Books by Serge Benhayon

I have never been a real book reader so no book is ever read front to back.

When I first came across the books by Serge Benhayon in 2007, I was very inspired as it felt like information I had known and it was being said in a language that I could understand.

Serge Benhayon | Author
Serge Benhayon | Author

Some of it I didn’t like and I know exactly why. It was because I could not bear the thought of having to take full responsibility for ALL the choices I make and that everything that had happened to me was a result of my own choices.

This was ugly but True. The purple books by Serge Benhayon always have a message for me and there is enough written now that will keep me going until I pop off. He keeps giving us more and I am not up to date with it all, but boy oh boy this is the real deal and it offers us, as a humanity, to really get why we are here and what life is really all about.

I never ever have a day where I do not pick up a purple book and just turn to any page. It always makes sense and is always expanding me in my awareness.

Today I picked up Book 5 The Living Sutras of the Hierarchy (2009) and on page 31 read the following –

“It is a point of great sadness when a society finds it easier to be in disregard and in self-abuse than it is to be gentle and loving with oneself.” Serge Benhayon

I know this is Absolutely true as it applied to me for many years; the first time I ever knew what it was to truly be gentle and loving was when I met Serge Benhayon and read bits of his books.

I have never questioned why I was so abusive and disregarding to myself as it seemed the “norm”. I got a tumour and had a major organ removed and this again felt normal.

I know for a fact I was totally disregarding and neglecting my body that eventually led to an illness that made me stop and ask why. Up to that point, I kept trashing my life and took no responsibility. Fact.

So why do we as a society find it easier to accept self-abuse and disregard? Do we wait to get ill before we ever question or begin to look at how we truly care for ourselves every day?

A great example is how society accepts drinking alcohol as sociable and normal and yet we All know it is a scientifically proven poison. Are we waiting for society to tell us what to do or are we going to ask our bodies what is needed – and could it be that simple as starting with being gentle and loving towards oneself?

Are there any role models who can show us that there is another way?

Imagine being loving and gentle with yourself like you do with a tiny baby. We do not abuse or disregard a baby, so why do we do it to ourselves?

I no longer ask these questions as I Live a life that is deeply self-loving and gentle. I am committed to life, thanks to the teachings and books by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

Yes, it is a point of great sadness when a society finds it easier to be in disregard and self-abuse, but I do not feel overwhelmed or helpless. I Know that my living in a way that is deeply loving and caring for myself consistently has inspired many and the tides are turning… more people are asking questions and looking to change.

If one sentence can give you this blog, imagine what 8 books can… and the rest…

Serge Benhayon really is an inspiration and role model of what is possible for all of us to live on earth today – in Truth.

Bina Pattel
Bina Pattel

By Bina Pattel, Age 54, London, UK

Bina Pattel Bina Pattel is a well being Presenter and Consultant and the founder of Simple Living Global.

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Serge Benhayon Serge Benhayon is an author and presenter and the founder of Universal Medicine. You can learn more about Serge Benhayon at his personal website

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  1. ‘Most of the worlds population live in countries where overweight and obesity kills more people than underweight’. This is a shocking fact and is an extreme reflection how we choose to abuse ourselves rather than nourish ourselves with food. It is easy to look at this statistic and say that our own relationship with food is therefore good in comparison, but it is not until we stop harming our bodies with food that we see and feel the truth behind our relationship with what we eat.

    1. There is a lot to digest – pun intended on your comment here Fiona. It is shocking that there are people starving in this world and yet we have a global obesity issue. Makes absolutely no sense.
      Yes all weight issues come from some form of abuse and until we can stop and get really honest about what is not working for us in our life, we will never be given the opportunity to truly evolve. There are heaps of band aid solutions to continue function out there but do they really work and can we admit that they are fixing the problem but not dealing with the root cause of why it manifested in the first place.

  2. I did try to question why things were happening to me that were unpleasant, but I got nowhere. I felt i was a ‘good person’ and that ‘bad things’ shouldn’t be happening to me because of that. When I started to see how i had been living, I felt liberated from the tyranny of chance, and began to understand just how much I had contributed to my own misery. It was empowering to begin to unravel it all and to start to create the life I did want to be living.

    1. Thanks Felicity for your clarity and honesty, I can certainly relate. I have endured the same confusion and wallowed in feeling a victim of life when all along the power of my choices could both keep me where I am or take me to the life I would like to live. I deeply appreciate everything Serge has supported me to understand, including the difference between spirit and soul and how we choose from either one of these energy sources to create the life we live.

  3. I have long felt that we deserve the same love as that which we show to babies – at what age do we start to deserve disregard and lovelessness? At what age does our need for care and love expire?

  4. Hello Bina and this is the same for me. I often pick up one of Serge Benhayon’s books and just open to a page and read it. They are always current and up to date regardless of when they were written. Even when I haven’t understood at first how they relate to me, at some point down the track it has always come back to me. To me it’s like these books are living and at the point when you are asking can give you the support you need. I have them throughout the house and my business for this reason, thank you Bina.

    1. Hello Ray Karam – This is a very valid point you make here about using the books not only at home but in your business and why not. They offer enormous support and guidance at anytime. They have no sell by date and they hold so much power that these days I may just sit and hold the book like a hot water bottle close to me. It always supports me with the right answer and helps me to re-focus if needed. If ever I have anything that bugs me, I no longer phone a friend or try and locate my husband at work. I go straight to the books by Serge Benhayon.
      Life without these books is not possible and as I have said before, if the house was burning down or I had to live on a dessert island or do time inside prison – give me any book. Just one book by Serge Benhayon would keep me going.
      What I am saying here is huge and it speaks volumes about what these books actually hold and what they offer us all if we are as willing and open as you are Ray. Thank you for your comment.

    2. Hi Ray. It seems that most of us have these purple books available to hand, in the house, work etc., I also have a copy, presently of The Way of The Initiate on the passenger seat of my car, and I know others have seen the grace in this as I usually factor an extra couple of minutes into my journey wherever it is that I am driving to, so at the point of my destination I pick up the book and read a couple of lines, paragraphs, a page etc. and I have found this enables me to approach whatever it is that I am about to engage in with a reminder of the stillness within – a confirmation really.

