Being in the Media Industry – Just Being Myself is Enough

Being ourselves is often not encouraged in our present day world and the concept of expressing what “I feel” is extremely unwelcome in the part of the world that I live in. In fact it is so discouraged that, at times, those who try to be themselves feel the force of being ostracised and not accepted in the system.

I work in the media industry, and in our industry I feel this every day. You may question how this could be, as isn’t there the freedom of speech? Yes, of course everyone can speak and express, but most of these expressions actually come from the same energy – an energy that speaks of fitting into what is expected of us, to play safe and to not rock the boat by speaking truth.

Like many industries, the media industry is built upon the foundation of disregard of ourselves. The disregard exists predominantly because of the acceptance of long hours and a lot of abuse from many directions and levels, and in turn this abuse is hurled back towards those that would accept it. Supremacy rules every newspaper and magazine, and competition between companies is normal and expected.

It has always made sense to me that everyone’s opinions bear equal weight in a meeting, as every one of our opinions matter and we should be equally heard. Recently, however, I experienced a situation where, in a review meeting with my employer and fellow colleagues, my views on how the magazine feels to me were constantly being dismissed, as well as overridden, and it felt like a shock in the body to not be heard. In fact, it was so uncomfortable that I went into reaction afterwards when expressing myself. The truth was, when I was told I could not express how I felt – whether directly so or indirectly so, by dismissal or ignoring – I reacted to this and felt frustration right away.

And this is the truth of the industry that I work in, which often does not allow or encourage us to express how we feel. However, if we all stopped and expressed how we are truly feeling, the media industry would need to change its way of operating.

So what I started to realise was that my frustration came from being told that the purpose of our meetings was not to talk about what feels important to us personally, but to discuss what would benefit and improve the magazine. But the magazine is made up of the people sitting in the meeting room – the magazine is us. If we disregard and ignore ourselves and each other, and how working here feels like – if we ignore people in general – what is the magazine really expressing? That simply did not make sense to me.

As I felt into this situation more deeply, I understood that when we express truly how things feel, this expression comes from within our body. Connecting with our body like this also means that we feel all of our choices – the wise and the not so wise. Such awareness would arrest our ingrained pattern of relating to the body – that is, keeping it separate and disconnected from us. This new state would mean we could no longer push ourselves to make a magazine that is abusive to us and to our body, as the inner conflict we would feel from this choice would create additional tension for us to deal with.

This realisation has brought me to a deeper understanding, as well as a closeness, to this team I work with. Even though I sometimes feel resistance from the team, I could not resist being myself and just being joyful and sharing myself with them. Coincidentally, what I have found is that the more I share and discuss my own experiences in relation to how I take care of myself with sleep and exercise etc, that the more the team is open to feeling this truth in their own experiences as well.

What I realised from my experiences is there is no need to impose change in the world. We cannot impose change on the media industry or any other industry or system, and we do not need to try, or feel stressed or angry or frustrated at how it is operating. We only have to be ourselves. We do not need to always agree with others and we can have very different lifestyles and choices. We may not always even be appreciated. The resistance may be there, but the resistance within our own bodies is even greater if we do not live who we are.

When we are ourselves, we simply feel not just ourselves, but everyone else; we simply care and we understand, and we allow our joy and care to be felt. And how powerful that is!

I am inspired each and every day by the deepening relationship with my Soul. Through the understanding of how I feel, this relationship opens up to feeling and thus understanding the world.

By Anonymous

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  1. I agree we are so busy trying to fit into the world that we become lost in the systems of wherever we are and work. For so many years I have not been able to truly express and I don’t feel I have mastered it yet either, however I can honestly say I am a lot better then a few years ago. This bodily expression is worth millions and is for the millions as from this, the innate wisdom that is to spoken from is where many needs to be coming from.

    When we are connected to our body’s the wisdom that can come through is out of this world, and yet it can also be simple too. From this, what happens around us is quite magical and simple, and you are right, there is no ’trying’, we just need to be who we truly are.

