Developing Confidence in Myself and My Business

Two years ago I started my own business. This was a really scary thing for me at the time. I was 19 and just fresh out of school so still developing my confidence, both on a personal level and when it came to me in the world of business. My school friends were all still very much a part of my life, affecting every choice that I made so I felt as though I was still there at school, kept in a bubble. I made a slight commitment to build my business but was still very much affected by everyone else’s opinions. I did naturally work well with people so of course I did well with my business… but something happened. After two months and business going great, with lack of support and negativity from my friends on what I had chosen for myself, I freaked out…

From the outside it seemed like I was doing just fine; on the inside however, I was living off anxiety and nervousness. I would hype myself up to call someone or visit someone. The huge sugar addiction I was relying on to keep me going throughout the day was making me feel very racy. Every time I thought of speaking to someone about my business I would get sick in the stomach; every time I made a call and they were too busy to talk I would feel as though I’d failed. I started to focus on all the things I was ‘bad’ at (when in truth I wasn’t bad at any of them). I started to get frustrated, and disappointed that all of a sudden I wasn’t doing so well: I was consumed by doubts and self-sabotaging thoughts… I was losing confidence in myself.

With all of this going on, it got too much. I was sick, exhausted all the time, not looking after myself and no longer enjoying working in my own business, so after only two months I stopped.


Over the past two years I have been attending workshops and courses by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I realised that I was not living in a very joyful way, and even though I stopped my business I still lived with the same anxiety and nervousness, fuelled by the intense sugar amounts I was consuming. But with the support of the Esoteric practitioners I started to change some bad habits.

It was approximately two months ago that I completely gave up sugar. Having lived so long with sugar as my driving fuel, it took some weeks for my body to recover from the ‘pick me up’ that sugar would give me. I realised how tired I was and started to make more loving choices for myself – which included resting when I was tired and not pushing through – or reaching for sugar to save me. I had to start feeling my body; it felt exhausted and I was only 20 years old!

Through small changes, and the decrease in my sugar intake I noticed I had more energy – I was able to wake up earlier and felt amazing throughout the day. Now no longer suffering from nervousness all the time, this change also gave me a confidence in myself, a steadiness.

Three weeks ago I was at work and I thought to myself “it’s time to go back into business”. The impulse was so strong I couldn’t argue with it and the doubt couldn’t sway me. I felt so much commitment in the decision I had just made and decided to re-imprint how I have previously worked in my business. To start with I decided that a balance with work/study/social/family and ‘me time’ was extremely important as I didn’t want to crash and burn like I had done previously. So I spoke to my whole family and told them that this would take some time to get the momentum back and that I have a busy time ahead and might miss some family dinners. I organised with my esoteric healing practitioner to have regular sessions to ensure I don’t lose myself in the process. I’ve committed to doing business training and development so that I am prepared. Most importantly I have accepted that not only do my customers get the benefits my business can offer, they also get me. My commitment to myself to support myself is key so that they get ALL of me in FULL.


This for me means waking up a little earlier; preparing or cooking dinner to take with me if I’m going to be home later; bringing a change of clothes to change into after work if I am unable to go straight home, and resting when I need to so that I can be an example to those I come in contact with and who chose to work with me. To show that it IS possible to work full time, build a business part-time, study part-time, while still having time for my family, my partner, and most importantly time to nurture myself.

This has been such a beautiful journey, learning and growing my confidence and my business, and I thank Universal Medicine for their support. I am not perfect and I still have the occasional doubts but they are never as strong as they were two years ago and I can’t hold onto them for long. Each and every new day brings another opportunity for me to bring ME to the world, and in doing this it has been amazing to see how the world supports me back.

By Rebekah Muntelwit – Age 21 – Mackay QLD

405 thoughts on “Developing Confidence in Myself and My Business

  1. “Each and every new day brings another opportunity for me to bring ME to the world, and in doing this it has been amazing to see how the world supports me back.”
    This is such a beautiful sentence Rebekah, it is so absolutely confirming to know that all I need to bring in full into the world is ME. That is so simple and everyone can do this, it takes all the anxiety away that can build up when we go into ideas of who or what we have to portray.

