On Understanding True Purpose

It is fair to say that at some point in all our lives, we have had someone there urging us on to get a job done: it could have been a school teacher, our parents, or our boss. The fact is that throughout life there is a core part of our relationships with each other that involves generating and ensuring the movement of our bodies towards an end result – such as a school project, the grass being cut at home, a financial deadline for your company. These are a normal part of life and we all seem to know pretty well how to respond to them with the physicality that we hold.

But what if there is a call to action and no one is asking you to do it – when the choice and the reason to move your body has come from you?

When I observe Serge Benhayon and his family, I see this being lived. I see people who are responding to a call that is far greater than the immediacy of job satisfaction. These are people who are willing to work long hours at whatever task is being asked of them, with the full understanding that what they do is for everyone.

If we take Serge Benhayon as an example, you will see that everything he has done, all the work he has produced, has come from his choice to do so. There has not been another person making him do it. The choice to move in the way he does, which produces the work he gives to everyone, comes from him. And even when Serge and his family are criticised by those who do not understand him or his work, he continues to offer himself completely to all that he does without arrogance or the need for recognition. He simply carries on.

I find this incredibly inspiring because in life in general, are we not taught to move our bodies in a way that is focussed on doing things mainly for recognition and personal gain? That is, to act in response to the promise of some kind of personal reward? Which I have noticed can lead to thoughts of – why would I ever do anything for any other reason than for what it will bring to me? And these thoughts can be incredibly subtle, and sometimes they may even be cloaked in acts of ‘good-will’, but still with the underlying intention and motivation to be seen, recognised, and accepted.

However, what I have also come to realise is that this way of interacting with the world can actually be a terrible trap that keeps us all back from truly expressing ourselves and from bringing everything we have to offer to our families and communities.

For example, I have experienced that when I move my body with the intent of doing something that is purely for self-gain, this can actually generate a lot of motivation, activity and momentum which can feel like purpose. And so on we go, trundling through life making things happen and gaining the rewards promised by those activities and their inevitable outcomes. But in the meantime, illness rates are skyrocketing out of control and diseases are so complex now that the medical industry is struggling to keep up with what is being presented by our modern human bodies. And to add to all of that, as if that wasn’t enough, we have more psychological illnesses than ever before, along with extreme human atrocities being carried out by governing groups in some parts of the world.

So, my question is: is it really working to have movement that is driven by self-gain?

However, if there is no self in the outcomes of what we do, then why do it? And who is asking us to do it? And who will be there to see it? And why do it if no one knows?

What I have observed from being with the Benhayon family and especially with Serge Benhayon, is that without the pressure from an outer source that promises a reward, the only thing left is absolute, true and coming from the core of who you are: it is your Divine or Universal PURPOSE.

Therefore, You Do What Needs To Be Done, Simply Because It Is To Be Done.

Which means that you are free to move in a way that is not driven by the ideals that are promised, but by a greater call that is universal in its intent. Therefore and with this, you are accountable only to yourself and the choices that you have made which will reflect your intentions – whether they are for the all or just for your own private life.

That is not to say that no one is to have a well cared for life, as self-love is in fact the cornerstone of care for each other. Self-love indeed negates the need to be identified by what we do, allowing us to openly care because that is what is required and not because it determines who we are or our value. Your worth and your value need not be hinged on the outcomes of your actions, but in close relationship with the essence of your being.

And with this relationship we can in fact then choose to ask – ok, what is the purpose of my being in this place at this time… knowing that you have the resources to give what will be asked for? This is amazing, but true. You do in fact have everything that is required for any given moment to be an evolutionary moment for everyone involved. Your universal voice is the one that matters.

So, isn’t it worth exploring what you can contribute when what you contribute has a universal purpose behind it, one that expands and evolves every single person on earth, including and starting with you?

Aren’t you worth exploring the purpose that is available when you say no to that outer source that tells you what you are worth by measuring what you can achieve?

If there is one thing in this life that we can all equally apply ourselves to, regardless of race, nationality or culture, it is to establish a relationship with our true and divine purpose.

The essential core of this teaching for each of us is however, to establish what are our motivating factors as we move and walk through life, and to do this we must be willing to see all the outcomes and the consequences of all our individual and collective choices – because with this awareness we can learn by and constantly re-adjust the choices we are making.

