When I was a child I never had to worry because I always had something that looked like a big chunky lump of glass with me, and this was my greatest treasure.

It was fully mine and easy to take with me wherever I went. No one was jealous or wished to take it away from me, as they could not see any worth in it.

But for me it was everything as I could play the most amazing games with it… it would become an iceberg or a mountain, or whatever I imagined it to be. I would constantly grow from experiencing incredible adventures with it.

When I was sad, a ray of sunlight would fall on it and would be reflected back in all the colours of the rainbow and there was no other possibility than finding my joy again, as I loved those rainbow colours and their playful presence so much.

Later, when I grew up and realised that no one seemed to understand that this ‘lump of nothing’ meant the world to me, I started to doubt its value and simply forgot about it.

It was nearly 25 years later, during a Retreat with Chris James, that I suddenly encountered the glass lump again. At first I was shocked when I realised that it was not glass at all; it is a giant diamond in the rough.

Instead of feeling joy when rediscovering such a treasure, I felt anxiety of what the others might think about it: if they would be jealous, try to take it from me, or if I might destroy it when playing with it again just as I did in my childhood – totally free, without thinking about anything.

When I was a child I felt just naturally free in my body and never thought about why or how I moved. That day I felt so clumsy and insecure that I just did not dare to play with something that delicate.

Whilst pondering about that, sitting on a chair on the terrace, trying to compose a childhood song – as was the task set by Chris – and processing my head off with doubts about myself, all of a sudden an inspiration on feet came along.

This was a friend, who is one of the most inspiring women I have ever met. She glided down the stairs, impeccably and yet so simply dressed, barefoot and with utmost grace continuing to float her way through the park.

She was just with herself, focussed on the task that had to be completed, not thinking about the world around her or how she looked but moving with awe-inspiring grace and beauty.

Seeing her shine in this aureole of glory caused me to feel a love and the wish to simply adore her with all that I could bring; something I have never felt for a woman – expressing as a gay man in this life.

She made it tangible for me that love is so much more than gender or sexual preferences and that when we meet a person who deeply touches us, anything other than love is irrelevant – it is only us who choose how deep we are prepared to go and how many hurts and concepts we are to overcome along the way.

Somehow this gave me enormous confidence and I decided to no longer worry about my diamond, but to put it in my pocket and just wait and see what would unfold. I began playing with it every now and then, cautiously at first and then more and more confident. And boy oh boy, what unfolded next made the magic of God become more tangible for me.

The next day I was, seemingly out of nothing, met by a man who just went beyond any fears or concepts and who expressed openly with the most simple and honest words.

At first I panicked and wanted to back off, but then I opened up and let crumble down, one by one, nearly all the walls of protection I had so painstakingly built around my heart.

The embrace we shared seemed endless, step by step inspiring each other to dare to go deeper and deeper and express more and more of what we were feeling in each other’s presence, nearly no words needed, just an embrace and yet so much more.

The gestures and movements were very small yet so full of care and support like I could not remember having felt before. It was as if we had known each other and held each other for ages.

We inspired each other to step by step open up to be who we really were behind all those layers of habits, ideals and beliefs with which we usually veil our true self.

What he shared with me from his body at that moment was that my diamond was not only a priceless treasure but even more; something that I could polish into a true gem and develop joy in wearing it for all to see and enjoy.

This gem is there for me to look at and to remind me of the colours of the rainbow whenever I might doubt myself, and that it is always there, around my neck shining, glittering and colourfully sparkling with every ray of light that might fall onto it; reflecting to others that this joyful display of magic they see is nothing but a reflection of their own light they are shining towards me.

This diamond is my own unique preciousness.

It is something I can never lose, but just forget about. No one can take it from me, as it will not shine on them as it does on me. And deep inside they all know this and that they don’t have to grab it, as we all have our own gem that suits each of us best – a unique gem which has been custom made.

The list of all wonderful persons to say thank you to would fill a roll of wallpaper, so just one big warm and simple hug to everyone who inspired me to find my preciousness again and to allow my diamond to sparkle every day by shining their rays of light on it.

By Michael Kremer, Personal Assistant, Buchholz, Germany

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803 thoughts on “Preciousness

  1. Preciousness – something I am returning to more and more each day. It feels so deeply holding and respectful of the delicateness that lies within and shines out for all to be inspired by.

      1. Yes, preciousness is an expression of Love, Christoph, and appreciating it is so very important as it builds a platform for us to stand on and in turn build more.

  2. Absolutely beautiful Michael. Of late I have been feeling intensely the protection I have built around myself that keeps my preciousness in and others out. I’ve been feeling a bit trapped amidst my walls of protection, yet I know that I’m the one put them up so I am equally capable of taking them down.

    1. It clearly doesn’t work to seek to protect our exquisite preciousness and vulnerability- this distances us from true support and pits us at odds firstly with ourselves and then all others. Surrendering to our naturalness, to the Love we are is a needed start and from here magic can be.

      1. ‘It clearly doesn’t work to seek to protect our exquisite preciousness and vulnerability- this distances us from true support and pits us at odds firstly with ourselves and then all others. Surrendering to our naturalness, to the Love we are is a needed start and from here magic can be.’ …. love what you share here, Deborah, wize words indeed. It’s crazy how the very thing we’re trying to avoid, when we try to protect ourselves’ is actually made so much worse.

