A Lesson in Grating an Apple

I stayed with a friend recently and we decided to make some apple pancakes together for breakfast. I was given the task of grating an apple. I was feeling a bit tired but very hungry, so I threw myself into my role as chief apple grater and attempted to grate the apple as fast as I could.

After about 30 seconds, apple seemed to be flying all over the kitchen. I felt like I would lose the skin on my knuckles at any moment; I was getting nowhere, my friend was laughing her head off and I felt frustrated and defensive. I was trying so hard to get this job done and it was tough. I certainly wasn’t in the mood to laugh.

It took some convincing (I really had my cranky pants on), but eventually I let my friend explain that there was an easier way to grate the apple. All I had to do was grate gently and use the skin of the apple to protect my fingers as I went. After a short demonstration it was clear that my friend was on to something! She made this apple grating thing look so easy… but I wasn’t convinced until I tried it myself. I thought that maybe my friend just had stronger arms than I did.

So I gave this new apple grating method a try, and sure enough I had to admit my friend was absolutely right. My apple grating chore became so easy and lovely I actually began to enjoy myself. It didn’t take me long to realise that I have approached many things in my life the way I approached that poor helpless apple that morning.

I am learning that when I am gentle, I am present – and when I am present everything seems easier, runs much more smoothly and there is a graceful flow. It is amazing what we can learn from the smallest action or thing. I was amazed by the beautiful lesson that I eventually allowed by simply grating an apple and being open to a different way, and it has stayed with me ever since.

Inspired by Serge Benhayon and the work of Universal Medicine.

By Leonne Sharkey, Brisbane

269 thoughts on “A Lesson in Grating an Apple

  1. I can really relate to needing some convincing before I would even give consideration to giving another way of being a go – even though the way I am in at the moment is not working and I am not enjoying it at all. Funny how stubborn I can be even though something is clearly not working, I would choose to stay stuck with it until it becomes impossible.

  2. “I am learning that when I am gentle, I am present – and when I am present everything seems easier, runs much more smoothly and there is a graceful flow.” I know! My life has completely turned around from being a struggle to being enjoyable and easeful through being gentle, tender and present with all that I do.

  3. Funny story that reveals a simple wisdom we all should get to know: the flow and ease that comes with being present, gentle with the body and enjoying ourselves in doing what we do. It always works.

  4. I absolutely appreciate how we can receive such amazingly supportive life lessons from the most everyday objects and situations. Since reading your delightful blog some time ago, I cannot pick up a grater without remembering the very wise lesson you have shared with us.

  5. All situations in life, no matter how small or mundane they appear to be, are opportunities for us to continually learn and advance from, if we are open to receiving the lesson that is on offer.

  6. That’s the beauty when we have experienced it by ourselves, it stays with us and like you did we can apply these seemingly insignificant actions to how we live and simply change our way of doing so the being gets a chance to determine the qualtiy of how we live.

  7. Being gentle, aware and present can make the most mundane task, like grating an apple, or cleaning a toilet or sweeping a floor feel like the most amazing, most important job in the world.

  8. A beautiful blog. Working harmoniously is in my experience always more effective when considering the whole and usually also in every detail.

  9. ‘I am learning that when I am gentle, I am present – and when I am present everything seems easier, runs much more smoothly and there is a graceful flow.’ So very true. It can be easy to think that by doing things quickly or rushing we do them quicker but I find I make mistakes and things take longer. Whereas when I feel more present and just concentrating on what I am doing and not the end result it seems to get done super quickly!

  10. There are lessons available everywhere, in small moments and big, if we choose to see life as a development.

  11. You crack me up Leonne. You paint such a vivid picture of the utter absurdity of life when we live disconnected from our Soul and all the simplicity it offers.

  12. Lovely to revisit this blog today and feel the truth here and also to reflect on times when I have gone hard or been over enthusiastic or found myself frowning with concentration trying to get something done. There is a power within us that needs no forcing on our part, it is available when we are connected and open and we attend carefully and lovingly to what needs to be done.

  13. Once we deepen our presence and connection with ourselves everything we do comes from a natural ease and flow and a lightness of touch. I find when my touch changes and my movements harden I know I have gone into my head to work something out or made it about completing something instead of enjoying the moment and what it is offering.

  14. I absolutely love life’s simple lessons; simple but at the same time often very powerful as in the case of this very humble apple. You have shown so beautifully that it is a lesson that can be taken into our everyday life, where slowing down and being very conscious of what we are doing can make a huge difference to us, to the quality of what we are doing and even to those around us.

    1. What we do affects everything and everyone and thus, there is no deed too small or seemingly insignificant that we could ever plan or execute.

  15. What a beautiful revelation you have shared here Leonne of how our connection to a quality that is innate in us all, can guide us to live with greater presence, grace and awareness, all of which allows us to be moved by a far more honouring flow.

  16. Gosh reading this years on I can’t help but laugh. I still rush at things like a bull at a gate at times so I should probably read this blog more often.

  17. “When I am gentle, I am present – and when I am present everything seems easier, runs much more smoothly and there is a graceful flow” – this is so true in everything. When I am gentle, I am already allowing space for myself to observe and that allows me to be understanding of others and what is happening around me. I don’t live that all the time yet but life constantly gives me opportunities to learn this grace.

  18. From grating an apple to when we see another struggling in any other way – to offer them another way to approach it can be absolute gold.

  19. I can relate to a similar approach Leonne, wanting to get on with doing something and being very enthusiastic about completing it but not realising that I was not fully with myself when doing it which was reflected in how much effort I felt I had to use in my movements and the lack of true quality in the outcome.

  20. The way of the “pancake” is always about being light fluffy and just the right amount of gentleness so that it brings a taste that we will never forget. Especially when it involve things that we find out are to sweet for us and cause bloating as the more we bloat then with the remembering of that taste that we will never forgetting allows us to avoid that same situation in the future. And bloating is no “laughing” matter, because you may have to change out of your “cranky pants” as Leonne did?

  21. ‘I am learning that when I am gentle, I am present – and when I am present everything seems easier, runs much more smoothly and there is a graceful flow.’ This is so true and just so simple, to be present in the flow of grace.

  22. It is not what we do but what we bring to what we do that makes all the difference.’ when I am gentle, I am present – and when I am present everything seems easier, runs much more smoothly and there is a graceful flow.’ So true.

  23. How beautiful it is to see that everyday we have the opportunity to feel, learn and explore the simplicity of life lived via our movements and the surrender to what is there to help us grow, understand and love everyday. Simply awesome thank you Leonne.

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