Living From My Inner Knowing

It is early in the morning, a candle is burning next to me and I am surrounded by the magical stillness of the woods amidst which our house is located. I can feel the world around me waking up, a noise every now and then, some traffic on our little country lane, the first glimpse of dawn…

My body is warm, gradually preparing for the tasks of the day and feeling so yummy today. Still, something in me tries to suggest that I am wrong as I have not done what I had thought needed to be done this morning.

Yet I feel perfectly at ease and I know that everything is right just as it is. What just dawned on me is that I am rhythmically living each moment – living, instead of trying to master life.

Before, there were endless lists – written down or just imagined – packed with things to do and time limits by when they should be completed. This meant constant stress and tension; the feeling of failure was a well-known companion.

I would never meet my expectations.

I would override what I felt would be good to do in favour of what was next on my lists.

Over the last month I have developed a different approach. Now there still is a constant rhythm in my life, like going to bed early and getting up early and some of the basic structures of my day, but this rhythm is only followed because I can feel how much it supports me.

I could not let go of my beloved lists instantly and so turned them from ‘to do lists’ into ‘might be done’ lists – this took enormous pressure out of my life. These new lists now help me remember things that do need to be done, but I am not at their mercy anymore.

Now I will feel what needs to be done next and will go for it, even if my mind might try to tell me that this cannot be right.

My experience is that what I feel from deep inside of me is the biggest support that I have, as by following this inner knowing I am flowing with my days instead of trying to catch up with them: just being and being present with what I do, no thinking ahead or having another project on my mind.

This has been one of the most profound changes in my life. I have developed so much more trust in and love for myself by realising that in fact I already know all that I need to know and that it is about just letting this knowing come out again.

Feeling no need or pressure – at least most of the time – is such a blessing. Sitting with myself in the glorious stillness of this morning, looking forward to the day, knowing that all will be cared for and all that I have to do is be me to the best of my ability… no perfection needed.

Thank you Serge Benhayon for inspiring me to find and walk this way back to my stillness again.

By Michael Kremer, Personal Assistant, Buchholz, Germany

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819 thoughts on “Living From My Inner Knowing

  1. The spin of expectation and drive are guaranteed to keep us from connection to ourselves and to our natural rhythm. This is such a beautiful reminder that when we allow ourselves to honour that rhythm we are confirming our connection to the all that is, and by appreciating and confirming that connection we allow it to deepen and expand.. In this is the space where we know ever more who we truly are and what we can bring to each moment.

    1. It always surprises me when I slow my mind down and just be with what ever task is at hand how much space is created. How can slowing things down create more time and space? This is contradictory to everything we learn growing up, yet it is a proven fact in my life.

    2. Absolutely Annie -drive, rush and constant motion – all of these sever our connection to ourselves and our inner knowing.

  2. It seems so simple ‘just being and being present with what I do, no thinking ahead or having another project on my mind.’ but how much we neglect this simple principle.. If we are not present we can not be fully aware of and therefore taking responsibility for the quality we bring to that moment.. so then what is the quality in what we do. Simple yet definitly takes some practice to learn the tricks that we employ to sabotage this connection and to let them go.

    1. Thank you Annie, I am a bit on struggle street this morning and reading this blog and your comment is supporting me to just being present right here, right now reading this blog and commenting on it. My mind – and all the tricks – want to sabotage this simple moment to be with me and my body and writing this comment. It is a loving discipline to be present.

  3. One thing I do know from my own experience, Michael, is the ability I have to put pressure on myself! Not from to do lists but often procrastination. Often I have need of making an appointment for myself and I am great at putting it off until I realise I can’t get away without making it. Yet at other times I feel to look after myself with an urgency or need. To be more connected to my own needs is essential and something I am aware I need to honour at all times.

  4. Absolutely Lovely Michael. We have everything inside us that we will ever need, and it’s the attachment to the outer world and what goes on that is killing us! It’s so amazing to let go of expectations, pressures, deadlines and just live from the natural knowing inside. Life is a lot more fun and I seem to take up more opportunities to evolve and expand!

