It’s All Just Child’s Play – Or Is It?

I had always been one for cleaning up children’s toys at the end of the day, leaving everything clear and ready for the next day.

There was always the question there – “Was I being perfectionistic?,” “Did I have a problem with a messy house or ‘struggle with clutter’?” and then I realised that it was the order that brought simplicity.

It allowed for me to be present with less distraction in the flow of my day. It was one of the loving things I could bring to me.

From when my three children were small, I found that separating their toys into plastic, coloured crates worked well, with each crate holding a selection of bits and pieces. The crates of toys were kept at the top of the linen press where the children could not reach them, unless they asked an adult to get them down.

What would usually happen is that one of the children would select a coloured crate and I would get it down from the top of the cupboard. They always seemed to know which coloured crate carried which items of play.

The children never seemed to grow tired of their toys and getting down the crate seemed like getting a new present each time. It was like a surprise all over again and sometimes it appeared like the children were greeting old friends they hadn’t seen for a long time.

There were no rules around their play but they all knew that once the play was done with that particular selection of toys, they were responsible for picking up all the bits and putting them back in the crate. When the crate was put back on the shelf, a second crate could be selected.

I loved the fact that this way of playing with their toys allowed order and consistency within the family. It allowed space for each of us to just ‘Be’ and especially for the children to just ‘Be’. It was clear how it all worked and that everyone was treated the same.

Now thirty years on… I have come to realise the profound healing play offers. Recently I had my three grandchildren over for a play, and even now I plan and organise for the little ones in the same way.

What I sense is that these little ones are playing out their experience of life. The energy held in their bodies is expressed in their play and they are constantly releasing whatever needs to be released.

By allowing this organised play, and the release through expression in play, what is deeply held in their little bodies is finished and what needs to be resolved has been resolved and is gone. Once finished, the children are ready to move on to the next thing on offer.

As I moved around on this day, taking the opportunity whilst they were immersed in the next bout of play, I strategically and methodically cleaned up the scatter of toys, replacing them in their boxes, putting them back leaving a ‘clean slate’ for the next unfolding.

After a while the children returned to the same area and began to play there once again but in a different way. It was so clear that they had returned to now re-imprint the area with something new – a new way.

Pondering on life, I have come to know that we too choose to live our lives in a certain way, a way that often allows us to feel ‘comfortable,’ but that the pattern of learning and unfolding can be the same as for these little ones.

As adults too, we can keep returning to ‘old’ patterns or ways of being because that is what we know, even when they don’t work, sometimes stubbornly holding on because the old way is familiar and comfortable.

There were times when I would feel hurt, but instead of being honest, I would go into blaming someone else and choose to use silence as a form of punishing them. I would become righteous. All this was simply in order to not feel the hurt that had been exposed.

Life is the perfect medium for allowing us to become more aware of how we allow ourselves to be distracted from what is true and to ‘keep returning’ to re-imprint those areas where we have not been true to ourselves.

God has an amazing plan for us all; he knows that, given the space for this organised play, we will play out what needs to be expressed and in that play uncover a little more of who we truly are – the essence of which is already known.

God’s plan allows for the mess, the outplay and, when it is all finished, God allows the space for us to pack it all up and put it away, waiting for the next call from us to play out something new.

Like my beautiful children and my amazing grandchildren in their play, we too are constantly selecting the box or area of building, creating, tearing down, digging deep, moving things around until the time comes that it is finished and the old pattern is gone.

The time comes after many tries that the games we have been playing are made redundant and our connection to who we are, our connection to others, our connection to God is much clearer and the props are no longer needed. We have returned home to the truth.

God knows there will be no more messes, no more boxes tipped out, no more carnage left over – just the presence of our pure ‘Being’ – LOVE.

In Deep Appreciation of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings as presented by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

by Christine Hogan, Receptionist, Bendigo

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566 thoughts on “It’s All Just Child’s Play – Or Is It?

  1. I love the simplicity and order here and the responsibility it offers at such a young age! What a gift for a child to grow up knowing this and knowing true order. That is almost more important than the toys – it is how they play with them and how they are when playing, knowing they will have to clean up afterwards and it is all part of the activity and not separate in any way.

