The word ‘jealousy’ has been used to describe how we feel in relation to what another is doing. I am now coming to sense that the true feeling here is envy and so enviously is how I lived. Deeply and bitterly so, I was envious of what others did and had in their lives.

For example, envious of those who spent their days away from home working, that other people had better lives than I, better cars, bigger houses, more friends, even envious of how others could feel at ease whilst I felt constantly ill-at-ease. This list could go on for the whole page, but suffice it to say that I lived in a constant state of envy… it was never far from me.

Hiding very sneakily behind this envy was the true jealousy that I had not considered until recently: what I was really jealous of was the choices that others had made to support themselves in the way they wanted to, something that I was not choosing for myself.

My focus was instead on fitting into the life that I had. In living this way I then compared my life to others, – the comparison coming because I could feel deep within that there was another way to live that fully supported myself, and in so doing, actually would have supported all the others in my life.

Yet I was not choosing to follow this inner, subtle, yet very loud guidance that was being offered to me. So, I held back on accepting, embracing and integrating into my life what I felt deep within.

Over the past couple of years I have been observing any moment that I felt jealous and have then considered why it is that I was jealous of that person in that moment. I have begun to explore what choices I have felt for myself that I had not fully claimed and integrated into my life, and then began to do so.

As I integrate my true choices into my days, slowly but steadfastly I am adjusting the way I live my life. One of the most significant choices that I have made is to accept only love in my life. This is a very personal choice that I am discovering doesn’t have anything to do with another, but is ever-present in how I personally care for myself. When I made this choice I immediately felt that what needed addressing more than anything else was how I held myself, how I thought about myself and how I treated myself.

The difference in my life in the past 10 months is vast. I feel my grace daily, there is an acceptance and love of others that I had not ever before considered was even possible, let alone now to be living. I love myself deeply and this grows every single day, at an amazing pace as I see everything in my life as God gently nudging me to take the next loving step.

I am not yet fully clear of feeling jealous of another and this is something that I am acutely aware of. No longer do I berate myself when I feel it, but instead surrender to the love that I have within and understand it. These moments are now stepping stones, taking me to an ever-deepening love and understanding of myself and others.

When I now feel jealousy coming from others there is this sense of knowing why each person is living like they are. With this understanding there is a sense of grace in my body that holds us both in the love that we naturally are. The feeling of grace is full and encompassing, steady and strong, offering a space for jealousy to be let go of and our true loving light to be set free.

It offers a moment in time for us both to surrender more deeply to our own love and to let go of the falseness that jealousy offers, to instead claim our true power and strength and leave us with a knowing in our bodies of the harm that jealousy brings, as well as the feeling of space and freedom that is felt once
this energy is seen for what it is.

I celebrate every day the difference in my life, and the joy I now feel in my days – none of which was possible until I made the choice to live by the very basic principle that lies at the base of that which Serge Benhayon presents, “to live the love that I am”.

Thank you Serge Benhayon for living the love that you are.

By Leigh Strack, Reception/Administration, Goonellabah Australia

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1,117 thoughts on “Jealousy

  1. To be aware of the true harm of jealousy and understand it, we can see how it attacks not only the other person but also ourselves. We are all born with our own unique essence, if we forget this truth we behave in ways that are unloving.

  2. By not reacting and deepening to the Love that we are and knowing that this is who we are, I have started to feel and experience that you can’t hold the other in jealousy, it is a process of understanding and one that is deeply supportive for everyone involved.

  3. This is super beautiful and inspiring, Leigh – ‘I am not yet fully clear of feeling jealous of another and this is something that I am acutely aware of. No longer do I berate myself when I feel it, but instead surrender to the love that I have within and understand it. These moments are now stepping stones, taking me to an ever-deepening love and understanding of myself and others’. Understanding jealousy enables us to commit to being more.

  4. This is beautiful to read Leigh and brings somehow a beauty to jealousy and all other separating emotions, in that we do not need to condemn them but are simply asked to be honest with ourselves why we choose / are ruled by them. There is much to explore about oneself to be able to let go and heal.

  5. If we consider jealousy as just a choice or choices we have not fully initiated in our lives then the answer is simple – we just need to refocus on ourselves and explore the potential we have within us, rather than comparing to others who are making choices we have no yet considered or gone for.

    1. Yes, and hence the importance to understand the true meaning or words and what they do with us. If we do we are not longer at the mercy of them but can start to make different choices.

  6. I often still feel the jealousy of those that I hold near and dear to me but the difference now is reading that it is happening and knowing that it is the ability to appreciate that what we are reflecting is the level of love that is on offer for all if they choose.

  7. Jealousy gets us nowhere, it is very destructive and very dishonouring of each other. I have found the less you take anything personally the easier it is not to be affected by others.

  8. This is super cool from jealousy, turning it back in on itself to envious and then to counter and not feed this you focused on the love that you are building for yourself and not accepting anything that is not love, even from yourself. This is powerful.

  9. Comparison is deadly, as someone is always deemed lesser than, and when we are perceived as being the one lesser, by ourselves in our own mind, then there is fertile ground for jealousy to develop.

