The Joy and Vitality of Living Life

I cannot remember ever being as joyful in my life as I feel now. Living in a vital body, having amazing, deeply loving relationships with my wife, my family and friends and enjoying my work throughout the day to the best of my ability in full conscious presence.

The joy that is felt from feeling an inner warmth in my body is so precious, and through my honouring that inner feeling thus expands and becomes more. This all started from the moment I met Serge Benhayon some 9 years ago and went to the Universal Medicine presentations, courses and retreats that he presents every year in the UK.

But my life has not always been like this as it was completely different before I met Serge and listened to the Ancient Wisdom he presents. I grew up in a family as the middle of three boys where my father was the provider of income and my mother took care of the household and all that came with that. It felt to me to be a functional family but lacking intimacy and true connection with one another.

I have learned from that upbringing that life is about working hard and trying your best to make something of it – but not loving and appreciating each other for the beautiful people that we are, or about enjoying life. All that was simply not there.

My voicing this is not to blame my parents or my brothers as it was what it was and it was a situation I equally was part of and contributed to. Nobody in our family had ever been told that life could be different and nowhere in our circle of acquaintances did we know people who lived this sort of joyful and appreciative life. We were a normal family, participating in a society where the belief was that life is hard and that “you have to do your best to make it work.”

I can now see what this growing up brought to me for my adult life. There was always an inner dissatisfaction and internal struggle between what life presented to me to be, and what I could feel inside of me. However, there was no reflection of that ‘other true life’ I innately felt, so I chose to work hard to maybe one day achieve that ‘other way of life.’

That lack of inner connection with the love I now know lives in all of us, made me go into the working hard as this brought me positive attention and from this, I built a certain level of self-respect and self-acceptance. Firstly, I put this working hard into my studies and into sports but was never able to sustain it. I always had to improve myself and it was never enough and so this pattern continued to permeate all aspects of my life.

In my professional life, this pattern of not feeling my inner self-worth made me strive to do my job as best as I could, and with that I tried to make everything perfect to the tiniest detail, never considering how much effort this required, nor how much strain I was putting on my body.

Although I was good at my job, I myself was not appreciative of that fact and because of that I did not value what I brought to my work, so I continued in “trying to do it better.” It was never enough and I was still insecure about any decision I made. I doubted myself by letting others advise me about what to do or to choose, although I had all the wisdom, knowledge and experience to know all of this myself.

This pattern also played a role in being a husband, a father and a friend, where I always came from this same lack of self-worth, constantly striving to do it better. These feelings of insecurity meant that I could never appreciate all the beautiful and loving connections I had with my wife, children, colleagues and friends and what I was already bringing to my relationships just by being me.

Thanks to Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine, the Universal Medicine Student Body and not least, my lovely wife and children, I am, without perfection, on the way to fully living that lovely, sensitive, tender and wise man I naturally am. I am learning to surrender to the knowing that in my essence I am already everything and that I can bring all of this wherever I go in humanity.

I don’t have to prove myself anymore as I have rekindled that inner fire, the connection with Soul, the unwavering constant in my life and it will always be so. This reconnection has brought me the joy and vitality I knew was there, but had been looking outside of me to obtain it, while it was always there inside me, waiting for me to reconnect to.

Published with permission of my family.

By Nico van Haastrecht

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695 thoughts on “The Joy and Vitality of Living Life

  1. Having an amazing, deeply loving relationship is an interesting concept… its not the pretty fluffy relationship which lacks depth and if always nice and fun all the time. Its simply about being yourself, being present in the good times (and maximising the joy) and when things come up (maximising the wisdom and learning) so all of you / us can grow. I love that definition and for me its something to live by.

  2. Joy in life can easily be seen in children, in their abundance of energy and their awe and excitement about life and everyone and everything around. Essentially to connect back to joy it is about letting us be children again in terms of connecting back to the wonders that we allowed ourselves to perceive back then. And this comes from a connection to our deeper essence.

  3. We are all born bundles of joy and provided nothing interferes with us and we are allowed to grow and develop in our natural state, that joy will grow with us. However, our society is not set up in a way to foster and encourage that true joy and natural way of being and so we have agendas, goals, ideals and beliefs that we try to live up to and this is really what dilutes and then waters out almost completely the joy we can feel. But it is not lost forever, for when we come back to our natural way of being, then so too does the joy return and this is a beautiful thing indeed to enjoy though might need some time to get used to again! 😉

  4. Such a beautiful article Nico, ‘the joy and vitality of living life’ is certainly possible when we live in connection to our essence.

  5. ‘Nobody in our family had ever been told that life could be different and nowhere in our circle of acquaintances did we know people who lived this sort of joyful and appreciative life.’ This is really important as if we do not have the reflection then we will not know. Thanks to Serge Benhayon, the Benhayon Family, Universal Medicine and many students of the Way of the Livingness we are starting to have a true reflection of how to live and be which I for one have found deeply inspiring.

  6. Raising three children knowing the wisdom and love is there inside them is very confirming not just for them but for myself too. I don’t get anxious or worry about them as they grow up and take on new and different challenges in life because they feel secure in their own skin. I am here to support them in all areas of life but especially when there are forces coming towards them (and me) to try and bring us down. I know that everything they need is there and will always be there to tap into and guide them to be everything that they truly are and this awareness seems to be growing regardless of age as I deepen the relationship with self.

  7. ‘I am learning to surrender to the knowing that in my essence I am already everything and that I can bring all of this wherever I go in humanity.’ It is a constant process of letting go of our identifications in life and to be aware how everything in this creation we call our world is trying to not let us feel who we truly are, the love we feel inside that is truly out of this world, the divinity we are from.

    1. And too we have to understand that this is our normal, our birthright so to say to be joy-full in life – at any moment, always and that misery is not what we deserve to live.

  8. We have so much more energy and zest for life when we are not battling with ourselves and trying to prove something. Life actually becomes incredibly simple when we embrace who we are without trying to change it or become more.

    1. It is that inner battle that tries to keep life functional and controlled in order to not to have to surrender to the impulses of our soul, those impulses that will stop our zest in creation and let our self dissolve but will open us up to co-create in oneness with our Father instead.

    2. I really love what you have shared here ‘Life actually becomes incredibly simple when we embrace who we are without trying to change it or become more.’ it resonates with me and I can feel how much more I can embrace me for just being me.

      1. While as form childhood we have worked so hard to become an adult and in that hard-working, we mostly lose that simplicity that we had as a child. With hindsight, it would have been wiser to not have worked that hard.

      2. Is not life very simple and very beautiful if we do not need to change it, but simply unfold the potential that is already there?

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