“Beauty is Much More Than Skin Deep”

We are all beautiful. This is not an advertising jargon or a casual clichéd comment, but it is an absolute truth that my body knows.  But what is beauty?

We have been sold that what beauty is lies in our outer appearances, such as how we appear in height, weight, proportions, body and facial features, whether our skin is of a certain shade of colour or luminosity, down to how we dress and/or accessorise ourselves.

Many people have chosen to believe that beauty is endowed to a lucky few by birth and for the rest of us who are not so lucky, it is something that requires constant maintenance on the outside.

We think that is what beauty is, but is it truly?

For 18 years I have been working with thousands of men and women in support of their expression of what beauty is, and what I have discovered is, true beauty has absolutely nothing to do with how we appear physically.

To me, every single person in this world is beautiful. We are all equally beautiful in our essence, and we can all choose to be aware of how this fact is expressed in our physical presence when we are not limited by the definition of what physical beauty is.

However we look physically, whether we fit into the norms of what beauty is presently defined to be in the world or not, when we hold onto the recognition of only our physicality, we are limiting ourselves to truly live our beauty in essence.

When we do not feel beautiful, it is a choice we have made to not live the shining beauty that is within us. What we have chosen is disharmony over the natural harmony within our body.

I was told that I was born an ugly baby who bore a dark birthmark right between my eyebrows and wouldn’t stop crying on the day of birth in the hospital.

I was also told that luckily this birthmark faded quite quickly, and after that I became pretty.

Within months of my birth, I have been defined as being both ugly and beautiful, so nothing on the outside is really as fixed as we think.

But in growing up, even though I have what the world judges as physical beauty, I did not feel beautiful at all, as for many years I did not live the beauty that I know to be true of myself.

I judged myself harshly on my appearance. I would obsess on the flaws that no one else could see but myself, and use this as an excuse to hide. Even though I felt this way I also realised I could use my physical beauty to manipulate.

What I have realized now is that I have a responsibility to live the beauty that feels true within me. Beauty is much more than skin deep.

Everything we see on the surface reflects the responsibility we have taken, in expressing the true quality that is within us all equally.

Our inner hearts carry the Soul’s light and how much of this light is expressed depends on our choices.

If every choice I make is carried on my face and body, could it be the way I am living is affecting my eyes? Are they puffy and have dark circles or reflecting the clarity that I know? Is my face reflecting my natural joy, and is my skin reflecting vitality?  

I ask myself, am I:

  • Taking care of myself tenderly?
  • Nurturing my body in true health?
  • Committed to expressing equality with others no matter what?
  • Choosing to not hold back in all my movements for the absolute majesty of God to be expressed?
  • Holding myself always in appreciation and understanding?
  • Allowing myself and life to unfold in the deepest acceptance?
  • Constantly going deeper with all of this?

I know how every action, word and thought affects my body and when I express appreciation, my heart expands and my whole face lights up with joy; when I express in equality, deep tenderness is palpable in my eyes; when I express honestly and do not hold back, my complexion and skin tone naturally brightens.

No alterations of body parts necessary, no special beauty or skin care treatments needed, but with self-responsibility, I have never felt and looked more beautiful and vital.

True beauty in this world can only be fully realised when every single person celebrates their own innate beauty equally with everyone else. It is not so much a quest for us to reach, but an unveiling and expressing of a knowing that has always been there from the day we were born.

Living the unending inspiration from God as inspired by the unending Livingness from Serge Benhayon.

By Adele Leung, Creative Director/Fashion Stylist, Hong Kong

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1,295 thoughts on ““Beauty is Much More Than Skin Deep”

  1. As I was growing up I can recall countless times being called the black one. And some people still identifies me as that to this day as it is so ingrained in them. Isn’t it fascinating how all of those years growing up, wasted energy was spent in thinking or believing that I was ugly, because of a word that was laced with something beyond comprehension by the physical body.

    Adele you could not be more correct here, “true beauty has absolutely nothing to do with how we appear physically”. It can actually be felt if we allow ourselves to do so and not allow those laced words penetrate our being and our body’s. Our lives will be much different if we did.

  2. Some lovely questions for us to continually consider, am I
    ‘Taking care of myself tenderly?
    Nurturing my body in true health?
    Committed to expressing equality with others no matter what?
    Choosing to not hold back in all my movements for the absolute majesty of God to be expressed?
    Holding myself always in appreciation and understanding?
    Allowing myself and life to unfold in the deepest acceptance?
    Constantly going deeper with all of this?’

  3. Thank you for the reminders on taking care of the beauty within, and how the body reflects how we are with the expression of our true being, and how preciously we hold ourselves or not.

    1. Self-care is totally within and from there, beauty within can certainly come through. It matters not what others think or believe, the absoluteness and God can come through then.

  4. It is so common for us to focus on our flaws and see only these and yet what if we turned the focus to the beauty that shines out from our eyes, the window to our Soul?

  5. If we do not allow ourselves to feel and see the beauty on the inside then we will feel that we are lacking in beauty. True beauty is deep inside but we may choose to not see it. The process of transforming into a beauty has so much more to do with how we feel rather than what we look like and this takes a huge pressure off us when we surrender to this.

  6. This is such a healing: “true beauty has absolutely nothing to do with how we appear physically.”

  7. Appreciation is “to truly live our beauty in essence,” and this energetic appreciate-ive-ness, is when we grasp this science, then we are deepening our relationship with evolution.

  8. We all know true & real beauty – what is the game that we play when we fall for the societal demands?

    1. True, but having said that when someone is connected to their essence there is an absolutely divine glow in the facial expression and in the body movements that cannot be dismissed. It is this quality that is stunning and anyone who expresses it is a traffic stopper!

      1. Or traffic-maker 😉 yes, very true – but this glow may not fit the stereotype of beauty we have created today.

    2. Oh Viktoria – this is so beautiful: Beauty is felt by the heart and not seen with the eyes. What pearls 😉

    1. Do we let our inner beauty be seen, ‘When we do not feel beautiful, it is a choice we have made to not live the shining beauty that is within us.’

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