      1. Most people have things they call upon when life takes a turn for what they perceive is the worse or they have something they go to for support. As for some my support is purple in colour and no matter what is going on there is always time to read. I enjoy reading a couple of pages before bed as well and as I’ve said the messages are timeless. These books aren’t a tick box style of thing as you can go back to them again and again to bring understanding to what you are seeing. I use to spin around in the world with no direction and just hoping for the best, a lot of the time things would end up in a mess and it seemed you were never getting anywhere. Things were confusing but you would just put on a brave face and wake up the next morning praying it would be different, these purple books written by Serge Benhayon are a constant awakening and I never tire of reading them.

  5. I agree Bina, the books the books are very unique in the way the truth is expressed and on top of that they are a very effective in clearing energy that is not love

  6. “It is a point of great sadness when a society finds it easier to be in disregard and in self-abuse than it is to be gentle and loving with oneself.” This quote from Serge Benhayon should be the guiding light for all political action!

    1. That quote is a confirmation that our world is upside down and what is regarded as normal is not our true and natural state. This is why we are in such a mess and these books hold answers for each and every question we have.

    1. Wisdom indeed Amanda and it just keeps coming. This man inspires me to write more and the key is to do a bit daily and remain consistent. Serge Benhayon books wake me up to even more and it does not matter what page I go to or what book there is always something there. I never stop learning and I could read something a few times and each time I seem to get another take, another angle on it and it helps to expand me. By that I feel like I am moving, evolving and not staying stuck in the same place.

  7. It seems we either need to hit a point of crisis or be inspired by someone living in a way that reflects what is possible but I never cared or dared to live for myself. The level of abuse and disregard makes only sense when we understand that it is a coping mechanism with an even deeper disregard or pain we try to avoid feeling let alone admitting – the deep ache of knowing we have separated from our Soul, God, Oneness and that we are responsible for all the suffering and misery thereafter. Therefore self-love and gentle care are essential steps to restore ourselves and life back to what it can be and is supposed to be, and although it can be hard at times to face and deal with the disregard it is worth every step of the way.

    1. You make some great points here Alex Braun and these are well worth noting. Taking small steps is taking responsibility if we remain consistent and then bingo the results will be there. We all need to take deep care of ourself and not expect anything outside of us to do that for us. This is the ‘irresponsibility”.
      I keep reading in UK newspapers ‘nanny state’ and it means we want the state, our country to take care of us – nanny us so to speak.
      I often wonder if healthcare was not free what the state of the UK would be in terms of health?
      I agree with you that even if it is hard to deal with our disregard “it is worth every step of the way’.

  8. The books of Serge Benhayon are a living miracle, you cannot pick one up and turn to any page and not find a gem for life. They are simply and beyond words a gift to humanity.

  9. Every sentence I have read in the books by Serge Benhayon has brought a point of consideration and an underlying truth that confirms itself in the living of it.

    1. Yes indeed a real big fat wake up call if you ask me.
      Any page, any time, any day and bingo you will get exactly what you need. Bit like the right medicine at the right time and it may not taste sweet and nice but it will do you a lot of good as it is FULL OF TRUTH. NOTHING BUT THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

  10. In this day and age what we are accepting as normal is in many ways actually abnormal and our irresponsibility and disregard for our human body is at the very basis of this. This brings to mind an actual quote of Serge Benhayon’s from the practical wisdom that he shares ‘Your body is your superannuation’. And in the big picture collectively, how many of us have and do invest in our superannuation funds at the expense of our bodies?

    1. Great quote to mention here Suse and well worth us all considering. Our body is really not at the top of our priority list and until we make that adjustment – however long it takes us, things are not going to be that great even if our mind would like us to think it is.
      I am living proof that leading a trashy life with lifestyle choices that totally neglected and abused my body was my investment in my superannuation.
      Thank God for Serge Benhayon that things are very very different now and I can claim that my body is well looked after and it sure is not about fancy lotions and massages.

  11. Responsibility is no longer a word that conjures burden, but is instead now a way of being that offers a deep love of myself and all those I meet.

    1. Great to see what you discovered responsibility to be Heather.

      I also have learned that it is not the burden I used to think it was and I now know what can happen when we accept responsibility… it most definitely is as you say ‘a way of living and being that offers deep love of self and others’.

  12. Well said Bina, Serge’s books are beyond comparison with anything else I have ever read and I used to devour books. I have read all of Serge’s several times and every time I read one again it is just as if I had not read it before in that there is another deeper level waiting for me each time I return to it.

    1. Great to hear you have read all the books several times Doug and I have heard others say the same about when they re-read it the whole thing feels like you have never read it before.

      I can honestly say I have not read ALL the books and doubt I will get them all finished this lifetime but that is not a goal for me. I just read a bit and sit with it or go back and re-read it over and over again until I get it or have a deeper understanding. I have lost count how many aha moments these books have given me.
      I even ask a question and then open the book randomly at any page and bingo – YES it always talks back to me and this is how I know these books are beyond magic and miracles. I am left in no doubt that Serge Benhayon was sent directly from God to give us all the answers so we can just like him GET ON WITH IT.

  13. With all the evidence we have that says drinking is a poison, all the deaths let alone acts of violence and sexual abuse under the influence you have to ask further to what is really going on, as surely no truly intelligent race would carry on repeating this destructive crazy behaviour?

  14. The works of Serge Benhayon will last for long after his (and our) passing, and I for one am very appreciative to have the gift of them in my life.

    1. I agree Heather and just like the books, these blogs and all websites associated with Serge Benhayon and his great work will live on well past our sell by dates. Just commenting as often as I can is a form of Appreciation for me in ‘giving back’ as I have an amazing life because of the work of Serge Benhayon.

  15. “It is a point of great sadness when a society finds it easier to be in disregard and in self-abuse than it is to be gentle and loving with oneself.” Serge Benhayon – it is sad to see this. It is so normalised to drink alcohol, champion it, indulge in it, spend a lot of money on it and encourage others to do the same, and yet it is the cause of a lot of violence and illness.

  16. That’s true Bina, more people are asking questions and looking to change, and these books are hugely supportive in bringing understanding and sharing that there is a way to have a different relationship with one self, life and evolution.

  17. The books written by Serge Benhayon are each a bundle of potential. One page can offer an awareness of who we are, or a truth about life, that seems so simple it is hard to know why we weren’t aware of that before.

