“Beauty is Much More Than Skin Deep”

We are all beautiful. This is not an advertising jargon or a casual clichéd comment, but it is an absolute truth that my body knows.  But what is beauty?

We have been sold that what beauty is lies in our outer appearances, such as how we appear in height, weight, proportions, body and facial features, whether our skin is of a certain shade of colour or luminosity, down to how we dress and/or accessorise ourselves.

Many people have chosen to believe that beauty is endowed to a lucky few by birth and for the rest of us who are not so lucky, it is something that requires constant maintenance on the outside.

We think that is what beauty is, but is it truly?

For 18 years I have been working with thousands of men and women in support of their expression of what beauty is, and what I have discovered is, true beauty has absolutely nothing to do with how we appear physically.

To me, every single person in this world is beautiful. We are all equally beautiful in our essence, and we can all choose to be aware of how this fact is expressed in our physical presence when we are not limited by the definition of what physical beauty is.

However we look physically, whether we fit into the norms of what beauty is presently defined to be in the world or not, when we hold onto the recognition of only our physicality, we are limiting ourselves to truly live our beauty in essence.

When we do not feel beautiful, it is a choice we have made to not live the shining beauty that is within us. What we have chosen is disharmony over the natural harmony within our body.

I was told that I was born an ugly baby who bore a dark birthmark right between my eyebrows and wouldn’t stop crying on the day of birth in the hospital.

I was also told that luckily this birthmark faded quite quickly, and after that I became pretty.

Within months of my birth, I have been defined as being both ugly and beautiful, so nothing on the outside is really as fixed as we think.

But in growing up, even though I have what the world judges as physical beauty, I did not feel beautiful at all, as for many years I did not live the beauty that I know to be true of myself.

I judged myself harshly on my appearance. I would obsess on the flaws that no one else could see but myself, and use this as an excuse to hide. Even though I felt this way I also realised I could use my physical beauty to manipulate.

What I have realized now is that I have a responsibility to live the beauty that feels true within me. Beauty is much more than skin deep.

Everything we see on the surface reflects the responsibility we have taken, in expressing the true quality that is within us all equally.

Our inner hearts carry the Soul’s light and how much of this light is expressed depends on our choices.

If every choice I make is carried on my face and body, could it be the way I am living is affecting my eyes? Are they puffy and have dark circles or reflecting the clarity that I know? Is my face reflecting my natural joy, and is my skin reflecting vitality?  

I ask myself, am I:

  • Taking care of myself tenderly?
  • Nurturing my body in true health?
  • Committed to expressing equality with others no matter what?
  • Choosing to not hold back in all my movements for the absolute majesty of God to be expressed?
  • Holding myself always in appreciation and understanding?
  • Allowing myself and life to unfold in the deepest acceptance?
  • Constantly going deeper with all of this?

I know how every action, word and thought affects my body and when I express appreciation, my heart expands and my whole face lights up with joy; when I express in equality, deep tenderness is palpable in my eyes; when I express honestly and do not hold back, my complexion and skin tone naturally brightens.

No alterations of body parts necessary, no special beauty or skin care treatments needed, but with self-responsibility, I have never felt and looked more beautiful and vital.

True beauty in this world can only be fully realised when every single person celebrates their own innate beauty equally with everyone else. It is not so much a quest for us to reach, but an unveiling and expressing of a knowing that has always been there from the day we were born.

Living the unending inspiration from God as inspired by the unending Livingness from Serge Benhayon.

By Adele Leung, Creative Director/Fashion Stylist, Hong Kong

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1,152 thoughts on ““Beauty is Much More Than Skin Deep”

  1. The subject or defining of beauty and how we have and still do play with the true meaning of it. When I say play there is much more to it than that as this style of play is at the cost of all of us. We have many versions of beauty and at the moment there are massive industries built on a version that’s not true but we have all fallen for. Whether you are involved in the industry or not we are all a part of it in some way. We have allowed the meaning to walk away from it’s true origin and with each step away we have just kept on walking. Now beauty is unrecognisable face in a crowd of faces and it’s up to all of us to return to our essence and the essence of beauty. This article is a step back into beauty but there is further to go, we need to live the beauty we are naturally more deeply and deeply. As we do this we will continue to see the many versions peel back to at some point reveal the one.

  2. Within us all resides a quality, an essence, an absoluteness of who we are. We are born living in connection to this yet we are met by and grow up in a world that does not nurture, honor or value the worth of this precious beauty. Instead we are soon taught to seek our worth though the world of images outside of ourselves, negating the timeless inner-beauty that is already within, as such we are left with a sense of lack of self-worth and a need to full-fill this emptiness. As you have shared so beautifully Adele, our bodies carry and reflect the choices we make, every single one, and when we begin to re-connect to and nurture the preciousness of who we are within, we shine with a quality that is beautiful beyond measure and is far more real than any picture or image we seek to follow.

