A Study on Commitment and Energy

Lately I have made an in-depth study on what commitment truly is. Last year somebody shared with me that they felt I was completely withdrawn from life – not committing to life in full.

At first I resisted: “Who me? I have started up several companies, been successful in my career, have many friends, I was on television, radio, wrote columns in newspapers. How can you call me withdrawn from life?” But in truth I was. It took some weeks to fully admit this unpleasant truth.

Several things had happened in my life when I was young, then one final big tipping point event a couple of years ago and with that, I made the choice to withdraw from life. I decided that life was too painful to be in so I believed it was better to withdraw from life, even with little money to support myself, rather than committing to life in full. It was not a clear conscious choice, but I can see now it was still a choice.

In light of this revelation I decided to study how commitment really works, and return to leading a fully committed life. I had discussions with people about it, sessions with Esoteric practitioners and read inspiring articles like Commitment to Self –Commitment to Life  and A True Commitment to Work, Getting a Job… and Life.

 From here I started to re-commit to life, starting with some simple, practical things. One of the seemingly simple exercises I did to support all this was going for a ten minute walk every day. I began with focussing only on feeling my hands and my feet as I walked as a way to support myself to develop conscious presence. I also found that really paying attention to how I felt in my body when talking with people supported me to stay connected to myself – which was not my usual way as I tended to focus my attention on the other person or people I was with, or just lose myself in the story I was telling.

Another thing – and there was quite a list – was when I was sitting behind a computer, was to not ‘disappear’ into the screen. Always feeling my body, whatever part that might be.

 Recently I had a realisation of another way of how commitment truly works. I had an awful day at work; actually and more correctly, I chose to have an awful day at work by choosing to not commit. I resisted the work that was there to do as I thought of it as boring and arrogantly considered myself too good for it. I did not work with 100% dedication and I secretly started sending out and answering private emails and doing personal things for myself.

What made it worse was that I still believed I delivered good results. Basically I thought I could get away with this – and indeed management did not notice – but in truth I couldn’t, not with the energy I was allowing to run my body, which was definitely not commitment or love. I became slow in my actions, my body felt heavy, and it did not stop when I left work.

 At the end of the day I felt powerless and somehow a bit stupid as well. I walked in an unstable way and felt light in my head. This was not how I normally would feel, or who I knew myself to be, and with this I knew I had let another energy affect my body.

Later on with the help of a true friend I realised deeply how commitment really works.

I realised that when I choose to not commit to life in full, it creates an opening for ‘negative’, that is, unloving energy to enter. But when I choose to commit to life in full, the energy I feel in my body is very different – it is loving, solid and light. Therefore it is my choice that can seal off openings for this unloving energy to enter. This case at work was very huge and clear. But it also works with seemingly small things like doing the dishes, answering emails and cooking.

When I don’t commit to every aspect of my life in full, I allow unloving energy to enter. For example, when I choose to not commit in doing the dishes, but I do them anyway because I have to do them, but now slower and with an indulgence, this contains the draining and unloving energy that is not supportive to true commitment.

Therefore all of the choices I make, the quality of energy I choose to do them in, and whether I am fully committed or not, has an impact on my work, my energy levels, my relationships, my body, other people… on everything.

Leading a committed life now means for me to be fully committed to myself first, knowing there is nothing selfish about that. What this means is that I make it my priority to honour what I feel, treating my body with respect and care, as I would my best friend, and listening intently to what it is telling me. The commitment to the things I do is equally important, but always comes second.

With much appreciation to Serge Benhayon, his family and the many students of The Way of The Livingness, who show me what it means to fully and truly commit to life. Thanks for your reflection!

By Willem Plandsoen, MSc, sales professional and student of life

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810 thoughts on “A Study on Commitment and Energy

  1. In this blog Willem mentioned loosing himself on the computer, and this is something that I have been observing in myself. For instance if I go onto a social media site and get too engrossed in the articles or looking at videos, then afterwards I do not feel as committed to getting on with my day in a purposeful manner. The same also used to happen with the tv programs, no different just a different format.

  2. Committing to life fully is about being in life in full but at the same time not being at the mercy of life but instead reading the energy behind everything and responding from that place.

  3. We justify any thought as long as we understand it fits into our current set of ideals. When we are starting to understanding commitment to life in full our spirits take advantage of any glitches, which are our ideals and beliefs, so that we are do not truly align to or be obedient to God. With a deep understanding of our true values, which is all that we know as being divine, so we can become obedient to a true way if living. This is so supportive to everyone we encounter and this is an obedience to God so we have the ability to not enjoin the vibrations of creation.

  4. A great realisation you have shared Willem, in choosing to commit in full to life we must first choose to commit in full to ourselves by honouring what we feel within our body and being consistent in choosing to build our level of awareness and quality of presence with everything we do.

  5. Thank you Willem – this blog has been powerful for me to read and supported the expansion of my understudying of true commitment to life. I especially appreciated your comment – ‘Therefore it is my choice that can seal off openings for this unloving energy to enter’.

  6. I love your study, for me commitment is an interesting one I can say from my head yes but then can find myself holding back. However when I factor purpose in everything comes alive and I am fully committed!

  7. You mention here about the choice to withdraw from life, and how even though it was not a “clear and conscious” it was still your choice. This reminds of the default modes that we can all have in reaction to what life is presenting at the time causing choices to be made that are perhaps so engrained they are not even picked up or noticed. But I am aware how important it is to never judge ourselves for these choices and to always come to these situations with understanding – for who we are, the lessons we have yet to learn, and the journey we have each been on so far.

  8. For me commitment comes down to the energy I choose to align with, be it the energy of love, or what is not. When I chose love, commitment is an easy flow the has a continual pull towards purpose in all my moves. When I choose what is not, I feel exhausted, life is hard, and I make every movement a battle against myself.

  9. Energy can be very subtle at times, so if we choose not to be aware of energy, we can often wonder why are are feeling a certain way, for example feeling tired but not sure why. But when you commit to life in full, and being as present as you can in your body, you can become aware of different types of energies and how they effect your body. Like you become your own scientist – aha! when I do that, this happens! and when I do that, that happens! Study the cause and effect of your own body. Cool stuff.

  10. Thank you, this is confirming that being committed to our bodies 100% is what supports my conmmitment out in the world. Awesome:)

  11. ‘Getting away with it’ is a great tag line for the spirit – as it think it’s gets away with it’s choices and what it creates but, in truth, we never get away with anything as our bodies are a very precise record keeper of every movement we make and whether that is true to our being or in line with the separatism that is around us.

  12. Love this very simple and clear blog about commitment Willem and it is such an important thing to discuss. Great point you make here that commitment to life starts with commitment to self care and self love otherwise it becomes just about the task rather than the true quality the task is done in.

  13. Thanks Willem for writing this. What I read served as a reminder that when I look after myself & my body, it is then easier to do the things that are there to do for me in life.

  14. Yes its amazing how committed we can appear to be to life as you describe Willem , been on TV setting up companies etc doing , doing . But this is where life is controlling oneself . Commitment to life is where one is committed to ” their ” life no matter what it is. Working on total commitment of self to ones own life , bringing all that one is, to all that one does even washing dishes.

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