The Power of Choice

I would like to share an experience I had a while back that made me realise just how powerful our choices can be.

I was in London for the weekend to attend the Esoteric Developers Women’s Group, a group that explores what it is like to live as a woman in today’s society. The group presents Women’s Health from a different and non-imposing perspective where taking responsibility for our own wellbeing and our choices is part of the key topics presented. 

As I left my hotel in the morning I noticed it was very warm and humid outside. I had my whole life struggled with humidity, it made me go warm headed, sweaty and really uncomfortable. I would say I was extraordinarily sensitive to it and it has always had a huge impact on my wellbeing.

So my first thought was “Oh! this is going to be a sticky day”. The next moment I wondered “where did that thought come from?” To be honest it felt like a bit of a curse! As if at that moment I purposely chose/demanded of myself to step into a world of well-known discomfort. I could feel how it automatically made me go into hardening my body, as well as feeling a subtle but nagging anxiousness. I could literally feel how my body braced itself to make it through the discomfort.

By the time I got to the event, this profound realisation (the fact that I actually had activated the discomfort myself by choosing an old and very negative spiraling thought pattern) made me feel very uncomfortable (so double discomfort at this point…).

And I acknowledged that I AM NOT the discomfort. I am the precious woman that left the hotel a few minutes earlier feeling truly lovely! What I realised was how up until this point I had identified with the discomfort and given it fuel in the form of negative thoughts that made it grow bigger.

So, there I was, having realised and acknowledged this self-made setup, and I could either choose to keep myself trapped in that crippling pattern or I could choose differently: which was to stay empowered and connect back with myself and the loveliness that I felt in my body before I chose to comply to this old pattern.

I chose the second option.

In order to truly connect back with my body and not make this a mind thing, I chose to go for a few minutes walk down the Hyde Park promenade. Walking is for me one of the major ways to bring myself back to me and my body when I find myself hooked in by the mind, by emotions or by anything coming from outside of me. In this particular case I was walking with acceptance, as taught by Serge Benhayon.

When I am walking with all of me, all of who I am, no holding back (no doubt or fear, no judgement or arrogance etc) – just plain and simply ME – there follows a natural acceptance of ME and an acceptance of ALL around me that is deeply felt and known.

It’s a feeling of simplicity and grace.

Instead of staying trapped in the old pattern of reacting to the physical discomfort and hence hugely magnifying it, I allowed myself to not only connect to who I truly am but also with that, connecting to everyone and everything around me equally.

Did the discomfort change? – Completely!

It was amazing to feel how easily the presence of myself was regained. It was no big process; it just felt lovely, natural and totally uncomplicated.

The humidity hadn’t changed, but how I responded to it had changed.

How can something so incredibly uncomfortable not only change, but turn into something completely different so easily??

The answer is simple – THE POWER OF CHOICE.

Forever and deeply inspired by the Esoteric Women’s Health as well as the entire work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine

By Eva Rygg, Norway


432 thoughts on “The Power of Choice

  1. Thank you Eva, for offering such a beautiful reflection and testimony to the fact that whatever it is we willingly connect or align to is what we magnify through our bodies, giving way to and reflecting the quality of choices and life we experience. As such it sure does serve us well to bring awareness to how we feel in our bodies, through firstly developing a loving and honouring relationship with ourselves, our body and our being.

  2. There is a life of “simplicity and grace” waiting for all of us. All we have to do is make a choice to not allow the ‘negatives’ that often swirl around us to take us away from ourselves but instead to stay in connection to the amazingly wise being that we are. There is so much power in choice; power to bring complication into our lives or power to return to living in simplicity where life flows with ease.

  3. The power of choice, very cool. I know that if I let my brain run away when it comes to these things, it can completely take over and diminishing who I am. This morning I had a hive rash thing come up on my neck, it kept getting itchier and itchier, then I read this blog and begun to settle, by the time I was finished reading, the itch went away and the rash settled down completely.

  4. Love the power of movement. Life is just a flow. You either choose to flow with one current or another. No matter how caught one feels in one current it is still just a choice to come back to the other. It just wants to elude us that that choice is not so simple if not non existent. No trying in true choice.

