The Force Behind Rage

When I was a young teenager, I remember my grandmother taking me and my brother to a war movie at my brother’s request, called The Battle of Midway in “Sensurround”, which basically meant loud sound that came at you from all directions.

I was shaken (literally) and left the cinema feeling quite disturbed, but unable to express what it was I was feeling. I actually wanted to cry. I did not like violence in any shape or form and seeing people being hurt and killed really upset me.

I became more aware of news reports detailing wars and violence around the globe, and developed a fear that there would be another world war and that there was a possibility that I could be conscripted to go and fight in such a war.

This fear lasted into my thirties and I always had a plan for how I could avoid fighting in a war. I considered myself a pacifist, a gentle guy, one that always avoided fighting at all costs, although there were a few exceptions.

After regularly being bullied by my brother up until the age of 13, something extraordinary happened one day… my usual defense became attack. My frustration was eventually unleashed from not having been able to break the cycle of having an older brother regularly trying to, and mostly succeeding, in hurting me and using, at times, extreme violence.

What really hurt was the awful feeling of that moment when I felt a change in my brother, from being a person that I could reason with, to someone who was so disconnected that he was unable to see or hear me.

I had also seen and felt this in my father and others and knew that what came next would hurt in terms of both the physical act and the awful energy behind it. For on this day, my fear of being hurt again led me to choose my own rage.

I felt an energy enter my body, and suddenly I had the strength of a bull. I ran at my brother as he was about to attack me, and knocked him clean off his feet. He was shocked as he found me sitting on top of him, pinning him down with clenched fists, demanding “That’s enough!”

We were both shocked at what happened and it changed something in the way we saw each other, for in this instance, we had both been in the same devastating energy, and we had both had to feel the horrible reality of the resulting damage that you are faced with when the rage is over.

It brings up a great sadness, regret, and if you allow yourself to feel it, a deep hurt. We had now felt the extent to which each other would go to avoid and defend feeling the depth of our sadness and hurts. We were both perpetrators and victims. There was still a love between us, but we now reflected to each other a behaviour that we had previously not wanted to see or own, but had been living with nonetheless.

What was this energy that I called in and how did I know to do it? It felt both familiar and scary at the same time. I knew that this energy was both harmful and dangerous as I had observed it many times in others, and always felt scared when I felt it and saw the results of this rage in action.

I called on this rage energy a few more times and it scared me more each time as I had become a strong young man and felt that I had the potential to kill another from this state that once called in, I could not control.

Twice in my teenage years I called in this rage energy, both times to stop bullies who had gone too far and repeatedly hurt others, and both times I was scared and shocked by the force behind my actions, and so were those around me.

I would say that from this time on, I decided never to call in this energy again, but the learning had not yet been completed. At the age of 20, one Saturday afternoon I received a phone call from an extremely upset girlfriend.

I arrived soon after with grave concerns about what had happened and how she was. A young Constable tried to tell me about the assault that had taken place, but was struggling to express what had just happened.

I was becoming extremely frustrated as my concerns for my girlfriend were escalating the longer I was left not knowing how she was. Eventually, a more senior female officer took over and began to explain the details of the sexual assault involving a man in a balaclava with a large knife.

At this point in time, I again felt a cold energy run right through my body, and in an instant, my thoughts changed completely. I recall that I could no longer hear what was being said, and all I could think about was harming the offender if he was caught and brought into my presence.

These violent thoughts lasted for only a few seconds and then, as suddenly as they had come, I was back in my body and wondering where all of that had come from.

The thoughts were quite shocking and I could feel at the time that they did not come from or belong to me. As soon as I realised this, the thoughts were gone, my concern for my girlfriend returned, and I began to listen again and worked with the police so that I could get to see her as soon as possible.

So there it was: I was shown in an instant that if I was pushed emotionally beyond a certain point, I was capable of having evil thoughts and potentially harming another human being.

The really strange thing was that after seeing that my girlfriend was physically ok, but deeply shaken and upset, my thoughts returned to the perpetrator for a moment, but this time I wanted to understand what could have possibly happened in his life to drive him to such harmful behaviour towards women.

Over the following months I began to see the deeper effects of the assault on my girlfriend. The assault changed the way she felt about herself and eroded her trust in men, relationships and life. I felt the result of the evil energy that impacted on another’s life.

The damage caused by abuse runs far deeper than the obvious physical damage. It makes us feel unsafe in the world, erodes trust and separates us with fear. Unless we begin to understand what happens in a person’s life to allow them to get to a point where they are capable of committing harmful acts, then we will never break the cycle of abuse and this evil energy will continue to separate us.

