My Fridge – The Love Gauge

If ever I needed proof that “everything is energy” and “everything is because of energy,” my fridge would have to be the one that I least expected to show me this!

Now everyone knows that fridges turn themselves off once they reach a certain temperature and on when they need to cool more, as you can hear the engine humming in the background when on, and then click off when it rests.

I had owned this particular fridge for about 3 years and had noticed nothing out of the ordinary, but then one day it started turning itself off and on at a very rapid pace… and consistently so when it kicked into this phase with 1-10 sec time intervals in between… ON…OFF…ON…OFF…ON…OFF!!!

At first I didn’t think much of this other than noticing something had changed, and because it was intermittent I didn’t do anything about it. But after a while I noticed that there was a pattern of when it would do it.

As I worked from home, it became glaringly obvious that, like clockwork, the fridge would go crazy when both my housemate and I were in the house. And it drove us crazy which we were to soon realise was the whole point – to get our attention.

We respected the symbolism that nature and life is constantly offering and always inspiring us back to love. But I still wanted to cover all bases and called the fridge experts in to rule out all possibilities, even though I knew in my heart it was energy at play.

Sure enough all of them commented on how they had never experienced such a thing; some even thought I was a bit loopy. And of course when one man dared to come to the house to check, the fridge was well behaved with not a whisper! It was very clear now that this was not going to be fixed by a fridge repairman… this was energy at play with a blessing on offer.

Clearly there was a message here and the fridge was delivering it loud and clear. But what was the fridge trying to tell us? What did the fridge symbolically represent?

We knew it was connected to our relationship in the house because of the pattern of switching on and off when we were both home. And it didn’t always do it when we were home and so we explored how we were with each other when it did and when it didn’t do its crazy thing.

When we were loving with each other and letting each other in, the fridge behaved and when we were not, the fridge would lovingly tell us so by turning itself on and off – the ‘on and off’ symbolically representing the ‘hot and cold’ nature of our relationship.

The ‘cold’ representing how we keep each other out and at a distance, and the ‘hot’ representing the bringing more love to each other. An opportunity was being presented for us to go deeper with our friendship and connection. A deep healing was on offer.

The fridge had literally become our love gauge!

We were being reminded to be more love with ourselves and with each other and being given an opportunity to open our hearts wider.

Love and evolution cannot stand still, it is a continual deepening, and we were being shown that for it to be a true relationship (friendship) we could not continue to be ‘cold’ with each other metaphorically speaking.

We wanted and had asked for our relationship to deepen, but actually taking that step was a commitment from the body, not the head.

This was a clear example of how everything is energy first and foremost. If we pay attention, energy is amazing in the way it delivers truth and the opportunity to evolve.

We are connected to the all, and how loved we are that such support is there through symbolism. We cannot change the fact that evolution is eternal, but we do have a choice to say yes or no to the evolution on offer.

They say ‘God is in the detail’ and it most certainly was in this instance.
We are constantly being inspired to deepen our love from all angles and return to the love that we innately are – and I love that this is the way life is.

By Marika Cominos

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549 thoughts on “My Fridge – The Love Gauge

  1. Such a great insight into how messages from god are offered. The lights in the kitchen come on and off and with a lot of professional interception it still happens. It takes commitment and honesty to explore the truth of the message, thanks for the inspiration to stay with it and not dismiss this as ‘one of those things’.

  2. This is great, being open to the signs given can be greatly healing. Feeling the truth of symbolism we know what is going on, and it is shared with us constantly, we only need to listen.

  3. This blog is aaaaawesoooome! It’s sooo true. I used to get so annoyed with things like that happening. Blame it on the fridge, on the brand, on the repairman…and never look at it from another angle. I used to always get annoyed when my computer mysteriously stopped working late in the evenings. It’s only been in the last few years – notably after going along to the Universal Medicine courses – that I began seeing and reading differently. Could it mean that I should switch the computer off and go to bed? In my example, yes. Great post Marika.

    1. Great point Nick. You have reminded me that I usually instantly know why something has stopped working (on an energetic level) but I am often in reaction to what I am reading and this miss out on the blessing that is offerred.

  4. What a great blog Marika, makes me giggle each time I read it because it is so familiar. Electronics go crazy at times for no reason and from young I always knew there was ‘something’ trying to get my attention. As I grew older I could tell myself I was imagining things as that these devices always seemed to behave when the repairer came to call, but the truth is I just forgot that something was trying to get my attention. Thankfully I have clearly not been ‘given up on’ because these messages still come through now, but this time I am listening!!