  5. It’s great to see how we can set ourselves up to struggle or find something difficult just by the way we approach something and if we have a set picture in our minds eye about how it’s going to go… Rather than simply staying with the quality that we’re bringing to the situation…

  6. Great blog Eva, the more we feel and move in the greatness we are, the more we feel when these movements are not of this same greatness.

  7. This is certainly a very powerful example of the power of our choice. I too am discovering this in how I walk when I walk with all of me. Old patterns of how I hold myself are released. Any thoughts about what I need to do in the day and worries over this leave. Sometimes I want to keep hold of the thoughts, I may even have thoughts that say if I don’t think about what I need to do next I will miss something and make mistakes. But when I choose to focus on my walk, on what I’m feeling and my movements the connection with myself is restored and a clarity and simplicity I can bring to my day is known.

  8. Great article and the choice is clear. We can have a thought that then dictates how we move and then what we think next as this article is saying. What if we check in on the quality of the thought and then choose to move not in accordance with the thought but in accordance to how we feel? I spend time in the practice of walking for walking, meaning not walking for exercise or time out or to think but walking with a dedication to just allow my body to settle, a walking yoga in a way. This way I know what ‘I’ feel like walking and so when something happens I go to my walk and connect to this and allow myself to settle. I realise I walk and move a lot and so I want to be sure that I am truly connected to what I am doing and not just a walking head of thoughts.

  9. This is why it can be said that we make our own weather. What this means is that we are in control of the environment we find ourselves in by way of the energy we choose to align to. Or more correctly stated, we align to a source of energy, either love or all that is not love, and all our subsequent choices are fed to us by virtue of the source we have aligned to. If we find ourselves lost in a world that is not true to the love we are, in order to return we need simply adjust our movement by way of seeking that which will bring us back to ourselves, such as the simple move Eva made when changing her walk. Great example.

  10. The power of choice and the power of expectation. Both powerful, but one, expectation, can only leads us into more misery whereas we always have the choice to make a loving and true choice.

  11. Thankyou Eva, great to read this again. Life is truly powerful and miraculous when we live from a connection to our inner most heart. It was amazing that you were open to the possibility of life feeling different in the humidity, as most of us just accept that this is “how life is”, rather than explore further.

  12. I love what you share Eva, we have a choice how we respond to every situation, we can choose to approach a situation in a fresh way, not bringing our past experiences with us, we then have a fresh choice how to respond to what is presenting in the present and not be influenced by the past.

  13. Astonishing proof that our approach to life counts. I think it’s incredibly empowering to know that what we choose from the moment we wake up will shape, mould and define our day ahead – I love that.

  14. This makes me think back of the days where I would often have headaches and once a headache would start it would be there always for the rest of the day, it would also increase in severity and force me to go to bed early. So every time a headache would start I would know that I could write off my day soon. This totally changed as well for me when I stopped reacting to the fact of having a headache and simply take it easy, sometimes the headache would go away completely in the day. All because of choosing to stay with me instead of reacting to my headache.

  15. When there is a strong will to nominate and move in a way that rebirths The Way that is fire through expression it will be that; and the more the body will now know again. Such is life / fire.

  16. ‘The humidity hadn’t changed, but how I responded to it had changed.’ The golden key to life. We can spend lifetimes trying to change whatever is outside of us but nothing will change – ever. The moment we realise that the only thing we can change and have responsibility to change is the way we live our lives – our choices – is when we start to live life instead of being moved through it by whatever is going on around us.

  17. The power of choice, as Eva said the humidity hadn’t changed, she changed in choosing to not give the discomfort any attention or energy, she chose to stop this old pattern, and to instead put her energy into re-establishing her connection with self and how lovely she felt. What is shared in this blog can be brought into so many areas of our life, it is always our choice how we respond.

  18. I love the simplicity of what you share, how we can make different choices according to what we want, we are powerful beings.

  19. This blog is revelatory! Highlighting where I am still caught up in being a victim to the world and justify this by saying it is so cold, or the phone keeps ringing and I can’t focus on what I’m doing or whatever. Yes, these things are this way but they are not bigger than my loveliness! I don’t have to forgo being connected with me to deal with the world by enjoining with whatever is being presented – an argument or whatever. As soon as I do this whatever is going on on the outside becomes what is on my inside, like letting in the rain. But even then, beneath that all is my loveliness that when I let myself shine all the rain and damp evaporates.