      2. Absolutely – we are adding more protection and further walking from ourselves when we avoid Love or try to be anything at all. The key is to bring who we are – the full us.

      3. This is the beauty that moments outside of our comfort zone can offer us – an opportunity to let everything be seen simply for what it is.

    2. I can relate to what you have shared Nikki. It’s interesting that we put up walls to protect ourselves from being hurt, but all these walls do is prevent us seeing, feeling and living the love that is naturally there for us to live and express and that this compounds the hurts that we are trying not to feel.

      1. I agree Jennifer, the walls of protection we put up to stop ourselves feeling our hurts, only create further hurts and pain, we even start to walk, sit and move in a way that is protected and hurts our bodies, shutting down our connection to others and limiting the grand and stupendousness we can only bring through connection with another or others.

      2. So true Jennifer put up walls and protection to keep others out is such a double edged sword, which in the end prevents feeling and sharing the love that we naturally are.

      3. … which then turns into a vicious cycle of building a forever stronger fortress around us which keeps people out and leaves the hurts festering inside, unattended and unhealed. What does that do to the body and our mental health?

    3. So interesting nikkimckee. I can feel that when we put up protection in an attempt to keep our preciousness safe, we actually diminish this preciousness to the point where not only can others not feel it we also lose touch with it. Protection is like locking a beautiful jewel in a safe deposit box where no one can see it, there is no point in having it if it cannot be appreciated.

      1. This is such a beautiful analogy and reflection that our inner beauty and preciousness is there to be expressed and shared with others not locked away for fear of losing it or being attacked.

      2. Well said Lee. A diamond, like us, is designed to reflect light. When locked in a box there is no way for a diamond to do what it can do.

      3. I feel it is important that we understand that the preciousness never fades or leaves us when we do not acknowledge it, bring it or attempt to hide it. Our essence remains always. We achieve little more than placing obstacles in the way of our connecting and expressing from our True essence.

      4. So true Lee, “Protection is like locking a beautiful jewel in a safe deposit box where no one can see it, there is no point in having it if it cannot be appreciated.”- it just reminded me of growing up and my parents hid our gold jewellery so noone could steel it if we were broken into, but we never got to wear our beautiful jewellery- to remind us of the preciousness within us all.

    4. Yes, I put up the walls of protection so I can choose to take them down. I have a choice: to allow myself to breathe and feel my preciousness or to encase myself within walls that separates me from love that is all around us. It’s like putting a beautiful plant inside a a box – it withers and dies if it doesn’t have access to the air surrounding it.

    5. Reading all these replies, I can feel is my box, there is no expansion in our box, no light or love of God. We make sure the lid is on so heavens light does not shine in, we do our best to make the walls strong and solid so our tenderness doesn’t escape out and no one can touch it. It’s the silliest box ever really. I can see that I have built it, I seem to have made it look so complicated that I think it’s hard to take down. Lucky there is are simple instruction booklets when I’m ready.

    6. Great point Nikki – if we are the ones to put up the walls of protection we can’t pretend that we don’t know how to take them down again

    7. Great point Nikki that we are the ones who put up our walls of protection – so we are equally capable of removing them. Doing this means allowing ourselves to feel raw and vulnerable – but it so worth it, when we allow ourselves to be seen for who we truly are, because then we allow others in.

  3. The description of your friend who was inspiration on feet shows the HUGE power of reflection. She didn’t need to say anything or do anything. The most simplest act in the world of being ourselves can have the biggest impact on others. When we are ourselves we are non-imposing yet we can be the cause of great change and allow others do to the same.

      1. And the light that is reflected travels far and wide, much further than the eye alone can see.

    1. Beautiful point, Nikki, it’s very easy to underestimate the power in us just being who we innately are, no fuss, no frills, just our gorgeous selves ….. divinely magnetic.

    2. This resonated with me too nikkimckee. It is absolutely beautiful to be inspired by the reflection of others and be open to my reflection inspiring others.

    3. We often forgot the true nature and power of being and expressing ourselves fully in life and it does not require one ounce of actual doing or interacting with another.

    4. Exactly Nikki, it may be challenging for another to see such a beautiful reflection, but never is it imposing and never does it expect more from another. It truely is an incredible gift to others when we move and walk as all we are.

    5. So true Nikki, there is a great power in simply being our full selves and we should never underestimate the impact that this can have on others around us

    1. Connect and shine for we cannot but reflect all that we are…it definitely pays to not try to cover up our purity or scramble away from the Love we are.

      1. It sure does pay, a wise man just said to me, ‘It is simple to live all that you are — not so simple to not live it’.

      2. How true this is – life becomes more and more complex in order to maintain the move away from Love and who we naturally are.

      3. I agree’ that ‘It is simple to live all that you are — not so simple to not live it’.
        We bring in much complexity when we do not bring who we divinely are to the fore.

    2. Thank you, Francisco, for highlighting this point, that we’re surrounded by a sea of ‘love that is there to be connected at anytime we choose to do so.’ …. reading these words I’m asking myself why I’m not frolicking in that sea of love every moment of every day …

      1. Yes, me too Alison! It is great to be reminded that this ‘sea of love’ is there surrounding us all of the time, and it really does come down to a simple matter of choice.

