Choosing the Best Medicine for Me: Bringing Self-Care into Health-Care

by Jenny James, McLeans Ridges, NSW

Is life really just about the luck of the draw? When I was very young I remember being told that a friend of the family had become extremely ill. It was as if they had been struck out of the blue. Without any forewarning this disease had descended upon them. To me this seemed quite mysterious – as if there were a sort of random hit that could descend at any moment – and you escaped merely by the luck of the draw. There seemed to be no concept of health, self-care, nurturing or wellbeing – only shock and sadness at the disaster that had fallen.

I realised that over time this had developed into a way of thinking, a way of living where I could be more reckless with my health as it didn’t matter anyway – it will happen if it is destined to. There was also a feeling of fear and a sense of foreboding around this as I felt I had no say in what might happen to me. But why was I accepting this as the way it was? Didn’t I have any say in the matter? With this way of thinking, self-responsibility in any real terms was pretty much out the window.

A lot of questions arose in my mind. How do we get sick, and do we get sick before it occurs to us to look at our diet, the emotional turmoil in our life or what our body really needs in the first place? Is how much we are able to value and nurture ourselves linked to illness and disease? Is how much we value and nurture ourselves dependent on how we have been treated or hurt in life and if so, how can we break that cycle?

I did begin to desecrate myself in my later teenage years. Diet, and what I chose to ingest definitely played a role, but mostly for me I feel it was through the fostering of unhealthy relationships, aligning to others – knowing this was not true for me, and then carrying this on through my life to varying degrees to feel part of a group, to be accepted. I did not express what I truly knew and felt, and became irresponsible in many ways under the guise of wanting to appear ‘normal’ – which is interesting, because I can say that my behaviour definitely made me feel ‘odd’ – I was not comfortable in what I was creating at all!

What is self-love, self-care and nurturing? The spectrum is huge. I realised that it can be finally making the choice to move away from an abusive relationship, to having that lavender bath and feeling just what the body needs to eat in the morning. What can I do to break a cycle of self-neglect? I now know it is about finding that still place inside me, tuning in and feeling what is truly needed for myself at any point in time. I have discovered that no act of self-care is too small. It makes a huge statement in the big picture and creates new foundation to stand on.

I have found that the best medicine I can give myself is love, self-care and nurturing, learning how to truly love and nurture my body and myself. It has been something I have had to work at as it comes in ways that have never occurred to me before: I am re-discovering what true love is and what it brings.

I have realised that it first starts with me and how I am. Am I creating a day that will be stressful from the start or am I allowing my natural flow, rhythm and true knowing to lead the way? The very way I move, pick up the telephone, and how I get out of bed show me how I am setting myself up for the day. They show me how present I am, how my health and vitality will be sustained during the day and also how I will be with others. There are things that I constantly need to remind myself of. I now ask myself frequently, ‘am I bringing the true presence of the beautiful me to everything I do’? I absolutely can feel the difference – it’s beautiful, and everyone benefits, not only me!

The ground-breaking presentations given by Serge Benhayon on Esoteric Medicine and Natalie Benhayon with Esoteric Women’s Health lay this down in very practical terms and have brought for me invaluable understanding, wisdom and inspiration to the simplicity and joy of self care and nurturing. I know now that it is a choice for me to be love in activity rather than disregard in activity.

This does not mean that I will not get ill. I may, and sometimes I do. Sometimes illness does seem to appear to come out of the blue. This is about development and not perfection. For now illness and disease is a part of life – the body healing the parts of me that I have not paid attention to. But the point is that I am not under the helpless perception that I was before. I feel proactive and my life is rich with the growing love and tenderness that I feel towards myself and my wellbeing.

I can now say that I have never enjoyed ‘self responsibility’ so much. It is a joy and a pleasure to feel that I am indeed able to take care of myself as much as possible and not just to leave my wellbeing to the hand of fate. I am always learning new ways to do this as my love and awareness grows. I have been amazed how my body has responded to the call. It is like it has just been waiting for me to rise to the occasion.

We are precious and lovely – we can honour and love ourselves in every way.

184 thoughts on “Choosing the Best Medicine for Me: Bringing Self-Care into Health-Care

  1. ‘…no act of self-care is too small’ because it ‘creates a new foundation to stand on.’ This is truly powerful in what it offers as a way out of a cycle of self-neglect. My quote for the day.

    1. Mine too Cathy. I used to pride myself as being a ‘big picture’ person which was in truth an excuse to sweep the details under the carpet. More and more I am seeing that ‘God is definitely in the detail’ because each detail attended to with full attention builds a firm foundation for the next step. I am now realising that this is an evolving process.

