Pregnant against the Odds – Taking Responsibility

Being told at the age of 28 to either have children now or risk the chance of never having them was not something I had counted on happening.

Nor had I expected to be told that even if I did by some slim chance conceive, the chance of having a normal, healthy pregnancy was slight, and that the birth would be tainted with all sorts of initial problems, as well as the fact I may not even be able to carry full term due to the scarring and lesions that previous operations had left on my cervix.

Basically, if I did conceive there was the potential for many problems to follow, more than most doctors wanted to deal with.

Sure, I thought maybe one day I might have children, but it was not something that I had spent a lot of time thinking about, or planning. To be honest it was probably the last thing on my mind, more something I avoided than contemplated.

The reason behind having to make that decision was due to ongoing recurring Progressive CIN 3 Cervical Cancer, which is the last stage before Chemotherapy is used as a treatment. The doctors instead do Laparoscopies and laser surgery to remove the cancer growth.

This treatment began at age 18 and continued until my mid 20’s, having 6 monthly check-ups to keep track of how the growth was progressing.

Then I had cysts rupturing on my ovaries, and with the doctors looking at the female history in my family it seemed inevitable that I was heading down the same path – one that would lead to a hysterectomy, but in my case possibly before I even had the chance to have children.

I had a choice: I could continue living the same way, and end up heading down the same path as the other females in my family, or I could change the way I lived and create a new way of being.

I knew something had to change; it was the ‘what’ and ‘how’ that took time, patience and commitment. I looked at every aspect of my life – making choices in how I ate, the times I went to bed, the way I socialized and who I socialised with, as well as the way I was at work. I was great at placing everything and everyone else first, so taking time for me and truly looking after myself was a challenge. Knowing I was worth this loving care and nurturing took time for me to accept.

Beginning to look after myself and taking responsibility for my choices and the repercussions of those choices, constantly being open to more, knowing that I was the only one that could change the way my life and my body was, I gained an understanding of the choices I had made and why I made them and slowly I was able to change the way I lived. This is not something that ever stops…for me it is an ongoing development and commitment to myself and to the way I live.

After 5 years of changes and adjustments with the support of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I met a wonderful loving man, ended up in a relationship, and after 3 years of marriage we decided to have a child.

I had spoken of my past, the issues I had and the possibility that I may not be able to have children; we decided to take the chance and see how it all went.

We spent 8 months having counselling sessions with a Universal Medicine practitioner addressing our ideals, beliefs, expectations or anything we may have felt to do with having a child, our relationship with ourselves, as well as with each other.

Both of us made the choice to commit to parenting without imposing or expecting our children to be anything other than who they truly were, growing up without feeling they have to be anything other than themselves.

Both my husband and I also did hormone tests to see where our bodies were at on a physical level. When the test results came back we were both surprised – my husband felt he had more chance of falling pregnant than I based on our test results.

But against all the odds, all that I had been told, all that my body had gone through with my operations, cysts and treatments, I was already pregnant.

I continued having regular sessions with Serge Benhayon during this time. I also introduced Esoteric Breast Massage, which I had with accredited female Esoteric Practitioners, and I had an amazing pregnancy: no illness, no health issues or complications, and the birth followed suit. Our daughter was born one day early with the support of my husband, a wonderful midwife and friend who arrived just in time. With no complications as per the original fear that the doctors had when I said I was pregnant, I had a trouble free labor.

I know that if I had not made the changes in my life to support my body, take responsibility for my choices and to look deeper at all that I had chosen to avoid and bury in my life, things would have been very different.

I was 36 when our daughter was born – she is now 6 ½ and we also have a 16-month-old son from an equally beautiful and complication free pregnancy.

Now at 42 ½ years old and 5 months into our 3rd pregnancy, we are going against all the odds in more ways than one when it comes to the medical profession – we are expecting our 3rd child, and again, it is a truly amazing experience, one that is a true blessing and confirmation of how far we have come.

For me, the key has been continuing to deal with, take responsibility for, and change the way I was living – looking at every aspect of my life, with the support of Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine, the Esoteric Practitioners and the Esoteric modalities.