  18. Reading the books by Serge Benhayon helps to make sense of everything I can feel has not been true in this world, and by bringing a point of great light and truth by which all that is not of that light cannot but be exposed.

  19. Bina, its so true, disregard and self abuse is the norm and many companies profit from this. Not only is Serge Benhayon a world leader on self care but his company Universal Medicine is based on love and also reflects how every facet of life, including business, can be based on love and self care, and care for others. We do not have to live self abuse, self neglect or disregard in any area of life and Serge is inspiring many, many people to also live this way. He is indeed an incredible man and teacher (and a really sweet guy!).

    1. You make a great point here Melinda about how many companies profit and this I know is true. There is so much our world needs to be aware of and more and more is being exposed. The time has come where Truth is being presented and it is Serge Benhayon with his Absolute commitment to Truth that is leading the way for us all and in business.
      I love what you say that ‘we do not have to live self abuse, self neglect or disregard in any area of life’ so that tells us it comes down to our choices. We do have a choice and it is never too late. Small steps is how I do this self care stuff and I am always learning so there is no striving for perfection.

    2. Yes Melinda, Serge presents a businesses model that really blows a ton of beliefs out of the water around what it takes to be successful in this world.

      Society seems to hold a notion that being a loving person is a hindrance to worldly success and that one generally has to compromise truth and integrity to ‘get ahead’ (of others)…

      Serge has shown us that this not even remotely true… and that success can never be about gaining at another’s expense.

  20. These books by Serge and the Hierarchy have been an absolute life changer for me. By reading these books I felt something deep within stir, old beliefs dropped away and for the first time I could see life with fresh eyes and an open heart.

    1. A life changer indeed Christopher – thank you for your comment.
      Serge Benhayon books really do knock out the nonsense that we hold in our heads like ideals and beliefs that are not supporting us in any way if we want to get real and honest. Instead he presents pure Truths that make sense if we are simply willing to be open to another way. By open I mean what you are saying and that is to have an open heart. That way there is no judgement or critique just something to feel and discern for ourself.

  21. The Teachings by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine offers us the tools to be who we truly are and to walk as true role models to humanity offering trust that there is another way to live in our way back to soul.

    1. “tools to be who we truly are” – great to read and feel that – thank you Francisco.
      Once we have the tools like you and me have then we need to simply GET ON WITH IT.
      I have come to realise how less and less I need to concern or worry myself about anything. If I need to ask questions by just going to the books there is always something on offer and I know things unfold and work out so no time wasted on nonsense head stuff.
      Serge Benhayon has given me and many others so many simple practical ‘tools’ that there really is nothing more needed and to then live them is what makes a true role model for humanity.

  22. The world needs these books so badly and realise the wisdom that is in them that can turn the tide on the massive abuse that is in our daily lives everywhere on the planet. These books are the only literature I have ever read that can make sense out of the nonsensical. From what intelligence are we coming from when we choose abuse over self-love and love for all our fellow brothers?

    1. I love what you say here Kevmchardy about the only books you have ‘ever read that can make sense out of the nonsensical’. Serge Benhayon is presenting another way and he lives that other way which is polar opposite to how most of us live in the world.
      What makes this man incredible is that he is showing us how we can all be the Equal and he is not special or got a halo on his head. He has no titles or the academic intelligence this world thinks is real education. He has more, so much more and this is why people from all professions choose to listen to him and live as he does to the best of their ability and I am one of them.

  23. I can relate to what you have shared here Bina
    “Some of it I didn’t like and I know exactly why. It was because I could not bear the thought of having to take full responsibility for ALL the choices I make and that everything that had happened to me was a result of my own choices.”
    Coming to terms with being responsible for all my own choices rather than blaming others and adopting the victim role has been a great learning for me. Re learning to love my self again is having a very profound effect on my body I’m letting go each day of the tension I’m holding on too and to surrender back to the love we all come from.

    1. Thank you Mary. It is that word that keeps weaving its way through all my Serge Benhayon blogs and comments – RESPONSIBILITY.
      A word I hated, loathed, run away from, ignored and denied until one day boom things changed. I realised I was going no where and nothing was really going to change and my body was going to continue having to live with the tension and anxiety which led to utter exhaustion and a crap diet. Once I started taking slow consistent steps towards living that word RESPONSIBILITY things moved. I noticed change in my moods, emotions, eating patterns and general behaviour. ALL this came from applying the teachings of Serge Benhayon and committing to life in a way like never before.
      For the Record, I am not perfect, by far and that is not ever a goal. However, my life is real, super simple and basic and yet I feel amazing, look at lot younger than my age and have nothing to complain or whinge about. That itself speaks volumes if you knew how awful my BSB life was. That means life BEFORE SERGE BENHAYON.

      1. I am so aware of how powerful it is to take responsibility. it is not a dirty word and yes i loathed the concept too. Now it is a word I embrace more and more.

  24. I love reading this blog again Bina. The quote you used says so much and makes me ponder on how crazy humanity has become when we accept self-abuse as normal. It is very much needed to raise our awareness around abuse and why we are choosing this on a mass scale.

    1. Great that you ‘love reading this blog again’ Chan Ly. The quote speaks volumes and yes I agree it is very crazy how we as a race of beings have made the choice to accept self abuse on a mass scale and that is what has made it all seem normal. Whatever the mass do becomes normal. It just doesn’t make sense.

      Blogs and websites like this are a start if we are to ever have change. Thank God for Serge Benhayon as the tides are turning even if it seems like only a few on the planet are currently active in this.

  25. The new ‘normal’ is here in Serge Benhayon – clairsentient, Universal, living Love in all aspects of life and completely dedicated to serving humanity, Serge is paving the way and reestablishing what a true and ‘normal’ human being can live.

    1. One day how Serge Benhayon lives will be the normal and we are so way off right now it may not seem possible. All I know is I am on my way but I have a long way to go but it does not put me off.
      Considering how I used to live and how wayward I was things are better than anything I could have dreamed of. This man has given me so much and his books will be with me until my last breath.

  26. This is beautiful to read, and so are the books of Serge Benhayon they bring a deep understanding to life, and all that is causing it to be the way it is. Deep wisdom from the true source, that is the universe.

