The Mole on My Nose & Pinocchio… Lying or Truth?

by Shannon Everest, Ocean Shores Australia

A few years ago, I started to grow a mole on the tip of my nose. It began very, very small and slowly started to grow bigger. After about 8 months of observing it grow a little bit bigger over time, I decided it was time to stop and have a really good look at this.

I did have an issue with the way that it looked on my nose, but bigger than that was the fact that I could feel something was being expressed to me through this suddenly appearing on my nose. It felt like this mole had something to say and that it was there for a reason. I had a pretty good feeling that the mole growing on my nose had a lot to do with me lying to myself, in the same tradition as Pinocchio lying and his nose growing bigger. I could feel that I too had been lying to myself and therefore to others, and my body had found its own way of letting me know… which was ‘smack-bang’ right in front of my face – literally.

There are several variations of the story of Pinocchio but I like the one in the Walt Disney film. In the film, the puppet comes to life with a promise that he can become a real boy if he proves himself, ‘brave, truthful and unselfish’. The next day his father sends him out into the world, carrying his book, pail and bright red apple, with a joyful skip in his step, off to join the other boys and girls. On his way, he gets spotted by a couple of unsavoury characters; they trip him up and then lure him with the promise of fame and fortune. Pinocchio goes on a journey of epic proportions, encountering all there is in life to take him away from that joy and truth he began with. Along the way he does some lying to the Blue Fairy that brought him to life to mask the steps he had taken away from himself. She says to him, “a lie will keep growing and growing, until it’s as plain as the nose on your face”. It is a very powerful and symbolic story when you apply it to real life and to my situation….

So I decided to address the mole on all levels. I began looking at my life and the lie I was becoming more and more aware that I was living. I could feel there was so much more love to be expressed. I could feel how much I was holding back with not only my family but with everyone, from simple things to bigger things, the important words I felt were being held back. There was a joy and a truth that I could feel within me yet found difficult to hold in my life, and there always seemed to be a lot of things that would come in the way of it being an easy and natural way to live. So it was time for me to begin to look at this on all levels.

I could not ignore the constant sense that I was amazing, yet the way I was living was so far from the amazingness I could feel. I began to look at how I was lying to myself about just how amazing I was. I started to look at it all differently, from within me, out – and could feel that the amazingness came from a simple way of living and being: that I didn’t have to be something and achieve something of epic proportions in the world because I was already feeling all of these amazing yet simple things from within but hadn’t learnt how to appreciate them and bring them into my life.

In addition to becoming more aware of all of this, I made a doctor’s appointment. The doctor took a look and confirmed that yes, it was a mole growing on my nose, and that it was quite rare for someone over 30 to grow new moles but yet – there it was. I asked for a referral to a plastic surgeon to have it removed, which I was given, and off I went home.

I was very committed to the fact that I was not going to have this mole removed without truly addressing the underlying causes of why I felt it was there.

I went home from this appointment and within 24 hours, came down with an intense flu. I had fevers for days, could barely eat or get out of bed. On the first morning after the flu began I woke to discover that the mole on my nose was suddenly bleeding. I felt this was strange, there was no physical reason why; I hadn’t bumped or scratched it but was too sick to take much notice.

Over the next few days, the mole proceeded to literally fall off in bits so that by the time the flu was complete, the mole was completely gone from my skin and to look at my nose you would never have even known the mole was there. It was a far more amazing surgical job than any plastic surgeon could have done.

It was an amazing miracle, it was a confirmation in me of everything I felt to be true; the connections between my body, health and illness and the underlying energetic causes and how they relate to everything about the way I live on a day-to-day basis.

Losing the mole was a miracle, a gift I had given myself in my commitment to the truth. I did not want to go back to the old habits, patterns and behaviours that would have allowed the mole to be there in the first place. When the mole was there, I could not ignore what I felt when I saw it daily in the mirror. Now that it was gone and through this healing taking place, I had a new marker in my body that could never be forgotten. So the mole had turned into something truly positive and powerful. This skin mole was a gift and through the healing that took place, I had a whole new level of awareness that I could call on each day.

I can thank Serge Benhayon, who has inspired me to trust what I feel, to honour that there is more to illness and disease and to life in general than what initially meets the eye; and for reminding me of the joyful story of Pinocchio, which contains a lot of truth through its symbology.

330 thoughts on “The Mole on My Nose & Pinocchio… Lying or Truth?

  1. I love what you share in this blog, it was a miracle, ‘ it was a confirmation in me of everything I felt to be true; the connections between my body, health and illness and the underlying energetic causes and how they relate to everything about the way I live on a day-to-day basis.’

