The Power of Caitlyn’s Song

Not so long ago I arrived at my work in the A&E Department of the Hospital when the Ward Manager asked who could volunteer to work for the day in the paediatric ward instead of A&E – to lend a hand as they were short of staff. Although normally I don’t like to move to another department because I don’t like to risk my comfort, that day my disposition was so open and full that I agreed. I went there to find that I had to look after a 14-month-old girl who had been physically abused: she was alone in her cot.

No family members were allowed to visit and the staff were asked to be with her all the time. We had to take her to the X-Ray Department for scans that were required to determine the extent of the damage to her bones and organs. She was bruised in different places and seemed very withdrawn, not wanting to make eye contact or have any other communication with us.

I could have dropped into sympathy, and started absorbing her drama: it would have been easy for me to say “poor girl”. Instead I felt she was just like me – with her suffering, her light, and her lived experiences, so I decided to treat her with special gentleness and tenderness, just as I have seen demonstrated by Universal Medicine practitioners. I very deliberately placed the blanket around her with extra care and delicateness, focussing on those gestures with my fingers. And, at the same time saying in silence, with my body: “This is what you have not had, this is what you deserve.”

We then went to get her scans and had to stay in the waiting area for a while, so I had the idea of playing the song by Michael Benhayon‘Caitlyn´s Song’ – that I had in my phone. If you have not heard it, it is the most beautiful, clear and luminous music and words for any baby in the world. I was singing along with the words “You shine so bright so just keep your light on” and saying to her – you have never had this kind of love, but you deserve this beauty, your essence is the same as me, as Caitlyn, as everyone.

It was such an experience of light that the whole X-Ray waiting area was shining and I could see that a couple of people felt the love, saw what was happening and were smiling at us two. She then fell asleep.

After having nearly 18 different X-Rays we went back to the ward. She had her food and spent all afternoon talking (not proper words yet, but singing and chatting along) to the nurses, reaching for us, for contact, joyful and playful like any little girl.

The change was almost unbelievable – but not for me, because I knew! She was communicating with us and the paediatrician confirmed, “She now trusts us.” She was pulling my shirt and my trousers; she was a different girl to the one I first met laying in the cot alone and withdrawn.

I knew that she had received a true healing through my openness and true care for her. I also knew it was not only me, but that heavenly helpers were there with us – the healing that had occurred was so obvious.

My heart expanded and I felt that this baby girl now had the chance to not shut down completely, to keep her heart open and to keep shining her light. When she grows up no matter how long it takes her to fully heal from her past, she now has a marker in her body that will stay forever, one that she can come back to. She has felt the depth of the support (that is available to us all) from above; she has felt true love.

This showed me what we are all capable of when we let our little selves out of the way and instead connect to the greatness of the love that is inside and all around us… Miracles happen.

I give thanks to Serge Benhayon, his whole family, and the practitioners of Universal Medicine Therapies, who, because of their daily commitment to living in this way, are a constant inspiration for me.

Thank you, Michael Benhayon, for your selfless commitment in bringing this very healing, powerful music to the world.

By JM, Nurse, Surrey, UK

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1,134 thoughts on “The Power of Caitlyn’s Song

  1. This is one of those stories that stays with you, it touches something so deep, which is our ability to be love and hold steady whilst another person, child or adult, regains their trust, experiences healing, and then comes back to their own love. I’ve been reflecting recently on how big that loving essence is within ourselves, even though life’s situations can seem quite big, like experiencing violence, abuse, etc, and I’ve been in many hurtful situations myself, but the love within us is untouched and it’s enormous. It’s taken me years to realise this as I felt so buried under how much life hurt, yet now here I am experiencing the huge love within me and it’s steadiness and light, and learning to hold it for myself and others even when everything around me feels disturbing and unsettling.

  2. I love reading stories like this one, to see and know that a change can happen regardless of the circumstances. That the way we are with people we can make a difference in their lives and when we truly open up to love and let that shine out people feel met, they learn that there is something in this world living for and that can change lives.

  3. “I was singing along with the words “You shine so bright so just keep your light on” and saying to her – you have never had this kind of love, but you deserve this beauty, your essence is the same as me, as Caitlyn, as everyone.” This is such a great reminder to us all, and of how hard we can be on ourselves when what’s needed is simply love.

  4. This is such a beautiful blog. I felt the reminder for myself and others of how we have all experienced periods where there was no love, for some particularly in childhood, and that we can still recover and bring that love to ourselves and to others. We can come out of the withdrawal and reactions, and know that the love we bring to others, even in the smallest of moments, is absolute gold.

  5. While the story here is on the back of a horrific incident, the same story is happening throughout the world – a general lack of love we live with, abuse that we put up with (whether inflicted by another, or by ourselves)… but always an opportunity to be touched by love, reminded of it, and so start the path back to that original source.

  6. When we allow ourselves to connect with our essence we immediately can connect with other people’s essence.

  7. J this is such a gorgeous blog, there are few that I have enjoyed as much as this one. The transformation that you proved was possible within a matter of hours is pure gold and should be shared far and wide. 99 times out a 100, such a little girl might have been smothered with sympathy and been deepened into her withdrawal from life. What you showed was a miracle, but a miracle that is always possible when love is at hand in the place of emotions like sympathy

  8. I love those moments where in theory you should have no idea what to do but have an impulse that turns out to be exactly what is needed. It just shows we are capable of anything.

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