  20. Eva your blog explains so clearly how our attitude to something can create a discomfort or unease that doesn’t really have to be there.

  21. Eva, this highlights how much we set ourselves up for what we experience and then question what is really going on. There are times when it can feel like we are copping a ‘bad’ time but could it be that we receive what we have already set ourselves up for. Staying present and focusing on our amazing essence will support only beautiful and support moments – it is up to us.

  22. It is gorgeous to feel the simplicity and grace that flows through us, in these moments which I am observing and becoming more aware of supports me to continue choosing and connecting to love, my true essence.

  23. What this shows is that actually nothing from the outside can truly change how we feel inside, unless we bring more importance to the outside than to ourself.

    1. Very true Esther, a great reminder to stay connected to ourselves or we give power to things outside of ourselves and then complication can follow.

  24. Phenomenal – what is going on around us (including the weather) never need interrupt how amazing we feel – unless we choose to allow it to.

  25. Negative thoughts are truly destructive as they not only bring us down they feed us self-doubt too, I loved reading about your walk because I too find walking a great way to connect with myself, to bring me back to a rhythm and a flow which is definitely empowering.

  26. ‘Walking is for me one of the major ways to bring myself back to me and my body when I find myself hooked in by the mind, by emotions or by anything coming from outside of me.’ I totally agree Eva, walking is such a powerful way in which we can support ourselves and the acceptance walk is a great way to bring ourselves back when we wander off into old patterns or stories in our heads. Thank you for this simple and inspiring reminder.

  27. Great to read your blog again Eva and reflect on how I give my power away to the outer environment and my expectations of how the day may be for me based on weather, or choosing to stay with the loveliness within.

  28. The power of choice is such a huge one. We can so easily give in to these old patterns that have usually held us in a way of being that is less than satisfying or loving. There can be that spiralling effect as you say, that can take a hold, unless we learn to arrest it, be aware of the process of how we can give into it. I know that I do that a lot at work. I start the day, being incredibly with myself, connected and loving, then as the day unfolds, I get affected from outside influences, but also inside influences. The inside influences are the thoughts that can derail, distract, so I start to eat, then loose myself and not be all of me in everything else I am there to do. So what you are sharing here is so very true. It is knowing that we do have the power of choice, anytime, anywhere.

  29. Eva you have provided for us in your article a great tool on how to deal with situations which challenge us. We can take responsibility and know that we may or may not be able to change the situation but that we can most definitely change how we respond to it.

  30. We really can set ourselves up, probably more than we may realise by the way we ‘think’. We sure are powerful creators, yet often what we are ‘creating’ is not necessarily what we would choose if questioned, though this is by default what we have chosen. We are always choosing one way or the other.

  31. Awesome Eve, discovering that we are the creator of our own ills is extremely powerful, and discovering the subtlety of these choices is even more powerful.

  32. Very inspiring Eva. Very gorgeous to feel the power that comes through our choice to connect to who we are within. For it is only when we are connected to our essence within that our minds are guided to work with us, as otherwise they are driven by a force that serve only to keep us away from living with the awareness and the in the power of all that we are. This is always our choice, one that in every moment is offered to us to us again and again and again, and as such is what is magnified through our bodies.

  33. Sometimes we are stunned by one choice that we make, that out of the blue seems to change our day, but the reality is our whole existence is a continual chain of choices. So for every ‘normal’ thing we do, that we take foregranted what if there is another wyay like the one that you chose Eva, that promotes nurturing, tenderness and space? And what would our life be like if we just chose this more often? I am inspired to find out and give my ‘normal’ a miss.

  34. If we continue to measure life from what we have known we will perpetually be owned by the past. If we look to others for a sense of safety in us, we will always be chasing an out of reach carrot. And most of all as you show Adam we miss out completely on our true beauty. There is no-one I need to copy or to beat, all that’s needed is to be simply be me.

  35. The simplicity and yet power of your realization can be applied to absolutely anything in life…. for the person, issue or incident may not be able to be changed, however how we respond to it is completely under our control.