  2. “My commitment to myself to support myself is key so that they get ALL of me in FULL.” beautiful Rebekah. The world needs us all to wake up and commit in full. Taking responsibility for ourselves in every way and getting support when we need it. Such a business – and world – would flourish.

  3. Wise and inspiring blog Rebekah, thank you for sharing your experience. ‘Each and every new day brings another opportunity for me to bring ME to the world’, awesome reminder and to appreciate what is offered to us every day.

  4. That is a very inspiring story, sugar is one of those socially acceptable addictions but it really does affect your mood and general well being, its very cool that you were able to make these loving shifts and turn things around.

  5. ‘Each and every new day brings another opportunity for me to bring ME to the world, and in doing this it has been amazing to see how the world supports me back.’ When we bring Me to the world it doesn’t matter what we do but about the quality we bring and I agree there is so much support, it all comes towards us the moment we choose quality above all else, never in perfection but as an everyday chance to learn to be in the world with who we are.

  6. In the same way Plato said that we have to consider the whole when dealing with a body part, we have to consider the whole when a person goes into business. There s nothing in his/her life that is not relevant to it. It is not only the product they sell. It is also how they live.

  7. ‘Most importantly I have accepted that not only do my customers get the benefits my business can offer, they also get me’. Add the incredible you to a product or service and you are adding a service to humanity.

  8. An addiction to sugar and using it as a driving fuel in our body to hide our bodies exhaustion is an extremely common issue for so many of us today. It is also something that we need to be honest about how it is affecting us all.

  9. Great timing for me, as I am in a process of relaunch a business. What i feel is starting with a true foundation and building it slowly, nurturing and honour myself along the way, is going to be more supportive. It is about being true to my body and with that comes confidence.

  10. So many people commit to their job but forget the most important part – themselves. I love that you have come to recognize the importance of committing not only to your career but of supporting yourself fully so that everyone you meets get all of you in full… and a reminder and a reflection of a person and body that honours the whole and not just a part.

  11. Gorgeous Rebekah, thank you for sharing. As a wife, householder, part-time student and operator of two businesses and more I relate very much to what you’re offering here around the need to build a steady rhythm in my life to support all I do, with extra attention given to my body and how it is faring. Without our health, there can be no true success, as a wise woman once told me!

  12. A great blog to read today as I was looking back at this time last year and how I was assailed with doubt over some big decisions I had to make, how I allowed friends to sway me and how I sometimes knew that I was going against what was true. We can get so focussed on something that that becomes the be all and end all and other parts of our lives take a back seat. Bringing a balance into our lives so that no one part becomes more important than another is so vital and supports us in living a full life. Also the more we look after our selves and bring a deepening care into everything we do, being present with ourselves, in our bodies, the easier these decisions are and the less we tend to doubt ourselves.

  13. This is amazing – we look at the title of this blog “Developing Confidence in Myself and My Business” – and it’s not about getting qualifications or skills or whatever we can arm ourselves with, and it is all about taking care of the ‘me’ that does business and life. Awesome.

  14. It is so gorgeous and inspiring to feel how the changes and commitments you made to honoring you and your body has become the foundation that supports you to stay with yourself as you work, study and develop your business. And how this foundation is what allows you to continue to explore being and bringing more of who you are and your steadiness, to your every day.

  15. It’s interesting to contemplate how our physical choices in life can actually undermine our confidence – the sugar addiction described here being a case in point.

  16. Your writing is so refreshing! I love the line “Each and every new day brings another opportunity for me to bring ME to the world” this is such an amazing way to look at every new day we are presented with, and to not ever waste the opportunities that day brings.

  17. Thank you Rebekah, it’s inspiring to hear of the changes that you’ve made not only to the way you approach your business but to all parts of your life. I can see how when we commit to truly being who we are in what we do then everyone benefits.