  5. I love how the universe is constantly steering us in the direction of more love. The Magic of God was clearly at play with your fridge and great that you listened.

  6. This has absolutely got me thinking about why the power goes out intermittently and through different areas of the house where I currently live with my parents. There is no rhyme or reason, we’ve tested certain appliances to see if they are tripping the switch etc, and have not found anything. Electricians seems to have no answers either. It makes sense to consider how we are with eachother in the house as often this can be less than harnonious, and perhaps this ‘switching off’, is more symbolic than we have given any thought to.

  7. I can appreciate that many people would consider this to be a crazy suggestion. I can also understand why. We are not taught energetic awareness growing up, we are not taught what it means to be responsible all of the time. We pick and choose what we want our behvioural ‘job description’ to look like, and anythng that does not fit inside that we wipe our hands free of and say ‘not my problem’. We are being delivered more signs, more symbolism than we have any idea about. The answers to every question we have ever posed are all before us. Our choice to really see the answers requires a level of responsibility that we need to choose.

  8. “Love and evolution cannot stand still, it is a continual deepening,” Thank you Marika I love how you have shown us so clearly how symbolism plays such an important and relevant part in our lives, all we need to do is be open to the messages that are constantly all around us.

  9. Marika, your blog is well-timed as my fridge has been playing up, too! It’s become very loud and making gurgling sounds and it feels like to me it’s happening just as I enter the house or the kitchen itself, like its a symbol for my digestive system and the habit I have of eating from nervous energy. It just went quiet as I wrote this!!! It’s true…I often eat as soon as I get home, like I’m making up for being ‘out’ and so my reading is not to buy a new fridge just yet, but to simply listen to my body and be still when I return home. I, too, love the evolution that is constantly on offer and the very fact that my fridge is in communication with me, is actually super confirming if my choices to read and understand energy. Everything is in constant relationship.

  10. When our behaviours run hot and cold with each other it undermines not only the overall quality of the relationship, but the potential of it to grow too.

  11. A lovely example of the persistence of the energy that supports our true purpose of evolution and how symbolism is all around us, reflecting truth, when we choose to allow ourselves to see it.

  12. This story made me smile, big time! The Magic of God at work. Great that you took this problem from the mechanical part to the energetic part, where everything always originates. Great reading of the situation. I am curious though if you being more loving and open to each other, made the fridge behave:-)

    1. Yes Willem, the fridge continued to mirror our behaviours & choices. It continued to communicate in the most interesting of ways…a wonderful mirror that continued to encourage a loving way of being and relating 😊

  13. We all I am sure have an experience with our computers and technology – when it stops working we get super frustrated very quickly. Do we ever pause for a moment and consider how we were before hand that might be affecting the computer? My internet stopped working yesterday apparently for no reason… and yes I need to get that fixed. But, its worth considering why my connection to the world went down?

  14. Yes we can either take everything at its 3 dimensional face value or we can remember that before anything can happen there is an energy that must be making it happen and that there are other dimensions that we cannot see that influence, or more accurately control the 3rd dimension.

  15. We live in a world today that constantly selling us images of what to read and volumes of knowledge to attain through media,education and business. But what about the volume of reading that we often dismiss that is there to offer us change in the simple things in life- a kitchen fridge!

  16. I love how we are always given these messages, we just have to be open to see and read them, ‘the symbolism that nature and life is constantly offering and always inspiring us back to love’.

  17. When we are willing to read the way the world communicates with us and bring honesty to all we are shown life is magical, fun and rich.

  18. ‘Love and evolution cannot stand still, it is a continual deepening, and we were being shown that for it to be a true relationship (friendship) we could not continue to be ‘cold’ with each other metaphorically speaking.’ Evolving relationships naturally expand our awareness.

  19. I had a period where I was pushing myself and pretty much running on empty but I kept going. I got a few flat tyres on my car around that time which was definitely a sign to slow me down.

  20. The fridge had literally become our love gauge!
    Marika thank-you for sharing this, its brilliantly inspiring that you gave yourself the space to read what message the fridge’s activity was reflecting for you and your house mate – Its truly humbling when we are open to seeing that there are reflections – messages from God – that offer evolution everywhere if we go.

