Books by Serge Benhayon

I have never been a real book reader so no book is ever read front to back.

When I first came across the books by Serge Benhayon in 2007, I was very inspired as it felt like information I had known and it was being said in a language that I could understand.

Serge Benhayon | Author
Serge Benhayon | Author

Some of it I didn’t like and I know exactly why. It was because I could not bear the thought of having to take full responsibility for ALL the choices I make and that everything that had happened to me was a result of my own choices.

This was ugly but True. The purple books by Serge Benhayon always have a message for me and there is enough written now that will keep me going until I pop off. He keeps giving us more and I am not up to date with it all, but boy oh boy this is the real deal and it offers us, as a humanity, to really get why we are here and what life is really all about.

I never ever have a day where I do not pick up a purple book and just turn to any page. It always makes sense and is always expanding me in my awareness.

Today I picked up Book 5 The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy (2009) and on page 31 read the following –

“It is a point of great sadness when a society finds it easier to be in disregard and in self-abuse than it is to be gentle and loving with oneself.” Serge Benhayon

I know this is Absolutely true as it applied to me for many years; the first time I ever knew what it was to truly be gentle and loving was when I met Serge Benhayon and read bits of his books.

I have never questioned why I was so abusive and disregarding to myself as it seemed the “norm”. I got a tumour and had a major organ removed and this again felt normal.

I know for a fact I was totally disregarding and neglecting my body that eventually led to an illness that made me stop and ask why. Up to that point, I kept trashing my life and took no responsibility. Fact.

So why do we as a society find it easier to accept self-abuse and disregard? Do we wait to get ill before we ever question or begin to look at how we truly care for ourselves every day?

A great example is how society accepts drinking alcohol as sociable and normal and yet we All know it is a scientifically proven poison. Are we waiting for society to tell us what to do or are we going to ask our bodies what is needed – and could it be that simple as starting with being gentle and loving towards oneself?

Are there any role models who can show us that there is another way?

Imagine being loving and gentle with yourself like you do with a tiny baby. We do not abuse or disregard a baby, so why do we do it to ourselves?

I no longer ask these questions as I Live a life that is deeply self-loving and gentle. I am committed to life, thanks to the teachings and books by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

Yes, it is a point of great sadness when a society finds it easier to be in disregard and self-abuse, but I do not feel overwhelmed or helpless. I Know that my living in a way that is deeply loving and caring for myself consistently has inspired many and the tides are turning… more people are asking questions and looking to change.

If one sentence can give you this blog, imagine what 8 books can… and the rest…

Serge Benhayon really is an inspiration and role model of what is possible for all of us to live on earth today – in Truth.

Bina Pattel
Bina Pattel

By Bina Pattel, Age 54, London, UK

Bina Pattel Bina Pattel is a well being Presenter and Consultant and the founder of Simple Living Global.

You can learn more about the work of Bina Pattel at

Serge Benhayon Serge Benhayon is an author and presenter and the founder of Universal Medicine. You can learn more about Serge Benhayon at his personal website

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1,475 thoughts on “Books by Serge Benhayon

  1. True inspiration is when we have felt something to the bone from someone else’s lived quality and hence to then make this change in our own lives, though it might require a certain commitment and willingness, is actually effortless when the choice to do so comes from a true source.

  2. Serge’s books are certainly written in a way like no other book is written. From the language, the punctuation, the font not to mention the content and the energetic quality that comes through when you read them… It will turn you inside out, upside down and back to front and land you back on your feet more solid and true than every before!

  3. I also regularly read Serge’s purple books, and when I randomly open them I am always so supported to read something very relevant to my life at that time. It is the magic of God that delivers the exact loving truth to me needed on those days, it’s very special.

    1. Well said Melinda – I too have found this, and find it quite funny that we can be seeking answers to something and pick up Serge’s books and open to a page that seems to be just what we needed to read to support us with the next steps to take. I love the way this works.

  4. I heard the other day that very few people understood Jesus and his role and responsibility while he was here on earth. Maybe his wife and mother, possibly his brother who knows? There have been many masters of the ancient teachings that have lived amongst and we have had little true understanding of what they were here to present. If we did we would have changed and basically we haven’t for thousands and thousands of years.

  5. “It is a point of great sadness when a society finds it easier to be in disregard and in self-abuse than it is to be gentle and loving with oneself.” Serge Benhayon’ I agree how is it that we find it easier to abuse ourselves rather than to care for ourselves? Surely this needs to be considered and discussed at depth and length.

