Recognition is Nothing, Expression is Everything

Recently I have been visiting more social media platforms and sharing the amazingness that is Unimed Living and other sites related to the powerful wisdom brought through by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.  A simple choice to be more accepting, open and engaging in these platforms transformed into a journey that painfully exposed where I was truly at in relation to expression and my relationship with knowledge.

Expressing is pretty simple to do, but has it felt simple?

I have literally spent hours fighting old identities, self-doubt and paranoia. I have also endured lots of excitement, anxiousness and the inevitable exhaustion that followed such emotional experiences. I have tried not writing, sharing or commenting when I am tired, when it feels I am pushing through or when there are distractions around. However I would often still feel very self-conscious and embarrassed after having expressed on social media.

This made me question myself: is this worth it? I considered stopping myself from expressing this openly on any social media. However, holding back and hiding didn´t feel right either; it felt like self-sabotage. So I decided to stay open and super honest, to support my body with the Gentle Breath Meditation and online Gentle Yoga classes and let it all unfold deeply. What immediately came up was the issue of recognition and looking for acceptance from others: “What will my old friends and acquaintances think of me?” I was feeling this as I realised none of my current expressions matched any of my past identities.

How am I going to survive not getting as many likes as I could get if I was sharing some art and cool pictures, music videos, ecological or political stuff or Buddhist quotes?

I then felt how much we are measured in our virtual world in terms of likes: like me or I shall endure the icy silence that I interpret as a discouraging disinterest or disapproval. I even considered a possibility that someone might block me. Crazy. And then another issue kicked in – how am I going to resist the excitement of my own worth being confirmed every time a ‘like’ is clicked? Double crazy.

I realised how social media was triggering many unresolved issues that were getting in the way of my decision to build consistency and commitment with expressing in a way I felt impulsed to. As a reaction I just wanted to hide and go back into ‘safety’ mode again, and to stop expressing.

This issue about recognition and shame needed to be addressed before I could continue and get to a more truthful quality in my expression. A deep questioning came next which wasn´t nice to feel, but necessary in order to understand what sort of thing I was bringing that was making me feel uncomfortable and dishonest.

  • Have I perhaps got too excited with knowledge in the past, to the point that I got tempted to take ownership of it and use it for recognition?
  • Have I invested in knowledge to fill up my bottomless pit of lack of self-worth and to cover up my hurts by becoming smug, self-righteous and by preaching to others?

Making use of knowledge in this way can only keep one trapped in a retarding cycle of praise and rejection, applause and shame. When we are in the applause end, the excitement that it arouses feels like the fakest version of self-empowerment, apart from being totally exhausting. In the shame end we can either fall into indignation or sabotage of our own authority, and insecurity easily creeps in.

I had to deeply question how it is to use knowledge that is not coming from a lived experience and a place of fullness and integrity within myself. I realised that I had also been confusing connection to others and self-empowerment with recognition and prestige, to then land in disgrace and deep self-doubt.

When we genuinely make it about truth, magic does happen, and we are able to constellate connections and conversations with others that can unlock places where we feel stuck, no matter how much knowledge is at hand in our minds.

This process and connection led me to a deeper understanding of the fact that if I put “me” in the way when I express, that is, when I come from a need for recognition and identification, I fall in the struggle of recalling information, making it mine, and investing in outcomes as in people will get it or like it.

However what I have recently begun to consider is:

What if there is indeed lots of wisdom that can come through me, but because I can get stuck in old patterns of owning knowledge and a tendency to preach, I am getting in the way of true purpose and great intelligence to come through me?

Without the need to fall into further shame, punishment or to make further ‘stories’, – nowadays whenever I feel the impulse to share something from my heart, I am more able to distinguish the deceptive denseness and processing I can go into, and know it is there to distract me and inhibit further a deeper connection with my heart.

This has nothing to do with my truth: it is something I am responsible for allowing from time to time, but that will eventually fade more and more as I let go of my identification with knowledge, and as my commitment to self-love deepens and I remember how it is to express truthfully from living this love and commitment to myself, which requires no recognition or identification from the outside.  

Even if I make mistakes, it feels awesome to not hold back anymore, and to claim my expression back. I now know my expression is not mine, it comes from the whole and it is for the whole which I am part of too, and this makes a huge and totally different story.