    1. So true and profound, this is what is occurring in the material, emotional, status driven existence that has been created “We have everything inside us that we will ever need, and it’s the attachment to the outer world and what goes on that is killing us!” Coming back to our inner heart is the way to remedy our ills.

    1. Sometimes I think that what is before me to be done is impossible, but then I have a knowing that we are never asked to do the impossible. Therefore, if I feel something is impossible or there is too much, either I am doing something that does not need to be done or is not for me to do, or I need to expand, let go within and find more space.

      1. I love what you say here, Nicola, and a poignant one for me. Feeling overwhelmed as though it is not possible to attend to the task before me – whether it’s too difficult, too much or I just do not feel like doing it – whatever that is, they are all saying the same thing: more space needed – and for me most probably first, from within, by letting go.

      2. I agree Fumiyo. I used to experience overwhelm quite often but one day in a session Curtis Benhayon presented that overwhelm is an emotion. As soon as Curtis said that I could feel the truth and also experienced that if it was an emotion it was actually something I was creating and I had a choice not to do that. Since that day I have not fully got over overwhelm, but I go into it a great deal less and it has lost its illusionary hold over me.

      3. I too love what Nicola says here. I too sometimes get anxious and overwhelmed by what is in front of me. It can be from a number of simple things that is being asked of me and I don’t feel I have enough time to do them in, to something I have not done before but pausing and becoming aware of my breath and looking at the situation and asking myself ‘do I need to do this right now?’ This is certainly supporting me to overcome the overwhelming feeling that I can sometimes allow.

      4. Thank you Nicola for the reminder that overwhelm is an emotion and therefore something I have created. This emotion I have allowed in so many times and in many areas of my life, in fact I have used overwhelm as an excuse to not to commit to life! I could feel this awareness when I had a pool session with Simone Benhayon. Simone confirmed it and ever since my relationship with overwhelm has changed as it doesn’t have the power over me like it used to.

      5. These comments on overwhelm have helped me to see it in a new light this morning – as an emotion we go into so as not to commit to life, and to delay things -including our own evolution. If we’re feeling overwhelmed, first of all we’ve made the choice to allow it into our bodies – and then it plays out in our lives in terms of the actual amount of space we have to do things. What I’m finding is that the more I connect to and live from feeling my body and feeling what to do next, the more I maintain that sense of spaciousness within me -and from there, naturally, the space is there to do whatever is needed next.

    2. Equally whilst on the outside I genuinely do what appears to myself and others to be an impossible amount, at the same time I have a growing awareness that there is absolutely nothing to do or nothing that need to be done. It is not about the doing but my whole quality of being, of expression and always first and foremost about what energy am I expressing, and everything else comes out of that.

    3. Furthermore, in order to develop the quality of energy I have to bring an equal care and attention to EVERYTHING I do. I cannot compartmentalise my life. My time with myself in the bathroom in the morning is as important as the big business deal, which is as important as my relationship, which is as important as taking out the rubbish and so forth.

      1. I can feel how important it is that when we are living from our essence that we are living this with everyone in all situations. Sometimes I can be living a certain quality at home then I allow it to change when I get to work. Im able to see this more and more as my body lets me know when my quality changes.

      2. I agree Christopher, Serge Benhayon presented very clearly at the recent Lennox Head 2016 retreat (and many times previously) how there is no on and off switch. How we are and live is a reflection of our 24/7 Livingness.

    4. And finally to complete my abundance of comments this morning, the more I am in action the more I need to deepen my stillness as described here:

      It is like how the in breath follows the out breath. There is a rhythm to it. If I find myself getting caught in the spin of life or in the energy of busy then it is always a message for me to deepen my presence and my connection to my body. An example might be my walk from my office to the photocopier. I will feel my hand on the door handle and enjoy each moment of the walk to the machine feeling my connection to my body. In fact, I love those moment of walking anywhere or doing any simple movement such as making a cup of tea – each of these is like having a holiday for me!