    1. Yes indeed Benkt these books by Serge Benhayon ‘bring a deep understanding to life’ and they give you the answers from all different angles so its like they chip away at our mental constructs. You simply cannot knock it and when you read something that makes sense its like you know it but until that moment you had not thought about it in that way. Incredible and amazing really.
      Yes the books come from the true source – Absolutely.

  27. Imagine loving ourselves like a baby. Imagine how we would move, how we would eat, how we would interact with others. Would it be different to banging and crashing around the place without a thought or a care… or would we drop back into a natural tenderness and sensitivity?

    1. Great that you mention this Simon and it shows us how far far away we are from respecting our precious body. Lets call it precious as that is how we see a tiny baby.
      We never would think of giving it a cigarette or a glass of beer but yet we merrily would put stuff in our mouth that is deeply harmful and poisonous. Crazy really when we think we are so intelligent as a race of beings. I reckon we could learn a thing or two from the animal kingdom who seem to know what is true for their body and what is not.

  28. Serge’s books changed how I read. Previously I always was reading a book. I loved the escape. I loved being able to disconnect from the world around me and delve into another world and get lost in it. But since discovering the purple books by Serge very rarely do I read. I can manage to read about 2 or 3 pages morning or night but that is it. I read them slowly and I digest and process what has been said. In the space of a few pages so much has been said. They don’t allow for getting lost in and require full presence. I can even read the same page a few days later and it is as though I have not read it at all.

    1. This is such a great comment Nikki. I agree these purple books by Serge Benhayon do not allow you to escape and get lost. Like you I have read the same page a few days later and its all sort of new and like I am getting the message but from another angle. The first time I was not quite getting it or I made a point of choosing to not really pay attention.
      I tend to open the books at random and bingo it is always bang on what I need to be reading.
      This man is something else and I am looking forward to him being truly studied by our scholars.

  29. Reading Serge’s books is like a coming home to the truth we know within, but so often lose touch with in the craziness of the world and our reactions to it.

  30. I love how we are all so different, I really enjoy Serge’s books now but it certainly was not what drew me to the work. I found the language difficult to understand at first. The modalities and sessions however were what kept me coming back for more, I had never experienced anything so nourishing as when I laid on a massage table receiving esoteric treatments. I was connected again, like I had felt when I was a kid. I am so glad that everyone has their own path back to themselves, its what makes thing interesting.

  31. “If one sentence can give you this blog, imagine what 8 books can… and the rest…” hahaha you are hilarious Bina! Love it!

    1. Great you find Bina hilarious Michael Brown.
      Well its 10 books now and keep counting as there are more on the horizon.
      Serge Benhayon does not take a day off from his book writing just like we don’t take a day off from brushing our teeth. This man really is something else and he inspires me of what my potential is.
      I never imagined writing in the way I do today or studying in my mid fifties. I never thought this was possible and that it would be another life.
      It is now easy to say that I will be writing books for humanity and have already started. This is not a fluffy dream but a reality thanks to Serge Benhayon.

  32. Yes, so much wisdom and opportunity to expand our understanding and awareness in just one sentence… Taking responsibility is the new black! it does not have to be a thing that is too difficult anymore, in fact, it is more difficult to choose to indulge in disregard or a lack of responsibility as the ill-choices accumulate and are not so easy to ignore. Also, the energy that it takes to abuse ourselves and our bodies is exhausting to say the least, once our awareness is brought to the fact that we actually do have choices to make and that we are completely capable of making them, all can change.

    1. Funny ha ha Cherise – responsibility is the new black.
      I agree it is not difficult to take responsibility. I find it normal and being accountable for all my choices ends the blame game instantly, puts the ball back in my court to do what I want and then if I get it wrong, I learn. If things flow, I am always saying ‘whats next’. I no longer feel to sit around, waiting to be told, directed or guided. I know how to connect to me thanks to Serge Benhayon and thereafter I know things unfold. No more push and drive needed and therefore no more self abuse, disregard or neglect to this precious body of mine. I value every day now and l can honestly say I know my future is guaranteed by the choices I am making today which then becomes tomorrow. No big deal.

    2. Beautifully said Cherise, that taking responsibility does not need to be too difficult, that life in fact is much more difficult when we choose to stay in self-disregard and abuse and it takes a lot of energy to fight what we know to do it!

      Books by Serge Benhayon are like lights that illuminate our path of return to who we are, should we choose to get off the highway of normalized self abuse and try a deeper way of loving and living.

      May these books be available to every person until we all know, once again, the wisdom in them by looking inward and re-connecting to our own inner heart.

  33. Being in disregard and self abuse is indeed ‘normal’ and this is not actually ok. I am so glad to even be starting to unpack the level of self abuse I am having in daily life. This is not normal and not ok.

    1. Correct Felicity, it is not normal to be living in any self abuse or dis-regard whatsoever.
      I am not perfect so I no longer need to do a post mortem when things go belly up. No need to indulge and phone a friend or make a meal out of something. I now have the attitude that it is a tiny speck in the big picture, so I call out the ill nonsense and get on with it and by that I mean living life as I know I can where nothing is a big deal.

  34. “Are we waiting for society to tell us what to do or are we going to ask our bodies what is needed – and could it be that simple as starting with being gentle and loving towards oneself?” – Great question, how often do we dismiss the wisdom of our own body because we think we’re under-qualified or it goes against what we believe we should do… I’ve found developing being gentle and loving towards myself to have powerful effects, supporting my wellbeing and how open and loving I am with others too.

    1. Yes Fiona this question is speaking volumes to us all. Why wait when we have the wisdom inside our body which has every answer custom made just for us. It is tailor made and perfect always. Not once have I got it wrong when my body is in charge and I choose to listen. I say choose because at times I can override it with my head and then my body cops it like a bad food choice. Forever learning here, so always doing my best not to indulge in beating myself up but asking WHY. The why question is what gets things moving in the right direction.

  35. As one evolves, one discards lots of layers that do not truly belong to the body and also we detach from because we accept we do not belong there either. What waits for us at the end of the tunnel is a level of purity that can be felt in terms of emanation of love. When one writes from such emanation, the writing is pretty essential. What is interesting is how different people receive these texts. The case of those that have a hard time to receive it is an interesting one. It shows the fogginess they have constructed to live under. That was my case.