I have not had a thought to harm another or been physically violent for over 30 years now, but I have had times when I have felt my frustration again building towards a rage.

I spoke about it to Chakra-Puncture practitioner Michael Benhayon during a session, and he asked me to feel into how long the frustration had been building and what was at the core of it.

This offered a great reflection and I could immediately see that rage never comes in a moment,rather it is the result of energy building in the body over time, often for months or even years, until it is finally triggered by a deep emotional reaction to something and we explode in a moment of rage, which also explains why the energy feels bigger than what would be a true reaction in that moment.

From my own experiences and observations, I feel that I can begin to understand the energy and circumstances that lead to the rage that causes so much harm in so many situations. It is always awful and never ever justified, but at least I feel that I can relate to what people may be going through; the lack of connection, understanding and control leading to that point in time when the explosion and resultant harm takes place.

Abuse has been around for as long as we know and unfortunately, will probably be with us for a while yet. What I can do is to be honest about my own experiences and invite others to talk about their own experiences so we can all bring, without judgment, some awareness and honesty to this extremely disturbing and harmful aspect of human behaviour.

I know that we are not hateful or violent beings by nature, but what I have experienced both as a victim and as a perpetrator, is that if we disconnect from the caring, insightful, loving people we are for long enough, we can align to an energy that has the potential to make us act in ways which are extremely harmful to ourselves and those around us.

History can offer countless examples, from the personal to global level, that confirm the extremes of the harm that we can perform when we choose this ill energy.

Many of us grew up feeling the effects of a century of wars and the devastation and separation that still deeply affected individuals, families, communities, in fact, all of mankind.

Let the true conversations around violence begin. Let us bring awareness and understanding to the real force behind rage and violence. We all have a responsibility for our own actions, to begin to understand ourselves and others at a much deeper level and finally begin to break these very old and extremely harmful patterns and behaviours so we may once again return to the tender, loving, caring and compassionate beings that we truly are, innately so.


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706 thoughts on “The Force Behind Rage

  1. “So there it was: I was shown in an instant that if I was pushed emotionally beyond a certain point, I was capable of having evil thoughts and potentially harming another human being.” Absolutely RBS, I know as a mother of 3 young children there have been occasions where i have felt close to beating my children, in this I have felt a kind of relish in seeing it play out, for if we get lost in emotion we are all capable of abuse, even murder.

  2. This force that we can allow through us really needs to be spoken about. I’ve experienced it in myself and it’s been quite scary as has being around people who have let it run through them and are no- longer themselves so can do things they would never do. To understand that we are not this energy or what we do when we let it run riot through our bodies, but that we are responsible for the energy we choose to allow in.

    So often we demonize people for their actions but this doesn’t support them to become aware of what’s really going on -it just keeps them labelled as less good than another when we are all equally amazing and equally have this choice to live it so.

  3. I have always been very frightened of rage – not just because it is so foul to witness or be on the receiving end, but because I have felt the force of it when I have let it explode in me, knowing that it knows no bounds.

  4. War is not exclusive to itself. It is in essence no different to sport, or an argument between spouses. It is just the extreme of what can happen when we don’t deal with our stuff on a global scale. But reduce it to its essence, and it is no different. The reasons are the same. WW1 was the result of nationalism, or belief that one nation was superior to another. WW11 was the result of nationalism and a superiority complex that one race was greater than any other. Violence in sport between fans is the result of one team thinking they are superior to another. Violence between two human beings is because ultimately one feels that they are more entitled than another. Even in the case of revenge, one is justifying their actions by saying that their pain is greater than their ability to understand that in essence, the person they are seeking revenge on is ultimately just as lost and just as hurt, to the point where they have no regard for their actions. And so on. Break it all down, and you come to the conclusion that whilst ever we celebrate the illusion that we are different according to our beliefs, race, religion or gender, there will be violence, and there will be the potential for war.

    1. Why are we the only species that are the same but individually unique that discriminates against each other? Zebras are all different, but the same and they don’t start wars. It is that thing between our ears and the giant hole below our nose that has the greatest propensity to start wars!

  5. I’ve witnessed many people “exploding” – and it never makes sense in the context of the situation. It is often not the situation itself, but the fact that it has triggered an un-dealt-with emotional pain that has slowly been building over time.

  6. As RBS has shared, it seems that so many of us might be capable of going into rage and violence, if pressed enough, and it seems the first step is that we lose ourselves first, lose our connection – and make a deliberate choice to allow the reaction, and thereafter what happens can be shocking afterwards – that we could do things we never ever thought we were capable of, and might deeply regret. So it is necessary to understand those first steps and how we allowed them to happen.