  2. ‘I know now that it is a choice for me to be love in activity rather than disregard in activity.’ Jenny the presentations by Serge Benhayon on health and Natalie Benhayon on Women’s Health have inspired me to bring loving activity into my life too and the effect has been profound. I was disregarding in the extreme, putting others needs before my own, and even neglecting myself when the family left home and I had more time on my hands. I do have osteoporosis as the result of years of self-neglect, but since giving myself loving care I know I am addressing the root cause, and that in itself is a healing. Long term I do not know what the outcome will be, but in the meantime my life is enriched by the choice to self-care.

  3. The idea that any illness or disease comes out of the blue is allowing us to live an irresponsible life in regards to our own health, and in doing so we live in disrespect to all others we live and share our lives with. Not a wise thing to do but it is the reality of how a majority of people are living their lives in our nowadays society and I have been part of that too. But I have, as you Jenny, learned from the teachings and presentation from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, that I have to take care for myself first on all the aspects of my life, before I can care for another and can be in true service for the people I am with.

  4. No act of self-care is too small … what a great expression, and I have found also that this is true, it is as if we take care of the details, the big picture takes care of itself.

  5. To believe in randomness brings a lot of anxiety and tension to life as we then never know what we will get no matter how well we seemingly look after ourselves. To understand that everything we do, and most importantly the quality we do it in, has an influence on our life and well-being empowers us to take our life in our own hands with every single choice.

  6. I like how you point out how relationships have a big influence on our well-being. And we somehow all know this but often do very little about it and rather stay in relationships that do not support us but give us the feeling of being part of a group or of not being alone.

  7. Hi Jenny, I also thought illness was something to be feared. As a small child I was terrified that God would lose interest in me as I was so insignificant, so every night I lived in the fear of not waking up in the morning. At the time I equated illness, disease, accidents and death with God’s interest or lack thereof in us. Then as my awareness of the world grew I could see the impact of how one lives life and the consequences of this but the power of choosing to self care and how this leads to self love as presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine took my understanding to a whole new level. I could see how it is not only about how we nurture our self but also the responsibility we actually have to do this for the whole. It is after all how caring we are with our self that determines just how caring we will be with another.

  8. I too used to think that when someone got severely ill out of the blue it was unlucky but there is more to it. It is not about luck but about how we choose to live that affects our health. We have a responsibility to live in a way that loves and cares for our body in every way possible so we are assisting in healing. I absolutely agree, the best medicine we can choose for ourselves starts with self-care, self-nurturing and honouring our body. Now, I do not fear illness like I used to because I understand it is our body’s way of clearing accumulated unloving choices. The responsibility to love and care for ourselves, our body is well worth investing in.

  9. I too really appreciate taking great care of myself and seeing the way it brings so much more support into my life. I know we all deserve the best self-support we can bring into any situation. I too feel poor health is never just a random event- its all about the way we have been living. I am glad I am making much more conscious choices about this.

  10. Thank you Jenny for the wisdom shared in this blog, this line stood out for me ‘I know now that it is a choice for me to be love in activity rather than disregard in activity.’ I totally agree the best medicine I have ever chosen is making loving choices and the ripple affect this has on others around me is beautiful to feel, and when I make choices that are harming to my body the affect on others around me is also obvious to feel – living with this level of responsibility has been a game changer for me – it brings more love and joy into your life.

  11. This is so beautifully presented to us Jenny. Everyday I am learning something new about the Human condition and how we connect and share with each other. Without Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon presenting the Ancient Wisdom this would not be the case for me.

  12. You are right Jenny, the idea that illness just comes out of the blue is for most the current thinking and I feel that includes some at least of the medical profession who have little true understanding of the causes of most illness and disease and rely on correlations as indicators of what might possibly be responsible for causing them. The out of the blue mentality allows us to be completely irresponsible about our health, how we use our bodies and also with what we put into our bodies.

    1. Its actually really harming when we lead people to think things ‘just happen’ – because in this we don’t take any responsibility for how our bodies are or how we are living.

  13. Jenny you have talked about many things that have been apart of my life . The struck down out of the blue illness.that happens to us has been a very strong message growing up. And the self care and nurturing is an indulgence that never came into my mind as a concept, leave alone implementing varying degrees of it. Reading your story Jenny has been great to reflect on this and appreciate the changes to self care that I have allowed to be apart of my way of life.

