Being in the Media Industry – Just Being Myself is Enough

Being ourselves is often not encouraged in our present day world and the concept of expressing what “I feel” is extremely unwelcome in the part of the world that I live in. In fact it is so discouraged that, at times, those who try to be themselves feel the force of being ostracised and not accepted in the system.

I work in the media industry, and in our industry I feel this every day. You may question how this could be, as isn’t there the freedom of speech? Yes, of course everyone can speak and express, but most of these expressions actually come from the same energy – an energy that speaks of fitting into what is expected of us, to play safe and to not rock the boat by speaking truth.

Like many industries, the media industry is built upon the foundation of disregard of ourselves. The disregard exists predominantly because of the acceptance of long hours and a lot of abuse from many directions and levels, and in turn this abuse is hurled back towards those that would accept it. Supremacy rules every newspaper and magazine, and competition between companies is normal and expected.

It has always made sense to me that everyone’s opinions bear equal weight in a meeting, as every one of our opinions matter and we should be equally heard. Recently, however, I experienced a situation where, in a review meeting with my employer and fellow colleagues, my views on how the magazine feels to me were constantly being dismissed, as well as overridden, and it felt like a shock in the body to not be heard. In fact, it was so uncomfortable that I went into reaction afterwards when expressing myself. The truth was, when I was told I could not express how I felt – whether directly so or indirectly so, by dismissal or ignoring – I reacted to this and felt frustration right away.

And this is the truth of the industry that I work in, which often does not allow or encourage us to express how we feel. However, if we all stopped and expressed how we are truly feeling, the media industry would need to change its way of operating.

So what I started to realise was that my frustration came from being told that the purpose of our meetings was not to talk about what feels important to us personally, but to discuss what would benefit and improve the magazine. But the magazine is made up of the people sitting in the meeting room – the magazine is us. If we disregard and ignore ourselves and each other, and how working here feels like – if we ignore people in general – what is the magazine really expressing? That simply did not make sense to me.

As I felt into this situation more deeply, I understood that when we express truly how things feel, this expression comes from within our body. Connecting with our body like this also means that we feel all of our choices – the wise and the not so wise. Such awareness would arrest our ingrained pattern of relating to the body – that is, keeping it separate and disconnected from us. This new state would mean we could no longer push ourselves to make a magazine that is abusive to us and to our body, as the inner conflict we would feel from this choice would create additional tension for us to deal with.

This realisation has brought me to a deeper understanding, as well as a closeness, to this team I work with. Even though I sometimes feel resistance from the team, I could not resist being myself and just being joyful and sharing myself with them. Coincidentally, what I have found is that the more I share and discuss my own experiences in relation to how I take care of myself with sleep and exercise etc, that the more the team is open to feeling this truth in their own experiences as well.

What I realised from my experiences is there is no need to impose change in the world. We cannot impose change on the media industry or any other industry or system, and we do not need to try, or feel stressed or angry or frustrated at how it is operating. We only have to be ourselves. We do not need to always agree with others and we can have very different lifestyles and choices. We may not always even be appreciated. The resistance may be there, but the resistance within our own bodies is even greater if we do not live who we are.

When we are ourselves, we simply feel not just ourselves, but everyone else; we simply care and we understand, and we allow our joy and care to be felt. And how powerful that is!

I am inspired each and every day by the deepening relationship with my Soul. Through the understanding of how I feel, this relationship opens up to feeling and thus understanding the world.

By Anonymous

533 thoughts on “Being in the Media Industry – Just Being Myself is Enough

  1. When we make it about being ourselves we are in fact actually making it about love because we are love.

  2. “A true image is formulated only when everything aligns at one single moment, and after that moment, something else is already formulating. No images can be held onto when they are true because we, nature and everything are constantly changing from moment to moment.” This is such a gorgeous revelation and shows how unnatural it is to demand that people and life deliver an image we have been holding onto in our mind.

