Commitment to Self – Commitment to Life

Isn’t it strange how we can be on what seems like a never-ending merry-go-round searching for joy. Constantly thinking we will find it in the perfect job, house or partner – if only I had ‘this or that’. So often we drift from one thing to the next, never really committing to life in full, always thinking the next thing will be the one that changes our life.

But what if it was not something outside of us – such as a job, a house or a relationship – that brings about true change? What if it was about making that commitment to self first that then brought the true change and lasting joy that we so long for and seek?

I have been part of that searching for something outside of myself that I thought would make me happy in life – the religion, the partying, the cool gang, the art, the guru, the yoga, the job, the travel, the hundreds of career changes, the diet, the perfect body, the relationship, the self help, the new age, the course, the qualification, all the “if only this or that then my life would be different”…

But the fact is, none of them worked. I thought they did for a while, but all they did was distract me with moments of excitement, happiness, sadness, recognition, acceptance, complication, numbness or obsession, all to avoid feeling what was really going on.

In truth I was looking for something to distract me from feeling the emptiness and sadness I felt by not allowing myself the time and space to stop and feel what I was really looking for… and that was me, my connection to God, and the love that I am and feel inside of me.

I avoided committing to myself and to life like the plague, even though it was the one thing I knew that would turn my life around. On a daily basis, this lack of commitment to self, to fully being with me, impacted my ability to fully commit to life

With the support of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine this has changed. I now know commitment is not about some huge big thing, as we have been led to believe, but it is about everything in life, no matter how big or small. Such as:

  • Booking a doctor’s appointment when I first need it and not putting it off.
  • Booking a dental check up, not waiting for them to get in touch.
  • Getting the car checked, and whatever needs done.
  • Going food shopping, not leaving it till the cupboards are bare.
  • Creating the space to prepare and eat food that will truly support and nourish me.
  • Taking my time being present, not rushing, stressing and thinking about the day, week or even month ahead.
  • Going to the toilet when I need to and not putting it off because I’m doing something else.
  • Opening letters and not just putting them away in drawers – usually bank statements.
  • Being responsible with money, not spending more than I have but also feeling I am worth spending money on.
  • Saying yes when I mean yes and no when I mean no.
  • Being in a job fully present, not looking for another job or wanting to be somewhere else.
  • Being totally committed to being in an intimate relationship with someone and not worrying about past hurts or the future, the ‘what ifs’ or buts.
  • Going to bed when my body feels tired, not staying up “just another five minutes”.
  • Speaking up, in full, not holding back my expression.
  • If I say I will do something, committing to it and taking responsibility, not making excuses to avoid it or doing it with resentment.
  • Being responsible for myself and how I am – not dumping my day, stuff or issues on anyone else.
  • Expressing myself in full, in everything I do, be it teaching a class, walking the dog, how I do my hair or what I choose to wear, not holding back any part of me.

Commitment doesn’t have to be something to avoid, dread or put off for as long as possible. Commitment to self and to life is an absolute joy that can be felt, even in the simplest of little things.

Like saying yes from our absolute fullness and meaning it, from connecting with a friend, making a commitment to stop on the way home from work to buy a certain food because that’s what we feel to eat, or saying yes to a relationship, to ourselves, I want to be with you 110%.

The truth is, when we choose to commit to life in full, to a job, a relationship, a choice, ourselves, it feels amazing, there’s not one ounce of heaviness or dread, just an incredible feeling of lightness, freedom, joy, simplicity, clarity, power and absolute strength. There is no room for fleeting moments of self-doubt or wavering thoughts, no anxiousness or ‘what ifs’ or buts, just the absolute simplicity and joy of life in full.

What I have also come to discover, is that commitment is much more than all of this: yes, this was and is a great and huge start, but I have had the opportunity to go much deeper with this – commitment is much more than what I do, it’s actually about the quality and presence I am in, or to put it another way, how I am in whatever it is I am doing.

For example when I go for a walk, I am walking with me, not planning my day or thinking about everything else; or when I am teaching a class – yes I am committed to prepare lessons, turn up each day, but what makes all the difference is that I am there, fully present with myself and the children.

When I am not thinking about anything else apart from the very moment I am in, that is commitment in full, not only to whatever I am doing and whoever I am with, but also commitment to myself and to life in full.

Inspired by the deep love and commitment of Serge Benhayon, Michael Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

By Gyl Rae, 37, Teacher, Scotland

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1,126 thoughts on “Commitment to Self – Commitment to Life

    1. So true, Gyl, simple but very powerful. My body offers the true feeling of whether what I want to do is really in line with a rhythm and purpose coming from within me, from my essence, or if it is coming from an expectation, or belief taken on from outside of me. Plus when I am out of connection and rhythm with myself, it is incredible how easy it is to fall for the latter. So the body is the foundation of both quality of being and action.

  1. Gyl, I can totally relate to what you wrote. It is not about what we do in our daily lives, but it is how we do it. Steady, lovingly and with conscious presence. A long time ago a person said to me how much he enjoys preparing things lovingly like a dinner for example, to the point when he finally sits down and eats. He enjoys all the little steps till the final. At that time for me only the outcome (e.g. the dinner) was important, I was not aware how much the steps in between are important as they lead to the beautiful final.
    Some time ago an elder lady said ‘Oh my God, how lovingly I have cut the green beans today! I have never cut them so lovingly before!’ How amazing is that? This sentence accompanies me in my every day actions – as they repeat every day.. morning shower, work, food preparing , connecting with people – connecting with me.

  2. I’m feeling your solidness Brendan….and can feel how building on this solidness by commiting to expressing truth is how we evolve – I too am commited to expressing my truth in every moment.

  3. On reading this blog I felt into my commitment to myself and could feel that in the past commitment meant a commitment to someone else- a relationship. a union of two.
    Committing to myself was a concept that I never considered. And back then my life was in chaos. Since Ive been going to workshops and presentations by Serge Benhayon I have learnt what it is to have a commitment to myself, that commitment touches all aspects of my life. I feel so solid in the world now so present.

  4. I sometimes find that I lose my commitment to myself in order to commit to something else – like my job. Yes the job needs to be done and I need to be on time, but if I lose my commitment to myself in the process I have put my commitment to my job before myself. It’s still a work in progress for me to commit to remaining true to me before stepping into anything.

    1. Hi Rebecca, yes true, the quality of something I do, always carries the state of being I am in. If I lose myself for something how can I bring the full me to it? I can’t unless I commit again to me.

  5. My commitment is to be with myself and to hold myself in a world that seems designed to throw me off balance. Some times it feels like learning to tightrope walk, but in reality, it’s me that makes it so, as the reality is it is simply a matter of choice to shine or not to shine…. that is the question.

  6. What I realised most after reading this great blog is how much I have caused unnecessary stress and anxiety for myself when I have not committed fully to various things, and instead have either complained about a certain situation or have been indecisive about committing fully for fear of getting hurt emotionally. What you showed me Gyl is how refreshingly easy and joyful commitment to ourselves and life can be once we let go of the ‘burden’ of it that isn’t even really there in the first place.

  7. I wholeheartedly agree, Brendan. When I held back what I was feeling, I can feel I was choosing to discount myself and also the other person. I can tell myself that it’s because I’m afraid of how the other person would react, but the truth is, if I believe something to be true, why wouldn’t I want to share that with another, do I really believe they are ‘better off’ not knowing that there may be another way of looking at the situation? The more I hold back my truth I’m hurting both myself and the other person. The more I allow myself to express freely, I’m surprised by what comes out of my mouth, maybe because it’s coming from my body, not my head. The beautiful part is, I’m also finding that more often than not, the other person totally ‘gets’ what I am sharing and agrees with me. Clearly exposing my fears were totally unfounded and just a way to keep me small.

