The Light of Comparison and Relationships

Recently I read a blog called “A Sharing for Men About Women.” It was an eye-opening blog for it started to challenge how we should look to define abuse in relationships.

In short, this blog was asking us to consider that anything less than a truly open and loving relationship between two people should be seen as abusive. Continue reading “The Light of Comparison and Relationships”

My Turnaround from Competitive Running to Connection with Me

During my late 20’s I took up competitive running. I joined a local running club and trained twice a week with the club, adding 3 or 4 sessions at home. Depending on what I was training for, I would run up to 60km per week.

I sometimes enjoyed my training but I always enjoyed when the weekends came and I could compete in races. I would enter races from 5km up to 50km and also hill races. Continue reading “My Turnaround from Competitive Running to Connection with Me”

From a False Identity to Discovering the Real Me

Growing up as a young child, up until the age of six I lived in an environment of constant fighting between my parents. I could feel there was much anger and resentment between them. My siblings and I experienced physical violence and constant verbal and emotional abuse. My mother often lashed out verbally or physically in frustration, rage or resentment at us. Continue reading “From a False Identity to Discovering the Real Me”

Giving Your Power Away: Why Being ‘Good’ Doesn’t Work

I made a choice in my childhood to give my power away in exchange for some attention, the second best thing to love, or so I thought. In essence, I wanted to be seen by my parents and I wanted their affection, so I found a way where I knew I could make this happen. Continue reading “Giving Your Power Away: Why Being ‘Good’ Doesn’t Work”

Truth – Expressing in Full

Recently I had the opportunity to feel what it is like to not fully express my truth. I was in a situation where I had said part of what I felt to say, but I held back on what was there to be said in full. I held back because I was worried about how the other person might respond. Continue reading “Truth – Expressing in Full”

My Connection With Nature

Nature has always been a huge part of my life. I was born in a small country town in the rainforests of Queensland and I know deeply that I have always had a strong connection with nature. The following is a story that my Mum has shared with me about growing up in the country.

When I was a two-year-old child the yard around our home was defined by where Mum mowed to. Outside of where she mowed the grass was very long and she said that she never worried about me leaving the mowed area, as I really didn’t like the long grass. Continue reading “My Connection With Nature”

Listening To My Body And Honouring My Feelings

Recently I began a self-care experiment by going to bed at 9pm for 9 days. I had been inspired to do so by fellow students of Universal Medicine who had also done the same. I initiated this because I had recognised I had been tired for a long time: I would be feeling exhausted by the end of the day but then in the evening I noticed how I would easily become stimulated again and distracted from feeling the exhaustion… I would then get involved in doing something that would result in my going to bed later than I had planned. Continue reading “Listening To My Body And Honouring My Feelings”

Mental Awareness V Conscious Presence

I have been aware of practising conscious presence for a number of years now and had thought I had a handle on it (so to speak). Over many sunrises I became aware of different qualities I held within myself as I was doing things and this seemed to bring a whole other dimension to conscious presence that I had not really pondered on before. Continue reading “Mental Awareness V Conscious Presence”

Haunted by the Desire to not Live: Finding my Way back to My True Self

Recently I reviewed a couple of news stories that were both about suicide. I remember in my own life being haunted by a desire to not live, although I never actually attempted suicide myself. There were friends in school who resorted to self-harm with cutting and another who was recently admitted to hospital as a result of a suicide attempt. In these instances no-one reached out to talk about the way they were feeling and, as I reflect back, I didn’t reach out either. Continue reading “Haunted by the Desire to not Live: Finding my Way back to My True Self”

Anxiousness – The War Within

I have periods of time when I feel my strength and amazingness – I feel stillness, with a solid foundation of knowing who I am, I feel my ‘yumminess’, my essence. I also have periods when I just can’t connect to this, even though I know it is there, always, inside me.

There are many things that take me away from this stillness, this steadiness, for example; worrying about my family, thinking about work and clients, or needing things to be a certain way. But what tops them all is anxiousness. Continue reading “Anxiousness – The War Within”