Each day I am learning more that ‘Expression is Everything’ and that I am just a vehicle of expression. All I need to do is carry on committing to the refinement of the way I live, the way I connect to myself and my body and the relationship and commitment I have with a greater purpose.

By Luz H H. Bogotá, Colombia

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948 thoughts on “Recognition is Nothing, Expression is Everything

  1. How the world receives us matters so much when we don’t hold ourselves in as much love as we would like to see returned.

  2. “All I need to do is carry on committing to the refinement of the way I live, the way I connect to myself and my body and the relationship and commitment I have with a greater purpose.” – These words are like music to my ears, with the simplicity and profound power that can come from living this way, even though I have avoided it many times. It’s a true way forward for us all, and I like the way Luz showed the patience she has for herself in her own development of true expression.

  3. There is so much that we can hold in our bodies if we don’t let it out. We may think that it’s nothing, oh just another thing unsaid, something I didn’t do. But these impulses can get buried in our bodies leaving us feeling tensions which do not belong.

  4. Why is it that so many settle for being recognised for what their mind can regurgitate when they are missing out on the deep connection with the universal mind and the amazing wisdom and true knowledge that is on offer.

  5. Committing to deepening our self-love enables us to love and accept ourselves from the whole of our being and with this fullness and quality we are able to consistently express from the truth of who we are.

  6. Great blog Luz in which I could really appreciate how the insatiable need to actually own the knowledge you acquire can take away the appreciation of what you are actually learning.

  7. Banking on knowledge or resorting to beliefs means that we either don’t know or haven’t claimed something we know is truth. Knowledge looks good, ticks all the boxes and gets us brownie points; beliefs hold our view of the world and life together like sticky tape – mere confirmation bias and solid it is not but provides some scaffolding to weather the storms, as patchily and incomplete as is possible.

  8. A great read Luz with powerful exposure on being caught up in identification and recognition rather than simply being in connection with our essence and expressing truth from this.

    1. Yes, identification comes in quite a few stages and when we get to know one stage there is often a more subtle one underneath.

  9. There is much to be learned about how the words that come out of our mouths are often not representative of who we are. The teachings of the Ageless Wisdom are supporting me immensely to develop my inner connection, and from there my expression is changing.

  10. When I was in the Church I felt I was right, I felt I had it and others didn’t, when i look back now I realise the arrogance that way of thinking was, now I realise we all have it, we are all the same essence, just connected or not. When we express from our connection truth will come through us.

  11. “What will my old friends and acquaintances think of me?” When we say what we think others want to know, this is what they listen to but when we express truth this is what they hear and feel.

  12. I was pondering on the power of the ‘like’ button on social media, and it doesn’t feel very loving at all. If someone is needing recognition, to have lots of likes one day may give them an emotional boost but if they get none the next day they are more than likely to plummet all the way down again into an emotional hole. What an exhausting way to live, but these days so many are living in this way giving their own precious power away to the artificial power of the ‘like’.

  13. Thank you for writing this. Identifying with knowledge is a trap I’ve fallen into many times and although it may bring recognition it absolutely inhibits any chance of connection.

  14. When we commit to refining the way we live by taking more care of all the little details we establish a true value and worth of ourselves and deeply nurture our body.

  15. That is a beautiful end to your exploration of expression. That it is from the whole, for the whole and not owned by us is truly awesome. I love the way you express – it always feels very encompassing.

  16. Thanks Luz. Expression is so important and learning to express has made an enormous difference in my life. People do all kinds of things to change how they feel – many of them less than healthy. But how about opening up our hearts to expressing ourselves more freely, with love and truth at our core? Better than anything else I have ever tried.

    1. The freedom to express everything is a real gift to ourselves and everyone around us, I am great at expressing what is not but have struggled with expressing love – which is totally my own making – just being us in full is what is required.

  17. “I now know my expression is not mine, it comes from the whole and it is for the whole which I am part of too, and this makes a huge and totally different story.”
    An immensely humbling sentence, how much more would we be willing to share what we feel if we truly felt that it is for everyone?

  18. A timely read as I anticipate a challenging piece of mandatory composition waiting for my attention tomorrow. You’ve reminded me to avoid the pitfalls of recall and instead allow the flow to bring what’s required. This takes all the anxiety out of the anticipation and simply requires me to be ready through paying attention to the quality of choices I make between now and then.

