The Gentle Breath Meditation™ & Discovering my Inner Self

I practised (and subsequently taught) Yoga for many, many years before finding my true inner self – my inner heart – the part of me that is connected to, and one with, God. I did not find this inner self by looking to something or someone outside of me, which I had been doing to no avail for many years. No, the answer was inside me all the time!

I discovered my inner self, this Divine essence inside of me, the first time I practised the Gentle Breath Meditation™. By simply breathing very gently in and out of my nose, I came to a place that I knew was home – my real self.

So now when I lose my self, such as when I am rushing around making myself late by trying to do one more thing, or when I get frustrated with someone or with myself, or when I think too much or talk from my head (mind) – which is still quite often, as I am far from perfect – I simply stop, connect and breathe very gently through my nose.

Sometimes all it takes is two or three breaths and I am back. Sometimes, if I have been rushing around in ‘drive’ mode, or if I am caught up in everything going around and around in my head, it takes a lot longer. And that is OK too as there is always a lesson there for me to learn.

There are times when I find I can’t connect back to myself using the Gentle Breath Meditation™ … so then I might go for a very gentle walk, appreciating nature all around me, until I am walking again with my self. And if I still can’t connect, I will read a story or a book that inspires me, such as Serge Benhayon’s “Open Letter to Humanity”.

Developing my inner self has not always been a gentle unfolding for me – it is a work in progress, lovingly so – but if I hold myself absolute in my knowing that my essence is Divine, as a son of God, it is like the breeze upon still water… forever expanding…

I am continually inspired by Serge Benhayon and the students of Universal Medicine.

By Anne Scott, Accredited Yoga Teacher, Exercise Instructor, Mediator and Facilitator and Esoteric Healing Practitioner, Auckland, New Zealand

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800 thoughts on “The Gentle Breath Meditation™ & Discovering my Inner Self

  1. Hello Anne and yes the power of the Gentle Breath Meditation is clear. It’s not that I use it that much anymore in it’s practical application but more use it as a marker for how I breath. So if my breath goes away from how I know it to be then I stop for a moment and ask why. Usually there has been something go on and then from that moment I take a look back to see what lead to that moment. This brings my breath back and away I go again. I always knew my breath was important but there was no focus on the quality, now it’s equally important and the quality is the marker.

    1. Hear! Hear! Ray, I concur with what you have shared that breath brings one back and it has become my go-to when I feel out. The importance of gentle breath as presented by serge Benhayon, should be taught schools!

      1. Absolutely agree with you both, it also is my go to if I am feeling out, or not balance. It is such a simple and quick technique that fills the body with vitality. I agree it should be taught in schools, would really support the kids suffering from anxiety and bullying.

      2. As a baby the first thing it has to do is breath as the doctor provides the opening in the throat. The next step is that a baby naturally breathes with gentleness, maybe this is where the lessons should start and the adults could be the recipient of this gentle breathing lesson?

  2. I love your sharing here Anne, exploring a very simple yet very powerful tool like the gentle breath. I love how easily and simply it pulls me up and asks me, okay, so where are you, come back to you now, your love is needed here.

  3. I have not used any other technique to return to me since discovering the Gentle Breath meditation through Universal Medicine 10 years ago when at this time I had many many tools and techniques I indulged in but only ever felt momentarily ‘better’. The Gentle Breath Meidtation is simple and carries on into my next moments and day if this is the quality I continue to choose.

  4. Thank you Anne for a lovely sharing about the simple power of connecting to our essence by the Gentle Breath Meditation. When i get into a ‘rush’ mode I feel my breath up in my chest or sometimes being held -a marker for me to stop and connect to my gentle breath, so simple.

  5. “if I hold myself absolute in my knowing that my essence is Divine, as a son of God, it is like the breeze upon still water… forever expanding”…
    Such a beautiful reminder Anne that we are the forever student, forever expanding, thank you for sharing.

  6. “Developing my inner self has not always been a gentle unfolding for me – it is a work in progress, lovingly so – but if I hold myself absolute in my knowing that my essence is Divine, as a son of God, it is like the breeze upon still water… forever expanding…” I can completely relate to what you are sharing Anne, it has not been so easy for me, but yes i agree when i too hold myself in the knowing of my true Divine essence as a son of God, everything is a breeze and my whole body has that beautiful stillness.