    1. So well said. The beauty we each carry within is far more than anything from the outside could ever bring us. You may have picture perfect looks but if you do not have the warmth and love within you will never feel beautiful enough. And when you do feel amd live the love from within wow the world gets to see what sexy truly is!

  3. For many years I staunchly and vigorously denied my beauty. It didn;t matter how often others told me I was – I didn’t feel it. But now, after having healed so many hurts, let go of the lack of self-worth I was living with, transformed much of the self-loathing I felt constantly, into self-appreciation, I know in my heart and with every cell of my being that I am beautiful. It isn’t and never has been about the way I look (although I used to believe that lie too), my beauty shines through from the connection to myself, untainted by many of the deals and beliefs I saw myself through, that simply allows my essence to be seen by all – including me.

  4. Its incredible that we can be born absolutely beautiful and then over time we start to believe we are not. It just goes to show how when we let what is around us influence us then this becomes how we feel.

  5. Thank you Adele, sharing with us the importance of feeling instead of seeing. We have made beauty about seeing, yet it is all about feeling: feeling the vibration of energy through someone. If that flow of energy is divine – fiery light of God, we will see and feel at the same time what true Beauty is.

  6. This is such a beautiful reminder Adele to really let go of the flaws that I look in the mirror and see, then criticise myself for, not being toned enough, not feeling like I’ve exercised enough, not eaten the right things, gone to bed early enough, all these things are very critical and not seeing me for all the beauty that I am not matter whether I have done or feel those things about myself or not.

    1. I certainly do that too but recently I did an experiment with myself and allowed myself to truly look in the mirror in public (I was at the gym) when I exercised. I looked and for a moment I wanted to look away, as those thoughts started to arise–those dark circles, the dry skin etc…but I stayed with it and continued my glance in the mirror. I was committed to looking/feeling beyond what I see, and suddenly I felt so much joy–that was the truth within me, the truth that I can live and allow to emanate in my physical being–and why have I not constantly? And from then on, my own feeling of myself changed. This lasted days and then my question was, can’t it then be my every day? (YES!)

  7. The beauty that is within us all does not come from our outer beauty but a willingness to connect openly to one another to feel that beauty is shared by all.

  8. Inspiring to read Adele. Lately I have been more aware of the fact that people look the way they look for a reason, it is not random, and that there is a responsibility and a purpose behind this. For instance maybe someone was given a great smile, they may not have a beauty that would make the ideal of what beauty is, but maybe their smile is a gift to humanity, and that smile has the potential to help the receiver let down their guard enough to feel their own heart opening, and in that moment feel their own divinity.

  9. The fact that you can look in the mirror one day and be enamoured with yourself, and the next find fault with every little detail, even though you yourself have not changed, is proof itself that our perception of beauty constantly alters based not on how we truly look, but on our how we feel about ourselves.

  10. When we feel beautiful the thoughts we receive are naturally very confirming and appreciative of who we are and the choices we are making. When we don’t feel beautiful the thoughts we receive are of a completely different nature and can feed all sorts of lies and distorted perceptions about who we are.

  11. It is a common known phrase, ‘beauty is more than skin deep’, but how much do we in society really really champion that and live it. How much do we actually live and develop that in our young boys and girls. With the proliferation of how social media is used, especially with teenagers, it is quite hideous how social media has if anything just made skin deep beauty more and more the focus. The focus of how we look counts, not what quality we feel or live.

  12. True beauty is a radiance from within that touches all in the absolute celebration and joy of Love lived and shared with others.

  13. I look around and there are so many different looking people – but we seem to take one small category and class it as ‘pretty or sexy or good looking’ rather than including the all. We take people at face value when as you share here Adele there is so much more under the skin. What an opportunity for all of us to see the beauty within ourselves and others.

  14. “If every choice I make is carried on my face and body, could it be the way I am living is affecting my eyes? Are they puffy and have dark circles or reflecting the clarity that I know? Is my face reflecting my natural joy, and is my skin reflecting vitality?” Every choice we make has an impact not only on how we feel, but also on how we look. It is this that is reflected in our eyes and on our skin, and when someone lives a life that is vital and full this is the true beauty that shines through.

  15. I totally agree that we are all innately beautiful and that expressing this is more a process of uncovering or unveiling the light of our essence in all our ways of life rather than shaping ourselves to meet a certain picture.