  10. ‘One of the most significant choices that I have made is to accept only love in my life.’ A very beautiful and supportive choice to make Leigh, for when we chose love first and foremost anything that is unloving stands out a mile and we can begin to look at that and let it go.

  11. The moment we compare ourselves with another we are setting ourselves up to find fault with us or them in someway. We are all great at some things and not so good at others. It would be crazy for example for me to be jealous of a musician who has spent their life mastering what they do whether it be song writing, singing etc.. or equally say a tennis star who has practised hours on end and for me having done none of either to expect to be equally as good – it is absurd really yet is something we can easily get caught up doing. Often we need to make things sound absurd to see the ridiculousness behind them.

  12. Yes, jealousy is truly coming from seeing another making true choices for themselves that we have not been willing to make for ourselves. Understanding this brings clarity for either if you are sensing you yourself are jealous or when you feel jealousy coming at you.

  13. Thank you Leigh – it is huge to note that building more love in your body was what has stopped the envy and jealousy you once felt. it is so important we get to the bottom of why we feel the way that we feel.

  14. Thanks, Leigh, for sharing this revelation – “what I was really jealous of was the choices that others had made to support themselves in the way they wanted to, something that I was not choosing for myself.” I have also found that by choosing to deepen the love I have for myself, I am not missing out on anything as I feel the love expanding within my own body.

  15. As a woman, I know what it is like to give and receive jealousy – and it does really affect me and others. This sharing is so powerful because it is you wanting to go there and understand what is behind jealousy and know that it is just us comparing without appreciating we are all making different choices.

  16. Jealousy is something that has to be constantly fed and developed, because with out all of that effort it would simply disappear.

    1. Very true, we get to see and feel all the choices we have made whether they were loving or not! And so now are where we are as a direct result of them, not as a punishment rather a form of learning. So if we see another has more or something we would like we can be inspired by the choices they have made and so can also make similar choices.

    2. I agree Chris, when we honestly and responsibly look at and feel the choices we have made in our lives we can understand where we are at, and why, and if we can take another step further, those we may have been jealous of can actually be an inspiration to us.

  17. Jealousy works best as a threat as it stops those who are targeted from being in their fullness as, the moment they express more love and truth they get attacked. However, this attack is ultimately empty.

  18. Appreciating all that we currently have and are is an important step in nullifying the force of jealousy, which focuses on what others have, without acknowledging what they have chosen to be where they are.

  19. Beautiful Leigh Strack, what a revelation, seeing and observing jalousy for what it is – makes it look rediculously small, which it is, and so we can actually love ourselves instead and be open to another instead of continuing this evil and attack that jalously causes, which is in truth not even a small bit of who we truly are.

  20. Envy is a game that helps us to confirm that we are not enough. Jealousy brings a different thing to the table: our true knowing of truth. We do not feel jealous of just about anybody, but of someone who has walked toward truth more than we had. Jealousy is directed towards them, but in truth is against ourselves.

  21. I’ve been noticing my jealousy recently and how horrible it’s felt but coming to an understanding that it’s there to remind me of the steps I can take to be more loving in how I am, starting with me, and to appreciate the steps I have taken. Having felt the poison of jealousy in my body and it’s impact on others asks for a deeper level of honesty and highlights that each of us taking the steps we feel in each moment, for to ignore those leaves the door wide open for jealousy to come in.

  22. This is great Leigh, and may I add that starting out with our Gentle Breath is still a “choice to live by the very basic principle that lies at the base of that which Serge Benhayon presents,” and when disconnected from our essence we can always return to our Gentle Breath as in the Gentle Breath Meditation!
    For more on the “Gentle Breath Meditation” go to;

  23. Like this jealousy can really let us see where we are at and, if we are willing, let go of attachments, ideals and beliefs and come back “to surrender more deeply to our own love” From here we can begin to live with ourselves and focus on the love that we are and not get pulled out by what we falsely consider to be more in someone else.

    1. Yes, it is very embarrassing and revealing when we notice ourselves being jealous and how much we have a choice to behave differently.

  24. It blew me away when Serge Benhayon presented, years ago, that jealousy was self fury. But, of course, it makes sense, its so simple! Hold back on yourself, leave others to lead, express etc. and you are constantly on the back foot trying to keep up and watching others through the eyes of comparison. But, be yourself , express when you are impulsed, be in the joy of who you naturally are, and everything is complete.

  25. I never considered how deeply damaging jealousy really is until I heard Serge Benhayon present about it. It is truly horrible to feel it and it ought to be considered equal if not worse that taking a sword to yourself and another.

    1. This is very true, but there must be the willingness to give ones self the grace to first of all, honestly feel it and secondly, steadily, consistently and lovingly eliminate from ones life the choice to allow it in our bodies. For with out this honest process jealously, comparison and envy in all its levels of intensity will continue to impregnate the sea of energy we live in.

      1. This is true when I first heard the presentation about jealousy it took me a while to even go there with regards to my own jealousy. We have to come to terms with how we have lived and contributed to that pool of energy in order to heal. It’s a hard one to look at without being love because the self-condemnation can be brutal and there’s no point in going down that route. It’s such a destructive force and there are no winners.

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