Reconfiguring the Energy of Abuse – all by a Simple Choice

Currently I have been working with a highly qualified and very well renowned Esoteric Practitioner and Physiotherapist Kate Greenaway-Twist on a Connective Tissue Exercise program.

Each month we have an online session where Kate shares different Connective Tissue Exercises to support my body. I have made the choice to commit to do these exercises every day and night, when I wake up and before I go to bed. I have found this to be an incredible support, and also the changes and expansion from these simple movements in my body is immense. Until last night I didn’t realise how much, as I tend to brush aside the grandness of things, thinking it’s no big deal.

Kate asked how this past month had been and I shared what has been going on for me. Lastly came a question about my pelvic floor area, an area I shared the previous month I was completely disconnected from; that I couldn’t, or in truth, didn’t want to feel.

This whole area I actually looked at – and have looked at – with disgust for around 20 years. Why? Because of the level of abuse I have allowed in my body by having sex with people I didn’t want to and when I didn’t want to, purely through a lack of self-worth, a need, and growing up thinking I would find love outside of myself from someone else or in a relationship, rather than inside me, and my relationship with myself.

What I shared with Kate was huge; through the simple choice to connect to my body and move, doing two Connective Pelvic Floor Exercises for a few minutes every day – nothing else – I actually feel absolute love in and for this whole area.

It feels a joy to connect to and feel this part of my body, and to be honest when I look down I now smile; there’s a warmth, a tenderness and a love there that I have never felt before, or at least not for a very long time. I can absolutely say I love this area of my body, it feels precious and I want to take care of it deeply.

To feel this, I didn’t have to go into analysing my past choices, or wallow in my woes, I simply made the choice to connect to this part of my body and move it in a different way, following the Connective Tissue Exercises with a very loving quality, every day.

If I can make a simple choice to change and reconfigure a more than twenty-year-old pattern of abuse in my body, then I can make a choice to change everything that’s not loving or supporting me. It doesn’t have to be a big deal.

I have always heard and known the fact that everything is a choice, but until yesterday I have not felt this so clearly, simply and deeply in my body.

Inspired by the incredible Kate Greenaway-Twist and my pelvic floor.

by Gyl Rae, Teacher, 38, Scotland

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675 thoughts on “Reconfiguring the Energy of Abuse – all by a Simple Choice

  1. Your blog reveals how we’ve made life so complicated by not listening to our body and to connect to the truth it shares. The power of some simple movements reconfiguring what has been there for years and years is incredible and to be appreciated as you do.

  2. Recognising our part in allowing abuse is key, for otherwise the only alternative option is to blame which never truly supports ourselves or anyone else.

  3. Thank you Gyl for your blog. I can feel the power of your commitment and the healing that it brings with your daily Connective Tissue practice. This is very inspiring!

  4. Great what you share about how we can reimprint or shift energy, patterns in our body through movement and awareness, without the ‘wallow and woes’, very liberating to consider healing in this way.

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