  18. The Esoteric is fantastic to start connecting dots and things that lay people may find to be totally unrelated may turn out as being totally related and helps us to understand a lot and to change the way we move.

  19. Letting purpose guide our lives brings with it an amazing ability to achieve more than most. Could this be that to live life without purpose leaves us empty and needing to spend time doing things like video games, television or nights out to sweeten our purposeless life. But with purpose, we are full and look for what we need to do to fulfill it.

  20. Loved reading your blog Rebekah, I have found that by making more loving choices my confidence has grown and by taking the time to change the way I live, definitely pays me back.

  21. Making the commitment to bring ourselves in full to every person in our lives, the ones we know well, or even not so well, our work and ourselves opens up an amazing quality of support reflected back to us. We say yes so the universe can back the yes.

  22. It is so empowering to commit to life as that what I actually read in this blog. It is not only about all the things we have to do in life but actually to live it in full and with that we present a being to all that whe do that is inspiring to others and shows that there is another way of living possible and no job or task at hand too much and not able to fulfill.

  23. I love what you share with us Rebekah. I saw how often we can set ourselves up to fail because we don’t set ourselves up to succeed, and often that means taking the time to look at what is practical and what actions/support do you need to take.

    You show us beautifully how you decided to support yourself the second time around to give yourself the best chance of succeeding with your business. And it feels like in one way it does not matter what the outcome is, you wont exhaust you or lose you in the process, so you have succeeded in any way.

  24. There is endless opportunities to bring our fullness to the world. Some are super simple and just flow like magic. Some are more with training wheels and wobbles. These are also magic to be appreciated as they unfold.

  25. Rebekah I really like how you organised yourself the second time around so that you were supported by your new rhythm, family, healing practitioner and business training. That’s inspiring, and a great foundation for your business.

  26. I love your responsibility and commitment, ‘My commitment to myself to support myself is key so that they get ALL of me in FULL.’ Wonderful.

  27. Great to re-imprint how you had previously run your business, to build a steady rhythm in your life that supports all you do, whilst still keeping your attention on your body and how that is feeling and listening to its many messages of wisdom.

  28. There is more to business than to make money and produce products. There is You in your Fullness. Without this essential piece what operation is the business outputting? If you are not inputting the correct investments into yourself the output will not be what is needed. Success is in the heart.

  29. To have the impulse to start a business so young is already something to appreciate. I can see where I was at that point and while I am in business now that wasn’t were I was at that age. To see the wealth of knowledge and wisdom this article holds shows me with no doubt that whatever the author does it is already a success because of the dedication to the quality of how she is with it. So many businesses are built literally on the backs of people and while they have a huge potential we get lost in the doing and dis-guard the being. I take a lot from this article and can appreciate how it is to be in business in this way.

  30. It is amazing what is actually possible when we make the choice to self-loving, committed and organised in life. When we get support along the way so then we are able to constantly have this ability and for it not to be just a moment of being focused. Appreciating that the little things we do for ourself make a huge difference.

  31. This is incredible Rebekah! How many people can actually commit to that much without burning out? Asking for support is the best thing in the world, and it works like nothing else does. Each one of us is a powerhouse and capable of enormous things, and there’s a way to do it and enjoy it.

  32. If we don’t have a connection with ourselves we will always look outside of ourselves for confirmation and than we are very vulnerable for others opinions. The great thing to know is that it is not really the negative energy that is coming from the outside that is the problem but that we are allowing that negative energy to be there in the first place when we are not choosing connection with ourselves.

  33. Love that description at the start, of how when we look to the outside world for confirmation, recognition, success then we are puppets on a string we have no control of, dancing to the whims of the good day or the bad day. However, when we build that appreciation in ourselves it all changes… instead of being the hungry ghost that needs feeding from the outside, we become the beacon of light that people are inevitably drawn to.

  34. Yes giving up sugar can be a challenge at the beginning especially if we are relying on it to get through the day but so worth it in the end. I used to be addicted to sugar as well but since gradually weaning myself off it I have never felt more energy or clearer in my mind and body.

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