  8. “The truth is, when we choose to commit to life in full, to a job, a relationship, a choice, ourselves, it feels amazing, there’s not one ounce of heaviness or dread, just an incredible feeling of lightness, freedom, joy, simplicity, clarity, power and absolute strength. There is no room for fleeting moments of self-doubt or wavering thoughts, no anxiousness or ‘what ifs’ or buts, just the absolute simplicity and joy of life in full.’
    Maybe self doubt is not our ‘voice of reason’, there to protect us from making a big mistake, from making ourselves vulnerable only to fall on our face.
    Maybe self doubt is really a way of keeping ourselves small, allowing us to hide.
    When we choose to commit to ourselves, as you say so beautifully Gyl, there is no space for anything other than absolute joy.

  9. Thank you Gyl, the way you have shared about commitment has just removed “this is so huge” aspect for me of committing to life fully. Let’s be honest here, that’s what I’ve been struggling with. You have shared just how simple it can be with a choice of being present with myself, beautiful and powerful, thank you again

    1. Isn’t it funny how we turn the most simplest of things into a dilemma, drama, excuse, issue or complication – when the answer requires a simple yes or no.

      1. Actually not so funny – more exhausting and to be honest in my case boring – why do we go round and round in circles doing the same thing, when we know it doesn’t work in the first place? What are we delaying?

      2. Great addition in this comment Gyl as I have had the word ‘delay’ ruminating as I read through the comments and the relationship between commitment and what I delay. I have noticed if I am not confident to do a task I will often delay it only to find when I do sit down and focus it took little time and was quite easy yet I will allow the task to sit in my body draining, causing complication, angst and heaviness when all I am resisting is presence and focus, as you say ‘saying yes’ or in one word, capital C – Commitment.

  10. Gyl this was a lovely piece to read as it revealed to me that our commitment to life is in the quality we bring to all our daily deeds. I can feel for myself the difference when I commit to being completely in the moment, there is a lightness, presence and joy that isn’t there when I think about what has been or what is coming up. When I look at small children I am reminded of the fact that they so naturally live in the moment and life has a slower pace. I can feel the joy and realise this is something we can all bring back to our lives if we choose to commit to being ourselves in every moment.

    1. This is also what I took from this blog Jade. That commitment to life is the quality that we bring to our daily deeds. So refreshing to approach commitment in this way. As you say it is so much more light and expansive. A joy.

  11. I loved reading your blog Johanna, and it’s great to have an understanding around commitment to life and how if we don’t bring all of us to each thing that we do, it’s actually not true commitment, and we are actually only going into a tick boxing exercise and into a need of some sort. Then the richness of ourselves is missing from the task that we are doing and everyone misses out on a truly love-filled interaction. The key to a joyful life.

  12. “Commitment to self and to life is an absolute joy that can be felt, even in the simplest of little things”. Gyl you have shown how the daily routines can be made so delicious when we choose to be fully present with them. Thank you.

  13. “If I say I will do something, committing to it and taking responsibility, not making excuses to avoid it or doing it with resentment.”…..powerful words here Gyl (amongst many) but this stood out for me today. I keep coming back to this blog because commitment (or lack thereof) is such a big one for me at the moment. It is taking that responsibility and not feeling the resentment because you have done so. It is/as my choice.. As it always is.

    1. What I also have to watch for is judgement – of myself and others – I wobble, I stuff up, I have my issues with commitment – it is compassion and understanding of myself and others that is supporting me to be more and more loving. For me commitment is love.

  14. Commitment to life, with everything we are makes a huge difference to what we do, and how we do it. It becomes a joy rather than a chore.

  15. Committing to myself and to life is not one big grand gesture that gets done once as I used to believe but about how I am with myself in every moment of every day. I have a choice every moment to feel and know where my commitment to truth and love stand which is very empowering.

  16. Awesome blog Gyl. As my commitment to knowing myself and caring for myself deepens a little more each day, so too, and naturally so, does my commitment to life. And with this the old sabotaging behaviours that have owned me in the past are more easily exposed and uprooted. I am starting to feel how joyful and juicy true commitment can be. It feels like baby steps, but in saying this I also deeply appreciate how far I’ve come from the existence of numbness and checked-out-ness that was my life until only a few years ago.

  17. There is an inner glow that is felt when I am 110% enjoying being with my self. As you say Gyl it is in the quality of the presence I am choosing to be with me in the moment. No matter what task I may be completing, I’m with me with that task, not multi tasking and in the head at the same time.

  18. So well said Gyl, I have found too that how I feel about myself influences so much how I feel about different circumstances in life. I have been trying the ‘when I have the job I want, the boyfriend I want, the house I want …. then I will feel better’, but indeed this is not true and does not work. Like for you, what really changed my feeling of not being content in life is the commitment to myself. My commitment to being kind and gentle with myself, being my own best friend so to speak, my commitment to exercise, nourish, and take very good care of myself. I now feel very joyful with myself almost all the time, I am not perfect but wow! I feel very different in life than I did before.

  19. Gyl these very simple points really do make a massive difference to how I experience life, health, wellbeing and relationships. It is great to talk about that empty restlessness that most of us have felt from time to time.. not really committing to anything fully. Committing to myself and the little day to day things that support me has really changed this feeling of restless ‘there must be something more’. Connecting with and building a relationship with myself has shown me I don’t need to be more. I am actually very solid as I am – and I am learning more and more about just how solid my life can be. I really like how this feels – no more yo yoing. I have the very real life and practical teachings of Universal Medicine to thank for that.

  20. Your view of commitment is very refreshing – rather than the heavy weight of responsibility that we often see it as, but instead as a natural part of life.

  21. I love your list, Gyl, makes it really tangible. For me commitment could feel heavy and a ‘duty’ and I didn’t associate it with joy at all. I am more and more committed to myself and to life, but I am building consistency. Consistency is for me an important ingredient.

  22. Commitment was never really been my middle name so to speak and I have been avoiding it like the plague. But lately I am really enjoying it and this has to do with the relationship I have developed with myself. I like being me more and more and being with me, so to commit to myself is actually really great. The more I do that, the more I bring that commitment to life and everything that I do. Then commitment is not something big or serious, but actually very joyful, just like myself.

  23. I realised I had developed a fear of committing to anything fully. The fear was one of getting hurt. I had so many expectations about how things should be and if it wasn’t as I expected that would be the cue for me to withdraw and change track or path. It feels like a very old and well used path, even with awareness it still sneaks in.

    1. This is an interesting insight into lack of commitment Nicole to be aware of. As you say withdrawing from a commitment can be sneaky as the task may still be done but the commitment to quality and presence in that task might be lacking. It can be covered over with a box ticking relationship disguised by getting it done. What a wonderful awareness to open to, to come to know from the body and be able to note when something has started to become a kill joy.

  24. What is commitment to self? I have turned this one over and over for many years and only now it begins to dawn on me just how critical to everything this is. From reading your article Gyl I understand how the impact of a lack of commitment to ourselves is so severely detrimental and damaging to all aspects of our life. And yet there is a way to quite simply reverse it by choosing our way out of it back to true health. There are problems in life, even misery and terrible destruction but our ability to turn things around astounds me and it is a dead giveaway that we come from a divine place much greater than humanity may have ever imagined.

