A Study on Commitment and Energy

Lately I have made an in-depth study on what commitment truly is. Last year somebody shared with me that they felt I was completely withdrawn from life – not committing to life in full.

At first I resisted: “Who me? I have started up several companies, been successful in my career, have many friends, I was on television, radio, wrote columns in newspapers. How can you call me withdrawn from life?” But in truth I was. It took some weeks to fully admit this unpleasant truth.

Several things had happened in my life when I was young, then one final big tipping point event a couple of years ago and with that, I made the choice to withdraw from life. I decided that life was too painful to be in so I believed it was better to withdraw from life, even with little money to support myself, rather than committing to life in full. It was not a clear conscious choice, but I can see now it was still a choice.

In light of this revelation I decided to study how commitment really works, and return to leading a fully committed life. I had discussions with people about it, sessions with Esoteric practitioners and read inspiring articles like Commitment to Self –Commitment to Life  and A True Commitment to Work, Getting a Job… and Life.

 From here I started to re-commit to life, starting with some simple, practical things. One of the seemingly simple exercises I did to support all this was going for a ten minute walk every day. I began with focussing only on feeling my hands and my feet as I walked as a way to support myself to develop conscious presence. I also found that really paying attention to how I felt in my body when talking with people supported me to stay connected to myself – which was not my usual way as I tended to focus my attention on the other person or people I was with, or just lose myself in the story I was telling.

Another thing – and there was quite a list – was when I was sitting behind a computer, was to not ‘disappear’ into the screen. Always feeling my body, whatever part that might be.

 Recently I had a realisation of another way of how commitment truly works. I had an awful day at work; actually and more correctly, I chose to have an awful day at work by choosing to not commit. I resisted the work that was there to do as I thought of it as boring and arrogantly considered myself too good for it. I did not work with 100% dedication and I secretly started sending out and answering private emails and doing personal things for myself.

What made it worse was that I still believed I delivered good results. Basically I thought I could get away with this – and indeed management did not notice – but in truth I couldn’t, not with the energy I was allowing to run my body, which was definitely not commitment or love. I became slow in my actions, my body felt heavy, and it did not stop when I left work.

 At the end of the day I felt powerless and somehow a bit stupid as well. I walked in an unstable way and felt light in my head. This was not how I normally would feel, or who I knew myself to be, and with this I knew I had let another energy affect my body.

Later on with the help of a true friend I realised deeply how commitment really works.

I realised that when I choose to not commit to life in full, it creates an opening for ‘negative’, that is, unloving energy to enter. But when I choose to commit to life in full, the energy I feel in my body is very different – it is loving, solid and light. Therefore it is my choice that can seal off openings for this unloving energy to enter. This case at work was very huge and clear. But it also works with seemingly small things like doing the dishes, answering emails and cooking.

When I don’t commit to every aspect of my life in full, I allow unloving energy to enter. For example, when I choose to not commit in doing the dishes, but I do them anyway because I have to do them, but now slower and with an indulgence, this contains the draining and unloving energy that is not supportive to true commitment.

Therefore all of the choices I make, the quality of energy I choose to do them in, and whether I am fully committed or not, has an impact on my work, my energy levels, my relationships, my body, other people… on everything.

Leading a committed life now means for me to be fully committed to myself first, knowing there is nothing selfish about that. What this means is that I make it my priority to honour what I feel, treating my body with respect and care, as I would my best friend, and listening intently to what it is telling me. The commitment to the things I do is equally important, but always comes second.

With much appreciation to Serge Benhayon, his family and the many students of The Way of The Livingness, who show me what it means to fully and truly commit to life. Thanks for your reflection!

By Willem Plandsoen, MSc, sales professional and student of life

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1,098 thoughts on “A Study on Commitment and Energy

  1. Willem who would have thought that such a simple task as washing the dishes could be so draining on our bodies if we are not taking any notice of what we are doing, but instead are thinking of other things while washing up. There are so many tasks that we do during the day because we have to do them but it’s a great wake up call to ask ourselves how do we do them, is it in the mundaneness of having to do them or do we go about our day in the joy that we can bring to anything we do.

  2. “But when I choose to commit to life in full, the energy I feel in my body is very different – it is loving, solid and light”, wow this is so true, you can actually feel the difference in the body. When we make it about the body, its amazing what it can be for you. That commitment has a lot to say in how we are in life, withdrawn or not withdrawn. There’s no half half, its fully in or fully not in, with life.

    Our lives can change when we make it about the body first before anything else. And in this we take care of ourselves before we can offer this reflection to others to ponder or choose on too.