    3. Francisco the word preciousness now has a real strength to it for me, at one time I considered it weak, now I consider it as a reflection of someone that is deeply connected and loving to the point they honour themselves and the innate preciousness that we all are.

      1. I’m remembering that now too David. How often we let words lose their true meaning and then the feeling and quality that they originally held is lost? By living this quality of preciousness of which you speak we bring back the truth of expression.

      2. I agree David. Honouring your innate preciousness runs against the grain of societal images of ‘appropriate’ there is much to renounce/ignore that is on offer on daily basis, thus it takes great strength to resist all the non-honouring temptations and commit to love unapologetically.

    4. This is a beautiful reminder Francisco and that this preciousness is inside us all. It is our choice to connect to this or not.

    5. Beautiufl reminder Francisco – our preciousness is there within us always. We simply have to choose to connect with it.

  4. A beautiful journey of self-discovery…to embody the preciousness sought without and to realise that all the while it was within, not as an object carried in our pocket but our true essence and nature. Our preciousness is to revere and to nurture each and everyday and we make rainbows wherever we may be.

    1. So beautifully said Deborah, I so agree that being able to feel our preciousness, to revere it and take that out into all that we do each and every day. This is a choice to do so, but one has to be able to feel that in order to see that in others. It is something to be shared for sure when deeply felt.

      1. Absolutely raegankcairney. Once we fully appreciate our own preciousness it can then be shared for all to feel. It is lovely to feel this preciousness in another and know that we are that same preciousness.

      2. So true Raegan, one has to feel and appreciate our own unique preciousness as equal in another and the responsibility to bring that forward in life otherwise we are holding back what is not ours to keep locked away.

      3. Raegan, absolutely and the sharing of our preciousness is something that without a doubt has to be shared. When we are in connection with this quality within then every word, movement and thought is expressed naturally and everyone from far and wide can see and feel something is different – this is what makes it so precious.

      4. We don’t appreciate ourselves nearly enough, if at all – it is therefore little wonder that we fail to see the preciousness, divinity and beauty of others and to honour this.

  5. A precious and touching story which demonstrates we are far more than the eye may first see or the mind grasp – we are each unfathomable beauty and godliness. The question is do we live this true quality?

    1. Beautifully said Deborah, at any and every moment we are offered chances to live the godliness and beauty we are. This is a pretty crazy thought considering this holds complete truth and yet many walk in the opposite direction. Do we live this true quality? If not why not when it is offered continually?

      1. Yes, we are never not held in absolute love and offered this endlessly to return to.
        We may side step, walk around or perhaps walk away yet Love is there forever calling us home.

  6. “love is so much more than gender or sexual preferences and that when we meet a person who deeply touches us, anything other than love is irrelevant – it is only us who choose how deep we are prepared to go and how many hurts and concepts we are to overcome along the way.” How true that is, Michael, we can love a person of either gender, with nothing to do with sexual attraction, it can just be someone we meet in the street, it can just be something innate that we feel about the other, that truly touches us, triggers a chord in us, and we feel the love that is there is how they are in themselves. We can feel when another is living the love that they are.

    1. I have experienced feeling this love for another, such an incredibly deep affection that feels like it goes way beyond this lifetime, I felt this after meeting this person for the first time, it’s not at all sexual, maybe we have had a relationship in another life, either way, it’s a marker for me of the depth of love that I can feel for another as this intense love was there the first time we met, it didn’t build over time, it was just there. If I’m not feeling this intensity with everyone, isn’t this showing me how much I am actually measuring the flow of my love, how much I share of myself and how much of another I allow in?

  7. We are held like a jewel in the arms of God and this light and this love burns forever bright from within. Asleep to this truth, we forget that WE ARE THE JEWEL WE LONG TO HOLD and thus we go our wayward way, searching high and low for that which we already are, but have forgotten to be. Michael, your words are beautiful for they call us out of our slumber and allow us to once again see, the light that has never left but that we had closed our eyes to.

    1. That is so beautiful Liane. We have fallen asleep on our greatest and most treasured gift, the deep warm nurturing glow of God that resides within every single person on this planet. Waking us up to this irrefutable fact is quite a job and Michael reminds us again and again that all we are searching for has always been with us, we simply need to stop, feel and truly appreciate these inner qualities we dismissed and abandoned in favour of so many false images and ideals of who we should be.

      1. True rowenakstewart – it is ‘quite a job’ but it can start with the reflection of one man, living, breathing, walking and expressing that ‘glow of God’ – and spread like wild-fire. Thank God for Serge Benhayon.

    2. Beautifully said Liane, ‘we are the jewel we long to hold’ absolutely poetic, as this is what we all do seek. To feel that essence within us, but we do search high and low outside of ourselves for this, but never to find, only when we connect within.

    3. Absolutely – ‘we are the jewel we long to hold’. This could be said in many ways and reflects how many of us live our lives – seeking love outside of ourselves when we are the Love we seek, seeking answers when the infinite wisdom of the Universe is within us all and seeking God when we are each his son and he is with us always -we need only connect.

    4. So beautiful to read and feel the beauty of who we are in your expression. We can open our eyes and awaken to this beautiful clarity that we are the jewel that ‘burns forever bright from within.’

  8. “The gestures and movements were very small yet so full of care and support like I could not remember having felt before. It was as if we had known each other and held each other for ages.”

