The Gentle Breath Meditation™ & Discovering my Inner Self

I practised (and subsequently taught) Yoga for many, many years before finding my true inner self – my inner heart – the part of me that is connected to, and one with, God. I did not find this inner self by looking to something or someone outside of me, which I had been doing to no avail for many years. No, the answer was inside me all the time!

I discovered my inner self, this Divine essence inside of me, the first time I practised the Gentle Breath Meditation™. By simply breathing very gently in and out of my nose, I came to a place that I knew was home – my real self.

So now when I lose my self, such as when I am rushing around making myself late by trying to do one more thing, or when I get frustrated with someone or with myself, or when I think too much or talk from my head (mind) – which is still quite often, as I am far from perfect – I simply stop, connect and breathe very gently through my nose.

Sometimes all it takes is two or three breaths and I am back. Sometimes, if I have been rushing around in ‘drive’ mode, or if I am caught up in everything going around and around in my head, it takes a lot longer. And that is OK too as there is always a lesson there for me to learn.

There are times when I find I can’t connect back to myself using the Gentle Breath Meditation™ … so then I might go for a very gentle walk, appreciating nature all around me, until I am walking again with my self. And if I still can’t connect, I will read a story or a book that inspires me, such as Serge Benhayon’s “Open Letter to Humanity”.

Developing my inner self has not always been a gentle unfolding for me – it is a work in progress, lovingly so – but if I hold myself absolute in my knowing that my essence is Divine, as a son of God, it is like the breeze upon still water… forever expanding…

I am continually inspired by Serge Benhayon and the students of Universal Medicine.

By Anne Scott, Accredited Yoga Teacher, Exercise Instructor, Mediator and Facilitator and Esoteric Healing Practitioner, Auckland, New Zealand

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881 thoughts on “The Gentle Breath Meditation™ & Discovering my Inner Self

  1. The Gentle Breath Meditation reconnects us to the in-breath and the out-breath of the Universe, the communication of Love.

  2. Anne I love the fact that we have so many resources we can refer to when we’re out of source. Once upon a time I had none of these and the head would take over, trying to analyse things and the body from time to time, would signal loudly, so I would automatically get my stop moment.

    To add to the list of resources, is seeing a practitioner. We are so blessed to have tools/resources that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have bought through.

    Life is very different to how it used to be many years ago. I am more me then I’ve ever been and there is more to go. We are far from perfect in the physical world, but energetically we are spot on…

  3. Sometimes I use the ‘gentle breath’ to check in on myself – if I can breath gently within 1-2 breaths I know I am doing quite well, and then if it takes me a few more extra breaths I know I have forgotten to be gentle with myself and my breath and so it takes me a little more to come back, and of course then there are times when 10 breaths later I still can’t feel the natural and innate gentleness – which for me then is the sign that I have ventured too far from what I know to be my haven and it is time to return home.

    1. Wow Henrietta, love your check in moment. You have a barometer that signals, which we all have within ourselves, if we choose to check in with it.

      When we venture too far away from ourselves, then we are moved to do things that is definitely out of source and exhausting. When we stay within, then we are absolutely about service and energised.

  4. Thank you for your gorgeous sharing Anne – and I too have found the gentle breath super supportive and when I have just got too much buzz or head noise happening the walk and connection with nature is a sure fire way to begin the process of settling myself and finding ‘myself’ again.

  5. What the Gentle Breath Meditation offers is the gift of reconnecting to our essence, our innermost heart where our soul and God are. From this our connection to ourselves, to our true selves, becomes very precious, as can bringing our connected selves to others feel very precious. Once you’re back to living you connection becomes something very sacred to be taken care of, as life can become quite joyful simply from being ourselves. In this we can see that the Gentle Breath Meditation is much more than relief from the pressures of life, it’s a completely different yet natural way to be in life, and in this quite life changing.

  6. “Sometimes all it takes is two or three breaths and I am back” So great to have this support that we carry around with us all the time – to return to who we truly are.

    1. Sueq2012 – this is a great point you have made: that the gentle breath is something that we carry with us no matter where we go. It is simply dependent on the choice to breath in gently.

  7. A great reminder in coming back to us when we rush or when the mind gets chatty. The Gentle Breath Meditation is a true, beautifull and really simple way we can do this.

      1. Yes, power in gentleness, ‘I discovered my inner self, this Divine essence inside of me, the first time I practised the Gentle Breath Meditation™. By simply breathing very gently in and out of my nose, I came to a place that I knew was home – my real self.’

      1. Yes – me too Michelle. I was often told I was ‘oversensitive’ – as if that were a ‘bad’ thing to be, so I hardened up in order to combat that. Undoing that hardening has been a ‘work in progress’ as they say.

