It Is My Choice

It is my choice to get out of bed. It is my choice what clothes I wear that morning. It is my choice to eat what I do for breakfast. It is my choice to carefully close the door behind me as I leave the house.

Joost Blom
Joost Blom

It is my choice to feel how my feet feel each step as I walk to my car. It is my choice how I get into the car. It is my choice to wait with starting the car till I’m ready to drive. It is my choice to pay attention to my driving and how that relates to everyone else on the road.

It is my choice to take the road I’m driving on today.

It is my choice where I stop and park my car.

It is my choice to lock my car.

It is my choice to say hello to other people that are here. It is my choice to enter the building. It is my choice which seat I’m sitting on today. It is my choice to listen to and hear what is presented for me to consider.

It is my choice to work out if any of this makes sense to me.

It is my choice to acknowledge when it does make sense.

It is my choice to try out any of what is presented to see how this is for me in my life.

It is my choice to let myself be inspired. It is my choice to get up when I do. It is my choice to look around the room and make eye contact with people as I’m walking to the exit. It is my choice to close the door quietly as other presentations are still proceeding. It is my choice to drive home at the speed I do.

It is my choice what I eat for dinner that night. It is my choice to go for a walk. It is my choice to enjoy the natural beauty of the sunset. It is my choice to feel as awesome as I feel now due to all my choices.

It is my choice to rest my body, go to bed and fall asleep when I do.

It is my choice to be and grow in a relationship with my gorgeous partner, it’s my choice to raise a young child that I love, and support them to be themselves. It is my choice to spend time with my wider family, it’s my choice to live in the regional town I do, it’s my choice to work as a carpenter and it’s my choice to study how I live life and to grow my relationships with people.  

It is my choice to acknowledge the amazing, beautiful changes I have already allowed in my life by trying out what the teachings of Universal Medicine present to me.

It is my choice to appreciate the amazing, beautiful example of living life the way Serge Benhayon lives his life and how this is for me.

It Is My Choice.

With thanks and appreciation for all that has been presented by Universal Medicine for me to consider, and for all the choices Serge Benhayon has made to be where he is today. Both Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon have and continue to inspire me to live my every moment in the fullness of me.

By Joost Blom, Student of Life

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725 thoughts on “It Is My Choice

  1. My choices are a natural outcrop and consequence of how I move. If I move one way, certain choices are obvious. If I move another way, completely different choices are obvious.

  2. Yes, most definitely the greatest possible thanks to Serge Benhayon for the choices he has made that has led him to be the inspiration for so many, showing there are different choices that can be made other than those generally presented by society.

  3. Every moment, we are given an opportunity to breathe differently. We forget that life is a sequence of choices and their consequences. There’s no one to blame. Each choice leads to what is next.

  4. Our choices can help us to evolve or to avoid evolution. Our choices can help us to have a joyous life or one of misery. We make choices all the time to the extent that we stop realizing that we are choosing. That is why it is hard for many to link choices and consequences. Yet, in spite of this, our choices make a difference: a good or a bad one.

  5. On meeting Serge Benhayon for the first time I realised I was finally been offered another way to live, one I had been searching for, for what seemed like forever. I could instantly feel the truth of this new way so I had a choice to make; keep living in the same way I had for all of my life, making the same choices I had always made, or start to make new and more loving choices. With the truth shining within me it wasn’t a hard choice to make; I chose love.

    1. Yes, I totally agree with you, Ingrid, for it was the same for me and it is without a doubt the greatest and best choice I have ever made.

  6. I have not come across anyone like Serge Benhayon and I have searched a long time to find the answers to life. I have always admired people who are intelligent but I now know that this intelligence is regurgitated from books that someone else has written and not necessarily with the truth at the forefront. Serge Benhayon however speaks not from reading books and then putting his interpretation on it, but from his heart and it is from there that he can access the knowledge of the universe which is to be shared with everyone as it belongs to all of us. Serge Benhayon is teaching us all the lost arts of the ancient wisdom which make so much sense I have to wonder why we allowed this way of life be destroyed and to vanish from our lives because it feels to me that if we had cherished and valued this way to live in harmony with ourselves and others then our society would be living completely differently today.