  36. “Serge Benhayon really is an inspiration and role model of what is possible for all of us to live on earth today – in Truth” – I am getting a feeling that I haven’t actually allowed myself to really appreciate in full the extent of what Serge Benhayon brings. I have said many thank yous, and felt the absolute benefit from what he presents, yet there’s so much more there that has already been said and yet I have chosen not to be aware let alone live it. Thanks you, Bina, this is huge.

    1. Thank you Fumiyo for your comment.
      I understand what you are saying about not actually allowing yourself to ‘really appreciate in full the extent of what Serge Benhayon brings.’
      You have answered it on some level when you say you have ‘chosen not to be aware let alone live it.’
      May I add from my own lived experience I have a deep appreciation for myself and who I am and what I bring to this world. ALL thanks to Serge Benhayon.
      It is then a very natural way of living to appreciate others and expand on this as I do through writing blogs like this about this incredible man.
      In fact I now have a website that is based on the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

    1. I agree with you Joe. I am yet to not learn something new with those Serge Benhayon books and my awareness expands always.
      Through choice I now have let go of all other books unless there is a purpose like my study or reference books like dictionary. I see no point as they do not hold the quality that these purple books hold. It has taken me over 10 years as I was a serial hoarder of spiritual new age books and boy oh boy there are so many in that section at the bookstore. Its a huge industry and I was once upon a time one of its lost empty customers.

  37. The books of Serge Benhayon are a blessing for humanity. They communicate the wisdom of the Universe, the guiding Light for the answers of all humanity’s problems.

    1. They certainly communicate the wisdom of the Universe as you say J Stewart.
      How many of us are even aware of the wisdom of the universe?
      I had no idea or even cared until I met Serge Benhayon. Now I know different and it really does up the RESPONSIBILITY that we each have.
      These books are the guiding light as you say and humanity needs to look no further. We have the answers thanks to Serge Benhayon.

  38. Dear Bina,
    When I first ever read one of Serge Benhayon’s books, I found myself in a bit of shock, as here was a man saying what I felt, but thought it not ok to feel this way, because so many around me were in no way wanting to hear it. Serge gave me permission to claim back what I had always known to be true.

    1. Dear Leigh Strack
      I like that word you use “permission’. That is also what Serge Benhayon gave me and thousands of others. Permission to be real and not hold back from expressing the truth. It was a life changing moment for me and I know exactly when he presented this.
      I find you do not become popular but thats what happens when you live Truth.

  39. “A great example is how society accepts drinking alcohol as sociable and normal and yet we All know it is a scientifically proven poison. Are we waiting for society to tell us what to do or are we going to ask our bodies what is needed – and could it be that simple as starting with being gentle and loving towards oneself?”
    Thanks for making this poit crystal clear. We have gotten it so wrong with neglect of the body being unchallenged largely, and when we do focus on it, we are usually doing it with a harshness or demand that it be ‘better’ or more attractive to others, but not by connecting with it first and asking it what it needs. The answers to our woes are very simple when we approach it from that perspective.

    1. Thank you Felicity. You make a great point here about when we do “focus on our body it is with a harshness or demand that it be ‘better’ or more attractive to others” but at no point do we truly connect to it and so the end result is in no way going to really change anything. I know as that is exactly how I used to behave. My body was a hindrance and in the way of my wayward lifestyle. To be told I need to connect and pay attention to it was like dumping a child on me and saying look after it. A gross inconvenience so I simply would not go there.
      What was interesting is that everyone in my life at the time were the same so it was normal.
      It was only after meeting Serge Benhayon did I get the full whammy. A man who lives with such deep regard in every way that he reflects by the way he lives what is possible for all of us. This was a game changer for me and I have never looked back.

  40. I most definitely have in the past waited for illness and disease to take me to a stop, before I questioned anything I was doing. I now take the body seriously and every signal it sends is evaluated for what it offers me as an insight into how I am running the body,

    1. It is great Felicity that you take your body seriously now and every signal it sends you is evaluated. Imagine if more of us started doing this and the knock on effect to our health systems.
      This is what I call RESPONSIBILITY and it is high time we all started questioning what we are doing and how we are choosing to live as there may just be some clues as to why our body is ill or not in its natural state which is full of vitality.

  41. Hello Bina. The purple books written by Serge Benhayon are the place it all started to happen for me. I remember reading book 1, The Way It Is 4 times back to back. Unlike you when I first read these books I found them hard to understand. Some bits made sense but then some bits seemed to turn around and I was confused. After I read through this book the first time I was given a lot of understanding of why things were like they were for me. I was confused by life and nothing in my schooling, upbringing or life was making sense with how I was feeling. It was like knowing something but living a different way and being blind to this at the same time, it was awful to feel. The purple books helped me lift the shroud on what was really going on and I have never looked back. The second time I read the book I understood more, sentences that didn’t make sense now made sense and by the fourth time I was amazed at what each time was growing from what I was reading. The book was supporting me to expand my awareness of the world and my life around me. It was filling in the blanks that I didn’t even know were there but I could feel and were anxious about. These books are still a go to for me and I am always seeing more as a result of reading them, thank you Bina.

  42. Bina, you are an inspiration, and your realness and openness about truth and life is just like a breath of fresh air – thank you. Reading your words alone is a deep healing let alone what Serge Benhayon has to say.

    1. Heartfelt thanks Joshua for your comment – I am deeply touched.
      The ‘realness and openness about truth and life’ that you say is lived in every day life. It would be true to say that I am like ‘a breath of fresh air’ in my workplace and in my community and beyond.
      Being real is very simple and easy and allows for a natural openness towards others. I am known for talking to anyone regardless of their background. I do not change my tone, accent or have different voices for different people. Never.
      Example – I go walking in a rough area and I have chats with the roadsweepers and the guy who lives on the bench watching traffic go by with his alcohol addiction. I then take that into the supermarket, hairdressers, on the bus, train or plane. Same same but I don’t hold back, have a guard, stay at arms length or have thoughts about trust.
      For me Truth is everything and it is the thread that weaves through my life and this is why it is felt in what I write as it comes from my LIVING way. This holds a quality that I value and it comes with a deep RESPONSIBILITY.
      I have learned about true responsibility from Serge Benhayon who lives it to the nth degree.

