What is Connection?

I ran out of eye cream recently and so I visited a skincare shop with the very simple intent to replenish a sample I tried before and liked.

The customer service lady, who greeted me very professionally, shared with me all the great qualities of this eye cream, especially emphasising what this product could correct, such as smoothing fine lines and reducing dark circles around the eye area.

As there was more than one eye cream there, she also introduced to me several different products, as well as supplementing products to go with the eye cream, such as an eye serum.

The more she spoke, the more uncomfortable my body felt: the simplicity that I stepped into the shop with felt clouded with a lot of information, and I was about to walk out.

And yet, instead of doing so, I expressed to her very honestly what I felt. Very simply I said, “I always feel confused when many products are being introduced to me at the same time.” She asked, “So what is it that you are looking to correct? I can then introduce a product that fits your needs.”

I replied, “To be honest, I am not looking to correct anything. I actually quite like myself (with a smile) but I have run out of eye cream, so I wanted to buy another tube. I fully understand this is the way the beauty industry expresses, but when you tell me a product can correct something about me, it feels like there is something wrong with me to begin with, but that is not true. I know it is not your fault, but that is how I feel with the way you have professionally shared the product information with me.”

The customer service lady seemed to be taken by surprise as this came out from my mouth, and to my surprise also, what was being said in honesty did not offend her, as from then on our conversation went much deeper than just the products she was selling!

She started conversing with me about my lipstick colour (which I named Violet Flame), said she really liked it and asked me where I got it and if I could recommend it.

She shared how some of the lipsticks she has used before can feel very dry on the lips, and we further chatted about how supporting ourselves in our day by drinking sufficient water, could also hydrate lips and skin. She replied in realness that this proves to be impossible presently, as in her busy job, she simply forgets to!

By this time I had come back to clarity as to what product I would purchase from this shop and no pressure from the saleslady was felt.

We were already communicating like long time friends, and she was demonstrating to me how to apply the product gently on my skin and with what quantity of product to use. She suggested using an upward movement, as the product has a firming effect, to which she added, “Not that you need it!”

I smiled, and not just from my lips, my eyes and my face, but from my heart and my whole body because there was a resounding simplicity and harmony felt within.

Connection is actually very simple. It can happen every moment in our every day, in our commitment to living what we know is true in our body and not hold back in expressing.

There is a deep joy felt when this commitment is reflected back in simple daily encounters, with the confirmation that truth is universal.

By Adele Leung, Creative director/fashion stylist, Hong Kong

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771 thoughts on “What is Connection?

  1. Thank you Adele. A beautiful example about bothering to be real in an unreal situation and allowing the naturalness of a simple connection with another human being.

  2. There is something very heart-warming about connecting with strangers. I am truly blessed with a job that allows me to meet hundreds of new people a day

  3. In a world which largely does not care, I do care. I care about what feels disharmonious. I care deeply. Even if it may rock your boat, or even my boat, I care enough to not continue to perpetuate the “I don’t care” we are silently but loudly screaming at each other’s faces.

  4. Connecting with another can be done through being open in our bodies in connection with our own tenderness and delicateness within as this allows others to truly be and surrender to who they are.

  5. I agree Adele, connection is very simple and natural for us, we only make it complicated when we disconnect from our body and go into our head so that we learn to hold back from expressing because we no longer feel connected to the truth and inner wisdom we know within our body.

  6. An gorgeous example that we can either stay with ourselves and express those things we feel or step away and withdraw – which makes us then need other things to upfull that we had not expresse what we felt in the first place. It is up to us.

  7. How beautiful to share this with someone. It’s very common if not almost our default way of being to be a bit shallow and ‘professional’ in our interactions with people on a day to day basis and save the deeper connections with family and ‘loved ones’. But this is selling everyone short of the love that can be shared with anyone and anywhere. We all deserve to be reminded that love is our natural way of being.