    The smallest gesture, if infused with the all of our love, can contain within it the vastness of the Universe. There are no words that can speak of this space, but it is felt deep within every pore of our being.

    1. Wow this sums it up, how the way we can be in life and the sheer joy that is possible every second of every day. Choosing to have complexity and disharmony in our life is of our own creation. Which has an effect on the whole Universe. Great Reminder.

      1. This is important for us to recognise – that we have an effect on the whole Universe.
        Few are willing to take self- responsibility, let alone responsibility for the effect our choices and lives have on others and yet the impact is wholly Universal, far greater than we may be prepared to consider in every respect.

    2. There have been occasions recently when meeting people for the first time – they get that look on their face and say ‘I know you from somewhere…’ – and then the usual questions arise about where have you worked or lived. But what I feel is the sense that we all know each other on a deeper level and that they are simply connecting to that awareness. We know each other ‘intimately’, in a place where we are all one, all absolutely equal and all the same.

      1. Well said richardmills363. We are simply Brothers who have not yet met. That is why the light of our Soul, our true self is an all encompassing One-unifying light that leaves no ‘strangers’ behind.

  9. As we discover our inner-most, which allows our preciousness to redevelop, we reach a point that we choose that inner-most more and more. The love we feel for ourselves first is also felt by us within all others equally!

  10. The more you let your diamond shine the brighter it grows. It can never be taken from you, quite that opposite. Its fire will ignite other diamonds to also shine and in that much joy is shared and the fire spreads.

      1. Absolutely if you leave it sitting around it only collects dust, and becomes something that is not valued. To truly open our hearts and “shine much joy is shared”, which brings in the natural reflection that becomes self-perpetuating!

  11. We are set up to lose, dull or hide our childhood gems, but the time is upon us where the need to do so can now be forgotten and we can bear them proudly and let them gleam to inspire others to find theirs, just like you have done Michael

    1. Absolutely Kev, we are at a time in history when we have the possibility to live our full potential and shine out, there is a huge support for us to do this, and humanity is desperate for this reflection of another way to live.

      1. So true Thomas. Humanity is desperate for this reflection of love to clear the shadows. And we are so supported to be this reflection.

    2. Is it not true that we have set this up to not shine? We justify that we cannot let our diamond out of the bag or let others know it is there because others have not yet uncovered theirs…it is a ceaseless game of keep the diamond in the bag, i will show you mine when you show yours, when we all know and read each others essence all of the time for we can’t but shine magnificently.

      1. ‘it is a ceaseless game of keep the diamond in the bag, i will show you mine when you show yours, when we all know and read each others essence all of the time for we can’t but shine magnificently.’ Brilliantly said Deborah.

      2. Yes Deborah. We have set it all up ourselves and we continue to do so because we attempt to avoid the responsibility that comes with being unique and truly magnificent.

  12. Learning to live treasuring ones own unique preciousness and beauty is true love and what we come from and our made of. This allows a whole new honouring and beautiful way to live be and reflect to others to do the same . Amazingly beautiful shining diamonds all of us.Thank you Michael.

  13. We feel how precious we are and wonderment all around us when we are young, it’s so gorgeous when we return to it in later life. It’s a beautiful journey of self discovery Michael.

  14. Deeply inspirational blog Michael, as we can fear that our preciousness can been taken away from us, and then choose to dull down or numb down our expression of divine power that we all hold, choosing to stay in separation and protection form others. This separation and individualization prevents us from bringing the all to humanity.

  15. “This was a friend, who is one of the most inspiring women I have ever met. She glided down the stairs, impeccably and yet so simply dressed, barefoot and with utmost grace continuing to float her way through the park.”
    We are deeply influenced and or inspired by another persons movements and presence in which they move, more than the words they say, when we see another who has chosen to deeply connect and love there body and connect to the grace of god, we have two choices to judge and criticize as they reflect what we are not choosing or to be deeply inspired to see that we can make the same choices they are.

  16. We hold with us images of how we expect life to be, these pictures then can drive us for our whole life’s attempting to create these, in this way of living we do much harm as we are not allowing our self to feel or read what is required of us in life, in the sense of what is the bigger picture. By connecting to our own precious, tender and sensitive nature and the fact that we read and feel all that is going on in all others, we then start to create a life that is freer from the picture and images that hold us bond in an endless cycle, of discontentment and a feeling of emptiness.

  17. To truly change the rot, corruption and evil in society, we need to live, breathe, walk and move in a way that deeply inspires others by reflection that there is another way. The power of reflection and movement is super powerful beyond all words, concepts and solutions that attempt to fix the worlds problems

    1. It is a wonderful blessing that there are such solid reflections of how to breathe, walk, move and live in a way that reflects love on offer from Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  18. A very beautiful sharing of what you felt as a child and the preciousness of seeing rainbows, to you as an adult, learning and loving, dropping protections and expanding. Finding that preciousness, joy and shining light within and expressing that out is truly magical.

  19. Thank you for sharing this preciousness Michael. The love you shared in appreciating the grace and beauty of your friend is inspiring. It is so powerful to be inspired by others and confirm what they are reflecting for all. This is truly precious and beautiful.