  7. I felt the force of someone’s jealousy recently and it was horrible to feel, it was a ‘if looks could kill I’d be dead’ energy that was directed at me from a distance. But even though there was this distance it was an instantaneous feeling. Normally I would cringe and contract, this time however I noted the energy or force that came at me and said no not this time. I held strong with the knowing I have done nothing wrong and I could see it for the first time as just a energy that was trying to destabilize me and get me to contract. But not this time.

  8. “Let the true conversations around violence begin. Let us bring awareness and understanding to the real force behind rage and violence.” These are very important conversations to have, RBS, and through them may we reach the understanding that you speak of.

  9. The force that comes through us with rage and anger is the same force that plays us with jealously, lies, emotionally loaded conversation, manipulation etc. Same force different clothing.

    1. Also on this same spectrum are other behaviours like being passive-aggressive, or the false niceness – manipulating others by seemingly being ‘nice’, but hiding away the force and emotion behind it.

  10. What you bring out here RBS is how our hurts can essentially own us and take over if we allow them. Serge Benhayon has spoken for a long time on the fact that we are not our hurts, but if we let something fester and we don’t call it to light and call out how we are feeling, then absolutely our hurts can become bigger than we are. As you have explored, it is so important to understand what is behind our behaviours and reactions – in this case the violence – because then we can see how it is not actually us.

  11. A very interesting account of abuse, how we can take it on and perpetrate it, RBS. – and all through hurts that we carry. Nothing can be hidden or compartmentalised. This shows how addressing and healing our hurts has such an enormous ripple effect on everything in our lives.

  12. I find being around someone who is very angry or in rage to be very frightening and intimidating, even though it was not directed at me in these instances, and have even had a few quiet tears in the past when these situations occurred.

  13. It is great that you were aware that an energy was called in, and questioned this, understanding then gives us a choice, ‘What was this energy that I called in and how did I know to do it? It felt both familiar and scary at the same time. I knew that this energy was both harmful and dangerous as I had observed it many times in others, and always felt scared when I felt it and saw the results of this rage in action.’

  14. An article of great substance… Addressing an issue that is endemic in our society now. It’s like a giant boil under the surface of the skin of humanity… Every now and then interrupts like recently in Orlando, with the mass killings, we see it in our streets in road rage, and in the domestic violence that an enormous percentage of our society cops on a daily basis. We really do need to talk about this, to bring it out into the open, because it is then lurking and unless it is addressed will truly poison our society beyond even what we see now.

  15. Your article gives a great understanding of what can lead people to harmful acts against others- how thoughts can enter that then take you away from your essence and through your hurts your actions are justified.

  16. It is always our choice which energy we align to, that of love and brotherhood, or of prana and separation, from there we are simply vessels for that energy. ‘I know that we are not hateful or violent beings by nature, but what I have experienced both as a victim and as a perpetrator, is that if we disconnect from the caring, insightful, loving people we are for long enough, we can align to an energy that has the potential to make us act in ways which are extremely harmful to ourselves and those around us.’

  17. ‘Let the true conversations around violence begin. Let us bring awareness and understanding to the real force behind rage and violence.’
    It is time we opened up the conversation to expose the impact of these forces in our lives, both on a global and personal scale. Look at how the world is working to support such forces, with commonplace violence to women in computer games, violence in language and speech, how relationships are conducted with domestic violence reaching an all time high, with children growing up with violence in the home – it is everywhere.

  18. It is great to have the awareness of the true energy behind something e.g rage, sadness, misery, bitterness .. there was an energy there first that was not stopped, cleared or healed so goes on to manifest to the next stage the more physical or emotional sign or symptom. This is what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine teach .. to be concious, aware, discern and feel energy first and how our moment to moment choices affect this continuously. Since attending the Universal Medicine Sacred Esoteric Healing courses I have truly understood and cleared a lot of ill energy that was stored in my body which had been built up over time such as anger and sadness. You have said and shared much here, how we are not innately evil but it is an energy that comes through us, that wars or abuse do not just stop with the victim but can go on to affect families and communities and how also traumas can stay in our body from incidents for a very longtime, lifetimes, until truly cleared. I agree with you, we do need to talk about violence and the affects of it particularly as we seem to be seeing more of this at the moment globally.

  19. We absolutely ought to have more conversations about violence and abuse of all forms, to bring much more awareness and understanding about what occurs so that we can begin to eradicate this common way of living.