  8. I feel I don’t use the gentle breath meditation as much as I could … for it is an absolute gem of a tool to use to come back to ourselves when we are off track. So simple and so easy to do.

  9. Having practiced Tibetan Buddhism and the associated meditations for many years, my first experience of the Gentle Breath Meditation™ was an extraordinary and profound one – in that first session I experienced a deeper connection to myself, to the Divine, than I had ever done in the years of Buddhist practice.

  10. These are gorgeous words Anne and so very inspiring … “…if I hold myself absolute in my knowing that my essence is Divine, as a son of God, it is like the breeze upon still water… forever expanding…”

    1. Very true, Inma, for by allowing the natural rhythm of your breath you do not impose upon your body, upon yourself, how to be, instead you are ‘lead’ by your breath to truth, to your essence which is love.

  11. Anne I love how genuine is your way of living, in which you experience and observe step by step your movements, your thoughts, moods and so on…this feels to me the ultimate way of caring ourselves in our daily life.

  12. Thank you Anne, I have found the same, sometimes it’s a few gentle breaths to bring me back to the connection to my inner heart and soul, sometimes it’s many, or I’m so unsettled I need to walk and move or do some Sacred Movement, or receive a session of the Universal Medicine therapies. It’s great to have so many tools in our toolbox to reach to for support, and the Gentle Breath Meditation is a great one because it’s not just about sitting in meditation but it’s a way of breathing our true selves within daily life. To be ourselves….. what a gift!

    1. Agree Melinda, having access to the Universal Medicine therapies and tools is a blessing available for all. For me is being a huge support to come back to a deeper space inside me that I didn’t know before but at the same time feels like home. It’s very beautiful to live the wonders of coming back to this place everyday.

    2. And the Gentle Breath Meditation is such a simple tool, ‘ I simply stop, connect and breathe very gently through my nose.
      Sometimes all it takes is two or three breaths and I am back.’

  13. There is always more to do but if we are not connected to ourselves when we do it then it can be like splashing and thrashing around in the water creating chaotic waves. If we stay steady with ourselves and present in our body the impact and approach to what there is to do has a quality that is not thrashing and splashing yet it is also no less efficient. The ripples from both are very different.

  14. The Gentle Breath Meditation is such a simple quick way to reconnect to our body, and is very effective. It is a beautiful reminder that when we are connected with our body’s flow, we know exactly what to do.

  15. “the answer was inside me all the time!” The Gentle Breath Meditation invites the flow of love to breathe through our body.

  16. The Gentle Breath Meditation is a great stop moment tool that supports us to go inwards and discover the treasure that lies within each and every one of us.

    1. Knowing we are divine, ‘but if I hold myself absolute in my knowing that my essence is Divine, as a son of God, it is like the breeze upon still water… forever expanding…’

  17. Being willing to learn and allow ourselves the space to explore and feeling how we have been living what is great is this Gentle Breath Mediation to use as a marker. From one point to the next and being honest about how we feel and what is there to be rejected on.

  18. After trying many forms of meditation over the years, I was amazed that the Gentle Breath Meditation was so simple, practical yet incredibly powerful. In just a few minutes I felt any anxiety or stress melt away, this meditation practice is such a supportive tool that you can do anywhere, anytime without having to sit in any uncomfortable positions.

    1. Yes, I have found the Gentle Breath Meditation to be the most powerful yet simple tool to be used in any situation and in fact, become part and parcel of my everyday living.

  19. Breathing our own breath: simple, easy, free and something we can do anywhere and all of the time. Just noticing our breath can have a profound effect of slowing it down and bringing us back into our bodies, ie more in tune with what we can feel.

  20. I have often used the Gentle Breath Meditation to reconnect back to myself whenever I start to feel the tension at work, and this has helped me bring myself to a stop before any stress starts to take hold.

    1. I’ve found the Gentle Breath style of breathing key to supporting me to halt stress before it gets out of control, and using it through the day sets a new marker for the level of stillness and love I can feel in my body.

  21. The Gentle Breath Meditation is a great way to come back to ourselves and to support who we are. It has been a foundation for many to just allow presence in the body.

    1. I agree, the Gentle Breath Meditation is a brilliant foundation for increasing our awareness of what is happening at any particular moment in our body, and how to actually live with this awareness.

  22. When I first practiced the Gentle Breath Meditation I was amazing by how such a simple technique could have such a profound affect but it does.

  23. Love seeing the changes in the face from people who have practiced the Gentle Breath meditation. There is a light, an ease, a beautiful surrender that makes me realize what our natural state of being is about. There is nothing more precious than this.

  24. How many monuments are there to our ‘achievements’ in this world? How many places support us to breathe our true breath – the very fabric of life? Here we can see how we have put the cart before the horse consistently.

  25. The essence inside all of us is complete and whole and needs nothing from outside of it to make it better but to re-connect with it we can for sure support one another by the lived way and inspiration we can offer.