It was with this support that I was able to make the changes in my life, to become pregnant against the odds and go on to live the life and have the family and relationships I have today.

By Nicole Serafin, 42 years, Tintenbar, NSW

608 thoughts on “Pregnant against the Odds – Taking Responsibility

  1. This is totally amazing Nicole, I just spotted Elizabeth McCann’s comment “a true miracle” and that sums it up. With Universal Medicine, miracles are indeed an everyday thing that are just treated as normal.

    1. Well said Doug. It truly is remarkable, yet in truth normal, that, “With Universal Medicine, miracles are indeed an everyday thing that are just treated as normal.”

  2. This is the truth of the matter – ” I had a choice: I could continue living the same way, and end up heading down the same path as the other females in my family, or I could change the way I lived and create a new way of being.” It was not until I discovered the teachings of Serge Benhayon that I knew that this was an option that would and does work. As Serge Benhayon describes it “true medicine is the way we live.”

  3. With so much talk (including blame) on genes that run in a family being the causes of disease, this blog is a refreshing change that we can make our own changes and whilst we may have a genetic pre-disposition to a illness or symptom, we can make changes in our own lives which can support our bodies as to how much this pre-disposition plays out or not.

  4. This is an incredible story Nicole. Our relationship with ourselves and our relationship with why we want to have children in the first place are often not considered when it comes to fertility treatments but your story leaves me with no doubt that these things have a huge impact.

  5. A beautiful story that clearly reflects that the way we live with ourselves and with the world is revealed to us in our physical body.

  6. very inspiring, the amazing changes that can happen with The Way of The Livingness constantly amaze me, from living with stubble, stress and complication to a natural unfolding and acceptance of life.

  7. Wow this really shows what a miracle the human body is, and how responsive it is to living a true and naturally vital life – how we choose to live not only matters but has a massive impact on our whole well-being.

  8. What an amazing story Nicole, it just shows that if we take responsibility to look at our lives and make changes to truly care for ourselves, miracles can and do happen. I can think of nothing more beautiful than bringing children into the world to parents who are committed to looking deeply at themselves and caring for their bodies with the esoteric healing modalities, which can initiate changes above and beyond any of our expectations based on what the medical profession tell us.

  9. It doesn’t matter what the situation is, we always have a choice to take care in life, and it is like this care can just deepen and deepen. It seems we are all mothers like you Nicole in our own way, giving birth to what we call life. It is up to us to understand that nothing under the sun just happens to us, but all flows in response to our past actions and what we choose. The difficult part of life is not actually this fact but that we fight and resist this reality. So let us embrace at last our true power and respond from that.

  10. I love that despite the doctor’s dire warnings of ‘have a child now or never’ you stayed with yourself and only started ‘trying’ to conceive after clearing so many ideals and beliefs you were holding around having kids. We do innately know what is a true choice and what is not.

  11. Nicola I love reading about your life, it is absolutely massive what you have been through and learnt a long the way, your story is nothing short of a miracle.

  12. ‘the key has been continuing to deal with, take responsibility for, and change the way I was living’ And this is just it, the rate of our evolution is completely up to us, very simple. The support from Universal Medicine is awesome in this regard.

  13. This is amazing Nicole, your willingness to take responsibility for the way you live and your choices is inspiring. You also show many women in our society what is possible, by how you’ve have turned the health of your body around, to being told the possible chance of not being able to conceive to now having 3 children is incredible and a miracle. It also shows how our bodies can heal by simply choosing to love, care and nurture it consistently.

  14. Totally amazing Nicole, what an inspiring story… knowing you as I do, first I would never know you were in your 40’s, nor that you had 3 young children, and least of all that you have had such significant health issues as a much younger woman. You definitely defy the odds… so awesome other women can read what your approach has been and the result.

  15. Most if not all illness and disease are related in some manner or other to how we live or our lifestyle so by changing how we live to a more self caring and self nurturing way can and will make a huge difference and one that will often surprise our medical practitioners because changing how we live is so rare an event that they don’t hardly ever get to witness the effects it can have.

