The Mole on My Nose & Pinocchio… Lying or Truth?

by Shannon Everest, Ocean Shores Australia

A few years ago, I started to grow a mole on the tip of my nose. It began very, very small and slowly started to grow bigger. After about 8 months of observing it grow a little bit bigger over time, I decided it was time to stop and have a really good look at this.

I did have an issue with the way that it looked on my nose, but bigger than that was the fact that I could feel something was being expressed to me through this suddenly appearing on my nose. It felt like this mole had something to say and that it was there for a reason. I had a pretty good feeling that the mole growing on my nose had a lot to do with me lying to myself, in the same tradition as Pinocchio lying and his nose growing bigger. I could feel that I too had been lying to myself and therefore to others, and my body had found its own way of letting me know… which was ‘smack-bang’ right in front of my face – literally.

There are several variations of the story of Pinocchio but I like the one in the Walt Disney film. In the film, the puppet comes to life with a promise that he can become a real boy if he proves himself, ‘brave, truthful and unselfish’. The next day his father sends him out into the world, carrying his book, pail and bright red apple, with a joyful skip in his step, off to join the other boys and girls. On his way, he gets spotted by a couple of unsavoury characters; they trip him up and then lure him with the promise of fame and fortune. Pinocchio goes on a journey of epic proportions, encountering all there is in life to take him away from that joy and truth he began with. Along the way he does some lying to the Blue Fairy that brought him to life to mask the steps he had taken away from himself. She says to him, “a lie will keep growing and growing, until it’s as plain as the nose on your face”. It is a very powerful and symbolic story when you apply it to real life and to my situation….

So I decided to address the mole on all levels. I began looking at my life and the lie I was becoming more and more aware that I was living. I could feel there was so much more love to be expressed. I could feel how much I was holding back with not only my family but with everyone, from simple things to bigger things, the important words I felt were being held back. There was a joy and a truth that I could feel within me yet found difficult to hold in my life, and there always seemed to be a lot of things that would come in the way of it being an easy and natural way to live. So it was time for me to begin to look at this on all levels.

I could not ignore the constant sense that I was amazing, yet the way I was living was so far from the amazingness I could feel. I began to look at how I was lying to myself about just how amazing I was. I started to look at it all differently, from within me, out – and could feel that the amazingness came from a simple way of living and being: that I didn’t have to be something and achieve something of epic proportions in the world because I was already feeling all of these amazing yet simple things from within but hadn’t learnt how to appreciate them and bring them into my life.

In addition to becoming more aware of all of this, I made a doctor’s appointment. The doctor took a look and confirmed that yes, it was a mole growing on my nose, and that it was quite rare for someone over 30 to grow new moles but yet – there it was. I asked for a referral to a plastic surgeon to have it removed, which I was given, and off I went home.

I was very committed to the fact that I was not going to have this mole removed without truly addressing the underlying causes of why I felt it was there.

I went home from this appointment and within 24 hours, came down with an intense flu. I had fevers for days, could barely eat or get out of bed. On the first morning after the flu began I woke to discover that the mole on my nose was suddenly bleeding. I felt this was strange, there was no physical reason why; I hadn’t bumped or scratched it but was too sick to take much notice.

Over the next few days, the mole proceeded to literally fall off in bits so that by the time the flu was complete, the mole was completely gone from my skin and to look at my nose you would never have even known the mole was there. It was a far more amazing surgical job than any plastic surgeon could have done.

It was an amazing miracle, it was a confirmation in me of everything I felt to be true; the connections between my body, health and illness and the underlying energetic causes and how they relate to everything about the way I live on a day-to-day basis.

Losing the mole was a miracle, a gift I had given myself in my commitment to the truth. I did not want to go back to the old habits, patterns and behaviours that would have allowed the mole to be there in the first place. When the mole was there, I could not ignore what I felt when I saw it daily in the mirror. Now that it was gone and through this healing taking place, I had a new marker in my body that could never be forgotten. So the mole had turned into something truly positive and powerful. This skin mole was a gift and through the healing that took place, I had a whole new level of awareness that I could call on each day.

