When I was a child I never had to worry because I always had something that looked like a big chunky lump of glass with me, and this was my greatest treasure.

It was fully mine and easy to take with me wherever I went. No one was jealous or wished to take it away from me, as they could not see any worth in it.

But for me it was everything as I could play the most amazing games with it… it would become an iceberg or a mountain, or whatever I imagined it to be. I would constantly grow from experiencing incredible adventures with it.

When I was sad, a ray of sunlight would fall on it and would be reflected back in all the colours of the rainbow and there was no other possibility than finding my joy again, as I loved those rainbow colours and their playful presence so much.

Later, when I grew up and realised that no one seemed to understand that this ‘lump of nothing’ meant the world to me, I started to doubt its value and simply forgot about it.

It was nearly 25 years later, during a Retreat with Chris James, that I suddenly encountered the glass lump again. At first I was shocked when I realised that it was not glass at all; it is a giant diamond in the rough.

Instead of feeling joy when rediscovering such a treasure, I felt anxiety of what the others might think about it: if they would be jealous, try to take it from me, or if I might destroy it when playing with it again just as I did in my childhood – totally free, without thinking about anything.

When I was a child I felt just naturally free in my body and never thought about why or how I moved. That day I felt so clumsy and insecure that I just did not dare to play with something that delicate.

Whilst pondering about that, sitting on a chair on the terrace, trying to compose a childhood song – as was the task set by Chris – and processing my head off with doubts about myself, all of a sudden an inspiration on feet came along.

This was a friend, who is one of the most inspiring women I have ever met. She glided down the stairs, impeccably and yet so simply dressed, barefoot and with utmost grace continuing to float her way through the park.

She was just with herself, focussed on the task that had to be completed, not thinking about the world around her or how she looked but moving with awe-inspiring grace and beauty.

Seeing her shine in this aureole of glory caused me to feel a love and the wish to simply adore her with all that I could bring; something I have never felt for a woman – expressing as a gay man in this life.

She made it tangible for me that love is so much more than gender or sexual preferences and that when we meet a person who deeply touches us, anything other than love is irrelevant – it is only us who choose how deep we are prepared to go and how many hurts and concepts we are to overcome along the way.

Somehow this gave me enormous confidence and I decided to no longer worry about my diamond, but to put it in my pocket and just wait and see what would unfold. I began playing with it every now and then, cautiously at first and then more and more confident. And boy oh boy, what unfolded next made the magic of God become more tangible for me.

The next day I was, seemingly out of nothing, met by a man who just went beyond any fears or concepts and who expressed openly with the most simple and honest words.

At first I panicked and wanted to back off, but then I opened up and let crumble down, one by one, nearly all the walls of protection I had so painstakingly built around my heart.

The embrace we shared seemed endless, step by step inspiring each other to dare to go deeper and deeper and express more and more of what we were feeling in each other’s presence, nearly no words needed, just an embrace and yet so much more.

The gestures and movements were very small yet so full of care and support like I could not remember having felt before. It was as if we had known each other and held each other for ages.

We inspired each other to step by step open up to be who we really were behind all those layers of habits, ideals and beliefs with which we usually veil our true self.

What he shared with me from his body at that moment was that my diamond was not only a priceless treasure but even more; something that I could polish into a true gem and develop joy in wearing it for all to see and enjoy.

This gem is there for me to look at and to remind me of the colours of the rainbow whenever I might doubt myself, and that it is always there, around my neck shining, glittering and colourfully sparkling with every ray of light that might fall onto it; reflecting to others that this joyful display of magic they see is nothing but a reflection of their own light they are shining towards me.

This diamond is my own unique preciousness.

It is something I can never lose, but just forget about. No one can take it from me, as it will not shine on them as it does on me. And deep inside they all know this and that they don’t have to grab it, as we all have our own gem that suits each of us best – a unique gem which has been custom made.

The list of all wonderful persons to say thank you to would fill a roll of wallpaper, so just one big warm and simple hug to everyone who inspired me to find my preciousness again and to allow my diamond to sparkle every day by shining their rays of light on it.

By Michael Kremer, Personal Assistant, Buchholz, Germany

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847 thoughts on “Preciousness

  1. What a beautiful read especially this statement, “that love is so much more than gender or sexual preferences and that when we meet a person who deeply touches us, anything other than love is irrelevant”. This to me is saying hanging onto those hurts serve no purpose except separation. Not worth the misery we continue to live with for centuries…

  2. Our preciousness is like a diamond to allow the light to shine through to show the joyful reflections of the inner beauty.

  3. As a child we are so connected and open to the wonders that abound around us. And then as adults we learn to shut this down and rely on other senses that are not complete and then we wonder why we are left feeling like things do not add up.

    1. Totally agree Henrietta. As children we are so aware of everything around us but there’s this thing that gets passed on by generation to generation in attempts to shut us down. But what they can’t do is ever take away what’s inside of us – ever. It will always be there ready to be kindled, when the time is right.

  4. We are very easily influenced and/or inspired by those around us. However the one within us, our essence is the most inspiring of all. Even when feeling another embracing their essence in full we still have to connect to that within ourselves to turn that inspiration into action.

  5. Reconnecting to our essences or preciousness can provide so much warmth and bathing in this glory finds us appreciating that diamond within and by being intimate (letting people in) about this preciousness from within so as we are letting others in, this is the most evolutionary thing.

  6. This is a beautiful sharing Michael, to hear a man speak of his connection to his preciousness and tender qualities is deeply inspiring – thank you.