  25. Oh my word Gyl, what a solid blog – not in that it’s heavy, but in that it feels really practical and real and alive with the foundations of all the moments in your days that are lived in commitment to your presence with you, your quality. Gorgeous to feel how your list is full of love and space and support, no boxes to tick, no being identified by achieving this or that, but full of commitment to living all of you. I will be revisiting this blog – and very definitely taking a leaf out of this book as this has traditionally not been a strength for me, and is an area that would benefit from development. I’ve found I’ve spent much of my life feeling like the whole world is all upside down – and not knowing how to be with that, have tended to spend a stack of effort trying to escape and distance myself from it (and me – as that where the awareness of it all comes from!) – rather than just being with me and taking me to anything and everything I do. Officially a work in progress – and already making a HUGE difference in life in the areas where commitment to be here as fully as I’m able has been re-chosen.

  26. I love how you explain how natural and joyful it is to commit to yourself Gyl. I feel I have seen commitment to life and commitment to me as two separate things but this blog shows this is not the case at all.

    1. So true Leonne. I had also thought of them as two separate things. But this makes so much sense, that to commit to ourselves is committing to life as our life is the consequence of all the choices we make in every moment. Very insightful blog.

  27. Every time I find myself lagging and commit to myself, to life, just that bit more, I feel a sense of effortless freedom that propels me forward, and I realise that every skerrick of burden and worry is just a trick to keep me down.

    1. Lovely insight Jenny, I am realising it too. For me it’s an old way of thinking that I use to stay being comfortable and familiar and in control instead of expanding forth into what I could be. Burden and worry is utterly crazy and a complete waste of energy. If the commitment, to what I have undertaken, is true and that is connected to, then the energy is there to do it, despite any wailing from the spirit.

    2. Hello Jenny James, I love what Gyl Rae has said about commitment and it’s true for me, “When I am not thinking about anything else apart from the very moment I am in, that is commitment in full, not only to whatever I am doing and whoever I am with, but also commitment to myself and to life in full.” I can see from any ‘lag’, question etc in any moment doesn’t come from commitment but almost a lack connection to the moment we are in. It is almost like we can’t stay in the moment but go off thinking about something else. It is possible if we dedicate to just being truly in the moment as Gyl said, then this is all we simply need to do.

      1. Yes Ray, connection comes before anything, I feel that when I am re-connecting I am re-committing to myself and the purpose that is naturally there.

      2. Hello again Jenny James and well said I agree, “connection comes before anything” not as a rule so much but as a natural starting point.

  28. ‘I avoided committing to myself and to life like the plague’ Why on earth would we do this? Is it a challenge that takes us out of our comfort zone? Are we so ingrained in our ‘poor me’ identification that doing something for ourselves that will help us to evolve feels like we lose our sense of self? And yet, it is through making that commitment and re-connecting with our innermost selves that we find out who we truly are.

    1. It is crazy indeed, when you look at it. To me it seems that this is sticking to an old victimhood behaviour than it cannot be done. Victimhood coming from an old hurt. To be honest I see myself also living from this hurt if I don’t chose the full of me every single moment.

    2. Wow superb comment Carmel asking me, am I so caught up in my identity as a victim that I sabotage my own evolution? What is the choice I have before me in every second? To become aware of who I truly am, who we all truly are, and live in a way that every movement is aligned to the universe; or to stay unaware and reduce my focus to enjoying the feeling in my mouth of a biscuit, or the mental stimulation of a good TV programme. I’m being offered the world when I commit but when I don’t and choose comfort I’m only accepting a pebble!

  29. Thank you Gyl this is a great sharing for true commitment to self brings true commitment to life I am also finding and this is a beautiful experience and way to live. It is bringing a presence and fullness to life in a very real ,simple, down to earth and joyful way bringing a real appreciation and love to everyday life with health ,vitality and a steadiness of being and appreciation of everyone with understanding.It also brings a claiming of all that needs to be changed addressed and not accepted in the world.

  30. Reading your blog today Gyl, what stood out for me was : “…when I go for a walk, I am walking with me, not planning my day or thinking about everything else.” – I am practising this too and I find myself talking to my self about what I see, how my body feels or the air on my skin – I do this to stay present and really enjoy it as I walk.

    1. That is such a great point Karina and what a beautiful way to stay with ourselves, something I will bring more attention to in order to keep my very wilful mind from wandering off in to the future, as it is so easily prone to doing!

  31. Wow Gyl I love your list of how you live now – totally committed and not waiting for things to have to be done – but rather understanding that self-love means you proactively do what is needed in a loving way.
    I’m actually finding it so much simpler when I don’t run away from whats needed to be done – ie visiting the doctor/ dentist – this is life and these things are part of life. Fact. So we have an opportunity of how we address these tasks.

    1. Hello hvmorden, I agree and for me I also see that Gyl Rae is saying that, “When I am not thinking about anything else apart from the very moment I am in, that is commitment in full, not only to whatever I am doing and whoever I am with, but also commitment to myself and to life in full.” In this there is an equal dedication to the quality that is in each moment rather than just getting things done.

    2. I agree hvmorden. I’ve found that when I’m following an impulse to do something I’ve been putting off, I can be very supported. I called to make an appointment for a skin check, normally the wait is at least 3 months, and there had been a cancellation that morning and I was seen two days later. No coincidence.

      1. What a confirmation Alison – I find the same thing! When I do follow that tiny little niggling – and I take steps to do what is really needed, things are so simple and easy. It becomes a very quick phone call and I have the next steps forward, rather than a task that becomes annoying because I’ve chosen to delay it.
        As we step into more responsibility for how we are living, to me it only makes sense that every single area is addressed. We can become masters of waiting – for someone else to go first, to speak up, to make changes…so avoiding the everyday tasks is no different. Everything is an opportunity.

    3. I’ve learned the value of responding to medical invites and check ups as soon as received, not waiting for second and third reminders and not as you say running away from them and shows a willingness to work in partnership with health practitioners.

      1. Partnership is a great word here. To me it says equality, openness, working together. I’ve certainly found that in esoteric healing sessions that I have attended, when I walk into that session the whole room supports me to express whats coming up for me. And from there I have a very open and building conversation with my practitioners about what is going on and why. There is not an once of judgement but rather a room full of love. This has also deeply supported me in transforming the way I am with any practitioner. Partnership is a beautiful thing to take into our next visit with anyone who is treating us; doctor, dentist, practitioner.

  32. This is a gorgeous piece of writing with ‘lists’ of behaviours that are so relatable to our human experience. And I totally get that desperately seeking the fix outside of ourselves when the ‘answer’ is right within us all the time. My game play is about responsibility, a worthy partner of commitment…, and I am ever more aware of the oscillation between viewing responsibility as a burden, wanting someone else to ‘rescue’ me, to relating to it as a gift and ally in my development and return to the ‘place within’ – my inner most heart and the seat of true relationship with God and life. I love your lightness of touch, gylrae, and the way you talk about realising true commitment is a sweet, supportive, and evolving thing…thank you.

    1. Wow, I also have always found responsibility to be a burden and a strain whereas actually when I consider the truth of responsibility then it is so clear that it is actually simply presenting us with another opportunity to evolve and develop.

  33. I love your statements about Joy here Gylrae and can feel it so fully. Who would have thought through all those years of seeking that the simple truth about joy is here in being connected to ourselves, fully so. Your words on commitment hit home too. I can feel how I have had one foot out of the door at my work and that all this does in truth is disconnect me from that joy-full place. More work to do!

