Bringing Simplicity to Life

by Fiona, Mells, Somerset, UK

One of the main focuses in my life is simplicity, whilst still being fully engaged and active in the world! Sometimes, when faced with multiple things to do, time limitations or even just new or personally challenging situations, it can be easy to slip into complication or worrying ‘mode’. I’ve found that taking a moment to re-assess how I can fulfill what’s truly needed in the simplest way possible can open up avenues that I hadn’t previously seen and change the quality in the way I get things done.

I often find that even just stopping to write down a list of everything that I need or would like to get done helps. This way I find it easier to prioritise what to do first, where to begin, and what could be moved to another day. And, I stop worrying about forgetting something because I have it written down to come back to later.

Simplicity allows me to open up and have more space to connect with and support the people around me. It’s also a much more enjoyable way to be with myself whilst I go about my day!

At a time in my life where I felt quite lost I remember my mother passing to me something that her father used to say to her – ‘to keep things simple’. It helped me a lot at the time but then gradually I let things slip back into complication! Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine team reminded me in the most loving way that it is possible to bring simplicity to life, practically and consistently (but without perfection!), for which I am deeply appreciative. It wasn’t a theory that Serge shared with me, but his way of living as a true inspiration.

270 thoughts on “Bringing Simplicity to Life

  1. Complication has a way of making a simple situation long-winded and drawn out until someone comes along and says ‘Why don’t you do it this way’ or points out how simple something is and brings everything back into perspective.

  2. Simplicity – bring back the basics. A great blog to re-read today – thankyou Fiona. It seems all to easy to go into complication these days. KISS – keep things simple sweetheart – my new mantra to myself…..

  3. I agree if it is not simple then there is a big clue that something is not supportive, out of balance and potentially exhausting on some level. This works across the board in life, and it is great to be aware of it.

  4. It has been my experience that there is no end to even more simplicity. Just when I think I’ve got keeping it simple nailed, a whole new level of simplicity is revealed. Its a never ending development.

  5. Keeping things simple goes together with not trying to push ourselves to prove our worth. It goes with saying I am enough and don’t have to complicate or do more than is needed. I really love reminding myself of this.

  6. What great blog to remind us how we can feel the joy and vitality to life if we bring it all back to the levels of simplicity we can all live when we take the drama and need for perfection out of the way.

  7. One of the best tools I have discovered to make things simple, whenever I am worrying, is to go back to my body, to deepen the connection to my body, so that my body will impulse my head with thoughts what to do. That is why I start every working day lately with some gentle fitness, lasting from 10 to 30 minutes. Even 10 minutes – when I have less space – is a great foundation to make a working day really simple.

    1. Interesting what you share here as we sell and buy stories that to live grand, in the sense of religion or wealth we need to make things ornate and complicated, and yet in truth to make things simple enables us to access true wisdom, connection and being with the universe and our divine origins.

  8. It’s really good to be reminded of simplicity! Complication and the subsequent stress it brings can sneak in quite easily. I have found through the work of Serge Benhayon that listening to and honouring the body brings a simplicity to life, as does making choices that feel self loving.

  9. The more I choose to keep and make things simple, the more I love my life.. creating complication and drama is a great distraction that drains us and takes us off track and away from our purpose. Simplicity keeps things clear, light, and flowing with ease.

  10. Simplicity is a great thing. But, we have to differentiate when we use it as a management tool and when it is something that advances/initiates us. These are not equivalent regarding the choices to be made.

    1. Yes, I can see what you’re saying, I’d also add that when used in that way it’s not truly simplicity that we’re choosing, but a way of dismissing details that need attending to or avoiding the depth of understanding about a situation that we could otherwise be open to…

  11. It’s incredible when we start seeing the complication we can chose in our lives. I know for me I was blown away by how much I was actually bringing in. Life is not complicated at all when life is lived by the soul’s impulse.

  12. I can so relate to this. Mind is so good at making things appear much more bigger and complex than they really are. I may walk into a healing session full of ‘issues’ and start talking about it in the space held by the practitioner and I often run out of things to say and go ‘Was that it?’

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