Healing Hurts

Reading a blog by Anne Hishon ‘Feeling Vulnerable – Feeling me, I found myself totally agreeing with her words: “When I make a choice to bury how I am truly feeling, I miss an opportunity to heal the hurts/wounds that are sitting in my body and that just does not make sense.”

I saw that in the past when I have been emotionally hurt I would put my tail between my legs and try to ignore it by hiding from the source of the pain.

With physical hurts, surface wounds and aches, I immediately attend to them, seek some form of medical attention, be it a band-aid, antiseptic, visit to the doctor, medical practitioner, dentist or whomever the professional is that I feel is the most suitable for the required treatment.

There is no way I would just let the hurt go uncared for, as I know this would leave the ailment to fester and make me feel very unwell. So, why wouldn’t I ‘treat’ myself in the same way with my emotional hurts and reactions?

I am now realising that I can attend to them immediately, as I would a physical hurt. The treatment I’ve discovered is to lovingly support myself, very gently, and stay with what I am feeling.

What I choose may be as simple as giving myself a little space to ponder and be with me, or speak to the person with whom the hurt has come up and open up to them about how I am feeling. It could be that I seek wise counsel from a friend or professional as required.

The main point is that I don’t turn it on myself and continue to compound the hurt by adding the fuel of uncertainty, self-doubt, self-criticism, resentment and anger toward myself or the other person.

We are so worth caring for, healing all our hurts, emotional or physical. There is no separateness to how we truly benefit from treating ourselves and each other when it comes to caring for our wellbeing.

We are precious beings that deserve the utmost love and attention at every moment, in whatever way is needed.

With a forever deepening appreciation to Serge Benhayon,  his presentations and the sharing of life, love and wellbeing.

By Sandra Williamson, Brisbane Australia, Hairdresser

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771 thoughts on “Healing Hurts

  1. In the past I would go to see practitioners from many modalities to deal with how I was feeling and yet it still wouldn’t clear the root cause of it all, I was still left with that turmoil or it would fix me temporarily. Back then the feelings of anger pervaded my life, and all along I thought I was angry at the world but at the end of the day it was really me that I was angry with, as I was allowing myself become lesser then I really was.

    Since dealing with my emotional hurts with the support of the presentations from Serge Benhayon too, I have never looked back, life started to make sense now. I started to take on something I had never felt before, living my life from the point of my own truth and not of others.

    Every hurt whether physical or emotional needs to be dealt with, with the appropriate person, by the purpose of not being fixed, but from the point of responsibility and commitment to the healing, then life is certainly different.

  2. I agree Sandra, all of us … every single person is worth deeply caring for and healing all hurts both emotional or physical so that we can actually start to live and express the love of who we truly are ✨❤️

    1. Yes, we all deserve love, and care, ‘We are precious beings that deserve the utmost love and attention at every moment, in whatever way is needed.’

  3. When we appreciate in Truth we are appreciating our essences and thus we can hold and deepen the level of True-appreciation from what ever we feel in life so appreciation become the glue or substance that holds us between healing and also our moments of glory.

  4. This blog has just inspired and prompted me to send an email to someone to express more of how I feel and to clear a hurt that I have been holding on to. Thank you so much Sandra – expressing this is so much more freeing than holding onto it and allowing it to fester in our body.

  5. “The main point is that I don’t turn it on myself and continue to compound the hurt by adding the fuel of uncertainty, self-doubt, self-criticism, resentment and anger toward myself or the other person.” – When we lack self love and self care, the self bashing is a normal. But once we have learnt to love ourselves deeply the self bashing has no place and we can only say ‘oops’ and get on with more loving. This to me is true growth.

    1. We have a tendency to annihilate ourselves when all the ingredients of self love, self worth are missing. When every worth is within us, then nothing can bring us down and we can only observe what is coming from the person and depersonalise it, instead of thinking the whole world is against us. Life is joyful when we live from this point onwards.

  6. Sandra, this is a wonderful analogy – why would we neglect ‘dressing’ our wounds be they physical or emotional in nature? This alone said out loud really does give us permission to love ourselves up more deeply.

  7. I can really relate with this blog right now as yesterday a hurt came up. The beautifull thing was I literally could not ignore I had to look at it and get underneath it in order for it to clear, there is still a little bit more to go with this that I can feel in my body but I appreciate how much I am loving me in this process and long long a go I would have not acknowledged it, not wanted to feel it and therefore left it to fester instead. As you so rightly say we would not do this a physical wound so why on earth leave an energetic one?

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