  6. Serge’s books are a great support to understand how we have arrived at this point in time with regard to human society. Not everyone can personally attend his amazing presentations, but we can all read his books, if we realise that life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and start asking questions.

  7. The beauty of our essence has remained and it is so powerful to come back to it again. For it is like I have experienced the greatest truth to come back to and felt inside my body ever. Nothing can beat that, truth of our love inside.

  8. If you want to truly explore life I cannot recommend these books enough – they are a portal into life as we’d truly love it to be, full of incredible and sometimes uncomfortable truths and they encourage us to look outside of what is physically there to see to something much greater that is going on.

  9. What I truly love about the books by Serge Benhayon is that if ever I am struggling with something and I randomly open any one of the books, I find something that is exactly what I needed to read.

  10. It should be front page news that we are more comfortable with disregard and self-abuse than we are with love and respect, what we now accept as ‘normal’ is actually harming our bodies in a big way.

  11. “So why do we as a society find it easier to accept self-abuse and disregard? Do we wait to get ill before we ever question or begin to look at how we truly care for ourselves every day?” Great questions Bina, in a society that is suffering more illness and disease, with more complicated diagnoses because they are in fact part of multiple illnesses with many complexities, we have to ask ourselves what choices are we making, and if we changed our choices how long would it take for our society to realise that every choice has an affect on our health one way or another.

  12. Being in a cafe with lots of young mums I noticed that many of them were buying their toddlers babycinos, that is small mugs with frothy milk topped with chocolate sprinkles just like mummy’s but without the espresso – but isn’t this just preparing, even programming them to want the real thing as they ‘grow old enough’ to take the caffeine that their mums say they love and cannot do without? Why do we protect our children from the poisons that we are taking ourselves? Ok, they say our bodies are more resilient but do our bodies really want these shots of intense stimulation and would they not be able to function quite well without – and if not – why?

    1. Babycinos – that’s a new one for me! The growth of coffee culture has grown exponentially and you ask a great question – why? Why can’t a large majority of people get through their day, or even get out the front door without their wake-up coffee? Why do we need artificial stimulation before we even begin our day? Exhaustion is a modern day plague.

      1. Yes we try and combat exhaustion by drinking coffee or fizzy drinks, alcohol or anything with sugar or stimulants and then when we are so wired we get nervous or anxious and often overwhelmed, emotions run high and complications arise. It would seem obvious that we are only very temporarily buying ourselves relief from the exhaustion and that our bodies are copping the fallout, and in truth, just becoming more and more exhausted until various body parts or ways of functioning start to break down and illnesses and disease start to show..

  13. “It is a point of great sadness when a society finds it easier to be in disregard and in self-abuse than it is to be gentle and loving with oneself.” Serge Benhayon. Just even reading that sentence ought to stop us in our tracks as it reveals the poor standard that we have set for ourselves.

  14. We are offered the world by this one quotation by Serge Benhayon. Revealing of where we are at and what we have accepted whilst actually it does not have to be the ill state we currently in, at all.

  15. We can say that everything that happens /ed to us in life is a result of our own choices but deeper is the fact that the world we all currently live in and are so dissatisfied with is a result of all the choices we have collectively made. Many of us blame God for the mess we are all in failing to appreciate that we humanity made the mess in the first place.

    1. Yes we don’t want to take responsibility for the mess we have created- far easier to blame others, God included ( even if we don’t profess to believe…..) There are consequences for every action – I realised that big time as a parent. What consequences do our current words and deeds manifest? It’s not pretty.

  16. In all of Serge Benhayon’s work he speaks to the being within us, what we have overlooked and ignored. He does not speak to our intellect, for we can use this to justify anything. He shows us how to give our beingness a voice and how to live this exquisite part of us first.

  17. Serge Benhayon’s books are easy to read in many ways but hard to read because of how much they ask us to reflect upon the responsibilities that we have or have not said yes to in this life thus far.

  18. There is so much truth in this quote: ““It is a point of great sadness when a society finds it easier to be in disregard and in self-abuse than it is to be gentle and loving with oneself.” – Serge Benhayon. Considering our divine origins and what we are actually capable of in terms of being loving and gentle with ourselves, it goes to show how far we have strayed from our essence. But in knowing this, lies also the answer for we can return to our essence and origin at any point.

  19. I love your photo Bina, filled with warmth, a total heart-melter! It was so supportive to read this again and the quote you chose, it truly is our norm to live in self disregard and we don’t question it because it’s all around us. Our society is not yet based on love but it easily could be, and yes it’s up to individuals to choose this and reflect another way of living to inspire others.

