The Evil Effect of Jealousy

During the Universal Medicine retreats in Australia and England this year, Serge Benhayon presented that one of the most evil energies to deal with is jealousy.

We talked in groups about our experiences of jealousy as children and how much it affected us in holding back our innate and natural way of being and expression: how much it hurt to feel family members, schoolmates, parents, teachers and others’ jealousy of our natural, loving and powerful way. To feel jealousy is very ugly. To be confronted with jealousy in your own family, by your parents and siblings, is heartbreaking, as these are the people you love and want to be loved by.

As a small child I was very joyful, tender and confident and very much connected with my surroundings. I had a very close relationship with my father, but the relationship between my mother, my sister and I was tainted by jealousy.

This had a huge effect on the way I learned to be and express, holding back more and more of who I truly was. When I was a teenager I lived in disregard, had no confidence in myself or my abilities, and was very nervous and anxious. I have lived a life full of complication in relationships, at work, being unemployed and so on.

Being unemployed often, I did not participate in life fully and was very protected and hard. By living that way, I did not have to deal with jealousy, as there was little to be jealous about. I can see now how I constructed my life in a way to avoid expressing and showing myself in full, therefore preventing other people from confronting me with their jealousy!!!

Through the contact with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I have changed in an incredible way. I am much more committed to life and work. I’m more self-confident, expressive, self loving and appreciative of myself.

Through the Universal Medicine retreats I was able to allow myself to feel the effect that jealousy had on me. When I returned from Australia I had a situation where I entered a room of people – dressed beautifully (make up and shining!) – and there was a woman who looked at me once and then turned away. I could name that this was jealousy. Although it had an effect on me, it was great that I allowed myself to clock it so that I could nominate jealousy in the future.

Sometimes I dress down on purpose. I don’t wear a beautiful dress when I feel to and only wear a little make-up instead of what I feel. I do this as I believe that I will be ‘too much’ with my joyful, shining eyes and gorgeous dress and people won’t be able to handle it. This has been interesting for me to observe. I can feel that when I wear clothes that I don’t feel to, it has an effect on the way I bring myself out in the world. I am holding back from saying, “YES, here is the amazing, powerful woman that I am.”

I am learning to not take other people’s reactions personally, but to understand that it comes from their own hurt of denying their own joy and tenderness when they feel that in me. Learning not to take people’s jealousy personally means giving myself the permission to be me, as I don’t need to react and to start attacking myself, thinking there is something wrong with me.

My strategy was to keep myself small, but I was never small. I can feel the fact. I played a game to avoid jealousy. If we play small, everybody misses out on the amazing reflection we can all bring to the world. In becoming aware of the evil effect jealousy has on us, we can set ourselves free and start living who we truly are. If we set ourselves free, we can offer the reflection of our divine essence and grandness to others.

Imagine another way to live, which is full of love and joy, and it starts with you being who you truly are.

by Anonymous, Germany

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1,157 thoughts on “The Evil Effect of Jealousy

  1. Mad-ness ⚔️ is it not to hold jealousy over another as our evolution is about coming together in 💑BROTHERHOOD through the LOVE 💕 we all innately 😇 are. 👫 then walking 🚶🏿‍♂️ band in hand 🖐 in 🤚 through life as equals

  2. It is our responsibility to be the amazing being we are no matter what, ‘I can see now how I constructed my life in a way to avoid expressing and showing myself in full, therefore preventing other people from confronting me with their jealousy!!!’

  3. I’m being shown more and more that we all bring a certain quality or uniqueness to the world. We all have an essence but how that essence is expressed is what makes us unique. If we were all too fully understand this; then I feel there would be no jealousy or comparison and that we would encourage each other to be all that we are, so that so that we can all benefit from the all that we bring. Unfortunately we have manufactured a world that makes it almost impossible to express from our essence and those that do are ridiculed and shunned by a society that currently doesn’t want to know that there is another way to live as they have too much investment in what has been created.