  7. We are all work in progress Anne but by being aware that whenever we lose it we can gently breath or gently walk to bring ourselves back to ourselves anytime anyplace – knowing this can really take the crazy out of life.

  8. The Gentle breath is a way of bringing one back to a connection with their body, I use this all the time as a way to reconnect, feel where I am at, if I have reacted to a situation or person. It helps with ensuring that I am feeling me and not absorbing all that is around.

  9. Thankyou Anne, the steps back to our inner self are simple and practical, they can easily become part of our everyday as we walk, do the dishes, or work.

  10. A beautiful sharing Anne. The Gentle Breath Meditation for me was the game changer in developing and expanding a deeper and truer relationship with myself and to building a steadiness of connection that enabled me to observe situations around me rather than be affected by them.

  11. The gentle breath mediation is indeed a life changer or a game changer as they say these days. Before I tried it for the first time I had spent my whole life looking outside of me for the answers and of course not finding them, for they were always there with me, all I needed to do was connect to the real me and the gentle breath meditation enabled me to do precisely that.

  12. Anne – it is amazing how instantly our breath can bring us back. I too have experienced this through the gentle breath meditation. Meditation in the past was an escape – but this one is the real deal as it asks me to connect with my breath and my body. Nothing else. A gift to be in the moment.

  13. I find it strange that we can go through our lives unaware of the amazingness of our breath and the power it has to connect us to our essence. Indeed we can even go through all our lives unaware that we have an essence and living something that we are not, oblivious to the fact that our essence is only a few gentle breaths away.

  14. Life is so simple when we allow it to be. The gentle breath meditation is absolutely a life changer; a technique of the amazingness of something as powerful as our natural breath needs to be taught to children going through the education system and a part of our daily lives.

  15. As human beings we seem to be really good at complicating things unnecessarily, when we all know deep down it does not have to be like that. The gentle breath is a fantastic way to bring back to the simplicity we all know at heart is true.

    1. Beautifully said Samantha. Reading this blog about the Gentle Breath Meditation can make you go ‘a basic breath? is that it?’ But the simple fact is this exercise in connecting back to your body sends ripples through your body and life. Why not try it regularly for yourself and find out?

    2. Beautifully said Samantha. Yes it does bring simplicity back to us which can often feel very uncomfortable because it exposes us in our choices to have complicated that which is so simple.

  16. “By simply breathing very gently in and out of my nose, I came to a place that I knew was home – my real self.” Who would have thought that the whole search to find ourselves was only a gentle breathe away?

  17. It seems so obvious to breathe our own breathe that is totally over looked. Our gentle breath awareness is an essential truth to knowing we are divine. Getting caught up in everything outside of us is the biggest ploy to keeping us out of our gloriousness, but it is as simple as breathing our own gentle breath to be back with ourselves in a few moments and feeling fresh and vital – even better than a long vacation.

  18. For many years I was deeply involved in Tibetan Buddhism, which involved daily meditation. However, eventually I lost confidence in it as I did not seem to be developing and I did not feel, thankfully, that the next level of commitment of being a monk was the answer. Through those years the search for ‘enlightenment’ was through gaining something external, like the meditation, which was a technique to learn. When I first experienced the Gentle Breath Meditation I achieved a level of stillness in my body and mind that would have taken previously many weeks of consistent daily meditation to achieve. Through the Gentle Meditation there is no technique to learn, just a re-learning to be oneself – the fulfillment that I had been searching all my life.

  19. Anne it is beautiful how we have so many tools to use that we can use to come back to our inner self and our stillness, whether it is the Gentle Breath Meditation, or Gentle Walk or even Serge Benhayons book, they all support in bringing us back to our inner self and stillness.

  20. Yes Anne, after 15 years working with the teachings offered through Universal Medicine I still find myself coming back to the Gentle Breath Meditation… such a simple and powerful tool to restore connection. Why complicate this with something fancy when it is as simple as choosing to breathe in, and then out… gently!

  21. I had tears reading of the love you hold yourself in as you explore, experiment and learn lessons this life Anne, what I enjoyed feeling the most was how you do not hold yourself in judgment or hardness for where you are (or have gone) when you bring yourself back to your breath in all its simplicity and Divinity.