  2. The media can appear like leaches, but if we remain open and see what they are up to, we can cut off their blood supply as it were, by not creating the demand. We are then calling for a change to the current system.

  3. The reactions and frustrations actually feed that which rejects our true expression. We can’t change others but we can deal with and understand our reactions.

    1. I agree Leigh we are given a choice too, to either react or to respond. The former fuelled with emotions, the latter supported with love and understanding. I know which I prefer now a days…

  4. “The resistance may be there, but the resistance within our own bodies is even greater if we do not live who we are.” How true, as soon as we wobble and lose ourselves we often give the power to the situation to have caused it, when the power is solely with ourselves.

  5. Sharing from our lived experiences is super powerful and is a way to acknowledge that every person is different and expresses and lives in a different way which is to be celebrated, and so when the true expression is allowed, it offers a unity to all.

  6. When something does not feel right and we try to ignore it, it builds frustration in the body.

  7. I often find myself reacting and getting frustrated when things do not turn out how I would like them to turn out – for example when someone does not hear what I have to say or when I have spoken about something to someone and then they ignore it and do the opposite of what was discussed. I too feel like I have not been heard nor honoured and so it is easy to get frustrated or angry with this situation. But what I am learning to do little by little is to understand that these situations can crop up to allow us to speak up with more authority – over time I have held back my expression and feelings and so when I first begin to express things then it can take a little before people stop to listen and actually hear what I have to share. It is like things need to catch up to what I am willing to express today. This helps understand the situation and how the change can be gradual sometimes.

  8. What I am noticing is that we may live in modern buildings with running water,central heating, toilets inside not outside, drive cars, travel in Airplanes around the world etc., This means nothing it is all smoke and mirrors as there is definitely an energy that has not changed for thousands of years and this energy does not want anyone to be themselves, so much so that anyone who does stand up to live a life of true love and light that they naturally are, feels the force of the energy that is wielded through others to ostracize them from the rest of society.

  9. Honoring what I feel is always a supportive move to make. Even if others don’t like it or ignore it the tension can start to release in me and I get to enjoy life more. Then I enjoy my work and that shows others how we can change the industry by enjoying ourselves in our jobs.

  10. ‘Like many industries, the media industry is built upon the foundation of disregard of ourselves.’ By bringing in self-regard into our lives and taking that back into the industries we work in, we can show a way of being that can be different from the one we normally experience. For some, it might inspire them to make subtle differences to their life also.

  11. When we realise, that the moment we connect to our body “we feel all of our choices – the wise and the not so wise” there will be many who instantly disconnect, as what they are feeling is way too revealing and if taken notice of may mean a change in their way of living. I was definitely one of these people until I realised that feeling all my choices gave me a price-less opportunity to honestly explore my life, an opportunity that these days I am saying yes to, a far cry from the days when my reaction was a resounding no.

  12. To expose the corruption in our systems is very much needed, we need to stand up and express the truth… exposing the rot is the only way true change will ever occur.

  13. There is corruption in every industry and the only way to deal with it is to just be ourselves and not tolerate it.

  14. Yes we cannot impose change on big systems that are held in place by a lot of people wanting these systems to be in place even though they may not truly be supportive of them. The only thing we can do is live how we would like the world to be.

    1. Being ourselves in a society that does not encourage this, does not celebrate this and actually fosters the opposite is a challenge indeed – however, once one starts living this then others get inspired and then …watch out!

  15. The key part is to make sure we are ourselves… it very quickly tells us whether we are in the right company, relationship, friend group etc. If we can’t be ourselves we are walking around as lesser… is that really what we want for this life?

    1. Yes, we make a lot of things very important in life so why not make being ourselves equally important. Because when we are living our lives mainly not being ourselves and trying to fit ourselves into everything and anything at the expense that we will it is actually an unhealthy way of living for ourselves and showing to others that its ok to dismiss how we feel. The latter is not really helping anyone.

