Letting go of Images in the Image Industry

Have we ever experienced pictures that turn out absolutely glorious when we simply pressed the shutter without any expectation or thinking? Have we ever been blown away by the deep beauty we see in ourselves when we were not intentionally posing to be photographed?

Working in the image industry, I have frequently experienced this. There are many moments when I simply felt impulsed to press the shutter of a camera without even seeing exactly what was in my viewfinder. Something was calling me to simply receive what was being offered. When I looked at these pictures, my heart skipped a beat, not only because the glory was physically visible, but also because the harmony captured was deeply palpable.

Working with my phone camera this way for many years, I have come to realise that pictures call out to be received. Divinity presents itself all around us, all of the time, and it is up to us to register it, to feel the call and not hold back in receiving it and allowing it to be expressed through us.

This is the only way I feel true pictures are created – to express what is Truth.

A true image is formulated only when everything aligns at one single moment, and after that moment, something else is already formulating. No images can be held onto when they are true because we, nature and everything are constantly changing from moment to moment.

By contrast, in the image industry we are constantly trying to re-create images – we regurgitate images and seek a perfection based on images. However, when we hold onto any images, this act is already not aligned to the natural movement that our bodies feel, which is simply to receive what is being presented in that moment. For when we expect something to be only a certain way then we are allowed to only see what our mental expectation permits. But seeing is receiving, and what we are receiving every moment is an opportunity to evolve.

Images are truly successful only when they allow us to let go of, rather than further cement, preconceived ideals and beliefs.

I have observed that the way to work with images is to be image-free within ourselves; not by controlling our thoughts that having images is bad, but by the choices we make every day to free ourselves from the big daddy of images, the ideals and beliefs we have accepted in life.

If we prepare ourselves every day by connecting to ourselves and being true, a freedom and truth will be expressed, simply by receiving the truth that comes through us. As everything is complete once it is expressed, there is no attachment to any image we capture, portray and/or share. This then leaves us free to express the next Divine image that is already coming.

If we are honest, we can all feel Truth, which is one and the same for all. This realisation in relation to working in the image industry is also a truth for any industry and life in general because it is only when our preconceived attachments to what we are looking for subside that we get to truly express as ourselves.

By Adele Leung, Fashion Stylist, writer, photographer, model, presenter, Hong Kong

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504 thoughts on “Letting go of Images in the Image Industry

  1. I agree to this statement, ‘a true image is formulated only when everything aligns at one single moment, and after that moment, something else is already formulating’. This is about life too, no situation remains the same either.

    I recalled many years ago, my life of doing the same thing, working, exercising, partying every weekend, at the end of the year travelling to the same country and doing the same thing. This repetitive routine just couldn’t continue, and in the end life wasn’t all that fun anymore or made out to be.

    So in life, but also in everything, it is constantly changing. We also are changing hence why we grow old and pass on too.

    There is much to ponder over this blog…

    1. When an image is captured on a camera, we can capture just that image and it can look all pretty. Or we can capture everything about it, it’s vibration, the soul (if a person), their essence, their everything. A marked difference.

      1. Shushila, you mention it’s a vibration, the soul (if a person), their essence, their everything. I have been communicating with a fellow student of the Ageless Wisdom Teachings by email and the vibration of their email is beyond words it is possible to feel their living vibration which is divine and the vibration is calling me to the same depth of quality and purity. It is a joy to accept the invitation. I have rarely experienced this level and depth of vibrational quality before.

  2. Adele, this is beautiful – and a reminder that each moment is uique in its expression and to try to re-create something is simply a bastardisaition in stead of allowing and honouring the moment for what it is and was: “A true image is formulated only when everything aligns at one single moment, and after that moment, something else is already formulating. No images can be held onto when they are true because we, nature and everything are constantly changing from moment to moment.”

  3. Letting go of images and pictures is a challenging process but one that certainly frees one up to see the truth.

    1. By letting go of images, pictures, ideals, beliefs, justifications, projections etc., it allows us to free our bodies so that the true essence of who we are can come through. This is how we will change the world.

  4. Lately I have no wanted to take pictures of things on my phone. I’ve felt that looking at something through a screen detracts from the beauty I can feel in that moment. So I rather not capture it and simply enjoy it for the moment it’s there.

    1. Leigh I agree with you, I have taken photos with my phone of stunning sun rises or a cobweb covered in rain drop jewels but when I look at the captured image it does not in anyway do justice to what was there to be seen. It feels to me that the moment is there to be enjoyed and bath in the beauty, too as you say simply enjoy the moment of the offering.

  5. Living in the understanding of what life can bring is an ever expanding spiral or cycle in our life that is a deepening within to those things we feel are True as you have shared Adele.

  6. “I have come to realise that pictures call out to be received.” I find when I am at the beach wit my phone camera I don’t feel with some scenes to take a photo, but with others I do. I enjoy focusing on the quality I am in when I take the photo and what the scene feels like.

  7. No attachment to what we see but appreciating when something deeply beautiful, inspiring or harmonious is felt. I love it.

    1. Understanding the way we take pictures is a responsibility, thus to live in at-least decency and respect (a forerunner to Love) as a starting point and working towards True Love, thus living all we are and this is what we bring to others, which would be clearing any negativity that would be felt in a photo. Would this not change the way we live and bring a much healthier incarnation as we would be able to live in a way that holds that energy until our last breath and coming back into the same energy. This is a much simpler way of living that supports every incarnation, and would change our approach to life and the energy we do everything in.

  8. True sight is granted (by ourselves and no one else) the moment we are not moved by an image. Therefore, we must learn to move in a way that frees us of all the ideals and beliefs we have allowed to shackle us so that we once again can see the beauty beneath it all. And as well as seeing this beauty, we must also allow ourselves to see the ugliness and the horror we have allowed to be in the world and that alerts us to how far we have drifted from such beauty.

  9. When we allow ourselves to be image free what we receive often turns out to be vaster than anything we can imagine.

      1. I’m just allowing myself to reconnect back to the sense that we as human-beings are being controlled by some other outside force that is not us. This feeling comes from my body when I feel the stillness within me this feels exquisite and I am content within myself. When a situation occurs that I have reacted to then my body can feel very dense and ugly and I can say and do things that are totally against the stillness and contentedness. This has given me the realisation that there are two types of energy and depending which one we align to changes how we see ourselves and those around us.

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