Understanding Life, My Choices and Appreciating Me

I recently took the time to reflect back on understanding my life, the choices I have made, and how these choices affected me.

Writing the blog ‘From A False Foundation of Abuse to a True Foundation of Self-Love’ allowed room for me to take time to truly reflect on understanding life in a true sense, and for the self-appreciation that I now know I deserve.

I have gone from someone who only thought about keeping her children warm, fed and safe (or what I deemed to be safe at the time) while giving no thought or concern to my own well-being, to a woman who now naturally does this for herself. This is nothing short of an amazing transformation. I went from hating myself deeply with every thought and action to having a conscious understanding of why I was doing this and replacing these thoughts with more understanding and care for myself. This inner appreciation slowly made way for much more Love and beauty to expand in my body.

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Inspired by Michael Benhayon & the Teachers are Gold Project: Expression is EVERYTHING

“A teacher must be CELEBRATED and HONOURED in everything they are and in everything they bring, EACH AND EVERY DAY! Equal to this, they must be given ALL the tools of how to do this for THEMSELVES, that is, to truly celebrate and honour all that they are and all that they bring to our lives.” [Michael Benhayon, Director, Teachers are Gold! Project] 

I recently had an amazing conversation with Michael Benhayon – founder of the Teachers are Gold Project – about how I had been feeling at school and teaching; stressed, overwhelmed, and frustrated with the education system and all the ‘extra’ work I had to do. Only two weeks into school term I was becoming a teacher I didn’t want to be, exhausted and looking forward to the end of the week so I could come home and rest. Continue reading “Inspired by Michael Benhayon & the Teachers are Gold Project: Expression is EVERYTHING”

All My Life I’ve Been a Fixer

All my life I’ve been a fixer – I’ve listened to other people’s problems, felt that I’ve known exactly what they needed to do to resolve their issues, and been convinced that I was right, and then told them what they should do. In doing so I have taken on the responsibility for fixing whatever their problem is. I’ve spent hours thinking about different scenarios of how I could tell them, thinking of all the different things they needed to do to get a perfect result – and in doing so I have been distracted from living my own life. Continue reading “All My Life I’ve Been a Fixer”