Pleasures of Life or Distractions

Several years ago, there came a day when I realised that I was just going round and round in circles in my life, and for all my ‘doing’ and ‘searching’, nothing ever changed. I had not improved or bettered myself, because that was the belief I held: I had to do better, I had to improve myself, I had to push, I had to do, do, do. It was this belief that kept me feeling that I was not enough as I was, and kept me in the search of looking outside of myself for the answers.

It was at this time that I had the good fortune to meet Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. For the first time ever, I felt the truth in my body of what he was presenting; that is, I felt that everything presented I already knew on some level but had not as yet integrated into my life. What struck me the most was that there was another way to live life and that I was enough exactly as I was, as everything I needed was inside me. This had a profound effect on me.

Pleasures of MY life – Making the Choice to Stop ‘Doing’

Slowly, I made the choice to stop ‘doing’ and ‘searching’. I began to look at all aspects of my life, and the various activities I was ‘doing’, which included:

  • Eating sugar and comfort foods – including gluten and dairy rich foods
  • Attending 5 day a week intensive yoga programs
  • Reading self-improvement and science fiction books
  • Watching lots of TV
  • Drinking Coffee.

I used to regard all these things as my pleasures in life that I would look forward to, spent a lot of money on and which took up all of my time. I came to realise they were all distractions as they all kept me in the ‘doing’ and kept me from the knowing inside that I was enough. With this new awareness, my ‘pleasures in life’ started to fall away one by one.

I took a break from yoga and meditation for a few weeks and never went back. Much later the awareness came that for all the yoga classes I took, I did not feel any more contentment or a deeper connection with myself. I still needed chocolate and lots of other stimulating foods which I was using to supplement my lack of energy and vitality. I realised that yoga was providing me with temporary relief from how constantly tired my body actually was, but not actually changing anything.

Similar to the yoga, I took a break from books and in particular, buying self-help books hoping to find the answers in these books of how to improve myself. Eventually, I put them all out. With the extra time I now had, I started to keep and write my own journal of experiences, realisations and insights which I’ve come to realise are so much more enriching and nourishing.

One such realisation was how I completely ignored the messages from my body when I was tired and needed to go to bed, yet I would stay up late watching TV and then feel exhausted in the morning. I now go to bed when I am tired and feel completely rested the next morning. Going to bed early had other positive impacts; I saw I was less emotional and this also reduced the need for the stimulants and distractions I was using to get me through my day. For instance, after some time on decaf coffee, I no longer felt the need to drink it.

Likewise with sugar and all foods I used for comfort – for example, cakes, biscuits, desserts, yoghurt, chocolate, bread, rolls, croissants. When I tried to give these up, I found it very challenging; I came to realise that I was addicted to sugar and that this had been one of my main pleasures in life. I had used sugar as a ‘feel good crutch’ and to numb myself from not feeling and dealing with the areas in my life that were not working. It was a slow process – it took two years to go sugar free – but well worth it.

Reconnecting To My True Self

Today I no longer feel heavy, dull, bloated and exhausted due to eliminating sugar and all comfort foods from my diet, along with the other changes I made. I lost weight, without going on a diet; my body feels lighter and clearer and I have much more energy, contentment, and joy for life.

This joy in my body helps me feel how sweet and gorgeous I truly am because I have reconnected to my inner beauty and stillness, which was always there, but before I was not able to connect to as ‘my pleasures in life’ kept me distracted from my true self.

I now have a deeper connection with my body as I have learned to respect and honour it with a new awareness that all my choices affect my body in some way or another.

The Gentle Breath Meditation

I have found great support in the Gentle Breath Meditation®, a five minute technique from Serge Benhayon that helps me re-connect back to myself: this is true quality time with myself which helps me feel that I am enough exactly who I am and that everything I need is inside me.

With this knowing I can therefore just ‘be’ who I truly am; no more ‘doing’, searching or improving myself as that belief no longer holds true. With that old belief, and many more cleared from my body, I gained the awareness that what I was searching for has always been within me, in my inner heart.

All my pleasures in life and distractions kept the door closed to my inner heart; my true home where my truth resides, where my stillness, innocence and beauty and love reside and also where true inner peace and joy is to be found.

Being and Connecting to my true self And Feeling Myself From the Inside out Is The Greatest True Pleasure in Life.

Deeply Inspired by the presentations and courses of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

By Jacqueline McFadden – Scotland

435 thoughts on “Pleasures of Life or Distractions

  1. Absolutely Jacqueline, re-connecting to our essences is a being thing and never in the doing and the quality we bring to the things we do are also in quality we bring or standard we have set from our being-ness.

  2. Letting go of the belief of going to bed’ early’ but going to bed when my body lets me know it is time to rest and be restored.

  3. All our choices have an effect on us in some way be this supportive or unsupportive. It is a process to allow oneself to feel these choices incrementally and then have the willingness to understand where they have come from so that we can then choose differently.

  4. Jacqueline – this is GOLD: “Being and Connecting to my true self And Feeling Myself From the Inside out Is The Greatest True Pleasure in Life.”

  5. “‘My pleasures in life’ kept me distracted from my true self” – this is an amazing realization, one that takes much honesty and brings humility. True change is not about going from one flavor of ice cream to the next, but understanding that ice creams don’t always look or taste like ice cream, and that actually it is not about ice cream at all.

  6. “I came to realise they were all distractions as they all kept me in the ‘doing’ and kept me from the knowing inside that I was enough. With this new awareness, my ‘pleasures in life’ started to fall away one by one..” This highlights the power reconnecting to our essence, and of honesty which we can feel from the body, and as we commit to self love no willpower is needed, things that are harmful do just fall away.