  19. A great sharing on expression is everything and we are vehicles of expression, and so our quality is paramount, ‘All I need to do is carry on committing to the refinement of the way I live, the way I connect to myself and my body and the relationship and commitment I have with a greater purpose.’

  20. ‘We are vehicles of expression’…this reveals a lot about how we can truly live. How often do we try to own our expression rather than allow it to flow without interfering in it?

  21. Living life with the constant need of recognition and identification requires a lot of work and can leave us feeling drained and exhausted. Whereas, if we choose to consistently commit to the quality of our movements then our expression is just a flow and natural reflection of whom we are.

  22. “All I need to do is carry on committing to the refinement of the way I live, the way I connect to myself and my body and the relationship and commitment I have with a greater purpose.” What greater commitment is there than this as from that foundation everything else evolves?

  23. We express in every moment whether we are conscious of it or not. The way we move, the way we breathe, and the way we talk are just but a few ways.

  24. A great question to consider Luz, ‘What if there is indeed lots of wisdom that can come through me, but because I can get stuck in old patterns of owning knowledge and a tendency to preach, I am getting in the way of true purpose and great intelligence to come through me?’

  25. Expressing from our bodies and meeting issues that come up head on is the way forth in life and our evolution as we then break free from the reactions and patterns we have identified with in order to receive recognition and delayed our return home.

  26. Expressing without seeking recognition is so freeing. It allows the truth to be expressed and leaves us feeling expansive, joyful and absolutely amazing. Imagine how others would feel when they hear someone express from love and without an ounce of recognition? Amazing too, I would imagine.

  27. Thank you Luz for highlighting how our expression is transformed when we build a quality of connection from within our heart and express from this quality through building a steadiness with self-love as our foundation.

  28. I agree Luz supporting ourselves with the Gentle Breath Meditation and, or Esoteric Yoga is always a hugely supportive step, ‘ I decided to stay open and super honest, to support my body with the Gentle Breath Meditation and online Gentle Yoga classes and let it all unfold deeply.’

  29. Social media is a great marker for where we’re at with recognition, if we post something purely for how many likes we can get our whole self worth is registered by this action, whereas if we go into the situation first knowing our worth and our magnificence and not needing that confirmed we will post something that allows us free to define ourselves, rather than be defined by the amount of likes or recognition in the post.

  30. When we manipulate or calibrate our expression according to what we think will garner us recognition or acceptance from others it’s like a self-made prison that we put ourselves into. Everyone misses out if we reject what we’re truly feeling to say…

    1. Absolutely, setting out to get recognition is a bit like building a prison and locking yourself in it and then handing someone else the key. We always hold the key, it’s up to us whether we empower ourselves, or give our power away to another by handing the key over to them.

  31. I too am learning how important the quality of my expression is – be this talking or moving or anything I do or say or even think! It is for me a process to let myself fully feel my body and where I am coming from when I move or express – I am trying to remember to do this before I start moving or talking, but even if I catch myself half way, I still do try to do a ‘check in’ and feel how my body feels. Lately I have been so aware of this drive or push to be onto the next thing before I have even finished the first, and this actually feels quite exhausting in the body and it feels like this relentless and endless go go go. So I am practicing having a moment (just a few seconds, maybe 5 or 6 at the most), just having a breath, making sure I am not onto the next job until I actually get to it…

  32. The worry about what others might think of me has had me paralyzed far too many times to count. It’s a deeply ingrained behaviour, so letting go of my need for approval, or need to be liked has been a long, but ultimately very liberating process. Thank you for this insightful blog Luz.

  33. A very insightful read into how one person can truly make changes in their life if they are prepared to be honest.

  34. “When we genuinely make it about truth, magic does happen, and we are able to constellate connections and conversations with others that can unlock places where we feel stuck, no matter how much knowledge is at hand in our minds.” I love this. Letting go of the desire for approval and recognition has been an ongoing work in progress, but, as you say, when we make it about truth, amazing things happen. I can no longer allow the fear of a reprisal to get in the way of truth.

