Life Can Change – If You Want It To

If someone had told me 15 years ago what my life would be like today I would never have believed them. Sure, everyone’s life can change – if you want it to – but never in a million years would I have believed just how much my life would change, and how absolutely incredible a journey it would be.

A life lived with drugs, alcohol, working long hours, a busy social life, disregard and disarray, constant stress, overwhelm and complication, was once all part of my day. This was considered and accepted as “normal” – or what I perceived as normal, and sadly accepted as my life – for a while anyway.

The way I lived was confirmed by those around me – all living with similar if not the same issues faced on a day to day basis. So with this confirmation, and having nothing else at the time to go by, I plodded along until such time as I began to feel there had to be more to life. I could not keep going the way I was.

My body began showing signs of exhaustion, no longer coping with the stresses and pressures of a failing relationship and a stressful yet successful business, along with the usual challenges of daily life. I was great at being able to forget about the day and my troubles over a glass of wine, a joint or a catch up with friends, all of which was only ever a distraction and a temporary fix. All the unresolved issues that I felt and lived with never went away – they were always there, only being pushed aside temporarily until the distractions I chose wore off and a new day began, always with the same issues still lingering.

Now, fifteen years on, after making different choices to no longer live in the avoidance and arrogance, I have instead chosen to deal with my issues and what I feel in every moment.

The choices I have made have come from a direct decision to live in a way that is truly supportive and loving – establishing a way of living that allows me to continue to develop a life of love and simplicity. I have made these life changes by:

  • Making a commitment to myself to give up the alcohol and drugs
  • Living a life of simplicity without the complication and disregard
  • Taking responsibility for the choices I make and how I live, and honoring myself and my body
  • Introducing self-care into my day – creating a rhythm that supports me to be able to feel how every choice I make affects and impacts on my body
  • Looking at every aspect of my life – from the time I choose to go to bed, the food I eat, to the way I look after myself in every moment
  • Choosing to love myself for who I am – knowing I am enough just being me, that I do not have to please or appease anyone in order to gain acceptance or recognition.

 It is through observing and feeling the level of love and integrity that Serge Benhayon and his family live with that has truly inspired me to commit to changing the way in which I live and the choices I make.

Yes, there are still things that come up (as there is for everyone, I would not be human if I said I was not challenged occasionally), however the difference now is the way in which I choose to deal with the challenges that lie ahead on a daily basis.

With all that has been presented and shared through Serge and Universal Medicine, I am now aware of the choices I make and how they affect not only me and my life, but all those around me as well. By constantly looking at and feeling what I have chosen and whether it supports me, I am no longer avoiding life but instead choosing to feel and deal with it, lovingly without having to be perfect, knowing at times I will make mistakes and that is ok too.

The appreciation I have for my life, family and those around me is endlessly deepening and one that I would not change for the world.

My commitment to myself is one that I am forever working on, constantly making sure that the changes I have made are supportive of the way in which I choose to live: honoring all that is felt in and around me, never taking for granted all that I am and all that I have, as I know that without the constant ongoing commitment and support from Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon I would not be where I am today.

Yes, life can change – if you want it to.

By Nicole Serafin, Age 42 years, Tintenbar NSW, Australia

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623 thoughts on “Life Can Change – If You Want It To

  1. I love the simplicity shared here, that we can feel each thing that arises and deal with it … it doesn’t need to be a drama but it asks us to take responsibility for who we are, what we feel and what we bring. It asks us to see that life is not just about us, but about all of us, and that each of us has a role to play.

  2. If someone would have told me years ago that one day I would walk with a knowing of who I am and an inner steadiness, stability and confidence that, without any perfection, dealing with what comes up daily without completely abandoning myself, I would have thought it was a fairytale. But it is exactly what has happened and the years of anxiety, nervous energy and feeling like I was incapable of dealing with issues has all but gone, thanks to Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon reflecting the truth of who we are.

  3. I agree Nicole, yes life can change. We can learn to be more self-loving and make more loving choices. Like you, my life is very significantly improved since I made the choice to hear and act upon what Serge Benhayon is presenting to us all.

  4. I used to think getting a new job, relationships, moving houses, learning new skills meant changing life, but it’s really just the scenery that got changed. With those ‘changes’ came a picture of how I wanted my life to look like. But there is another way of ‘changing’ which actually is a confirmation of what already is, and I often do not know what that would look like and I get a sense that it is an externalization of what is within but have not really been applying it in full. I would like to explore that more.

  5. Love the title of this blog for the simple truth it delivers, we all can change our lives at any moment, and in the willingness to change, the door opens to the path of honesty. From honesty we can change so much and I have found there is always plenty of support to do so.

  6. One of the greatest things I have learnt from Universal Medicine presentations is to commit more to life, my life has completely changed because of this and my relationships have also deepened and become more loving as well.

