Being in the Media Industry – Just Being Myself is Enough

Being ourselves is often not encouraged in our present day world and the concept of expressing what “I feel” is extremely unwelcome in the part of the world that I live in. In fact it is so discouraged that, at times, those who try to be themselves feel the force of being ostracised and not accepted in the system.

I work in the media industry, and in our industry I feel this every day. You may question how this could be, as isn’t there the freedom of speech? Yes, of course everyone can speak and express, but most of these expressions actually come from the same energy – an energy that speaks of fitting into what is expected of us, to play safe and to not rock the boat by speaking truth.

Like many industries, the media industry is built upon the foundation of disregard of ourselves. The disregard exists predominantly because of the acceptance of long hours and a lot of abuse from many directions and levels, and in turn this abuse is hurled back towards those that would accept it. Supremacy rules every newspaper and magazine, and competition between companies is normal and expected.

It has always made sense to me that everyone’s opinions bear equal weight in a meeting, as every one of our opinions matter and we should be equally heard. Recently, however, I experienced a situation where, in a review meeting with my employer and fellow colleagues, my views on how the magazine feels to me were constantly being dismissed, as well as overridden, and it felt like a shock in the body to not be heard. In fact, it was so uncomfortable that I went into reaction afterwards when expressing myself. The truth was, when I was told I could not express how I felt – whether directly so or indirectly so, by dismissal or ignoring – I reacted to this and felt frustration right away.

And this is the truth of the industry that I work in, which often does not allow or encourage us to express how we feel. However, if we all stopped and expressed how we are truly feeling, the media industry would need to change its way of operating.

So what I started to realise was that my frustration came from being told that the purpose of our meetings was not to talk about what feels important to us personally, but to discuss what would benefit and improve the magazine. But the magazine is made up of the people sitting in the meeting room – the magazine is us. If we disregard and ignore ourselves and each other, and how working here feels like – if we ignore people in general – what is the magazine really expressing? That simply did not make sense to me.

As I felt into this situation more deeply, I understood that when we express truly how things feel, this expression comes from within our body. Connecting with our body like this also means that we feel all of our choices – the wise and the not so wise. Such awareness would arrest our ingrained pattern of relating to the body – that is, keeping it separate and disconnected from us. This new state would mean we could no longer push ourselves to make a magazine that is abusive to us and to our body, as the inner conflict we would feel from this choice would create additional tension for us to deal with.

This realisation has brought me to a deeper understanding, as well as a closeness, to this team I work with. Even though I sometimes feel resistance from the team, I could not resist being myself and just being joyful and sharing myself with them. Coincidentally, what I have found is that the more I share and discuss my own experiences in relation to how I take care of myself with sleep and exercise etc, that the more the team is open to feeling this truth in their own experiences as well.

What I realised from my experiences is there is no need to impose change in the world. We cannot impose change on the media industry or any other industry or system, and we do not need to try, or feel stressed or angry or frustrated at how it is operating. We only have to be ourselves. We do not need to always agree with others and we can have very different lifestyles and choices. We may not always even be appreciated. The resistance may be there, but the resistance within our own bodies is even greater if we do not live who we are.

When we are ourselves, we simply feel not just ourselves, but everyone else; we simply care and we understand, and we allow our joy and care to be felt. And how powerful that is!

I am inspired each and every day by the deepening relationship with my Soul. Through the understanding of how I feel, this relationship opens up to feeling and thus understanding the world.

By Anonymous

612 thoughts on “Being in the Media Industry – Just Being Myself is Enough

  1. It is always about quantity instead of quality. In general everywhere. Abuse is accepted as long the end result looks good and big. It is important we don´t get trapped into the result of things and move in a way that allows a quality, that no one can not not see. Only then, we do a true change to the product and inspire others to join.

  2. I recognise this throughout my life, whenever I spoke truth it was not welcomed, I was told forcibly to be quiet in more than one way, ‘an energy that speaks of fitting into what is expected of us, to play safe and to not rock the boat by speaking truth.’

  3. There are certain industries where it can be generally more difficult to be heard. But in that we have a responsibility to look at why we have allowed this, and what is there for us to reflect on. But the more we can be ourselves in all situations, the more we offer this reflection to others and the more pull there is to collectively be who we truly are rather than what the industry is trying to get us to be.

  4. We simply have to be ourselves, true, and stay being ourselves in a world that does not foster this, ‘When we are ourselves, we simply feel not just ourselves, but everyone else; we simply care and we understand, and we allow our joy and care to be felt. And how powerful that is!’

  5. “When we are ourselves, we simply feel not just ourselves, but everyone else;” as it is only until we allow ourselves to just be that we can start to break through being an individual- continually chasing recognition and betterment at the expense of another and finally embrace the oneness where we all come from.

  6. Managers are very unwise to forget that their business is a result of the people in it, the way they work individually and as a team and how they feel about their work. If there are issues at this level there will surely be issues with the end product or service delivery.

  7. There is no system that is humanly designed to bring the best out of ourselves. We can complain about it because it is really challenging to leave your best bit outside, to park it away because it is not welcomed there. Systems that are not it, are also a permanent reminder that life in this plane of life is not it and will not be it. Systems that are not it, on the other hand, is all we have to raise above them, to unfold as we become increasingly aware of what is not true in this world and renounce to it.

  8. Its funny that ‘I feel’ is so discouraged in the media industry, when so much manipulation of the facts is done in reporting to create an angle that will stir up interest. The industry probably prides itself on being objective (therefore not encouraging the ‘I feel’) but from my experience with reporting on Serge Benhayon, there are journalists and therefore systems within media that are completely corrupt, without any objectivity.

  9. It is the simplicity of this sentence that can be lived by all. ‘When we are ourselves, we simply feel not just ourselves, but everyone else; we simply care and we understand, and we allow our joy and care to be felt. And how powerful that is!’

  10. Our most powerful and potent expression comes from our body, not our verbal expression (this can be a powerful form of expression but is nothing if it does not first come with a lived quality and authority)…. The quality we are is how we express. Our way of everyday living is that which makes up our quality.

  11. Imagine living to the age of 33 and not knowing who you even were. That’s what happened to me. And in my experience that’s how the majority of this world lives too. That’s why as you show Anonymous to live knowing you are divine, a son of god, a vehicle of Love is revolutionary and evolutionary for everyone concerned. Living this way changes everything, and has way more impact than any protest, or march,

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