Conscious Presence while Cleaning our House

Not so long ago I was involved in a big house clean. For context, I live in UniMed Brisbane’s heritage listed stately home (usually called a Queenslander), which basically means it is a 2 story dwelling, made from timber, that has large balconies that surround the majority of the home. It is a large building covering around 1000m2 of living area, including over 10 rooms and is all white, so invariably twice a year requires a clean as part of its upkeep.

Unimed Brisbane Clinic
Unimed Brisbane Clinic

The very generous Steve Leca, who owns and runs a cleaning business, comes to assist us to conduct this clean of the outside of the house, along with his team and many from the Brisbane Esoteric Community. It is a really fun morning, with many hands making what would ordinarily feel like a huge job become a seamless and very achievable task.

Once the house had been high-pressure water blasted, and so that the white walls didn’t dry all streaky, we were asked to wipe down all the walls from the very top to the very bottom. This required getting up and down a very tall ladder in order to reach from the 12-foot-high roofline to the verandah.

Lesson in Conscious Presence

Raegan Cairney
Raegan Cairney

From the moment I started to climb the ladder, I could feel how important it was for me to take my time, ascending the ladder, each step with conscious presence. The circumference of the house I was wiping down was about 140 metres, so I was up and down the ladder approximately 70-80 times over a period of a couple of hours, climbing a ladder that was 2 metres tall.

Everything was wet, my shoes, the verandah, the ladder, the house walls, so each time I allowed myself to feel my feet, each time I placed my foot on the ladder rung, I felt my hands, the gentleness in my hands as I held the ladder and supported myself by holding the house wall. This enabled me to go about the process of what I needed to do, but with such an elegance, a joy and being completely present with my body.

In the past I would have jumped straight into the ‘doing’, the task at hand. What did I need to get done? I would have been up and down the ladder a million times without any awareness of my feet, where they were placed, how was I cleaning, what it felt like to be cleaning and more importantly, not even having a clue about whether I was present or not. I would have just been totally focussed on ‘getting it done’.

Blessing the House with my Movements

Setting myself up this way, being consciously present and connected with the cleaning task at hand, I was able to wipe down the walls of this beautiful house with such a grace and tenderness, I deeply felt how the house was then being blessed by the way I was moving and going about wiping it down. I felt the love in my hands and the quality of that each time I moved.

This felt natural because of the quality I live in and how I move each and every day, with grace and tenderness with myself – it didn’t just turn up the moment I stepped onto the ladder. Each day when I wake up, I feel with conscious presence the qualities I hold in who I am; when I am walking, it doesn’t matter where, I feel my feet and when I touch things, opening doors, picking up things during the day, I feel my hands as I go about these everyday tasks.

It is finding and holding conscious presence in these everyday tasks that has helped build a love and consistency within me, which I didn’t ever think I could. I had previously been overly anxious, a totally ‘in my head’ person, who continually had multiple streams of conversations with people going on in my head at any one time. So the exercise of cleaning UniMed Brisbane was an incredible marker for me to say, “wow, what a confirmation of my daily choices.”

I would not have understood and learned what I have without the dedication and inspiring work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

By Raegan Cairney, B Comm. Adv Dip Counselling, Brisbane, Australia

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448 thoughts on “Conscious Presence while Cleaning our House

  1. How wonderful and life-changing it would be, if all children were taught the very simple art of conscious presence, not to hold them back in their natural love and enjoyment of life, but to simply make them aware and appreciative of their amazing body. I see so many adults, and I was one, who live their lives in their head, seemingly disconnected from their bodies, which suffer immensely in the process. Being consciously present when I am doing things, like climbing a ladder, has certainly brought much change into how I move throughout my day.

  2. There is so much to be said for being in conscious presence because we become far more aware of what we are doing and what is going on around us, and we don’t tend to get exhausted either, physically tired from doing the job yes but we don’t get drained by the effort, because it become effortless.

  3. “This enabled me to go about the process of what I needed to do, but with such an elegance, a joy and being completely present with my body.” The shining photograph of the house is a reflection of the love and attention with which it is cared for.

  4. How we move makes such a difference, there is a world of communication in our movements. That is why we can feel pushed out of a group just by how people move around us and with each other, no words needed. And so too can we bless places by how we move, how we hold things and walk.

  5. Things done with presence and love are felt by everybody. As a marriage celebrant, when I married 2 people last weekend, one of the younger men said to me how much warmth he had felt during the ceremony and that is was different from other weddings.

  6. The power and the effect of conscious presence are out of this world. Our body loves it and start communicating more and it doesn’t have to be so loud and our movements align to the natural flow of the body. Also everything done with conscious presence is done with love and offers love for everybody to feel.

  7. We can get so caught in the activity of what we are doing but not be present with our body while we are at it. Not sure how we do that, it actually sounds very complicated, but we do it somehow, far more often than being consciously present. Something must be quite off for that way of being to be seen as more normal.

    1. I love looking at the photo of this gorgeous house – it certainly glows. A beautiful example of the fact that how we do a job – the energy we do it in – is of the utmost importance, for that is the quality that shines through once the job is complete. And the quality of the cleaning of this house shines very brightly.

  8. Whenever I read this blog I love the appreciation Raegan has for herself because of the choices she has made. It is incredibly beautiful when we express appreciation towards others but especially towards ourselves because in society we are not encouraged to do so because of the ideals and beliefs we hold within ourselves.

  9. Recently I have been helping a man whose wife has passed away, to clean and clutter clear his home. It has been a wonderful process of gentle change which I approach in the same way you did while cleaning this beautiful building. I too realise that the more love and presence I bring to each movement I make in the home the more it is felt. This was confirmed to me when after two weeks off with an illness I returned to do some more cleaning. As I was about to leave this lovely man said to me – ‘the house has missed you’. That definitely was a smile moment.

    1. Gorgeous sharing Ingrid. When we are connected to our body and move with love, this naturally offers healing wherever we go.

  10. It’s very beautiful that we can bless a building by the way we move in conscious presence and the quality that we bring.

    1. This shows how powerful we are when we stay connected to our body and it is through our body that our Soul can work through us to bless the world with God’s light.

  11. We are so used to that sense of disconnection between heart body and mind that this is become the norm. Just imagine what would happen if we lived in the way that this article proposes.

  12. “totally focussed on ‘getting it done’.” This is a beautiful example of how we and a task feels when we merely focus on ‘getting it done’ and when we make every move with love and that love is reflected back to us and everyone else.

  13. Conscious presence keeps us connected to our body so all our moves are focused on the moment at hand – thus there is no escapades of our wandering mind distracting us so we lose our purpose.

    1. Such a simple technique and this can be applied to everything we do and the magic of this is that we then bless everything we do with love.

  14. A great reminder to appreciate how building a true quality of presence we align to a natural grace, tenderness and love that expands with our movements and is expressed and imprinted into every job we choose to do.

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