  16. I was always having annoteren appearance what most people would call beautiful.
    But I was sagosfied on a way how I Looked measured by the standards the world made up. But inside i did not feel really beautiful. As I disconnect from that inner beauty Imleft myself to fullfill the wishes And demands of the world.
    NOw adays, since I go to the workshops of Serge Benhayon I Can stay in front of the mirror And Can be deeply touched of my own beauty.
    That change is there because I started to make self Loving choices which we get reflected in what we See.

  17. I have noticed when I look in the mirror or see photographs of myself that I can look very different depending on how I am feeling on the inside. Sometimes I look absolutely radiant relaxed and full and sometimes I look withdrawn tense and anxious. It is the same face, eyes, skin etc but the appearance can be very obviously different depending on how much connection I am feeling with myself.

  18. We put pressure on ourselves by striving for perfection and in doing so we are not accepting where we are nor our inner-most value that is forever present. Looking outside of ourselves is never a good idea for this takes us further from the truth of who we are for an image that we can never live up to – how can we when we are striving to be other than who we are?

  19. The way I see myself when I look in the mirror shows me how I lived my day, the quality in which I made all my movements.
    If I am loving towards myself and express the divine quality we all have within us, I love to look at myself. My face and body.
    But if I for example move in hardness or stress or judgement That is the energy I will meet when I look in the mirror.

  20. I agree Adele with your sharing that ‘beauty is much deeper than skin deep.’ When we are connected to ourselves we express a more true version of ourselves which allows for our inner beauty and divine qualities to shine for all to see.

  21. True Beauty really is simply a reflection of the light that is within us all, and that is reflected back out so that everyone has the opportunity to feel their own light and their own grace and beauty.

  22. Some great observations of how your skin changes Adele with regards to how you express – it is true that our thoughts are shown on our face and within the body. So it makes sense that if we are down on ourselves then our body will reflect that and show the signs of the bludgeoning over time. And vice versa, if we are appreciative and are deeply caring of ourselves then that would result in having a body that reflects that.

  23. “True beauty has absolutely nothing to do with how we appear physically..” True beauty is a concession of movements that expresses our innate essence as divine souls on this planet and that is a pretty powerful love bomb to bestow.

  24. By connecting with this subject I can feel now how complicated it is to try to externally improve, repair or sustain the physical beauty, because in fact, to be beautiful doesn’t have to do with anything of that. We all are already beautiful just for being who we are. It’s just by connecting with this fact, that our beauty emerges to the surface without any effort.

  25. Yes Adele, not limiting ourselves by our own definition of what we accept physical beauty is allows us the freedom to express ourselves from our essence and inner knowing which is where our true beauty naturally lies.

  26. Coming to understand that “every action, word and thought affects my body” has been life changing for me as I now realise the responsibility that I have as to how I treat my body; for every choice, there is a consequence. To know that it is my choice that determines whether the light shines from my eyes or whether I walk around with a frown on my forehead has brought a feeling of liberation from the belief that it is how I look on the outside that determines my beauty.

  27. It’s amazing how no matter what we come to, there’s a part of us that can take what is presented and use it as a reason to prove we are not enough. ‘Oh you still lack this, don’t you see your defincacy?’. My experience like yours Adele is these thoughts and patterns relentlessly come in unless we connect and deeply feel the delicious warmth we have within. If we move, speak and live with this gorgeousness and joy there is no way we could doubt our own beauty.

  28. “Our inner hearts carry the soul’s light and how much of this light is expressed depends on our choices.” I love this expression. We have a choice in every moment of our day: to be love – or not, to harm or to heal.

  29. It is wisdom that we all know, and is also in many of our sayings: true beauty is felt within. You feel beautiful before you truly look beautiful. And the other way around also goes: you can look physical beautiful on the outside, but still feel ulgly on the inside.

  30. ‘When we do not feel beautiful, it is a choice we have made to not live the shining beauty that is within us. What we have chosen is disharmony over the natural harmony within our body.’ True beauty is not exclusive – everyone is born beautiful.

  31. It is our choice to acknowledge, celebrate and share our innate beauty, we choose the quality that we are. It can be felt if someone is down on themselves and whilst the onlooker can see so clearly the beauty it still comes back to us claiming the magic that is there.

  32. “Allowing myself and life to unfold in the deepest acceptance”.This line resonates with me as I am working on the quality of acceptance, accepting where I am, accepting where I am going,(my future by the loving choices I make now), accepting all that I have to bring, and accepting my beauty.

  33. “When I express appreciation, my heart expands and my whole face lights up with joy; when I express in equality, deep tenderness is palpable in my eyes; when I express honestly and do not hold back, my complexion and skin tone naturally brightens” – the bestest ever beauty tips!

  34. We have allowed the cosmetic industry to tell us we are not beautiful enough as we are that we need to enhance or conceal. They supply what we demand so the lack of appreciation of who we truly are has to come from us first.

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