  16. Very much appreciate your message Anonymous and totally understand our real role at work is to be ourselves. That for me is commitment, sensitivity, deliver what is being asked, tenderness, harmony, and a exquisite love that can be tangibly felt.

  17. True Anonymous there is no need to impose change in the world, we just have to be ourselves and live the joy and love we feel inside and sometimes we will get caught in ideals and beliefs of how the world or any system we work in should be, we can simply feel the impact this has on our body and others and choose to live what we know is true no more no less.

  18. “Being ourselves is often not encouraged in our present day world” – this is such a powerful statement and one most would have not even considered as they live their lives aligning to the social norms. So, what it is about who we are that society is set up for us not to be able know who we truly are? Perhaps it is simply because we are all so very powerful and if we all connect to that power the world as we know it will change beyond all recognition. That I, for one, would welcome with open arms; and I’m sure I won’t be the only one.

  19. It feels like we are trying to cheat time when we try imposing a change. In that, we are holding a picture of ideal about how things should be and when that should be happening, and it usually very conveniently makes us forget that we all know the same truth bar none.

  20. “We only have to be ourselves.” There is nothing ‘only’ about being ourselves when we appreciate our connection with the Universe.

  21. I think there’s a lot to appreciate of the quality we offer when we are truly being ourself, for we are constantly expressing whether we speak or not and it’s the quality behind that expression that either heals or harms…

  22. We need to develop new foundations and relationships within our communities to start up initiatives, businesses or services that actually support everyone, instead of living in disregard and disconnected and thus allowing abusive set ups to manifest, whether this is a biased local media channel or something else.

    1. Absolutely Susie. And once people have experienced a business that actually cares about them and their needs, I am sure that they would be very reluctant to return to one which doesn’t. People care about being cared for but for too long we have accepted a quality of service from many businesses which is way below what we all deserve.

  23. Very wise words.
    The world Needs its time to change the behaviours which brings us back to soul.
    But it Will do it in its own speed.
    This asks us to be patient and understanding and beholding with love like God.

  24. What I have noticed in the industry I work in, that it is not about people anymore and building lasting relationships but all about money and profit. And company knows it has the upper hand in this situation because for the majority of us we all have mortgages and families to support and so we put security above what we know in our hearts is not a true way to be. There must come a time when this model of life crumbles just through the sheer pressure we put ourselves into to make the monthly, quarterly, annual figures.

    1. When I look around there are so many businesses that are operating the same way, the people who work for them becoming disposable as the profit becomes the driving force. I worked for charitable institution for a few months last year and even though it was set up to care for people in the community the care for the hard working and very wonderful staff was almost absent. Not strange then, that people kept leaving, with the feeling of not being valued. If we value the people who work for us first and foremost, the profit will naturally follow.

    1. Actually, I think it does Eduardo, and hence why there is such an mass effort to keep things under ‘control’ for true freedom, energetic freedom would mean the end of the controlling forces. Many are afraid of their own power.

  25. This is very supportive to hear and I love how you have come to this realisation, that it is enough being ourselves. And how very logical and true, because there are so many things in the world that are not ok or beyond ok, but it does not help to fervently want to change it to be the best right now, however we can always start with ourselves and simply live our truth with every step we take. Life is not about the perfect picture, it is about living our truth again and that then will become the world we are living in.

  26. “our ingrained pattern of relating to the body – that is, keeping it separate and disconnected from us”

    This is such a pattern for so many of us around the world. And quite an evil one because when we disconnect from our bodies, we don’t feel the truth of what is going on for ourselves and around us and we can then turn a blind eye. An example of this is the alarming figure that around 80% of illness and disease is lifestyle related. We are going to overwhelm our hospital system because our our disconnection with our bodies. ‘No…the way I live is not affecting my body…nothing to see hear!”.

