Tension While Four Wheel Driving

I recently had a great experience of being aware of, and dealing with tension in my body. My husband had been driving our 4WD (four wheel drive) along a track on a beautiful sand island in Queensland with our friend following behind. Shortly into the journey, my friend’s car became bogged in the soft sand so we stopped and walked back to dig her out.

We had just un-bogged her when I noticed another car coming up from behind. My husband hopped into and started driving our friend’s car, while I ran back to our car upfront and started driving. There was no way around my car for anyone to overtake and it was likely the cars behind me would get bogged again if they stopped.

I had been a passenger on a few 4WD’ing trips, mostly along sandy tracks and had observed a lot along the way as to how to drive in very soft sand. However, I had never actually driven for myself. Now being in the driver’s seat, literally, was a whole new ballgame.

As I drove, I put into practice what I had learned from watching my husband drive. I found I quite enjoyed it, but after a few minutes I realised that when the track became more difficult – the holes got deeper and the sand softer – my shoulders, neck, arms and hands on the steering wheel tensed up. I also noticed I was leaning forward in my seat, with my body moving closer to the wheel, which was a sure sign that I was anxious and tense. The same thing happens at work. I am aware I can hunch up and move closer to the computer screen when my work becomes more complex.

I was bracing myself because I was in an unusual situation that in turn was making me even more tense. The internal butterflies I was feeling confirmed that when I’m tense on the outside, I am tense on the inside too and I can’t operate and/or make decisions as easily, or as clearly, as when I am relaxed and with myself. Tension takes away my decision-making capabilities.

So I listened to how my body was feeling and made a conscious decision to let go of the tension, to not brace myself, to relax my body, and to trust the car. I knew the car could handle the track no problems, but only if it was driven in the right way.

In trusting my capable car, I then chose – making a very mechanical decision – to loosen my grip on the wheel, sit back in my seat, release my shoulders, and go along for the ride. I was steering yes, but I was trusting and allowing the car to do the work. It felt very much like the car was an extension of my body and together we totally nailed the track!

The lesson I learned from all this is that I can make friends with tension as it is there to show me something first and then it is up to me to make choices that either help release the tension or instead work with it in a way that best supports me.

Universal Medicine, and specifically Serge Benhayon, have been integral in developing my understanding of how the body works and responds to situations and emotions in a very practical way. It is because of Serge Benhayon’s continued commitment to humanity and truth that I choose everyday to continue my relationship with my body so that I am the master of life, not the other way around.

by Suzanne Anderssen, Brisbane, Australia

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671 thoughts on “Tension While Four Wheel Driving

  1. When I recognise tension in my body I know it is calling for the Gentle Breath so that I don’t drive myself deeper into the sand – or the mud.

  2. Isn’t this a great metaphor for life? When we surrender and don’t harden and tense, even the most difficult situations become much easier to handle.

  3. We have camels for a reason! 😂 I love this that we can learn from the tension in our bodies as it is showing us it is there for a reason, very cool to learn.

  4. It is interesting how our body goes into tension in anticipation of what may happen, it feels very much like a learned behaviour, that when we do it often it becomes an automatic reaction, yet if we stay with our breath our shoulders drop and from something that could have been eventful for the wrong reasons, turns into a joyful experience that we wouldn’t mind repeating.

  5. I love what you write about making a concious decision to let go of the tension, with this ‘mecanical’ change of our movements we make the start to let ourselves not be ruled by the world but feel that we have the power to be in charge of our body in order to do what is asked of us.

  6. This is a great example of how we feel everything when we are connected to our bodies and from there we can make a different choice, otherwise we stay in control and complicate things.

  7. There is much in this blog that I find very supportive and practical in how to respond to tension, in particular what stands out for me in this reading is, “… I then chose – making a very mechanical decision – to loosen my grip on the wheel, sit back in my seat, release my shoulders, and go along for the ride.” The dissipation of the tension is not something that just happens, we have to make the conscious decision and make the actual mechanical action to make a change having first being honest with our self as to what is occurring for us and being aware of what is happening in the body.

  8. When I read your blog today Suzanne it made me realise that our body itself is a vehicle – a four wheel drive and with a natural innate wisdom that is more than capable of navigating life, if we let go of the control and surrender to that natural wisdom and intuition.

  9. I am very aware when I am driving when I start to feel tension in my body I need to make adjustments either with my speed, the space between the cars, my body position or all three, if the don’t I feel tired when I arrive, particularly on long journeys.