  21. Wow, the wisdom of the universe speaking through your fridge. This is true science (and I love it I must say) and this is what science cannot really explain at this moment in time. That there are particles and there is matter but the particles and the matter does not stand still. Everything vibrates at a certain level and has a particular hum to it. It’s like violinists playing but they play according to the director showing them how to play. Like the particles making up your fridge, they abide by energetic law and I guess the co-directors were you saying that you wanted to be shown how to be more love and so they played the tune needed for you to ‘get it’. A side thought came up… I wonder if there are certain brands of fridges that are extra sensory in delivering these messages? I would guess so.

  22. How amazing to have such a display of symbolism by way of your fridge. You could say this is a very ‘cool’ story, and required that you very much warmed to those you live with. It is amazing to be given such signs and how accurately they represent what is occurring, if only we didn’t dismiss these as crazy, and like you Marika stay open to learning from the situations that present themselves.

  23. There are so many objects that we use that are also our love gauge. So many of us get frustrated and irritated at our smart phones, computers and printers when they start playing up, but very rarely if ever do most of us look at what else they could be bringing to our attention. We are completely and continually supported by signs if only we open ourselves to the fact of energy and what we can learn from it.

  24. The communication is always there – but do we choose to listen? Amazing that so much learning and understanding came through something that would normally be viewed as a disturbance, annoyance or total inconvenience! There’s always more to it.

  25. I love the opportunity that was presented to you and your housemate Marika to open up to deepen your connection and level of love. There is much offered to us all to evolve through the situations around us and in nature when we are willing to read and understand all that is being offered.

  26. ‘God is in the detail’, he sure is. We just have to allow ourselves to be aware of what is there for us to learn. To be open always to what is there, to be reflected back to us, no matter how and by what means. It sounds like you were doing all of the above, so open to the blessing that was there to be experienced.

  27. It’s stories like these that bring a wonder to life that most would consider just buying a new fridge and not considering the fact that how they are living is being shown to us constantly in the world around us. My internet connection is the same, as is the light on the hallway between flats. Nothing is ever hidden regardless of how we prefer or perceive life to be otherwise and have these pockets we can hide away in.

  28. It is gorgeous to read this and feel the presence of love, and the reminders we get in symbolism. It is wonderful acknowledge that this is caused by the energy at play between you two. And take it serious and truly deepen the relationship accordingly.

  29. We are constantly being communicated to by everything and everyone that comes into our path. As I ponder on this it blows me away as I realise why this happens. We are loved more than anything and we are being shown the way home. How we get there is our own choice and we may choose many detours, but the amazing thing is that communication does not stop. Marika the gorgeous thing about what you have shared is that both you and your flat mate chose to stop to listen and no doubt grew in your relationship. Thank God for your fridge!

  30. Makes me wonder just how many problems we face in life that we try to fix to get back to normal without considering what the message is at play. After all if we don’t get the message through one thing then it will pop up somewhere else!

  31. “We cannot change the fact that evolution is eternal, but we do have a choice to say yes or no to the evolution on offer.” This is so true, it is great to know that even on those moments that are presented to us which might be extremely uncomfortable to deal with, we have a choice to understand, learn and grow from in order to be more of who we are.

  32. When I read this line; “We respected the symbolism that nature and life is constantly offering and always inspiring us back to love.” I reflected on how rare it is to hear a statement like this. Why I think it is rare, is because at the end of each year, I often hear statements like “thank god that year is over”, “I’ll be glad to see the back of that one”, “don’t come back 20XX”, where most people have anger towards the year. It feels like there are missed opportunities to see beyond what is first being presented to us and to explore it on a deeper level, and to take the responsibility of what is your/my part in it and what lesson is there for me.

  33. Whether it was a blender breaking on us a few years ago from baking too many sweet things or our washing machine packing in as we let in too much dampness, there is always an energetic cause. Knowing and understanding that can be a little exposing, but it’s a great way of life letting you know that a change is needed or that it’s time to step up.

  34. Awesome to pick up on something like that and to notice when it was happening to then be able to bring in a playfulness to address what was going on within yourselves and between each other- a great analogy of the hot and cold nature we can all go into.

  35. Having an awareness of the energy of symbolism is a reminder that the Universe is constantly communicating with us in every way and enriches everything around us.

  36. Your awareness is awesome as your willingness to take responsibility and heal. There is definitely something for me to look at and learn with what you have presented as since moving into my home, which is a new building, there has been something wrong with the foundations of the balcony and also other things like the light on the landing by the front door continuously not working. I have been putting this down to how the block of flats had been built and not what the balcony or entrance hallway represent for both me and my flat mate .. even though I know deep within that everything is energy and because of energy. Today we are taking time out to clean the flat together and have a dinner date so maybe this is something we can playfully feel into and what it means for us.