I can thank Serge Benhayon, who has inspired me to trust what I feel, to honour that there is more to illness and disease and to life in general than what initially meets the eye; and for reminding me of the joyful story of Pinocchio, which contains a lot of truth through its symbology.

239 thoughts on “The Mole on My Nose & Pinocchio… Lying or Truth?

  1. This has reminded me of a situation years ago with a number of warts on my hands which I used to keep hidden and generally out of view. After some time I bought some removal gel and began to apply it daily but it did not really help. I was aware that due to the amount of time some of the warts had been there they were quite deep and painful to try and remove after using the gel. I also decided that enough was enough and that I had to find out why I had them and a way to change that. A couple of days later I knocked one and noticed that the edge had lifted so I soaked my hands in water to soften the skin and was able to gently remove the whole wart in one go leaving the skin underneath, exactly as described in the blog, with no sign that there had ever been anything there – in fact even better. I thought I would chance it with the others and to my amazement they all came away from my hands as if there had never been an attachment in the first place – even the oldest, biggest, and ugliest. The feeling I had leading up to this was literally of that they are not part of me, why are they there? It seems like in having an openness to a deeper reason than the usual assumptions can be enough.

    1. Wow that’s a great sharing Michael, just having a deeper awareness and understanding can make such a a difference. It’s amazing how our body lets go and heals, if we just allow it too.

    2. Thanks Shannon and Michael. What you are describing here is quite profound as it demonstrates the interconnection of everything that is going on. What’s more – we have such a great capacity for self healing if we are willing to take responsibility and look honestly into how we are living and the choices we have made. We all have the capacity to bury things thinking it’s dealt with, but clearly our bodies are a big marker of how much is really going on inside and out.

      1. I agree entirely Helen. Our bodies are amazing – when we listen to them and are open to their communication we can allow them to make the choices necessary to heal and clear disease.

      2. Awesome sharing Michael, Amita and Helen. Incredible to appreciate how amazing our bodies are, when we embrace truth and allow it to heal.

  2. A great sharing Shannon and one that loudly resonates within myself also. Choosing for some time to ignore parts of my body which had these brown raised mole type patches (referred too often as ageing spots) I decided to observe more deeply and not shy away and just accept this is what happens to your body when we get older. Little by little as my diet changed, sleep patterns altered and basically choosing to self nurture – over the past few years some have shrunk considerably and others just disappeared completely. Our bodies are truly amazing, a marker of how we are living.

  3. Wow Shannon. An amazing story, made even more so by that fact that it actually happened right in the middle of 21st century life. This is miraculous indeed, the modern day sequel to the Pinocchino tale. Thank you for sharing it.

  4. The miracle of the body. As much as we ignore it, indulge it, make it racy or numb, our bodies keep us accountable, one way or the other, for all our choices. Thank you Shannon for this confirmation, truly remarkable.

    1. Sure Simon our body keeps us accountable for all of our choices but the way it does it is very loving and uplifting but never to knock you down if we are willing to see it.

  5. Each and every day there is so much to appreciate about ourselves, the relationship we have with our bodies and with God. We are all the miracles and there is so much, so much responsibility to share and express.

    1. Beautifully expressed Adele, I agree and thank you for reminding me to keep appreciating every aspect of myself, life and God.

  6. This is awesome Shannon thank you for sharing this and for your commitment to addressing the issue that had caused the mole and thereby healing it so miraculously.

  7. Shannon this is a beautiful story and proof again that we are indeed the result of our choices. Thank you for sharing this amazing experience.

    1. That’s the key for me too Patricia – that our bodies will always reflect our choices – including those that are supportive and those that are not so supportive… How much we need what are bodies are expressing is related to how much true healing can occur when/if we address these issues.

    2. Yes I agree Patricia, from what you’ve shared highlights to me that blaming others for our choices and circumstance is really irresponsible.

  8. Shannon, your story is a wonderful demonstration of what can happen when we look closely at what our state of health is revealing to us. The common response when we have some sort of health issue is to look everywhere outside of us for remedies but often end up with only superficial results. So much more is there for us to discover if we are willing to observe the whole picture.