  7. I live in the appreciation that I also now see that everything is a choice (even though we like to convince ourselves that we don’t have a choice). The greatest choice of all is the quality in which I live my day. Is it focussed on trying to please everyone around me or is it working with what I feel within me? My body guides me constantly through feeling open or tense, to show the quality I am living. This was never a choice I consciously knew before meeting Serge Benhayon.

  8. The more aware we become that all our choices affect others, the more aware we become of our responsibility to make wise choices that inspire others to do the same.

  9. Isn’t it so re-empowering to know that in every moment we have a choice; our choice? No more feeling the victim but claiming that our life is ours and no one else’s. And with that comes being responsible for every single one of our choices.

  10. So many choices to make every day, that are so simple if we align to love through what our body communicates. I always remind coach clients that say they can’t make choices they make so many during the day from what they eat to what they wear and what time they go to bed. Great to be aware that there is always a choice and that it starts with the energy we align to.

  11. Wow what a huge responsibility we have every moment, knowing that the life we now have and have lived has been by our own choice.

  12. “It is my choice to let myself be inspired.” Serge Benhayon is an inspiration to make every movement with the awareness of who I am.

  13. Everything we do is our choice. Yet, we do not realize it is because we do not pay attention. The consequence of this is that lack of appreciation that follows regarding how you move in life. Why do we not pay attention? Because by and large, we do not like how we move and because we are not willing to relate this to the fact that things are not easy, so we can find our way out of responsibility via blaming.

  14. A great testament to the fact that the direction of our lives comes in the momentum from the choices we make moment to moment.

  15. It is my choice to be aware of everything in my life, every tiny detail as you show in this blog, even to choosing to bring appreciation or inspiration into my life, ‘It is my choice to let myself be inspired’, or ‘ It is my choice to appreciate the amazing, beautiful example of living life the way Serge Benhayon lives his life.’ Everything is my choice.

  16. ” It Is My Choice ” this is very true and important to understand. It is also the same when a person does not make a choice then that is also a choice. It is always our free will choice to live our life to the full or not.

  17. The acceptance of the indisputable fact, as you have so clearly demonstrated, that the quality of our life is the result of every choice we have ever made, totally dismantles the blame game that so many love to play. I used to be a big player as blaming others meant that I didn’t have to look at my part in what was playing out. Owning that now is a big ouch, but understanding about the power of choice has brought me to a place where I now take responsibility for my choices; after all I made them, no one else did.

  18. The beauty of bringing true healing to our body and our life – being aware of the minutest details that we can choose to do things in a quality that supports our expansion back to that which we all know in truth.

  19. We can choose how we move in every second, and from this we then have new choices to make, each choice we make leads to another choice, they are all connected.

  20. We are constantly given opportunities to move differently and be more in rhythm for what is true to our bodies or move with what is not. Often we choose the latter at the expense of the truth, but the more we shift and feel the difference between these movements, the more we are able to be consistent in the choice to stay with what is true.

  21. Everyday we are presented with numerous choices and your blog Joost reminds us that we are responsible for every single one of them, leaving us with no excuses or room for blame when things don’t go as we’ve expected.

  22. I could be wrong here but I think you are saying that its your choice how you live your life? 🙂

    An important message that can put a halt to the relentless blame game that can keep us from building a honest relationship with ourselves.

  23. “It is my choice…….” I so agree Joost. When we take responsibility for ourselves and our lives we realise it is our choice that affects what happens in our lives and how others respond to us too.

  24. This writing is so important in acknowledging the law of free will. Choice comes from this fact of the law ” free will ” every choice is truly one’s to make and not alone that but one’s previous choice does not precipitate the next choice , its a constant free will of choice.

  25. Great blog Joost, yes it is indeed our choice to engage in life, love and relationships, work and everything else that is on offer. We can’t blame anyone else for what is unfolding, but ourselves as we are the ones who make those choices.