  34. On the one hand the list reads like a list of the obvious things to do, on the other, to some it might read like a self help manual gone mad – especially if they consider that only neurotics are this conscientious!

    The truth is much simpler – when we take care of ourselves, more and more of these things happen naturally without any effort.

    1. Ha ha, I know what you mean. Yes, the list is ‘obvious’, all things we ‘should’ be doing to take care of ourselves, so why is it that we don’t all consistently do them?
      For me, I know it comes back to consistent commitment, something I need to work on, feeling the love and appreciation for myself every day. The list then becomes joyful and part of my rhythm and not just another thing to add to my day.

    2. It is true Christoph, so easy to get in to a list of do and don’t, of trying to show the world we have it all together or that we are part of an elite group, rather than the simplicity and power of how we are each day.

  35. I really love your blog Gyl. It stands by itself to show the world what we can do and shows what is possible, by just being committed to life in full.

  36. hi Gyl, I have found that working hard is not commitment if I am not present in what I am doing – it is a willingness and a commitment to be present with myself first in what I am doing in every moment and putting effort into that first and foremost. This is very powerful when we commit in this way and yet we can avoid this as you say like the plague and instead get tempted by distractions and thoughts about the day etc. Thank you for the reminder.

  37. The more I commit the more consistency there is in my life which in a way creates a flow where things get done more on an impulse as they come up instead of spending time trying to work out in my head how or when to do them.

    1. Agreed Francisco, and that is a fulfilling and deeply confirming flow to live in. Again it links in with being in my body, my body is the way back to me.

  38. ‘So often we drift from one thing to the next, never really committing to life in full, always thinking the next thing will be the one that changes our life.’
    So true, and when we’re looking forward, we are NOT in the moment. All the time we’ve spent ‘searching’, waiting for the ‘thing’ that’s going to full-fill us, we are existing in life, but not really living it. Like watching a movie with our eyes closed.
    As you share, what we are searching for has been there all the time, our selves.

    1. There’s a new found freedom that comes with accepting life fully and as it is. It brings steadiness, connection and presence with what is in front of you right now.

  39. It’s interesting to see the lengths that we go to In the search for joy, as you mentioned in your blog Gyl. These days we are very transportable with flights being relatively affordable, the search does lead us to move countries in this search for a ‘better’ life. Really, all we are doing is changing the scene, especially if how we are feeling at the time is not addressed. We cannot hide away from those hidden discontented emotions that keep us in the searching mode. Before we uproot ourselves and the whole family, change jobs, schools, houses and countries, the medicine of connection is needed, then assess if the move is necessary.

    1. Great point. And in your comment Matthew I could see how I used to constantly move from one place to the other in life to ‘find me’. I think I have moved house and had more jobs in a few years than many have had in their entire life! It wasn’t until I stayed put in one place and started to make a commitment to my health, work and life that things truly started to change for me in a way that never has happened before. I am constantly inspired by Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and what they present.

    2. Matthew I love what you have written here. How easy when things are tough is it to quit our job, or to completely cut another out of our lives. Or as you say above, completely move countries in reaction to our discontentment. What Gyl presents here is that the real thing that we feel discontent about is the lack of commitment to self. I spent most of my life in the discontentment, with this constant niggly feeling that I was more and that I could be more, but at a loss as to how to achieve this. It has only been since I have made the commitment to myself as these feelings are no longer present in my life.

    3. “medicine of connection” love that phrase, time and time again I find that whatever issue I have going on in my life whatever emptiness, hurt, emotion etc that I go into when I come back to my connection with myself I can always detach from the issue and see not as being part of me but as something that has happened or happening and from that point begin to heal the situation

  40. Gyl reading this blog is perfect for me right now as my commitment to self is something I have been struggling with … your transformation from uncommitted to deeply committed gives me the impetus to build the quality & presence in everything I do. I know when I am very present it makes a huge difference and feels amazing, and when I am not life feels dull and empty, and when I am in-between, my joy is inconsistent also.

    1. Hello hartanne60 and that is simply what I took from what is a great blog, “I know when I am very present it makes a huge difference and feels amazing” So if you ‘want’ commitment or are looking for it then simply you just need to dedicate to the moment, each moment. The more moments you ‘own’ the commitment that is there.

  41. When I reflect on your bullet points of how you are committing to life I realise how big the seemingly small things in life are. Feeling just how far I have come in taking responsibility for my own evolution by making a commitment to myself and being present in my body, loving, caring and nurturing myself. As a result I feel so much more present to listen to my body and be present and available to offer a reflection of love to others.

  42. Gyl, this was a joy to read. To highlight all the little elements of our everyday life shows that each moment is an opportunity to commit to ourselves and thus bring that commitment and beautiful quality to life.

    1. I agree it is all the moments, every step, every choice that counts. It is not simply a task of getting from A to B rand that being everything, rather it is about how we are when we get to B, and how we have taken every step then the quality of B is guaranteed. It is not simply a switch we can turn on and off when we feel like it.

      1. yes and then also to have the deep appreciation felt in our body for ourselves that we made those loving choices.

      2. What is super supportive as well rosannabianchini is that the flow then propels us into the next loving choice. So as you said it builds. With each step we then have a new basis and platform we can grow and learn from.

  43. I love your blog Gyl. It is an extremely inspiring and powerful read, thank you. I can completely relate to everything you’ve shared. Your list of how you now choose to do things is so awesome. Your blog highlights how similar we all are, how we are all searching for the same thing, Love and Joy but most of us have been searching for it everywhere else but forgetting to look for it from within. It feels like I have been misled and misguided but that was my choice to go along with it. I just simply followed what was already happening around me, feeling deep down this isn’t it but I just carried on anyway because I couldn’t see any other way. What you have shared shows us that there is another way and what I have also experienced confirms that I can stop and choose what feels true and loving every day. Everything in my life is attributed to my choices and how much I am committed to myself and to life to live fully expressing love and truth. I am still learning to fully commit to life and like Gyl shared: ‘Commitment doesn’t have to be something to avoid, dread or put off for as long as possible. Commitment to self and to life is an absolute joy that can be felt, even in the simplest of little things.’

    1. The blog and your comment Chan have made me stop for a moment. I was one such person who was completely committed to my lack of commitment. In other words I had made my whole life about anything and everything other than really making myself a true priority and caring for myself – and boy was I committed to this. Actually, I would go so far as to say that it takes real commitment not to commit, when you consider the consequences, the exhaustion and all of the horrible stuff that goes with it.
      So when I feel and unwillingness to commit creep in, I simply recall how much I applied myself to the non-commitment, and know that if I could pour do much energy into that, then it is a very simple matter to dive into my life with joy and the absolute relish of being here. In full.

  44. This is such a power packed article Gyl, thank you. This line “but what makes all the difference is that I am there, fully present with myself and the children.” – is just gold. It really is what makes all the difference. Being present, in full, while doing what we are doing. And how lucky are those children to have you as their teacher?!

    1. I agree Brooke our presence is what makes all the difference to whatever it is that we are doing. And so often we can overlook this, from getting caught up in the ‘just getting things done’ mode or from not appreciating the difference we can make by how we are with people and in what we do.

      1. Brooke and Fiona,
        To let go of time pressures, jobs that need doing, other peoples pushiness. To feel all of these things, but know deeply that they can in no way affect me because I choose to be present, in full in the moment is a breath of fresh air.

      2. I agree Fiona, appreciation is the key, appreciating ourselves for what to some may look like the simplest of things, such as going for a walk because your body feels to, taking time to prepare a nourishing meal for yourself or family, or being open and talking with someone makes a huge difference and is physically felt in your body. Each appreciation is like a new marker to move onwards. It builds love, and strength.