  14. I used to be in the arrogance that because I ate (relative to most of the population that is…) healthy food (including organic), practised alternative medicine etc. that I would not get sick (or certainly not from any major illness or disease)… I ignored at the time that my relationships were unhealthy, that I was often controlling, frustrated, resentful, and found life stressful and that this might also be a contributor to my health. I’m now loving learning about the responsibility of bringing more and more self-care into my everyday health-care.

  15. “‘am I bringing the true presence of the beautiful me to everything I do’?” Thank you Jenny for bringing a new reminder into my every day.

  16. “I can now say that I have never enjoyed ‘self responsibility’ so much. It is a joy and a pleasure to feel that I am indeed able to take care of myself as much as possible and not just to leave my wellbeing to the hand of fate.” I really needed to read this right now. Thank you Jenny.

  17. ‘Is life really just about the luck of the draw?’ Great question Jenny, I thought it was and I too lived without taking responsibility for my choices thinking it didn’t matter how I cared for myself because it was the luck of the draw if I got sick. But this I have learnt is absolutely not true, life is not about luck but about taking responsibility. Since I was introduced to Universal Medicine teachings and courses, I started taking responsibility for all my choices, and learning to self-care, self-love and self-nurture. I know my choices in life, choosing to be responsible and living lovingly is my medicine.

  18. ‘Thank you Jenny for the wisdom that you bring through your blog I just love this line and many more ” I have discovered that no act of self-care is too small. It makes a huge statement in the big picture and creates new foundation to stand on.”

  19. ‘am I bringing the true presence of the beautiful me to everything I do’? I absolutely can feel the difference – it’s beautiful, and everyone benefits, not only me!
    I love this question and it is one they I feel is time to ask more in my life, because as you share Jenny, everyone benifits.

  20. Taking responsibility of our choices allows us control on the level of well-being and harmony in our bodies, no longer is there need to blame or complain about our woes as it is up to us and the level of love and care that sets the foundation for true health.

    1. I agree Francisco, it certainly is and very beautifully said. It is interesting you say ‘true health’ because I feel our understanding of ‘health’ may have shifted and may have been misinterpreted in a way that doesn’t actually reflect where our true health should be.

  21. This is a beautiful sharing, Jenny, showing us many ways in which we can honour ourselves everyday. It is all about our movements and the loving way we move with ourselves whether it be in how we express, how we walk or how we get out of a chair etc. I am little challenged in this most days but my awareness is deepening.

  22. Jenny I really love it that your amazing blog knock out all the ideals and believes around the saying that life is just about the luck of the draw. It is time to be more responsible as you so beautiful expressed: “I know now that it is a choice for me to be love in activity rather than disregard in activity.”

  23. ‘am I bringing the true presence of the beautiful me to everything I do’? I absolutely can feel the difference – it’s beautiful, and everyone benefits, not only me! ” I just love these words Jenny, thank you for sharing your journey into self love and responsibility.

  24. “no act of self care is too small’. This is something I can fail to appreciate as we can often look for the big things to measure our worth and care with. Simply making a choice to put socks on in the morning, because although the weather is warming up it is still a little chilly, can feel enormously supportive.

  25. It is very empowering to realise that illness and disease are not just happening but that they have a purpose to support us back to who we truly are. Obviously the more we take care of ourselves and therefore nurture that true place inside and foster the connection to it, the less we need corrections prompting us from the outside.

  26. Growing up every year as long as I could remember I would get tonsillitis and even though I didn’t fully get that I created, as I felt very sorry for myself and wished it gone, I knew there was something my body was showing me. It always came around the same time of the year and it was especially bad when I was very emotional and upset. Being in the drivers seat when it comes to what our bodies are showing us, I find is a lot more responsible and healing, than leaving it all to chance.

  27. If I consider my relationship with cancer, it did use to feel like a lottery – we were just unfortunate if we got it. But that makes no sense, that after 30, 40 or 50 years of living a particular way that our bodies might have to reflect back the abuse of how we have been living, offering us an opportunity to reflect. Problem is that we are generally not responsible enough to pay attention or willing to take ownership for our part – which is an opportunity wasted.

  28. It makes absolute sense and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but until I encountered Universal Medicine, I had no idea that self love had anything to do with my well-being, that the way I was with myself made any difference to how I was feeling emotionally and physically. Understanding self-love as my responsibility has been very empowering and rewarding.

  29. I love the simplicity and the wisdom you have offered here Jenny. There are many things in life, including illness, that we assume just happen by chance without warning but is that really true? Certainly when I carefully and honestly examine my own life to date I can see that in many, if not most, instances there is a clear trail of choices that led to a certain outcome either positive or negative. So perhaps there is more going on here than we care to admit and much more responsibility for how life is than we care to take?

