Appreciation of Life and Ourselves

Have you ever stopped to really appreciate yourself, your life, and everything around you?

I thought I had been appreciative, that is until I had a recent health scare that made me realise that there was still so much in life that I took for granted – things that I just accepted as a normal part of my day, without stopping to truly appreciate how amazing my life really is.

Lying in bed at night in the silence of the darkness, with the glimmer of the moon lighting up my home with just enough light to make out what surrounded me, I observed the simple things, like hearing the crickets, and the sound of our children rolling over in their bed via the monitor next to my own. Sounds that had become a normal part of my day and night, but sounds that I realised were not always going to be there; ones that I may not always be here to hear.

There was a sadness that overwhelmed me, a feeling that I was not yet ready to leave this world, that I still had so much to do.

It was then that I realised I was living with regret, a feeling that deep down I knew how to live in the fullness of who I am but thinking there was no rush, that I had plenty of time to do so later.

But why wait – why not just get on with it and live the love that I am now, instead of waiting any longer?

So once again a health scare has caused me to stop and appreciate on a deeper level how amazingly blessed I am in life, with an amazing family, children, partner, and friends. Why is it that it takes the possibility of dying to truly bring me to a stop?

Why is it that we wait until we may lose something that is precious to us to stop and really appreciate it? Why is it we do not make the choice to live each and every moment in absolute appreciation of everything that we are?

I knew all of this, the questions were not new, I had asked myself these before. So why is it I still choose to hold back?

After my few days of pondering, I came to realise that it is not just dying I am afraid of: it is the fact that I have not truly lived all of me, and the sadness was from the regret of holding back and having not lived in and from the absolute glory that I am.

I realised that I can now make the choice to live me in each and every moment, re-connecting to my body and making choices from there, without fear of what others may think or perceive, and no longer shying away from potential jealousy.

When I pass over, no matter when that may be, I want it to be with no regrets, but with the appreciation and love of a true life lived in the fullness of who I am.

A life that has been blessed by so many and so much, with the ongoing love, support and reflections from Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, a man with the utmost love, patience and understanding; a man without whom I know I would not have these moments in life that allow me to go deeper in my connection to myself, to then be able to continue appreciating how amazing life truly is.

by Nicole Serafin, Woman, wife, mother, hairdresser, Tintenbar, NSW.

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1,101 thoughts on “Appreciation of Life and Ourselves

  1. Just the right artcile to take the appreciation of me and my life, about life in general and all the beautful insights that have been brought to me, to a deeper level. I have really turned my life around, thanks to the teachings of Serge Benhayon. These teachings showed me the way to go, but I am the one that applied them in my life.

  2. How deeply touching it is to read this blog Nicole. There is true power in the beauty, vulnerability, fragility and grace you write from and this is an inspiration to read. Everything is put into perspective – why live a life filled with regret when it can be embraced in full in every moment and filled with joy.

    1. It seems so silly to make our life about regretting what could have been, when I feel regret I actually make it all about me without taking responsibility for living what I know and feel is true and yes Stephanie, filled with joy.

  3. What a super question: why wait till you do die and then regret that you have not lived the FULL of you, and made life all that it can be, impacting people and the world in a huge way?
    I will write down these lines, and pin it on a wall in our home. Thank you Nicole.

  4. I always remember the following quote by Serge Benhayon: “Anything that is done not in truth will always require a correction” so it is for us to look at these health challanges as opportunities to make adjustments in our living in order to keep up with evolution and be more of the love that we truly are.

  5. Every moment is precious and worth absolute appreciation. Missing a moment of this awareness sets up the feeling of missing out and a gap is open that can then potentially filled with the sadness of not being all of us and the want to fill it with distraction because we don’t want to feel the sadness and the responsibility that goes with that choice.

  6. It is not about what we have not done in our life that we regret, it is about the love we held back, not lived and expressed. It’s like every day, at the end of the day, we come to the end of a circle and our body knows what has passed through, what could be lived, yet not expressed. It is that gap that leaves us empty and we try filling that with food, entertainment, getting drunk whatever. I know because I can have a very busy, full day, yet left feeling something is missing. It is how I live the day/life that determines how I sleep/pass over.

  7. “Why is it that we wait until we may lose something that is precious to us to stop and really appreciate it? Why is it we do not make the choice to live each and every moment in absolute appreciation of everything that we are?” Such great questions Nicole. Even after I myself had a health scare i realise just how much I have returned to my old way of being and although am appreciating more i can definitely bring even more appreciation to the everyday things in life.

  8. ‘Why is it we do not make the choice to live each and every moment in absolute appreciation of everything that we are?’ Thank you Nicole, to not live in appreciation is avoiding living me in full and what is waiting for me to embrace.