    1. Yes, it is that simple really we can either react to life and what is before us or we can choose to respond to it…. responding is so much more enjoyable for us and for all.

  36. Aah the joy that is movement and how effortlessly we can change our bodies configuration from tense and hard to supple and oh so lovely by changing the way we move. Thank you Eva.

  37. Awesome example, respond or react? Simple choices always there for us and the consequences of those choices always offering us further choices, and another way, should we be open to this.

  38. Great example Eva. The true power of choice is in knowing that there is, in every moment, a choice to be made. This choice is very simple – do we express the love that we are, or do we hold back and through this end up instead expressing all that is not of this love? Most of us just bumble through life not even being aware that we are even making a choice with every step. Thus the first choice here is to become aware that every move we make is fashioned by the source of energy we have chosen (albeit subconsciously at this stage) to align to. Is it love or is it not?

  39. This is a beautiful example of how we create our own reality, as you say “The humidity hadn’t changed, but how I responded to it had changed.” This is huge and I love the simplicity in it, we all have the power to make a choice in every moment.

  40. What you have presented here Eva really stood out for me this morning, no big process or huge issue, just simply a choice; and as we know the choice is always ours;
    “It was amazing to feel how easily the presence of myself was regained. It was no big process; it just felt lovely, natural and totally uncomplicated”.

  41. I think we forget we have a choice in every moment, and give our power away to the dramas of life, letting ourselves knowingly be tossed and turned around by everything and anyone outside of us. I know I do, but if I’m totally honest it’s a lack of responsibility. I know for a fact in every single moment I can choose how I can be, if I choose staying with myself, feeling me first is more important than any conflict, drama, emotions or energy outside myself, then things change and become very clear big time. I observe life, people, situations, energy at play, where they are coming from and why, and they do not have an affect on me. Hence I take responsibility. I don’t absorb them or take on other peoples emotions. Which if I am honest, I do big time, because I worry, judge, think to much, contract and react to things or people before I have even got there or met them. I know deep down this is not me, it’s an old cycle pattern to not choose anymore, it’s not going to happen overnight, but something I need to work on.

  42. Beautiful Eva, what an amazing experience of choosing to stay connected to your loveliness within and to the presence of all that you are , and not allowing outer conditions to send you spiralling into a day of discomfort. Much to learn from your experience, thankyou!

  43. I have been finding the same, the moment I choose to approach any situation in a fresh way, not bringing my past experiences with me I see I have a fresh choice as to how to respond to it. It does not mean I negate all my past experiences but I just observe where the anxiety, the hesitancy, the fear even grumpiness comes up and ask myself if that is needed right now and how I feel right now, or is that an old feeling that is being brought in. The choices we make are very powerful and available far more often than I would have appreciated before choosing to be more aware of them.

  44. This is a beautiful reminder of the power that choice has, it is incredibly inspiring to feel that in every moment of hardship we have the choice to step out of it. It is this that makes life a joy.

    1. Yes true Victoria, I know for me some of my choices in the past were used to distract and delay me, a perfect way to stay irresponsible.

  45. It is a strange human way that we focus all our attention on a negative thought that is a mere blip of the true magnificence we are, as if by such focus we could begin to tell ourselves we are far less than who we truly are. A great save Eva…the power of choice is always in our own hands.

  46. “….I could either choose to keep myself trapped in that crippling pattern or I could choose differently: which was to stay empowered and connect back with myself ….” This is so empowering Eva. I am realising this week some of the old patterns I keep re-choosing, rather then letting them go. Choosing to stay connected and with myself is the way to go!

  47. This is absolutely a life changing discovery Eva. I am pondering on the many ways I react to things believing these reactions to be ‘part of me’ when in fact they are choices that lead me to feel miserable. The wonderful thing is we all have an opportunity to choose differently regardless of what we are faced with.

  48. Thank you Eva for a great blog one that I can relate to from a different angle. For me it was the amount of sleep. In the past there were times when I would not get what I thought was the required amount of sleep, even though I felt fine upon waking I would immediately tally up the hours of sleep I had which were less and said to myself I am going to be tired, this was a set up for me to be tired for the rest of the day I realised this and chose to not add the hours slept and go into the mind game and just feel how my body was feeling and letting it be ok..