  43. Bina your words ‘When I first came across the books by Serge Benhayon in 2007, I was very inspired as it felt like information I had known and it was being said in a language that I could understand.’ This was true for me too, it was as if I already knew what Serge had written and it made so much sense because deep down I really felt the truth of it.

  44. You’re spot on Bina – What Serge Benhayon gives us today we will reap the benefits of hopefully sooner than later, that is of course our choice. Serge is truly what humanity has been asking for, the true answer to our dire situation here on earth. The question though is do we recognise a heavenly messenger when we see one?

    1. Serge Benhayon is the true answer to our current mess on earth as you say Matts but how many of us know this or recognise this.
      Next – how many of us who now have a better life because of Serge Benhayon are living in a way that holds the same quality as he does. In other words how far are we willing to go when it comes to standing up for truth no matter what comes our way?
      A question well worth considering for those who are aligned with this incredible man sent from heaven.

  45. The books written by Serge Benhayon are extremely applicable to every aspect of life, be it parenting, work, relationships of other. I have never experienced in any book such insight and wisdom in every sentence as that experienced in reading these books – these are life changing books

    1. I agree Katie that these books by Serge Benhayon are simply “life changing” if we choose to at least sit with them and ponder on what is being said.
      If you think about it – this man has no halo on his head, no title to speak of, no formal education with letters before or after his name. In other words our current education system would class him as someone not of any value as he does not hold that type of mind that the world is currently operating under.
      Yet what he writes would blow out all the nonsense on this earth as he has the answers.
      Where does he get it all from and how does he access so much volume of wisdom non stop after 10+ books and there is no sign of him stopping?
      We should all be asking WHO IS THIS MAN CALLED SERGE BENHAYON and then scholars need to come forward and study him while he is alive so they can be left in no doubt that this man is a World Teacher who will be going down in history. Fact.

  46. As I develop my commitment to self-love, and start to fill myself up with self-love, the less I want to make unloving choices. It is that simple yet that hard sometimes.

  47. As a global mass we have become complicit in ill health and normalised it to the extent where we may have an organ removed or suffer a life threatening condition, and feel nothing out of the ordinary about it. That is quite a state of affairs to have come to, and in regard to the books what I find most refreshing about them is that they help me to see beyond our created normal to how crazy it is to live in ill health. We are capable of achieving great things but it takes a willingness to make choices that support health, and the more we create this as normal, the easier it is for others to see and feel that reflection too.

    1. Thank you Stephen G for pointing out about how we have normalised ill health as in my case thinking the removal of an organ is normal. I know in my culture the women seem to see this as a very routine major surgery and never ever question Why it happened.
      If it was not for the constant support of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, I don’t know if I would be alive today and that is the truth. My wayward behaviour was not really having a turnaround even after major surgery. It just goes to show how ingrained we become with our dis-regarding and neglectful way of living with zero connection to our precious body.
      Next – you mention the books which really confirm how upside down our world is and how ill informed we are about what is Truth. No wonder we have become so lost as a race of beings.

  48. No on can say that the knowledge and wisdom is not available to know what it means living a purposeful life, taking responsibility for one´s part and be of service for each other. We may not choose to know and do it but it has been always available for those who wanted to have access. With the presentations and books of Serge Benhayon and the many students who share their way of living like Bina Pattel it is now easier than ever before to re-connect to the Ageless Wisdom and the most down to earth approach of living gentle and loving with oneself and each other.

    1. Thank you for your comment and appreciation here Alex Braun.
      It reminds me of the earlier days when I met Serge Benhayon and it was made clear that these teachings are to be lived and shared. They are not in anyway to create a better life for oneself and to do so would not bring us any reward or evolution in Truth.
      That is something that stuck with me and after 11 years I can see why that was said on day dot.
      I take this way of living seriously to a point and by that I mean I am super real and live in the real world. My job is not to copy Serge Benhayon but to live what has been presented to the best of my ability and feel what works and get on with it. No perfection needed.
      I know that I am a beacon of light to this world and inspire many because I have committed to life and that word RESPONSIBILITY.

      1. Hear Hear ! A beacon of light to the world you are, Bina Pattel, not by any pretense but the realness of your choice and way of living, claiming and embracing the responsibility and glory that is our eternal birthright.

  49. The words of the purple books convey the quality (energy, consciousness) of its source without reducing or changing it hence by reading them one is impressed by that quality even when the mind may struggle to understand the message in full, but it is felt in the body, activating the same source within – our universal Soul.

  50. “this is the real deal and it offers us, as a humanity, to really get why we are here and what life is really all about.” So true Bina, Serge Benhayon and the Ageless Wisdom shared in the purple books shines a light on all those ‘Whys and How comes?’

    1. Yes Mary – every WHY and How come question is answered and what is even more powerfull is that every single question humanity has right now is in those big fat books. How on earth does one man do that day in and day out. Lets not forget he has a day job, replying to around 300 emails daily, a family man, a business man on many many projects around the world in different time zones and much much more that the scholars need to study. He is living our future future. By that I mean we all will one day be living in this way but for now we got a way to go.
      Some of us are clearly on our way and our lives are completely different to BSB – before Serge Benhayon.
      I for one was a bloated unhappy person, can’t say woman as there was not an ounce of a real woman back then, making loveless ill choices every single day with an exhausted body and a morbidly obese husband. Roll on a decade and I claim that I have an amazing life which is full of joy every single day and I love Simple Living Back to Basics as this supports me to do what I do best – Get on with it.
      I am blown away most days of how productive I am in one single day. Inspired of course by this incredible man called Serge Benhayon.
      For the record – my husband has lost over 13 stone in weight thanks to the teachings of Serge Benhayon with no sagging skin. That speaks volumes and is a miracle in itself.

  51. The purple books by Serge Benhayon leave no stone unturned, they present truth and the way forth in our evolution and that is to take full responsibility of the choices we make and the source of energy we align to.

