Appreciating the Stillness Within and Sound Around Me

I recently had a moment where I felt for the first time how there could be absolute stillness within me amongst the many sounds of life: cars, trucks, planes, television, people, children, animals, you name it, there is constant sound that goes on around us.

This feeling of being in stillness is something that most of us rarely get to feel or experience because of the busy-ness of life. It was not until recently that I got to feel there could be absolute stillness within all that goes on around me.

At first this was one of the oddest experiences I had ever felt: children playing around me, friends having a conversation and a pot sizzling away on the stove. All of this and yet, whilst I stood there amongst it all, there was a sense of complete stillness within and around me.

I had not ever truly stopped to appreciate this before. Sure I had felt it briefly but never had I actually stopped to allow myself to appreciate it to the level that I did that morning.

It was the most beautiful thing I had ever felt. A complete stillness, as if the whole world had stopped, as if time stood still and was no longer a factor in life, as if I had all the time in the world.

I realised in that moment it had been the appreciation I had been missing, something I had chosen to overlook and ignore for such a long time.

It was not something I had given a lot of thought to: life just happened, how I was or lived simply was. It was from this level of appreciation I was able to feel something I had never felt before – the stillness both within and around me.

In my body there was a relief, a letting go, and a complete surrender to all that was and is. The stillness I felt within me had been there all along and is always there, I had simply chosen to ignore it and fell into the traps of life – traps that kept me in a momentum where I did not allow myself to “stop and smell the roses” you could say. And wow, what beautiful roses they are when we truly take the time to stop and appreciate.

In this stillness came a new appreciation for myself and all those around me: being able to feel the absolute joy and beauty in people, children, animals and nature, blessing me in every way.

No longer pushing through, looking past what was directly in front of me, but now feeling how the appreciation in all that is supports me to hold, deepen and develop further the amazing connection I have with myself.

Allowing me to appreciate myself is to love the woman I am and to love, understand and appreciate all others. We are all unique in our own way, but what we all have in common is the absoluteness within that we hold in our hearts.

No matter how we choose to live, the inner quality that lives within our hearts never leaves, it is always with us, supporting us no matter what, without judgement or criticism.

Within this stillness I could feel the strength of this inner quality, the inner being that supports us to be all that we are, if we so choose. And yes, it is a choice, a choice we must make for ourselves, one that no-one else can force us to make, a choice that needs to be made by and from us.

The appreciation has since supported me to live in a way that is free from complication and overwhelm, forever bringing ‘stop’ moments to my day, even though they may be only for a second, constantly reminding me that the stillness is eternal: it never stops and it never leaves, no matter how busy or noisy we may think things are, there is a stillness within that outweighs whatever it is that goes on outside of us.

A stillness within, where time has no measure, with the inner heart making the decisions – decisions that are in line with and supportive of the body: a body that now feels soft, supple, tender and delicate and yet at the same time stronger than ever before.

As I sit here writing this, the sound around me goes on: a television, an electric saw and a cement truck in a backyard, a toddler singing, a baby eating and our daughter playing piano, and yet the stillness within is stronger than all else.

It is with the loving support and sharings of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon that I have been able to reach this level of appreciation for myself and all that I am surrounded by. I know this appreciation will continue to develop and deepen as my own level of self-appreciation does.

It is time, time to stop, feel all that we are, all that we are surrounded by and appreciate the stillness within the all.

By Nicole Serafin, woman, wife, mother, hairdresser, Tintenbar NSW

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1,047 thoughts on “Appreciating the Stillness Within and Sound Around Me

  1. How beautiful to read your words today. “The stillness I felt within me had been there all along and is always there, I had simply chosen to ignore it and fell into the traps of life.” I am finding this myself at the moment, that a reaction, worry or distress can feel quite big, almost unsolvable, yet despite it all the stillness is ever present within and undisturbed. It’s just up to me to choose to be with it.