  5. Great example how sneaky thoughts can be, how even in a moment of stillness and connection we can choose thoughts that degrade us, and it is a fantastic example in this article of why a supportive and consistent rhythm in life is so beneficial….when these doubts creep in, the rhythm, our foundation supports us and we are able to feel the truth what is arises.

    1. Having consistency in our lives through a steady rhythm supports being more consciously present in all that we do, too. The more I connect to my body the more present and aware I am of any unloving thoughts that come in – and the choice to say no to them. Listening to our inner knowing only comes when we create stillness and spaciousness in our lives by choosing to live that way with our body, first. Esoteric yoga and the gentle breath meditation, daily, has been a huge support in this.

  6. Yes Michael we have all of the support we need it is always right there within us in every moment. The divine key to life is confirming that love and support we hold for ourselves. Everything else unfolds effortlessly from there.

  7. Another great read Michael. I too have changed my to do lists to things to be done when the timing feels right. Quite often in the past I would feel guilty and like I had put something off only to realise if I had of done it when I had decide it needed to be done, it would not have worked and leaving it until the time I got around to it was actually the perfect timing.

  8. ‘Feeling no need or pressure – at least most of the time – is such a blessing. Sitting with myself in the glorious stillness of this morning, looking forward to the day, knowing that all will be cared for and all that I have to do is be me to the best of my ability… no perfection needed.’ Great to be reading this right now just when I am letting myself be controlled by this feeling that I am failing in my relationships, once again. Difficult to connect back to love at such moments until I realize that letting love back in is the only way out.

  9. it’s easy to get stuck in the trap of thinking we are not ok or not up to scratch because we have not finished our task list – only worthy when the to-do’s have been done… but is a constantly draining way to live and effectively dis-empowering ourselves – then we fall prey to attack from whatever life wants to throw at us. Remembering from the beginning, that we are whole and complete and glorious before we take very first step of the day would bring a whole new way of being with ourselves and with everything the day brings, more able to stay steady and true to ourselves, and no longer subjugated to the whims of a capricious world.

    1. Well said Annie, I know that trap of feeling worthy when finished the tasks that are on the list only too well. This never ending cycle of pushing and driving to complete the list so I get to feel the reward afterwards is certainly an exhausting and a never ending series of ups and downs during the course of one’s life. I appreciate so much meeting Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for showing me another way; a foundation that is based upon my relationship with myself first and foremost and then going out into the world.

    2. This behaviour of only feeling worthy once accomplished something I am sure relates to us all in one way or another. It certainly has been a big one for me and when I fall it takes a dedication to myself to bring myself out of it and back to myself especially as I commit more deeply to life.

    3. “Remembering from the beginning, that we are whole and complete and glorious before we take very first step of the day would bring a whole new way of being with ourselves and with everything the day brings”
      I love this line Annie, It feels like when life is lived in this way every moment is new and fresh.

  10. Beautiful to read and feel the grace in the truth you share Michael. It is true and available to us all – we are already complete and simply need to bring this in all that we attend to in our day with the priority being what feels true for us in our body at the time. No other external influence or imposition offers or matches the inner wisdom and knowing we are and have.

  11. Yes Michael our greatest wisdom is held within, and the most effective way to tap into it is to have a stable routine and rhythm and to make self caring choices in regard to food and exercise.

  12. “Feeling no need or pressure – at least most of the time – is such a blessing. Sitting with myself in the glorious stillness of this morning, looking forward to the day, knowing that all will be cared for and all that I have to do is be me to the best of my ability… no perfection needed.” Beautiful indeed Michael, thank you.

    1. Yes I agree Jill, this is such a beautiful sentence, a gentle reminder that when I do not feel the trust within me that every thing is being taken care of including me, I have lost the connection to myself. All I have to do then is to make a choice to surrender and let go no matter how difficult this may be for this is the greatest gift I can give myself and another.

  13. It makes a huge difference to the flow of our day when we are connected with our body’s natural rhythm and our inner knowing.

  14. Michael, I can relate to running my life with lists of jobs to be done and the immediate tension this brought up in my body as I was living from my head and not connecting to how I was feeling inside. When I allow myself to stay more present with my body, the deeper my awareness becomes, allowing the clarity of truth to be felt from within.

