Bringing Simplicity to Life

by Fiona, Mells, Somerset, UK

One of the main focuses in my life is simplicity, whilst still being fully engaged and active in the world! Sometimes, when faced with multiple things to do, time limitations or even just new or personally challenging situations, it can be easy to slip into complication or worrying ‘mode’. I’ve found that taking a moment to re-assess how I can fulfill what’s truly needed in the simplest way possible can open up avenues that I hadn’t previously seen and change the quality in the way I get things done.

I often find that even just stopping to write down a list of everything that I need or would like to get done helps. This way I find it easier to prioritise what to do first, where to begin, and what could be moved to another day. And, I stop worrying about forgetting something because I have it written down to come back to later.

Simplicity allows me to open up and have more space to connect with and support the people around me. It’s also a much more enjoyable way to be with myself whilst I go about my day!

At a time in my life where I felt quite lost I remember my mother passing to me something that her father used to say to her – ‘to keep things simple’. It helped me a lot at the time but then gradually I let things slip back into complication! Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine team reminded me in the most loving way that it is possible to bring simplicity to life, practically and consistently (but without perfection!), for which I am deeply appreciative. It wasn’t a theory that Serge shared with me, but his way of living as a true inspiration.

290 thoughts on “Bringing Simplicity to Life

  1. ‘Simplicity allows me to open up and have more space to connect with and support the people around me’, is a powerful yet simple comment. It allows us to connect with each other, with out that other stuff that gets in the way.

    Serge Benhayon truly inspires us and as correctly said, ‘his way of living is a true inspiration’, because in that is the simplicity of it all. He reflects that there is another way to live, with no complications, that unnecessary thing/dramas which are not essential in our lives.

    Could we bring more simplicity to our lives, and live a more simple life? The answer is yes, if we are willing to make those choices. It is down to each and everyone of us to make that choice and the rest will take care of itself.

  2. Sometimes it is important to just stop and feel what is needed – the usual way of doing things or perhaps a different way, a way that is far more simple.

    1. That’s it, Henrietta. When we don’t have those stop moments it’s easy to fall into mechanical doing. But pause to feel what is needed at each time, not only helps us to prioritise, but allows us save lot of energy and really enjoy being part of what we do.

    2. I agree Henrietta, sometimes we have to stop and feel what is needed, and the answer is often so much simpler than the question itself…

  3. Thank you Fiona for the valuable reminder of how powerful simplicity can be in life. This is much needed I find in my life and the more I too learn to simplify things the more life seems to open up to me too.

  4. Serge Benhayon shares with everyone how he lives his life in such a way that we can also live that way too. It’s as simple as that.

  5. I love simplicity in my life, and I like to write things down, then I can refer back to the list, rather than try and remember things.

  6. Love makes life very simple. Everything flows more easily when I move through my day being loving with myself and others. No love is an endless array of complications!

  7. Reading this has given me a new and deeper understanding of ‘wanting people to get it,’ as this is complicated, as we have never stepped in their shoes, so keeping it simple is to reflect who we are in essence and then they can elect to simply adjust to what they feel, if they so choose, thus eliminating judgement.

      1. When we have given ourselves the space we realise that we also used to love going into complications as it made us feel like we could solve the problem and when we see others do this it is simple to see that we used to love the same thing, but now what I hate is the energy that I was aligned to that made life about achieving through complications.

  8. I’ve been feeling complication creeping in, and in this case I realise how important it is to reach out for support to find out what’s unsettling me, as complication feels at times like a tool to both not feel, and to not accept what’s on offer in my return to my soul.

    1. This is a wise choice, if we feel complication creeping in, and are unable to bring back the simplicity, then to seek support to find out what is unsettling us, so we can then choose to return to simplicity.

  9. What I am finding is if I hold onto a need to come up with an answer, I am more prone to going into complication. Accepting that it is ok to not have an answer or be uncertain helps me keep things simple.

  10. I was recently in a meeting; I was demonstrating something on a computer which was hooked up onto the monitor so that everyone could see. And I came across a problem with the software and I was bombarded with how to sort out the issue. I stayed focused on what I was doing and while everyone was debating their version of the corrective action I sort out the problem. By not getting caught up in the complications of other people’s views and holding steady I was simply able to make a correction and everything was working again. The collective mummer in the room was oh that was easy!

  11. I agree, keeping things simple is good advice. I know for me I can tend to look for and apply simplicity when life isn’t going well, instead of making simplicity my foundation and living this way.

  12. The opposite of simplicity, complication is an alarm bell to take heed of, it let’s us know things are not truthful and harmonious, so not flowing. Ignore it and life gets exhausting and tense. Be aware and then we can steer to simplicity and stay steady, confident. Simple.

  13. We get identified by complication that is why so many of us love things to be complicated. The more complicated the better I have heard some people say.

  14. Making a list works for me too, not as in a strict ‘to do list’ but simple a list to come back to as a way of reminder, to keep it simple for my mind. My mind can make it very very complicated while it is my body that knows simplicity.

  15. I love the pearl of wisdom that your mother shared with you, and how it still continues to inspire. Your mother is a wise woman.

  16. When people share from their body things that work they stay with us as imprints to come back to when we have tried all else. Keeping things simple is one of those truths.

  17. Complication has a way of making a simple situation long-winded and drawn out until someone comes along and says ‘Why don’t you do it this way’ or points out how simple something is and brings everything back into perspective.

  18. Simplicity – bring back the basics. A great blog to re-read today – thankyou Fiona. It seems all to easy to go into complication these days. KISS – keep things simple sweetheart – my new mantra to myself…..

  19. I agree if it is not simple then there is a big clue that something is not supportive, out of balance and potentially exhausting on some level. This works across the board in life, and it is great to be aware of it.

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