  3. “Being ourselves is often not encouraged in our present day world and the concept of expressing what “I feel” is extremely unwelcome in the part of the world that I live in” – yes because in most places it’s associated with ‘being emotional or teary’ and ‘hard to handle especially in the workplace. Also, in HR practices many times we’re assigned into boxes whether we’re a visual person, auditory or kinaesthetic (feeling) ’employee’ – and thus how to be best managed at work. The fact is, is that irrespective of such psychometric testings, we all feel deeply – and feel with our whole body, our ears, eyes, limbs, touch, taste, smell…feeling is not just about expressing the actual words or communicating, but sensing the changes in our body in different situations and acknowledging them to ourselves as opposed to passing them off to cause a case of self-doubting, and an emotional reacting.

  4. As in every industry we tend to not let it go about people but about the product, the shareholders value, the profitability etc. as we think that we must set ourselves aside and to not involve our personal feelings. But as you say Anonymous, everything we produce in our businesses is for people and as we are all one and in that interconnected with one another we actually can all feel from our bodies what is really needed to make our businesses flourish and grow because it will produce the product that people really need and will serve them in their lives.

      1. Exactly Doug, the businesses have lost connection with their clients, the people and instead have only the dollar signs in their focus which is in fact not being in service for the society we all live in. The results of this way of running businesses becomes more visible up to a time when the people say enough is enough and stop being the products from these businesses. That is the only way to wake them up, the power of the many will say stop and will demand for another way.

      2. Yes the thing is we get the media we ask for and deserve because we prefer to read gossip and lies about people rather than insisting on reading truth. We are all living given up.

      3. In a way that is true Doug, that we have given up and because of that have businesses that act irresponsible as they do because of our demand. But the problem with this is that we are not aware of the fact that the moment we allow this to exist, something in us is put aside, that instant knowing that something is not right. And with that we do not clock anymore what living in this way is actually constantly doing to the body because it’s constantly being fed the lie by the businesses we choose to be aligned with, thus making us numb and from that given up on life.

  5. With pressure in all industries at an incredible intensity, to get to the point of knowing we are enough as we are, holding ourselves within it is something to celebrate…I am not there yet. I can relate to what you share about the fact that, ‘The resistance may be there, but the resistance within our own bodies is even greater if we do not live who we are.’ I guess it simply comes down to a choice and accepting the industries we are in, not bowing down to the pressure and being who we truly are.

  6. It is deeply empowering to know that we can arrest ingrained and unwanted patterns of behavior through choosing to connect to our bodies, feel, and become aware of our choices so that we can look to address them. When free of the reactions these can cause, we can not only feel more of ourselves, but offer others the quality and space to come to whatever they need to in their own time without any imposition our reactions can cause.

  7. It’s easy to bad mouth and criticise industries for focusing on money only and creating systems that are quite unkind. But do we bring everyday with us to our job, the knowing of who we truly are? Or do we try to fit in? Your words here Anonymous have me thinking how knowing we are divine and powerful beings transforms and lights up every step that we take. After all, this alchemy and power is our real work in life.

    1. There are vast differences between industries – some have a beautiful intent but may not keep up with that intent in their execution, other industries prey on the weaknesses we allow to be in our life. If you work in one of the latter industries it can be quite hard to behave with integrity and love.

    2. I love the insight you offer Joseph. Any industry and any aspect of life is made up of the people that form it. As an inherent and undeniable part of the whole, it is a significant question “Do we bring everyday with us to our job, the knowing of who we truly are? Or do we try to fit in?” Do we light up the way or do we engrain what we may not subscribe to by fitting in?

  8. A beautiful read how to be with ourselves and how that is everything for everything as it will bring truth back to the world.

  9. A great expose of how in the media industry one is forced to be anything other than one’s true self. To wear a mask and play the game and fit in becomes the accepted norm. Beautiful to hear to you are bucking this trend and the ripples from this will be huge.

  10. It has taken me some time to let go of a push to change things, it is true though, we can not, we can only make a choice to live in a way that is an inspiration. When we push,we join in with the issues that we attempt to change.

  11. One key is being ourselves and doing what is needed. It sounds simple but is very powerful when we do it.

  12. It must have been very shocking to be told that you could not express yourself and that they did not want to listen to you. This goes against the grain of human nature. At least they were totally honest and did not pretend they were interested in employees opinions or feelings. This gave you the opportunity to deal with it and find your own way within it.

