Taking Responsibility and Speaking my Truth

When I am reading, or hearing things said on the TV that are not true

  • Do I just sit back and say nothing?
  • Does it matter that I know things are being said that are not truthful?

I recently saw an ad on TV that I felt was not appropriate, using sex to sell a product. In that moment, I decided to call and make a complaint. I didn’t put it off until later as I probably would have forgotten. By choosing to take responsibility and speak my truth, I then made a difference and was heard.

It is a HUGE responsibility for all of us to take ownership of the whole picture and the part we play by expressing in each moment what we feel is our truth.

This felt big to own up and take responsibility for my part, and to feel the different ways that lies have existed in my life. It is easy to talk about truth, and to gloss over it with words, but by speaking up and taking responsibility for every word I utter, I am choosing to be responsible for my part.

While I was not expressing what I really felt in full, I was choosing to not claim my truth, the whole truth, myself. Everything I don’t say is as important and relevant as everything I do say.

This exposed to me how I thought I didn’t lie. I thought that I didn’t intentionally choose to lie because I kept quiet about how I really felt about a situation, but what has been empowering for me is to claim that a lie is a lie – equally so when unspoken. And a lie is a lie if it is 80% a lie or 1% a lie. This made me look at lying from a different point of view. What if when I don’t choose to express, and hold back from saying what I really feel, that this is also adding to all the lies in the world?

By us all taking responsibility for speaking our truth, we have the potential to change the world. We have always been taught that love is about being nice, but what if love is delivering truth?

When we are choosing to speak truth we are delivering love – in an absolute way.

I would have never come to this realisation and accepted responsibility for speaking my truth and my part in the whole picture if it wasn’t for having discovered Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I am now taking responsibility for my part in the whole picture, and my part doesn’t end with me . . . we are all connected.

By Denise Cavanough, Brisbane

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553 thoughts on “Taking Responsibility and Speaking my Truth

  1. The more I see the good and being nice being played out in my life, the more I can see it in others. I have to see all the lies within myself first before I can see them being carried out in the world.

  2. mmmm “Everything I don’t say is as important and relevant as everything I do say.” wow, I know this to be true yet when you consider the impact of that statement we can see how we have the world we are living in today.

  3. A great realisation Denise, being aware that in choosing to speak truth from a quality of connection we are able to deliver love with an absoluteness and clarity that is very beholding and equalising of all in its true energy.

  4. We all have a responsibility to ourselves and others to express truth, when we hold back everyone misses out on the love and evolution that is on offer.

  5. ‘Everything I don’t say is as important and relevant as everything I do say’. Everything unexpressed remains in our bodies, far better to express what one is feeling, and as we do it becomes easier the more we practice. It is also how we develop a deeper relationship with our own bodies.

  6. When we express what we can feel is true it feels expansive and light in our body: it literally feels like there’s more room, to express whatever’s needed next, and we’re not burdening ourselves by carrying unspoken stuff from moments before, around with us.

  7. When we deny the lies we see in our day to day life we are actually putting on rose color glasses about the world around us and perpetuating these lies.

  8. The truth is always known in every single one of us, hence holding it back is denying who we are and where we come from. Speaking from it and breathing and living life in it, is actually claiming the mere stack of who we are.

  9. “What if when I don’t choose to express, and hold back from saying what I really feel, that this is also adding to all the lies in the world?” I have kept quiet from speaking up most of my life, not wanting to rock the boat, not realising that by not speaking what I felt I was living a lie, so now I know that my truth is what I am feeling from my whole body not what my head is telling me.

  10. “what if love is delivering truth?” When a lie we are living is exposed our body knows it is a truth and we are offered the opportunity to live the truth.

  11. Lies come at us from every angle to keep us disconnected to the Love we all come from! If they did not that is the lies that seem so normal then we would all simply return to the Love we all are.

  12. ‘Everything I don’t say is as important as everything I do say.’ Great point Denise, I agree, by our inaction to express our truth when needed we are unknowingly accepting a false truth as our truth and hence then have to deal with the consequences of not taking responsibility and speaking up.

  13. “It is a HUGE responsibility for all of us to take ownership of the whole picture and the part we play by expressing in each moment what we feel is our truth.” When we do this we reclaim our birthright.

  14. Lying can also be what doesn’t come out of our mouth. This doesn’t feel like something I don’t know but at the same time I can feel that I haven’t lived in this knowing. Lying can also be in how I move, do I walk in my truth for example? I feel like I could go deeper in exploring what is true for me and what does living in truth feel like, thank you Denise.

  15. If we stay silent, we’re actually contributing to all the lies, all the hatred, everything about the world that we don’t like and know is totally not okay. We have a billion opportunities to express the truth, through how we live, walk, move each day – even walking – do we walk as who we really are, or are we walking as less, trying to go unnoticed? Every expression counts and feeds the greater whole.

  16. We can speak out about the untruths of the world by living truth as much as possible. In other words, living the true and real us as opposed to a watered down or numbed version, causes a shake up in the collective as we are all connected.

  17. When we do not stand up for the truth we feel within us, we are accepting what is not true as true and as a result we are unable to claim what we know to be true.

  18. Let me lie with this for a while, could a white lie have any truth, hum possible never, even when we speak 100% truth it is a lie if that truth is not lived and coming from Love, as you say Denise; “When we are choosing to speak truth we are delivering love,” and this has to be lived otherwise it is knowledge not a lived wisdom. When we look deeper into truth it comes loaded just like Love is loaded. Could it be that first to live in a way that brings truth, that truth comes from being absolutely honest first, and before we become absolutely honest we had to be honest and from honesty we still bounce back into lies? It is the same for Love it is to much to go to true Love from where we are at we have to start with being at-least gentle before we become self-loving on the way to Love. “Love is delivering truth”!!!

  19. It’s a great point Denise, what’s the point in knowing the truth if we don’t speak up and bring that truth to this world? Starting by valuing what we feel and understanding how that truth supports the world, even if at first it beings an unsettlement, it’s a great place to begin.

  20. It is important for us all to express in full at all times, ‘What if when I don’t choose to express, and hold back from saying what I really feel, that this is also adding to all the lies in the world?’

  21. Speaking our Truth is a huge deal, as holding back hurts us so much. I recently realised how angry I was as a child for not speaking up and saying what I felt to say, and then holding onto resentment. The beliefs that then form about yourself are so self destructive, and actually have us behaving in a way that is totally not who we are in Truth. Is it any wonder that we then get to a point and do not know who we are.

    1. Offering a child the opportunity to speak up can open the door for a waterfall of communication we have not expected yet it can be the most extraordinary opportunity that lays a foundation for good physical and mental health for the rest of their lives.

  22. I remember moments in my life where people have delivered a truth to me. They are very clear in my memory even though some happened decades ago. With each incident, it brought me to a stop and made me reflect on how I am and how I behave. Without them, i may well have continued in the same way rather than making the changes that I feel have evolved me, so in the same way, I realise I should not hold back what I feel is there to say, because we all have our part to play in supporting each other to hear truth.

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