  2. Instead of appreciating myself and my life I became very self-critical and lost myself in a drive and busyness to get things done and to feel a sense of achievement to my life. Now having the opportunity to deepen my connection and relationship with myself I am starting to feel the innate stillness that is there, a powerful and steady guiding presence that supports us the more we choose to accept and appreciate our true selves.

  3. I read this like a movie, where you look at your life and see all the precious moments you missed because of the rush, but you are there and simply observing it all, appreciating and sharing with us!

  4. Sometimes it takes a stop moment to allow us the opportunity to break the raciness we run ourselves with that separates us from the harmony we naturally are, allowing us the opportunity to honestly feel where we are at and the space to develop a true and deep relationship with ourselves so that we are able to return to the innate stillness within that we naturally connected to as a child.

  5. I had an experience of that yesterday afternoon as I sat outside a busy shopping centre, I just sat – no phone, no distraction. I observed people, noises, but they were just there. I have often felt assaulted in a sensory sense in busy shopping centres, there is the smell, the sound, the visual lures and the energy. It was such a gift to be there yesterday and simply observe all those things, not be affected by them or let them consume me.

  6. Thank you Nicole because after reading your blog I can feel that I can make the space to appreciate those moments of stillness I feel throughout my day when I feel absolutely rock solid, yet very gentle and tender.

  7. Thank you Nicole for this beautiful reminder, that the stillness is always there no matter what is going on around us.

  8. Very beautiful sharing Nicole – stillness is within us all, and as you have said, we are often not living from this place, but the buzziness of life. I can feel the moment as you share it, still and appreciating this moment of stillness, a moment that can become more and more…

  9. One of the many qualities of the beauty of stillness is the space we are in, connected to something greater and there is no time.

  10. I love what you have expressed here Nicole; learning to appreciate and claim what we know to be true within our hearts, what a blessing. The choice and the responsibility as to the quality we live is always ours;
    “No matter how we choose to live, the inner quality that lives within our hearts never leaves, it is always with us, supporting us no matter what, without judgement or criticism”.

  11. ‘Allowing me to appreciate myself is to love the woman I am and to love, understand and appreciate all others’ Before we can understand others, first we must love and appreciate ourselves.

  12. Beautiful Nicole. It is very inspiring when another embodies and embraces the appreciation within themselves and within the all and it then becomes another marker to gauge where they are at. I know appreciation is missing in my life and I also know that I cannot truly appreciate another unless I am appreciating me first… it starts with me.

  13. Appreciating a moment of complete stillness; how gorgeous Nicole. Allowing yourself to appreciate the beautifully divine woman you are certainly does allow yourself to appreciate the same in others. Thank you for sharing this powerful message.

  14. Thank you, Nicole. Your sharing reminded me of my first Esoteric Breast Massage, well, first ever esoteric of all kinds – and I didn’t know the word stillness back then, but the quietness I recognized and felt despite everything that was going on around me was just amazing to behold. I had no idea what I was feeling, but I remember wanting to stay in that space forever.

  15. That is so true Nicole, as we deepen the love for ourselves (so through appreciation) we become more aware of our enviroment and the impact it has and we have on it.. we simply also become aware and appreciative of our enviroment. Simply gorgeous example of how love works.

  16. An interesting take on stillness that is a movement. We often think of being still as having no movement at all but what I see is described in this article is a stillness that is moving. A stillness that is a part of every day and very much within the world but not being affected by what goes on around it. From this place it would seem everything is known and you are able to see clearly what is coming and going. I wonder why life is seemingly getting busier and busier or faster and faster, is it because the world knows that if you have stillness you have everything and then the world would cease to exist in the way it does? From what I see everything is geared away from us choosing to be still, all the more reason to dedicate to being still. The world isn’t working and statistics seem to be showing we are getting more and more unwell. It looks as though it’s a great time to read why we are being pushed so fast and possibly try a ‘moving’ stillness.

  17. When I was growing up stillness was something unfamiliar to me not that I ever knew that. It wasn’t until recent years I discovered the feeling I lived my entire life with was anxiousness – I had always thought this was a part of me. Chaos within a body that was paralysed with fear was with a body that presented as a quiet shy child.

