The Gentle Breath Meditation™ & Discovering my Inner Self

I practised (and subsequently taught) Yoga for many, many years before finding my true inner self – my inner heart – the part of me that is connected to, and one with, God. I did not find this inner self by looking to something or someone outside of me, which I had been doing to no avail for many years. No, the answer was inside me all the time!

I discovered my inner self, this Divine essence inside of me, the first time I practised the Gentle Breath Meditation™. By simply breathing very gently in and out of my nose, I came to a place that I knew was home – my real self.

So now when I lose my self, such as when I am rushing around making myself late by trying to do one more thing, or when I get frustrated with someone or with myself, or when I think too much or talk from my head (mind) – which is still quite often, as I am far from perfect – I simply stop, connect and breathe very gently through my nose.

Sometimes all it takes is two or three breaths and I am back. Sometimes, if I have been rushing around in ‘drive’ mode, or if I am caught up in everything going around and around in my head, it takes a lot longer. And that is OK too as there is always a lesson there for me to learn.

There are times when I find I can’t connect back to myself using the Gentle Breath Meditation™ … so then I might go for a very gentle walk, appreciating nature all around me, until I am walking again with my self. And if I still can’t connect, I will read a story or a book that inspires me, such as Serge Benhayon’s “Open Letter to Humanity”.

Developing my inner self has not always been a gentle unfolding for me – it is a work in progress, lovingly so – but if I hold myself absolute in my knowing that my essence is Divine, as a son of God, it is like the breeze upon still water… forever expanding…

I am continually inspired by Serge Benhayon and the students of Universal Medicine.

By Anne Scott, Accredited Yoga Teacher, Exercise Instructor, Mediator and Facilitator and Esoteric Healing Practitioner, Auckland, New Zealand

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827 thoughts on “The Gentle Breath Meditation™ & Discovering my Inner Self

    1. So true that enlightenment isn’t about getting anywhere, and in fact there is no end goal, as we are constantly deepening, refining, becoming more of who we really are, the more we connect to ourselves through our breathing and our bodies. It’s a process of unfoldment, allowing and accepting.

  1. It’s super supportive to know resources that we can go to if we’re feeling off or not quite right – things that we know help us to re-connect back with a quality that we can say is true to who we really are. I know for me going for a walk can be really helpful, as can just being aware of the way I’m doing things (how my whole body feels), the posture that I’m sitting or standing with, tidying things up or reading one of Serge Benhayon’s books…

  2. The Gentle Breath Meditation is a beautiful and very practical tool to reconnect back to feeling present with our body and to rediscover the true beauty and precious quality of our inner self.

  3. “but if I hold myself absolute in my knowing that my essence is Divine, as a son of God, it is like the breeze upon still water… forever expanding…” the journey of unfoldment becomes easier.

    1. That absolute knowing is quite contrary to how most of us are brought up and letting go of false ideas about our origins is half the battle.

  4. A life lived outside of who we are is full of twists and turns and dramas every day. Like a TV soap opera it takes some dedication to turn off the channel and move to another way. Life without these hurts and pains, self-projected paranoia and fear is simple, purposeful and clear. Have we really got time left for this complication to carry on? Or are we ready as you present Anne to live from our body instead.

  5. There are so many things like Yoga that can keep us immersed for a long time before we notice their limitations. The more involving they are, the harder it may become to extricate ourselves as we have invested a lot and can resist writing off all that time and work.

  6. Beautifully practical and divine as is love and truth, there are no short cuts through changing our direction from love-lessness to love, much like a big container ship it takes time to turn around but steady and committed you will change course.

  7. Funny that I should read this blog twice in just a few days. The dedication and responsibility you share are clearly something I need to heed!

  8. The Gentle Breath Meditation is the most powerful tool to support yourself back TO YOU.
    You find them as free downloads on and it just cost you a few minutes each time you practice it and you get the support of Serge Benhayon who presents this on the audio’s. His deep love for humanity is felt in every single word and his deep livingness of that what he presents makes it easy to start to feel the truth of your own connection too.

  9. This is great testimony to the fact that meditation can be a tool for re-connection, not giving to anyone what is not already there – waiting to be expressed.

  10. That is beautiful Anne. When we are loosing ourselves it often seems impossible to get back and than it is great to know that we can come back and that there are things we can go to we know re-connect us to ourselves like the Gentle Breath Meditation, going for a walk or anything we have found supports us back to feeling ourselves.

  11. It is deeply beautiful to feel and come to know that wherever we are and whatever we are doing, our connection to all that we are is only ever one breath away. Such is the great embrace of Gods love, always present and forever holding us.

  12. We pursue a million books and supplements to change our life, yet choosing to be present and breathe our own breath, transmutes energy cuts through lies and brings light like nothing else. We have such incredible power right at the tip of our nose, that would make a wizard blush. Yet we ignore our alchemical powers. Thank you Anne.

  13. The gentle breath meditation was like a life saver for me, I was running on high nervous tension and anxiety, not knowing who I was and feeling disconnected from everything, I had one way of living – numb out on food, drink, and drugs. When I started to practice the gentle breath medication it was the first time is such a long time that I actually felt ‘me’.

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