  9. Yes this is totally amazing from start to finish. I feel so inspired by what you have shared re the healing of the underlying issue and how you are now choosing to live, in honesty and truth. I am so intrigued by the linking of an old famous tale “pinnochio” to the context of your life. There is so much richness within such tales I am sure, a blessing for mankind if we take the time to appreciate it in full.

  10. Shannon this is amazing how you made the decision to stay with your mole, commit to the fact and not hide it or get it removed before you had truly addressed the underlying cause. Miracles happen all the time, an inspiring sharing Shannon thank you.
    I will certainly look at all future skin blemishes with a new light.

  11. How awesome Shannon, that by your willingness to be honest with yourself and realise you had been holding back expressing your love and your then choosing to accept your amazingness and love, the mole literally disappeared from your nose. This a true modern day miracle and another confirmation that the body is worth listening to, as it is indeed a marker of how we are living.

    1. Yes Deidre, our bodies have enormous intelligence and its just a matter of always reading what our bodies have to tell us

  12. As I was reading this Shannon, it occurred to me that all illness and diseases come from being untrue to ourselves in one way or another. We are in effect living in a way that is causing harm and this has to be cleared in one way or another

  13. Its like we will look in any corner or crevice, any surgery or hospital ward, any pharmacy or practitioner’s room for a way to solve our ills. Yet all the time, its out commitment to healing that unlocks the amazing power of our body. Your words here Shannon, remind me how mine is ready and primed.

  14. Wow Shannon this is a miracle, I love reading your blog, thank you. It highlights the fact that our body does not lie, it show us our every choice and it’s a marker of truth.

  15. When we’re prepared to look deeper than the obvious and the assumed, into how we’re living and the choices we’ve been making, to what we’ve buried and what we’ve disregarded, then there is huge capacity for healing.

  16. I have found that when we move out of sync to the truth we hold deep within, we invite into our bodies a discordant note that interrupts the otherwise perfect flow of our bodies in tune with the universe we are held in. Our bodies are incredible markers of truth and have many ways of showing us where we have allowed the disharmony to take root in an otherwise harmonious being and body. No matter how many times I hear stories such as yours Shannon, I am still left in awe of the messages our bodies send us to communicate that we have moved in a way that is counter to the love we are.

  17. There is definitely more to life than meets the eye – or nose – and your blog introduces the importance of symbolism in contemplating the connections between body, health and illness, the underlying energetic causes and how they relate to the way we live from moment to moment.

  18. I love this comment in a very playful way “It felt like this mole had something to say”. Recently I received a communication from my hips, a strong ache. Being receptive to what my body had to say as Shannon has shared, I got a clear message, that there was much to explore in letting go of an idealised way of living and going deeper with the connection to a very tender quality within me. I am becoming more and more aware how simple it is to get these messages when open to the wisdom that can come through our bodies.

  19. I appreciate the awareness you have displayed by making a connection between the mole on your nose and your lifestyle choices, think of the money you have saved on surgery

  20. What a cool sharing of how you experienced this mole, forming and then falling off! Your sharing of accepting what was happening, even just to come to a truth of lying to yourself, seems to have helped to literally clear the mole. It shows what a gift our bodies are, how they communicate so much with us all of the time and that if we simply stop and listen, anything is possible!

  21. When we wake up to face the reality and ripple effect of our lies just like Pinocchio had to, and we realise the fact that all of our habitual and familiar patterns and behaviours that have not been completely loving nor supportive for our own long term health and wellbeing we have actively fed, we open our eyes and become aware that maybe there is another way to choose to live our everyday.

  22. Most of us have either the energetic or the physical equivalent of Shannon’s mole, and to bring the level of honesty that is needed is something that we all need to address… Because otherwise well, look what happened to Pinocchio’s nose!

  23. This is a great blog Shannon and I completely understand. I used to have big raised keratoses all over my back which I thought were there forever, however since addressing a number of issues in my life they have gradually disappeared. I love how the body has its ways to get our attention and heal.

