chosen not to get involved or sucked into another’s complications of poor or over planned actions. Simple allows us the freedom to make changes as needed. We are the ones that are at the helm of our ship, so why do insist on sailing into the storm?

  56. It’s amazing what we have as ‘sayings’ in the world but we don’t apply them physically to ourselves. Like the saying, ‘keep it simple’, growing up it was like a mantra and yet I didn’t call on it when it was needed and in other words I didn’t live it strong enough for it to be there when it was needed. We react or reinterpret what these things mean as well and so some may say ‘I can’t do simple because I have so many things to do’. Seeing simple as meaning to do nothing and yet we can use simple everywhere. Like the article is saying simple could be just writing down what you need to do in a day or keeping a diary so you can see what is coming up and have reminders. As life gets more complicated it’s then time for us to move deeper into simplicity otherwise you will find yourself being washed away.

  57. In order to bring more simplicity back into our lives we first have to renounce the drama and complexity we have invited our way in order to not live the absolute magnificence we are.

  58. I have found that simplicity is whatever supports me to honor my connection to my essence, allowing the space for me to bring my presence to wherever I am and whatever I am doing. And I am loving exploring how there is a flow to life already which intrinsically supports our connection, to love, we simply need to allow it to guide us.

  59. I find a complicated life is one that lends itself to living from the mind and is often exhausting not to mention stressful and bound to make you anxious. It is not so enjoyable. A simple life whilst it may seem “boring” is certainly not so as it lends itself to living from the body and hence is not so focused on distraction and drama but rather on the simple truths of life.

  60. The thing about simplicity is that it’s just so darn… simple. It’s our addiction to complication that skews our understanding of simplicity, which we think of as ‘basic’ or unsophisticated. What a great disservice we are doing to the wisdom that is to be found in simplicity, and to ourselves in the process.

  61. Great blog Fiona, simplicity is definitely key, because as soon as something is no longer simple and straightforward we bring in complication and that’s when we start to get anxious because we don’t know where to start.

  62. When I feel I am bringing complication that cause anxiety and stress I go for a walk with me and the next step and the next brings simplicity back into the choices I make.

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