  22. Discovering the true power in reconnecting with our essence and feeling our body is truly life changing with a simplicity through our breath that almost feels too simple as we are so used to making life a struggle and being hard on ourselves.

  23. To be clear, gentle breath meditation on its own cannot offer connection to the true fire of God, but it does work very well to offer an unimposing state of being that in itself creates a platform for that connection. This in itself is important, for their is no gentleness in our true state divine state of being. It is however a form of being that does not impose and therefore stops us from carrying on in the momentum of our ill ways. As such, it can offer a feeling of respite from the ways of the world, which can be quite beautiful to feel, and certainly not one to criticise, for it is a way of being that is very needed, and one that is a far cry from the state of being the world currently finds itself in. But that in itself is only the door, and needs to be recognised as such if we are truly to learn to recognise what true fire and the nature of God’s light running through our veins feels like.

  24. The way we breathe is the perfect marker of how our day is going, it’s so simple yet so profound, an ease with our breath demonstrates an ease with the world.

  25. I love the way the Gentle Breath Meditation reconnects me back to me, it has been a great support and tool to use, whenever I feel I have lost my connection it only takes a few minutes to bring my awareness back.

  26. What you have offered here is so valuable because you have highlighted that, depending on how racy we have allowed ourselves to get, there is a step by step process to get back that is entirely personalised to us!! It may be walking, it may be sitting it may be reading, we are never far away and clearly haven’t physically gone anywhere, but to get out of the head rush sometimes takes a concerted effort and choice.

  27. We all know the experience of being with ourselves and not with ourselves yet we rarely talk about it or acknowledge that this is the case. If we got more honest about the times we are not with ourselves we would start to feel how harming it is not only to ourselves but also others. This would support us to bring the change needed in order to align again with our own truth.

    1. So true Elizabeth, and by being open, honest and willing to see what is not supportive without any self-judgement is key to learning how to not repeat the same unloving choices. With understanding and acceptance of who we are, we are more able to learn from all our choices.

  28. Stop, connect and breathe, what simple advice, and although when caught in a maelstrom I sometimes find this doesn’t pull me out of it, it does slow me down. The more we do this the less we get caught in drama or emotional reactions, and that has to be a good thing I feel.

  29. “the answer was inside me all the time!” So true Anne, all that searching, seeking and wanting something more and it is there within us waiting for us to breathe who we truly are.

  30. The gentle breath meditation is a great tool to have when we find that we have left ourselves and have giving our power away to the busyness of life. I find it is a lovely gentle way to bring myself back so that I am fully present in my body as I go about my daily life.

  31. Thank you Anne, this is a very supportive blog for me to read as it reminds me to stop and connect to my gentle breath whenever I feel disconnected to myself and others. Being aware of when I am rushing and pushing to get things done, how this affects me and how I relate to people is great because with more awareness I can then choose to drop what is not supportive and reconnect to back to myself. The quality of what I do and how I relate to people then changes to be more loving and gentle.

  32. In a world with little to no stillness, the gentle breath meditation is sheer magic and offers us the opportunity to stop and feel where we are at and to reconnect to our essence. Magical as this is, as Adam says it is but a doorway to an even greater connection.

  33. We are so blessed to have Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine which are providing us with these simple tools and techniques that help us to stay with ourselves and in that make us accelerate our evolving back to that state of being we all belong to and that is to live in connection with our Soul.

  34. This is ground breaking, all you need is with you simply in your breath. If you loose your breath simply connect back to it and hence connect back to yourself and everything. Watch when you are in the rush of life or the need to do, how are you breathing or are you breathing at all. Our breath and the awareness of it can be read for many things. The Gentle Breath Meditation from Serge Benhayon is a settler for all that is around you, it brings you to stop and then be able to see what is happening in place of being swept away by the to do and need to do of the world. It can be anywhere and doesn’t take long to connect to and what’s more it’s your breath and so it can be with you anywhere, anytime.

  35. Connecting with my breath and feeling it with the Gentle Breath Meditation allows me to stop the world running in me, (and to see where I have allowed that), and provides me the bridge back to me, and then I can connect to myself, it’s the first step to allowing the space for my own inner essence to be lived and felt.