  9. Thank you Nicole, it is through our movements of constant appreciation that we realise that there is so much more to life, to reflect a way with a foundation of truth and love for all to be inspired and live from.

  10. You make such a great point – I know I am terrified at the prospect of not living my potential and yet every day I make choices that hold me back. This is very exposing.

  11. A beautiful reminder for us to live each day in the fullness of our being right up to our last breath. This morning is glorious here, the birds having a party and yes I am appreciating the divine orchestra and magnificence at play.

  12. I have heard the saying ‘live each day like it was your last.’ You blog is a reminder that life is precious and living each day to the max, not in terms of doing, but in relation to being loving and appreciating everything down to the details you described will help ensure there are no regrets at the end of life.

  13. I do recognize that Nicole! The feeling of regret, that I have this potential, and it is not fully lived. That I can have an impact to change the world for the better, and not doing anything. Today, before reading your blog, I made the choice: I go for full service and I go in full for healing myself and NO more indulging. No more regrets.

    1. Yes Willem and to know that there is a possibility that we may all need to say that again and again as the momentum of forgetting this dedication is more familiar than the dedication to living life in full. I am with you!

  14. When I think I am hungry and actually I am not, I am endeavouring to stop and fill myself up with deep appreciation instead of food. When I have the loving discipline to do this I get to feel how my body is craving this quality not food and I no longer have the feeling that I am hungry.

      1. I have been playing with this and it works for me…..appreciation, instead of the thought of eating something!! With one I surrender and feel nourished, the other takes me into my thinking and away from true movement

  15. This is so lovely Nicole. We can be caught in the rush of the day and we do not appreciate that each moment is something that is there to observe. I know for me, my focus can still be so much on what I am doing rather than how I am feeling.

  16. I’ve had moments like that as well, where I’ve gone oh my gosh why have I lived less then, there is so much to bring my qualities to and I’ve held back. And this has nothing to do with box ticking or needing to visit this place or have a bucket list.

  17. I know what you speak of Nicole, and reading your blog today shines a clear light on what regret is and how in fact indulging the regret without getting truly honest about the fact that we know how to truly live us but we’ve not always done so is another way to delay actually living us. All we can do is continue to deepen our relationship to us and live us in each moment to the best of our abilities, nothing else is asked of us, this is it. And yet we avoid this … could it be that we know the power and the attendant responsibility of who we are, and is it now past time for us to get on with it, not with drive but with an openness and willingness to unpick any areas where we hold back and bring less than who we are?

  18. I wonder if that’s what happens to us when we get to the end of this life or when we have a scare in the same way. Is it possible that this ‘regret’ is actually us feeling all the points in life we have left incomplete? It’s not a bucket list scenario but more about going about every moment and living it in full to the best you can. For me when I have felt a feeling similar to this it’s been a view of what I haven’t lived fully that hits my view. For me this is a confirmation that every moment is important as the next because when it comes down to it they are all recorded energetically within in.

  19. We are held by the appreciation (that is love..) that surrounds us and that we choose to re-connect to in our bodies, a choice that comes from a free will to break out of the illusion of loveless existence – as we all know that there is a grander source – one that is love, beholding us all no matter the lovelessness in our world.

  20. How blessed are we to have moment like these where we can start to wake up and live again. It is so hard to see how it takes moments like these to realise we are so often sleepwalking through life.

  21. Living with regret can be very overwhelming, we can allow feelings of negativity to take over and run our lives. But what you have shared here Nicole are the hallmarks of how one can really take responsibility and bring joy through appreciation.

  22. This sounds like a great plan, ‘to live each and every moment in absolute appreciation of everything that we are’.

  23. You can never have to many reminders about the importance of appreciation – this blogs serves that purpose well.

  24. Isn’t it fabulous to appreciate the smallest of things in life, in fact it is almost always the small things, for they make up our days, and the more we appreciate what is before us the less room we leave to be consumed by false struggles such as anxiousness and worry.

  25. why not just get on with it and live the love that I am now, instead of waiting any longer? Yes, yes and yes, I have held back my love for so long which felt like living in a straight-jacket with chains…The joy I felt in sharing myself and not holding back (when the straight-jacket slid off my body) felt wonderfully expansive and very playful – we are allowed to have fun, lots of fun as we go about our every day!

  26. Living with regrets can be a heavy burden and it is through building appreciation and acting on our impulses to share from the depth of who we truly are that we can let these go and embrace the glory of who we are and all we have to offer. This is still a conscious unfolding process for me and has been a massive learning curve to recognise how much I hold back and how this prevents me from appreciating myself and the wonders of my life.

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