  20. It is amazing what we are capable of when we run with our thoughts – essentially we can turn into animals, well worse when you look at the atrocities in the world. The more we see ourselves as purely vessels for energy and that our thoughts are not our own the less we will attach to and identify ourselves by them.

  21. I used to support people who had this force take over their body. It was very scary and the person was no longer there. Their eyes glazed over and one had to look to keep everyone and them safe because their actions were no longer theirs. This was an obvious example of when energy that is not love runs our bodies but I’ve got behaviours that are not loving – so where do I and how do I let this energy in? Is it so familiar I feel it is part of who I am and I am constantly opening the door to it?

  22. ‘…rage never comes in a moment,rather it is the result of energy building in the body over time..’ It’s so true that the consequences of rage end in tragedy but if we open the conversation to acknowledging what really goes on and addressing those moments we discount and brush over until the last straw breaks the camel’s back then this constant cycle of abuse and injustice will cease. .

  23. I’ve felt that blind rage a few times in my life… and while at the time I could see it was a response to a set of conditions there was this definite feeling of allowing another energy in that took over and I became posessed of great strength but at the same time with no sense of consequences. Dangerous and intoxicating stuff, that was the product of allowing issues inside me to build up unchecked.

  24. Rage is something we often face and can be startled to feel being expressed through us because we do not often realise consciously at that moment that that energy is actually sitting inside of us. This shows how most deal with our issues, bury them and hope they go away as we manage life, but they always have to come up somewhere as all our hurts must be healed at sometime.

  25. This is a wonderful blog explaining how it comes through you and not from you. I also appreciate the way you shared Michael Benhayon’s question about how long it had been building up. This is incredibly helpful to me in many areas of my life thank you for the honesty and as you say, let’s have more.

  26. Rage is scary, both to be on the receiving end and to have that energy run your body. I can remember when that happened to me on one occasion, and it was scary to experience that energy having a grip on me.

  27. When you put together rage and war, we have a circumstance where the beliefs of one country are fought for, but what rage is also in play at an individual level, and what are the consequences of ultimately being asked to engage that rage and fight for your country.

  28. those words touch one’s soul – especially that last paragraph. Brilliantly said: ”I know that we are not hateful or violent beings by nature, but what I have experienced both as a victim and as a perpetrator, is that if we disconnect from the caring, insightful, loving people we are for long enough, we can align to an energy that has the potential to make us act in ways which are extremely harmful to ourselves and those around us.”
    This is the key to many of our issues in our world today. Let’s deal with them. As you say, lets truly start a conversation and bring up the stuff we need to heal and not be afraid for it so. Let’s expose every ill behavior we know we have acted from.

  29. RBS – as you share we are not violent by nature – we all hold a tenderness for each other. And I agree with what you share here – that if we start to talk about abuse, to be honest, to get to know ourselves beyond reaction and judgement, then we can start to change abuse and how extreme it can be behind closed doors.

  30. I know this rage all to well, not only from having experienced it myself but also at the hand of another. There is a distinct change within the person whereby it is as if they are taken over and they are lost in the energy and the outcome of destruction becomes all consuming. Is it any wonder that our jails are full of men and women who have succumb to this energy and often say ‘something came over me’.

  31. It goes to show how important it is to express our feelings – to talk about what is going on for us and not to hold it back or put a dampener on it. When we hold back what is there to be shared, it builds up within a body a great tension over time, that will at some point, seek an outlet or escape. It is not too pleasant being the recipient of a backlog of unexpressed feelings nor the person wielding such force.

  32. When we fly into a rage it is the fury of our unresolved emotions fed by our unresolved hurts that all come tumbling out in an overwhelming avalanche…. and the ripple effect of this action can be really quite devastating to all involved.

  33. ‘The damage caused by abuse runs far deeper than the obvious physical damage. It makes us feel unsafe in the world, erodes trust and separates us with fear’. This is so true RBS and it is time we began to discuss this fact with integrity, honesty and a commitment to bring understanding and break both the domino and ripple effect of such abuse.

  34. Violent thoughts and violence hurled is violence first directed at ourselves for not being in connection. When there is abuse, whether self directed or externally directed, it is a wandering off from the love that we are, and to address this it is to be honest and to once again Choose Love. What that feels to me is just be super gentle to ourselves and deeply care for ourselves to begin with, with tenderly tendering to body, would we still be able to harbour harmful thoughts?

  35. You are absolutely right RBS when you state that violence and abuse are going to be with us for a long time yet to come, but there will come a future when they do not exist. The energy behind these is evil of course where evil means anything that separates us from our soul, but we need to be aware that this energy is not only in abuse and violence, for the same energy is also behind all trying to be good.