  36. Amazing Anna, the feeling of surrendering to myself during a gentle breath meditation cannot be matched by anything out there!

  37. There are quite a few great little tools that you have in your kit bag there Anna, simple things you have identified through your Universal Medicine studies that reconnect you back to yourself. It sounds so simple and yet in my experience the effects are deeply profound.

  38. How often do we hear the phrase ‘she hasn’t been herself lately’ or ‘that’s not him’ or ‘he was beside himself” or ‘he just wasn’t with it’. Sometimes others acknowledge it in us by saying ‘you don’t seem quite yourself this morning’ or something like that. We tend to ignore when we have lost ourselves and just go on getting further away from the internal harmony that we hold. How awesome then to have a technique like the Gentle Breath Meditation which is a way we can clock into ourselves at any time and check whether we are with ourselves and then take a few minutes to reconnect, if we feel ourselves out. This technique has begun to enter schools and what a great support it offers. It allows us to connect to our own place of home within ourselves and all the freedom and strength that comes with this.

  39. Through this beautiful and simple technique, the Gentle Breath Meditation has changed everything, from learning to stop, connect and feel my body which I had avoided doing for so long to choosing a more loving and caring way of living in connection with my body that is building a steadiness within to support me through the day.

  40. When we get lost in our thoughts and become driven by them the trick is to simply realise this fact and come back to ourselves. The gentle breath meditation is an awesome tool for this.

  41. The Gentle Breath Meditation is such a simple technique that we have to support on our life’s journey, though it is simple to practice its effects on our life and wellbeing are profound and far reaching.

  42. In fact what you share in this blog Anne, is that the are many ways to reconnect with the essence we are, and these ways cannot be found through our mind, but by connecting to our body, for instance through the Gentle Breath Meditation®, bringing our mind to rest and back to the presence of our body.

  43. Our breath is a powerful tool to connect to that what is in close connection of who we are. It is a way that is unimposing and getting ourselves back to the love that we are.

  44. I had not realise the power of our breath until I started to connect to it through the support of The Gentle Breath Meditation. What I found as we breath our true breath, we are able to connect to a true stillness within our body, with this stillness I am able to make true and loving choices in my life.

  45. Giving ourselves the space to simply be and not in the ‘doing’ of life allows one to feel the innate stillness that is always being offered from within. The more chances we give ourselves to feel this, the more we can live it and bring it out into our daily lives.

  46. In a breath we can return to All that we are, in a single breath we can also withdraw from it. This is the power that lays in our hands (nostrils?), the simple choice of the breath we breathe in each and every moment. Is it love or is it not?

  47. .’..I simply stop, connect and breathe very gently through my nose.’ I love this Anne ‘I simply stop’. I know for myself that yes it is simple but it is not always easy, sometimes I can be very stubborn and keep going although I feel it is time to stop. I listen more often now as i know it is not in lign with who I am to continue in whatever I am doing and that the quality how i am doing it is actually not the quality I know I can bring. There is a responsibility coming in here to breath in gently and choose the divine.

  48. Connecting back to our true selves through the Gentle Breathe Meditation is such a divine gift we can bestow on ourselves; how simple, to stop and gently breathe. Thank you Anne for presenting this gorgeous message to us.

  49. People have a tendency to be quite hard on themselves so it is truly beautiful for you to see yourself as a work in progress, gently and lovingly unfolding the divine essence within. Stunning.

  50. This is interesting, The world is full of yoga teachers who teach it without really being at union with themselves. This explains why previous to esoteric yoga, I have never ever felt anything even near to union while practicing yoga.

  51. There are many kinds of meditations that focus in going somewhere, escaping, blissing out, emptying the mind and so on and with that they negate the fact that within us we can find connection with our soul and the all. And once we have re-ignited that connection we can begin to make our whole life a kind of meditation – unity in movement.

  52. The message here is clear – we are divine and we connect to this divinity by going within via our breath and gentle movement of the body. Everything about our lives is designed to take us out, to separate us from this way. Beautifully claimed and shared Anne.

  53. Choosing a quality of breath was something I had never considered until I came across teh Gentle Breath meditation. There are many things in life that tell us how to do and what to do, but quality is often left out. It’s so simple yet overlooked. I so love how our body is the marker in this development.