  8. How we are with people changes based on how we are with ourselves and if we truly honour what we feel. I had an experience yesterday where I could avoid someone, or not – and I choose not too – and we had a gorgeous conversation. It shows that there is potential in everything to be expansive and loving.

  9. ‘There is a deep joy felt when this commitment is reflected back in simple daily encounters, with the confirmation that truth is universal.’ I too love those wonderful unexpected daily encounters that confirm us in the truth of who we truly are.

    1. Hello Adele and with respect where are we when this type of thing is a blog? I mean this is a base level care and respect for a person, a basic relationship with the person in front of you. It is written here, rightly so as if it’s some giant leap for mankind. I am not critical of the author but more exposing that this is how far we have slipped from who we are, that this can be a blog. We are treating this world as if it’s something it’s not. We are people first and so always play the person first as Adele is leading here. As I said where are we truly at when we can write a blog in almost a surprise of what can happen when you simply connect to a person in front of you. This is the power of what can happen but I offer why is it such a surprise?

      1. Great question Ray. A world which has made disconnection and lovelessness as our common recognition does not take one day to return to Love and truth. The most natural has to be lived and shared as simply that, the most natural, that we know from the heart to be felt.

  10. This very much shows how we are held by beliefs and ideals how to be and be with each other, and then how naturally we can be with each other when we drop all the musts and shoulds and allow us to simply be with each other, sharing what we know and more so actually live.

  11. This is one smile she will never forget Adele – ‘I smiled, and not just from my lips, my eyes and my face, but from my heart and my whole body because there was a resounding simplicity and harmony felt within.’ – To be sharing all that you did without any judgment and complete honesty you were both left the space to expand and deepen in that moment. That is super cool.

  12. “Connection is actually very simple.” When we make the choice to truly open up and be honest in expressing how we are feeling we empower ourselves and we naturally feel the impulse to connect on a deeper level with others.

  13. The openness of a true connection from a loving heart is one that I cannot deny. It is not a trick, but a simple connection that is easily felt unless you have chosen to completely shut down, which so many in this world have done.

  14. Connecting to the quality within us allows our movements to be in sync with the wonders of the universe, so in all our interactions we can focus not on the what is not but is truth in another activating the love that they are.

  15. In truth there is never anything to ‘correct’ about us, we only need to let out the love and beauty that’s already inside – whatever our age and however we perceive ourselves to look like. If we all did this can you imagine how much money we would save on unnecessary beauty products each year; we would have no more need for an industry that constantly tells us we are not good enough.

  16. ‘Correcting’ something about us that is naturally us is such a strange concept when you think about it. The ‘beauty’ industry has a lot to answer for but more so ourselves for falling for its trick. Your connection and honesty toppled all that with one fell swoop.

  17. We fear the world will end by sharing how we feel, we think someone may get hurt or we may have an awkward moment to deal with. This blog confirms how powerful honesty is, and when delivered without a reaction or hook is so inviting and opens up conversation. This is the opposite of what we expect after being brought up to have polite manners. It just shows how much people want to speak honestly and do not want to be in professional autopilot when at work.

  18. I love that you corrected the belief that all women are looking to correct a flaw in their physical appearance. Enhance beauty – yes, support skin vitality and health – absolutely. But when you feel your beauty inside, you know there is nothing to correct.

  19. Connection in service is rejuvenation in itself. Whether we buy what we want, buy something else, buy less or buy more what makes a difference is how we feel when we are buying/ having the product or service. It’s all about the connection felt with another person, the end result is the reflection of the quality it was chosen with, and connection to self and others guides the direction of the quality.

  20. Connection doesn’t even have to be in words as just looking another in the eyes from a connection with ourselves can be a beautiful experience. It’s not about wanting the other to look back, needing that feedback or recognition but when I am connected to myself and another connects to that it is very simple and the relationship takes on another dimension that is not often the experienced norm.