  2. I love your commitment to finding the truth here, ‘I was very committed to the fact that I was not going to have this mole removed without truly addressing the underlying causes of why I felt it was there.’

  3. “a lie will keep growing and growing, until it’s as plain as the nose on your face”. Everything has energy including lies, that energy doesn’t go away and has to be managed so to speak once it’s out there. Lies have a negative presence which is why they don’t feel good to us when we tell them or hear them.

  4. ‘It was an amazing miracle, it was a confirmation in me of everything I felt to be true.’ This is a pretty cool story but what shines through throughout is your commitment to the truth and how that absoluteness brought about this amazing healing.

  5. I had a lump in my breast and had it surgically removed recently. I so was hoping it would just disappear one day, just like your mole did! It just fascinates me endless when I hear a story like this. How truth-full our body is.

  6. What a great story and the moral “there is more to illness and disease and to life in general than what initially meets the eye”. We can see illness as our body letting us down or we can take a moment and ask why.

  7. “I could not ignore the constant sense that I was amazing” Same here and it’s inspiring to read this blog at the moment as this is exactly what I am exploring at the moment.

  8. If you have not been open to the energetics, this story would have been quite different. Wow…a mole grew on my nose, not sure why, doctor took it off, the end. When we choose to look beyond the physical, there is much to explore.

  9. “I was very committed to the fact that I was not going to have this mole removed without truly addressing the underlying causes of why I felt it was there.” When we connect with the underlying energetic cause of a symptom and address that with healing the removal of the symptom won’t lead to the burying of the causation and thus may prevent its reoccurrence.

  10. Wow, what a sharing. I love the fact that this mole was right on the end of your nose and you couldn’t ignore it, and that your body was communicating a message to you. Over the years I have felt moles form and they itch as they develop but I’ve never gone to the lengths to find out why they are there in the first place and what message they have for me.

    1. Thank you for saying that because it has reminded me of one I have growing that I have just considered a simple mole and yet now I think about where it is growing there is a conversation to be had with myself!

  11. I had once intense pain in my ear And the doctor Told me that there was waterfluid in my ear And he he planned a small medical treatment by making a small opening in my ear.
    Is did not like that idea And decided to sit down anyway with why i had this condition anyway.
    I felt iT had to do with hardness I went into with my communication.
    Then I went to sleep and put my hand lovingly on my ear.
    The pain increased so. Then suddenly I feel fluid in my ear coming out.
    Next day I went to the doctor and he suprisingly confirmed me that my ear had made a natural small whole where the fluid went out.

    1. I’ve found in some cases the reverse. If I read the energy of the condition the pain doesn’t get worse but actually reduces. Even though it would be considered quite a serious and painful situation for most I recover and bounce back quicker.

  12. It never ceases to amaze me how our bodies contain a wisdom that is not yet understood by our version of science.

    1. So true, reading this makes me realise how much wisdom am I literally sitting on, have at my finger tips etc. that I do not align to but actually go against. Time to take a look at exactly how I am living and allow the gold within to shine – however that looks like because it could be that all my unloving choices need to come out in a way that doesn’t look pretty. Whatever unfolds my question to myself is, will I commit to the body’s wisdom as my guide?

    2. Yes. listening to our body and understanding why a symptom has manifested makes so much sense. If we don’t do so and just erase a symptom it’s possible it may manifest again in a deeper part of the body, until we address its causation in order to heal the dis-ease.

  13. The more we allow ourselves to feel and read energy the easier it is to know when someone is lying, both to themselves and to each other.

  14. Even though I read your blog only three weeks ago I felt a strong urge to reread it again today, which brought me to the realisation of how I have, for some time now, a small area of hard skin on the bridge of my nose. Even though my GP attempted to freeze it off on two occasions it has not budged and now from your sharing I realise I need to look at why this is so and what is its underlying cause which requires healing. I am pretty good at uncovering the root cause of my bigger ill conditions but it’s now time to do the same with the smaller one too.

  15. There are many suttle ways that we lie to ourselves. We may not recognise them as lies, for example, we may have accepted something about ourselves that is not true, for example, that we are not beautiful when in fact we are just as everyone is. If we do not challenge that false belief then we are lying to ourselves.

  16. This is an amazing story that science would find difficult to understand and probably dismiss as one of those things that occasionally happen. It shows the power of nominating things that are not working for us and when we do miracles really do happen and that we can receive amazing healings if we are willing to be honest and truthful with ourselves.