  10. Embracing tension is an assured way to hand over ourselves to situations where we feel trapped and diminished, whose steering is done in contraction in the hope that the results may not be that bad. So, an increase (in tension) lead to a reduction of everything else (starting with us and our capacity to respond well to a situation).

  11. What I can get from this is that tension is our own response to a situation, and it does not define the situation as whatever we want to frame it. It is all about a relationship.

  12. ‘I can make friends with tension as it is there to show me something first’ now this is so important to hear … we, and I very specifically am not always comfortable with tension, but in fact it’s there to show us something and it’s our choice in that next moment how we are with it … in reaction or surrendering and feeling how we can be in our body with what is before us.

  13. I love how you handled the tension you felt Suzanne, in dealing with a new situation not faced before. This has often been my experience too and there is a clear choice to be made to not react and bring in self-doubt but to open up our awareness and observe what is needed to be able to respond.

  14. Learning to accept that tension is a part of life brings an understanding to myself that drops any pictures or ideals about how life or myself should be.

  15. The track of life, there you go, Suzanne. What a beautiful metaphor of the way we drive through life, we can, when there are tensions, hunch, contract and tense our bodies, or stay open and relaxed, walk or sit straight, not worry and trust we are able to handle any situation.

  16. It’s so true Suzanne, when we are tense and anxious we lose our clarity and ability to make decisions based on that transparency and understanding.

  17. With awareness comes choice” So I listened to how my body was feeling and made a conscious decision to let go of the tension, to not brace myself, to relax my body, and to trust the car. “

  18. “I knew the car could handle the track no problems, but only if it was driven in the right way.” A very accurate analogy for the human body.

  19. Every step of the way we have walking with us the greatest friend to guide us to live as harmoniously as we possibly can. Our body will always reflect the truth our what we are choosing in any moment, which reveals what energy we have aligned to. In our willingness to be honest with how we are feeling we have the awareness to make a shift and adjust the way we are moving and what we are aligning to.

  20. Simply learning to trust our bodies… That it’s really that simple… And yet such a profound change happens in our lives when we do learn to do this to trust and feel.

  21. Beautiful Suzanne, a lesson where we all can learn from observing where we are tense and bringing ourselves in a contraction modus… Becoming aware is the start and from there on we can start to make choices that actually help us surrender to our bodies when we feel we become tense again. Step by step we will disolve our contraction to the tension we are sensing as we learn to observe our own bodies; feelings and become aware of our body posture and amount of stress /tension held in our body at times. From there on we can start to change things.

  22. A great example of how we can be with tension when we notice it, ‘So I listened to how my body was feeling and made a conscious decision to let go of the tension, to not brace myself, to relax my body, and to trust the car.’

  23. The body knows best and when we can get out of the way and not drive a certain agenda, together (rather than in separation from each other) we can perform miracles.

  24. Having done a lot of 4WD adventures I say it’s hard NOT to tense up when your driving those tracks – it’s scary stuff with potential danger at every turn – either by getting bogged, being rammed by another car if you get bogged on a corner or having a head on collision on the one-lane soft sand tracks… I’m leaving the camping to others now!

  25. Suzanne only yesterday I had a new situation that caused me a bit of panic. I even rang someone, but they didn’t pick up, so I had to figure out what to do for myself. Afterwards I wondered what all the fuss was about. You are so right that when we loosen our grip (on life) we can make decisions and trust that we know.

  26. “Tension takes away my decision-making capabilities.” To consciously choose to listen to your body and then surrender in a difficult situation – a powerful inspiration for us all.

  27. Suzanne, awesome, and what a mega punch of a last sentence ! AB-solutely right. We have to surrender indeed and give ourselves over to God , letting our body indeed release the tension – move on with that surrender doing what needs to be done. This totally exposes the comfort of control we can live by and how actually quiet adventurous it can be once we let go of that – and surrender to what is new (love) and trust that all will be fine as when we are in connection with our body. In this case it is a beautiful example of how our car is symbol for our body.. And so we can see many things in the world.
    Let us stop fighting and surrender to what is real, truly and godly there for us to explore.

  28. I love timing and how perfect it is for me to read this today … yes we can make friends with tension, it’s just showing us how we’re bracing and being in life, and then as you show here Suzanne, we can choose to release it and make choices which allows our bodies to surrender. Awesome, so rather than get tense about being tense (trust me, been there!), we can let go, it’s always about how we choose to handle it.