  7. When we appreciate our own preciousness we start to understand how everyone is precious in their own way, we may all be different but we all have an innate preciousness within.

  8. Thank you for sharing this story Michael. We need to keep holding that childlike preciousness into adulthood, regardless of what others may or may not value. It’s there in all of us so why hide it?

  9. To move freely in the grace that we are reflects the preciousness we hold from within, that in turn allows another to feel their own preciousness maybe only for a moment but it is felt and deeply known.

  10. Michael reading you feels like a beautiful invitation to come back to the preciousness within me. There was a time when life was simple, great but normal at the same time. There was no time, no agendas as in the present moment was everything. I was a little girl who felt deeply beautiful all the time. Now thanks to be part of the way of the Livingness I’m finding the same echoes of joy, lightness and ease. How wonderful is being in a woman’s body today and feeling the same.

  11. This is beautiful and shows us how much we can inspire each other through our movements and the grace we allow ourselves to accept.

  12. Sometimes we need another gem to remind us of the gem that is within us, and that we can shine this gem in full to the world.

  13. “Love is so much more than gender or sexual preferences and that when we meet a person who deeply touches us, anything other than love is irrelevant – it is only us who choose how deep we are prepared to go and how many hurts and concepts we are to overcome along the way” – this is so beautifully expressed, and that this was communicated through a way someone moved, how we inspire each other by reflection. Absolutely heavenly.

  14. It is interesting to note that based on quantity diamonds are not really that valuable at all as there are many many reserves of it in this world. The market for diamond has been corrupted by the greed of the diamond suppliers. Nevertheless diamonds are very valuable in what they reflect and symbolise to us.

  15. Wow, the world would be less without that blog in it. What you offered us all is the opportunity to feel the preciousness of what we all carry and that the reflection of another living that without apology can awaken it to be lived in full.

  16. I have a feeling we would all be surprised how many diamonds in the rough are there waiting to brighten up our day when we allow ourselves to see them.

  17. Something we all need to know and should know that inside everyone of us is a preciousness untouched untainted pure in essence that holds a love so vast that is equal to God. Imagine if we all knew this?

  18. Thank you for this profound blog Michael. I am now appreciating and giving permission to myself to embrace more of the innate preciousness within.

  19. Whether a piece of glass or a diamond, as long as it is held precious and reflects our innateness, our divinity, it matters not; it is but a simile, a depiction of our true glory.

  20. An anti-dote to self-doubt and anxiety, our preciousness. That is always there for us, always. Patiently waiting for us to pick it up, and hold it tenderly, and dearly, so it can shine for us, through us, and with us.

  21. When we see someone move with delicateness, preciousness and grace, it is a blessing as it reminds us of this same beauty and grace that lives in us too.

  22. Just because the world may not see the value in preciousness or delicateness doesn’t mean that we have to hide or forget about it. For those who are sensitive the world can be a very harsh place, but that is a result of ignoring our preciousness. This brings home to me the responsibility of allowing my ability to be precious and delicate to be seen, to act as a reminder to others.

    1. Beautifully expressed Leigh. Preciousness and delicateness have long been sidelined and bastardised so for those who have reconnected to their true expression there is a responsibility to live them in full. This is will bring them back to life.

    2. Yes, because as you say, the world is a harsh place and sensitive people need a visual reminder that it is safe to live all of who they are in this world with no apology for the sensitivity that is innately within.

  23. Love in our expression is rich with inspiration and it is from this inspiration we are re-ignited to be exactly as we are and allow our true preciousness to shine and that is a true gift to be shared by all.

    1. Beautifully expressed Kelly. It is very natural for us to allow our preciousness, our inner beauty and who we are to shine and shared this with the world. But when we choose to hide it, seek protection or reserve it for a special few we can easily dull it down as it is so well hidden.

  24. Thank you for sharing your reconnection to your innate preciousness and the joy of sharing that with others.

  25. The preciousness that is within all equally – every movement being like a diamond revealing its various facets (angles) to reveal the true beauty within as we unfold and return to the way and truth of who we are.

  26. We can all inspire each other so much, and make such a difference, ‘We inspired each other to step by step open up to be who we really were behind all those layers of habits, ideals and beliefs with which we usually veil our true self.’

  27. Connecting with people and building intimacy and honesty between each other now that is a sure fire way to open up to our natural preciousness and let the divine diamonds be seen and felt for the richness they bestow.

  28. “When I was a child I felt just naturally free in my body and never thought about why or how I moved” Watching children play and express so freely shows us that we still have all that inside us still. It has just got buried under the so-called ‘adult’ life overcoat we have been groomed to assume. Time to unpeel those layers and find the natural joy that has been there all along – the diamond within.

  29. We can try very hard denying ever having such diamond, but we all do. But it is not the diamond we are trying to deny, but it is the pain of not living with that preciousness that we want to deny. It is very beautiful how we get inspired to reconnect with that by others’ reflection.

  30. I love this powerful realization Michael – Love simply IS – whatever the gender or sexual preference.
    “She made it tangible for me that love is so much more than gender or sexual preferences and that when we meet a person who deeply touches us, anything other than love is irrelevant.”

  31. This is a deeply precious blog to read Michael. Every word has touched me deeply in my heart of the reminder that it is our reflection of the truth of all that we are is what sparkles, shines and purely emanates the qualities of the gloriousness we are all from.

  32. I too have in recent years reconnected to my preciousness and it is truly precious. I have also found that there is a great power in preciousness which could go some of the way to explaining why it gets attacked!

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