  15. Lists can be used as marvelous ways to guarantee that we are in constant anxiety and motion trying to get things done. Instead of sitting and feeling there is nothing to be done but so much we want to do.

  16. Sometimes, I find myself thinking I need to do things every day to support myself yet the pressure I can put on myself to do them is more harming than when I am actually doing them and what is truly on offer because I’m simply not being present with my body. I am learning to listen more to my body and doing what I feel to. This may be going for a walk when I do not usually go or taking a nap in the morning instead of the afternoon, but what matters is not ticking the boxes and achieving what I set out to do but feeling what will truly support my body in that moment.

  17. “Thank you Serge Benhayon for inspiring me to find and walk this way back to my stillness again.” There is nothing more beautiful than being in our stillness and sharing and expressing this in the world. If we want to make a difference in the world it is living in our stillness. It is my responsibility and my purpose in life to live in stillness as Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine support me too to surrender to the what is and make this possible in a world that thrives on stimulation.

  18. My experience is that what I feel from deep inside of me is the biggest support that I have, as by following this inner knowing I am flowing with my days instead of trying to catch up with them: This is what I needed to be reminded of at this moment Michael. Flowing with the days instead of trying to catch up with them, is like a breath of fresh air, and will impulse how I move after that. It is super simple but very powerful, and brings true quality.

  19. I can definitely relate to a life of constant list making and feeling like I wasn’t ever getting ahead, this feeling of always never truly completing anything, because the list would always just restart again and again. There is such power in connecting with our inner knowing, feeling what is needed in any given moment. This is definitely a way of living I can feel is so much more supportive than the drive and pressure of list making.

  20. What a beautiful reminder reading your blog Michael. After I woke this morning I started running through all the things I wanted to do. This just kept my mind occupied and didn’t allow me to feel. As I started reading your blog I was able to come back to the stillness and be with my body. Now I am feeling what is needed in each moment and now I can be in this stillness throughout my day. Thank you.

  21. Michael you present a situation that so many of us have been faced with or still face – the urgency behind doing a list or making a plan to get us through the day and keep us on track. We’ve used to do lists as a means of security and structure – but this, as I have found, is a substitution for us simply connecting back to ourselves, to our essence, and living from the point where we know what is going on and there is no need for a list because we can let our bodies guide us instead of our heads. I am also so thankful to Universal Medicine for presenting to me the possibility of what our bodies can offer us.

  22. I found this particularly inspiring because we can all go with how we feel and put the mind’s view to one side, but it’s only through building the trust in and love for ourselves that you mention that can truly make the difference between being chained to our to-do list or going with the knowing.

  23. I love considering how our bodies are made up of pieces of the universe, of stardust, and so through our body we can be connected with the universe, the whole and know what to do next and how to do it in a way that supports us all! Something that the mind alone cannot do but in line with the body we are connected again…

  24. “I have developed so much more trust in and love for myself by realising that in fact I already know all that I need to know and that it is about just letting this knowing come out again.” This line is a standout for me today as it helps me to identify the “I don’t know what to do” lie that I use to sabotage myself. If I try to do anything that is not true for me my body soon lets me know I am on the wrong track so the truth is that I do know what to do and how to do it if I simply connect to my body and let go of my pictures, ideals and beliefs.

  25. And then the subtle shift from a ‘to do’ list to a ‘might be done’ is seismic. It takes the dictator out of this thing we created outside of ourselves and turns it into a supportive instrument we can refer to (but will not be bossed by).

  26. Who would have thought there is a way to live that is mostly free of stress and is joy-full and rejuvenating every day, our body always naturally leans towards what is true for it.. all we have to do is listen.

  27. ‘Something in me tries to suggest that I am wrong as I have not done what I had thought needed to be done this morning.’ I still get caught with his one Michael, so its great for me to read your blog again today. I allow my list of things to do to be in charge of me rather that the natural rhythm my body wishes to flow in. I fear I wont get everything done if I allow that natural rhythm and that somehow, things will fall apart.