  7. All the sweets or savory or melted cheese, TV, fantasy worlds, video games, and much more. None of it compares to connecting to what is within me. And none of it is worth trading my connection to experience, even if I do sometimes it always flops.

  8. TV, coffee, chocolate etc are all only pleasures when I am not feeling connected within myself. There is no ‘pleasure’ like the contentment of knowing you are enough and the ‘trying to be more’ is an illusionary mountain peak that can never be reached.

  9. We can keep ourselves very small when we say our pleasures of life are our peak, our goal, all we are longing for because there is so much more true settlement and joy simply in our beingness, our essence, being ourselves and by having our ‘cake, movie day.., etc’ as the highest point we will never get to feel that.

    1. The standards we have set for ourselves in our current lives with aiming for the pleasures as mentioned in the blog above are certainly very revealing of how we cap ourselves.

  10. What is it about humanity that can accept that there have been great teachers in the past that have lived amongst us Jesus being I guess one of the most well-known messengers from God and yet we cannot seem to fathom that we have yet another World teacher living with us all again in this life time.

  11. How much longer are we going to resist the truth of what has been presented to humanity for eons by the different teachers?
    How many people will it take to say these words before we understand what is before us all again?
    “It was at this time that I had the good fortune to meet Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. For the first time ever, I felt the truth in my body of what he was presenting; that is, I felt that everything presented I already knew on some level but had not as yet integrated into my life.”

  12. It’s interesting how most of our “pleasures” in life actually make us feel bad or lead us astray. Ie the “pleasure” of chocolate, or watching a movie – or whatever we choose – it actually leads us away from who we are and our responsibility in life. Maybe our pleasures are ultimately not so pleasurable after all….

  13. It all starts with making ‘I have to’ the fuel of our movements. That brings pollution into the body in every step and increases the tension we live in. This brings relief into the picture and nothing better than what we consider a pleasure. The forces grab us right from the beginning and teach us to walk with them grabbed by the hand.

    1. Wow Eduardo, your comment was very timely for me today since I had gotten into that very same ‘I have to’ mode regarding a number of things I wanted to accomplish after work today. I could feel the anxiety building in my body as the reality was that my body really did not want or need those things to be done, my body needed rest more than anything after a very physical work week, and my head was going against my body’s natural tendency. So your description of how it is pure pollution to bring into our body this ‘have to’ approach seems to have unravelled what was going on and is a great thing to remember during the day, always coming back to what the body truly wants in each moment, not what some ideal, belief, or outside force is telling us to do to prove ourselves in any way.

    2. Such a set up and great that you pointed this one out. We create the struggle and then we reward ourselves when we get out of it, yet we haven’t actually moved a step as we are back at the point before we created the struggle…

  14. Life is so much so oriented to keep ourselves busy in the doing and to not be still with ourselves instead. The stillness that is within provides us with all that we need in life and can never be achieved in the distraction of this with being busy and in the doing.

    1. Spot on Nico – distractions abound to keep us away from the Soul and the true evolution and belonging on offer.

  15. We are so much more addicted then we think we are. With addiction we start to think of the extremes, of being addicted to drugs, alcohol or smoking cigarettes, eating sugary food etc. But do I go to far when I consider wondering of in my mind with useless thoughts an addiction or keeping up the frustration or the conflict I have with some people or in some situations an addiction too?

  16. This opens up something I’ve been considering lately how my consumption of media is distracting me from feeling and expressing what is there in me to express, how in fact it’s a great distraction … might be time to play and experiment with this some more … after all it is indeed inside us, but we need to leave the space for it to be expressed.

  17. You really raise the question of desire – and what do we truly desire – a great life or an evolving life. I agree that many of the things we associate with being the pleasures of life – sweet treats, coffee, alcohol, holidays, “me time” are actually some of the most damaging behaviours we can indulge in, by which I mean they take us in the opposite direction to the direction we’re meant to be going in.

    1. There are many ways to distract ourselves from our path back to soul and when I look around I have to admit that we have become very creative in the creation of these.

  18. Is it any wonder that we cannot feel the messages from our bodies when we are consuming copious amounts of sugar, even if we consider ourselves healthy.

  19. The feeling of knowing who you are and what you’re here to do and where you’re going cannot be replaced by food, or any activity, or book or whatever – all these things can simply distract us – momentarily – from the grandness we naturally are.

  20. I know for me I was addicted to life’s pleasures for many years, but it was a constant drive as one pleasure would only last a short time and then I would seek another to fill the emptiness again, and this was a constant cycle that never stopped. It was super exhausting and disheartening, it wasn’t until I began to become more honest about the way I was living and the many distractions I was using to fill my emptiness that life began to change for me, it has been a work in progress to appreciate and love myself for who I am without needing anything outside of myself – there is certainly much gold to discover within when we connect to ourselves.

  21. When we start to look at what we distract ourselves with, it’s a pretty endless list. What I am finding is that things – activities, events, items on my to-do list, have their own space. When I stay steady and consistent, I feel what to do next and how to do it, and there’s enough time to do everything, even if it’s not in the way that I originally wanted to do it. We’re pretty good at using absolutely anything as a distraction that takes us away from what we’re actually feeling, but if we stay with our bodies, the things that we’re doing (if there’s the potential for steadiness and stillness already within the activity) can become tools that reconnect us, instead of distractions that take us further away.

  22. Much of what we consider as pleasures in life can actually be a distraction that feeds that insatiable drive to look outside ourselves for the qualities that lie within.

  23. No matter how hard or long the process of discarding takes we know it is worth it in the long run, what could be more beautiful than reconnecting to our inner beauty and stillness.

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