  2. “God has an amazing plan for us all; he knows that, given the space for this organised play, we will play out what needs to be expressed and in that play uncover a little more of who we truly are – the essence of which is already known.” The ability to recognise what is not working each time it comes around, and to not beat ourselves up for ‘playing the game’ over and over is a gift in itself.

  3. “God’s plan allows for the mess, the outplay and, when it is all finished, God allows the space for us to pack it all up and put it away, waiting for the next call from us to play out something new.” Just how beautiful we are held by God, we are allowed to play out what ever is going on, he just is there holding us to find our way.

  4. I love the many layers of this sharing Christine. What it all comes back to for me is how life is not about the toys or the box, but very much about the way that we choose to play. Do we experiment or just repeat? If we honestly reflect there’s a strong comfort in experiencing things that are the mostly the same. But that route is effectively like wearing self-imposed blinkers all through life. Then we stunt our growth and fight our light.

  5. I am someone who appreciates order and supporting children to take responsibility for things and contribute to spaces by keeping things in order. I think it is great to encourage their self responsibility with this and recognising the part they play in the family and what they can do to support the whole.

  6. When we come to realise that we have all had thousands of lives on Earth each one a new gift from God, a new opportunity to come back to the truth of who we really are, namely God’s children we will understand that this planet is a loving school where we are simply held in God’s boundless love and patience, where he holds no expectations of us and judges us not for our wayward behaviours.

  7. This is really gorgeous Christine. The way that you support and bring understanding to children is truly wise and loving. The way you share your wisdom and what your observations mean for us all is brilliant and deeply appreciated.

  8. Everything is a reflection and what we choose, what we participate in, how we understand what is happening and then how we are in that moment reveals or exposes how much of ‘us’ we have chosen to bring ourselves to. The question is – Do we live from our innermost in all these moments that the play reveals, do we hold stillness in observation first and bring space to life? God’s plan is fail proof, all we have to do is bring all of ourselves.

  9. I love this Christine… I had never considered what you have presented about children playing but it makes complete sense… for life is constantly offering us something to work our way through to uncover a little more of who we are and children are not free of the life lessons there to support us to evolve.

  10. Christine, I can feel how as adults we are re-imprinting and working on things and evolving from them. I noticed yesterday how my family and I were playing together and working on our relationship and that we were learning as we were playing and being with each other, expressing to each what didn’t and did feel loving and so letting go of some of the ways we are that no longer work and instead finding new, more supportive and loving ways of being together and so I can relate to this being like child’s play; learning, expressing; letting go and evolving.

  11. Comfort versus truth… a life lived in comfort that was actually deeply uncomfortable with the constant sense of everything being way off track, versus exploring an innate feeling of truth inside that makes so much sense of our world, the current discord and the simplicity of building true relationships and unity from the ground up. These days I am choosing the latter.

  12. This is a blog that I always seem to come back to which would suggest that I need a reminder … “I realised that it was the order that brought simplicity.” Being prone to waves of messiness I realise that order needs to be something I build consistently in life in order to support simplicity when life is busy. Day 1 of the commitment and building consistency!

  13. Indeed we are being asked to feel into our playfullness and if not lived were it has gone, as we all know it and have lived it before. Hence it is a matter of choice and how much value we give it , that we allow ourselves to feel it again – and so live it again, it is not nessarily child’s play, but actually this is a play age-less, just more allowed when we are young. But that has been a choice, nothing more.

  14. Sooner or later we have to look at the repeating patterns that we all have and make a choice to heal the hurts that keep us repeating the same things over and over again. There is huge healing that occurs when we let go of things that no longer serve us.

  15. I love this Christine, you have beautifully explained a rhythm that we are continually offered. It’s these continuous cycles that offer evolution if we chose to re-imprint next time round.

  16. So true and very beautifully shared – ‘God has an amazing plan for us all; he knows that, given the space for this organised play, we will play out what needs to be expressed and in that play uncover a little more of who we truly are – the essence of which is already known.’
    It’s just up to us to be open to the learning that’s on offer, if not, it just takes a little longer and the ride has a few more bumps in the road.