  26. Even the Gentle Breath Meditation™ is always the same, I experience something different every time. This simple technique makes me realize how breathing gently benefits every part of me and how the smallest details has an effect in the whole of my body, which is very sensitive and very all knowing about what’s going on, inside and out.

  27. Anne love what you shared about your experience with the Gentle Breath Meditation™ because it feels very real, very alive and full of new learnings everyday. True is living in connection with our real self is far from perfect but accepting that with honesty brings the authority to change and refine what’s not really working in our life, which definitely is here to be lived in full.

  28. I have always found the Gentle Breath Meditation to be beautifully supportive and unlike any other meditation that is available today.

  29. We can wallow in sadness and misery all we like, but the simple fact is it only takes a couple of moments to reconnect to our light. If this is the case, what then is our true responsibility in every moment of life?

  30. Coming back to your breath. There is nothing more settling or steady in feeling the ease in which your body moves.

  31. The Gentle Breath was also for me the start of connecting back to me, to my essence, the true and always present beauty that is in me. I was so much in my head at that time, that I could not really feel my essence then, but now, a couple of years down the road, I can say: I have found the Kingdom of God within, breathing gently through my nose helps me to stay connected to that beauty, and restores the connection when I have lost it.

  32. There is an industry that sells Yoga (Union) that does not deliver it. It is important to state it clearly, to explain why it does not and to also account for why people keep buying into it. When we do all of that, we only conclude that there is an industry that offer a vibration to those that are within that vibrational range that uses words that fulfills the users and the sellers but there is no truth behind it. Truth is always the highest possible vibration.

  33. I agree for sure that to reconnect with our innermost we don’t need to seek outside of ourselves, but it can also be hugely supportive when we meet the reflection of another who has reconnected with their innermost and with that gives us a living reflection and inspiration of what is truly possible.

    1. True Fiona. Seeing in another that is possible living in connection with our Soul is a revelation, for not so many people is walking in life with true joy and harmony. That’s why the very first that I saw Serge Benhayon I noticed instantly about how different his movements felt than others that I’ve seen before in other people, nothing in his body is compromised, nothing in him is trying to change anything but just his presence transforms and inspires deeply. With his Livingness he presents a way of being and living that we all can have access by a simple choice to live the love in us.

  34. If we all learned that we can determine how we breathe and thus what quality we are moving in we would be well equipped to go through life.

  35. Beautiful Anne, how much care and attention you pay to taking responsibility to reconnect to your inner-self. It is amazing to have these tools in life and it is great that the Gentle Breath Meditation can be applied anywhere, and going for a gentle walk is also something we can very easily do anytime. What you’ve shared are all very easy, simple and accessible steps we can take to reconnect with our inner-self. Thank you for sharing them.

  36. “but if I hold myself absolute in my knowing that my essence is Divine, as a son of God, it is like the breeze upon still water… forever expanding…” This is acceptance — many people don’t simply accept this, and when you do life is forever expanding and not the normal one day repeating itself.

  37. I agree – being gentle in our movement is a great way to come back into connecting with ourselves, which is actually much grander than gentleness.

  38. Having spent many years looking outside of myself for the connection to my inner-being it was an internal gentle earthquake within myself to experience the Gentle Breath Meditation for the first time, with the after shocks continuing to resound as the foundations of false ideals and beliefs continue to shatter.

  39. The gentle breath medication can support us to snap out of any drama playing out in our minds and connect to our body, this is absolutely profound in a world where we are constantly walking in disconnection.

  40. I too practiced yoga and meditation for many years before discovering the esoteric breath experienced through the Gentle Breath Meditation. What I can say from these experiences is that the ‘yogic breath’ took me out of myself in the guise of being deeply connected to myself and this was felt as a blissful high with seemingly heightened awareness and elation that afforded me relief from having to feel the true state I was in. That is, until I plummeted back down to Earth with a rudely awakening thump when the blissful state wore off. Whereas the ‘esoteric breath’ reconnected me to a part of me that lives beyond the tension but does not ever shy away from alerting my attention to it so I can make the necessary adjustments to not live in a way that constantly feeds this tension or the seeming escape from it. Such a stark contrast and all this in a single breath.

  41. The Gentle Breath Meditation is powerful to work with and there is a stillness felt within my body as this has integrated into my daily way of living.

  42. Practicing the Gentle Breath Meditation when I am feeling stressed or ‘out-of-sorts’ is like taking the pulse of where my whole body is at in that very moment. When I drop into that gentle breathing sometimes it surprises me just how racy or buzzy my body feels, so it is so helpful to get an instant indication by checking in with our body in this way and then adjust our daily activities to stay more gentle and centered.