Coming back to true purpose is a journey, but not one that is impossible or only reserved for the special few. It is there for everyone equally. It is there for you. And with an open and loving heart, which will give you an open and loving mind, we are able to learn from and be inspired by the incredible role models we have such as the Benhayon Family and the many other people who have lived and continue to live here throughout time in accordance to the true purpose that is available to us all.

By Shami, UK

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610 thoughts on “On Understanding True Purpose

  1. “you are free to move in a way that is not driven by the ideals that are promised, but by a greater call that is universal in its intent.” What an awesome difference this is. How many of us move in this way? Not many. It is up to us to drop the interest in self and the want for recognition in favour of truly serving in this world that desperately needs it.

  2. “Therefore, You Do What Needs To Be Done, Simply Because It Is To Be Done.” Being so driven by recognition it can be tricky to understand how it is possible to do something without any self-gain, but if we focus on being more loving and caring of ourselves, stay open to the possibility and willing to feel it for ourselves, little by little, true purpose bubbles up from within.

    1. I agree Lucy – and true service does not come from a place of being good or charitable, as this too resembles self-gain, just in a less obvious form.

  3. We think we are free to move but when reality sets in with the choices we have made and we are stopped with health conditions or lifestyles setbacks there is no doubt that there is something much grander than we are willing to listen to at play. Could this be the universal call to purpose?

  4. Discovering True Purpose is like uncovering the ‘fountain of youth’ …. It is incredibly healing, and it is as if we are doing exactly what we are designed to do

  5. Thank you Shami – I loved reading this again as there is always such a strong empowerment to be felt when we acknowledge our divine purpose as part of the all. Living from a place of knowing that everything we do counts towards the greater whole bears great responsibility and leads to feeling true universal purpose.

  6. Having grown up with the belief that to look after me first and others second was being selfish it has taken many years to come to a place when I know that it is paramount for me to care for me deeply and without reserve. I feel that this placing of myself as unworthy of being cared for in this way also created a barrier to unravelling my true purpose in this life. But this all changed and was welcomed when I began attending presentations by Serge Benhayon, presentations that contained so much wisdom and common sense that I could not ignore. As my care for me increased I soared to the top of my ‘who to care for list’ and there I stay, finally knowing who I am and what my purpose is in this world.

  7. When there is no purpose there is a lack of ‘get up and go’ or a lot of uncertainty and delay. When I feel true purpose I feel like a fire has been lit under me that is energising whereas the untrue purpose (under ‘have to’s / should do’setc) fires up action but it is draining of energy.

  8. Learning to live with true purpose allows all the complications that keep us in the individuality to drop away, along iwth the drive and stress and anxiousness.. and the rest… and life becomes an ever deepening journey to re-knowing the truth of who we all are.

  9. “You do in fact have everything that is required for any given moment to be an evolutionary moment for everyone involved.” So true. In every moment we have a choice – to be love, or not. And if we choose to be love, we have access to everything we need and so much more.

  10. A brilliant and inspiring call to Brotherhood Shami. The fact is we all already read energy, whether we are fully aware of it or not, we sense the quality of vibration in any one, as such the purpose behind it. We do sense what is needed at any time. This calls to question why do we not pay attention to or are honest about what we are reading? What is our purpose in life? Are we willing to evolve, to surrender to truth, to Brotherhood or are we simply solely focussed on bettering our lives alone, regardless of the quality of life being live as a whole, as a humanity? For at the end of the day it is the vibration we choose to align to that delivers the intention, as such the quality of live we are living. We are Souls first, equally so, here to live our Soulfullness through our bodies. Is it not then our purpose the live in connection to our Soulfulness as such in be moved in a way that is in honor of and impulsed by our innate sense of the Oneness we are from.

  11. When we are motivated by self in any way then we can’t help but bring a fragmented and narrowed reality to everyone else but when there is no self in what we bring then we bring everyone else to themselves.

  12. In answer to your question Shami ‘So, my question is: is it really working to have movement that is driven by self-gain?’, I would say ‘no, when we have movement that is driven by self gain then it is only the individual self that will gain and if it is only the individual self that has gained then there has been no real self gain at all because we are not individuals we are part of the collective whole and so unless the collective whole gains there can be no true gain of any kind.

  13. The key here is to unlock that doorway to that innate true purpose that dwells within us all, and the key to this door is words spoken from that true purpose, as they have the configuration that implicitly fit the lock in that self imposed door.

    1. Absolutely Chris. And once we have unlocked the door to our innate true purpose and bring that forth, we can begin to apply the same qualities and values that we apply to that purpose to everything else that we do, so that no matter what it is we always include everyone and exclude no one.