  28. My lists are imagined and written down. Slowly I am realising the stitch-up it all is, since as you have shared Michael, the expectations are never met. It’s impossible, so I set my self up to fail on a daily basis. How crazy is that? ‘Flowing with my days instead of trying to catch up with them,’ sound like the way forward, and I can feel that in the way you have written this blog. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  29. Michael this was the perfect blog for me to read this evening as I have been really enjoying me and what I have been doing yet I have had a niggling feeling that I have not got done what I wanted to get done and my to do list sits there remained uncrossed. Your blog has put this into perspective and I realise I do not have to be at the mercy of my to do lists.

  30. Michael it’s a beautiful blog expressing how you place yourself, your stillness, and the magic and beauty of life before the usual pressures we all so easily succumb to with our long lists of daily chores and work tasks. I prefer your take on to-do lists to now become ‘might be done’ lists! The myopic focus of to-do lists does not allow us to be open to the wonder and grandeur of ourselves and life. Very inspiring.

  31. Thanks Michael, this is a timely reminder that the moment we stop living in the knowing that we bring everything that is needed to be, be in and contribute to our world, we are doing a great disservice to Humanity. There is no room for doubt – there is no doubt. This is a gentle, loving message prompting us to fully claim who we are.

  32. Reading your blog I felt my body let go of tension it was holding. I love you changing the ‘to do list’ to ‘might be done’. I have realised more over the week from myself and speaking with others that we are the ones that prodomintly put pressure on ourselves!!!!! Maybe we should be our own best friend and turn the self pressure button down and self love button up 😀✨🐬💕 I concur with what you have said here about Serge Benhayon ‘Thank you Serge Benhayon for inspiring me to find and walk this way back to my stillness again.’ He is a true gentle man that shows and reflects to humanity the path of return back to the love we all innately are.

  33. Even in the midst of a busy and bustling city an inner connection brings a stillness that supports all I need to do each day.

  34. Good morning, Michael. What a gorgeous read this is. And a perfect timing too – as I felt the horribleness of abandoning my essence in favour of some external pressure and completely got distracted by it just before going to bed – which ended up being past midnight, and awoke feeling the residue of it as the tension in my upper arms, but consciously choosing to move in a way that would bring me back to myself.

  35. Michael, this is such a deep profoundness in what you offer here ‘I have developed so much more trust in and love for myself by realising that in fact I already know all that I need to know and that it is about just letting this knowing come out again.’ and I feel how different it is to live this way and how often I can still be ruled by all those lists you speak of. Your line stopped me and showed that it’s not about looking out but actually in and working in deep connection with that essence in me and my body, and your blog asks the question how do we live in a way that honours that, but of course listening to the body.

  36. I remember all the different versions of “to do” lists, they never worked unless you consider success as feeling bad about yourself!

  37. Sounds like Possibles and Probables or should I say a possible list to do or a probable list to do! Most days I have a wide range of things to and it requires me to feel what to do for my own comfort for that day so that the tasks I approach on any day feel as though it will work out.

  38. When we live each moment fully we can appreciate it, if we consider all the things we have to do then quickly that gets overwhelmed and we lose that connection to what is happening right now.

  39. I love it . . . turning the ‘to do list’ into a ‘might be done list’. I agree Michael . . . Why I love this is because I feel that everything needs to be approached with a sense of humour. We have to learn how to laugh at ourselves so we can truly release the self imposed shackles and return to being our self in full.

  40. It’s so true Michael, when we live with the pressure of our to do lists haunting and shadowing our every move it is like trying to play catch up with the impossible.

  41. I used to be driven by to do lists and can still feel the constant sense of failure for I always managed to believe that I could get more done in a day than I could. I too switched from to do to could do lists and this did help but I then moved to no lists and relying on things coming into my awareness when they needed to be looked at. This is definitely a less stressful and less anxious way to live.

    1. I’m inspired to test this approach Doug and see what happens.. I’ve recently switched at work from using my inbox as my to-do list, never deleting anything incase I need to remember it, to now committing to clearing my inbox each night and trusting that whatever needs to be dealt with or followed up on will come into my awareness or will come back to me.. it’s amazing how things have already shifted.