  37. It is a big step for most of us to see that there are messages for us from God/the Universe that are delivered through nature; the sighting of a particular animal at a particular moment, the call of a certain bird, the sudden attack of an ant etc. But to extend this to general household items such as the common fridge is perhaps where we draw the line as too much can come in by way of thoughts to tell us otherwise; it’s just a fridge, it’s an electrical fault, fridges are inanimate objects etc. So I just LOVE what you have presented here Marika because it is showing us that EVERYTHING is energy and that everything without exception is affected by the quality of the movements we make in the space that we live. The fact that we normally dismiss the message on offer by passing it off as some ‘electrical fault’ shows us the degree to which collectively we are not yet ready to take responsibility at this energetic level. So in this sense we could say it is indeed an electrical fault but it is not due to faulty manufacturing but more so the current we as humans are choosing to be impulsed by!

  38. I had a similar episode with a hot tap which would at times suddenly run cold even thought it was a combi boiler that heated the water when you turned on the tap. Plumbers came and looked at it scratched their heads, said they had never seen anything like it before and went away without fixing it. Of course there was nothing to fix, it was simply a message about the consciousness I was choosing.

  39. It is deeply beautiful how supportive symbolism can be in delivering the truth of any situation and letting us know what needs to be addressed to evolve… the love in this is deeply holding and worth paying attention to.

  40. A gorgeous example of how life constantly reflects to us… how refreshing to understand something like this in this way, rather than get irritated or annoyed as would be a more expected response. Life takes on new meaning when we make it about reflections, rather than holding ourselves to an idea or how (perfect) things should be for us.

  41. This is such an amazing reminder that it really is a matter of our willingness and choice to be aware that we realise we are bathed in so much love that is forever with us on our way back home.

  42. There is a natural ease and flow to our movements when we align to the way our body wants to move rather than pushing and driving it for an outcome.

  43. A great reminder Marika that everything is about energy first and how nature and life around us supports us with opportunities to evolve. The more connected and loving we are with ourselves we are naturally more open and more loving with others.

  44. Energy first and yes, we get all manner of messages in our houses, cars and even walking down the street. Wherever we are the Universe is waiting to communicate with us in the smallest way. From the tiny feather floating by to the ladybird in flight, and even graffiti in the oddest place that declares ‘we love u’. God and the universe works in amazing ways.

  45. And another beautiful reminder that the magic, reflections, messages and blessings are poured forth constantly to us.

  46. This is a wonderful lived example of the fact that we are always being given messages, but like you most of us would not expect those messages to come via fridge, or in my recent case a flooded fish pond. I have had such an array of ways that messages have come to me over the years that I am almost never surprised in what form they may come, but maybe if my fridge begins to ‘talk’ to me I might just be; if it does I will definitely be listening

  47. Life is amazing if we are able to clock all these signals that are given to us by our surrounding all the time. Everything we live with is geared to make us remember of our divineness, it is only our ignorance to that fact that is stopping us from seeing what life has actually on offer for us.

    1. Beautiful Nico. Living with an openness and willingness to surrender to truth has certainly enriched my life to no end, and it continues to do so. In learning of the ‘more’ we are we discover that there is far more on offer through the lives we live, that we generally do not consider as such leading us to accepting the less as ‘normal’. Developing our awareness of what is true and what is not, what is love and what is not, and what consciousness are we being led by has not only been life changing but also has inspired me to deepen my awareness, as best I can, in order to bring to life the amazingness that we are and rightly deserve to live together as one.

      1. Our conversation in this confirms to me that there is so much more on offer from life, that as we really connect to the essence of our being, that is our Soul and direct connection with God, and allow expression from that place when we come together. In that instance there is a constellation of two or more, that can connect to a greater wisdom that can be explored by only one on an individual basis and therefore our lives are designed to work together as that is the only way we can develop a greater awareness of the life we are part off and do understand that we indeed deserve to live together as one without the waywardness we are experiencing in our current societies.

  48. That energy of hot and cold plays out in so many relationships and the more we are aware of this the more we can choose to stay consistently open to each other.

  49. I am with you Marika in loving that there is always an opportunity to evolve in every moment, in every situation, in every relationship, through every day that we live together so that we can live more of the majesty of who we and bring this richness to the lives we live. Thank you for sharing how simply this can be embraced, through simply being willing to be open and honest with ourselves and each other with the choices we are making how this effects how we are living.