  20. The purple books are a constant source of inspiration and when you do open a random page it is always relevant for your day. One of the great purposes of the books for me has been to break the normal, that allows us to accept drinking poison or nowadays that getting cancer is normal, so long as you can be ‘cured’. The writings open a window letting in daylight to an otherwise ‘normal’ but musty and darkened room that we dwell in.

  21. Reading a book by Serge Benhayon is not the easiest thing to do necessarily. This is so, no because of what he presents, but because of where are we when we try to read it. The books are designed to cut through the multiple layers we have created in our lives to live within. The word magnificent does not make justice of what the books present and do for us.

  22. This has inspired me to go back and read some of Serge Benhayon’s books I first bought some years ago. I really struggled with them. Often it takes me quite a bit to really get what is being offered through his books and presentation and I often realise that he has been saying it for a long time and I was only just coming to a place of hearing it from a different place. The wisdom imparted is truly ageless.

  23. The purple books by Serge Benhayon are filled with deep wisdom and love, reading each page is like unwrapping a beautiful gift that forever keeps on giving.

  24. We only have to be honest about why our rates of disease and illness are escalating in the context of a world that is apparently more scientifically and technologically advanced than ever before to realise how much we are taking for granted our human bodies and all too often disregard them.

  25. This is so true “It is a point of great sadness when a society finds it easier to be in disregard and in self-abuse than it is to be gentle and loving with oneself.” Serge Benhayon. The purple books are deeply healing. They are truth, healing and asking us to awake .. truly awake.

  26. The energy of Serge Benhayon’s books is absolute and consistent throughout – just like him really. Hence it is true that whenever and wherever you pick up a ‘purple book’ and open it, you get all that he is and therefore everything that is needed. Awesome sharing Bina, thank you.

  27. Serge Benhayon is the only author and philosopher that has questioned the underlying reasons for our self-abuses. In fact he is the only one calling out our behaviours as such, so that we begin to ask questions about our behaviours. I agree Bina, there is no holding back whatsoever in these wonderful works by Serge Benahyon, challenging us, but also confirming the truth of who we are. There is a richness in every single page that will keep us going well beyond when we ‘pop off’.

  28. Every word in the purple books are like manna from heaven, given to us by Serge Benhayon who lives with deep love and wisdom in his daily life.

  29. The photos of yourself Bina and Serge Benhayon are gorgeous! It’s really so simple what you are sharing from that one quote, consider being gentle and loving with ourselves and see how that supports our health and wellbeing. Serge shares many extraordinary things in his books that often feel like revelations, yet they are also always practical and can be applied to how we live. What is the point in wisdom if we don’t live it?

  30. The words of wisdom shared in the purple books by Serge Benhayon offer a way of living that is true to who we all are.

  31. To be able to simply pick up a book, and to feel your whole body, rearranged, realigned, by a paragraph or two… What an extraordinary blessing humanity has at its fingertips.

    1. That’s exactly what they do for me too, my body goes through a healing and I feel more centred, ordered and settled, even after a few paragraphs. Serge Benhayon’s books are redefining the true purpose of books.

  32. There have been many times in my life when I have turned to books for the answers, desperately searching the pages for a way out of my misery. With the books written by Serge Benhayon, there is a whole other perspective offered on what it means to educate oneself, as they offer the opportunity to expand in awareness and responsibility and thus making life more than just physical or human, but multi-dimentional and with the potential for Godliness.

  33. “Are we waiting for society to tell us what to do or are we going to ask our bodies what is needed”. Thirteen years ago, I was one who was waiting to be told but meeting the wonderful Serge Benhayon turned that around. No longer do I give my power away to others who I think know more than me but I listen to the wisdom of my body, a body that I have come to understand, never lies. The truth it shares may be hard to hear at times but in the end it’s the truth that will prevail.

  34. A great blog Bina. In my experience, the Purple Books by Serge Benhayon are deeply healing and profound in the depth of wisdom shared offering us the opportunity to return to this wisdom already known within us.

  35. Well said Bina. What I love and am deeply deeply appreciative of, is that the purple books, the texts of Serge Benhayon draw out the essence of who I am, expose all that I am not so I can clear my way forth to live as Soulfully as I can. I have never been so inspired as I am every single day, to continue to pierce the bubble of illusion that held me encapsulated for so long, in order to now clearly see, feel, and know that there is a far deeper purpose to life and us all being here together, one that is far more loving, and have a very tangible way of living it.