  42. There is such a difference when we live life with a deep knowingness and appreciation of who we are, as it is only until then we realise that nothing matters other than to cherish that which is already within us.

  43. Michael, I found your article to be really helpful as I can often hold myself hostage to a list – and the undercurrent of pressure or anxiety I feel until the task is finally completed. One of those tasks that was on the to do list (a permanent one I had in my head) was to get my UK license. Only after I passed the test 8 years!! after I put it on my list did I realise how that small undercurrent of ‘to do’ had been draining me. But as you point out there is another way to live – one in which I can choose not to be held hostage by a list and thus, by myself!

  44. I also love how you describe your morning – you paint a picture and in doing so I can really feel how much you appreciate that time and space.

  45. Understanding that we have taken on and allowed to be embedded in us so many patterns and practices that actually bring on and maintain tension and that it is possible to let go of these old patterns is extremely liberating, and the start of the part of reconnection.

  46. Trusting what to do from feeling what our body is communicating allows us to be guided by the flow of our body’s natural rhythm and inner-knowing so we learn to not be affected by the pressure of time to get things done and from which we have the clarity to know exactly what needs to be done.

  47. A deeply beautiful reflection and reminder that whenever we are connected to the impulse of our Soul, we are moved by a superlative freedom of the sacredness of all that we are. No lists needed as the light of our Fiery way is our eternal guide to knowing what comes next.

    1. Beautifully said Carola – connection is our first point of call, from there, everything else is taken care of. In other words, the path is laid out before us but we can only feel that guide if we are not driven or reduced by time and control over life.

  48. I find the more I appreciate myself and am real about who I am instead of making myself less, the more is my inner knowing coming out. When I have expectations about what to do and how much, every day ends in failure and is a justification to feel less again.

  49. Knowing feels timeless, without rationale, logic or reason. It does not feel like something I push towards but as you say, it flows. Perhaps knowing connects us to a grander list, or more precisely, an order, and it’s following this grand order with our knowing that creates the magical and very still flow.

  50. Ah yes, love this blog, i can feel the stillness it has been written in and the surrender to trusting that we are well cared for and living with a loving rhythm actually supports all that needs to be done.

  51. This is such a great blog to read. I am enjoying sitting out reading in the garden and just aware that I should be doing so many other things. Instead I am enjoying the wind in the trees, the smell of the warm air and the choice to not go into doing but appreciating the stillness that is me before I do anything!

  52. And again I find myself back here as if it is the first time I have read this blog! I have a been having what seems like big days today with long lists of things that need to be done, my time sitting in the garden reading seems like an age ago, but in fact it was just a few turns around the sun ago. Today I choose to turn my lists “from ‘to do lists’ into ‘might be done’ lists”

  53. Living from our inner impulse ensures you always get what you need, and have ample time to complete what has to be completed.

  54. It was so beautiful to come back to your gorgeous blog today Michael as I have a list or two sitting next to me to be looked at very soon, and what you have written is a gentle reminder to approach what is waiting to be completed in a very different way; I can feel that changing them from ‘to do lists’ into ‘might be done’ lists, takes off so much pressure as I trust what needs to be done first, and bringing back the enjoyment of each thing that I do.

  55. ‘I would never meet my expectations’… its like we trick ourselves by giving ourselves an impossible list and then feeling like a failure when we don’t get it all done. However, I’ve observed over the years that I am still here, that everything that needed to be done has been, and all that pressure was unnecessary. We know deep down what needs to be done, and there is a flow we can connect with rather than being worried we might forget things.

  56. I love the sense of simplicity that comes with being present with what we’re doing and not letting our mind run off or override what or how we feel to do things.

  57. “I would never meet my expectations” when we are driven by all we think we have to do we are always playing catch-up. When I let go of thinking about ‘all the things I have to do’ I find there is more space to just meet each task as it presents itself and I too have time and space to appreciate the wonders of the natural world around me.