  36. Many would describe this rage to be something beyond their control and many who would ordinarily seem quite mild in their demeanour can suddenly snap – makes me wonder what is festering underneath, what words have been held back and then like an explosion it acts out, leaving the person bewildered and in disbelief that something so destructive could come through them. Then of course by then the result of their actions can be devastating.

  37. Violence is the one thing that put me off the most. Yet, there was a time in my life I was quite angry. Reading this blog, I remembered how I used to prepare myself to fight in some situations. It was all silent and invisible. Nonetheless, it was a clear violent outburst inside my body. It even laid out a sequence of how the fight would come about. Yet, the character imaginarily fighting was not really me. I never identified myself with him.

  38. This is such an interesting insight that you offer especially when we are having many discussions as a community on the best way to support young men and violence and an understanding that violence is a stand alone issues that exists with and without alcohol and substance abuse.

  39. I agree RBS there is a huge force behind rage, I have observed people lash out, explode about the smallest thing, as you say it’s not the moment but the build up to an event when the force is unleashed, and working out what causes the rage in the first place is the greatest start to understanding why we explode.

  40. First of all movies are almost if not exclusively focused on causing some form of emotional reaction in us. What you shared about you lashing back at your brother is so common in movies where the bullied gets revenge and as an audience you feel yeah serves him/her right. But it’s all deliberately made for us to become emotionally roused up. Emotional energy is not something good even though some might think it is. It’s what makes us do these out of control things that then leaves us feeling like what the just happened. Great catch up with calling out these thoughts not being your own but you calling them in because you felt hurt or not being able to cope with the situation. Very insightful, and a great sharing, thank you.

  41. Unfortunately it is very true that our rage is often so blind that we are completely disconnected from what impact we are having on ourselves and others with no sense of control or reasoning.

  42. Rage is often the result of not expressing and suppressing our frustrations over a period of time until we can not longer hold it for only the smallest incident to trigger an explosion of abuse. This is an important conversation to be had as a community in order to support men of all ages, as they need to be able to express their feelings in an environment that is not judging them but more understanding of where they are at.

  43. Highlighting the harm rage causes brings home the fact that unless we deal with our deep hurts the potential for rage or any other harmful emotion to surface is always a possibility.

  44. Realising that thoughts, feelings and actions, which are abusive are not us but an energy that has entered is life changing and a vital tool in breaking the cycle of abuse.

  45. ‘Unless we begin to understand what happens in a person’s life to allow them to get to a point where they are capable of committing harmful acts, then we will never break the cycle of abuse and this evil energy will continue to separate us.’ Very true and to be able to understand we have to heal our own hurts and acknowledge how we love to be with each other and support each other to choose the energy of unity.

  46. It is truly interesting that we all hold specific qualities that are deeply disturbed by specific situations (for example deep sensitivity massively disturbed by violence). When this happens, we tend to cease honouring ‘the’ quality we represent and go into massive reaction in a quality that we truly hate.

  47. “… I could immediately see that rage never comes in a moment,rather it is the result of energy building in the body over time” – when people go into ‘road rage’ it is never about the incident on the road, but something else, a build up of frustration that is triggered by a small incident. A person who has frustration building up in side them is a ticking time bomb just waiting for something to set them off and the it is BOOM!

  48. It changes everything doesn’t it when we look at abuse from the perspective that every person is by their true nature loving. This then opens us to a deeper understanding, we can drop the labels we hold people in by their choices, and begin to see the mechanics behind how we can all become abusive to ourselves or others. I personally felt quite a lot of stubbornness around how I hold others who have bullied or abused me, there is that feeling to label and hold them a certain way and not separate the true loving essence of the person from their actions, and be open to understanding how they got there. I can see by holding the hurt I hold people a certain way and this also means I hold back my love – which is me holding back my true essence. This is the legacy of hurt – it’s cycling around over and over and we withdraw from ourselves and life. It’s a tricky business this abuse and yes we really need to talk about it at length and in great detail.

  49. Thank you RBS for sharing your story, yes I agree, we do need to start the conversation about rage, anger and what roles that are playing in our society, but also to bring into that conversation what energy is. This will change the conversation, not taking away responsibility, but to assist in bringing understanding to all involved.

  50. It is a beautiful understanding and wisdom when we can see the energy controlling a person before we see the person themselves.