  45. “I want to be with you” all ways feels like the ultimate commitment I can make to myself. The ultimate marriage and commitment to the purity of my divine essence that is me. It’s what I have always wanted and I now know in my heart it is possible thanks to Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and the Ancient Wisdom Teachings.

    1. It’s such a beautiful phrase and an empowering dedication that one can havw with oneself Suzanne. The Ulimate vow to self.

    2. That is lovely Suzanne “I want to be with you” and sums up the way I have been feeling of late, this real desire to keep it simple and still and be with me. Like you say it is exactly what I have always wanted.

      1. It IS lovely Leighstrack. I love being with other people, joining in the conversation, or simply observing. But when I am there with myself first there is never any feeling of being less, or more than them and I can truly celebrate the occasion. Then when I leave and am on my own I celebrate that too.

      2. I agree – I want to be with you 110% just to see what would happen, and this is truly what I have been searching for… own divinity, and so grand it is. I don’t think I will ever get bored of myself, just appreciate.

    3. That is awesome, Suzanne. How often do we really consider our relationship with ourselves as being the most important one we have? And do we consider that we are worth committing ourselves to? I know that before coming to Universal Medicine this was not something that I ever even thought about. Life was something to struggle against and tame to my will, not something to bring my all to living.

    4. This is a great way of expressing this Suzanne, we are naturally so pure that it really does not make sense to do anything that is not from our divine essence and so there is no better commitment to life then to committing to living in connection to our essence each and everyday.

    5. I love this Suzanne and thank you for saying so. This s a commitment to be celebrated constantly to not forget and to always remember how very precious we are and that this relationship wit self is most important for all other relationships to come.

  46. Thanks Gyl, a great read. Commitment in full is staying fully presenting in each and every moment and this commitment can only begin with our being totally committed to ourselves first and foremost. Joy and flow open up to us in the most unexpected and magical ways as we live each moment fully committed to the love that we are.

  47. Thank you for sharing this Gyl. Committing to ourselves first and knowing that we are worth the commitment is an essential first step in committing to life. As you describe, commitment is about being fully present in what you do and not constantly looking for the next thing. I have found that when I am committed I am much more able to enjoy what I am doing and the outcomes are those that are needed.

  48. I am not sure that I have always understood what commitment to myself means, or even if I completely understand it now. But it is definitely something I am willing to learn and to explore. Thank you Gyl for opening the discussion on how commitment to self is actually lived in normal everyday life.

  49. “On a daily basis, this lack of commitment to self, to fully being with me, impacted my ability to fully commit to life”. What a life-changing moment it is Gyl, when we have this awareness and commit to making different choices and to living a different way. If we are not present with ourselves then it is so easy to put off little things to ‘later’, but later never comes. When we are fully committed to life, it has also been my experience that “life is an absolute joy that can be felt, even in the simplest of little things”. Commitment to life is commitment to making loving choices for self and others in every moment; it is about the quality and presence we bring to everything we do and to live this way is life changing.

  50. I love the whole of this blog, thank you, a celebration of the simplicity of connection through commitment. It is “Like saying yes from our absolute fullness and meaning it,” I am feeling to say “yes” in my every day life now, through consistent commitment to being present in life and it feels amazing.

  51. Thank you Gyl, it is about my connection with God and the love that i am inside of me, always to have that as my marker. So easy to go away from that, thousands of patterns to go the upperside. Me and God first.

  52. ‘Commitment …it is about everything in life, no matter how big or small.’ I love this reminder Gyl and it can only come with a commitment to myself as you have expressed. My relationship with myself is always a work in progress and when I neglect her, the downward slope appears! Thank you for another great reflective piece Gyl.

  53. Gyl it is really beautiful to feel how committing to life is so simple. Reading your commitment I can feel the depth of appreciation you have for all the ways you honor your self as you go through your day. Every moment I have presence with what is before me then the next moment flows as well, no need for thinking, no need to avoid anything.

  54. I caught myself just today, as I was having a quick rest, imagining my life in the future and tying my happiness up in it – when I have a job and a house and my life is seemingly ‘perfect’. These ideas about happiness being something outside of us, and constantly striving for it, really kills all happiness that could be had in the present, which can be perfectly imperfect and full of joy should it be let be.

    1. So gorgeous Rebecca – so many of us will relate to those idle daydreams of future imagined points to reach – but I can feel how much this weighs us down and totally takes away the potential wonder of the very moment we are in, as you say in all its imperfection. When we realise there really is no where to get to – and we are already all we can imagine, when we just stop and reconnect within, all the striving just melts away – the comparison goes out the window and we just set steadily about accepting what has been there all along and let it be.

      1. I agree Kate – and how interesting is it that our whole lives are set up to stop us from ‘living in the moment’ or appreciating what we already have. We are always planning ahead, looking at magazine and adverts that tell us we need more, rather than stopping and confirming everything we have before we go about building on it or moving forward.

      2. So true Rebecca. And I realised this can be as small and subtle as ‘looking forward’ to ‘getting through’ the housework and being able to ‘get to’ morning tea time, and not feeling our feet or hands or presence once during the whole ‘task list’ – so loosing all the quality and enjoyment that was possible, not to mention how much less truly enjoyable that ‘eventual’ tea break would be. It’s also interesting how much we re-interpret what ‘living in the moment’ truly is. There seems to be a tendency to make it about ‘hang the ‘future’, ‘live for now’ kind of throw away irresponsibility. For me living in the moment is actually deeply about the quality of presence, or care, and that it is this that will set the quality of all that we seem to be ‘going towards’. If I have taken great care of myself and been present, eaten what supports, hydrated, yesterday, it offers a foundation of wellbeing and enjoyment for each moment of today. If I lived yesterday in ‘hang the future’ – that given up self-abandonment will be more likely to repeat through future moments. The making this topsy turvy seems to be how we justify eating foods and so much more that actually don’t support us. ‘Live for now’ would once have been my justification for taking drugs…yet had I made it even fractionally about quality – the ‘come down’ and the compromised thereafter might have been future ‘now’ moments I took into account…
        What a difference this could make once felt and experienced, it sure has for me, and what a gift.

  55. Dear Gyl what a powerful blog! Thank You for being so clear and open and so committed. Truly inspiring 🙂 with love Nadine

  56. Well said Gyl. Commitment to ourselves in the tiniest detail of our lives is where the magic starts. Work in progress making this knowledge a living wisdom in my body, but I have come on leaps and bounds from where I used to be.

  57. ’emptiness and sadness’ – this is something many of us feel but try to avoid with distractions, food, activity, anything except the stillness that will truly allow us to feel. And then of course, once we are feeling our true connection, the emptiness is no longer there.

  58. I feel the change from lack of commitment in life to ever growing commitment to self is like a set of old kitchen scales. In the beginning the lack of commitment is much heavier and wins out, but after a while the joy of the commitment to self is stronger and stronger, and it moves to a much more desirable way of living.

  59. “When I am not thinking about anything else apart from the very moment I am in, that is commitment in full, not only to whatever I am doing and whoever I am with, but also commitment to myself and to life in full.” I love this statement Gyl. It is so true – staying present in all I do makes a huge difference, as you say, fully committed to myself and to whatever I am involved in.

  60. I love this Gyl, I felt so much joy reading everything you have written. I can relate to the exquisite transformations in your life through simply choosing to commit to being the real you within it. Commitment comes with responsibility, and amazingly, whilst most people run away from responsibility and commitment; I have found that deep down we actually love these things. Once we commit and experience how amazing it feels, it becomes easier to commit like never before.