  35. “Even if I make mistakes, it feels awesome to not hold back anymore, and to claim my expression back.” If we have spent a long time holding back expression when we start to express again there can be a few (or many wobbles). But as toddler learns to walk again in a new body, so must we find our way with expression. If a toddler never tried to walk, well it would be ridiculous. Yet so many people hold back their expression for fear of getting it wrong.  

  36. “This issue about recognition and shame needed to be addressed before I could continue and get to a more truthful quality in my expression.” this has been the case with me also, in order for my true expression to come through, I needed to clear some of the big hurts that would be there, so that when I did express, it was from that hurt, not really from me. These days more of me comes through in my expression.

  37. One of the many many things I appreciate about the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom, as presented by Serge Benhayon and Natalie Benhayon, is that we are already everything. From the moment we are born. But we get stuck along the way when we take on ideals, beliefs, and pictures about how life should be.

    When you start from the premise that we are already everything, and that every person is born with a inner-heart that is connected to the all, and that from this inner-heart we know, deeply, that we are LOVE, it is so much easier (even though it can be challenging at times!) to look at what is stopping us from living from that connection to our inner-heart. We are much more open to looking at what it is, because we know it is not who we truly are.

    But when you come looking at these ‘issues’,they are us, it is harder to let go of them because we don’t really know who else we are. A very big trick and illusion that keeps in the drama.

  38. I have found it is when we have a need for something in our connections that we deny the very connection we are after in the first place. True connections starts with us simply connecting to our movements and feeling the space around us. It is then quite beautiful to see how our conversations and meetings with people unfold and flourish, showing us that a deeper understanding and intimacy starts with surrendering to our presence and letting of the needs. It is in the surrendering we find true honesty and that is simply gorgeous.

  39. Expressing on social media should be no different to how we express in person. Interesting thing though and the big difference is that we have time to edit, delete, re-write and think about what we are going to say – so much so that we probably over think and can lose the initial feeling we had to express.

  40. Ever-appreciating your honesty and depth of self-inquiry Luz, thank-you. And oh yes – the many intricacies we can meet when we choose to once again open to the love that we are, and share it with others… and how awesome it is to realise that we only ever need simply be ourselves, authentically and joyfully so.

  41. Such a powerful blog Luz thank you for being so honest I can so relate to what you have shared here about social media – when we get our self out of the way there is so much we can express and share with the world that can ignite and support others to make a choice to also express. When we hold back from expressing truth we confirm to others to also hold back – I am seeing the greater responsibility we all have to express our truth in full as there is a world waiting to be shown that there is a different way to use social media that can unite and offer healing to us all.

    1. So true Anna. I know I’m off track as soon as I start imagining how other people will respond or react to what I share. When I’m solid in what I’m expressing the way I am perceived doesn’t matter so much.

  42. Accepting that I am a vehicle of expression and allowing this to flow takes away so much of the pressure that I put on myself to get things right but also connects me to the responsibility for expressing what is there to express rather than getting caught up in the processes. Time to get the head out of the way.

  43. For me there has been a safety in expressing from knowledge because I can distance myself from it but also receive recognition for being intelligent which is safe. It has felt far more exposing to share from my livingness and be open to others seeing the real me and I continue to shy away from this on social media and pretend that I don’t have time because it is so confronting. Thank you for sharing your journey with it and I can feel that this is an area where I need to stop hiding.

  44. It is about sharing from our livingness knowing our true purpose and this can never come from self but like you say Luz ‘ it comes from the whole and it is for the whole which I am part of too, and this makes a huge and totally different story.’

  45. Luz I can relate to much of what you have shared, using knowledge to think better of myself and to show off to others for recognition. There is a huge energetic difference felt when we hear and express regurgitated words from the mind and the fullness of truth with words expressed from a true impulse from our heart.

    1. It’s a great point about regurgitated words Linda. Being intellectual and knowing things only proves that you have a good memory! When we connect to our bodies and the wisdom held within our hearts we can blow ourselves away with what we know.

  46. It is puzzling that we have doubts whether to express what we consider to be true because of what other people who know us may think of us. What does this tell us about the relationships we have and how we move in life?

  47. ‘I now know my expression is not mine, it comes from the whole and it is for the whole which I am part of too, and this makes a huge and totally different story.’ Looking at expression this way completely changes our perspective, investment, attachment and need.