  27. Truly being ourselves, honouring our values and standards in all areas of our life truly does make a difference and is important to appreciate…

  28. It’s great when we can trace back reactions like frustration and see where they are coming from and what has triggered them. Expecting people to be a certain way sets us up from day one and yet we may so want them to be different from how they present. Remembering that everyone is a vehicle of energy and is always expressing from one source or another helps us to see what is really going on and allows us distance from otherwise conceived disappointments, excitement and hurts.

  29. It is always important to remember that we are only capable of abuse when we disconnect from ourselves. We are not innately abuse. We are love.

  30. “It has always made sense to me that everyone’s opinions bear equal weight in a meeting, as every one of our opinions matter and we should be equally heard.” This is very true and it is the only way that true community can ever come about.

  31. When we know who we are and live this truth we inspire others to reconnect to and live who they are also.

  32. We don’t need to react to these systems, we need to bring our love and truth into these systems and eventually they will begin to crack open, making it easier to rebuild a foundation that is more loving and true.

  33. The media industry responds to what people want and much of what they are ready to pay for (with their time and or money) seems to be quite crazy. Working in such an environment may be quite difficult.

  34. This is a beautiful sharing as it shows us that all we have to take care of is ourself, very deeply so, and heal our hurts that we have with the world. The freer we are from our own hurts the more we will be able to stand on solid ground on our own two feet being there for our brothers with understanding and appreciation.

  35. When we don’t question the integrity of the roles and personas we take on to perpetuate the system or industry we are engaged in feeds them all the more.

  36. It is true; we do not have to be anything except ourselves. We often feel like we are fighting the systems and traditions that have been there for lifetimes but that feels like an uphill struggle. How easy would it be to, just let all of that go and be us?

  37. It is all so simple really, perhaps too simple . . “We only have to be ourselves.” . . . this is all that is required of us.

  38. An inspiring blog Anonymous. How liberating to let go of frustration from wanting others and situations to be different by realising a deeper connection with yourself brings a quality of joy in your interactions. There is only ourself to change and that reflection inspires others.
    “What I realised from my experiences is there is no need to impose change in the world.”

  39. For the media industry to change it would require us to be honest about what being ourselves truly means, and be prepared to express from this truth without measure. So much of the current media is founded on lies and we all share the responsibility for that.

  40. Be ourselves and it does not really matter what life throws at us we will be able to handle it, by observing what is going on and not reacting and staying true to what we know. If we react it becomes easy to then go into the justification and want someone to see our point of view by imposing our ideals onto them rather than letting them come to it for themselves. This is something I am still learning because it can seem quite subtle at the time but is still very much felt.

  41. Extraordinary how a whole industry can be built on disregard… And yet let’s face it the way humanity lives as is reflected in the healthcare crisis in every country is exactly this.

  42. “Being in the Media Industry – Just Being Myself is Enough” – Making being enough (being full) a lived reality is our real job and what life and work is all about. When we make it all about our job/work, we’ve made it all about our self-interested selves.

  43. Thank you for the insight offered into the media industry. You don’t know about the long hours or the flavour of abuse in an industry without this insider’s perspective. The supremacy energy is fairly obvious even to the outsider as Media barons act like kings in their own realm. With this energy setting the tone, it would follow that this leads to a ‘my way or the highway’ workplace.

  44. The simplicity of what is shared here is incredibly support for us in whatever situation or workplace we are in. If our first commitment is to not get changed and affected by what is going on around us, but to stay steady and sure about what our strengths are and the qualities that we bring, then we have a much steadier, unimposing and consistent environment for everyone.

  45. It is a sad fact that expressing truth in today’s day and age is considered a faux pas, rude even. Yet the irony is that we all deep down do not enjoy being lied to. It is such a juxtaposition we have created for ourselves, where on one hand we are not open to hearing the truth expressed, yet on the other we deeply crave to hear the truth. Is it that we have invested so much of ourselves in chasing the identification and acceptance through the world outside of us, in the world of lies, that the expression of truth exposes all our choices, the energy we have aligned with, which has led us further away to who we are and what it is we truly seek, that is, to live our true way?