  51. I can relate to the fact that rage does not simply come out of the blue but is the end result of a build up over a period of time. There was a bully at school who niggled me for months with hitting me from behind when I didn’t know it was coming.. This I refused to react to for months, then one day I lost it and turned on him landing a punch in his solar plexus that doubled him up and he never touched me again, but I always felt ashamed of my momentary loss of control.

  52. Deeply gorgeous blog, even though the subject itself ; rage (the force behind it) is a horrific state, but to come closer and deeply feel this fact, that this rage is not us, never was – is absolutely worth connecting to. It makes us realize that our actions may carry hurts, past pains and feelings of discomfort and even trauma, and that those unresolved hurts, feelings and issues can build and build once we set ourselves over it and deny what it is doing with us when we do not heal them. A beautiful example of how when looked at rage, we must never judge ourselves but simply feel what is underneath..

  53. ‘The damage caused by abuse runs far deeper than the obvious physical damage. It makes us feel unsafe in the world, erodes trust and separates us with fear.’ These words are so true and while we accept abuse as something that just happens in our society it will always shadow our every move and play with us while it reeks even more of its ugly damage and causes the creation of even more hurts that just leads on to more abuse. And so the cycle continues.

  54. Rage is definitely an emotion that builds up over time that is fed by our unresolved frustrations and resentments. But what I am learning more and more is that underneath all of our emotional reactions there is always an unresolved hurt that is the root cause and ground zero.

  55. This is an astounding sharing RBS. I read this blog today because I have been feeling enraged and frustrated to tears over a situation that I have perceived to be unjust and I have wanted so much for the perceived perpetrator of this injustice to be called to account. When I find myself revelling in thoughts of this person receiving their just deserts I too become aware that I am no longer myself and I have observed that I am behaving like a caged animal ready to metaphorically bite anyone that comes too close. You remind me that I am not caged or vulnerable. I am powerful and I am made to live love. Any rage present in my body or mind is there because I have chosen to blame another rather than take responsibility.

  56. “The damage caused by abuse runs far deeper than the obvious physical damage.” and unless we take responsibility to heal that which is not of our true nature, we keep meeting life tainting our experiences through these undealt emotions once we embark on this process we get to know more of the love that we are.

  57. The moment we say yes to an energy that is not love by way of not dealing with our hurts, allowing them to accumulate and wanting to bury them, we have no say as to what the outplay of that energy will be. That moment when we ‘lose it’ and burst out in anger is like a dam that has ruptured in the sense that we are unable to gauge the course that the raging torrent will take and who it will annihilate in the process. Thus we must return to the initial entry point and be willing to see and feel the hurt we have buried deep within us. By being very tender with ourselves and through observation and understanding we are better able to come to a place in ourselves that holds the truth of who we are and from here ‘seal the door where evil dwells’.

  58. A feeling of being incensed equates to me to a choice to be able to say “enough is enough”. This feeling is different to rage and rather than being something to be avoided, it is something to be honoured.

  59. I love that you have the awareness to recognize and feel that the harm that we are capable of is not us but something we align to in that moment… yet still our responsibility as to whether we choose it or not. Harm in any form is not okay and it is up to us to allow it or heal what allows us to choose it.

  60. I know the absolute energy of rage you speak of, when weilding this force there is an absolute knowing that it is being directed towards another and is making an impact. But then after seeing its consequences its esy to see why it hurts us. What is even more revealing is that to express such energy we have to be already removed from our natural sensitivity, because the moment we felt that energy arise it would hurt us, and we would never allow it to be passed on but as things build up we choose hurt instead of love and rage becomes the chosen expression.

  61. Before anger, an outburst of rage or extreme violence even is agitation because there has been no expression of joy or love, which is what is naturally coming through us.

  62. It’s interesting to read and see this type of thing from another angle. We often hold blame or judgement on someone going into a “rage” or violence outburst. Others may go into shock also but any of these ways keep us away from possibly what is really going on. If we look at these incidents in isolation then we only see the rage in a moment and don’t consider anything more deeply. A quote from the article and I agree is, “I could immediately see that rage never comes in a moment, rather it is the result of energy building in the body over time, often for months or even years, until it is finally triggered by a deep emotional reaction to something and we explode in a moment of rage” That means we all have an opportunity or a choice to see it coming from a long way off as no one just gets into a rage, it builds over time.

  63. Great blog, it is incredible when one does feel a force come through us, we can sometimes feel that and have awareness that it totally not us. I have felt this, not to the level of rage, but definitely when I am being argumentative and not wanting to let something go, or wanting to be right. It never serves anyone, ever.