  16. Why is it we wait till things get extreme, till our body screams out for us to stop, or at least makes it clear it can’t continue this way? Your story is remarkable Nicole in just what power we have when we finally tune in to the fact that our body has so much wisdom and so much to say.

  17. ” I looked at every aspect of my life – making choices in how I ate, the times I went to bed, the way I socialized and who I socialised with, as well as the way I was at work. ” Making new lifestyle choices affects every aspect of our lives. Thankyou for sharing Nicole – an inspiring re-read.

  18. That’s incredible. To be told 1 was pretty much out of the question, to later have 3!! There’s a lot missing in our medical encyclopaedia’s that we are refusing to notice and review.

  19. I love the way you stayed true to what you were feeling about having children, and did not give up as could so easily have been the case when faced with such news. Your family is a testament to the changes you made, and the responsibility you have taken for your health. Beautiful.

  20. A true and inspirational testimony to the power of choices. We have the power to completely turn our lives around, make it what we know it can be and live it with energetic awareness and love as our guides. A dedication to be consistent in making self-loving choices builds the quality of how we can be in all that we do. This is my focus of late.

  21. Understanding that we are fully responsible for all our choices, ideals and beliefs and their outplay on our bodies is the first step to true healing.

  22. This is so gorgeous, it is clear that the choices we make determine the quality in which we live. And how our bodies can work even if the medical profession is doubtful, it is a magical thing, if it is needed, and we care for it deeply, our bodies do the job.

  23. “my husband felt he had more chance of falling pregnant than I based on our test results.” – Made me laugh heartily, Thank you Nicole.

  24. Although your story is incredible I just love the responsibility you both took before choosing to get pregnant to address the ideals and beliefs and expectations you had around parenthood. This is rare and yet a powerful foundation to move forward from to not be tainted by or impose these things on your kids. Really this should be compulsory.

  25. Imagine the amount of women that have been told this very thing, that they cannot have children or will not have a smooth pregnancy because of this and because of that. It would be incredible for doctors to actually understand energy and how we live to the impart to patients the power of choice and changing ones lifestyle, as you did Nicole with the support of Universal Medicine.

  26. This blog presents quite well the crossroad that we sometimes face: either we continue the same path leading us straight to a very difficult situation or change how we are moving, change our way of walking through life to see whether this can alter what appears to be the final stop. Every one has to know that this is the case so they can also change paths.

  27. When there is a condition that runs in the family it can often be viewed as a kind of inevitable or given that it will happen, just a matter of when, but with that we discount the huge effect that our whole way of living has on our health and wellbeing. Great to hear of the changes that you made in your life Nicole and how they have supported you.

  28. Nicole your blogs always amaze me. You are a beautiful testament to what loving choices can do to our life. Keep them coming.

  29. What a beautiful and inspirational example of someone taking responsibility for themselves, the way they live and their impact on others; just gorgeous Nicole, thank you.

  30. Beautiful sharing Nicole, a great testimony of how it is possible to change a probable negative outcome into a positive one purely by looking after yourself and supporting your body in every aspect of your life.

  31. Wow this is amazing, really amazing I hear of so many people who really struggle with connecting for all sorts of reasons your sharing really gives hope of what can be possible when you take full responsibility for the way you are living. Very Inspired.

  32. It can seem a lot, to invest the money and the time in all those sessions when there’s no tangible, immediate outcome. All you can go on, is your feeling of what feels true to do. So what an amazing testimonial this is here Nicole to the power of our choices to heal, and the support offered by the Esoteric modalities for us to restore our natural vitality. When we dedicate ourselves to this route we give birth to a great gift – our innocent, playful, delicacy and knowing of the truth.

  33. Nicole what you share takes responsibility to level that is much needed. A super important sharing for our times when many are facing illness and disease. It’s how we move that heals for it’s our movements that created the dis-ease.

  34. A powerful story Nicole thank you for sharing it… taking responsibility for yourself and your health in this way has clearly paid massive dividends, quite miraculous actually. As a complementary health practitioner I can say this is a most unusual turn-around, something unseen to this degree with any current treatment available.