  36. The books by Serge Benhayon are not different from anything else Serge presents in that they invite us to feel into our usual ways of relating to whatever (books in this case) and to realize that it has to be revisited because it does not really do it for us.

  37. Beauty-full Bina and one blog of simplicity and truth. What catches my eyes are both of the pictures in there; of you and Serge. Feeling the vibrance of you both. This vibrancy is what I can sense in the purple books always. An alive-ness that is beyond physical activity, a inner-glow and this is felt in your faces and eyes. Lovely!

  38. So true Bina – I know this one “It was because I could not bear the thought of having to take full responsibility for ALL the choices I make and that everything that had happened to me was a result of my own choices.” There are times when I read Serge Benhayon’s books or listen to a presentation by Serge and I literally squirm as I realise where I have not been taking responsibility in my life. Yet, for all of that I wouldn’t have it any other way. Learning to live life responsibly is one of the greatest things that I have done in my life, thanks to the inspiration of Serge Benhayon, and from choosing to live in this way and to learn each day my health, wellbeing, and the quality of the way I work and live is like never before.

  39. “It is a point of great sadness when a society finds it easier to be in disregard and in self-abuse than it is to be gentle and loving with oneself.” Brilliant quote by Serge Benhayon. It makes you realise that what is so called ‘normal’, or common is what prevails, yet what if there is a different way? What if this actually isn’t normal at all for our gentle, delicate bodies? It raises many questions as to why we would choose to live in disregard and self abuse.

  40. The ugly truth is indeed that we are the creator of our own lives – the good and the bad…every single choice we make counts which either heals or harms our bodies. Our health truly is in our hands, we cannot blame anyone else for the choices we make.

  41. Do we wait to get ill before we ever question or begin to look at how we truly care for ourselves every day? Sadly yes, we do, because our old patterns and habits are so ingrained and life is set up to keep pulling you back in the mud. On top of that, we hold the belief that we have to do it on our own and never ask for support, is how I Lived in the past. Asking for support is so very loving when making changes in line with where we are going and pulling the future towards us. We don’t have to do it on our own!

  42. We fool ourselves into thinking that behaviour that is actually self-abusive is good for us. Think of a box of chocolates, we feel that is something that is maybe a treat, or way to be nice to ourselves, but really it gives our nervous system a shock with all the caffeine and sugar, and on top of that maybe the dairy in it dulls us down.

  43. Disregard and self-abuse have become our norm, they are even celebrated in some quarters but that does not change the fact that what might be deemed normal is far from natural and not honouring of our true nature.

  44. I’m always reminded of divine magic when I pick up a purple book – be it the one beside my bedside or while in the waiting room at the Universal Medicine clinic. Whether it’s a random page I open or from where I left off, it’s always exactly what I need to hear in that moment and is of huge relevance. How is this possible I question and then I get the gift of feeling our multi-dimensionality and divinity that is constantly at play in the world and is in fact who we are and where we are from.

  45. The ‘purple books’ are far from a one off read. They are a reference and source of inspiration to keep going back to and magically what they offer grows with you. What I love God about is that no matter how much of a mess we make of society, we keep being sent these teachers who patiently deliver the same simple truths until we get it.

  46. As a society word-wide, we have elevated lovelessness to be our norm and everyday experience – we dish it out and are on the receiving end of it, multiple times and over and over again. But nobody or nothing forces us to comply with this norm and thus, it is up to us to firstly dare notice, then truly feel and subsequently change what is hurting us all.

  47. When I picked up the first book written by Serge Benhayon I felt like I had been thrown a proverbial lifeline and I couldn’t put it down; I didn’t want it to end. But it did end, at least that is what I thought, but when I began to read it again, almost immediately, it felt like I was reading a whole new book, and this is what I have continued to feel each time I am impulsed to pick it up again. These wonderful purple books are the ultimate gifts that keep on giving, never get boring and definitely never go out of date.

  48. I agree with what Francisco shares in his comment above, that we now accept abuse as a normal part of our everyday lives, not even raising an eyelid to it. What Serge Benhayon offers is what the world is seeking at one level, true love, but are we ready to embrace that we are love?

  49. Some great questions we all need to ask here, for we are so far away from the true nature of who we are to the point that we consider abuse and disregard as a normal part of our lives. Through Serge Benhayon presentations and books we have been given a lifetime opportunity to finally make our way back and reconnect to the wisdom within us, this is gold and something to be fully embraced.

