Stopping Un-favoured Feelings – Choosing Love Over Anxiousness

Having just read a great blog on anxiousness, I was struck by what the writer (Carmin Hall) was saying – that you can’t just block out one feeling and expect to feel others: it’s like saying you don’t want to see the colour green but you do want to see all those other colours you like, which of course wouldn’t work as the only real way to avoid seeing green would be to operate in a monochrome world – so no green, but no blue or pink either.

It’s obvious, yet I’ve spent quite a bit of time berating myself for feeling frustrated or anxious, and wanting to feel those things I like, such as appreciation, love or warmth. I now understand these can’t exist without my fully accepting the other feelings exist too, and this has been shown to me in many ways.

I recently listened to The Way of The Livingness #26 delivered by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, and one of the things that jumped out at me was that everything passes through every body. So if someone does something, anywhere in the world, that feeling is available to all of us, and crucially, even those who have developed a greater consistency, understanding and awareness in how they live, also have these feelings available to them.

So none of us are different or special and each and every one of us has everything available to us – anger, anxiety, frustration, love, joy etc. – but how we live determines what we see or favour. For example, someone who has mastered a way of living where they have more love and joy in their lives is neither immune to anger, nor lacks access to it – they do – but how they live means they are less likely to give attention and focus to it.

For me feeling this has been huge as it’s highlighted that it’s all about choice, and that there needs to be a consistency in the choices I make. So if I live in a way that constantly berates myself and others, how can I grasp the possibility of being loving towards another, rather than angry, if I have not lived lovingly in my day to day life?

It’s a bit like having a ‘short fuse’ of a temper; it can be shorter if we’re tired, have been living under pressure or feeling over-whelmed, whereas if we’re living in a way which is taking care of ourselves, in whatever small steps they may be, we have more space and possibility to make more loving choices, rather than choosing anger, frustration or anxiety.

This has changed my perspective completely; it makes it more about an on-going consistency – a marathon rather than a sprint. And it also introduces humility; to know that those I deeply respect, admire and who greatly inspire me, such as modern day philosopher Serge Benhayon and his family, are no different from me and they have access to the same feelings or emotions as I do – frustration, anxiety, anger, love or joy – but how they live allows them to more clearly see the loving choice.

They are not special, but they choose to live in a way that is committed to ensuring that how they express and live is with absolute love and integrity, and I too have access to that at any time – I just need to commit to love, continually and deeply.

There is a responsibility here: the more I choose love, the more aware I become of any areas which are not loving… I cannot be more loving and aware without being willing to take more responsibility. It’s an on-going process, not one with any destination – love begets more love.

Having this understanding has inspired me to see that I am not any frustration or anxiety I feel. I can choose to be tender in how I am with me in any moment and so increasingly my choices are more loving for me and with others.

I would not be where I am today without the work I’ve done to address the anxiousness of how I’ve lived and the changes I’ve since made to be more gentle, tender and loving with me. Meeting Serge Benhayon and finding Universal Medicine and its many practitioners has inspired me to see and feel that no matter what I’ve felt, deep in me there is an essence, a purity if you will, a love that never leaves and is never tainted.

And it’s that solidity that allows me to address the feelings that come up when I get frustrated or anxious; less and less from a place of being wrong and more from an understanding that I am love and any moments where this has not been lived are to be addressed so I can be even more the love I am.

Words cannot adequately describe the appreciation I feel for Serge Benhayon, the Benhayon family and the various practitioners who’ve shown me that I am love by being love, absolutely always, no matter what is going on.

By Monica Gillooly, London, UK

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977 thoughts on “Stopping Un-favoured Feelings – Choosing Love Over Anxiousness

  1. “love begets more love” It is a beautiful and simple cycle that the more we love and are open to love the more and the deeper the love we feel.

  2. Appreciation for the reflection that I am love from those who are being love…I must say I haven’t had much appreciation for that reflection recently, but what it is showing me is that there is a deeper level of love being reflected to appreciate. And that it is possible, thank you.

  3. Appreciation is one of those words that resonates so much with Truth as when we are True to our-selves the appreciation of who we are is felt by us and carries us to our next purpose-full point of evolution so appreciation then perpetuates itself between us have True Purpose in life.

  4. “. . . someone who has mastered a way of living where they have more love and joy in their lives is neither immune to anger, nor lacks access to it – they do – but how they live means they are less likely to give attention and focus to it.” Is this not the best invitation to introduce more love in our lives. Imagine if more people would chose to live like this – perhaps our world would look a bit different.

  5. Thank you Monica for this beautiful sharing. You have described so well the fact we are all vessels, that energy is passing through us and some of those energies are not at all who we truly are, like anger and frustration, and that we are love in essence, and we can keep adjusting and refining how we live to support that love to be more consistently felt and expressed. Understanding this takes out the judgement, of ourselves and of others.

    1. We are here to more consistently feel and express love to all, ‘there is a responsibility here: the more I choose love, the more aware I become of any areas which are not loving… I cannot be more loving and aware without being willing to take more responsibility. It’s an on-going process, not one with any destination – love begets more love.’

  6. There is such acceptance here Monica to acknowledge all our feelings (whatever they are) and that they are there with us. We can choose to look at why we have some of them for sure, but there is no point denying them. There’s an honesty and appreciation to connect to with this learning.

  7. This is a great blog to read and confirm that we make continuous choices all the time and these choices affect how we will interact and be with the world. For example the other day I had this feeling of overwhelm come into my body and I actually stopped in my tracks and wondered where on earth that feeling had come from. Then I realised I hadn’t felt overwhelmed in years that would explain why it felt so uncomfortable in my body. There was no reason to be in any kind of overwhelm so I said this is not me any more I don’t accept this feeling in my body as it feels quite alien. By making that choice the feeling left my body as it couldn’t be sustained in my body any more. This shows me the power of the presentations and workshops of Universal Medicine they do work and this was proof, if I needed it.

    1. We make choices every second of everyday, and these all have a big impact on our lives, ‘how we live determines what we see or favour.’ A great nomination, and so letting go of what was not true.

  8. I had a very real example of what you are sharing here yesterday when I found myself thinking things that were just not my way of thinking. It really shocked me at which point I just asked myself where those thoughts were coming from and where was I that space was allowed in my body for those thoughts to come through. The moment I did that the thoughts stopped. I have never experienced it so clearly before. It was my lack of consciously being present and aware that had given permission for all sorts of thoughts to come in. If I had indulged my thoughts who knows where it would have led me…well I can tell you it would not have been pleasant so I am pleased I caught them when I did.

  9. I’ve had plenty of negative thoughts in the past and may have many more in the future. But what I understand about energy is that our thoughts which affect our feelings are fed to us by an energy that is either pranic or fire. Also, the truth is we do not own our thoughts, any of it, but it is the quality of energy which governs the quality of our thoughts and this is what we are able to choose consciously or subconsciously. This is a responsibility we all have and what we choose affects the rest of us.

  10. Thank you for the amazing reminder that we do not need to identify with things that we feel – the are not who we are, but a temporary blip in a much bigger scheme of things.

  11. The more loving and caring we are with ourselves in our daily lives the more steady our foundation to be able to make a more responsible choice of which type of energy we choose to live with and therefore express out into the world.

  12. The more we chose to feel the love that is in and passing through us all the time the more love there is for others to also feel the love passing through them – beautiful.

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