  21. It is true the cosmetic industry comes at it’s customers from a place of having something wrong with them that needs correcting – I love the honesty in this interaction.

  22. A clear example that the beauty industry is based on telling you that there is something wrong and their product will ‘fix it’. This beautiful, simple and honest connection with the sales person will change how she interacts with all other customers.

  23. I love this Adele, that you didn’t go into playing the role of how we are supposed to behave in those interactions but you explained to her how you felt and offered a connection- person to person not sales assistant to customer. From there it created the space for a more real way of communicating to each other.

  24. I love day to day connections with people in the street or shop that I have not met before. We have so much to offer each other when we connect, we can literally make someones week when we engage fully interested in them. Connecting with people is got to be one of the best things we could possible ever do.

  25. What you have expressed here Adele is beautiful, inspiring and true, thank you;
    “Connection is actually very simple. It can happen every moment in our every day, in our commitment to living what we know is true in our body and not hold back in expressing”.

  26. I discovered how much I did not allowed myself to feel in any given moment and thus held back in expressing. With becoming more honest and saying yes to all that my body is communicating with me there is a deeper connection with everyone and expressing myself feels more and more natural.

  27. What a wonderful way Adele, to address what is wrong with the beauty industry, all done without belittling the salespersons but instead creating a connection. Of course we never need fixed, and using cream or anything else should be out of love and care for our bodies, not to fix perceived imperfections.

  28. Often It seems as if people walk around keeping to themselves going about their business but truly avoiding connecting with people, however when you make the effort and offer them a real connection with another, it is really beautiful to see people light up as if remembering what they are missing.

  29. What is so beautiful Adele, is how we are offered the choice to step away from connecting and escape or to stay there, be present and connect. As you shared you had a choice, and you did choose to connect and we all can see what beautiful effect and healing this was for both of you.

  30. “Connection is actually very simple. It can happen every moment in our every day, in our commitment to living what we know is true in our body and not hold back in expressing.” I love what you have shared here Adele, your experience shows how when we are open and honest and share how we are feeling from our body the truth is deeply felt and provides the opportunity to connect in a far more meaningful way with each other.

  31. I have found our connection deepens with another when we claim who we truly are and express this with love, as Adele so beautifully demonstrated and shared from her encounter with the customer sales lady at the skin care shop.

  32. When we start to tune into what we can feel and allow ourselves to express it, life starts to flow again. When I look and feel into where and why I hold back, there’s a comfort in it.. it has suited me to stay small, fly under the radar, to go through the motions of life, without stopping to feel and connect, so that I don’t have to fully commit to, and be in, life. But what I’m starting to feel is not only is this way of being deeply hurting my body, it’s uncomfortable to be in life like this – because life is about connection to ourselves and others. When we shut this connection down out of trying to protect ourselves by thinking that we’ll be safe if we stay in our cocoon, we miss out on life, and joy. There is so much more to life, when we drop our protection, start communicating, and being honest and open about what we can feel.

  33. A beautiful sharing that proves that we are all connected and that we can be intimate and close with everyone and that it is the things (hurts) we hold and let stand between us that let us experience distance and strangeness.

  34. In every interaction we have an opportunity to react, blame and close off or to connect and express with love and openness. I love hoe this article so simply shows the difference in daily life.

  35. The whole industry/world of sales can be quite insidious as it is about outcomes and targets and nothing about people (although the facade pretends it is about people!). It also caps true expression because many companies actually tell their employees/sales what to say to every single person to try and keep them or ‘hook’ them in. However, what you have shown here is when we do not hold back our expression and speak with another holding them in the same love we hold ourselves something changes .. it then becomes about true connection. The other day I took an item I had made back to a shop as several things that were supposed to be there were not, as I expressed this to the person I had been working with I could feel they automatically started to get defensive so I chose to be even more loving towards them holding both myself and them in an equalness and love and the person then changed, the defence went down and we sorted out what we needed to with the item. So yes I agree connection with others is everything and how we are with everyone we meet deeply matters.