  50. The Magic of God,as I tend to name it, is everywhere if we are open to see and observe it and in that we are also given the possibility to connect to the love that is shared with us through that connection with God, as all this symbolic messages are there to help us to understand that we are so much more than we think we are and appreciate what life is to us.

  51. It’s easy to dismiss the signs we receive daily because it allows us to stay in the comfort of living irresponsibly.

  52. There is a simplicity to symbolism when we understand it’s all designed to support us to return to living the love that we naturally are.

  53. Technology and household appliances don’t disguise what is playing out even if I am trying to ignore the obvious it can be quite a playful way to support the evolution of a household and family.

  54. What wonderful reflection from your fridge Marika, and a great reminder that we are receiving these potent and playful messages all the time.

  55. I loved reading this blog again Marika and being inspired by the level of commitment to explore what message the fridge was trying to communicate to you and your friend – this is such a playful and supportive way to read the energy at play and the evolution that’s being offered instead of reacting to anything that annoys us in life whether that’s people, appliances or technology etc.

  56. “Love and evolution cannot stand still” what a great statement, it certainly doesn’t, it is always moving and changing all of the time. It is always allowing us to grow, become more aware and loving.

  57. That’s pretty incredible, I reckon if we started to truly explore the fact that everything is energy we would be be truly amazed at what’s possible and what can occur.

  58. Beautiful, simple and clear example that the universe is constantly communicating with us. Every single sign is a message of God that we can read.

  59. I am noticing the detail and the lessons that are constantly on offer when I choose to be aware in my day to day interactions with people and things.

  60. Where can I get a fridge like that? We all have a love gauge like that, and that is our body, we only have to look at what it is communicating. If we don’t live a loving life our body will show that one way or another, by being tired, getting sick or just not feeling vital, or in my case, also sweating at night. When I sweat at night I will look into the day before and ask: were have I not been living lovingly?

  61. I love how our gadgets can give us messages. i find my computer gives me feedback on how I am living energetically – as does my connection online with Fuze meetings……!

  62. What a wonderful support and timely reminder of this blog. I have noticed that my fridge has been moaning for the past week and have clocked that the love gauge can present itself through the love one is not surrendering to themselves as well. A healing blog with a great dose of lightness. Thank you!

  63. We are supported so much to return to the love we all innately are, ‘We are constantly being inspired to deepen our love from all angles and return to the love that we innately are – and I love that this is the way life is.’ Me too.

  64. I must say many people would think this to be a crazy story but it makes sense to read things that happen in life and to me it is the part that makes life the fullness I know it can be. For a long time I did not look at the energetic outplay of life and always felt there must be more, since ‘reading life’ more I have not felt that empty feeling much anymore and life makes sense now too.

  65. We cannot change the fact that evolution is eternal, but we do have a choice to say yes or no to the evolution on offer. We all have free will and I am saying YES all the way to whatever my Soul guides me to next in order to expand my awareness and deepen my connection with self and then all others.

  66. What an amazing teacher your fridge had become, ‘We were being reminded to be more love with ourselves and with each other and being given an opportunity to open our hearts wider.’ Gorgeous how the fridge was your love gauge.

  67. The Magic of God is constantly offering us messages in the form of symbols to deepen our connection to our Soul, whether we see and act on them is depended purely upon our willingness and openness to evolve.

  68. When we tune into the magic of God we begin to see what fun he has with us in order for us to learn something. There is never a day that goes by when I don’t notice a message from God of some sort that is drawing my attention to go deeper with my understanding about some aspect of my life. These messages are truly magical.

  69. When we start to look beneath the surface and are open to the fact that there are unseen forces at play and that everything is energy and what happens is a consequence of that energy, then life becomes a lot more interesting and we can have a greater interconnectedness with it and learn as we go.

  70. I agree with what Elaine shares in the comment above, with the understanding that life is more than we can see, there is energy behind and with everything.

  71. How amazing is life if we pay attention to it! This is such a cool blog and says a lot about the opportunity we have to keep on listening to the feedback presented to us.

  72. A great example of the type of symbolism that’s naturally available to us every day if we choose to notice it and how transformative the messages can be in supporting us in the way we are choosing to live out our lives.

  73. Fascinating Marika, i love the way our homes are subtle or obvious reflections of what’s going on not just in our own body and self-relationship, but this in relation with another body too e.g. flatmate or partner. Living in awareness is living life truly.

  74. Everything is energy and, as Serge Benhayon has expanded it, “therefore everything is because of energy”. And thus, everything that breaks down or changes its rhythm is also energy first and can be read and used to support our livingness and deepening.

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