    1. Correct Francisco – these books by Serge Benhayon really do not leave a stone unturned. Well this is exactly how this amazing man lives. He digs deep and does not stop for a comfort break, he does not self medicate and take a day off and he most certainly does not give up on humanity.
      It is well known and documented that this multi millionaire business man has a super succesfull business and could retire right now. But that is simply not on his radar.
      The world and its brothers should all be asking WHY?
      1. He needs to be studied now whilst he is walking alive on the earth
      2. He has nothing in his body that wants to have a comfortable life of creation.
      In other words he knows everything about where we came from, where we are going and life on earth.
      Nothing will ever stop him doing his bit to ensure all of us know who we are and not by banging on about anything. Simply by REFLECTION.
      Now that is what I call a man living ABSOLUTE RESPONSIBILITY.

  52. The purple books answer every question I have ever had regarding the mysteries of life. Already the amount of wisdom and truth shared in these books surpasses anything ever seen in any era of mankind, but there is more coming, much more. You may not like parts of what these books tell us, but that doesn’t mean that they are not 100% absolute truth, which they are. When you look at the whole picture that they lay out, you can see how every part fits perfectly with every other to create a whole where there is no room left for doubt. They ask for no faith, no belief simply that one considers what is contained therein.

    1. Thank You Doug and I could say “ditto’ to your comment.
      I find these books a bit like magic in my world.
      So yesterday night I asked a business question to Serge Benhayon and his team in heaven.
      Well blow you down it was talking about ENERGETIC RESPONSIBILITY and how every intention we have in what we think, say and do. This gave me more answers and it felt like the absolute Truth.
      A game changer and a clear sign that these books work in more ways than just a straight read.

  53. “It is a point of great sadness when a society finds it easier to be in disregard and in self-abuse than it is to be gentle and loving with oneself.” How can we have got to have a world that lives such constant abuse that to be loving, tender and delicate is considered a weakness and something to be ashamed of – the continual message being to harden… up. Yet when we meet true tenderness and true love, our heart melts and we know something of true power that no amount of force will ever match.

  54. It is an amazing experience to read the purple books, and find that what is revealed and illuminated changes according to the state in which I am when reading them – even though it is something I have read before, it is like I am reading it for the first time and reveals something deeper and grander than ever previously felt.

  55. Serge Benhayon certainly does not hold back when it comes to saying it as it is – and that can be downright uncomfortable, to put it mildly. We then react or respond, depending on whether we are willing to take responsibility for what we know is not true and right, no matter how ‘normal’ it may be deemed to be.

    1. I agree Gabriele – this man does not hold back ever when it comes to saying it as it is. I say that is fresh air and much needed in our foggy deluded world that we live in.
      Nothing is making sense, join the dots and you get the picture – all our systems are failing us and those in the power bigwig positions are not being challenged. It seems like things are upside down and not in a natural state and here we have Serge Benhayon literally spelling it out for us.
      Many of us really do not like the Truth and as I have said before if you don’t like Truth then you most certainly will not like Serge Benhayon.
      All I know is that his books are a constant companion and serve much more than ‘phone a friend, stick the TV on, reach for the bottle of beer or bag of sweets’ or whatever else we tend to reach for when some ugly feeling is bubbling up inside us.

  56. I have head Serge Benhayon talk many times and I have found it so inspirational, I have some of the purple nooks at home but in truth I have often avoided them….why so…I can feel it is like they hold something true that I already know but have chosen to neglect and it is exposing to read them and see the depth of our natural wisdom and connection with a deeper responsibility. I am currently reading a purple book and it feels amazing, I am at ease with it, it feels expanding to read it, I can feel I am living with more responsibility.

  57. ‘I have never questioned why I was so abusive and disregarding to myself as it seemed the “norm”. I got a tumour and had a major organ removed and this again felt normal.’ And this is becoming more normal everyday, health is not meaning vital, vibrant and joyful anymore it is about an absence of illness after operations, taking medication etc. There are so much people with diabetes, cancer, heartdisease and having put all their hope on the doctors in the hospital, not yet ready or willing to take the responsibility for their own choices, body and life but there will come a time and until that day i will offer them, to the best of my abilities, my love and care.

  58. ‘…having to take full responsibility for ALL the choices I make and that everything that had happened to me was a result of my own choices’ is a huge realisation that we all need to make.

  59. Ah ha, hear hear, absolutely true, gosh , you explained it well. We are being offered a change, one of great importance. Hence, we are being offered to question our life and so we can feel if we are either disregarding and abusing ourselves or being truthfull and loving ourselves from top till toe. Interesting pondering and choice can be taken on that alone. So like you said – Serge opens the door for us to enter and grow our awareness from back till front. No limits, only expansion.

  60. The beautiful purple books by Serge Benhayon sit by my bed and have done so, in a growing pile, since the first day I owned a copy of ‘The Way it Is’ back in 2006. I received the book just before a very long flight and as the plane took off I began to read and hardly put it down until I reached my destination 30 hours later. This book spoke to me so loudly of wisdom I already knew but that I had buried, and as I read the memories began to flood back and I did not want it to end; but it did, so I began to read it all over again, and have done many times since, and what I love is that each time it is like I am reading a whole new book!

  61. Succinct and to the point Bina, so spot on. I find within the books by Serge Benhayon there are revelations heaped upon revelations, many of them seem so obvious and a critic may say well of course that makes sense, theres nothing out of the ordinary in that. Yet no-one else is saying it, and the magic is in the simplicity, the ways we can change are within our grasp. And the big questions is why we choose not to change when it seems so clearly that so many want to live better healthier, more love filled lives. And those questions are answered too, in every book, there just has to be a willingness to not just read them, but be open to taking in what is really being shared, the depth of wisdom that is layered into every book.

  62. Am I really caring for and listening to my body? You might say I have a healthy diet, sensible sleep patterns, I don’t smoke or drink alcohol or coffee but am I truly listening to my body moment to moment hour to hour? The answer is NO I know this because in the short time it has taken me to write this paragraph I have changed my position to be far more supportive of my body than it was at the start. A great reminder Bina, that our bodies hold the wisdom we need if we tune in and listen.

  63. Hi Bina, I agree – the purple books are pure gold – and simply sitting holding one without even opening the page changes the way I feel – in that they are a living emanation of light – to put simply they have a quality that I can feel steadies and settles my body. And, when I open the pages like you I find wisdom pours out of every sentence. I don’t read for long, or much as I can find a quote or a few sentences are like a one hour healing session and more. Having the purple books in my home, and around me offers me inspiration every day.