  20. The wonder, awe and joy we hold as small children is never lost, only buried in hurts and layers of false images and pictures of how we think we should create our life’s to be. It is these images that enslave us and bind us in the misery, creating complexity and anxiety in our bodies and lives. To re-turn back to the love and joy we felt as children is worth committing to.

    1. “To re-turn back to the love and joy we felt as children is worth committing to.” I agree Thomas, who would not want to feel again their awe, wonder, innocence, sensitivity and love that can be buried under layers of hurt? To reconnect and bring these innate qualities out in full is a project that is worth time and investment.

  21. To not allow our precious diamond to shine and be seen by all others, is irresponsibility to humanity, as it is contributing to all the corruption, wars, greed and separation in the world.

    1. I agree Thomas and not only that, but by us not allowing our precious diamond to shine we are also completely dishonouring of ourselves and who we truly are.

  22. For mankind to continue in the way it is much more suffering and illness will occur, in these current times, we are all needed to not hide or hold back the love, light and shining reflection that there is another way to live and be, and this way is “The Way of the Livingness”.

  23. The preciousness of your “glass lump” was always a reflection of the preciousness of yourself Michael, like all of us there is a preciousness within just waiting for us to feel and share with the world.

  24. I remember the first time I connected to preciousness was watching Miranda Benhayon one day. She had stepped up onto a chair or something elevated to adjust a decoration at a party and it was time to step down. On stepping down Miranda held out her hand to her husband Serge Benhayon who assisted. What struck me was the energy of absolute preciousness in how Miranda moved and held herself and how Serge responded to her. It was a deeply touching moment to feel that, an experience in my body that has never left me.

    1. How very beautiful Nicola, thank-you for sharing your experience, I can feel this also in your expression, the absolute living of Miranda’s grace, and deep respect for herself as the gorgeous woman she is, she most definitely let’s out in full bloom for others to know themselves back by. True service.

      1. Yes, I agree Julie – that is the whole point. By connecting to and living the power and preciousness that we truly are we remind others of who they truly are and this is indeed a blessing and joy for all, including those that at times react to the reminder of what they are not choosing to living!

  25. The saying “A diamond in the rough” may be applied here quite appropriately in the sense that we all have a diamond inside in the rough of our hurts and our issues, it is only a matter of polishing it up by healing our hurts to make it shine brightly once again

    1. hmm I feel the diamond is actually already shaped to shine it brightest but we have adopted a very strong set of sunglasses that stop us from seeing this. We keep covering it with dirt so we can claim it is not there but the slightest spec of light will show it undeniably so.

      1. Yes this is a better and truer way of approaching it Carolien. We do not have to try to ‘get anywhere’ or be anything as we are already shining bright and strong. It is just our movement/way of being that is shutting that away

      2. We are living an absolute game in telling ourselves we have no diamond or you can’t see my diamond because i have gone to such complex lengths to hide it. We each can feel the inherent beauty of each other and we allow the game to keep on playing, never calling out another for their part for in doing so we expose our own.

      3. It so, we have the capacity to shine so bright that all that is not true is brought out from the shadows. And yet we play the game of being less so we can enjoy the comfort of the shadows just a little while longer.

  26. I find it fascinating that the we way we have created our world and the more advanced we are becoming with everything, the one thing that is free, available 24/7 and makes you feel like a million dollars if not more is our sacred preciousness within. So far we are in connecting to this and living this as our normal it is actually very scary. When Serge Benhayon presented the Ageless Wisdom on how immediately accessible this connection is I then realised that the power is within every choice I make. To be in union with our creator or not – a simple choice.

    1. it is indeed fascinating and I would say that all that we have been creating has been to veil the sacred preciousness within as once we truly connect to it all these things lose their importance and will only be there to support us to evolve back to who we are.

  27. Michael this is such a beautiful profound sharing… thank you for the reminder of how our preciousness is a quality to be shared freely, as keeping it under wraps deprives the world of its exquisite beauty and is a total dishonouring of ourselves…. Something I will be bearing in mind.

  28. Feeling the precious and sensitivity of our bodies and then moving them in a way where the movement comes from that preciousness creates a rhythm and way of being that allows us to tap into the true and divine intelligence we are originally from, it ignites it not only for us but all others.

  29. To connect gently to the precious sparkle within, and then allow our movements and life to be impulsed forth therein, is the only way to dissolve the disregard and rot of our wayward and irresponsible ways, back to love harmony and collaboration as one humanity, with no borders and divisions.

  30. Very beautiful Michael Kremer – thank you. This is a beautiful reminder that we do not have to be jealous of anyone – or try to steal their jewels – for we all have our own in abundance within us. Chris James works tirelessly around the world to reflect this truth back to people everywhere and his work has also been instrumental in my reconnection to my true preciousness. Thank you Chris.

    1. Yes Adam, and sometimes it is a challenge to stay tender, but the choice to stay tender is worth it. The body feels so much more open and loving.

    2. A society that runs on loveless mechanics is reason enough for us to bring the Love we are and to not hold this back.

      1. Well said Deborah, and it is like that in modern day society – we have reduced ourselves being like machines, our bodies slaves to function and intellect. And yet every single one of us misses the warm love we are and come from, and hence our responsibility to reflect that love everywhere we go.

      2. Absolutely true Katerina that ‘we have reduced ourselves being like machines’…and yet even when the mechanics are failing, falling apart and have reached breaking point we keep pushing. We dare not stop, surrender and connect to our true essence and the Love we are for in doing so we feel everything we have knowingly walked away from.