  64. RBS, I have observed this rage in myself and others and notice that for me it is the result of me not expressing what I am feeling and so there is a build up of frustration that can eventually come out as rage. I notice the effects on others that rage has and how harmful and scary this can be to witness. If I have been in rage it feels absolutely awful in my body,

  65. RBS, I recognise from my own past experiences finding it hard to watch films with violence in them and for many of my adult years could not understand why they would want to make films like that and where would the ideas have to come from, and most importantly I knew deep down that man was capable of such atrocities, and this is what I did not want to see.

  66. Thank you RBS for being so honest to share with us, we are shown the effects of abuse on oneanother and we can learn from this to no longer let it go that far with our behaviors.. To support ourselves to let go of them and break the old abusive cycles. Once one admits and is honest about their behaviors and have the willingness to let go – we can evolve from them, as they are no longer been given the power to – hence it will have no force to continue from.

  67. There is such a force that can come through when we go into rage, or anger, so what you have shared here RBS is so important and very honest in your awareness that you can feel is that the force that can come through isn’t you. That it is actually something that is coming through you, that it is not a part of you at all. So in the honesty, there is the capacity for a change to be made.

  68. We like to think we are in control and it disturbs us greatly to learn that whilst we can make choices what happens thereafter will play out whether we like it or not.

  69. Similar to when children have tantrums, when you get fixated on something and allow in a force of rage, hurt, frustration, ‘I want my way’ etc. it’s difficult to pull ourselves out of or reason with it. You’ve posed a really interesting question; could this be because the force doesn’t necessarily come from us but what we’re choosing to align ourselves to, i.e. that rage isn’t a trait but a force we can allow through?

  70. The extent of the harm we are capable of inflicting on ourselves and those around us can be quite shocking, if we do not deal with the root cause of our emotions and hurts, for these will just fester away beneath the surface waiting for a trigger for them to erupt, at which point we have lost ourselves and have called in a force which cares not, at the time, about the pain hurt or damage that can be inflicted or the consequences of our actions. This brings home to me the responsibility I have to uncover and heal all my hurts.

  71. If we do not deal with our hurts any one of us is capable of great harm, as history has shown many times…

  72. RBS, this is a beautiful invitation that holds no judgement of another who wishes to expose the same evil. You have managed to express in a way that shows we are not the energy that comes through us but a vehicle for it. When viewed in this way we are able to observe how it happens, and find the root cause that has created the opening for this energy to come through. Becoming aware of our choices and realising we are the ones making them is true responsibility.

  73. I’ve always known the phrase ‘he wouldn’t hurt a fly’ (oft used by ‘surprised’ friends or relatives when a loved one has committed a violent crime) was a lie and this article explains why. We’re all capable of everything and anything, including murder and rape, if we are disconnected enough from ourselves and others.

  74. The awareness and understanding that is shared here is monumental in today’s world where many think it is their right to retaliate with rage. Reading here and clearly being shown that it is a choice to choose the force of such an emotion albeit one from built up frustrations, is offering everyone the opportunity to look at this very real human issue, violence, in a way that may actually begin to break its hold on humanity.

  75. What a beautiful insight into not only rage but any energy that we let in. Once we let it in, it can seem like it controls us and we are lost to it. Addressing the energy itself is only partly effective. To fully address it and heal, taking a look at how and why we let the energy is the key.

  76. Such a deeply thoughtful article here on a subject that is all pervasive, casting a a dark shadow on all of us in one way or another. We have all felt to various degrees the evil of abuse. All of us have been through conflicts, wars, times of aggression, whether it was in this life or in previous ones. And the world today is rife with abuse – from wars and terrorist attacks to abuse in the family household, and abuse of ourselves. It leaves a painful scar because abuse in any form is contra to our innate truth and nature. We are made of particles that know harmony and love, and anything that is not that, hurts to the core.

  77. This is such a powerful blog to read and you highlight some very important points RBS around abuse and the forces we can allow in if we disconnect from our true selves. The steps you took to understand these forces at play and to begin to heal this is deeply inspiring and supportive for anyone to read.

  78. When we live in our hurt we are trapped into perpetual victimhood and unable to live the absolute love we each know deeply we are. It is imperative therefore that we deal with our hurts as they arise, heal,and let them go.

  79. Interesting reading RBS… Interesting parallels with my own youth as well…. Hating violence, being bullied, and then cracking and handing over in your words… I became very familiar with that handing over feeling and started to integrate it into my being so to speak to the point where I made it my business. It was not until meeting Serge Benhayon and opening up to exploring the internal depths that I was able to realize what was actually going on… and the process of healing to be able to be started.