  26. This just highlights how much power we have to choose in every moment how we want to be and experience life. I loved this blog Joost.

  27. It is very empowering when we realise we are making choices constantly and it reads we have responsibility. I have felt in life I had no choice but … and also when I am in reaction to something, I am taken over by the emotion, or a certain behaviour and it feels like there is no other way – then again, it is because of the choices I have made previous to that point, and when I stop blaming others and situations, there always is a choice to be made.

  28. It is our choice in any given moment whether to align to our spirit or our Soul. Thereafter our seeming ‘choices’ are chosen on our behalf by the source of energy we have chosen to align to. That is, after the initial choice is made, the subsequent ‘choices’ are just the outplay of the energy we have allowed to express though our body until such a time that we make another choice as to the source of the energy we allow to impulse us.

  29. Such a beautiful simple lesson Joost but it holds the key to a loving purposeful life; it is my choice, always my choice and we are the sum of our choices.

  30. It was a great choice to read this blog this morning Joost thank you. It is so very empowering to note that in every movement we make in our lives we have the choice to choose what feels supportive and right for us in that moment and to note that no choice is a mistake simply a movement that can attested to how we live and that is simply gorgeous.

  31. We do have choices that we are making continually, which come from a quality of energy that we have aligned to through our body – our movements set us up for the quality of choices that we make – learning this from Serge Benhayon made such sense to me and is something that I am learning to develop more in my life – for example if I find myself wanting to eat something I know that I don’t really need I bring myself back to the quality in the way I am moving with my body to re-imprint the energy that I’m flowing with and this then changes how I think and the kind of choices I’m impulsed to make…

  32. Thank you Joost for the beautiful reminder of the power of our choices in each moment, our choices are either aligned to us evolving or aligned to us devolving – it really is that simple.

  33. A beautiful confirmation of our day to day choices and the impact they have on our lives as a whole. Thank you Joost.

  34. To live in a way that knows every movement and thought is our choice, is to live in absolute responsibility. To live with this level of responsibility is living evolution in every step.

  35. Great to re-read this after what seems ages, but today this is the perfect blog for me. This is so true we are making choices every moment of every day, and sometimes we believe that we are not in control of our lives, but how can you not be when we get to make this many choices. Even in a situation where you we feel as though we are being forced into something against our will, we still have the choice to react or not, stay with us or not, breath our own breath or not – the list is endless, as are all of our choices.

  36. Wow Joost that was an amazing blog to read, my whole body said yes and them my mind wanted to run away from the truth you were presenting. Amazing.

  37. I recently attended the Universal Medicine retreat in Australia and was reminded again of how we make choices, and are responsible for everything that goes on in our lives. But the most important choice, is what energy we align to as there are two types of energy we can choose. One that aligns us to our Soul, where we take great care of ourselves so we can take great care of others, where we can access a world beyond our own human world, and live a life with much more joy, harmony, love and stillness.

    Or one that aligns us to the Spirit, which is very much about itself and makes most – if not all – of its decisions based on me-me-me and at often at disregard of the body.

    Once we choose which energy we want to align to, then that informs the rest of our choices. You can read more here:

  38. It was great to come back to this blog and a reminder that every moment and movement is a choice. We are constantly choosing and if in we make a wrong choice we have the next moment to make another choice. Therefore in truth we can never blame anyone for anything as we have a choice to make a change in each moment.

  39. Serge Benhayon consistently reminds me that energy is behind every choice that we make. This understanding helps me to understand why I make the choices that I do. Our choices tell us a lot about what we are really choosing.

  40. So simply but powerfully highlighting how in every moment we are offered the choice to be in connection with our Soul, our love within, to all that we are, with God and all or not, through which we then magnify the quality we choose through our bodies, through our movements and as a result is what we are sharing with the world.

  41. It is forever our choice whether we let such choices be ruled from the ‘self’ or from the greater All we are a part of. Much illusion lies in not discerning from which pool of consciousness our choices are made.