  49. “It was amazing to feel how easily the presence of myself was regained. It was no big process; it just felt lovely, natural and totally uncomplicated.” – I love this sentence, as it demonstrates the ease of the choice to be ourselves is. We sometimes make it a huge hullabaloo about I’ve got to do this, that and the other, when a simple walk is all that’s needed

  50. When I observe myself going into justifying my choices or making a choice out of need then there is always a tension connected to this choice which impacts how I am physically – I contract, observe there are fears and feel pressure. The degree to which we influence outcomes is huge. It is all about the energy we choose and as you have shown Eva by choosing love first and to be who we truly are everything around us changes – energetically everything becomes clear and is no longer contaminated by what is not true.

  51. Eva I did this every year living in North Queensland where humidity is a constant and not just specific to summer… so I really got the set-up per-say of the negative thoughts and associations around this and how that then plays out by confirming once again what we previously perceived about it. Now I’m living in Canada and what I’ve just realised by reading your blog is how I set myself up for winter… not in necessarily a loving way but more of a ‘oh gee am I going to be cold’ and I can feel my body starting to tense even thinking about it. What is interesting is that when it does come to winter and if I do feel really cold it is because of how I have chosen to dress or what I have chosen to do. So thanks for sharing your experience Eva.

  52. How we respond or react to any circumstance or situation is the key to how we will feel and what we eminate; as you say Eva it is all about choice. Thank you for the beautiful reminder.

  53. “I had identified with the discomfort and given it fuel in the form of negative thoughts that made it grow bigger.” A great realisation Eva. We have a choice to be ruled by our ingrained patterns or to choose in every moment to be who we truly are. And we live with the consequences of our choices.

  54. Eva, what you share here is how simple it is to change a way of living. A very powerful reality that each and every person has the ability to live from – if first there is the choice to discern when our mind overrides the true beauty of our body.

  55. Walking is a very powerful way to bring ourselves back to our innermost but equally if we are walking with troubled thoughts walking magnifies the issues. We need an awareness of both.

  56. Every moment we are making choices, and it doesn’t matter what situation we are in, what building office block we work in, what relationship issue that comes up, we can always choose to choose Love. We can always align to truth, ignore the hooks of the drama, feel the hurt we may carry and return to our divinity. Thanks for putting this into perspective here for me Eva. If life is constant chain of choices which lead from one to the next, let us ensure we make the ones that come with Love.

  57. Making a choice gives us the opportunity to reconfigure our movements, Which change the way we feel. It can be very empowering to feel this.

  58. These old patterns are very imbedded, hard to spot and even harder to change so thank you for this inspiring blog. It is that simple to say yes to something else rather than stay with the old pattern, but we have to see it first before we can open ourselves up for a realisation. In my case Although there is a part of me that wants to change these old patterns it is as if there is another very determined part of me that insists that I hold on to them and stops me for seeing what is going on. An internal battle one side wanting to develop awareness and the other seeking to suppress any such development.

  59. Eva, you have giving us a lovely practical example of how truly powerful our choices are. When we are challenged by situations we can choose to go into our old patterns of being a victim of circumstances, or we can choose to heal them. Beautiful how you changed a life long struggle, by simply connecting back to your body and the true you.

    1. Absolutely Elizabeth, in what Eva says we can see there is no situation or moment this does not apply. There is always the possibility to stop the familiar momentum and to choose Love.

  60. Very interesting Eva, I have found a similar situation with food. When I think I am hungry I can change that thought by the way I move and connect back to myself! This deeper understanding of how my mind and body work came about after I had a 4 hour breakfast after a Universal Medicine retreat in Vietnam and 2 hours later I joined in a chorus of other students who said they were hungry and lets go for lunch. Yes it was lunch time but in no way could I be hungry so I nominated that and in so doing so my body then moved in a different energy and the hunger pains went away.

  61. This is a lovely confirmation for me Eva of the power of our choices. I am experiencing this myself this morning. I had the choice to let my mind run the show or to let go of what it was ‘trying to tell me’ and reconnect to my body. In that moment I chose to reconnect to my body and can feel the shift that occurred in how I was feeling about myself and life in general. And it’s understanding that there are choices to be made in every moment.