  13. I can relay a truth I’ve felt someone else live but this is nothing like as powerful as sharing a truth I’ve claimed from my own body.

  14. Being aware that industries can be based on disregard is something to appreciate. By acknowledging that this is the situation we can honour ourselves, not feed into the pool, offering an opportunity for others to also choose differently.

  15. I think many of us have wanted to change the state of the world, and rightly so, I mean, look at where we are at? but the truth is, we can’t do that by imposing our opinions and ideas. Simply living our truth in our day to day lives gives everyone we are in contact with an opportunity to also reflect truth in their own livingness, in other words, in their own day to day lives.

  16. Anonymous, the title of your blog: Just Being Myself is Enough, says it all. If we lived with the knowing of this we would not need to go into anxiousness, comparison or jealousy, we would not push ourselves to achieve an outcome and we would have more productive time to commit to our purpose.

  17. So-called ‘freedom of speech’ usually comes as a reaction to something that we would want to be different and it comes from an energy outside ourselves. Yes, we may feel free to express this but there is no responsibility in it. True freedom is to take full responsibility for our actions and to express the truth whenever there is a true impulse to do so without holding back. The expression then benefits all of us and may inspire others to also speak up and not hold back for fear of reaction.

  18. The media is an industry that is so enticing that many of us want to be a part of it, yet it is also one where 99% of it has forgotten the great responsibility that comes with such influence and power. It is an industry where we could be reflecting a true way of being, yet it is also an industry that as you share doesn’t allow you to be yourself – and when you do it fights back with all its rigor.

  19. I am coming to see ever so clearly that if we want change in the media we must first begin with to make changes within ourselves. The media flourishes in its current form as there is a market for the scandals and the sensationalism that it produces; often full of lies and in total disrespect to those involved. But maybe if we stopped buying the papers and the magazines the media may wake up to the fact that we have had enough of the lies and that the only news we will accept is based, fully, on the truth.

  20. I can only imagine the stress and disregard that goes on in this industry and trying to force change certainly wouldn’t work, and so your livingness anonymous is so very healing and inspiring to all those around you.

    1. Well said. Nothing forced will bring about change – my experience is that that only elicits resistance. The inspiration and opportunity to change comes from the inspiring lived reflection of another.

  21. Yes staying open to people is key even when we feel ostracised by them, for how will the world change if we do not find a way?

    1. Yes, the key is to stay open though that does not mean in any way enduring any harmful expression towards us.

  22. I have found that when it comes to deadlines and having to deliver what is expected it can be if we allow it very crippling on the body. What I have just clocked recently is in this I have gone into believing that I am not enough and there for an underlying anxiousness has been present. Working on a steady connection and knowing that this is all that matters is one I keep deepening.

  23. We are not encouraged nor supported to be our self from a very early age mainly because those around us have lost connection with their self and they do not want this reflected to them by a vital and connected kid.

  24. I love your observation that the magazine is a reflection of the people around the table. That the content of the magazine will be there because someone around the table has shared something is an ‘issue’ or a ‘thing’ – you are bringing something to their awareness they might not have considered to that point. I equally love that just by looking after yourself and expressing how you feel, you offer others the opportunity to consider that as a possibility in their lives.

  25. This feels such an ancient industry that is really steeped in deep old energy, with the force that that brings by keeping repeatedly telling people lies. All there is for anyone to do is to be love an express all of who we are from our livingness.

  26. When we resist living who we are the tension we can feel in our body can be very intense, so it is not surprising that we tend to seek relief through various forms of numbing the tension in our body. Most Common forms are food, alcohol, drugs, entertainment, sports etc. These will act as a mask but the tension is always there until we choose to live who we naturally are, Love.

  27. When we acknowledge the value of simply being ourselves we open up the opportunity to build a respectful, understanding, tender, and caring relationship with ourselves that is the foundation for all our other relationships – I now appreciate that this is the only way to build true community.

    1. yes Matilda, it starts with love and respect for ourselves and only then can we bring these qualities to others, and importantly to hold ourselves equal with all, none less or greater, as only in absolute equalness can there be true brotherhood and true community.