    3. great point Adam as the harshness of the world offers us an excuse to be hard and protected and it is this harness and protection that we all live in that causes the harshness in the first place. Interesting cycle that we can spin in for a very long time.

  31. This is so beautifully expressed Michael
    “This diamond is my own unique preciousness. It is something I can never lose, but just forget about. No one can take it from me, as it will not shine on them as it does on me. And deep inside they all know this and that they don’t have to grab it, as we all have our own gem that suits each of us best – a unique gem which has been custom made.”
    Thanks to Serge Benhayon I have rediscovered my own preciousness once again and more than that I have an understanding that everyone is the same we all come from a precious place. We have just forgotten this fact.

    1. Sadly we have forgotten how precious we are and in some cases we have even forgotten how gorgeous the quality of preciousness is.

    1. The moment I let my essence shine though my living, I enlighten all of us. In essence we are all the same and all connected. When I connect to me and express this connection, I also connect to all of us and rise so the light on earth.

  32. Appreciating my own preciousness is something i am learning everyday and it is very beautiful to feel inside. It is this very preciousness that is missing in the world and something which as we begin to appreciate will come back for us all to see and connect to and this allows a truly joyful way of being and honouring of who we are.

  33. Wow! The discovery of a life-time, thank you Michael, what you have discovered is so true. Living in this divine connection, but refusing to fully commit to this treasure and continuing on the path of rejecting our true inner-beauty is like seeing ourselves as a “diamond in the rough.” The metaphor of a “diamond in the rough” is a great point to reflect on, but even a completely perfect stone such as a glorious diamond cannot hold a candle to our divine essence or “preciousness” when we fully reclaim our inner-child.

  34. “…I opened up and let crumble down, one by one, nearly all the walls of protection I had so painstakingly built around my heart.” This speaks volumes about the power of encountering truth and love in the one person, namely in this case Serge Benhayon. Having had the experience of those walls crumbling, I can state it is a joy-full experience, not a painful one, as it is absolutely supported by the wonder and awe of discovering that this protection was not me and there was something within me much more powerful and awesome to let go back to.

    1. Yes Simon, for me the fear of the walls crumbling down was much greater than the discomfort of allowing it, which was in fact inherently joyful as you say, that it is always a supported process as it is the love and preciousness that allows the release in the first place.

  35. It is the most exquisite home-coming to re-connect and honour our preciousness. When I first heard the word associated with myself I didn’t know what it meant, and my brain pretty much short-circuited trying to associate it with something outside of me that I could define as precious. What this was revealing was how much I had stepped away from my own innate preciousness and therefore would try and bring in something to supplement what I was deeply missing. Over time this turned around significantly, and now the preciousness within is strong and golden, and a feeling that’s very familiar. Now it’s about not losing this connection as I go about my day, in a world that has forgotten its preciousness just like I had done. For I know, that me reflecting the preciousness that I am is a powerful reminder for all around me of their own preciousness as well. A precious responsibility straight from heaven.

    1. Beautifully said Katerina, it is indeed a wonderful “home-coming” to reconnect to and honour preciousness, and I can clearly remember saying it out loud when I first recognised that.

  36. Preciousness was not a word that I had used very often until recently when it very gently found its way into my life and I am loving the sense of the word, feeling it deeply throughout my body. It feels delicate but strong at the same time and fills me up with the most feathery warmth that permeates every particle in my body. Once upon a time I would never have felt that I was precious but now I know without the slightest iota of doubt that I am, and worth lovingly “polishing” every single day.

  37. There is gift we can give unto ourselves that cannot be given to us by any other, and that is awareness – for with awareness we gift ourselves with the knowing of a world beyond any we had ever imagined, and it is firmly rooted in the mud beneath our feet as much as it sings in the stars beyond.

  38. It is interesting that there is often an association between “precious” and “rare” like a diamond, whereas if we choose to feel it our preciousness is everywhere and can be a daily and joyful thing to feel.

    1. That is an amusing observation Shirley-Ann that we seem to place such value on the rarity of something. Yet what more gorgeous than having as our ‘ normal’ the unwavering experience of preciousness, in ourself and also in others.

  39. Your diamond Michael is a great reminder, that we all have a diamond in us. Sometimes we forget, i.e. it is brilliant, to have something, we can hold in our hands and which reminds us, when we forget. I like the fact, that when light falls onto the diamond, it shines like a rain bow, very special. We are all so precious – and there is so much we can appreciate about ourselves, every day.

  40. What a blessing for us that you have been inspired to allow your preciousness to shine. It is extraordinary what is there to share when we let go of what we hide under the façade and unveil the true magnificence we are.

  41. The title made me remember my childhood and how I felt there. I know that my parents were holding me preciously, but sometimes it was something they wanted to protect and so I sometimes felt like in a cage. Preciousness is something you cannot protect, you need to let free and share.

    1. Kerstin, this is beautiful to read, ‘Preciousness is something you cannot protect, you need to let free and share.’ This is a great reminder for me as the mother of a precious 5 year old, I can feel how he loves to be himself and be free and talk and play with who he feels to, I notice sometimes I want to protect this preciousness and him, he always reacts to this and gets upset and i can feel how this control feels awful in my body, far more true and lovely to allow him to shine in the world and to share his preciousness.