  54. Thank you Anne for sharing how the Gentle Breath Meditation offers us the opportunity to connect to a quality of stillness resides within us all, and powerful marker to always return to, through which we can explore the depth of who truly we are and bring this real quality to the lives we live.

  55. The Gentle Breath Mediation is a simple and powerful tool for re-connection within, that can be used anywhere and anytime, not only when feeling rushed or racy, but consistently as a solid foundation to begin our day with.

  56. Anne, I love how you describe the simple and practical way we are able to come back to a true quality of being and knowing of our natural inner wisdom when we connect with ourselves through the Gentle Breath Meditation.

  57. The Gentle Breath Meditation® has been my friend for many years. It always brought me back me that natural state of stillness within which is now for me, after some years, a normal way to be and is for me a great marker in my body to signal when I loose it and get involved in the agitation the world is in.

  58. Being aware of the quality of my breath (from using the Gentle Breath Meditation) has brought more awareness to the quality of energy I am in with everything I do. Work in progress, and forever deepening.

  59. Accepting that we are students of the way to live a soulful life on earth is a great thing. It gets rid of any need for perfectionism and allows us to learn in a much more open and loving way. These days I consider myself a forever student.

  60. I am sitting at my computer feeling tense and under a certain amount of pressure and I have just read your blog Anne just at the perfect moment. The Gentle Breath Meditation is just what I need to re-connect me back to me, just feeling the warmth and rhythm of my breath is very powerful and offered a welcome break from the computer. We can never underestimate the power of the breath when done in rhythm with the body.

  61. Anne what you write is so simple yet so powerful we all have a choice to connect and there are things we can do that help us to connect such as the gentle breath meditation and there are things that we can do that take us away like eating sugar or indulging in emotions. ultimately it is our choice, the state of our health will always be reflecting that back to us.

  62. Yesterday I was feeling unsettled with the thoughts I was allowing through. So I went for my walk out in nature and felt all the space around me which supported me to get out of the narrow confined space of my head and back into my body.

  63. At first it can seem like quite a subtle thing, the difference between being caught up, and being free. But gradually, over time you get the sense that the difference between you being driven or divine is the size of the Grand Canyon. Your words beautifully illustrate here Anne, that the latter, simple and accepting way is our God given state.

  64. The Gentle Breath Meditation started me on an on-going journey to live and be more myself, it’s been a simple and very amazing tool which allows me to connect to myself and shows me if I am in fact with myself or not. And sometimes when I cannot connect easily to my breath, it’s been a great wake up call to show how far from myself I’ve been. It’s an amazing and easily accessible resource for all of us. And it’s so simple to bring into your life and provide often much needed stop moments for us to come back and feel where we are, are we breathing us or is life breathing us? It’s a mirror into how we are and how we’re living.

  65. Feeling my breath and it’s quality is so simple and mega powerful when it comes to coming back to my body that when present with I feel very centred and steady. Recently it’s been a hugely exposing marker of how racy and anxious I have been living. That doesn’t feel great but I rather be aware of it and have the support of my ability to define the quality of my breath and movements than not and be forced to stop and feel it later.

  66. For me what is very powerful and when I feel out I seek to move in a way with the intent to get focused and with myself again and that usually does the trick.

  67. By focussing on the passage of my breath as it enters and leaves at the tip of my nose is a simple way to ensure that I am present with myself and not absorbing the chaos which often surrounds us all, on our daily journey through life.

  68. The Gentle Breath Meditation is a wonderful way to bring myself back to myself; it is so simple, gentle, tender and nurturing. Thank you Anne for your gorgeous appreciation of the Gentle Breath Meditation, I agree wholeheartedly.

  69. Simply sitting here reading what you share supports me to check in with my gentle breath at the tip of my nose, and observe the things that seem to want to stream through my mind and push my body along with this momentum.

  70. The gentle breath is so simple and a huge supportive thing to do for yourself. On occasions when I feel anxious about something, just bringing myself back to how I am breathing totally calms everything down, and then there is a feeling of not being owned by the anxiety.

  71. I love the acceptance of your imperfections that shines through in this blog. This acceptance of yourself gives space for another to also not get caught up in the illusion for being perfect, something which women in particular carry. In this way the blog shows us that there is another way to live.