  24. Thanks again for this blog Shannon it is important to be reminded of the miracles we can access through the honesty and integrity that listening to our bodies offers.

  25. Thank you Shannon this blog is a beautiful reminder of the true healing that can take place when we listen to the wisdom of the body.

  26. Stories like these constantly confirm to us how powerful our body is in showing us the truth, and the steps required to return to truth when we begin to wander away.

  27. What a beautiful story, Shannon. I love how you took responsibility to feel more deeply into what the mole represented. Many people brush off physical symptoms thinking that they just randomly happen to us, but there is so much clear reflection and communication constantly from our bodies. How amazing that your mole was right on the end of your nose so you could not ignore it and hence embarked on an amazing healing process.

  28. Um…that’s incredible Shannon. I can’t believe it. Well, I can, but it’s still incredible none the less.

  29. I’m not sure there is much worthy symbolism in a lot of children’s fairytales, however Pinocchio does have a powerful message that serves us if we choose to pay attention to it. A lie never stops at a lie. It grows and grows and often get’s out of hand and it’s always only a matter of time before the truth finds it’s way to the surface.

  30. I can’t help but wonder why we don’t get taught to deal with our stuff from a young age. We probably wouldn’t have as much stuff if we knew how to deal with it, but truthful about it. This example of the body clearing something that didn’t need to be there is extraordinary and yet we still focus on the alternative to fixing things. We have the most powerful tools in the entire universe, and yet they are the last things to be discovered.

  31. Addressing the ill energy we are living in brings an enormous amount of healing in so many ways, a lot we may not be aware of, in this case, in this blog, the healing was very evident!

  32. Beautiful Shannon. Life is so much more than the three dimensional we are normally experiencing as there is that much more. Everything is energy and when we understand this then we have to come to the conclusion of yes, everything that is occurring is because of energy. I can feel more and more that I do belong to this truth and considering myself less and unaware of this fact is not appreciative and honouring for the grandness I and all my fellow brothers truly are.

  33. Once we start to open up to the possibility the amazing and extraordinary can and does happen and this is a great example of this. It is most certainly true that there is far more going on than what meets the eye. The eye can only see dense energy like matter it cannot see the sea of energy that we live in. So we have an impression that we are separate from each other because we can only see the physical matter when in reality we are all connected by energy.

  34. That is a truly amazing story Shannon. Your commitment to understanding why symbols, illness and disease happen to us, and your dedication to really understand this is a blessing we can all have. Allowing this healing is very profound.

  35. ‘and could feel that the amazingness came from a simple way of living and being: that I didn’t have to be something and achieve something of epic proportions in the world because I was already feeling all of these amazing yet simple things from within but hadn’t learnt how to appreciate them and bring them into my life.’ This is something I am yet to fully accept. There is still a part of me that feels I have to prove myself in some way, to ‘achieve something of epic proportions’ in order to feel amazing. And yet I know this isn’t true because the most amazing I ever feel is when I am simply, unashamedly, honestly being me.

  36. Shannon, your story is amazing. It caused me to reflect the many situations that my body was talking to me too. This is a confirmation how intelligent and wise our body is .The benefits are profound if we give it authority and not dictate to it from our mind.

  37. Shannon I love how you write and share so openly and honestly, your healing journey with the mole on the end of your nose. It is inspiring how you left no stone unturned in seeking the root cause of what your body was expressing to you through the mole. You could have just gone along and had it removed, but you chose instead to read the message behind the blemish and deal with what was being shared with you, which allowed for true healing to occur. A beautiful example of what can occur when we take responsibility and deal with our issues in life.

  38. Shannon, there is so much I can relate to in your article but what stands out as I am re-reading it is where you say- I began to look at how I was lying to myself about just how amazing I was- not accepting our amazingness is the biggest lie we can tell ourselves, as by doing this we are denying our Divinity. Something here for me to deeply ponder on…. Thank you Shannon.

  39. At the start of my day, it is beautiful to be reminded about the story of Pinocchio, and how it symbolises our journey through life and the importance of reading all situations that present themselves to us, and to remain committed to following the impulses of our inner hearts.