  42. And just imagine that each and every one of us here in humanity of this precious, and a jewel in the treasure chest of the divine, and each one of us can shine in a way that is so beautiful.

  43. Michael I felt your expression in your blog touched all of me, indeed every particle and your words rang throughout with the sound of singing and vibration of the universe with the knowingness that we are all in our truth exquisitely precious – thank you for sharing.

  44. How inspiring it is when we meet someone who is connected to and at complete ease with who they are. We can all feel it and sense it in the way they hold themselves and move. When we meet that true grace and beauty it can only inspire because it reminds us that we also possess the same grace and beauty too.

  45. When I ponder on the word precious I think of something of tremendous value and worth. In each of our own flavour of expression, we bring something of great value and worth to the world and without what we are each here to bring the world is immediately lesser for it.

  46. It is very interesting Michael how at one point in your blog you associate preciousness with fragility and that you fear it being crushed. I can relate to this and I reckon we have been led to believe by the reinterpretation of the meaning of words that something that is precious needs to be kept locked away, hidden and protected at all costs for fear of being stolen or broken. However as you have so eloquently put it in this blog, our preciousness and fragility can be very powerful things that can be openly shared and put on full display. They cannot be truly broken or stolen for they are part of our innate essence. We have been tricked into hiding these qualities from each other.

  47. Reading this blog I am reminded that for years I thought that being guarded, protective and hard made me stronger as a person and more resilient and that preciousness, sensitivity and fragility were to be avoided. However I am slowly waking up to the fact through my lived experiences that it is in fact the opposite way around.

    1. Andrew I dare say you are not alone in that! What I love is the exquisite feeling of the word preciousness and how when I allow this, I feel an unwavering strength of knowing inside.

  48. I was wondering while reading this blog.. Was this diamond real or is it a metaphors.. It doesn’t matter as the message remains the same. Our inner sparkle forever remains awaiting us to let it shine out once more.

  49. What a joy to read Michael and a beautiful reminder of the unique and precious gem that is in each and every one of us, that never fades – only to shine more brightly the more we cherish and appreciate it.

  50. There is a precious gem within each one of us, which emanates colours and words and movements that are at the same time unique and unifying. It is recognising these gems, these lights that brings us together.

  51. Beautifully expressed Michael, having never considered myself at all precious is had been incredibly empowering and joyful to re-connect to my preciousness and live this more each day. We are all truly unique and a precious gem that is worth shining bright for all to feel and be inspired by.

  52. So Beautiful Michael. You are so uniquely precious. This diamond may be a reminder but as special as it is, it is too insignificant compared to you. So sweet your tenderness,vulnerability and preciousness. Thank you Michael.

  53. This is a great reflection that our inner beauty and preciousness is here to be expressed and shared with others.

  54. You touch on something here Michael super important – in that inside us is something amazing we can never lose, that can never be duller, and never perish. What a massive comfort to know this in difficult times and know this beauty and wonder is always inside us, just lying dormant until we access it.

  55. I have only recently felt what true preciousness was in my body so the exquisite, beyond delicate feeling is something new to me but I know it has been there all along waiting for me to tap into. It is now my choice to further deepen this incredibly, beautiful quality that lies within me and each and every one of us.

  56. I loved this story the first time I read it and even more the second time Michael. At a guess, I have a feeling we all have a special glass that we fumble and keep preciously special just for us hidden in our pockets or secret treasure chest. But it really shines with it being polished and shared of its beauty with others without fear or doubt. Sharing of its magic and light.

  57. You’ve penned a simply exquisite definition of real, true love here – not the romanticised, idealised kind. ‘love is so much more than gender or sexual preferences and that when we meet a person who deeply touches us, anything other than love is irrelevant – it is only us who choose how deep we are prepared to go and how many hurts and concepts we are to overcome along the way.’ Priceless.

  58. It is beautiful to read your rediscovery of the gem we all have. And are yearning and destined to return to, as it is our natural way. And I can feel from your blog how important relationships are in this proces, being constantly inspired and reflected this preciousness is what we need to return to it. Relationships in this way are truly important.

  59. “We all have our own gem that suits each of us best”, this is beautiful. It is so true we all have our own preciousness and as we connect to this in our own way, we reflect this beauty to others. The preciousness lies within us all. What I am finding in the more I surrender to my tenderness, the deeper I connect to my preciousness.

  60. We are all precious, we are all divine, we only need to reconnect to who we are and what a beautiful testimony to the effect one can have on another . .” She was just with herself, focused on the task that had to be completed, not thinking about the world around her or how she looked but moving with awe-inspiring grace and beauty.” . . When we are our selves, in our body, connected to our inner heart we inspire all to do the same. . . to drop the hurt and simply be.

  61. Every part of my body is precious. Right down to the cellular level as it is through my body that I feel the light that I am from.

  62. Kids know their preciousness and adults can see it and appreciate it as well. But we put so many judgements on it and then it becomes hard and heavy and we lock it away. But as your blog so shows, it does not need to be like that and that we can just allow it to be and to give it a polish every now and then so it can shine and be part of us. We are all so deeply precious. At all stages in our lives.

  63. I am inspired every time I come across one of your blogs Michael you write with such a simple profound beauty about life and love.