    1. Beautifully said Kylie, its true. I know that I was totally freaked out at the thought of taking responsibility, committing to life, but actually the more I do the more I enjoy it. It’s true, it is what we really crave for, because when we commit to ourselves it restores true purpose and fulfilment to our lives and makes every day a simply joy to live.

    2. ‘When I am not thinking about anything else apart from the very moment I am in, that is commitment in full, not only to whatever I am doing and whoever I am with, but also commitment to myself and to life in full.’ I aspire to be able to do this, consistently. Thank you Gyl for your beautiful and very insightful blog.

  61. I am overjoyed to report Gyl, that I am beginning to experience from my body (as opposed to from my head) what you refer to as making a commitment to yourself first which in turn brings the true change and the lasting joy that we usually look outside for. And this little discovery is worth more to me than anything I have experienced in this world.

    1. Yes Dean, same for me too. I was blown away when I realised that I had it the wrong way around as in I was looking and committing to everything outside of myself first. It was like I was choosing to walk backwards, not able to see where I was going, tripping over things, falling over and hurting myself but then getting back up and doing the same walk time and time again. And not realising, hey, how about choosing to turn around completely and walking the other way? A way that allows me to see where I am going and to see what is coming ahead. To appreciate what is ahead instead guessing and dreading it. Universal Medicine has inspired me to walk a different way, the loving way, which for me is forward and not backwards.

    2. I Agree Dean, there is a big when we commit from our bodies and not our intellect, from our bodies we create a loving and lasting foundation that supports us to be all of who we are and not just parts of it.

  62. I love how you have said ‘I avoided committing to myself and to life like the plague, even though it was the one thing I knew that would turn my life around.’ Funny that something so essential and necessary to support us as a foundation for every single thing we do in life, is something that we expend an enormous amount of energy avoiding, and use every hurt that comes our way as a further excuse to withdraw from that commitment even more. And yet it is the lack of commitment that allows most of the complications and dramas to develop in the first place. Gyl, you are inspiring in the reflection you bring, in your stepping into that commitment to yourself and others, – and it’s easy to feel the enormous power in what you have written as a result.

    1. I have moments of such acute awareness and shock when I realise the energy wasted and the trouble caused (as we add to the complication and drama) simply avoiding commitment and responsibility. AND then such inspiration when I appreciate the simplicity of turning this around in the quality of my presence in the next thing I do.

    2. Thank you Annie, this is something I’m working on daily – I am no master of commitment – yet. Though I do understand that commitment is a moment by moment choice that I have to and ‘want’ to make for myself – I am still discovering if I do not make a choice to commit to being with myself and life then I am choosing to give up and allow another energy in to run me. And that one is definitely not divine.

  63. ‘On a daily basis, this lack of commitment to self, to fully being with me, impacted my ability to fully commit to life’. A brilliant expression of the self-fulfilling unmerry-go-round we get trapped in when we don’t commit to ourselves fully in the first place. And this just has to be my stick-on-the-fridge-door-saying of choice: ‘When I am not thinking about anything else apart from the very moment I am in, that is commitment in full, not only to whatever I am doing and whoever I am with, but also commitment to myself and to life in full.’ As you say, it’s about the quality of our presence in each of our moments. That’s the starting point.

  64. Thank you Gyl – you have articulated what commitment is, brilliantly. Despite working ‘hard’ all my life (since I was 11), I was actually surprised to become aware a couple of years ago that I actually had commitment issues. How you have described what true commitment is really sums up everything I have felt in this time. Even tonight, going to the shops to get food I started to go into thoughts of resentment and went to turn around to go home, but I stayed with it, and said, no this is what you are doing right now, commit to it and enjoy being in the moment with it. A world of difference which has turned my whole life around. A truly wonderful read Gyl – thank you very much 🙂

  65. I simply Love Commitment. I keep coming back to this blog and re-reading it and enjoying everyone’s take on this. Commitment is alive, purposeful and all-encompassing…not a speck of life is not blessed by it’s living way.

    1. Absolutely Deborah, I love your words – Commitment is alive, purposeful and all-encompassing…not a speck of life is not blessed by it’s living way.

  66. Commitment to me always seemed something very big and binding or limiting. I have come to learn like you Gyl, that it really is about the little things in life, my everyday choices and the quality and presence I am in in all that i do. It doesn’t bind or limit but offers an enormous amount of space and freedom instead.
    It is still an ongoing development for me but I can see how making commitment something big and complicated was the perfect way to avoid it. The complication comes from my head whereas to my body commitment comes naturally, to it its nothing more then just doing it.

  67. Well, You have just sold commitment ! How you have explained being with it sounds incredible and absolutely divine. Your examples are easy and thoughtful of everyday life- and that’s what makes it so great. There is no pushing and having to do this or that, just being 100% with care and dedication to what your doing. Very inspiring Gyl, Very inspiring indeed.

    1. I agree Emily! Gyl – it is clear that you have made a true and loving commitment to yourself and it is truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  68. Commitment is taking responsibility and hence self-empowerment – to be yourself in full in life.

    1. Beautiful Alex – and when we are not committed to ourselves in full, we have a whole array of options to fill up the void, however, none of them can ever satisfy what we desire the most – to be full of ourselves.

  69. Commitment to myself is commitment to being present in each moment. This gives a whole new meaning to being committed and is a simple and clear picture to follow. Thank you Gyl.

  70. Wow. Thanks Gyl. What you expressed early on, in that we constantly search for joy, say in a relationship or job or anything like that, was so true and so relevant to me. I know deeply know that just simply deepening my relationship with myself will allow amazing things to develop, knowing how awesomely grand I am to begin with (:

  71. Committing in full is a responsibility on oneself, when we accept this responsibility, the joy and love felt is amazing. Committing to every movement and being present allows us to truly appreciate life. My experience was when I started to let go of living in the future of what tomorrow might hold. Instead started to focus on living each day, each moment, I could feel the burdens, the stresses and the worries just started to reduced. What I started to notice the joy in living in each moments was bringing opportunities and magical moments, which I would never have dreamt off.

  72. Commitment and consistency in living with those commitments can be such a powerful combination to self fulfilment. In the past, there have been so many areas of my life that I have made commitments to, only to find them gradually slip away and become discarded whilst not completed. . . and then a new commitment is made, again and again, and so the cycle starts again. Gyl, your blog has reminded me of just how powerful consistency in making and carrying through with commitments is the foundation of builiding love, respect, honour and harmony to your life and, importantly, to your health and well-being.

  73. I love your bullet points here Gyl, it is true how commitment to life, to self lies in all aspects of our daily life, in every detail. Compartmentalising does not work, if one aspect is in disarray or disregard then the rest suffers. If education was to embrace these principals, then our children would grow with greater purpose & appreciation for the power of self responsibility.

  74. I like the example you give Gyl like what does commitment to self & life really mean: “If I say I will do something, committing to it and taking responsibility, not making excuses to avoid it or doing it with resentment.” This is a great one which I can implement more in my life.

  75. Wow Gyl, this is so true, ‘In truth I was looking for something to distract me from feeling the emptiness and sadness I felt by not allowing myself the time and space to stop and feel what I was really looking for… and that was me, my connection to God, and the love that I am and feel inside of me.’ I can so relate to this, I spent so many years searching for something. i tried various sports, different jobs, different boyfriends, different new age modalities and none of them made me feel differently, i still felt empty and sad and so continued the search, until i came across Universal Medicine… now this felt different and all of a sudden life began to make sense. I started to feel the true me and started to commit to life. I have turned my life around and am amazed at how calm and content I generally feel and how much i bring to the world by simply being me.