    1. Yes I agree and yet it is also such a great example of not walking away from your responsibility to yourself. It is vital we take illness seriously and get all the support that is available whilst still considering the care we need to offer ourselves when we are asking why.

  17. All of the times when we say, ‘that’s random’ or a ‘coincidence’, what if there was more going on? That whatever is taking place is designed to teach us something or confirm a feeling as you’ve shared.

  18. I love how the body naturally seeks truth and to heal all lies that get in the way. It is in the fighting our body’s impulses that get in the way of this process

  19. Our ability to truly heal on all levels is determined by our willingness to uncover the ill energy at the root of all our maladies, as Shannon did and has so beautifully shared with us through her blog.

  20. It’s amazing how our body can communicate great wisdom with us and the intelligence we can tap into if we give ourselves the space to do so…

  21. I love this true story illustrating as it does how we can be shown the way forward in so many different ways. So long as we are open to reading what they are telling us and don’t simply ignore the message.

  22. Noses are interesting in what they represent and Pinocchio’s story is a testimony to it – as we lie our way through life, our nose tells the story as it invariably must.

  23. As others have commented this is an not only an amazing sharing for all of us but an amazing learning for all of us reiterating just how much the body is a marker of truth and just how powerful it can be when we are honest, willing to see and truly address how we are living. Very inspiring.

  24. If you can’t ignore a message or significant injury, physical marker or illness, then there may be something we shouldn’t be ignoring and instead could look it. It seems like a simple fact, but we so often ignore this.

  25. I love the reading of the situation here, and how rich life can be when we look deeper at the why of life and not just the surface? The signs are there – do we read them?

  26. The body is such a vessel for intelligence, it’s really amazing what you have experienced and what the body has communicated. The body’s intelligence is definitely love, as its messages are designed to bring us back to living the fullness of who we truly are.

  27. This is an extraordinary story and one which shows the amazing power of the body to heal itself especially when we are willing to look at the underlying causes that are being constantly communicated to us.

    1. What is offered here is a true reflection of what the body can offer us when we are willing to not be healed at a surface level only.

    2. The fact that we can search for years for answers only to realise that the truth is there with us always if we are willing to be honest, open up and look at what energy is actually behind everything.

  28. Beautiful Shannon.
    And indeed there are many layers of lies.It doesn’t need to be the lie about Yes it was me who did this or that. It can be, if we start to unravel our lies, that we fooling the world with pretending not knowing how big we are.
    We lie the whole day and get upset if other lie…..

  29. Truly amazing story Shannon, and another example of how we can heal ourselves- no one actually heals us more than we do by getting honest, allowing ourselves to feel all there is to feel and bringing the love for ourselves and others in all we do.

  30. “I was very committed to the fact that I was not going to have this mole removed without truly addressing the underlying causes of why I felt it was there.” I love this. getting to the root cause energetically – and then your mole dropped off. Seems like magic – but makes so much sense.

  31. I am very inspired by your commitment to truth, Shannon. The lies we tell ourselves – we accept as truth, but our body does know true truth.

  32. When we begin to appreciate the symbols that come up in our daily life we begin to realise there is a magic to the world around us that can teach us that human life is so much more than meets the eye.

    1. I agree, it is so much more than just what we see, we feel so much, can we allow ourselves to really go there and read the reflection that life offers us? It offers a richness to life that is a wonder – this is what I am discovering.

  33. So true as understanding the symbolism allows a much deeper understanding of how human life and the world around us is playing out.

  34. I love the simple and profound message here – that the expression of truth immediately (and in this case…literally!) dissolves all that is not true, so that all that is truly true can be restored.

  35. I love that the thing you had to get honest about was your own amazingness, not so much the things that were not up to scratch. I can feel how free of judgment this approach is.

  36. What a story Shannon, I loved it. Such a great confirmation of the communication that is happening all the time from our bodies. Sometimes our bodies will keep talking until we take heed of all it’s saying.

  37. When we wish to know the truth of things, opportunities will always be given to us to know it as the universe never holds back on us.

  38. A truly remarkable story showing that miracles do happen when we are connected to our Soul and if we live connected then ‘miracles’ happen every day.

  39. Thank you Shannon, this is such a great story of what happens when we are committed to knowing and living the truth.

  40. What a wonderful story to show how things can change so much when we change the underlying energy, Shannon. I am learning that when we trust, all will unfold, looking at how you were living was spot on.. and the spot went away!

  41. I love how honest our body can be and how they really are our best friends. Our body never judges or harms us even in the face of all the abuse we force it to endure. Yet it is persistent with supporting us to come back to truth in whatever way we can.

