The Power of Choice

I would like to share an experience I had a while back that made me realise just how powerful our choices can be.

I was in London for the weekend to attend the Esoteric Developers Women’s Group, a group that explores what it is like to live as a woman in today’s society. The group presents Women’s Health from a different and non-imposing perspective where taking responsibility for our own wellbeing and our choices is part of the key topics presented. 

As I left my hotel in the morning I noticed it was very warm and humid outside. I had my whole life struggled with humidity, it made me go warm headed, sweaty and really uncomfortable. I would say I was extraordinarily sensitive to it and it has always had a huge impact on my wellbeing.

So my first thought was “Oh! this is going to be a sticky day”. The next moment I wondered “where did that thought come from?” To be honest it felt like a bit of a curse! As if at that moment I purposely chose/demanded of myself to step into a world of well-known discomfort. I could feel how it automatically made me go into hardening my body, as well as feeling a subtle but nagging anxiousness. I could literally feel how my body braced itself to make it through the discomfort.

By the time I got to the event, this profound realisation (the fact that I actually had activated the discomfort myself by choosing an old and very negative spiraling thought pattern) made me feel very uncomfortable (so double discomfort at this point…).

And I acknowledged that I AM NOT the discomfort. I am the precious woman that left the hotel a few minutes earlier feeling truly lovely! What I realised was how up until this point I had identified with the discomfort and given it fuel in the form of negative thoughts that made it grow bigger.

So, there I was, having realised and acknowledged this self-made setup, and I could either choose to keep myself trapped in that crippling pattern or I could choose differently: which was to stay empowered and connect back with myself and the loveliness that I felt in my body before I chose to comply to this old pattern.

I chose the second option.

In order to truly connect back with my body and not make this a mind thing, I chose to go for a few minutes walk down the Hyde Park promenade. Walking is for me one of the major ways to bring myself back to me and my body when I find myself hooked in by the mind, by emotions or by anything coming from outside of me. In this particular case I was walking with acceptance, as taught by Serge Benhayon.

When I am walking with all of me, all of who I am, no holding back (no doubt or fear, no judgement or arrogance etc) – just plain and simply ME – there follows a natural acceptance of ME and an acceptance of ALL around me that is deeply felt and known.

It’s a feeling of simplicity and grace.

Instead of staying trapped in the old pattern of reacting to the physical discomfort and hence hugely magnifying it, I allowed myself to not only connect to who I truly am but also with that, connecting to everyone and everything around me equally.

Did the discomfort change? – Completely!

It was amazing to feel how easily the presence of myself was regained. It was no big process; it just felt lovely, natural and totally uncomplicated.

The humidity hadn’t changed, but how I responded to it had changed.

How can something so incredibly uncomfortable not only change, but turn into something completely different so easily??

The answer is simple – THE POWER OF CHOICE.

Forever and deeply inspired by the Esoteric Women’s Health as well as the entire work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine

By Eva Rygg, Norway


367 thoughts on “The Power of Choice

  1. Love the power of movement. Life is just a flow. You either choose to flow with one current or another. No matter how caught one feels in one current it is still just a choice to come back to the other. It just wants to elude us that that choice is not so simple if not non existent. No trying in true choice.

  2. The power of choice, very cool. I know that if I let my brain run away when it comes to these things, it can completely take over and diminishing who I am. This morning I had a hive rash thing come up on my neck, it kept getting itchier and itchier, then I read this blog and begun to settle, by the time I was finished reading, the itch went away and the rash settled down completely.

  3. There is a life of “simplicity and grace” waiting for all of us. All we have to do is make a choice to not allow the ‘negatives’ that often swirl around us to take us away from ourselves but instead to stay in connection to the amazingly wise being that we are. There is so much power in choice; power to bring complication into our lives or power to return to living in simplicity where life flows with ease.

  4. Thank you Eva, for offering such a beautiful reflection and testimony to the fact that whatever it is we willingly connect or align to is what we magnify through our bodies, giving way to and reflecting the quality of choices and life we experience. As such it sure does serve us well to bring awareness to how we feel in our bodies, through firstly developing a loving and honouring relationship with ourselves, our body and our being.

  5. Gosh it’s so so simple to change our ways. It’s not about making a different choice but choosing a different quality of energy.

  6. It is amazing how much we create and control pretty much everything that happens to us – after all we are the makers of our own creation, so have no one else to blame when things do not go to plan. But do we want to take responsibility for this – largely no! I find it is fascinating how one small little thought can slowly get me completely away from what I was doing.

  7. An article so intently needed in today’s world. The thoughts that we allow to dominate our behaviours are intense, yet as shown here a simple choice to again align with the body completely changes our outlook on life.

  8. This is a great example of how we are a vehicle for energy which include thought. Move our body in connection to the divine and all thoughts that follow can not help but come from divinity.

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