  76. ‘The truth is, when we choose to commit to life in full, to a job, a relationship, a choice, ourselves, it feels amazing,…’ It’s true, when we make a true commitment, it feels light and easy and makes me wonder why I ever held back from doing so.

      1. Very true Gyl. And it is much bigger than we think. Why do we, for example, eat food that we know is not good for us? It is basically giving up on ourselves, saying “It doesn’t really matter” or better “I don’t really matter”.

      2. Another example of lack of self worth, the catch of today: I started walking and observed I wasn’t walking very solid. And then I say “It is not that bad” and go on, instead of asking “What is going on? This is not me”. Lack of self-worth.

  77. To be fully committed requires us to accept and be fully present with what we are doing, in each and every moment.

  78. Gyl, this is a GEM of a blog I love it, thank you so much for highlighting how awesome commitment can be, I ran from any kind of commitment for many many years and am now enjoying being here in full committing to life in the many differing ways like you mention. And thanks for the reminder there was a couple of things on that list that I need to look at… I will be booking my car to the garage later today!

    1. Awesome Samanthaengland… I totally relate to what you share about only half committing to commitment (haha).. In some areas of my life I would pay attention, be on it, aware, focused, present, but on the other hand places like school I still used as an opportunity to just do whatever and be completely irresponsible. The result was that areas that I thought I was ‘doing well’ and ‘committing’ to, I began to slack in, and eventually the same attitude I had at school I had everywhere. What I found is that you can only be one way with everything.

      1. “you can only be one way with everything.” I agree, it is a yes or no.

        I have found in life when I have chosen to not commit in one area, then everything else goes, that includes my health, well being, thoughts, actions and words.

        The difference being when I do commit to all of life, I feel full, vital, complete, energised, clear, able to work longer hours more efficiently, I feel healthy, don’t over eat and take more care of myself and am an asset to my workplace and humanity.

      2. I have read this blog a few times as commitment is something I have always kept at arm’s-length. I have paused again at these comments by Gyl and Susie about commitment is all areas and if one lags all other area’s suffer – it is a fantastic answer for anyone that is struggling to understand life or has ever wondered why they don’t feel great more consistently. I love how this blog explores some of the many aspects of our lives to bring commitment to but I can’t get past the importance of what these important temporal commitments rest upon – our commitment to self, said so well by Gyl also in reverse“…….this lack of commitment to self, to fully being with me, impacted my ability to fully commit to life.” With each read of this blog the title has more and more meaning – commitment to self and commitment to life are inseparable, neither can hold themselves as a true form of commitment without the other while we live in our physical world, in physical bodies.

  79. Your list is impressive Gyl, there are lots on it that I have nailed but others that are still a work in progress. There is great joy in the ‘absolute simplicity and joy of life in full’ from just committing ones self in full.

  80. I can relate to this Gyl Rae, avoiding committing to myself and to life. How often am I struggling with myself and life while there are as many moments when I enjoy myself and life in full without struggle and effortlessly. The difference is commitment and allowing myself to feel the authority and joy for living life in full I cary within.

  81. Thankyou Gyl for presenting this and for the ‘commitment checklist’ that I found a rather sobering read… Where I trip up is not consistently making the everyday things joyful by being totally present in them. At times I do this but when I don’t I find that I succumb to thoughts that it is a ‘chore’ to look after my body and that there is more important things to be doing – an absolute killjoy and not true in any sense. Other times it feels I move through my day very fast in an effort to avoid pausing and looking deeply at what I do and how I do it.

    When we live the fullness of our true selves in every moment, there is simply no room for what is not true to worm its way in and leave us feeling stressed, anxious, depressed or exhausted. This is indeed a recipe for joy, its main ingredient is commitment.

    1. I agree Liane, in all truth something I am working on each day. There are still times I freak out and want to run a mile from commitment or so I believe but deep down my body is saying otherwise. When I go into a ‘chore’ mode in comes the resentment and I’m gone, life becomes about function, do I have to do that, and there is no quality, love or joy and defiantly no commitment. I also can relate to the ‘looking after your body’ for me this lies with deep care, I fight this at times and think I’ll bury myself deeper with other stuff to avoid feeling how much I actually do love and want to take care of my body. What I have also observed it the recklessness I can move around in, the lack or care at times, this can be big or small, even down to how I prepare food, set the space to eat, bring a cushion through to sit on if a chair is hard, even down to how I choose to email, then words I use and the care I hold the other person and myself in as I write.

      And yes in our fullness there is no room for anything else but truth and love. Anxiousness, doubt, and all the others forms of abuse do not even cross my mind or enter my body.

  82. To commit to oneself first and from this place to all the little or big duties and challenges of life brings true joy. I learn this more and more.

  83. Great blog. “…all they did was distract me with moments of excitement, happiness, sadness, recognition, acceptance, complication, numbness or obsession, all to avoid feeling what was really going on”. It’s crazy to think of all that we do in order to not feel ourselves. I’ve found that in particular in the past, that seeking relationships with attractive people was a way I tried to up-my-self-worth; all so false. As each external ‘go-to’ or behaviour is broken down, less need is truly evident making way for a more wholesome self.

    1. Dear Oliver, it is amazing to feel the huge levels of distraction we go to to avoid the inevitable – that is to feel everything and be aware of everything and evolve.

  84. Gyl your blog brings a deeper understanding to the term ‘commitment to life’, something I always associated with getting in and getting things done that need doing. I have come to understand there is the whole element of what we are bringing to what needs doing that is equally important. I can relate to a number of areas you outlined that can still do with quite some refining, and can see that it’s very easy to guage my level of commitment if I use your list as a check.

    1. I agree Jenny, I have tended to just get things done and not stopped to check the quality I am doing them in, or the quality I am in myself. This makes a huge difference. There is no in between.

  85. It all begins with the commitment to self and building a foundation of love in the body, without this, we have little to stand on. Self-care is vital to the integrity of everything that we do and it is in the very simple everyday ways we live with ourselves. Gyl, I love reading your blogs, you make this feel so accessible and the truth you write is very relatable and real.

    1. Mathew I agree through very practical steps Gyl has shown an example of a way of building commitment to self and to life. What stands out to me is how simple choices make such a difference, by making lots of small choices we find big changes take place. I’ve also found for myself the word commitment means something different to me today than it did 10-15 years ago and that is goes hand in hand with other words like responsibility and love.

    2. Beautifully said Matthew. Building a foundation of love in the body is important. Otherwise we just tick the boxes..

    3. Thank you Mathew and I couldn’t agree more “It all begins with the commitment to self and building a foundation of love in the body, ” and self care – if this is not there then the foundations wobble, which I have learnt and am learning everyday for myself. For me it has to be practical, honest and REAL, otherwise from experience I have found we end up living not the truth but an ideal.

    4. Yes, to all you said here Matthew, especially Gyl’s accessible, relatable and real writing style. I love reading them too.

    5. I have noticed self-care is vital for commitment too as it brings vitality. It means I have the energy to be focused, to move with presence and quality whereas when I am tired I start to make what I am doing about getting it done and my body has to harden and brace as it can’t trust the quality of my movements. My movements when I am tired even become mechanically unsound, cutting corners and putting strain on my muscles and joints. There is much to be said about what drains vitality and gets in the way of commitment but the most important part starts with what you already wrote Matthew ‘it is in the very simple everyday ways we live with ourselves.’