  62. Eva I love how you bring everything back to a practical simplicity. No fuss just truth. Simple.

  63. ‘The humidity hadn’t changed, but how I responded to it had changed.’ It’s almost too simple to accept the power of our choices for when we do, we have to accept also the number of times we have been an absolute numpty and chosen the complication of our old patterns over simplicity. We can become arrogant in the defense of our choices, when really aren’t we just feeling embarrassed, ashamed…etc. The most loving thing to do at this point is accept and surrender that its a fair cop, letting go of and healing the old habit or pattern in the process.

  64. We are often fed thoughts that set off an array of feelings. We then think these feelings are ours and these feelings are true and we contemplate, ponder on and process what ‘we’ are feeling, usually going into solutions or some sort of a ‘doing’ to deal with or manage what ‘we’ are feeling. The truth is that these are not actually ‘our’ feelings at all or our issues and instead they are totally given to us through or mind. Like there are thousands of thought bubbles floating through the air waiting to jump into our head at any chance it gets, which is when we are not connected with and feeling our body. I love the emphasis of the fact that the way we can prevent negative thoughts and feelings is through re-connecting with our body and the power of who we are, not allowing ourselves to be fed by anything but what we feel in our body.

  65. A powerful blog Eva, showing the effect that every choice we make has. Choosing simplicity over complication and not feeding the old pattern. I remember looking at the clock in the morning after not getting my seven hours sleep thinking I am going to be tired today, it was a set up as I would keep telling myself how tired I am, magnifying it, when I choose to ignore the thoughts I was fine and not tired at all.

  66. Amazing, isn’t it… how readily we can give up on the loveliness of our being, finding seeming ‘reason’ to have this disturbed, upset and distracted from… And then, how readily we can come back to it. All an absolute matter of choice and Will, as you’ve so beautifully described Eva. Thank-you.

  67. In this, you offer one of the greatest teachings we could ever hear and truly receive Eva: “It was amazing to feel how easily the presence of myself was regained. It was no big process; it just felt lovely, natural and totally uncomplicated.”
    Need we make our life one of struggle and complication? Or are there indeed choices available to us, most especially via connecting with our own bodies and the way in which we move – as taught by Serge Benhayon – that can empower us more than we (for the better part) choose to acknowledge?

    1. Absolutely Eva and Victoria, when we give ourselves the space to expand and feel that connection with our bodies then the way in which we move brings a true purpose empowering us for all of humanity.

  68. Beautiful Eva, thank you for sharing this simple but powerful message. How freeing to realize that the power of your experiences is with you and not at the perception and mercy of the weather.

  69. Each day is the same day… Let me elaborate.

    Each day we make choices and those choices dictate how we feel.
    We make choices and feel different things. Thereby the experiment is to experience the same day again and again until such a time we master life.

    The only thing that really comes in the way of this is our choice to not be masters of life but instead to indulge in the self-created individualism that an unmastered life provides.

  70. I love your sharing here Eva, reflecting the simplicity and absolute power of a choice to stay with the body and not bring anything else to the moment. Just your absolute love and commitment to you. I too am noticing this with myself, that when a thought comes in, there is that point just after where you feel your body change and you say to yourself, hang on, that is not my thought and I am not entertaining it, I choose to stay with my body and breathe my breath. I also find that if I move when I am saying this to myself it feels amazing too.

  71. The power of choice is so powerful and so too is the ‘acceptance walk’ that you so simple and clearly share, Eva. It is such practical and empowering tool for everyday living.

  72. The power of choice is so powerful and so too is the ‘acceptance walk’ that you so simply and clearly share, Eva. It is such practical and empowering toll for everyday living.

  73. ‘ When I am walking with all of me, all of who I am, no holding back (no doubt or fear, no judgement or arrogance etc) – just plain and simply ME – there follows a natural acceptance of ME and an acceptance of ALL around me that is deeply felt and known’. We are only ever asked and invited to be our true selves and no perfection asked for.

  74. Choice is one of the least understood and most underestimated powers. Everything in every moment is based on a choice or the result of a previous one. Universal Medicine brings a grand awareness to the in and outs of and the power of choice in a way that has empowered thousands of people to choose another more loving way of being and living.