  50. Totally agree Bina, these books give a whole new and fresh perspective and understanding on life – these books have given me the understanding that a book is so much more than words, and more than we can just see – it’s an energy and the effects of that energy can ripple out into every aspect of our lives.

  51. Serge Benhayon is a role model and inspiration for all of us here on earth to life a life that is based on love, who we all are in truth.

  52. This is a very very good description of the purple books ‘it felt like information I had known and it was being said in a language that I could understand’ this is exactly what I felt and it resonated with my whole being. Plus I have never read a book from front to back so fast! 🙃 Great question to ponder why do we find it easier to self-abuse and disregard ourselves than to self-care and self-love? Your are right having role models is very important as it inspires us and ask us to be more and who we truly are and yes Serge Benhayon, all the Benhayon’s are truly absolute role models for all.

  53. What Serge offers in the purple books is ongoing access to the Ageless Wisdom that we all know and can relate to. Committing to reading just a couple of pages a day has supported me to become more steady in my daily life and to take responsibility for the disregarding way I used to live and instead be much more loving with myself and others.

  54. So true that as a society of humans we often neglect our ‘being’, and live in a disregard and then call it normal. Look around, it is normal to be lethargic, unhealthy and grumpy…why is this normal? It makes no sense.

    1. I agree Samantha – well said. If we looked around with open eyes, with an openness to the truth, we would see that what we are accepting as ‘normal’ is disease, illness and abuse, hardly what we all deep down truly want. Not only does it not make sense, but we do not wear this way of being well at all.

  55. What Serge Benhayon offers the world is beyond measure. Each book, each presentation filled with words of wisdom, any one of which can transform the daily existence of life.

    1. ‘Beyond measure’ is spot on Heather. Serge’s work takes us to depths of awareness beyond our capacity to measure, and into a place of surrender and ‘transformation’ as you suggest.

  56. “It is a point of great sadness when a society finds it easier to be in disregard and in self-abuse than it is to be gentle and loving with oneself.” Serge Benhayon” When I was young this was a question I always asked myself. “Why are people so horrible to each other ” even in simple ways, I could never understand it. In this quote by Serge Benhayon it explains a lot in simple words.

  57. I do feel that there is a waiting game that happens in society. Very often there are conversations that circulate around what was once good for you, is now not. Each time we wait to hear what the so called experts say, completely disempowering ourselves to feel and choose what is true for our bodies. Serge Benhayon presents all the time about developing our own clairsentience and using this natural ability that we all have to choose for ourselves.

  58. I find the purple books by Serge Benhayon full of wisdom that makes so much common sense to me. I love that the books pose questions that I have never thought to ask myself before.

  59. “Some of it I didn’t like and I know exactly why. It was because I could not bear the thought of having to take full responsibility for ALL the choices I make and that everything that had happened to me was a result of my own choices.” This can be a big and bitter pill to swallow indeed. Yet when we do take responsibility for our choices – and make loving changes, it is amazing how life can improve. Serge Benhayon is a forever inspiration in my life.

  60. Continual inspiration with no end – I agree in full Bina. And what you’ve shared here elucidates the core of so much of the wisdom and teachings brought forth by Serge Benhayon – in that, we are essentially beings of Great Love, and we have, for the larger part, chosen to negate, obliterate and smash this truth apart ‘as best as we can’. The depth of abuse is staggering…
    Serge is living proof that the Greatness of Love can indeed be lived on this earth. He is the deepest inspiration that we all hold equal capacity to do the same.

  61. Brilliant Bina, one sentence a day is like everything you need to look at in that day. These books don’t dictate or impose they simply deliver the Truth . . . just how it is . . . . and seem to be spot on with delivering just what is needed at that moment.

  62. Love your blog Bina and I completely agree that the books by Serge Benhayon ALWAYS have a message for us, exactly what we need to hear at that paticular moment. Today I opened the book ‘Esoteric Teachings and Revelations – Volume II’ and read a quote that was so spot on for me!

  63. Serge Benhayon’s Books are a sparkle that ignite and remind us who we truly are, by simply reflecting back what we already know inside of us.

  64. It’s a great question Bina – why do we constantly endure suffering and live in irresponsibility of that suffering when there is a completely different, loving and harmonious way to be on this planet? The big pill for humanity to swallow here is, like you said Bina, that all that has happened in our lives is a result of our own choices. Once we can swallow that, we can move on, up and out of suffering.

    1. Spot on – “Choices” is a key word here Rachael – and it is our choices that have consequences, and it is for us to recognise this and accept it and then be responsible in our choices in order for true change to happen.

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