  4. “I can see now how I constructed my life in a way to avoid expressing and showing myself in full, therefore preventing other people from confronting me with their jealousy!!!” I recently looked back over my life and saw the many decisions I made to avoid success were simply to avoid how bullying jealousy felt. It’s an enormous topic we don’t give voice to enough because if it was out in the open and understood we would have the opportunity to work through how it feels, and then continue to make supportive choices instead of choices that reduce our capabilities and expression in life.

    1. Now, with more understanding we can make new choices, ‘If we play small, everybody misses out on the amazing reflection we can all bring to the world.’

  5. Letting go of through True-observation brings to us an appreciation of our divine essences and thus eliminating, any thoughts that would make us lesser than our divine essence.

  6. Relearning that we are truly sensitive human-beings has been the light bulb moment to many insights that happen to us as children. When we are children we feel everything and are acutely aware of family as this is who we interact with the most when we are very young. We can feel the jealousy, the wanting to smother us with unwanted emotional energy and we are used as emotional dustbins for the interactions of the family. We don’t understand any of this when we are young and this is how we get smashed by energy because no one will admit they are not in a great space to be with someone let alone a child. Because we got smashed as children ourselves we too have lost our sensitivity so the merry- go- round goes around. If we want to get off the merry-go-round we as adults need to unpick our hurts, and understand why we get jealous when we can feel someone is in a grander space than we are.

  7. For me it was very freeing to understand what happen to me if someone is jealous. With that knowing I was able to change my relationships as I stayed in connection without making myself less.It is really worth it to try it out as my relationships became so much deeper.

    1. I’ve found I can handle jealousy really well, especially if the person or people are not in my life, but it’s when I don’t want it from a particular person I’m in a relationship with, and I’m invested in jealousy not being there, that I can have a reaction and reduce myself. It’s then about me cutting the picture or demand on someone and allowing them space, and walking away if necessary if the situation becomes intense or abusive.

  8. Jealousy is awful – there is no doubt about it – but it’s also an amazing test of what is truly important to us and of how strong we really are in the face of opposition.

    1. Thank you Meg for your comment. Someone recently pointed out to me my strength in certain areas, and then encouraged me to bring that into areas I am quite wobbly in, this felt very supportive. If I can hold steady in certain ugly situations then I have the strength to do so in others. I agree too that part of overcoming jealousy is holding the essence of ourselves that we step away from when we react as more sacred than the situation confronting us. Thanks for your words on it being a test, it’s like a training ground offering an opportunity to strengthen.

  9. Jealousy can destroy families and friendships, in many ways. When we are jealous of some one it is often their choices we are jealous of, rather than what we think it is, and the fact that we didn’t make the same choices for ourselves.

  10. If we allow ourselves to be open and inspired by another’s reflection there is no space for jealousy or comparison.

  11. How truly touching this is .. Stating that we need to take more awareness when it comes to jalously, as this evil – we are not worth. We are who we truly are naturally, holding this back is the most evil act to do.

  12. “Learning not to take people’s jealousy personally means giving myself the permission to be me, as I don’t need to react and to start attacking myself, thinking there is something wrong with me.” This is what is key for me also, and to realise that the reactions from others I’m experiencing are truly related to that person’s relationship with themselves and their own evolution.

  13. Its so important for us to understand what jealousy is and what feeds it, otherwise we are at the mercy of it. Whether we are on the receiving end or whether we are dishing it out. Either way it causes a lot of pain.

  14. It is great to read this article again and to remember how awful jealousy feels, how crushing it can be when it is given free reign.

  15. It is never nice to feel another’s jealousy of you. In fact it is utterly devastating and at times horrid. But as much as we can say it is up to the world to stop being jealous of us, how much of what we are doing is contributing to that. Even choosing to feel less because of the jealousy is still feeding it.

    1. Thanks Joshua, I liked how you brought it back to energetic responsibility, and that if we truly hate the energy of jealousy our purpose is then to live in a way that doesn’t contribute to it.

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