  75. The power of choosing to be with ourselves and not be ruled by our thoughts. Thank you for the reminder of the ease with which it is possible to come back to the body and totally change our perspective if we so choose.

  76. Hi Eva, from your blog I could see how easy it is to heal the past, present and future all in the one moment. The moment we choose to not accept an old projection!

      1. Yes powerful indeed jacqmcfadden04 for the moment we choose truth is the moment we move out of the boundaries of time and into the expansiveness of space.

  77. It is amazing how we allow ourselves to be bound by our past experiences and form expectations and projections which would stop us from experiencing and appreciating the truth of what is simply presented before us.

  78. Great sharing Eva. And so we always have choice to relate to whatever is happening outside and internally for us. It is a life where we could choice response-ability over blame and victimhood.

  79. Your experience highlights what is possible when we are able to catch ourselves going down a familiar slippery slope of choices and in that moment save ourselves from a moment, an hour or a day of feeling lousy about ourselves. The trick, the skill, is to be able to catch that moment – but we get many points of choice as we descend into the abyss. So it’s just a matter of whether we choose to take up any of the opportunities for a different outcome. Always about choices. Always our very own responsibility.

  80. “just plain and simply ME – there follows a natural acceptance of ME and an acceptance of ALL around me that is deeply felt and known”, simplicity and grace, how beautiful Eva. You have just demonstrated the power and divinity of being your true self, being ME.

  81. Thanks Eva, I find it amazing how in the simplicity of being honest about where our beliefs come from, the way we feel about a situation can be completely turned around.

  82. How we feel is magnified by how we express what we are feeling, so in every given moment we have the choice for our expression to be open, accepting and loving, or closed and loveless. Thank you Eva, this is a great blog to remind us of this fact.

  83. Hi Eva, proof that staying with the body works. I find that I get caught up in thinking and ruminating at times and struggle to stop the stories building up. Walking is one way that I find helps to bring me back too.

    1. So true ch1956 we can build up stories in our mind to tower above us and shadow our thoughts or build our own power. We always have a choice. It is also true that our body is constantly working for us – if only we would listen to it and accept the strength and power of our body over the power of the mind.

  84. ‘When I am walking with all of me, all of who I am, no holding back (no doubt or fear, no judgement or arrogance etc) – just plain and simply ME – there follows a natural acceptance of ME and an acceptance of ALL around me that is deeply felt and known.’ This is such a healing both to read and to do. The choice to move with our bodies and accept ourselves fully is so powerful. Thank you Eva for sharing the power of our choices.

  85. I have just been feeling the after effects of something odd I ate. Reading this blog Eva stopped me in my tracks and helped me realise how the thoughts that were coming were an old and familiar, like a well trodden trail or ever present wallpaper pattern – but were not actually true. So powerful to see and know all I need do is choose the truth – thank you.

    1. In recent times Joseph I have noticed how when I do make a slip up, a mistake, do something dishonouring or have a situation presented before me I just don’t like, reacting to it in an unloving way actually has greater harm on us and those around us than the nature of the situation itself!

      1. Oh yes, I had one of these last night, and the way I reacted was to go into an old pattern of going hard and not letting the other person in. For the first time I realised how harming this was as I didn’t express fully and went to bed tense and shut down, a great lesson for me in expressing all that needs expressing.

  86. I love this. I am also noticing lately more and more that it is often my own reaction that makes my experience of a situation harder than it really should be, and takes me away from the truth of who I am. For example, I really do not like cigarette smoke, and my body tenses up if I spot someone smoking in/towards where I am going, and by the time I know it, I get hardened, grumpy and resentful – this is a really hard one for me not to be judging for their choices (and I used to be a smoker myself) – and the gorgeous, tender me disappears because of that. It really is so simple, just a question of which one I give energy to – my reaction to someone else’s choices, or my true self.

  87. Sensing your environment and how you are going to cope in that environment is given to you through your awareness and acceptance. Telling yourself how you are going to handle it is a form of control, abuse and manipulation which makes everything feel more heightened ten times over.

  88. How we respond to the situations is the key and in every moment there is a choice. Your story is a great example of the power of choice to change the situation so simply and beautifully.

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