  58. This whole blog feels very yummy, the connectedness to self replacing the drive to get things done, the allowing of a flow rather than embracing the tension of a constant unrelenting push. The feeling of being enough rather than needing to achieve to make oneself be of value.

  59. I loved reading about your lists, as I too have had a similar experience of long lists that all need to be ticked off before the end of the day, now I write a couple of headers that I use as a simple reminder and I often find my body already knows what to do next rather than me dictating and forcing my body to do something it doesn’t want to do, there is then a beautiful flow to it all.

  60. “I would override what I felt would be good to do in favour of what was next on my lists.” I too got caught out in a drive and busyness to get everything done that I had to do when I would go into my head rather than feeling my body and what it was communicating. Learning to make space to accept and appreciate myself and my inner delicateness has enabled me to hold a deeper awareness in the way I move with my body with what I am doing. Choosing to be more gentle and tender with myself allows me to feel more of the real me and align to my body’s natural rhythm and inner knowing.

  61. Love the ‘might be done’ lists. It is so easy to create an unnecessary pressure on ourselves by an insurmountable list of things to be completed then choose to be in overwhelm about it – and in that overwhelm diminish significantly what may otherwise be accomplished, and more importantly the quality in which it is done.. It is possible to let go of the pressure and overwhelm – choosing instead to live and move the day in absolute presence and connection and from that quality we will know all that needs to be done, and no minute is wasted, and all that is done is in the fullness and quality of our true essence.

  62. I am learning the quality of being is first and foremost before any doing is done. Without that first, our true quality, anything that is done will not serve anyone or anything in truth.

  63. I’m finding how simple appreciation is to implement. I simply know that I am doing all I can while choosing to be me and respond to life to the best of my ability. That I am enough without having to prove, do, say or be seen by anyone else. This allows so much space for life to unfold without control.

  64. It is crazy how we can let ‘to do’ lists shape our lives. I literally used to work my life around these lists, now I look at what needs to be done and let go of the things that aren’t urgent. This is still a process for me and a learning especially with just letting myself be, which was beautifully revealed to me the other day when I ran myself a bath and instead of just being was thinking of people I needed to contact and things I needed to do.

  65. The feeling you now embrace in your body is absolutely palpable through your words… this was a pleasure to read and a gorgeous reminder that we are all capable of letting go of what is not needed and just surrender to the stillness within and allow ourselves to be with the flow of life.

  66. “I am rhythmically living each moment – living, instead of trying to master life.” Well said Michael, highlighting the natural ease and flow we have when we engage with life from a quality of presence and awareness with ourselves. Trusting what we feel from our inner knowing guides us to the truth of how to naturally be ourselves.

  67. I had been a little bit of a muddle for a while before I began to read your beautiful blog Michael, but it didn’t take too long before I felt my whole body begin to relax into the stillness that I could feel from the sharing of your morning; a wonderful example of how a simple choice can make such a huge change in a body that is feeling out of balance.

  68. Trying to be right, I have reduced the joy and appreciation of life. There is something that far surpasses our concept of rights and wrongs. Deepening our connection to the inner-most enriches our life, and it is very beautiful to feel that from your sharing.

  69. I have spent years in a pattern of setting myself targets to reach that I rarely did. These days I am appreciating that there is a natural flow I can work to. Yes there are always going to be priorities and important things that need addressing, but having an unrealistic to-do list sets me up to fail and puts me in a cycle of anxiousness that is a useless waste of my energy and time. The ‘might be done’ list is a great renaming.

  70. I so love this Michael! I’ve loved all your blogs actually, as you embody and live a simplicity that is palpable. Being so often at the mercy of a mind that wants to ‘get it all done’ I feel heartened by your beautiful description of your new approach to your livingness. A deep thank you.

  71. Living life by feeling what is is what is needed in respect to our bodies is the only way forth in our evolution, where we can access our divine wisdom within that allows the natural flow of life and let go of the shoulds and shouldn’t’s that come from our heads which only create complications and doubt taking us away from our innate truth.