    1. Sure Elizabeth, there is another way to live to and this blog is definitely referring to that and in that other way there is the knowing that in this realm of life there cannot be perfection because we have stepped down from that by choice for this self created way of living and therefore the perfection we originally came from is impossible.

  72. This is the beauty of The Gentle Breath Meditation “Sometimes all it takes is two or three breaths and I am back”, there is no complication or a trying, it is an allowing to just connect to our own breath, a very simple technique and can be done anywhere and anytime.

  73. “if I hold myself absolute in my knowing that my essence is Divine, as a son of God, it is like the breeze upon still water… forever expanding…” This part stood out for me Anne, in reading your blog today. I do understand too that it is so important to recognise that I am Divine, part of and connected to that grander whole we can call the universe or God. In this connection there is no room for lies, fraud, betrayal,slavery, greed to name a few ill behaviours that mankind has fallen into but only room for truth, the truth that will serve us all in our way back to Soul which actually is the expansion you are talking about.

  74. What you share here is so important Anne as it reminds us that when we get into the rush of life and lose ourselves we can very easily come back by choosing the Gentle Breath Meditation, it is such a simple technique yet beautifully supportive in so many ways.

  75. The Gentle Breath Meditation is amazing beautiful, I love its simplicity and ease it can be used, no faff or complexity. It brings our awareness back to our body and I have been practicing it for many years to support every day life.

  76. Developing connection through our breath to our inner-self opens the door to opening up our awareness and building a quality and steadiness of presence that allows us to let go of living from the mind and running on nervous energy to truly moving and lovingly expressing ourselves from our essence.

  77. Awesome Anne well said : ‘..but if I hold myself absolute in my knowing that my essence is Divine, as a son of God, it is like the breeze upon still water… forever expanding…”

  78. Reading through the comments, looks like you are not alone in how the Gentle Breath Meditation has supported you to stop some of the momentum’s in which you are living your life. I can add my testimony to that as well, it has supported me to simply stop and connect back to me, with a few short simple breaths.

  79. A beautiful sharing Anne of the simplicity and beauty of being connected to your soul. I love the very practical and real experience of being out and ways to come back.

  80. Thank you Anne, and as many of us have found the gentle breath reconnection is so simple and so powerful that it is revealed as the doorway that all of humanity, deep down, wants to walk through.

  81. ‘If I hold myself absolute in my knowing that my essence is Divine, as a son of God, it is like the breeze upon still water… forever expanding…’ that is just gorgeous Anne and I feel the space, acceptance and willingness to be a forever student of yourself in it.

  82. The first time that I practiced the Gentle Breath meditatioin I experienced a stillness that reminded me who I truly am, but it is the consistency in this practice what offers to me the possibility of living in my true essence most of the time.

  83. Our movement before we breath dictate our breath so could it be we are simply allow our body to move with a focus on being connected and the breathing takes us to a deeper connection to the living stillness within?

  84. That was my feeling on doing the gentle breath I felt a quality in my body that I dare say I hadn’t felt since I was a baby. That’s the coming home feeling it’s simply the breath we breathed when we were born.

  85. Thanks Anne, I am incorporating the gentle breath more and more into my day and it is so very nurturing for the body. Achieving a constant gentle breath every day would be amazing.

  86. You just reminded me that it is all simply about connecting with my true essence, and there is no need for me to ‘correct’ what I perceive as unfavourable and be ‘good’. Thank you, Anne.

  87. If life is lacking consistency, the breath is very supportive to come back to. Much like the clock – we can use it as a marker of something that is constant in our lives and a checking point for how we are or have been living.

  88. Beautifully shared Anne, in a world where we are exploring outer space travel, nuclear physics and genetic modification, what a wake call it us to read the great changes that can occur simply through the way we choose to breathe. It contradicts everything we believe about being ‘advanced’ but the Gentle Breath Meditation reminds you of the connection we all need. Living without it just leads to disease.

  89. Breathing with the Gentle Breath Meditation is such a simple way to reconnect with who we truly are – our innermost, our essence. No need for hours and awkward positions, just sitting comfortably in a chair, or lying down. Five or ten minutes is enough too.

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