  64. What you say here Bina is profound – “It is a point of great sadness when a society finds it easier to be in disregard and in self-abuse than it is to be gentle and loving with oneself.” I have lived in this way, and still find at times that it is easier to dis-regard in a world where being gentle and loving with oneself is not the norm nor is it encouraged. It is huge to consider the ills in our world, in our societies and in our own physical bodies and wellbeing are from the disregard and self-abuse – and abuse of others, when naturally this is not who we are as our every particle (in all of our bodies equally) is completely the opposite, tender, gentle, open, harmonious, balanced and spacious.

  65. I have never been a great reader either but there is something very different and very special about the books Serge Benhayon has written. Not only do I feel like every time I read them I am presented with something new yet something I know within, I also feel my body becoming more still and at ease with itself. I could literally open any page of any of Serges book and receive the exact message that will support me in that moment – now tht is very special and worth appreciating.

  66. “Imagine being loving and gentle with yourself like you do with a tiny baby. We do not abuse or disregard a baby, so why do we do it to ourselves?” This is a profound question and if this was the starting point for endeavouring to discover the causes of the ills of the world we get long lasting resolutions rather than the short-term solutions that in the long-term have not changed anything.

  67. It is truly remarkable to come from a place where it was normal to disregard and neglect your body to one where you truly and deeply care for it and reflect to others what is possible. The power of the Ageless Wisdom is beyond incredible when it comes to inspiring others to live a new normal.

  68. What is so different about these books is that they contain a living wisdom and not recalled and reinterpreted knowledge, so they cannot not become obsolete or outdated in one sense and yet they are written for this particular time and era.

  69. Thank you Bina, absolute truth spoken. So simple and real in a way – Serge Benhayon offers us the world to us in a book and brings absolute understanding to mankind (why are things now as they are).. But also shows that we can change.. Love is our answer – in its true form, as what is taught by Serge Benhayon.

  70. I remember when I read the first book “The Way it Is” I devoured it two or three times I could not get enough it was like no other book I had read and I loved every bit of it. This book and Serge Benhayon have changed my life, understanding what abuse is, and how disregarding of my body I have been over my life has been a great wake up call. I was not overweight and to most it would not look as if I had been abusive to my body but I had no respect for it, and did not consider myself to be in a woman’s body and pushed it to its limits expecting it to do everything I demanded of it. Today I have Osteoporosis, which I feel is because I have disregarded myself as a woman and not cared for my body in a loving way.

  71. ‘If one sentence can give you this blog, imagine what 8 books can… and the rest…’ Absolutely. The wisdom in the purple books is a confirmation of what we already know to be true, and therefore is already within us to be lived.

  72. It is in some ways weird to many that these books may ever interest someone enough to make not just one but so many read a piece of them every single day. I mean these books do not even have an interesting plot of main character! They have instead the plain and simple truth of it all and that means ALL. Whether we may like to accept it or not the truth is actually fact more interesting that the fantasy of a novel or theories of a book. So in that way it is not weird at all to want to read these every day. In fact it’s very healing!

  73. Bina if we were to just take one quote, like the one you have here in your blog, and live from that the effects would be quite life changing – imagine what life could be like if we read all the books and lived from the immense wisdom contained? Even more so if we accepted the reflection Serge Benhayon offers to us all of who we truly are, and we all then produced such wisdom (books, services etc) from our soul in service to everyone – amazing! What Serge offers is both life changing and world changing, and we too have that same potential to serve humanity.

  74. Just one sentence from one of Serge Benhayon’s books, applied and used as a key and tool, can open up a whole new world and dispel many of the myths that we have created and adhere to, i.e. this cult of normalcy with its millions of subscribers.

  75. The world will be a very different place when humanity feels empowered by the responsibility of making choices and how that affects everyone.

  76. Bina I enjoy reading your blog again as it’s down to earth and very no nonsense. Why do we all accept disregard and self abuse as the norm? I wonder in societies how this happens, were there ever eras where we lived gently and with love and care? I suspect there would have been because it’s actually our innate essence. I can’t help but feel that our descent away from love was consolidated by people not speaking up or making choices they knew were loving to reflect to and inspire others, even if it was against the norm. We are all equally responsible for how our societies are, so we must each individually choose to live in a way we know is responsible to others.

  77. ‘Are we waiting for society to tell us what to do or are we going to ask our bodies what is needed?’ – Great question Bina, and could we be looking to society for a much lower standard of responsibility and care we can fit in with, even though all the while our body is still responding to our choices and communicating what’s needed (and whether we’re meeting that) all the time!

  78. Gorgeous appreciation Bina of not only the incredibly unending wisdom available for us to explore through the words written within these purple books, but also for yourself and how you have turned your life around through accepting responsibility for the way you were choosing to live. The power of words is greatly felt when they are written from a body that has lived and continues to live the quality of truth, as is clearly the case with Serge Benhayon and yourself. Thank you for bringing to light the greater love and truth we can live and explore together, and the endless inspiration available to do so through the books and livingness of Serge Benhayon.

  79. Bina, reading this blog over and over again.. Everytime I learn more about it, about life, about the way I live and the growth I can choose, simply by my own daily way of movement, choices. It is powerful to feel and see that it is all that we choose – that makes our life.

  80. What an amazing and priceless gift Serge Benhayon has offered humanity with the many books he has written, and the many to come. This is a gift that has the potential to change people’s lives if they make the choice to live the wisdom that he reminds us of in every chapter; a wisdom that we all innately hold within but in many cases have buried – but have never lost.

  81. The first time I read one of Serge Benhayon’s books, I was overjoyed that some one was saying what I too knew, but had never before heard any one say. Thank you Serge, in your work you have given myself and countless others the courage to step up and speak about what we too know, feel and see in life.

  82. What is beautiful about the books written by Serge Benhayon is that you can either read it from back to front or just open it somewhere and you will always find something to ponder on, learn from and be inspired by.

  83. The truth of the century is marked for what it is – absolute mega revelations of life matters and energetic truths. How we are responsible for our own living and all choices.. Every single subject has been covered by the purple books – that show humanity the way forward to life and breath this energetic responsibility again – no rara, it is a simple commitment to life, our body and humanity!

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