A Handbag & Life: How to Live in the Moment

by Matilda (UK)

There are those simple realisations that change everything.

The other day I noticed that I have a habit: at the end of every day I clear out my handbag – I file receipts, gather up change, tidy and restore to order… there is pleasure, comfort and deep satisfaction in this activity.

SO I wondered… why not live in every moment with this same attention and commitment so that there is nothing to ‘correct’, to ‘clear out’ at the end of the day?

I came to realise that if I am not choosing to be all that I am in every moment (no perfection required or expected), then I am allowing the chaos of life to sneak into the driver’s seat and steer me into the chaos.

It is the application of the urgency of being present in every precious moment, without the anxiousness about time rushing past, that changes everything.

165 thoughts on “A Handbag & Life: How to Live in the Moment

  1. I love that you called it a ‘habit’. There’s so much to appreciate in what we already do so naturally every day. And in clocking and appreciating, we give it even more power.

  2. I love the simplicity shared here, that to live from our essence means we are able to end our day in a clear way, instead of having many situations to look at and ‘tidy up’ – or carry into our next day.

    1. And so our movements in our awakening deepen us into that evening so we can even have a deeper repose that night. This to me is the snowball affect that we can build as a foundation of deepening our connection to our essences.

  3. There is something very supportive about completing tasks such as your example Matilda. I can look at the fact if I don’t take receipts out of my pocket and store or bin them it’s an unnecessary clutter in my life. It’s a small example but we can have a habit of fobbing off this ‘small thing’ and that ‘small thing’ and they all build up around us.

  4. I can really appreciate the simplicity of this blog as it shows me that life can be so easy when we just give it that little more attention and focus. It shows me too that all the ‘difficulties’ I experience in life are actual of my own making.

  5. I might just start with clearing our my handbag at the end of each and every day and see how that feels. I have no doubt I will love the feeling as it feels so great every time I do clear it out but if I did it on a daily basis I would feel less overwhelmed and far less on the back foot.

  6. Learning to clear out what we have allowed in is part of the process of learning to live in a way that it is less and less what we have to clear until such time that this is unnecessary.

    1. We have to be clear of the rubbish that got stuck to us from living the false life to what we should live from our nature.

  7. I can feel that I do know the difference between a sense of completion and leaving things unfinished, if not disordered. It’s a short blog but the idea of being more responsible and completing things (in a feeling sense not a doing one) is very supportive.

  8. “It is the application of the urgency of being present in every precious moment, without the anxiousness about time rushing past, that changes everything.” Mistakes would not be mistakes or a bad choice but a deep profound revelatory learning.

  9. Brilliant Matilda. Clearing and letting go so in each moment there is no build up to deal with at the end of the day… or week…. or year….or lifetime.

  10. It is easy to let clutter build up around the house, a bit here and there. I love it when a shelf is clear but have noticed how every single horizontal surface in our house gets something put on it. I don’t have a lot of ornaments but I do have a lot of clutter. this delightfully short article is a great reminder to clear up and clear out more often.

  11. Cleaning out the handbag is a great analogy for completing our day, that we can assess and heal every discrepancy energetically, appreciate the amazing moments, and as a result feel ordered and clear within ourselves.

  12. Through our willingness to commit to our connection to who we are, to our love within, our focus on our purpose is clear, and all that is not of this truth has no chance of entering our lives.

  13. ” It is the application of the urgency of being present in every precious moment, without the anxiousness about time rushing past, that changes everything. ”
    Yes no time wasting

  14. This is very inspiring. I love how you have clocked a quality to be appreciated in something that you do every day. And indeed, if it is worth appreciating, why not apply the same in other areas of our life.

  15. Inspiring Matilda. First I felt inspired to clear my desk at the end of every day, but by the end I realised that the secret was to live so that I didn’t need to tidy my desk. Beautifully simple.

  16. Living in each moment where we’re fully present with what we’re doing actually creates more space, because we’re not trying to do two things at once (i.e. the activity we’re physically doing, while thinking about something else), which inevitably takes double the amount of time.

  17. As you describe here, the clearing out of your purse at the end of the day feels very much like reviewing and completing the day.

  18. An inspiration to bring simplicity and order into everyday life and not choose to accumulate clutter in the dark recesses of our ‘handbag’ of existence.