  35. There are certain things, moments in our lives that give us a massive opportunity, a chance to see our whole way of being and reasssess what is true. Whilst this might seem challenging or overwhelming this is actually natural and how we can truly activate change. So why not playfully embrace this chance to see we are so much more that the regular routines and activities we do. It’s ok to choose something new. Thank you Nicole for inspiring me to reassess my life too.

  36. Wake up calls can hurt to the bone but when we are willing to be responsible with what is on offer we can live and be offered the most amazing gifts and qualities we had never thought possible.

  37. Nicole I have read this blog before, however coming back to it today, your story is like a miracle. But actually it happened not by chance, but from your choices to make changes and take responsibility for the way you live.

  38. ‘I know that if I had not made the changes in my life to support my body, take responsibility for my choices and to look deeper at all that I had chosen to avoid and bury in my life, things would have been very different. ‘ This is all we have to do to turn our lives around. I now know so many people who have done this, including myself.. It takes commitment but, my, how it is worth it.

  39. Every day we are alive we can go deeper with who we are and being clearer. But our whole way of living is set up around finding hobbies and habits and repeating them ‘ad nausem’ to avoid this. Certainly this way of behaving has made us sick – for as you show Nicole we always need to keep refining and updating how we choose to live. It’s totally up to us, but our bodies will always show us the truth of the way it is.

  40. Deep commitment to self, to the way we live, the choices we make and continued opening to what is true allows everything that is meant to be as designed by God to be. Your honesty, love and commitment is inspirational Nicole. There is support for everything encountered all we need to do is to open to it.

  41. What a great idea and responsibility to have counselling before having children, looking at your ideals and beliefs with respect to having a child, and to come to this was gorgeous, ‘Both of us made the choice to commit to parenting without imposing or expecting our children to be anything other than who they truly were, growing up without feeling they have to be anything other than themselves.’

  42. An honest and inspiring sharing Nicole on making shifts to change how you lived to support and take responsibility for your life and how you then moved thereafter. Simply awesome thank you.

  43. Thank you Nicole for sharing . It sounds like a perfect combination towards healing using esoteric medicine and conventional medicine a lethal combination for the health of humanity and our future children.

  44. Life is up to us, that is what I take from this today. And I loved this line, it can take time…”Knowing I was worth this loving care and nurturing took time for me to accept.”

  45. Key for many of us is to take responsibility, and look at how we are living, with illness and disease escalating out of control it is common sense that something is not working, so what if true medicine is the way we live?

  46. Incredible Nicole – create your own miracles. There is more than what meets the eyes. A blessing to all who read this and what is possible. To go against what we call ‘the odds’ and ‘rebirth’ yourself from a choice-driven old long momentum that caused a lot of pain and hardness is a momentous outcome. It’s a self-created new way of life thanks to being responsible and being open to receiving true support from Universal Medicine and the life changing healing Modalities.

  47. The power of self-care cannot be under estimated. My life has also had a complete turn around through making the space to really nurture myself. I have children and what kind of role model would I make if I can not offer myself the care and Love that I talk to my children about considering in their lives. It is not something that can be just talked about, it must be lived. A child who observes self care and self love is role modelled this, this is true inspiration.

  48. What a great article that shows the care and responsibility we take with how we live offers the potential for our bodies to heal, the look after and support new life. There is such stigma around not being able to be pregnant but very little true understanding of what is behind this.

  49. A truly remarkable and inspiring story, Nicole, of how we do not have to be a victim to life if one is willing to take responsibility and to change the way one lives. For as Serge Benhayon keeps reiterating ‘true medicine is the way we live’.

  50. Nicole, this really is amazing. You truly show there is another way regarding health, how to heal and how to live with self-awareness and care. Your story needs to be shared in medical journals.

  51. An amazing turnaround Nicole, there can be no question that the way we feel about ourselves and the way we live in life as a result has great bearing on our physiology. If you had kept going as you did, the doctors would no doubt have been spot on. Beautiful to read that there is another way to go about addressing something so significant as this that isn’t a drastic intervention but an empowering and sustaining change.

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