  28. If I am myself and in my power – these sound like words but they actually describe a way for me to be and express – then this gives others a choice. They can do the same or go deeper into a different kind of behaviour. This can lead to a need for adjustments but also allows us to work in far more effective ways with others, once we have dealt with the polarised behaviour.

  29. “Freedom of speech” cannot be an excuse to abuse someone. If we see that happening then we have a responsibility to do something about it, for example, speak up when we see injustice. In order to this we need to appreciate the amazing people that we are and yes that includes YOU, the reader.

  30. It is tempting to continue a way of reckless living in order to not feel the devastation and havoc we have wreaked upon our bodies, but then we are robbing ourselves of the one way we can pull ourselves out of the abyss we are otherwise intent on creating for us to fall deeper into. Starting with the honesty of feeling our bodies and what they communicate – about how we live, how we are treating ourselves and the the world, and how we could live otherwise – this begins the path of developing a care and love for our physical body that allows us to hear its true communication – and the immense depths of intelligence and wisdom we have on offer to us every instant.

  31. What this blog reveals is that such a thing as right or wrong do not work, that the defence of thats wrong will not change, but the energy of how you live life does. It is so powerful what you share and brings a huge responsibility and understanding to mankind that we need to feel instead of think and that with feeling, we connect to ourselves and another person and feel what is truly going on, from there we can address any issue.

  32. The world is set up to think our way through, subscribing to the ideals and beliefs of what is right and wrong- and creating the illusion that life is complicated and that we must strive and be something in order to compensate for our lack of confidence. It is the appreciation and confirmation of our own preciousness that we know there is nothing for us to do but to align to a quality of being that reflects the power of the universe.

  33. What I am learning in a different working path – that the greatest thing is me just being there, I don’t have to try and do or change anything, this could be said for many if not all areas of work. Where I am is where I am meant to be, the people I meet in that precise moment etc. The conversations I have without trying or forcing etc. It’s letting go of pictures, ideals, beliefs and trying that is the key, as way less exhausting on our body. It actually creates a freedom and lightness in our movements and our body.

  34. What’s really important is to not try and force, demand and or change anything. What brings about true change is how we live.

  35. When we live from the love, which is the love that we all are. A love that has no emotional attachments allowing life to flow so it is simple, and then all else seems to take a back seat. In saying that life still has a purpose so as a reflection this level of love is shared because it is lived and not preached.

  36. The media has shown the world how corrupt it is and therefore to read about people like yourself who wish to remain real and loving within the industry is actually very heartening. This is exactly how industries like the media need to change, from the inside out.

  37. ‘The resistance may be there, but the resistance within our own bodies is even greater if we do not live who we are’ – This is a great point. Although when we feel jealousy, comparison or judgement the tension makes us quite uncomfortable, by contracting and reducing ourselves we will actually INCREASE that tension and feel even more unsettled in our body.

  38. It’s an awesome attitude Anonymous. I won’t suggest it’s easy in the beginning to not react to the way the media handles themselves, but with practice at looking after ourselves and realising that we can’t in fact change the world on our own, it would get easier and the more we reflect the love we know ourselves to be, the greater the opportunity for others to get that reflection and then choose another way, or not.

  39. ‘if we ignore people in general – what is the magazine really expressing?’ It’s pretty amazing how you’ve exposed and explained the dismissive behaviours in meetings/the workplace with one killer line – if we ignore people, how can we expect to create a magazine for PEOPLE about PEOPLE? This can be applied to so many things as well e.g. how we can ignore colleagues or be dismissive in a shop environment when PEOPLE are going to walk through our shop and buy the products, which will be sold in whatever quality we set as the foundation for the shop?

  40. “We cannot impose change on the media industry or any other industry or system, and we do not need to try, or feel stressed or angry or frustrated at how it is operating. We only have to be ourselves.” I love this statement sometimes I can feel overwhelmed by the injustice in our media system but what you are saying is that is not for me to get frustrated it is for me to be more of me.

  41. Another great reminder that when we get drawn into believing we need to change the workplace, a friend, community, a country etc, we loose ourselves in the doing and control and then not simply being ourselves. Being ourselves and expressing truth does more than we often ever appreciate.

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