  7. It is also our attitude towards change. Many are fearful of change because it is the unknown therefore we cannot plan ahead which can freak people out. I have found that embracing change opens so many doors within and without and as such there is a supply of unlimited support that greatly assists us through any challenges that may pop up especially the letting go of old beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve us.

  8. Life can and does change, but first I guess we have to stop and access where we have arrived, what is it we want to change, and then making different choices that will lead us to the desired result.

  9. When we live in the arrogance of taking our physical body for granted the ensuing exhaustion will always undermine our quality of life and quality of health and well-being.

  10. It is all about choice and an openness to see what is unloving in our lives and then choosing to bring more love and support into our everyday livingness.

  11. When it comes to reasons why one may feel tired and/or exhausted I’d say ignoring my feelings trumps if not is the root rather than overworking or stress. Feeling very tired recently I can’t blame work but need to review how I am with myself in what I do.

  12. When we live with a strong foundation of love we are able to meet the challenges of life as an opportunity to learn more about ourselves rather than something to knock us off course.

  13. I love the title of your blog Nicole, and it is not only that we can change our life if we want to, what you show here is that it is the quality we choose to live in and with that makes the biggest changes we could wish for.

  14. How inspiring to read this blog – the commitment to choose change and live with responsibility to deal with things rather than bury them has made huge changes as you have Nicole is true in my own life too – thanks to presentations by Serge Benhayon.

  15. ‘fifteen years on, after making different choices to no longer live in the avoidance and arrogance, I have instead chosen to deal with my issues and what I feel in every moment’. In any moment we can change direction, we all are equal in our free will to choose.

  16. There is no coincidence to change – it is our will, and our ability to move next and let go of the past.. It is our very true right to choose to either resist or let go and surrender.. But this is up to each one, every single person. To feel that we are beyond physical and that we have a Soul, Spirit and Personality and much more with us wherever we go. It is then silly to say that we have only one life, we only exist in human form (within a physical body, we are just becoming sick by bad luck and so on.. It is our willingness to dig deeper and feel what is going on. The moment we allow ourselves to feel the truth of where we are at, we will see that it is simply a creation (deviation away from who we are).

  17. Choosing to love ourselves is the best medicine to give ourselves. Practically how does that look? It can start with one choice to eat food that truly nourishes the body, this is where I started. Or to to go bed when the body is tired. To say no to others, to speak up and share your feelings and show your vulnerability. Or it could be changing jobs as the current one no longer supports you, or moving house etc – it is self loving to make the changes the body is calling for, we just have to listen.

  18. My commitment to love, and to myself I have put on the table to review and essentially deepen and to just allow love out in the acceptance that I am love, have always been love, but not let it out!

  19. As we are constantly making choices as a result of what quality of energy we are aligning to, it then can never be too late to change the quality of life we live. We only need to be willing to be honest with ourselves as to whether our choices are truly supporting us to live all that we are, and bring awareness to why we are choosing to live the way we are.

  20. Yes, life can change – if you want it to. Such a positive statement, but absolutely true. My life changed as soon as I got honest in how I was living and that my life was not working and that actually I felt lost. I made many lifestyle changes, for example, around food; started to cook everything myself. Sleep; went to bed early and got up early giving me more time in the morning so as I did not rush… and many more. One simple change leads to the next and before you know, you are living a life that feels more true with simplicity, the icing on your cake.

  21. Yes absolutely the quality of our lives can change if we are willing to let go of what is not truly working. Although the latter is where resistance can kick in, for how many of us are truly willing to give up all the pockets of comfort in our lives?

    1. Oh those pockets of comfort…. mine lately has been with food, eating more than I need but not every day. So it is for me to look at why on certain days, do I eat more, what do I not want to feel?

  22. As you say Nicole “I could not keep going the way I was.” So at 40 I stopped all drugs legal and illegal. Then by the time I came to Universal Medicine at the age of 50 my body had already shown me that sugar, gluten and dairy were not supporting me.
    Finding I had simply used replacements such as fruits, honey, maple syrup; rice bread, corn bread; soya, almond, coconut milks, creams or yogurts all became apparent from the presentations by Serge Benhayon. Once I understood how our real issues and emotional disturbances were entwined in our ideals and believes, so that the foods we eat keep us tied and numbed to our emotions. Foods only buried our issues and emotions deeper in the pit of arrogance that was a set up to make us think we are doing better because we have moved on when in all honesty the ball was just been thrown in the air from hand to hand with no evolution. Thank you Nichole, because as what you have shared “honoring all that is felt in and around me, never taking for granted all that I am and all that I have, as I know that without the constant ongoing commitment and support from Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon I would not be where I am today.”