    1. “Our body truly is our best friend as it always tells the truth”. Mary that’s very true but most of us would only consider our bodies to only be our ‘best friends’ when they are doing what we want them to and looking the way that we want them to. We believe that our bodies have let us down when they either become sick or are unable to perform in the way that we want them to. We also feel let down by them when they don’t look the way that we want them to and when this happens most of us go into feelings of dislike or even disgust. We really don’t respect our bodies let alone honour them.

      1. Alexis I totally agree with your comment that “we believe that our bodies have let us down when we are sick or are unable to perform”. As once I used to think it was a hinderance when it was sick, and yet it was offering a stop moment to be with myself.

        And spot on, we don’t honour our bodies, respect and honouring goes hand in hand.

  3. Willem this was beautiful to read, even though it caused an ouch whilst I read it. It kind of reminded me that commitment is subtle too and that responsibility to everything matters. When we resist, then everything that we come across, has that flow on affect with that attitude and energy – a domino effect.

    So reading this has asked me to step up in project I am part of. Not to allow the games being played out, play out.

    There’s another level of responsibility I need to go to now in my life, which in turn be reflected to others…

  4. We are taught from a young age to look at the teacher, eyes front, no distractions, so as the days and years slip by we have been trained to focus outside of ourselves. So when someone comes along and says actually we should reverse this trend because it is actually damaging our bodies and instead focus on our innermost or the essence of who we truly are. We think their nuts or some sort of ‘out there’ weirdo. But what if we do have this the wrong way around wouldn’t it go some way in explaining why our society is rotting away because we have put our whole focus on education which brings security, money, profit to the detriment of our bodies. Which despite the amazing medical technology, health service, medical professionals that we have at our finger tips this is not arresting the rates of illness and dis-ease that is affecting each and every one of us?

  5. This quote: ‘The commitment to the things I do is equally important, but always comes second.’ really helps me to see clearly that while my commitment to my relationship with God comes first, it is not more or less important than my commitment to life and everyone else. It is just that that primary relationship has to be assured to set the standard and foundation for everything else.

  6. It is beautiful to read of the honouring you have for your body Willem, ‘I make it my priority to honour what I feel, treating my body with respect and care, as I would my best friend, and listening intently to what it is telling me.’

    1. Agree Lorraine, it is beautiful to honour the body a lot more then just over the weekend or on days off. It’s a daily routine.

  7. I suppose we could call commitment completion, even if it’s not technically fully complete as a task, just complete to Where it needs to be for now. I know for me delay feels quite different to commitment, and it does bring in a lethargic energy. I notice that not committing to things (and committing to my essence first) is like creating an issue, lowering my energy and inviting something other than love in. Sometimes there is a worry in me of not knowing how to do something, but I realise it’s better to at least commit and get support, than leave it there open and unattended to.

  8. The detail in this blog is hugely supportive. Many times we hear people talk about commitment to their work or their lives and it’s helpful to have some practical down to earth examples.

    1. The tips shared in this blog are down to earth and practical, ‘I also found that really paying attention to how I felt in my body when talking with people supported me to stay connected to myself’.

      1. ‘Really paying attention to how we feel in our bodies’ is the key that unlocks so much. Because our bodies are truthfully narrating our lives as we go they offer us an incredible insight into ourselves. It is our bodies that tell us exactly what’s going on all of the time not only for ourselves but for others but we’ve drowned out the natural voice of the body with constant white noise, not only that but we also interfere with what it’s able to communicate by introducing foods, drinks, drugs, emotions and lots of other things that play havoc with it’s ability to communicate clearly.

  9. Willem I love the detail of this blog and how it is relevant to our everyday living. Maybe if people really applied this in their everyday living, there wouldn’t be burnout.

    What I have observed when I am totally present, time stands still and I work in a spacious environment and if anything, more is done. When I clock watch, then I’m, like that rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, running around.

    There is more to life then just waking up and sleeping, its the in between too. The depth of responsibility we have is crucial and this blog has reminded me that I need to observe this more in myself. This depth and responsibility changes as we uncover more, so it isn’t ever stagnant.

    Thank you Willem for sharing, very inspiring.

  10. Sometimes we are pulled up and this can be a huge healing if we are open to what has been offered to us so long as the pull up is said with absolute love. I have had many such pull ups since knowing Universal Medicine and I am so glad because by having someone take such care about my welfare more than me at times it showed me that there is true love in this world, that there are people who care deeply and are prepared to share that love in such a way that it gave me the space to look at my choices on how I was living life and brought me to my senses.

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