  48. Thank you Luz for sharing so honestly and exposing how recognition keeps us entrapped, in a form of expression that needs feeding, attention, to be liked, is knowledge based and lacking connection and as such is totally measured as it is for self only so as to receive the recognition required for us to feel good. I love how you have highlighted when we feel an unease in our expression, if choose to go deeper, to uncover the truth through self-honesty, we discover that we feel much freer in knowing that we are vessels of expression and what we do feel to express is not from us but rather coming through us, and so is for all to share. This I am still learning to surrender to in full, but the more I do the freer and more exquisite it feels to simply be in this surrender. The joy of true expression then is a whole body experience and is a natural and no different to our in and out breath.

  49. Those ‘likes’ – I have noticed for myself that I would sometimes click it even when I haven’t read the article that is being shared but just because it was recommended by someone whose views I often agree, value or support, and I am now feeling how irresponsible that actually is. I mean, how can I ‘like’ something that I don’t even know?

  50. Each day I also am learning that expression is everything and that it is my responsibility to bring my full expression in everything I do. Thank you Luz for the beautiful reminder that expression is everything.

  51. I found this article really honest and interesting to read. It is common that we feel confined by our old identities and worry what people will think when we start to share things that are important to us on social media. If that sharing is true for us, that is what matters, even though there will be some who like it and some who don’t. We need to accept it and realise that twisting ourselves to fit others or be a chameleon gets very waring.

  52. Healing our past hurts and or old beliefs about our expression allows us to feel more confident in all facets of our life, which can only be a positive step towards making our true expression blossom.

  53. Social media can be the perfect breeding ground for giving others the responsibility for our self worth, as you say we can ride the exhausting highs of likes or the shame or fear of not receiving the attention and recognition. Either outcome is a dead end. Or we can get on with being ourselves and taking responsibility for our own worth by being self loving. Thanks Luz, it’s a great topic.

  54. Expression is everything and the quality it is expressed through is for each of us to build our awareness of. There are many layers to expose when we make the choice to express from who we are and your honesty and willingness to go deeper Luz is inspiring. Thank you for magnifying an area of expression that can offer so much healing when the quality of livingness is increased and felt through it.

  55. Such a great point I can feel here Luz – there is a fake knowledge that we can really on and hide behind. Knowledge that has everything that sustains the self whether good bad or otherwise it revolves around self – all the reactions and emotions you mentioned. This is the cost for trying to own knowledge.

  56. It is beautiful what can constellate when we make it about truth and get ourselves out of the way… the magic is worth letting go of everything that doesn’t serve the whole to let the whole come through.

  57. Our inner being loves to express in full and to not hold back anything that is there to be expressed. Why should it hold back while it is a vessel of expression through which the divine wisdom can be shared? It is only the human mind that is able to interfere as it is geared to another life, a life in creation in separation of the grander whole which will be dismantled if we allow to let through that divine expression.

  58. We loved to be’ liked’ and it doesn’t matter if it is on social media, or at a party or at school, and while being liked momentarily satisfies us it does not last so we are always seeking more. When we recognise that it is not about being liked but the need for recognition and being accepted then it begins to expose our need to full fill something that we are not full filling within ourselves. I know when I have sought recognition it is because of lack of self worth and self love for myself, and so now when ever I can feel myself being pulled towards wanting recognition I stop and look at what I am not appreciating in myself that I need to seek others confirmation for.

  59. When we get ourselves out of the way, then there is no cause for embarrassment, for worrying about how we might be judged, or damaging our reputation. We just become a vehicle of expression for what can and is felt all of the time.

  60. I can very much relate to feeling self-righteous and preaching to others when I am feeling hurt. I know when I’m doing it and it is a horrible feeling, a feeling of being better than and thinking I know more than another. Becoming aware of when I feel hurt and admitting and accepting it begins the healing process of getting to the root cause. Without acknowledging I am hurt then how can I heal it? Preaching imposes; it is abuse not only towards others but towards myself too and the antidote – Self-Love.

  61. Sharing the livingness of ourselves is a deep joy that continually sustains and deepens our livingness, it is a sharing of a common thread which we are all connected to, and thus, it is not sharing self if it is true.