  64. Living in constant appreciation and confirmation of what is inside us all, really getting to know and rediscovering that treasure allows us to embrace and accept the true beauty of our beingness and to know that we just need to give ourselves permission to be who we are in all our glory.

  65. ‘When I was a child I felt just naturally free in my body and never thought about why or how I moved. That day I felt so clumsy and insecure that I just did not dare to play with something that delicate.’ I love this, learning to play with our delicate and precious nature, spacious, free and flowing like the wind.

  66. This is a beautiful, beautiful blog. As I was reading it I felt the preciousness within me waiting to be expressed and shared. Appreciating that we are all deeply precious and we all have this same quality, and it is exquisite when we are able to feel this. So there is no need to hide it at all, because we all have this magnificent gem inside us all, it is simply waiting to burst forth and shine. Deeply inspirational Michael, Thank You.

  67. It is inspiring to observe how children can so easily feel their preciousness reflected through the most simple things around them and how we all had that ability once – as you are sharing with us Michael, realizing how the piece of glass you once owned was a mere reflection of what you knew lived inside of you.

  68. Michael I love how you pulled down all or was it most of the walls of protection that you had built around your heart and therefore allowed a greater level of transparency than ever before. This is the way we all need to go. Living protected blocks relationships from evolving and a relationship that does not evolve is not even a relationship but simply an arrangement between two people to not push each others buttons and to seek comfort with each other.

  69. When we connect to our preciousness it is joyful to share this with others but if we choose to protect it and hide this beautiful quality/gem away from people, it no longer has the magic it holds but becomes dim by the layers of protection. It is when we truly open up and share our preciousness with others that this gem truly shines for the magic it emanates for us all to see and appreciate.

  70. A beautiful sharing Michael, I love the analogy in describing our unique preciousness like a diamond, not only a beautiful reflection of light but the strength it holds from its core. When we drop the illusion of protection and learn to open ourselves up we can connect to this inner-strength which sustains and supports us the more consistently we connect and move with it.

  71. “We inspired each other to step by step open up to be who we really were behind all those layers of habits, ideals and beliefs with which we usually veil our true self.”….it feels like Michael you have shared with us the essence of all relationships. To lovingly hold up mirrors to support the letting go of what we are not and to inspire and encourage who we truly are to shine like a diamond.

  72. We are all jewels of undeniable beauty from the essence of God within. The joy and purity we all hold is so very precious and when we express from this quality, it feels amazing.

  73. Really connecting with our preciousness as an adult is something that I have only just been reconnecting with. I had really lost that feeling, one that I knew was there when I was younger. To deeply connect now with that preciousness within, that quality, has been so profound and something I appreciate each and every day.

  74. What I have come to realise that it is not the words we speak but how we are, how we live that is truly felt and supports other people. Someone shared recently, you don’t need to tell me, I know you care because you ask and listen. This just goes to show the truth, it’s how we live, our every movement that can be felt, much more than telling someone.

  75. I find truly remarkable how at some point we register total clumsiness in our movements and settle for it (the acceptance of a joy-less life). We confirm it as a true about us and walk with it. Eventually, we choose to discomfirm it as being us and reimprint. But it may not happen and we may live all of our life assuming something as true when in truth it is not and moving in sync with it.

  76. To re-discover our preciousness and divine nature is deeply inspiring and starts us on a journey of unfolding that which lies within us and often is covered up by many layers of hurts and behaviours that we need to look at and discard to uncover who we truly are in full and let that shine out.

  77. I just came from a Esoteric Yoga online group session where the presenter shared with us the magnitude of what we can bring when we are with ourselves, and then reading this blog of you witnessing this woman walking across a path and what you got from that. A lovely confirmation of what is possible when we are with ourselves, and our preciousness.

  78. It is very beautiful and freeing to drop our protection around our own preciousness and dare to open up and let ourselves be seen.

  79. Michael thank you, this is a truly profound sharing on preciousness, the treasure we innately are. It is so good to have gender illusions out of the way. As you shared, has nothing to do with the absolute power we hold. When we start to sense that we got something very beautiful inside, our preciousness, as you say, we discover that it is who we are and that we need to share it and be open again with it, yes also when it feels a little scary!

  80. A stunning appreciation of the preciousness we are and the power of others that can support us to find and embrace this within… and then live everything that is and more.

  81. Thank you Michael for such a beautiful sharing; what you have expressed is very inspirational and precious;
    “We inspired each other to step by step open up to be who we really were behind all those layers of habits, ideals and beliefs with which we usually veil our true self.

  82. Isn’t it funny how we take such care over a small child, the way in which we hold their hands and support them when they learn to walk – we would never let them walk barefoot over a gravel path
    – so why do we do that with ourselves as we grow up, why do we stop holding our own hands and supporting ourselves with such tenderness and care? Are we not always learning?

  83. When we feel our heart again we know this light was always there waiting for us to return back to and shine out.

  84. Michael, what a truly inspiring blog.. and so easy to relate to. I got to sense my own development with my shininess, my preciousness as you described.. And got a sense that I know it very well, never lost it , simply had not reminded myself. This sentence stood out for me: ” is only us who choose how deep we are prepared to go and how many hurts and concepts we are to overcome along the way.”
    This brings totally our power back – as we are the Ones who choose.

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