My Fridge – The Love Gauge

If ever I needed proof that “everything is energy” and “everything is because of energy,” my fridge would have to be the one that I least expected to show me this!

Now everyone knows that fridges turn themselves off once they reach a certain temperature and on when they need to cool more, as you can hear the engine humming in the background when on, and then click off when it rests.

I had owned this particular fridge for about 3 years and had noticed nothing out of the ordinary, but then one day it started turning itself off and on at a very rapid pace… and consistently so when it kicked into this phase with 1-10 sec time intervals in between… ON…OFF…ON…OFF…ON…OFF!!!

At first I didn’t think much of this other than noticing something had changed, and because it was intermittent I didn’t do anything about it. But after a while I noticed that there was a pattern of when it would do it.

As I worked from home, it became glaringly obvious that, like clockwork, the fridge would go crazy when both my housemate and I were in the house. And it drove us crazy which we were to soon realise was the whole point – to get our attention.

We respected the symbolism that nature and life is constantly offering and always inspiring us back to love. But I still wanted to cover all bases and called the fridge experts in to rule out all possibilities, even though I knew in my heart it was energy at play.

Sure enough all of them commented on how they had never experienced such a thing; some even thought I was a bit loopy. And of course when one man dared to come to the house to check, the fridge was well behaved with not a whisper! It was very clear now that this was not going to be fixed by a fridge repairman… this was energy at play with a blessing on offer.

Clearly there was a message here and the fridge was delivering it loud and clear. But what was the fridge trying to tell us? What did the fridge symbolically represent?

We knew it was connected to our relationship in the house because of the pattern of switching on and off when we were both home. And it didn’t always do it when we were home and so we explored how we were with each other when it did and when it didn’t do its crazy thing.

When we were loving with each other and letting each other in, the fridge behaved and when we were not, the fridge would lovingly tell us so by turning itself on and off – the ‘on and off’ symbolically representing the ‘hot and cold’ nature of our relationship.

The ‘cold’ representing how we keep each other out and at a distance, and the ‘hot’ representing the bringing more love to each other. An opportunity was being presented for us to go deeper with our friendship and connection. A deep healing was on offer.

The fridge had literally become our love gauge!

We were being reminded to be more love with ourselves and with each other and being given an opportunity to open our hearts wider.

Love and evolution cannot stand still, it is a continual deepening, and we were being shown that for it to be a true relationship (friendship) we could not continue to be ‘cold’ with each other metaphorically speaking.

We wanted and had asked for our relationship to deepen, but actually taking that step was a commitment from the body, not the head.

This was a clear example of how everything is energy first and foremost. If we pay attention, energy is amazing in the way it delivers truth and the opportunity to evolve.

We are connected to the all, and how loved we are that such support is there through symbolism. We cannot change the fact that evolution is eternal, but we do have a choice to say yes or no to the evolution on offer.

They say ‘God is in the detail’ and it most certainly was in this instance.
We are constantly being inspired to deepen our love from all angles and return to the love that we innately are – and I love that this is the way life is.

By Marika Cominos

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593 thoughts on “My Fridge – The Love Gauge

  1. “a blessing on offer.” If the energy in which we live affects an inanimate object like a fridge, how much more does the energy in which we live affect people around us?

  2. We all are equally drenched in symbolism, understanding it is something that comes from within ourselves and builds over time but not as a knowledge, it is more as an in-the-moment knowing by trusting our body and our connection to soul. Some days I receive things very clearly, others I have an emotion or reaction in my body and it’s like a cloud blocking the clarity.

  3. I just love how the most ordinary, everyday things in our lives, and in this case a fridge, can bring us the biggest messages in our lives. But how often would we see what you experienced as a message for you about the life you were living, and only see it as a great nuisance and one that needed a quick fix? I have learned to listen and learn from whatever is happening around me and am continually surprised and delighted where the wise and possibly life-changing messages can come from.

  4. How useful would that be to have a love gauge! (although we do have that in our bodies where we can feel if we are open or not). The constant on off that happened with the fridge is happening in our bodies and must wreak havoc on our cardiovascular system, which is designed to flow.

  5. Could it be all have love gauges like this in our lives? Magically constellated to offer us the possibility the deepen the love with ourselves and with others? I believe there are, we just have to see it.

  6. To offer and allow space to read what is going on within myself and around is an essential part of my unfolding; it is the deepening of love required to be bring about a greater awareness.

  7. I love this reminder, Marika, that everything matters and each movement, emotion or even thought has a ripple effect out to everything around us…even our appliances!

    1. Yes a great reminder Janet, the wisdom expressed here is very supportive for when my technology starts to play up again… does that mean I have to be more responsible and I can’t blame the computer anymore?

  8. God is definitely in the detail. This is an awesome reminder and great that you were willing to read this.

  9. It’s a waste of energy to doubt the heart over what the mind says simply because it is a conflict between truth and lie and truth always wins.

  10. Yes.. decisions that are felt within and come from my body are always much more absolute and sustainable than anything that ‘I’ve decided’ I’ll do or change. There has to be both – a whole body mindedness – in decisions if they are to be truly committed to and lived.

  11. “I still wanted to cover all bases and called the fridge experts in to rule out all possibilities, even though I knew in my heart it was energy at play” – I can so relate to this. Of course it would be unwise not to take care of the practical side of things, but equally unwise is thinking that that is where it starts and ends, as it actually starts with energy.

  12. God is in the detail 1000% – while there is a plan, something 7 dimensional that is nearly impossible to understand, yet it unfolds perfectly providing us all with the precise message or opportunity we need. I’ve even observed how the same incident can provide different lessons and messages to different people depending on where they were at and what was needed. Its truly magical, mind blowing, and perfectly formed.

  13. Our mechanical objects are in service to us in a bigger way than we admit. A car may not just be a car. A fridge may be more than a fridge. They can tell us something about our qualities because they have a relationship with us and get disturbed by energy we may allow in momentarily. They could serve as true thermometers of how we are doing.

    1. And we are surrounded by them, we have a relationship with them, and they infuse our lives now so we have become more and more reliant on them… so its perfect because we cannot get away from it be that our house, our phone, our car etc.

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