      1. Yes very true Liane and Golnaz – as it is our choice that adds to either pool of consciousness. Such is our responsibility as to what we are magnifying, and as such adding to.

  42. A truly loving appreciation of choices made to bring love, learning and connection to living. Thank you Joost.

  43. Everything is a choice. The most basic is how we breathe and how we move and the quality in which we live. The most basic is the energy we choose. This it is that creates the foundation of our life and supports all our choices.

  44. Thank you Joost, what you share is super important that is: the realness, and absolute honesty and appreciation of where you are at and how you came to be where you are standing now with yourself. Showing us that there is no perfection, only simply being and growing more into ourselves (just like a tree) and growing our leaves out for everyone to see. Love it!

  45. Our lives cannot but be transformed when we accept the power we have to make loving choices in life, and the responsibility we then possess to have the quality of life we wish due to those choices.

  46. The way you bring choice to my attention in this blog is amazing, as it shows me that in fact life is a succession of choices and that the quality of all choices made up to this point in my life makes how I am now.

  47. The power of choice and how effortless it is to change our way of moving in any moment. I love the possibilities of learning that are available to us constantly too. Thank you Joost.

  48. “It is my choice to feel as awesome as I feel now due to all my choices.” A beautiful appreciation of the responsibility of the choices we make in the way we choose to live.

  49. When I found the truth about life and there are being choices, from that moment on I have to the best of my ability chosen my divine connection to God. I feel this is the part of me that cannot be denied, for this is a reality, which is the only true choice and all else revolves around that first choice.

  50. I love the responsibility, consequences and learning that comes from deeply knowing that we have a choice in everything we do, it is as simple as that. Thank you Joost.

  51. We all have free will to either choose love or all that is not from love. I am free to make a new choice today and that is to be more loving, gentle and tender with myself which will support me to let go of the hardness and protection I can still feel in my body.

  52. Gosh that’s a lot of choices! Even just with the ones you have mentioned (let alone the countless others) there is sooo much responsibility in there.

  53. I overheard someone yesterday saying they had read something that said we can only control, or similar words, two things in life, this is not true, we have a choice in everything we do, it’s never ending. But is also exposes the illusion, fog and lack of responsibility we live in and have made the choice to – of the fact or bliss our lives just happen to us, when the truth is every choice we make, and that could be the choice to not be aware, for we are always making choices, is a choice made by us, no one else. Do we choose to choose for ourselves or not? And if not who is then running the show? Because it certainly isn’t us.

  54. Well that was just awesome – in reading about your day it really made me think about my awareness in everything I do. And my presence. It seems so simple yet it’s so easy for us to get caught up in the busy-ness of those around us. Thanks, Joost, for this cool blog.

  55. It is our choice whether we live the love that we are or avoid it. As it is also our choice to discern if the love that we live is genuine or the image we have been sold in its place.

  56. This blog really gets across to me how every moment is a choice and in a way a crossroads, since what I choose in each moment will have ripples that will affect the next choices coming up. I am coming to understand that every choice is a choice of which energy I allow to run me and that all attempts to control life are futile and illusionary.

  57. It is a great reminder that from the moment we wake to the moment we sleep, we are constantly making choices. There it is really up to us to be making loving choices that support us throughout our day.

  58. It is my choice to feel what impact the world is having on my body, or to ignore it, cover it up, dull and numb it. When I do feel what is going on, I connect to an inner warmth, a divine spark that is always there ready to shine.

  59. There are so many choices to make daily that can lead to levels of appreciation. When we choose to bring more responsibility to these there is definitely more of an awareness of how our choices impact every aspect of our lives.

  60. The choices we make now and in the next moment or the next, no matter how small can have an effect on our future immediately or can occur, not so obviously, a long way down the track. Life style choices affect our health hugely though we don’t always like to know that, which is why many seem to be surprised when illness occurs.

  61. It is great to be reminded of how I am making choices in everything all the time, to bring back my awareness to this fact, and then the consequences of these choices.

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