  17. This blog never fails to blow me away Christine. Today what I received was the clear understanding that true order flows not from restriction or rules but from a quality of flow. And then on top of that you expand the subject to show how the universe is perfectly arranged too so we get to see exactly what is needed to heal, in perfect synchronicity. As long as we stay open to whatever comes, take responsibility for what we feel – then soon, the play and the fun will come along again. Thank you.

  18. I like your analogy with God and the mess we make, and the tidying up. Life may have complications, but like the children and the toys we can create that responsibility in how we address life’s challenges, and top of that list could be, how we engage with other people, how much mess do we bring to the conversation, how much baggage from our lives, or how much have we tidied away, and effectively dealt with our own dramas and experiences, our hurts.

  19. We may think we are ‘playing’ on this planet of hours, taking all these toys out of boxes, creating a mess, but it is about time we start learning to put things back into where they belong to and understand there is an order, and it is well past our bed time and the dinner is getting cold back at home.

  20. I love how you expose your own doubts as to whether the way you were doing things was true or not. We can so easily make ourselves wrong rather than seeing things as they are and appreciate ourselves for our own inner knowing and what we bring to a situation.

  21. I am really noticing the difference when i fully complete an activity or job and how that makes space for the next thing to be there. I was a master of have a million things on the go and never really completing anything fully.

  22. Your words about children’s play and what is expressed and playing out signals how all of our moments can be opportunities to release and uncover more. There is much going on below the surface beneath our superficial movements and activities.

  23. In connecting to our bodies we realise that our every move is impulsed by a quality of energy that we choose, magnifying what we choose through our bodies, imprinting the earth. And so we have the opportunity to re-imprinting every step we take and every move we make with the Divine quality we are within through the way we live, take care of ourselves, walk, speak, eat, sleep, work and every relationship we are in. The beautiful thing is that, much like the wonder of a child playing with the same toys again, every day we are offered the opportunity again and again to bring awareness to what it is we are choosing, to deepen our relationship with the Divine.

  24. I love the rhythm of cycles you are describing here, showing the importance of completion in the sense that there is a rhythm to everything which, when we allow for it, brings flow to life that holds a natural unfolding.

  25. Such deeply restoring words of truth Christine. We are all God’s children and thus we are given adequate space in which to play and to re-learn how to return to our full expression of this love. All of this within the Body of God, the Universe we live within, a never-ending series of cycles that forever afford us the grace in which to re-imprint the space with all that we truly are, if all we have been living has not matched this beauty.

  26. I love the space you allow the children to play in. Teaching them responsibility as well as allowing them to teach you or remind you rather, that we need to constantly be re-imprinting our ways and starting new cycles when we know the old comfortable cycle doesn’t work anymore.

  27. I love that there is an order to life and yet in some ways I question is there also order in messiness? What can we learn from the clutter and or messiness that presents something for us to observe or explore more deeply that we maybe holding back in our lives? The moments we allow ourselves the opportunity to look at these pockets of life, allows us to see the beauty in cycles. Because we may have a cluttered or blocked area at some point but in time when we are ready it will be clear and flow will be restored. Showing us that we all have an order, that ebbs and flows along like a river: The beauty of movement at its best and the surrender to the natural flow, it’s when we fight against the current that we get caught up in the clutter and allow ourselves to be consumed.

  28. It’s magical to watch how innocent and tender young girls and boys are when playing and in general, a real sight to behold.

  29. The simplicity of order how that brings magic to the flow. I too find order really supports me in my day, I love clear and orderly that allows me to feel the space available.

  30. I totally agree Christine that order brings a simplicity and teaching this to children through the power of play is a beautiful way to inspire and support them to choose this as well.

  31. I love your analogy Christine. ‘Like my beautiful children and my amazing grandchildren in their play, we too are constantly selecting the box or area of building, creating, tearing down, digging deep, moving things around until the time comes that it is finished and the old pattern is gone.’

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