  42. “my body had found its own way of letting me know” When we choose to listen to the wisdom that the body offers the truth is as plain as a mole on the end of your nose.

  43. The thing that is holding us back is not our body and it’s imperfections and ‘foibles’ but our willingness to listen and honour what it has to say. Today so many of us treat it like an irrelevant voice, or subtitles on a film which we can turn off. Your words remind me Shannon that it’s time we stopped and took all of what our body has to share, to heart.

  44. The body is truly amazing at communicating what needs to be looked at, if we are able to read the signs… and even more amazing once the message is understood and acted on the body heals itself miraculously.

  45. Wow our bodies are such an amazing science, I’ve always found it fascinating how our bodies can heal themselves – I love stories like this that confirm that anything is possible.

  46. Interesting how the real miracle here is actually the healing and clearing of the lies that we hold to justify our waywardness from our amazingness. It is not about one becoming better but rather about returning to that amazingness we already are.

  47. Pinocchio is a great reference to how we consistently lie to ourselves on a day to day basis, we put up with things, we don’t express how we truly feel or we come to an arrangement that doesn’t press our buttons, all of which is a life we live not being true to who we are, it is amazing how when you decided to get to the truth of your mole and the way you had been living that it physically dropped off, a great example of the power of truth.

  48. This is a wonderfull sharing Shannon . Its amazing how with your change in your livingness your body was able to heal the mole.

  49. If for every lie we told, our physique changed the way Pinnochio’s does, we’d change our ways pretty quick I think. We worship and place so much focus on the way we appear, but if we placed the same attention on the quality we lived, the resonance of what we said, the warmth of our hugs, then we would see these lies absolutely do have an effect. The ironic thing is as you show Shannon they do end up having a physical effect – so even if we just want a beauty regime – telling the truth and living open heartedly is the greatest one I have ever seen.

  50. When we are hurt we can say things that we know in our heart aren’t right or true. But still our mouth will role them out, almost shocked at itself – ‘did I really say that?’. There’s a sensational buzz that comes like being slapped in the face – people around you are stunned. Finally it’s like you made an impact and have been seen and heard. Apart from the inevitable verbal conflict that comes we think we can use these words of untruth toll free. But this is just another big lie like the ones we choose to speak. For these words disfigure and alter us in energetic ways we choose not to see. And equally when we express truth it can heal us all in the most beautiful way. Thank you Shannon for this powerful reminder of our true sensitivity to truth.

  51. This is just amazing! It shows me how powerful commitment to truth is. Nothing airy fairy about it. Simply absolute power.

    1. Getting to the bottom of this was not only for you Shannon but everyone reading this blog to feel that there is always something far deeper to feel at all levels if we choose to.

  52. Wow Shannon, proof in the pudding as the saying goes… once you claimed and committed to seeing how you were living a lie the body could heal and let what was not real to simply drop away.

    1. The feeling of it dropping away far outweighs anything else. A lighter walk, presence and connection to living is offered in abundance at that very moment.

  53. Great to hear this Shannon, ‘I was very committed to the fact that I was not going to have this mole removed without truly addressing the underlying causes of why I felt it was there.’ We all need to do this, if we do not address the underlying causes of why we are ill or have a symptom, then we are NOT healing ourselves, we are merely removing a symptom, which means the energetic cause is still rampant in our bodies and will deliver another possibly bigger symptom/illness at some point.

  54. More and more people are understanding the importance of the underlying energetic component of illness and disease, a great confirmation, ‘it was a confirmation in me of everything I felt to be true; the connections between my body, health and illness and the underlying energetic causes and how they relate to everything about the way I live on a day-to-day basis.’

  55. Extra-ordinary story – a bedtime story for the new era! This sharing has changed the way I look at things through the inspirational gift of your miracle. All I know is I felt truth in my body, and that is the change now I must live.. The way we look at things needs to come from our understanding of what the truth is, and that is in our body. What turns me away almost consistently is the pain and discomfort I feel in my body.
    I have something similar to your sharing Shannon – a consistent pain that is constantly reminding me that I am amazing and I have not accepted that and consistently held it back. My focus has been to not appreciate my preciousness and be open to the truth I know and feel.
    It is dismissing yourself to live away from your truth and feeling all your body. So, even though I acknowledge this pain my truth is my focus – what next is it I have to stay focused with?

  56. Great sharing Shannon, thank you – and resolution. And yet, even if we don’t lose the mole or heal the cancer or rid ourselves of the unwanted ill-condition we still have the opportunity to get to the same level of understanding – which is very helpful in terms of not carrying the momentum forward into our next life.

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