  18. I have really felt how much easier it is to appreciate myself when I allow space in my day, along with making self honouring choices, but it is in allowing there to be space, when i am not rushing from here or there, what I am not ‘doing’ something or checking out. It is just allowing myself to be, this naturally allows for appreciation to be present naturally so.

  19. Appreciation, I am realising more and more, is what allows us to know and feel that we are so much more that what we think, whereby we can explore the stillness we are within and live this with this steadiness in the world we are in. As you have said ‘…stillness within is stronger than all else.’ – we need only to connect and surrender to it, and appreciate that this deliciousness is who we really are.

  20. Beautiful to re-read and feel the changes within myself since writing my previous comment. As I begin to feel the beauty in others regardless what’s on the surface and appreciate it, I am finding it’s impossible to react in that moment as there is only love. What is becoming apparent is that there are so many moments in a day to appreciate but it is not just those moments to appreciate; the subtle feelings of appreciation towards myself which in deed can go deeper are certainly worth appreciating!

  21. Nicole, as by your blog, it gives me the feeling inside me that I can not escape appreciation, even though I tried it and was the most committed to do so (escape).. But I sense from this blog, that the need to destruct, simply came from the lack of love I had carried inside my body for so long.. and that this has nothing to do with who I am. A huge lesson, and a space I am now offering myself to – APPRECIATE.

  22. True Stillness is a ceaseless movement that is part of the breath of the Universe, an endless continuum through which we feel our connection with the All we are part of.

  23. Thanks for the beautiful sharing of the quality of stillness that is part of everyday-ness. It is surrendering to what is already with-in and is always there no matter what is around. It’s simply a choice – a truly beautiful choice when we give ourselves permission to stop for a moment and appreciate all we already are.

  24. Beautifully expressed and deeply felt Nicole, this blog highlights the exquisite stillness we can all experince with every choice we make – living this everyday builds a true and loving consistency that has a powerful flow on effect to others.

  25. We do get given these gifts, these windows of appreciation where we can stop and look and then be inspired to live in a way that makes what we have seen and everyday occourance.

  26. What you offer us here is beautiful Nicole and it is so precious to have, to live from one’s stillness despite the busyness and possible chaos around us.

  27. You are right, it is time to stop and appreciate what is inside us, something that has never left us and is there to be re-connected to at any point. Little moments of stop.

  28. That stillness within for me is my connection with God and with that connection I stand strong, in whatever comes to me. I now can appreciate that life is an offering for healing, to heal the hurts I have allowed into my life from living to ideals and beliefs instead..

  29. Appreciation is a neverending path that I’ve just initiated and been aware of it since recently. The magic of this is that there are no timetables or rules for appreciation. It’s always at my hands and at anytime, to explore, deepen and receive what unfolds in my life when I live with appreciation… and the difference that is felt is huge

  30. It seems to me that there is a choice. It is busy all around us no question – that is the way the world is configured, its demanding, its what we have grown up with. Yet we have all had experiences where we feel still inside, and I know I can move in the world with that stillness. So do we let the world draw us into its motion, or do we inspire those around us to have a bit more stillness by the quality in which we move?

  31. That was gorgeous to read Nicole. It gave me a moment to appreciate the stillness within. A moment to appreciate I’m not absorbing what is going on around me but observing, giving me space to smell the roses.

  32. It was interesting reading this while I have so much noise going on around me, and all I can feel is tension in my body. It’s early morning, and I’m used to the quiet and not ready for the jolts of the clanging in the kitchen etc. I find it difficult to find the stillness within, and realise how I allow external factors to constantly affect me. I make what’s going on around me so much bigger than me, I give my power away to it and almost give up when I don’t like what I feel. I see there is another way to go about it though, and that’s a work in progress.

  33. Nicole you have beautifully captured the expansion that appreciation offers. It seems to be the missing link that connects us back to the vastness God.

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