  23. Yes. I can relate to all of this. I have made gradual but significant changes over the years, and when I look back I can see the enormous difference it has made to the quality of my life, but more significant is the steadiness I feel within myself. It didn’t happen over night, but with a willingness to be aware of how life plays out according to the choices I make, I have naturally rebuilt a foundation that supports me more solidly.

  24. Appreciation is an important part of our daily life, I am choosing to deepen my appreciation and it is beautiful, ‘The appreciation I have for my life, family and those around me is endlessly deepening and one that I would not change for the world.’

  25. If someone had of told me 2 years ago that my life would have the elements it does today – I would have believed them but still been shocked! I can feel a gorgeous and enormous quality that is within me and this being lived more consistently allows for life to really take shape in a true and supportive way.

    1. I agree Rachael – in fact, I probably would not have believed them – I would have likely freaked out. It’s astounding how amazing my life is today, and what I now feel within me, the quality I wake up with, take to my day and go to sleep with, and the environment that has literally shaped around me. The difference to where I was just a year ago, never mind a few years ago, is huge – bigger than huge. But in the grand scheme of things it is normal – we are meant to live in joy and in constant expansion, and when we do go there within, it reverberates in our outer life as well.

      1. So true what you have all shared Nichole, Rachael and Katerina. What is it that keeps us in this deep form of illusion and arrogance about how we were living that we though was good but in hind sight had provided nil, zero, zilch to our evolution?

  26. Through The Way of The Livingness we have the power to live who we truly are and that is a huge blessing not just for self but for all humanity, breaking away from the struggles and complexities of life and embracing more of the love within.

  27. Nicole I am also someone that deeply appreciates what I have been given by Universal Medicine and as a result what I can live today. It’s truly remarkable to resurrect out of stress, trauma, emotional hurts, etc to now live connected to stillness, love, harmony, joy and begin to feel and express the truth. Life will always have challenges but now the tools I can reach for to support myself are truly self supportive, not self destructive or offering temporary relief.

  28. What a celebration, ‘ fifteen years on, after making different choices to no longer live in the avoidance and arrogance, I have instead chosen to deal with my issues and what I feel in every moment,’ and as you say to now live a life that is supportive and loving.

  29. I agree Nicole. My life has also changed significantly. Before I used to avoid responsibility and distract myself from any tensions I would feel by eating way to much and drinking alcohol. The foundation of self-care I have built over the last 10 years means I am actually enjoying life rather that managing my way through it.

  30. Yes, it definitely can change. My life has certainly moved around over the years, and I can confidently say that Universal Medicine has supported me to be aware of my choices and how they impact me and everyone around me. The awareness alone has allowed me to take responsibility for my life and including all the choices I make.

  31. When it comes to the teachings and modalities of Universal Medicine, everyday miracles are an ordinary part of life.

  32. This a really big one to work on “Choosing to love myself for who I am – knowing I am enough just being me, that I do not have to please or appease anyone in order to gain acceptance or recognition.” It’s a very simple way to live to allow oneself to just be who they are – that already removes layers of complication out of life. How beautiful it would be if this was our foundation in life from an early age, supported to be ourselves in family, education, and employment.

  33. The smallest of changes that are consistently chosen, then become a natural part of our daily lives and routine and then becomes a rhythm in the quality brought to everything we do. As that quality of self care deepens from acceptance and appreciation, there is the knowing that we are so much more than just our physical body.

  34. This is a beautiful testimony to the Livingness Nicole and when truly lived it is very powerful and life changing on many levels – we can all make this simple choice to align and embrace to this immense love and begin to see the miracles that unfold around us.

  35. Beautifully expressed Nicole. The way you speak of choices has no sense of ‘having to give things up’ and become a major challenge, only letting go of complexity and exhaustion to simplify the way of living.
    “The choices I have made have come from a direct decision to live in a way that is truly supportive and loving – establishing a way of living that allows me to continue to develop a life of love and simplicity”.

  36. The more we develop and commit to our relationship with self the more we realise that life is so much more and that our purpose of being here is to offer a reflection to another of what it is to live from an open heart and not the complications of the head.

  37. Nicole I loved reading your blog and how you realised that there was far more to life than what many of us accept as the norm, beautiful to read your transformation and feel how much love you now hold yourself with.

  38. The most valuable realisation I have learnt from Universal Medicine is how much power we have in our own choices, and that we are the ones that create change.

  39. Choice, change, commitment to life = joy in full measure being abundant in your writing Nicole.
    It is very inspiring to read and appreciate the changes you have made to support this beautiful way of living.

  40. It takes a steady commitment to making loving and self-caring choices that supports the whole of the body that then allows true and lasting change.