  36. On re reading this article today I can feel the absoluteness of maintaining connection with our bodies, and the miracles the unfold with others when we choose to do so.

  37. To not hold back how we feel in any moment is an opportunity of loving, intimate and fun connections and that sounds pretty awesome to me. Thank you Adele.

  38. I love the gentleness and directness in which you expressed how you felt to the sales lady Adele. It’s so awesome to have these connections with people who are not our close friends and family, and to be fair, sometimes those connections with strangers are stronger as we carry less or no baggage or expectations with them, so we feel freer to just be who we are.

  39. I have felt it to be extremely intimidating to walk into a shop selling beauty products and would immediately avoid connecting with the saleswoman but this would further complicate things as I tried to manage finding a product on my own. These days I do not hesitate in asking for help and connecting to an assistant where they are more than willing to help. I express and explain what I want and how I feel while discerning what feels true for me. When there is true connection there’s a flow and a simplicity, that I once thought would never be possible, because of the choice now to connect to myself and therefore to another.

  40. It is very heartwarming when we truly connect with another, there is a shared understanding that is deeply felt when we allow ourselves to open up and honestly express how we are truly feeling.

  41. I love this about connection, when we are open to others, relationships can feel as old as time, in fact older than time…..the experience we have of life is altered and we feel with family where ever we go.

  42. Yes Adele agreed, truth is universally known by us all. And you have brilliantly shown our expression of truth serves to arrest loveless momentums or confirm loving acts, both offering the opportunity to evolve through deepening our connection to love. Hence why there are never any losers when we express the truth from our hearts.

  43. Love this, connection is very simple when we let go of our protection and share what we truly feel.

  44. Yes Adele, we are all living in a world were we are imbedded with ideals and beliefs, were many of us dont even know (consciously so) that we are living under false ideals and beliefs that hold no love, only restrictions.. Hence, when I came down to the works of Serge Benhayon it was by the truth spoken that I found myself opening up to my awareness again and actually Serge has helped me by his awareness to become aware of things myself again.. Being it a choice or a simple false ideal I was living that I thought once was my truth. Being more connected to my own breath, my posture, my body and my deep inner heart I now start to become much more aware of the presence, past or future that I am living.. And with the continuous support of Serge Benhayon and many more around who live in this way – I found myself more real and true everyday.

  45. Love this Adele. Speaking your truth to the saleswoman enabled her to be honest and then you could have a real conversation and communication, rather than ‘sales talk.’ Connecting with people on a deeper level enables this to happen.

  46. There can be connection with someone in a moment, face to face, in an email, or on the phone. Connection is about an energetic openness, and willingness.

  47. Connection is a natural flow of love when we connect to our hearts and hold another in the Love that we each are.

  48. Beautiful Adele. Connection with people is indeed simple, but the one thing it needs is the connection to ourselves first. From then connection to others, if we express truth, comes naturally.

  49. True connection is an observation of life and the ability to respond with an open heart to all before us.

  50. We bring so much more when we be loving and nurturing towards ourselves instead of going into the motion and doing of life and leaving ourselves behind.

  51. Opening up a conversation and sharing our truth with another is an offering for them to do likewise, to trust, and to express.

  52. Every person we meet throughout our day is an opportunity to truly connect with them – to express so openly from our heart is needed in a world where some have forgotten the joy in these simple yet powerful moments.

  53. When we do build a bridge to another through our own honest expression, true communication is possible, and the experience of one world humanity reinforced again

  54. Connection is natural and is happening instantly without us trying, it is what we are creating within ourselves which generates our patterns of behaviour, moods, thoughts etc which makes connection appear to be difficult and is getting in the way of what would naturally be there.

  55. The true joy of connection with others can be really seen everywhere and the appreciation of this allows it to flow in our daily lives more and more and is very beautiful and changes our lives naturally.