      1. Indeed Sandra, and in the inclusiveness lies the innate sphericality of the interconnectedness of all things which is, by its very nature, all-inclusive.

  14. ‘Which means that you are free to move in a way that is not driven by the ideals that are promised, but by a greater call that is universal in its intent’ And sometimes we are called to move in a direction we didn’t expect. I’m finding it easier to recognise the call when it comes and say yes.

  15. Living with true purpose takes away any needs or pictures that the self creates, this then allows space for us to connect to the expansiveness and oneness we are all truly from.

  16. Life without purpose is flat, functional and mundane. Bring in purpose, true purpose that encompasses not just oneself or family – but everything and everyone and life lights up in the most incredible way. And it is not what we do, but the quality of how we do it.

  17. There is no great reward than living a life in line with our true and divine purpose. The Universal does not fail to deliver!

  18. Life flows so differently when you connect to what needs to be done and is there to done rather than what you can do to get a reward out of it. I find the focus is taken away from me and suddenly any issues I have become insignificant when compared to what is facing the whole of humanity. And this is where I find true purpose comes from as soon as I make life about everyone I see people need a reflection of the love that they are and then everything else takes care of itself.

  19. What I find super interesting is that bringing true purpose to all that we do and how we move brings a level of purpose that far exceeds any form of self and reconnects us to a much simpler flow and rhythm for how we then move and live life. Connecting to our movements with purpose then becomes much more about our presence and quality of connection and what happens thereafter shows a much more beautiful flow with life rather than against it.

  20. Shami coming back to read this blog was meant to be as it is a call to brotherhood and for us all to unite under the true purpose of building a community that can get as all on the fast track path to evolution up and out of here back to where we come from.

  21. I find it interesting how it is possible to live as if nothing that we do matters to anyone else, that we can live un-affecting of others, when in fact everything we do affects everyone else because everything is made of energy first before it is manifested in to matter or even thought. So our movements are of the most importance because they contribute to the very fabric of our life here on earth which is shared between us all.

  22. “If there is one thing in this life that we can all equally apply ourselves to, regardless of race, nationality or culture, it is to establish a relationship with our true and divine purpose”.
    This is the key Shami, establishing a relationship, with and living, our true purpose.

  23. Thank you Shami. I have noticed how easily doing something for ourselves sneaks in, it can be very subtle indeed. We can think we are doing it for others but if there is any part of us wanting to be special and being seen for bringing it, is it then truly for purpose of serving us all as humanity?

  24. If there is a true purpose with consideration, for everyone equally then whatever is required will be supported and simple. If it is for self-gain or interest then things can become complicated very quickly. The difference is great to experience because it offers a stop moment to re-connect and start afresh.

  25. Moving with the intension of self-gain does not produce a quality of movement. In my experience this is when I go into the ‘doing’ rush and tension. Moving with the intension of connection to self and thereby connecting to all others as a result, creates a movement in quality that encompasses the all.

  26. I used to think having purpose was about finding the right job that fit all my skills, and then when I did, I would be joyful and content. I never did find that job, but what you have described here Shami is how purpose is much bigger than that.

  27. There’s nothing more light and fulfilling than working with purpose. No need of looking for recognition when we offer ourselves in full

  28. I am learning how there is purpose in everything that we do because we are all connected with eachother all of the time, and so never is any one person actually isolated from the rest of the world, which means that we are all responsible for what we bring, so why not make what we each bring to be full of true purpose?

  29. Shami I found reading this at times difficult, I was looking for a distraction, but it was because it can be confronting realising my own investments in a personal agenda, when the ability is actually there to live in purpose for the all.

  30. Its an interesting thing purpose. Its much deeper that doing or completing a job. Its everything, Its how we do all that we do and bring all that we to everything we do. Nothing is more or less that anything else. From cleaning the bathroom, taking out the rubbish to meeting a client or nursing a babe. Because we are bringing ourselves to each and every moment.

  31. Building a relationship of honesty with ourselves can really help us to see where we may be doing things that appear on the surface to be ‘good-will’ but underneath are still coming from a need or drive for recognition… With that honesty it’s not about judging who we are by our actions but having more clarity on the way we are doing things and are in relationship with all others so that we can be more authentically true to our essence.

  32. Honestly if we do anything with a purpose to self-gain we are always sacrificing or compromising something. We may not see this clearly because everyone is doing it to a certain extent and it has been made normal. But our bodies know what is true and not true.

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