    1. So true Linda – I tried for a long time to stop patterns that were abusive to my body, like smoking and drinking alcohol. But it wasn’t until focusing on self-love, nurturing and valuing myself as a woman did it start to change.

  41. “Life Can Change – If You Want It To”, and this paired with the willingness to deeply care for and learning to love oneself brings a change of quality to life that no outside gain can give us. Nicole the simplicity of appreciation of the daily life you bring is so very solid and yet tender in its application.

  42. It is the most humbling experience to feel just how supported we are when we decide to make changes in our life. The job appears, the house to buy/rent is there, the friends rally, all around
    there is support. Simply because you have made the
    choice, for it is the choice that comes first.

  43. As we choose to engage more fully with life, staying steady with the commitment to ourselves we also begin to appreciate more and our lives start to change and become more full and yet more spacious at the same time.

  44. I lived life in search of connecting to the world outside me to fulfill me, through lifestyles, work, friends to make me feel like I belonged, and part of humanity, but never did it truly hit the point as at the end of the day I never felt at ease with myself as there was still something greatly missing. In fact I mostly sensed that ‘this’ (whatever I was doing) is not it, and ‘this’ is not true but override this sense. The Ageless Wisdom Teachings as presented and lived by Serge Benhayon have reminded me that everything I could ever search for is already within me, and when I began to explore this world within I did discover the world in which I do belong to, my Soul, through which I can live the fullness of who I am within whatever I do and wherever I am, whoever I am with as best I can.

  45. “I am no longer avoiding life but instead choosing to feel and deal with it, lovingly without having to be perfect”. This is such a powerful message to those of us who have developed a way to avoid acknowledging what our lives are truly like and instead simply pretend we are ok, because to change the way we are living feels way too hard. But as you say, by dealing with the issues that need addressing and knowing that it is not about being perfect, change is not only possible but can happen in a very gentle and surprising way.

  46. It is amazing that when we truly stop running and avoiding the choices we have made and instead lovingly choose to feel and address what is there, we have the power to transform our life into one that supports and embraces us.

  47. The title of this blog really grabbed me – “Life Can Change – If You Want It To”. My life is not as full of drama as it used to be and there are many things that have changed for the better over the years but I cannot deny there being an element of coasting where I feel I am being lazy in making choices, and it’s not about making my life more comfortable and all that, but I feel I need to question where the motivation is coming from when I am making choices, and what is it that I truly want.

  48. It is awful how self-destructive we can be in our lives and yet fit in and are considered ‘normal’ because everyone around us is doing the same thing. It’s a parallel for much of life’s games and falsities really, for as long as the crowd plays the same game, we can all continue with the charade that it’s all good. Underneath our bodies are screaming that it is not a true way to live. Once we re-connect to something of truth, the game begins to reveal itself though and we find ourselves with choices to continue playing the game, or to live something of truth. Thanks for the gorgeous example of having made that choice yourself… very inspiring Nicole.

  49. Temporary fixes such as ‘a glass of wine or joint’ only serve to distract us from the hurt of our unresolved issues that will always linger and shadow all that we do until we fully address them and let them go.

  50. It can be so easy for us to get into a momentum of just living life as it is each day and not question this even if we are not happy. It can sometimes take a major incident to wake us up out of this. It is great to choose to wake up from it and start to make changes without needing the major incident to do it.

  51. “The choices I have made have come from a direct decision to live in a way that is truly supportive and loving – establishing a way of living that allows me to continue to develop a life of love and simplicity” beautiful to re-read your blog Nicole, Taking responsibility – not a word that many want to embrace – for our lives, is key to making life style changes that support us. Accepting where we are at and appreciating ourselves is important also.

  52. “I am no longer avoiding life but instead choosing to feel and deal with it” – this really stood out for me. For a long while, for me, life used to feel like a long stint of suffocation, and I so longed for its sense of perpetuation to cease and I sought the answer in withdrawing from it and not participating. That never worked. What was lacking was my commitment to myself, to love myself for who I was, and I am still working on it.

  53. It is a choice to deal with our issues but what I do know is that those same issues keep returning and presenting themselves sometimes in uncanny ways which can be uncomfortable yet at the same time so supportive and healing to my body and wellbeing.

  54. A great reminder Nicole how powerful and life changing our choices can be when we choose to live in a way that is truly supportive and loving, enabling us to be able to take responsibility and handle the challenges that we face along the way that become opportunities to deepen our relationship with ourselves and with others.

  55. I constantly hear people saying that they have no choice, and that it’s too late to change. If I have the opportunity I take the time to share with them that from my lived experience I have come to know that there is always another choice – we may just not like what it is -, and it is definitely never too late to change. In the last 11 years I have been making many choices and changes in the way I live, and now at 66 I know that there are still many more to come, and those I look forward to as the quality of my life is now so much greater than it ever has been.

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