  30. What would it look like if we started to see our illness and disease as a healing and not a curse? Would it mean many more people would be willing to take responsibility for their health and assess the way we live? Quiet possible. I have heard about people making huge changes in their lives when they have experienced major healthy issues and they start questioning their lifestyle choices, what is important and the meaning of life. It is like our bodies giving us a massive wake up call, sending us louder and louder messages if we are choosing to not listen.

  31. “The very way I move, pick up the telephone, and how I get out of bed show me how I am setting myself up for the day.” wow Jenny. It’s clear to me that the way we do absolutely everything actually affects our health. I feel as though I can know what conditions I am causing in my body with every choice if I just pay attention to it.

  32. There is absolute divinity through simplicity in connecting to your natural flow and rhythm and allowing yourself to be guided by this…. a beautiful way to move through life.

  33. Self care and self love for me is about deeply honouring my body and staying aware of anything that feels good in it or to it and anything that feels disturbing. And then acting or expressing myself in accordance to that.

  34. Yes Jenny we are ‘precious and lovely’ and we can hold ourselves in this. I just have finished an article about Religion and ‘being held’ and realized even more after reading your blog, that we have the responsibility to ‘hold ourselves in love and honor’, because if we do so we connect back to God, who is holing us in that way always. And in connection to God, in connection to our own divinity, we serve humanity.

  35. Looking at life from a destined point of view where we have no ‘saying’ in it contributes to a givenup-ness and carelessness as we feel how our life unfolds is random. But as you show there is a lot we can do to turn our life into a loving and caring one and we can determine how we want to live in every moment.

  36. By choosing to care for ourselves empowers us for it allows us more connection and knowing of ourselves. The love that we are is more easily felt and lived and flows more freely in all our relationships.

  37. Starting to care for ourselves first begins with us starting to break the cycles and patterns of self-neglect and self-loathing we have running in the background that constantly undermine us.

  38. I so agree with you in that it is an absolute joy to feel that I am able to take care of myself and make a difference. It totally melts me from inside when my body responds to my choices to love myself even more.

  39. A few days ago, someone told me they had developed what is going to be a life condition that came ‘from nowhere’. Talking about it, this person said to me, “this is really bad luck”. Conditions are not bad luck but the ultimate result of choices we have made consciously or not.

  40. Lately I have been pondering on what my life would be if I dedicated myself fully to honouring the woman I am in the same way I wholly dedicate myself to my work and music. .Wow what a celebration that would be!

  41. The same questions were also with me from a young age Jenny. I read about psychosomatic disease as a mid-teen, and basically explored whatever I could that seemed to make at least some sense of what goes on in regards to the state of our health and also our potential to heal. And then, what was true healing? Was it merely the abrogation of an illness and/or symptomatic issues, or was there something deeper?
    I could sense quite acutely that there were deeper underlying traits and tendencies present beyond the physicality of someone’s illness. My family, thankfully had an openness to such discussions about those we cared about, and what was going on for them within (from the withholding of expression, to resentment towards another…). I knew in myself that whenever I got even a cold, flu or a blood-nose, that my body and being needed a stop and an opportunity to let things go…
    To consider the deeper layers underlying our seeming ‘afflictions’ is to realise that they are not really ‘afflictions’ at all, but opportunities – as difficult in real-world terms as they may be – to return to all that we truly are, and let go of that which simply can no longer have its place in the true state of our being. Our world deserves to take this step into our understanding of illness – we’ve held it before in times past, and there are many who hold it now. Clearly, focussing largely on fixing and curing the physicality alone, is not enough…

  42. What you’ve shared here is very powerful in its wisdom – i.e. the consideration that we are not mere recipients of some random stroke of ‘fate’, but actually responsible at deeper levels than we can likely comprehend, for our own health and vitality. This puts us back into the seat of responsibility, and opens up the inquiry into the way we live our lives, in ways that cannot but go beyond ‘our person’ alone, but must consider ourselves in relation to our impact upon the all.

  43. Great point about the link between how much we value and nurture ourselves, and how much we have focused on being hurt by others: and how do we break this cycle? Do we choose to continue to focus on the hurts, playing the same record in our mind, or are we willing to let it go, and start truly caring for and loving ourselves, through the smallest and simplest of ways, and building from there? What I have found is it takes honesty to start with; a willingness to look at what I am still holding onto, and a willingness to then let that go. When we’re so focused on our hurts there’s no room for appreciation of ourselves and what others bring.