  80. When we lack understanding about what is truly going on we judge ourselves and others which creates a whole host of other problems unnecessarily. Let’s open up the conversation and talk honestly about how naturally loving beings can get themselves into a situation where they become capable of abusing another at all costs…this is totally unnatural behaviour but we need to understand how and why it occurs if we are to prevent it.

  81. Yes identifying that there can be a force that comes through us can assist us in knowing that we are vehicles that has energy that flows through us all the time, so it is up to us to determine what type of energy we want to align to.

  82. As a society we absolutely ought to have many more honest conversations about abuse, without reaction, if we are to arrest the ill dynamics, behaviours and situations between ourselves and each other.

  83. It’s very revealing and transforming the fact of not identifying ourselves with the emotions we sometimes express. By being more observant and willing to come back to our tenderly innate nature, there is no harm possible we can express.

  84. As men we can find it difficult to express our feelings in connection with our bodies so we react instead and bottle things up until we cannot hold it any longer resulting in bursts of rage sometimes directed at the person who has nothing to do with it in the first place. Learning to honour our sensitivities and fragility is a start in order to develop more intimacy with ourselves and all our relationships with the world around us.

  85. We cannot ever not express, hence when we do not express what is true we must express what is not true…there is no middle ground.

  86. Through presentations of Universal Medicine, I have come to appreciate that every moment counts. I don’t live my life like that yet, but am working towards it. When I read this, I can see that every moment does count because we can ‘accrue’ things in every moment if we are not aware, and as in your case, frustration was accrued and then came out in rage at times. If we build more daily check-ins with ourselves, and more of a connection with our bodies and our well-being, I think we could pick this stuff up more easily, lessening the outcomes of these outbursts.

  87. “Rage never comes in a moment, rather it is the result of energy building in the body over time” – wow. It can’t be good for our body to be storing such harmful energy like a time bomb. What if it doesn’t go off? Would that energy be let out somehow? Perhaps through illness and disease?

  88. Rage, fury and the force that both come through with is always a possibility within us. Being finely tuned to what our bodies feel like and what hurt feels like in the body, not just the physical but emotional hurt, really helps to not let that force build to the point where it explodes voluntarily or involuntarily. There is so much to learn from what you have shared here.

  89. I am no stranger to rage, and it seemingly comes from nowhere, but that isn’t true. Getting to the root of its cause so that we eliminate it would be a great thing. This blog opens up the conversation and bringing understanding to ourselves and others is important in the process.

  90. It’s taken me years to see that my anger, aggression and rage isn’t inherited, nor is it learned. It may be up to the parents, partners, etc if it is tolerated or not, but at the end of the day it comes down to the individual. It takes great honesty and introspection or awareness to begin to address why this happens.

  91. I have had this sensation where a rage has gotten hold of me.It does feel like it enters your body and I have felt propelled with a force either physically or through the words I use, it heightens adrenalin and I have gotten righteous…I have not thought clearly and it has been one track to proving the other person wrong. This is energy, a choice of energy in how we are mentally and what we choose to express, it can stop if we make our life about dealing what hurts, if we do not, we have holes and where there are holes enters energy that is not us.

  92. ” I could immediately see that rage never comes in a moment,rather it is the result of energy building in the body over time, often for months or even years, until it is finally triggered by a deep emotional reaction to something and we explode …” This supports the saying that it is the last straw breaks the camels back’.

  93. It is a great point you make about rage building up in the body. It is a holding back of expression with all the little things that builds this tension. I know this within myself that the more that I express in the moment the less I am carrying and less likely I am to react as I did when I was younger, where every slight or hurt I had felt would come out all at once completely taking the other by surprise; as they had no idea this was how I was feeling as I hadn’t express anything along the way at the appropriate time.

  94. It really is true that if we do not choose to respond we will react, there is no other choice. And if we continually choose to not respond then our reaction gets bigger and bigger…until of course we choose to respond again.

  95. What you describe makes it very clear that the seemingly superhuman strength with which blows and kicks are delivered is bigger than us and comes through us, as the willing vessels and executors that we can at times permit ourselves to be.

  96. This needs to be talked about and brought into the open it can be healed and stop being so prevalent in our society, ‘Let us bring awareness and understanding to the real force behind rage and violence’.

  97. Wow RBS this is an incredible documentation on the disease of rage, resentment and frustration – all the ramifications and knock-on effects that pass from one to another like a contagion. I love how you say that we are naturally not violent or abusive being but tender, caring beings who carry a certain fragility. Truly rage can never be justified, and is the result of a big build-up.

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