  62. It is easy to blame others for not understanding us or accepting us I find, but I love here Luz how you have taken this to another level of introspection about how is it we are actually expressing? Have we taken full responsibility for the quality we are expressing in? If we express ourselves and it comes loaded with something like superiority or judgement or preaching then is it any wonder people switch off? I have found when I truly express wisdom from my heart people are much more open to hearing it.

  63. There is a lot here on offer in this blog. It all comes back to building our awareness and view of what is truly happening around us and in us. It’s not fancy and there maybe no fan fare but when the world is out of whack the only place to turn for answers is in how we truly feel. There maybe thoughts around this but this is for all of us to expand or explore our awareness of what is happening around us. Sure we can go on like we are and wait for the answers to be bought to us or we can actively take our place in life and bring all we see in any moment, knowing we are part of a huge jigsaw and if our piece isn’t there then we are all missing a part of the picture.

  64. I have found that when we measure or compare ourselves and our way of expressing it brings in complication but when we make all that we do, say and move be from the truth of our bodies, simplicity reigns supreme.

  65. Making mistakes is a part of learning. So it makes sense to me that if we have held back our expression for a long time when we do start to open up the flood gates sometimes it’s going to come out awkwardly, in a rush or it may even appear totally wrong and out of flow. But if we see the whole process as an actual opportunity to learn, we won’t be so hard on ourselves.

  66. Choosing to delve deeply into self and to honestly evaluate what is going on that is in any way inhibiting what we feel to share, be that on social media or in general conversation as we live life, is a way of living that calls us to take responsibility for what and how we express. To take any preparedness with a grain of salt and to instead surrender to delivering what is there to be said, in the moment from the stillness and steadiness of our soul.

  67. Something that came to me while reading this blog was that, when we start to recognise moments that distract us from connection, we are offered moments to deepen our connection. Luz, you beautiful expressed how simple expression can be when self is moved out of the way and we allow our bodies to become the vehicles of Gods breath.

  68. Thank you for this Luz – it is very pertinent to how I am feeling currently. Shame is a big one for me – as is rejection. The two go hand in hand. But what is truly empowering to realise is that I – and we – all have the opportunity to choose self-love instead – and in fact, choosing self-love is the only true alternative to the life of self-belittlement and contraction. Furthermore I would add that the promise of love is a trick and keeps us in that contraction. It is only when we actually choose the love that we are that true change happens.

  69. Luz I loved reading your blog, especially the part in regards to ‘likes’ on social media. We are becoming a society whose self-worth is based on social media ‘likes’, and how many followers or Facebook friends people have. Yet we are missing out on true expression, when we express from the heart regardless of others likes or dislikes we give people an opportunity to come to their own truth, a true way of expression without holding back, or the need for recognition.

  70. Thank you Luz, I really appreciate you share here “All I need to do is carry on committing to the refinement of the way I live, the way I connect to myself and my body and the relationship and commitment I have with a greater purpose.” I appreciate this is what makes the difference in how you are expressing and whether it is searching for outside approval. One has a raciness about it and one has stillness. The latter is what I have found the more supportive.

    1. There is a bigger part at play here and that is the difference for us between when we go into just doing things and doing things and then when we stop and ‘be’ before we do or as is said here come from a “stillness”. Life becomes a momentum of choices and the only way to check or see the quality of those choices is to be still and feel. Otherwise there is always a million to do things on the list and so what we do can only come down to quality and that quality is what truly supports us.

  71. Just because lots of people haven’t pressed a like button on a social media site to a comment you have made does not mean people don’t like what you have shared, it might just mean they didn’t press the button to confirm it.

  72. Hi Luz, I deeply appreciate your sharing as this is something I struggle with and through your expression you are exposing some of what I allow to hold me back in my own expression. It is so arrogance to not express when in ‘truth’ what we have to say is for everyone.

  73. In my experience, we can easily fall for the false connection that social media can give in exchange for true connection with ourselves. In other words, if we were truly connecting with ourselves, who we are and our body, there would be no need to seek it in the cyber world.

    1. It’s interesting to explore social media with ‘time out’ for a while as I notice how much social media distracts me from my connection as I go into my head. We use the internet to seek connection and yet the way we use social media takes us further away from the connection we are seeking.

