Living From My Inner Knowing

It is early in the morning, a candle is burning next to me and I am surrounded by the magical stillness of the woods amidst which our house is located. I can feel the world around me waking up, a noise every now and then, some traffic on our little country lane, the first glimpse of dawn…

My body is warm, gradually preparing for the tasks of the day and feeling so yummy today. Still, something in me tries to suggest that I am wrong as I have not done what I had thought needed to be done this morning.

Yet I feel perfectly at ease and I know that everything is right just as it is. What just dawned on me is that I am rhythmically living each moment – living, instead of trying to master life.

Before, there were endless lists – written down or just imagined – packed with things to do and time limits by when they should be completed. This meant constant stress and tension; the feeling of failure was a well-known companion.

I would never meet my expectations.

I would override what I felt would be good to do in favour of what was next on my lists.

Over the last month I have developed a different approach. Now there still is a constant rhythm in my life, like going to bed early and getting up early and some of the basic structures of my day, but this rhythm is only followed because I can feel how much it supports me.

I could not let go of my beloved lists instantly and so turned them from ‘to do lists’ into ‘might be done’ lists – this took enormous pressure out of my life. These new lists now help me remember things that do need to be done, but I am not at their mercy anymore.

Now I will feel what needs to be done next and will go for it, even if my mind might try to tell me that this cannot be right.

My experience is that what I feel from deep inside of me is the biggest support that I have, as by following this inner knowing I am flowing with my days instead of trying to catch up with them: just being and being present with what I do, no thinking ahead or having another project on my mind.

This has been one of the most profound changes in my life. I have developed so much more trust in and love for myself by realising that in fact I already know all that I need to know and that it is about just letting this knowing come out again.

Feeling no need or pressure – at least most of the time – is such a blessing. Sitting with myself in the glorious stillness of this morning, looking forward to the day, knowing that all will be cared for and all that I have to do is be me to the best of my ability… no perfection needed.

Thank you Serge Benhayon for inspiring me to find and walk this way back to my stillness again.

By Michael Kremer, Personal Assistant, Buchholz, Germany

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838 thoughts on “Living From My Inner Knowing

  1. I am learning that we may do a lot of the same things we have always done but as our attachment to these things dissolves we are free to make true choices…hence our relationship with all the ‘doing’ becomes completely different and truly empowering.

  2. Gorgeous that life is actually so simple – it all starts with acknowledging what we feel and act on it. This is what The Way of The Livingness and all the teachings by Serge Benhayon are about. Perfectly imperfectly so.

  3. The absolute strength and power in staying with ourselves as we wake and begin the day is something that I am beginning to discover. It is easy to let the mind wonder into the day or get caught into deciphering a a feeling, sense or dream on waking. When staying present, with whatever we are feeling aware of brings understanding and the greatest joy of learning to love everything that our body brings to us. Or day and the things that await are then a pleasure to be in and with.

  4. It is inspiring to feel from within, that there is a whole other way of being, that when connected to feels effortless, natural and free in contrast to the push and drive of trying to achieve a sense of recognition or acceptance though what we do or what we think we should be doing. When we are with our Soul, we are everything we need to be.

  5. I feel the flow in how you live Michael and how delicious that is, to live in rhythm with our bodies, living life rather than mastering it .. so well put.

  6. It is a great realisation to understand that we are able to develop a different approach to the way in which we live when we connect to our body’s natural rhythm and inner wisdom and allow it to move from a true quality that brings simplicity and flow to our every day living.

  7. “I would never meet my expectations.” Expectations keep us on the treadmill of trying to get somewhere or achieve a goal and are exhausting. When we live in rhythm with our inner stillness we find the space to be all of who we naturally are.

  8. I loved what you have shared Michael, just reading your gorgeous blog has brought to me a deeper sense of my own stillness, thank you.

  9. Love how you’ve shifted from the mandatory ‘to-do’ list pressure to ‘might be done’ list.. Iists have their place, but not when they own you and dictate the course of your day and life. Great call to look at our relationship with lists, with work, with expectations that we put upon ourselves: often we find that we are our own harshest taskmaster, putting enormous pressure on ourselves and our bodies to do things according to a whole set of ‘shoulds’ and ‘must dos’ that sometimes we’re not even aware of. When we let go of those pictures of how we think we, or life should be, and allow ourselves to surrender to the flow of life, it feels much easier, less stressful and bigger – there is space for more.

  10. There is a sentence – “I would never meet my expectations” that brought me to a stop here. It feels so similar to the ideal in my head of trying to keep other people happy.. an outside marker I have no control over and so there is a constant feeling of struggle, and no hope of achieving it. This idea of might be done lists is pretty gorgeous leaving the way open for how we feel, the rhythm of the day, and other things that inevitably pop up here and there.

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