  56. As humans, we tend to use a lot of mental energy to complicate the simple truth. The greatest gift we can give to each other, the world and back to ourselves is to learn to express in a way that is true to who we are and not play ball with the societal ‘norms’ we have set up in place of living this. Connection is the key – for when we live true to ourselves, we naturally live true to each other and the heavenly light that lives within us all. In this way we will restore the integrity of our godliness back into our everyday lives.

    1. Indeed Liane, our bodies are actually very precise, when things become complicated we are asked to go to the mind and in that too are asked to to leave our natural connection with our body and in that anxiousness or nervous tension will emerge. As you say connection is key, and the one and foremost connection is the connection with our body first as from this place all other connections are already there. So whenever complexity is coming our way, we have to focus on our connection instead and from this connection the simplicity of the body will show us the way to go, as simple as that.

  57. It is only because of the illusion of a separated life we have chosen for that makes it possible to communicate like as been shown in this blog. That we can respond to a question from a customer in a selling mode, and in that no integrity and willingness to connect can be present, let alone to let happen that natural impulse to connect from human to human. We are completely overruling our nature and by that adding to the hurt of this disconnected way of life we all carry.

  58. Connection is simple and yet has the power to dispel anything that is not of truth, it does not require any doing simply our ability to hold such quality in all our movements.

  59. We have a responsibility to express our inner-most truth and to forever hold another in the Love we are.

  60. It’s beautiful to see how easy it is in fact to connect with people. Sometimes we use to function in a mechanical way that seems to work for us to ride out the situations of the day and life, but when we break that functionality and go beyond that, we find that it’s easy to connect with each other, as we all have so much in common. Just by opening our heart and allow its expression the encounter is possible, as you share here Adele.

  61. There is no interaction that is too small to have an impact and I am spotting those moments of opportunities missed to actually connect to a fellow human being. This feels great because it is with awareness that I can then change.

  62. Amazing.. to feel the magic that happens between us when we let ourselves be open, honest and transparent with how we are feeling. This situation could have gone a very different way had you chosen to shut down and walk out the shop door. Thank you Adele.

  63. Yes it is so easy to just go autopilot when we are outside in the world be at work or shopping and then the conversations with people we meet can become very flat, robotic like. It is beautiful to bring change to this by really seeing each person I have before me and connecting with them, if I don’t it becomes very exhausting to be at work or out and about.

  64. True connection with another brings immense joy and deep appreciation for what we each bring to the mosaic of daily life.

  65. I love what you have highlighted here Adele from your experience, opening up and communicating how we are truly feeling allows a deeper connection to ourselves as well as allowing others to open up and connect on a deeper level too.

  66. It’s beautiful when we can pull ourselves and each other out of just ‘doing our job’ and getting on with things over and above making life about people first.

  67. I love how being honest and expressing exactly how we feel brings a natural simplicity and clarity deepening our connection with ourselves and opening up the space to also deepen our connection with others.

  68. Sometimes it just takes a small change in the way we normally converse (autopilot almost) to open up conversations to a whole new level.

  69. To not hold back who we are and to express from this connection brings a deep honesty and openness to our days and I find the more we move and express in this way the more aware we are of the world and the amazing opportunities there are to grow and learn from one another.

  70. “Connection is actually very simple. It can happen every moment in our every day, in our commitment to living what we know is true in our body and not hold back in expressing.” I so agree and doing this with people we meet in everyday life transforms even the briefest of relationships throughout our day.

  71. With honesty we cut through so much of the complicated chatter that often abounds in conversation. People can take it or leave it, but it stops allowing what is not supportive to continue being expressed.

  72. I loved the wisdom you so simply shared Adele, opening up to express what I am really feeling in my body is something I am learning to do more often. “Connection is actually very simple. It can happen every moment in our every day, in our commitment to living what we know is true in our body and not hold back in expressing.”

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