  29. Our body is a great messenger to bring our awareness to something we are reacting to outside ourselves. The more we listen to our body the more we are able to initiate changes that allow our body to align back to its natural balance and harmonious rhythm.

  30. Yes! I’ve been noticing this a lot lately…moving closer to the computer screen when my work becomes more complex or I’m trying really hard to understand what I’m reading etc. It’s so funny, it’s like, if my face is on the screen then maybe the words will jump in my brain and I will be able to understand more. I observe people doing this with the TV as well….the more intense the entertainment the closer their bodies move toward it. It’s very interesting what happens when we allow ourselves to be absorbed by information rather than observing it and giving ourselves the space to feel and understand it.

  31. ‘Tension takes away my decision-making capabilities.’ So true the tenser we become the harder it is to connect and feel the flow of what is needed next.

  32. It has been amazing to appreciate that when I let go and trust I will be supported the tension in my body dissipates. The more awareness I am building the more often it is being revealed to me just how much tension I still allow to arise with many tasks during my day, driving and sitting in front of the computer being 2 common examples. Thank you for sharing this great reminder Suzanne that it is always our choice.

  33. Love this Suzanne, and the detail you’ve shared it in… Such a relationship with the tension felt in your body feels to have been something that has developed over time – I know for myself, that this is so, also deepened beyond measure via the inspiration and practicality of countless presentations by Serge Benhayon, inclusive of all that the modality of Esoteric Yoga, founded by Serge Benhayon, offers to us all also.
    In living with an awareness of our bodies and what we are experiencing at any given time, in bringing a conscious choice to be truly present with what we are doing… we do indeed have the opportunity to support ourselves and respond to what is needed in a given situation.
    Your example of 4W driving is case in point – the tension can arise from an inner anxiousness, uncertainty and/or expectation, and yet, to give reign back to the body, to trust its own knowing and flow… this can absolutely be done.

  34. A great reminder Suzanne ‘ that I choose everyday to continue my relationship with my body so that I am the master of life, not the other way around.’ I do a lot of long distance driving and continually have to check my posture and see if I am leaning forward or if my shoulders have any tension in them, it is great practise to get into with everything we do in life as it makes such a difference to how we feel in our bodies.

  35. Such a practical and tangible thing to do to really help understand our body. I can relate to driving with tension. I recently relocated to an area where a lot of driving is through the country and hills etc. There are many windy roads and because I’m unfamiliar with the roads I notice that my whole body tenses up as I take the corners, often because I’m feeling a pressure of someone behind me or because I place the pressure on myself to not need to brake, which is crazy. I catch myself at least 10 times in a drive doing this. Some days I let go of the anxiety I’m having about how I should drive and just let my car and my body do what it feels to do more effortlessly, and it’s so much more enjoyable that way, and my body isn’t all locked up and twisted. Other days I make the same mistake with every corner I fly around and seem to realise I’m doing it but stubbornly choose not to do anything about it. It’s all a learning.

  36. What you can be aware of in something so simple and everyday as driving is amazing. As the article is saying that at times we want to control things for what ever reason, we tense up and grab on tight. This is the exact opposite of what to do when driving a car. As is said once the tension was felt and let go of, “It felt very much like the car was an extension of my body and together we totally nailed the track!” The vehicle responds to the direction you give it and in the tension we perceive we are ready for anything but in fact we aren’t truly watching the road, only a part and this creates blind spots. The only way to be truly ready for anything and everything is to have your body ready to truly feel and if you are tense, it’s hard and you will feel less. Allowing your body to settle and let go when you feel you are holding tension is one of the first steps in bringing more awareness to what is really there, after all why did you go tense? What were you already feeling?

  37. Great sharing Suzanne. We brace ourselves because we think we cannot handle a situation. But once we start trusting that we are always equipped to deal with a situation, also meaning we could get help or decide that we will do something, we can let go of the hardening and the anxiety.

  38. Such a vivid account of the tension that can build in our bodies without our being aware of it until it has all but taken over. Great to remind us to keep our awareness in our bodies and allow a constant letting go.

  39. Thank you Suzanne this is a beautiful realisation you share that it is ok to allow ourselves to relax in tense situation as we are then more aligned with what is needed as opposed to tightly holding on and trying to control the situation, and how very much we are supported in any situation.

  40. I often feel my body go into tension and harden up and now I can understand how tensing up the body blocks me from receiving communication that is otherwise available – which makes total sense as our bodies are made of particles and energy pass through us constantly.

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