Commitment to Self – Commitment to Life

Isn’t it strange how we can be on what seems like a never-ending merry-go-round searching for joy. Constantly thinking we will find it in the perfect job, house or partner – if only I had ‘this or that’. So often we drift from one thing to the next, never really committing to life in full, always thinking the next thing will be the one that changes our life.

But what if it was not something outside of us – such as a job, a house or a relationship – that brings about true change? What if it was about making that commitment to self first that then brought the true change and lasting joy that we so long for and seek?

I have been part of that searching for something outside of myself that I thought would make me happy in life – the religion, the partying, the cool gang, the art, the guru, the yoga, the job, the travel, the hundreds of career changes, the diet, the perfect body, the relationship, the self help, the new age, the course, the qualification, all the “if only this or that then my life would be different”…

But the fact is, none of them worked. I thought they did for a while, but all they did was distract me with moments of excitement, happiness, sadness, recognition, acceptance, complication, numbness or obsession, all to avoid feeling what was really going on.

In truth I was looking for something to distract me from feeling the emptiness and sadness I felt by not allowing myself the time and space to stop and feel what I was really looking for… and that was me, my connection to God, and the love that I am and feel inside of me.

I avoided committing to myself and to life like the plague, even though it was the one thing I knew that would turn my life around. On a daily basis, this lack of commitment to self, to fully being with me, impacted my ability to fully commit to life

With the support of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine this has changed. I now know commitment is not about some huge big thing, as we have been led to believe, but it is about everything in life, no matter how big or small. Such as:

  • Booking a doctor’s appointment when I first need it and not putting it off.
  • Booking a dental check up, not waiting for them to get in touch.
  • Getting the car checked, and whatever needs done.
  • Going food shopping, not leaving it till the cupboards are bare.
  • Creating the space to prepare and eat food that will truly support and nourish me.
  • Taking my time being present, not rushing, stressing and thinking about the day, week or even month ahead.
  • Going to the toilet when I need to and not putting it off because I’m doing something else.
  • Opening letters and not just putting them away in drawers – usually bank statements.
  • Being responsible with money, not spending more than I have but also feeling I am worth spending money on.
  • Saying yes when I mean yes and no when I mean no.
  • Being in a job fully present, not looking for another job or wanting to be somewhere else.
  • Being totally committed to being in an intimate relationship with someone and not worrying about past hurts or the future, the ‘what ifs’ or buts.
  • Going to bed when my body feels tired, not staying up “just another five minutes”.
  • Speaking up, in full, not holding back my expression.
  • If I say I will do something, committing to it and taking responsibility, not making excuses to avoid it or doing it with resentment.
  • Being responsible for myself and how I am – not dumping my day, stuff or issues on anyone else.
  • Expressing myself in full, in everything I do, be it teaching a class, walking the dog, how I do my hair or what I choose to wear, not holding back any part of me.

Commitment doesn’t have to be something to avoid, dread or put off for as long as possible. Commitment to self and to life is an absolute joy that can be felt, even in the simplest of little things.

Like saying yes from our absolute fullness and meaning it, from connecting with a friend, making a commitment to stop on the way home from work to buy a certain food because that’s what we feel to eat, or saying yes to a relationship, to ourselves, I want to be with you 110%.

The truth is, when we choose to commit to life in full, to a job, a relationship, a choice, ourselves, it feels amazing, there’s not one ounce of heaviness or dread, just an incredible feeling of lightness, freedom, joy, simplicity, clarity, power and absolute strength. There is no room for fleeting moments of self-doubt or wavering thoughts, no anxiousness or ‘what ifs’ or buts, just the absolute simplicity and joy of life in full.

What I have also come to discover, is that commitment is much more than all of this: yes, this was and is a great and huge start, but I have had the opportunity to go much deeper with this – commitment is much more than what I do, it’s actually about the quality and presence I am in, or to put it another way, how I am in whatever it is I am doing.

For example when I go for a walk, I am walking with me, not planning my day or thinking about everything else; or when I am teaching a class – yes I am committed to prepare lessons, turn up each day, but what makes all the difference is that I am there, fully present with myself and the children.

When I am not thinking about anything else apart from the very moment I am in, that is commitment in full, not only to whatever I am doing and whoever I am with, but also commitment to myself and to life in full.

Inspired by the deep love and commitment of Serge Benhayon, Michael Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

By Gyl Rae, 37, Teacher, Scotland

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1,010 thoughts on “Commitment to Self – Commitment to Life

  1. True commitment is a divine law, one that asks us to take responsibility for seeing how much we have changed its meaning and that ultimately first and foremost our commitment is to living the love we are.