  40. Appreciating and understanding the connection between the energy in the way we live and the response in our physical body is the wisdom shared by Universal Medicine and The Way of The Livingness.

  41. An amazing story Shannon, quite miraculous, and very much testimony to the fact everything is energy. It makes me wonder how much more effective modern medicine would be, if we were each taking this sort of responsibility for what our bodies show us.

  42. Thank you Shannon for a very beautiful article, and the amazing healing power and wisdom that is held in our bodies just waiting to be acknowledged and connected to.

  43. The life lesson you had Shannon, is huge, and one for all of us to take careful consideration of; an opportunity to take an honest look at how we are living, and the lies that we might be telling ourselves. I lived with the dishonesty of what was truly going on in my life for many years and know how much this impacted on my body, in the form of illness and disease, and the occasional mole, but I have also discovered what a difference it is to live in truth, the only way I choose to live these days.

  44. What a great sharing Shannon, I too feel there is much more to medicine and our bodies and health than we have currently got to in our accepted understandings. To relate the mole to your own behaviours seems incredibly wise and that commitment to getting to the heart of why it appeared makes it no coincidence the way in which the mole then suddenly disappeared from your life. There is no medical explanation for this which is why we must go beyond that and accept there is so much more of life we can appreciate and understand, starting with our own behaviours and how they impact the world around us.

  45. Shannon, this is a really remarkable event. Remarkable for the fact that you had the commitment to ‘dig deep’ and leave no stone unturned in your quest for truth and hence what was revealed was so much more than if you had just had the mole removed without questioning its appearance. This is such a beautiful example that we are so much more than just our physicality and that when we honour this, our bodies are great instruments in our healing in order for us to truly live the love that we are.

  46. I love how you have described the story of Pinocchio and drawn our attention to the symbology at play within it. The moment we choose to not live the love, joy and truth we truly are, we choose instead to live a lie. Deep down we all feel this aching unrest, but not all of us are yet willing to admit that it is these steps walked away from love that are the source of our unsettlement.

  47. Beautiful Shannon. What a powerful story. One part that got me was the enormity yet subtlety of the lie. We could live our entire lives in that lie. It takes a deep level of honesty to get to the Truth behind lies such as this – the lies that we live with, that are so ingrained in us and that we built a life around so that recognising them as lies is all the more harder. Yet when w go there, the grandness of the lie is exposed.

  48. You got me pondering on Pinocchio. He started off with a skip in his step beaming the joy he was. Yet he didn’t get far, was attacked and thrown off course. All that followed was a lie. When we are not living what is at our essence, it is a lie. It may have gone on for so long that we have lost sight of the fact that it is a lie. Underneath whatever lie we may have been living, or however much we may have piled on top of ourselves, deep within at our core, our divine essence remains. The joyful boy with a skip in his step is always that, it simply may be hiding.

  49. How amazing our bodies truly are and what they share with us constantly. When we call out what we feel may be happening and the reasons we get ill, our bodies can feel the truth so quickly and heal themselves in beautifully profound ways. Thank you Shannon for sharing your experiences.

  50. The choice you made to honour the truth you felt within had a very powerful effect on your body. Currently we think of lifestyle choices that impact our health only to do with exercise, sleeping patterns and what we eat and drink, yet your blog shows that every choice has a powerful effect on the body. Universal Medicine has really expanded on the topic of lifestyle choices by sharing that as our true nature is soulful, we are love, truth, stillness, harmony and joy, when we choose to live these qualities our health benefits enormously – and sometimes in miraculous ways!

  51. Shannon your story is a testament of the wisdom within our bodies as we need to be aware that even though there is a divine will for us to choose from there are repercussions whenever we live less than the magnificence that we all are.

  52. “I could not ignore the constant sense that I was amazing, yet the way I was living was so far from the amazingness I could feel.” I can relate to this I can feel this amazingness inside me but am not living completely in a way that sustains and confirms this amazingness inside me which makes me feel less. Such a great reminder to live in a way that makes me feel more of how amazing I am instead of the other way around.