  46. “However, if we all stopped and expressed how we are truly feeling, the media industry would need to change its way of operating.” And that would be for those working in the industry and those consuming the media. If we stopped and truly felt the effects of the media, we would demand change for sure.

  47. ‘most of these expressions actually come from the same energy – an energy that speaks of fitting into what is expected of us, to play safe and to not rock the boat by speaking truth’ I would say this is true across society and the flavour or expression of that energy only differs per industry, but the principle remains the same. Only if we are willing to rock to boat and stand out by way of living and the choices we make can we bring the so very needed changes.

    1. The response I get when I don’t play safe but express what I am feeling (respectfully of course) the more I unlock the magic and creativity and sensitivity in me, and that I surprise myself with the depth of wisdom that comes out.

  48. Imagine living to the age of 33 and not knowing who you even were. That’s what happened to me. And in my experience that’s how the majority of this world lives too. That’s why as you show Anonymous to live knowing you are divine, a son of god, a vehicle of Love is revolutionary and evolutionary for everyone concerned. Living this way changes everything, and has way more impact than any protest, or march,

  49. Our most powerful and potent expression comes from our body, not our verbal expression (this can be a powerful form of expression but is nothing if it does not first come with a lived quality and authority)…. The quality we are is how we express. Our way of everyday living is that which makes up our quality.

  50. It is the simplicity of this sentence that can be lived by all. ‘When we are ourselves, we simply feel not just ourselves, but everyone else; we simply care and we understand, and we allow our joy and care to be felt. And how powerful that is!’

  51. Its funny that ‘I feel’ is so discouraged in the media industry, when so much manipulation of the facts is done in reporting to create an angle that will stir up interest. The industry probably prides itself on being objective (therefore not encouraging the ‘I feel’) but from my experience with reporting on Serge Benhayon, there are journalists and therefore systems within media that are completely corrupt, without any objectivity.

  52. There is no system that is humanly designed to bring the best out of ourselves. We can complain about it because it is really challenging to leave your best bit outside, to park it away because it is not welcomed there. Systems that are not it, are also a permanent reminder that life in this plane of life is not it and will not be it. Systems that are not it, on the other hand, is all we have to raise above them, to unfold as we become increasingly aware of what is not true in this world and renounce to it.

  53. Managers are very unwise to forget that their business is a result of the people in it, the way they work individually and as a team and how they feel about their work. If there are issues at this level there will surely be issues with the end product or service delivery.

    1. This is very true Fiona and the chasing of the money over the wellbeing of the employers is showing in the vast rates of burn-out, depression and illness an disease. It is not only wise to put the wellbeing of the people first it is in the end even more profitable.

    2. Appreciation of each other and the different qualities we all bring builds a solid, steady, collaborative workplace (the productivity is a brilliant product of this). If we sideline this to focus only on the bottom line, we turn people into cogs and this feels awful for everyone.

  54. “When we are ourselves, we simply feel not just ourselves, but everyone else;” as it is only until we allow ourselves to just be that we can start to break through being an individual- continually chasing recognition and betterment at the expense of another and finally embrace the oneness where we all come from.

  55. We simply have to be ourselves, true, and stay being ourselves in a world that does not foster this, ‘When we are ourselves, we simply feel not just ourselves, but everyone else; we simply care and we understand, and we allow our joy and care to be felt. And how powerful that is!’

  56. There are certain industries where it can be generally more difficult to be heard. But in that we have a responsibility to look at why we have allowed this, and what is there for us to reflect on. But the more we can be ourselves in all situations, the more we offer this reflection to others and the more pull there is to collectively be who we truly are rather than what the industry is trying to get us to be.

  57. I recognise this throughout my life, whenever I spoke truth it was not welcomed, I was told forcibly to be quiet in more than one way, ‘an energy that speaks of fitting into what is expected of us, to play safe and to not rock the boat by speaking truth.’

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