  2. Commitment to life is a responsibility I have wanted out for as long as I can remember, but this responsibility in truth is actually something I know very well and life is giving me all the opportunities to reconfirm this with myself everyday.

  3. I love your rather exposing list of some of the things that make up what it means to be committed to life, but it is what you shared about the quality that I find the most exposing… for sometimes it is easy to seemingly appear committed to life through the length of the list of things that can be ticked off in a day but it is the quality that they are done in that truly defines what you are committed too.

  4. I can relate to getting caught up in searching through life thinking the next thing would make everything better and more enjoyable. I gave little if any thought to how my body was feeling as I would constantly distract myself in the search for the next thing to somehow boost my self-worth. That changed when I learnt to focus on feeling my body through my breath. The more connected to myself I am the steadier and more committed I feel to myself and to engaging with life.

  5. I was living life but it was something that felt like a chore to a degree, getting up and going to work, keeping up with the household chores and some time to see family and friends. Like I was on a hamster wheel and didn’t know how to get off. Thanks to Serge Benhayon and the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom this changed, today after fully committing to life and myself I can honestly say that I have never felt so in love with where I am and what I am doing. Everything is simply and feels amazing, I don’t need any fireworks or special events to keep me going until the next.

  6. Gorgeous Gyl, feeling in your reading the absolute power,lightness and aliveness of what it means to be committed to yourself, to life! a gorgeous lived example of how we can live everyday, and not just a moment or a day! Gorgeous reminder of where we are all capable of!

  7. The difference I feel when I fully commit to something is huge. When I’m not committed and am feeling half-hearted about doing something, because I feel like it’s a burden, it’s me who’s making it a burden by resisting doing what needs to be done -and it takes twice as long. When I commit to doing something in full, all the energy that I need to do the thing is right there – and it just gets done. What I’m also learning is that it’s my resistance to saying what needs to be said, to doing what needs to be done, controlling every outcome, that makes me exhausted. When I allow life to flow, feel what’s needed next by going by my body instead of my mental to-do list, it takes no effort and life feels more enjoyable and expansive.

  8. Commiting to expressing how I feel when I feel it and not waiting or shoving the feeling under the bed for a while to revist or for it to build up, to everyone without exception is one of my many daily practices. As this is an area I have held back immensely with family and close ones, often I find that when I practice this with strangers it builds appreciation and familiarity, and it gets easier in situations where I find more difficult to express myself. This exposes an attachment I have with family—a need to be accepted and to be loved, which is based on need and not true love.

  9. I really love the examples you’ve given in your blog Gyl about super simple and practical ways we can commit more to ourselves and life. We shy away from commitment but it isn’t as scary as we make it out! Life actually becomes a lot easier when we apply ourselves in full…

  10. I used sport to avoid feeling what was going on, and each time I would stretch myself further, until I came across Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, then I realised that living from the inside out and connecting to life fully from being who I truly was first was what I was truly looking for.

  11. I am finding that it’s the simple steps of our daily living that really build our foundation for commitment like applying my makeup seated at my dressing table with presence or opening the door to my car etc. It’s these little daily processes and the depth of our presence that can truly bring change to our commitment to life and it’s a lot of fun exploring it everyday.

  12. It’s such a trap and yet we all fall in at various times ‘always thinking the next thing will be the one that changes our life.’, when in fact life is with us now and how are we with it, are we with it, as fully as we can be in any given moment, willing and open to deepening the connection with ourselves and thus life? Are we ready to turn up, fully on and willing to be there in however is needed? Are we willing to simply be us?

  13. I find it seems sometimes easier to commit to things outside of myself – as in for others or because others are saying I have to do it – than to commit to things I feel to do out of myself, things I feel need to be done and are important. This is exposing that I have a lack of self-worth I am feeding with this behaviour, but oh yes how beautiful to start making a change and commit to everything as even the smallest things are important.

  14. Well said Gyl, it’s the commitment to live our every breath in the truth of who we are. To feel that we are already full, it just needs to be claimed and lived.

  15. I absolutely love this blog Gyl. I’ve just been through a period in my life where I felt unsure about many things and the self doubt felt very real and absolutely debilitating, I couldn’t move forward with anything. When I began to commit to my life in full everything that was murky became clear and like you say this clarity brings joy and purpose. Commitment is not the burden I thought it was, in fact lack of commitment is what makes me feel burdened.

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