  53. Shannon this is such an enlightening sharing. I have a wart that has been on my leg now for a couple of years, it has just started to break down, and with your sharing to put into practice it will be gone too.. I know there are things that I haven’t acknowledged or expressed in full too. Thank you.

  54. I love symbolism and I love the way you were able to be so open and committed to the message the mole was bringing. It feels like all we have to do is acknowledge that there is something going on when our body shows physical symptoms of un-wellness and honour the truth that there is a true connection between the body/mind/soul. Thanks Shannon.

  55. It is amazing Shannon, the way that our bodies communicate with us. I love how you share this one, and as soon as you showed your willingness to deal with what you saw was the message, the mole just disappeared. I went through a period where I realised that I had several extra moles where I had only previously had a couple, one of which was being irritated by my symbol on its necklace. I don’t remember the actual message, but I do remember taking far more care in that area, beside and just below the front of my neck, when I was moisturising myself, and then a couple of weeks later, realising that the one which was causing the irritation had actually gone. The others followed soon after. These are such a blessing for us to become far more aware of how we are living. Up to that point I had never experienced moles coming and going like that.

  56. That is quite extraordinary, I would love to have been a fly on the wall on the doctors surgery! What a change that would make to the workload of doctors everywhere! Honesty and a commitment to truth is an extra-ordinary blessing.

  57. Great to re-read your story Shannon. “It was an amazing miracle, it was a confirmation in me of everything I felt to be true; the connections between my body, health and illness and the underlying energetic causes and how they relate to everything about the way I live on a day-to-day basis.” So true – everyday miracles happen. Some doctors call it spontaneous remission. I never understand why they don’t want to know more about ‘why’?

  58. to not tell a single lie is far more than what we speak, it is what we move, breathe and think, and it is what we allow ourselves to see.

  59. It is incredible how much the body goes to great lengths to show us what we need to deal with. I am astounded but impressed by how quickly your body showed you what you needed to be confronted with, and how willing you were to deal with all that was needed. Incredible story, thank you for sharing.

  60. This blog is the perfect example of using western medicine in conjunction with esoteric medicine, for if you had of simply removed the mole without addressing the reason for it being there in the first place you would have not gotten the depth of healing your received.

  61. Wow what a corker of a blog, love that you share the finer details of this miracle, a great inspiration for us all to look deeper with love at the conditions / illness that come our way. There is no wrong just learning.

  62. “It felt like this mole had something to say and that it was there for a reason.” It’s easy to brush things off as being random, just down to genes or bad luck but if we do that we miss out on learning so much. Our bodies are great communicators!

  63. Shannon your amazing blog is a confirmation how powerful we can be if we chose to be honest and truthful to ourselves. To allow ourselves to discover the underlying energetic cause of the illness we have seems to be the best medicine ever – thank you so much for not holding back such an important insight.

  64. Beautiful to read Shannon your commitment to looking deeper and finding the truth that your body was communicating to you. True miracles happen when we listen to the wisdom of the body.

  65. An amazing account of healing to read and inspiring as to what can be achieved when we take responsibility for listening to and addressing the signals our bodies send us.

  66. This is a great example of listening to and working with the body, of being in relationship with yourself Shannon. I have had similar things happen with growths on my skin and having them fall off or just completely disappear after I have acknowledged them and why they might be there rather than just tried to get rid of them.

  67. I have been observing a small keratosis type skin lesion which raised it self recently above the end of my right eyebrow. I feel it has a lot to do with an untrue, ill view I have had of myself, self attacking thoughts I have allowed to run through me which do not actually reflect the truth of who I am. I am feeling as you say Shannon “I can feel there is so much more love to be expressed”, I know this is true for me too and now to bring more dedication to that.

  68. I love your approach to life Shannon, taking every opportunity to turn what is on offer for you into a learning even something as annoying as a mole growing on your nose.

  69. Indeed what an amazing story of the body expelling what is not true. I wonder what part your observation and engagement in the process contributed to this healing?

  70. I’ve always been frightened by the thought of illness and disease, but through this story I am getting closer to knowing that illness and disease are opportunities to heal what is not true and deepen our relationship with the body and life.

