Conscious Presence while Cleaning our House

Not so long ago I was involved in a big house clean. For context, I live in UniMed Brisbane’s heritage listed stately home (usually called a Queenslander), which basically means it is a 2 story dwelling, made from timber, that has large balconies that surround the majority of the home. It is a large building covering around 1000m2 of living area, including over 10 rooms and is all white, so invariably twice a year requires a clean as part of its upkeep.

Unimed Brisbane Clinic
Unimed Brisbane Clinic

The very generous Steve Leca, who owns and runs a cleaning business, comes to assist us to conduct this clean of the outside of the house, along with his team and many from the Brisbane Esoteric Community. It is a really fun morning, with many hands making what would ordinarily feel like a huge job become a seamless and very achievable task.

Once the house had been high-pressure water blasted, and so that the white walls didn’t dry all streaky, we were asked to wipe down all the walls from the very top to the very bottom. This required getting up and down a very tall ladder in order to reach from the 12-foot-high roofline to the verandah.

Lesson in Conscious Presence

Raegan Cairney
Raegan Cairney

From the moment I started to climb the ladder, I could feel how important it was for me to take my time, ascending the ladder, each step with conscious presence. The circumference of the house I was wiping down was about 140 metres, so I was up and down the ladder approximately 70-80 times over a period of a couple of hours, climbing a ladder that was 2 metres tall.

Everything was wet, my shoes, the verandah, the ladder, the house walls, so each time I allowed myself to feel my feet, each time I placed my foot on the ladder rung, I felt my hands, the gentleness in my hands as I held the ladder and supported myself by holding the house wall. This enabled me to go about the process of what I needed to do, but with such an elegance, a joy and being completely present with my body.

In the past I would have jumped straight into the ‘doing’, the task at hand. What did I need to get done? I would have been up and down the ladder a million times without any awareness of my feet, where they were placed, how was I cleaning, what it felt like to be cleaning and more importantly, not even having a clue about whether I was present or not. I would have just been totally focussed on ‘getting it done’.

Blessing the House with my Movements

Setting myself up this way, being consciously present and connected with the cleaning task at hand, I was able to wipe down the walls of this beautiful house with such a grace and tenderness, I deeply felt how the house was then being blessed by the way I was moving and going about wiping it down. I felt the love in my hands and the quality of that each time I moved.

This felt natural because of the quality I live in and how I move each and every day, with grace and tenderness with myself – it didn’t just turn up the moment I stepped onto the ladder. Each day when I wake up, I feel with conscious presence the qualities I hold in who I am; when I am walking, it doesn’t matter where, I feel my feet and when I touch things, opening doors, picking up things during the day, I feel my hands as I go about these everyday tasks.

It is finding and holding conscious presence in these everyday tasks that has helped build a love and consistency within me, which I didn’t ever think I could. I had previously been overly anxious, a totally ‘in my head’ person, who continually had multiple streams of conversations with people going on in my head at any one time. So the exercise of cleaning UniMed Brisbane was an incredible marker for me to say, “wow, what a confirmation of my daily choices.”

I would not have understood and learned what I have without the dedication and inspiring work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

By Raegan Cairney, B Comm. Adv Dip Counselling, Brisbane, Australia

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452 thoughts on “Conscious Presence while Cleaning our House

  1. This says that every intricate movement/detail to our everyday living is important, “Each day when I wake up, I feel with conscious presence the qualities I hold in who I am; when I am walking, it doesn’t matter where, I feel my feet and when I touch things, opening doors, picking up things during the day, I feel my hands as I go about these everyday tasks”.

    If we lived from these moments more and more, wow can you imagine where the world be at? Less exhausted in the doing and rushing around and not relying on stimulants either.

    Much to ponder over this sharing…

  2. Caring for the house with love and delicateness is a blessing for all who enter and all who see it.

    1. Mary spot on, when we walk into a house that has been cared for and loved, it can be felt as you walk into every room, it feels solid of love…

  3. When we move in a way that has a flow and a presence, all around us gets to feel this and gets our natural expression reflected to them. When we move in a jarring way and with lack of presence, then the opposite occurs. Either way we offer a reflection to those around us and can inspire another by this.

  4. Going up and down a ladder and especially with wet shoes and surrounds does require a certain amount of focus and presence. It is like those times when we are first learning how to drive a car or play the piano or another musical instrument – we need to be very aware of how we move and what we do – and sometimes we can find this apparently ‘tiring’ when in fact it is the most natural and beautiful way for us to be.

  5. Raegan thanks for your beautiful sharing – and yes I certainly know all about the headnoise thing – that constant chatter that can be going on in the head when the body is trying to do other things or even when trying to sleep. It is amazing to feel how this head noise can be reduced over time as we focus and support ourselves with conscious presence.

  6. Every action has an equal and deepening-blessing for those who choose to be connected to their essence, so when doing anything in true energy we all get the blessing.

  7. “I would not have understood and learned what I have without the dedication and inspiring work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.” I feel the same, conscious presence is something I am still learning to be consistent in, however it’s such a big change from how racy, in my head, and disconnected to myself I used to be.

    1. Melinda Knights, I agree with you that conscious presence is something I am also working to be consistent with, again like you the chatter in my head is getting less as I’m able to feel me in my body more. None of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. Humanity has been led to believe that it is mind over matter but actually it is the complete opposite. It is matter over the mind, as the ‘matter’ is the connection to the universe which holds a vastness of intelligence beyond what our minds can think. we have chosen the alignment to be lesser rather than the magnificence we naturally are.

  8. I love cleaning and performing tasks in this quality, when I look at a job after it has been done in presence I always get so touched by the outcome – it feels beautiful & lovely to have done it.

    1. viktorisstoykova it was so much fun to work alongside you and a team that had been put together to support a venue that was taking place. It was abundantly clear that the people at the venue really enjoyed themselves due to the amount of people who throughout the day kept coming up to say how much they were enjoying themselves and how much they appreciated how the staff were taking care of them. It was an absolute pleasure to be there as part of the team and showed me what can be achieved when we get ourselves out of the way and attend to what needs to be done.

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