  19. I am sure that most of us know how easy it is to let “the chaos of life to sneak into the driver’s seat and steer me (us) into the chaos.” Well I for one definitely do and before you know it, you’re in the back seat wondering what happened and where life is taking you. How awesome it is though, to know that taking back the ‘driver’s seat’ is only one simple self-loving choice, one moment, away.

  20. Love your wisdom here Matilda, the more we keep up to date the less distracted we become through anxiousness because we are already taking care of what’s next simply by being in the moment.

  21. In every moment if we live the truth of who we are, that is no need to clear the what is not true as with every moment we are expanding the what is true, and creating space for more of who we really are to flow through and in to life. Thank you Matilda for the brilliant and wise reminder of how the simplicity of living what is true is what cuts out complication.

  22. So true Matilda “if I am not choosing to be all that I am in every moment (no perfection required or expected), then I am allowing the chaos of life to sneak into the driver’s seat and steer me into the chaos.” This is so simple and I can see how it plays out in my life. Using the breath technique from the Gentle Breath Meditation throughout the day can really support me to be more consistently in connection to myself. I liked the symbol of the bag and purse – to end each day completing what we did and clearing out any energetic transactions which were not true.

  23. That is interesting Matilda, and I came relate to this with regards to my car, as occasionally a wrapper will end up in there or a receipt, empty water bottle, and then I can feel the impact of these things being left behind and my own choices.

  24. I love how you share this wisdom so simply here Matilda, and yes ‘It is the application of the urgency of being present in every precious moment’.

  25. Great timing for me to read your blog Matilda. I have been noticing how I often allow the urgency of time pressures distract me from living moment to moment and appreciating the joy of being present with every movement and my choices. I am working on applying without perfect to ‘being present in every precious moment’ more and more.

    1. I can relate Chan as I too have noticed how getting caught up in time pressures is a distraction from the surrender of being moved by the quality of our Soul, and trusting that these are the movements that know what is needed next.

  26. Wise words Matilda – it’s the difference between taking that gentle breath (at the tip of the nose) for you, a breath God would take, or the hard breath of anxious of the busyness of life.

  27. I do have days like that from time to time where I come home and there is nothing niggling or left over from my interactions. Everything feels complete.

  28. A short and simple reminder to apply the same level of commitment and attention to detail to all areas of life – I know I avoid this at times and it feels sluggish in my body and I lack purpose when I don’t choose this.

  29. It is a very beautiful thing you’ve shared here Matilda… the honouring of the way of ‘order’ that we do know we can live our lives in and by. My, how we can resist it, and wow – at how freeing it actually is as we embrace it.

    1. It certainly is freeing to live every moment with ‘order’ and simplicity. I find if I attend to things as needed then I am left with feelings of spaciousness and not clutter, overwhelm and complications. To live simplicity I have found it does require a certain level of order and that freeing feeling is spaciousness.

  30. Living in a way that deals with things, situations, issues, reactions etc. instantly makes for a very clear body at the end of the day.

  31. The urgency without the anxiousness. The difference between being ahead of ourselves which creates anxiousness, or staying consciously present with ourselves so we feel every moment which then allows us to feel the Call (the urgency).

  32. I love the purpose that you describe here Matilda – appreciating the preciousness of each moment and the quality that we choose to bring to it.

  33. We are about to move house and it is just as clearing a handbag, how much have we left for later times (keeping it somewhere in the attic etc.) instead of dealing with it when it is there and complete it to make space for the next.

  34. I love the simplicity in how you share this Matilda, there is great wisdom in this. If we connect to every moment with attention and commitment, being present, then there is no disarray or reordering required, all will always be in perfect order. If we lived life this way, how beautiful would it be.

  35. I love the simplicity and the huge wisdom that comes with your sharing Matilda. You have inspired me to immediately empty out my handbag and to repair the hole in one of the pockets that regularly swallows my keys, thus creating complication. A return to handbag simplicity is definitely overdue!

    1. That’s really cute Ingrid. I recently changed my handbag to one with three compartments feeling it would help me get a bit more organised, however it’s still a jumble, so I need to really look at why and maybe try another style of handbag. It’s actually very draining when things are not in order and every day we are spending time trying to find that thing we need – at home, work or in the handbag! Order really supports the day to flow and we feel held and supported too.

    2. I actually did follow through on this and have purchased another handbag that has more pockets and compartments, and it really feels so much more supportive. So long as I stick to my plan of what goes where it’s all waiting there for me to find easily so I feel held and supported throughout my day.

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