  71. Wow Shannon that is a miracle and powerful message from your body. I’m having one of those very loud messages at the moment, my nose is so blocked up I can’t breathe through it, so this a great blog to read today. We are constantly supported to let go of what is not love and not true from our bodies.

  72. Just amazing to feel how you have committed yourself to embrace and take the fullest advantage of what your body was showing you. So inspiring. I know every now and then, and more often recently than ever before, my body shows me the disharmony it has had to live in, and in my honesty, I know that my stop moments can go deeper.

  73. Reading your words today Shannon, I saw us all like radio controlled cars who have been tuned in to a frequency full of interference and fuzz all our lives. We trundle around hissing and buzzing thinking that this is our normal way to be. But when we connect to our amazingness just as you say, its like we finally tune in to correct station, and have movement, direction, purpose and charge to move together in harmony with everything else. From what you say I can see that our choices are effectively as powerful as the switch of a button. So why wait any longer to start living this way?

  74. Wow this is a powerful story just as powerful as the story of Pinocchio. I can see very clearly that healing is about energy, the physical world simply responds to what we have chosen

  75. Yes, I have a similar experience with a hernia. I always knew that the hernia was there as a signal for me to pay attention to something. Also, by going into old patterns the damage to the body is a lot deeper and these illnesses and diseases can reappear a lot quicker.

  76. Often times we get something from ‘nowhere’ (there is no such a thing though) that soon takes a lot of presence in our lives. It is an intense period that brings an opportunity to work with ourselves and to make adjustments in our lives so to address what is behind it. Our body lets us know when we are moving in a true way or not.

  77. Imagine how much medical research is done every year, imagine how much has been commissioned through all of time on the real cause of illness and disease. Now consider how profoundly your body changed Shannon, when you chose to honour the truth. The fact that stories like Pinocchio have been around in our society for so long, show that we really do know the ‘answer’ after all. The true illness we suffer from is pretending that the link between our choices and health is unclear.

  78. It is very loving how our body lets go and heals itself as soon as we have listened, uncovered and released the root cause of what it manifested in order to bring our awareness to a disharmonious area in our way of living.

  79. I love your commitment Shannon, and the unwavering way you express, that no matter what happened you did not see the mole as the be-all and end-all of what was happening for you. This decision and choice you made to see the underlying truth, is what your body so clearly loved – and inspires me to make my choices today all about this instead of the surface as well.

  80. If our noses grew every time we lied, our world would be full of people with very large noses, which I am sure would require scaffolding on rollers just to transport them around. Time for me to take stock of where I lie both to myself and others.

  81. Wow that really is a miracle ! From start to finish an extraordinary healing took place due to your willingness and committment to truth! Amazing and very inspiring.

  82. An amazing account of how powerfully our body can give us signals about our own state of being and potential for healing Shannon, thank-you. Reading your story, I can’t help but resonate with what you’ve shared here,i.e. that: “there is more to illness and disease and to life in general than what initially meets the eye”.
    In our willingness to explore, deal with and release that which isn’t true for us, I have no doubt that what we can actually let go from our body and being is far, far more than even our conscious awareness can comprehend. This feels so in the ‘dismantlement’ of your mole. Simply amazing.

  83. You know, in a world today so fixated upon ’empirical evidence’ and the rest… we must never discount the power and enormity of potential we hold when we are willing to consider the whole, and not just ‘the part’, when in comes to true healing – as Plato so wisely referred to. Symbology, in its true light, plays a hugely significant role for us here – in accessing the wisdom we do all hold as to the root cause of any illness, disease, or indeed anything that does not flow with grace within our lives.
    And it needn’t be any ‘head trip’ to explore things in such a way – it can actually be very, very simple! (A fact I’m sure that those who arm themselves with regurgitated banks of knowledge find immensely frustrating, to the point of negating the possibility altogether…)

  84. As Serge Benhayon explains repeatedly “everything is energy and therefore everything is because of energy” so if we are willing to entertain this to be a possibility it clearly makes sense that what has been shared in this blog about the responsiveness of our bodies and how we relate to that what our bodies are sharing with us.

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