  86. When we commit to life in full, something I still don’t do this 100%of the time but when I do life just flows with everything falling into place, work, home life, friends, time stands still with no feeling of pressure to achieve anything it all just flows with a feeling of lightness and ease. Commitment to myself and my ongoing evolution and commitment to god.

  87. Gyl Rae, this is a tremendous blog, thank you for sharing your mastery of commitment. For me commitment was always about shuffling priorities, if I commit to this I cant do that as well. You have made me realize my approach to commitment is upside down. When I have committed to self first it is easier to remain focused and committed to whatever else I am doing without distraction. When I have been working without distraction, I have more energy in the day so I can do more.

    1. Yes it is about committing to one thing at a time in full presence and that starts with self. Committing to being in my body and choosing the energy that allows my thoughts.

    2. You make an exposing point Bernard Cincotta about how we are taught to manage life by managing our priorities. When we live this way whether deliberately choosing our priorities or not we do end up living priorities and as you say it becomes about what gets done and what does not and it has little to do with commitment. To me you blow living this way out of the water when you bring in the words focus vs distraction. The connection between starting with a commitment to your quality and presence, then committing to the activity with focus and without distraction tells me so much about bringing commitment to all areas of my life equally. Thanks.

  88. The essence of what you are saying Gyl is very important and I feel there is still a deeper level of simplicity it can be taken to, so everyone can really understand it. If it is not something outside ourselves that can bring true change, what is it within us? How do we connect with ourselves in a way where all the dot points you mention become a natural way to live and not a check list of to do’s that we externalise yet again? It feels important to just express, the connection to ourselves that offers this way of living, is super simple. As one of many world wide students of Universal Medicine, I appreciate so much what has been presented by Serge Benhayon from the outset, as his way of living, that there is an amazing source of strength, power, light, love and joy within each and every one of us to connect with. It was this first super important, essential point that opened me up to exploring further.

    1. Like you Simon, the first super important point that was presented by Serge Benhayon that opened me up, was also something I knew, but was not living was; I am enough exactly who I am and everything I need is within me’. This led to the slow process of beginning to ‘trust’ myself, and from the new foundation of trusting , I began to appreicate myself, to adore and love myself. Yes, it has changed my life.

  89. What I am finding is that once I commit to something then I need to be consistent in that commitment. Committment and consistency are great companions.

    1. mmm…. yes I am learning this is the key, I am an all or nothing kinda gal, so it’s committing to that consistency that my body so loves. Consistency builds trust, in yourself but also when people feel your consistency they trust you.

  90. Gyl, I love your revelation about commitment to life being more than just showing up and ticking the boxes, but the actual quality you do things in and your commitment to being totally present with whatever you are doing.

    1. Yes Katemaroney1, commitment is also to self, the quality we do things in and our commitment to being totally present with whatever we are doing, and as Gyl shared, ‘What if it was about making that commitment to self first that then brought the true change and lasting joy that we so long for and seek?’ Absolutely.

  91. Gyl this is a fantastic blog – this line cracked both me and Simon up ‘Opening letters and not just putting them away in drawers – usually bank statements.’

    Because it is something that we both do! I love that you used a very specific example like this because it was able to speak directly to me. I also love your list of all the things you looked for outside of yourself– the new age etc — that list in itself is revelatory as you pin down every different distraction people go to.

    1. It’s true! I bet, there are thousands of people who do this. I found more today from years ago when clearing out a drawer in my room … I am taking great joy and pleasure in opening them, getting the shredder out and committing to not holding onto stuff I no longer need from years, or what feels like lifetimes ago. My room also feels less stuffy and heavy as does my head!

      1. I also have felt how much it helps (me and others I am sure) to put everything in its place in the house, that simple movement brings so much clarity and joy. And it requires commitment to myself, in the sense of what physical environment I choose to live in, and now i choose one that is in order, tidying up is commitment, a daily one, clearing up those drawers, instead of a burden, a joy of letting go and keeping the necessary.

    2. I like your comment Rebeccabaldwincreative as I find that we are all always – exposing factors in our way of living that needs addressing. What an amazing support to have articles such as these to bring about more clarity in our day and the way we live each day.

    3. Great Rebecca to own up to this with humour, I used to do the same. Opening bank and credit statements is like confronting yourself.- all there to see. So much easier to hide them away. Im loving the energy that comes with opening bank statements first, dealing with them quickly, then resting easy. Simple.

    4. Great Rebeccabaldwincreative for owning up to this with humour, I used to do the same. Opening bank and credit statements is like confronting yourself.- all there to see. So much easier to hide them away. Im loving the energy that comes with opening bank statements first, dealing with them quickly, then resting easy. Simple.

  92. Thanks Gyl, I really liked this “For example when I go for a walk, I am walking with me, not planning my day or thinking about everything else;” This is something I still get distractions with – however the ‘walking program’ with the Men’s group is certainly bringing this into focus. Instead of seeking to have the ‘outside in’ we can have the ‘inside out’ (Good Disney movie by the way – ‘inside out’ is a great conversation starter) about how we truly feel.

    1. I agree Andrew. The commitment to walking with myself is a challenge for me. I am often planning my life or loosing myself in my thoughts and end up not realising how far or how long I have been walking for. When I am able to commit to walking for me I am much more present in what I am doing.

  93. Commitment to self ,to life is a huge awareness to come to, Thank you Gyl I love how you share ‘What if it was about making that commitment to self first that then brought the true change and lasting joy that we so long for and seek?’ This is so true and it is the little things we do that brings the joy and most especially our amazing purpose to live who we truly are in every moment in our life.Quality and presence in fully being me in my day is my choice and is working progress lovingly.Thank you Gyl for sharing such a beautiful blog.

    1. I agree. The little things are so important. If I commit in all the many little aspects of my life I find that I build a foundation of commitment. It is then easy to commit to things that feel bigger. The opposite is also true, I have found that when I am avoiding committing to the little things it is harder to commit to the bigger things.

  94. There is a profound difference when we commit to be all that we are in the moment. And there is a natural honouring and wisdom that comes with this commitment. I have found that disharmonious and unloving choices become apparant and naturally start to fall off without much of a struggle, because I start to feel and understand that such choices are not supportive to what I have committed to. Lack of care sabotages our ablity to be and express our fullness.

    1. I so agree with you Golnaz. Yesterday evening I felt to finish off the day by quietly reading a book but instead I got sucked in to watching TV. It left me feeling compromised like I’d missed a lovely opportunity to connect with myself and round off a lovely day. Not only that, it left me feeling disconnected this morning so I feel like I will have to re-build for a couple of days and will have to spend extra special care with my presence today to get back on track. This certainly was not supportive to what I have committed to and I know that I will absolutely not be doing the same thing again for a long, long time. I certainly feel like I have sabotaged my ability to be and express in my fullness – there is less of me here this morning.

  95. I like the distinction you make between having commitment to what you ‘do’ with committing to ‘how you are in whatever you do’ Gyl. This makes it easier for me to choose commitment in the first instance as a quality. It means I do not have to stop doing things, or take up doing even more activities in my days. Rather see commitment as changing Me in what I do and seeing how then that changes what the activities look like. Baby steps at first.

    1. Yes, Suzanne, as you say it’s about the quality in which we do things. I can feel more clearly after reading your comment that the actual commitment is in how do the things that we already do, the feeling and the motion we are holding in our body as we do each and everything that we do, and our responsibility is in being aware of that which we are holding in our bodies at any given moment.

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