  74. Thank you for sharing your story, reading it has given me plenty to ponder on as I often feel hesitant to share on social media. In future I will be aware of where my impulse to express comes from, whether it is from my heart with no attachment as to how it is received, or from my mind which will be to seek recognition.

  75. This is a beautiful story and really brings home the fact that the quality of our expression comes from the quality we live in, and self-care/self-love is key in establishing and deepening this quality.

  76. It’s an interesting thing to observe about ourselves on social media. How much of what we share are we sharing for meeting our needs for recognition. What I have found interesting is that if I post a picture of me or one of the garden, something personal, it tends to get lots of likes and/or comments. However if I post something, like an article it’s much less. What I know now is that if I share something that I am feeling is important and in gets nothing, no interest, then this is making more of a difference to the quality of what is being shared on social media. It’s also interesting to ponder on as well why am I commenting or liking something? Is that to fit in?

  77. When we have an investment in others ‘getting it’ we can push them away and when we express what feels true and without attachment then we offer the opportunity for others to feel for themselves the truth.

  78. A powerful and inspiring blog Luz. In facing our past patterns and allowing ourself to truly feel the contraction these cause, is the first step to true healing and the re-building of an ever-refining way of living, like clearing out the rubbish from a river and it can once again flow freely.
    “Each day I am learning more that ‘Expression is Everything’ and that I am just a vehicle of expression”.

  79. It is inspiring to read that by deeply questioning yourself Luz you were able to realise and understand how the use of knowledge to seek recognition is an illusion that only further separates us from connecting and expressing in a more truer way with ourselves and with others.

  80. Thank you Luz for sharing this. A great reminder that the seeming issues with have in life are asking us to look at the relationship with ourselves and in this case, how much are we/have we been willing to express who we truly are to the wider audience that is in the billions on social media.

  81. Luz, I can identify with all you say here. I too was hesitant to publish stuff that my old friends would perhaps consider to be weird and out of character for me. But in 2012, when the handful of detractors raised a media storm targeted at destroying a man who I loved and respected, a man who was showing us what love really is and bringing a wisdom to the world that was desperately needed, I knew that I had to get over these fears, stand beside him and follow my heart as to what to publish without worrying what anyone of my friends or family might think. Truth is more important than what others may choose to think.

  82. Expression, true expression is also about constantly assessing myself: does what I am about to say come from my body, and – double check the body thing – does it evolve, confirms or degrades others?

    1. Beautifully said Willem. If we choose to be present we will have a far better chance of discerning why we are expressing and through this we can understand what energy we have allowed to flow through us.

  83. Somebody sent me this blog as at this moment I discovered I have just a little issue with recognition. The issue is this: I am speaking many times not to deliver what is needed from my body, but to share things that prove I can say intelligent, smart, witty, deep, religious even deep esoteric things. Not even to others (as well) but mainly to myself. Perhaps the words are right, but the energy gives me away: it comes from an emptiness, wanting to show that I do can say the ‘right’ things. It is about recognition.

    1. When we operate life from one level then we only look at what is being spoken and how good it is or intelligent it sounds. When we open continually to the fact of all things come from energy first and so then deal with everything from there we open to there being more then just words and how things look. We feel them and so everything, every word is based on energy first. It’s not a different way to live but a more encompassing way to see the world and what is going on anyway, regardless of if we are choosing to see it or not.

  84. It is a great question – we can wait for aeons to be accepted by others or we can accept ourselves and then express and then regardless of what we say, whether people want to hear it or not, it does not matter, as long as we are expressing with all of ourselves. And the great thing is we then get to learn by expressing. If we hold back and do not say anything then how can we learn or change or move forward?

  85. The likes certainly do provide that “Go You!” factor, but as you say we must look past that and see that our expression is there before we even consider what another will think about it

  86. This is a great sharing Luz! Many times I have felt that what I have to say doesn’t seem as deep or inspiring as so many others I read on the comments pages. I then realized that I need not be the judge of that but just allow the truth that is there to come through me as I do not know what someone else needs to hear! I really appreciate your blogs, thank you for sharing so much Luz.

  87. I really relate to this article, I struggle with the commitment posting a photo or comment on social media, I find it super confronting and so most of the time I just avoid it, thanks for sharing your story.

  88. A great read Luz – and lovely to share the marked difference you feel when expressing in full and in truth. Its huge to be able to let go of recognition.

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