  43. The Gentle Breath Meditation is such a powerful tool, so simple it can be done anytime,anywhere and brings us back to our true essence.

    1. I agree Esther and you have reminded me to check in with myself regularly and use my breath as a marker for where I am at. I can sometimes go into reactions with my family because I have disconnected from myself and my gentle breath. This can happen very quickly and I find the key is to be more aware of when I have changed my quality of breath and movements. I also know, to reconnect back to myself is also a quick and easy process.

  44. The Gentle Breath Meditation is such a great tool in life. If offers a space that we know so well, a space of truth that we may not have felt for a very long time, a space where we know love resides. It offers a simple tool to start the walk back to truth.

    1. Yes, beautifully said, the Gentle Breath Meditation is a great tool to come back to ourselves and with every gentle breath the more we come back to a truer way of being.

  45. Great blog Anne for when we allow too much talk from our mind it cannot but compromise the expression of love from our heart. And if we are all honest what the world needs today is more love and wisdom, not more knowledge.

  46. The development of our connection with our breath and body is so important. What you have shared Anne is very profound.. Quoting you back, as it shows us that it is our stillness we need to come back to:
    ”Developing my inner self has not always been a gentle unfolding for me – it is a work in progress, lovingly so – but if I hold myself absolute in my knowing that my essence is Divine, as a son of God, it is like the breeze upon still water… forever expanding…”

  47. The Gentle Breath Meditation is so very simple in bringing us back to that place of stillness that lays within all of us, who would have thought that something so simple could be so powerful in connecting us to who we naturally are.

    1. Absolutely Jill and the Gentle Breath Meditation reveals how easy and simple it is to reconnect to ourselves and to stillness. It makes me wonder why our world makes it out to be so complicated and almost impossible when in fact it is very simple?

  48. It is a remarkable and no big shakes at the same time when we reconnect as it is so simple and so profound. Always deepening.

  49. The Gentle Breath Meditation brings us back to a place of stillness within so that we come back to who we truly are.

  50. I started practicing the Gentle Breath Meditation regularly about 7 years ago. I found it useful to have a regular rhythm and place to do my practice and having done so after about 3 months I really started to feel the benefits. This practice helped me to reconnect to an innate space of stillness within, one that feels beholding and truly supportive. Having continued to use this method since, it has become apparent to me that I naturally breathe more gently during my day and hence, the ‘meditation’ has become something that is present with me most, if not all of the time.

    1. The beauty of the Gentle Breath Meditation is that it is simply a tool, a tool to re-connect us back to our truth, our connection to ourselves, our essential being (love), out of the all oh so opposite fragrance of who we are. It is time for a change.

  51. The Gentle Breath Meditation, whilst simple has offered the strongest difference to my life. Through it, I have got to feel and know my true self in a way that nothing else has. It is the most profound technique to still anxiousness and un-ease and bring a settlement back into the body.

  52. Yes, the Gentle Breath Meditation is super simple and yet offers a deep connection to the true self innate in us all equally. And I agree that walking in nature is another way to ‘come back to ourselves’ if we are lost in busyness or thoughts. I find when I am connected I feel and sense life more rather than think about it, removing the ‘mental filters’ that separate me from my true self. It is a very different way of being from my past experience of constantly being in pursuit of something or other.

  53. I’ve come back to this blog and been super inspired by the power of the Gentle Breath Meditation, the power of stopping the crazy whirlwind that can take over and to appreciate and connect with the quality, delicacy and fiery warmth that is ultimately inside all of us.

    1. Thank you for reminding us of connection, the importance of this key point – one that we often have lost touch with in this world. Let us come back and feel this connection and build further from the values that we feel that are important to live.

  54. Imagine having a car for years but never knowing it needed a key. You sit there thinking ‘it looks all very nice, has great windows and tires, but if you think I’m going to push this around you are insane’. Imagine then finding out that by placing the small key on the backseat, in the ignition that you could start it up and drive forward with ease. This is little like discovering the power of your inner heart. All you needed for years has been with you all along. As you show though Anne, there’s no point on dwelling on the past when you can embrace what you have refound today.

  55. The gentle breath meditation was like a life saver for me, I was running on high nervous tension and anxiety, not knowing who I was and feeling disconnected from everything, I had one way of living – numb out on food, drink, and drugs. When I started to practice the gentle breath medication it was the first time is such a long time that I actually felt ‘me’.

  56. We pursue a million books and supplements to change our life, yet choosing to be present and breathe our own breath, transmutes energy cuts through lies and brings light like nothing else. We have such incredible power right at the tip of our nose, that would make a wizard blush. Yet we ignore our alchemical powers. Thank you Anne.

  57. It is deeply beautiful to feel and come to know that wherever we are and whatever we are doing, our connection to all that we are is only ever one breath away. Such is the great embrace of Gods love, always present and forever holding us.

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