  72. There is a flow, a natural order to everything – this is evident in natures reflection of seasonal changes and the moons cycles. Allowing a natural flow to be our governing source is saying YES to having a relationship with the universe, a relationship with more than time and our human aspects.

  73. I love the absoluteness of this blog and how it shows that the ultimate value of the day is not what is achieved or not achieved but the quality held in our body.

  74. It is beautiful to feel ourselves at one with the flow of life when we are connected with ourselves and allowing our natural inner rhythm to guide and support us.

  75. As soon as I write the ‘to do ‘ list I can feel the nervous tension in my body and the need to get it completed to feel better about myself – how crazy is it? I love the idea of the ‘might be done’ list as takes away any struggle allowing for a greater flow and surrender that is simple and more supportive.

  76. We do love to stress ourselves out with our lists and created tasks..all of it a distraction from living in harmony with ourselves and the greater order of the universe. When we relinquish the control and stop trying to make life fit into the picture we’ve created of how it should be, there is a natural flow and rhythm to life that we can either resist or surrender to.

  77. There is such a graceful sense of stillness to your words here Michael… that yes, we can ‘do’ what is there to be done, but that it is this foundation found, that allows us to move and act in a way that is sustained and sustainable. A way where we do not lose ourselves in what lays ahead, nor get caught in the miasma of not being enough (a lack of self-worth) here and now, due to not having met all of the inner and outer expectations we’ve adopted.
    Stillness and the knowing of oneself are the keys to true and grace-full action. Thank-you.

  78. The lists and the time gets me! On days when I experiment with just going with the flow, it works, it really does…but then often something get’s in the way and I go back to building list upon list and racing against time. It will take practice and acknowledgment that the other way works so much better.

  79. It’s like we become our own dictator when we write a ‘to do’ list and set ourselves up to fail every time. Feeling into what is next and going with that is much simpler and takes the stress out of life when I am connected to my body as soon as I go into my mind I get lost in the maze of thoughts that tell me that I will forget something if I don’t write it down! So having a ‘might be done’ list feels a great bridge to letting go of having lists completely.

  80. ‘I am rhythmically living each moment – living, instead of trying to master life.’ Being in the flow of life and surrendering to its movement rather than trying to control all the outcomes feels so true. Thank you for sharing your appreciation Michael of your life and your gratitude to Serge Benhayon which I echo.

  81. Having a constant rhythm in life allows us to be at ease and in a flow that our body naturally knows and responds to the more we connect to and live from our essence.

  82. I have let go of the do to lists but realised the other day how I still wake up and do not allow time for just me being with me, instead I get of bed in the ‘what have I got to do today’ energy. This morning I gave myself space to just be with me before doing anything and it feels very loving to do.

  83. That’s the key right there – creating targets we are never going to achieve, so we set ourselves up to fail from the outset. I think I need a reminder pinned up on my fridge door, because I can still start my day with very unrealistic expectations of myself. Not today, since your blog was my reminder.

  84. The list of to do’s and how they can pressure and identify you as either a success or a failure and it’s not about shortening the list or naming it something else but about truly connecting to the flow of life and from there moment by moment feel what is next to do. It’s not about smashing something out or getting it done as this has no regard to the ‘how’, the energy of what you do when you do it. When the dedication is changed to the how, the quality and not the what then your view of what you see is changed.

  85. Dropping control while maintaining flow is most certainly an art and something that is very different from how our present world currently runs. When we control we limit the flow of what is possible – and what I find is that sometimes the flow doesn’t make sense until a little down the track and then I can look back and say oohhhhh… now I get why I needed to do that then. It’s all pretty magical really.

  86. “But what I realized recently is that this perfection is nothing more then protection and an energy that I choose to confirm that I am not enough! ” I love how you stop in that moment and come back to who you are and remember your strength and what you bring.

  87. It has taken a huge part of my life, a life that was full of struggle and the constant striving for perfection, to come to a place where I know that “all that I have to do is be me to the best of my ability… no perfection needed”. To understand this has been the most wonderful feeling of liberation from so many ideals and beliefs that did nothing but hold me back from living the most amazing me.

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