  44. What a lovely gentle walk through how life can be different and I really related to this line ” aligning to others – knowing this was not true for me, and then carrying this on through my life to varying degrees to feel part of a group, to be accepted.” I still do it in so many places and situations, it is a lot less than it used to be but aligning to fit in is huge for me and I feel for a lot of people. What is curious is more often than not we love those who are just themselves and don’t fit in.

  45. This really is a prescription for health. To consider self-care as a contributor to health brings a level of personal resposibility with regards our own health outcomes. That is very empowering. We may still get sick but we have tools to support ourselves in that clear-out process as well.

  46. Self-care is such an important part of life and yet there is only a small part of the community that apply this to their life. Bringing awareness to this topic is so needed today as illness and disease is constantly on the rise, everything Serge Benhayon presents around self-care and self-love is life changing and has supported thousands of people worldwide to make this a part of their daily routine and to experience the many benefits that come with this choice.

  47. Beautifully said Jenny. Realising we are not plain victims of life is an important awareness to come to and it is, as you say, a time when we embrace our own power, our own choices, our lifestyles and have a say in our health, wellbeing and vitality. Being a powerless victim of life has never felt right or true to me. I feel we all have a great deal of power, through our right to make choices and whilst as you say, this does not guarantee we will not become ill, we can perhaps begin to understand how such illnesses arise in us.

  48. ‘Getting sick out of the blue’, is a great way to avoid responsibility. It allows us to not look at the way we are living but instead put the blame on ‘random acts’. We are the creators of our own ills, be it runny nose to cancer. This fact is unavoidable, if one choses to see this truth then illness becomes a blessing, healing and a new way forward.

  49. And what a fantastic responsibility looking after ourselves is. It not only benefits us, but all around us. As we understand quality of care and nurturing, we naturally start to truly care for others and inspire a way forward for all in the bigger picture of community.

  50. ‘I have discovered that no act of self-care is too small. It makes a huge statement in the big picture and creates new foundation to stand on.’ I love this statement Jenny. I can sometimes dismiss the little things, thinking that they wont really make a difference, but I am realising each little act is building a new foundation that can then become my new normal.

  51. ‘…it will happen if it is destined to.’ Wow, what an erroneous and damaging concept we have all embraced with this one. It’s basically a ‘get out of jail’ card we use to completely ignore our self-care; to be totally irresponsible and wilfully ignorant of the fact we create everything, health and wellbeing included, through our own choices.

  52. This is one of those all-time blogs that need to be shared with the world. It’s a educational piece providing a foundational awareness on the practicalities of self-care, nurturing, and true love – how to take care of your self.
    “I know now that it is a choice for me to be love in activity rather than disregard in activity.” Thank you Jenny James you have made your mark.

  53. “It is a joy and a pleasure to feel that I am indeed able to take care of myself as much as possible and not just to leave my wellbeing to the hand of fate.” I have noted how responsible it is that how you take care of yourself effects everyone your connected to around you. For eg. I was feeling some deep pain or emotions over the last of couple of days (the weekend). During this time I tried to call my support resources and could not get a hold of anyone. Thanks to the esoteric modality of Charkra Puncture (CP) this morning it was confirmed what I was doing and being self-responsible for during this time i.e. deeply loving me as the intimate and sensitive man I was and taking responsibility for my choices and what I was feeling – the healing modality brought me back, to stay focused and to keep going with me.
    My resources who I was seeking support (or more emotional comfort) over the weekend all tried to contact me this morning (Monday), and projects I was a part of were now asking more of me. I was being phoned, texted and emailed. So, conclusion being self-responsible not only effects you but all around you. All the love that you need is within and when you choose it is all the support in the world. SO, as Jenny claims, and SO do I – “I have discovered that no act of self-care is too small. It makes a huge statement in the big picture and creates a new foundation to stand on.”

  54. The quality in which we do everything has an impact on our body and well-being, it can either be harming or healing, it is our choice.

  55. This is the most valuable discovery Jenny: “I have discovered that no act of self-care is too small” as it shows clearly that to make changes in our lives we don’t have to commit to big and daunting production numbers, the reason that many won’t take that first step. I have found that even by sitting down to brush my teeth instead of wandering around the house while doing so I naturally bring extra care to the care of my teeth and the results are very obvious. Every act of self-care impacts on our wonderful body in so many surprising ways.

  56. I love how you shared in this blog that no act of self-care is too small, absolutely, it can start by simply saying no to abusive relationships, and yes this is great medicine, ‘I have found that the best medicine I can give myself is love, self-care and nurturing, learning how to truly love and nurture my body and myself.’

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