SOUL WISDOM – Divine Magic at Play!

In the modern world as we know it, a great emphasis is placed on things learnt, information exchanged, knowledge acquired and productivity optimised, and this practice has been in motion for a few hundred years, ever since the birth of the Industrial Revolution.

For most multinational conglomerates and management/HR consultants etc., management principles are all about hiring and training new employees, management graduates and managers about how to increase production efficiency, forecasting and budgeting, and essentially toeing the line – i.e. following the rules laid down by the organisation.

But whatever happened to the ancient principles of wisdom? Those principles and teachings that always taught us about ‘brotherhood’, about ‘the energetic science of the body’, about living true in the body and then walking that talk – the energetic science and truth of all things that was practised and lived thousands of years ago. Why did it take a backseat in our quest for speeding up evolution, so called? Why have we allowed ourselves to bastardise ‘evolution’ in terms of what we accumulate and/or our success in terms of material living – ticking the box with how we are told or taught life ought to be and then tagging it as evolving, when actually it is anything but…?

Why did we trivalise it so? Since when did life become all about efficiency on the outside, without truly integrating what we were all meant for at the original point of evolution? A race of beings that were meant to live and love in harmony, beings that have the greatest compassion and understanding for each other, beings that always look out for each other, knowing very well that only oneness and equality in all its forms can evolve everyone. This was the ancient wisdom of what evolution was meant to be about, was it not?

Why did we allow our Soul to take a backseat when it is without a doubt the foremost driver of all things divine in the cosmic scheme of things?

What then is this SOUL WISDOM?

Have we ever considered THIS within our precious lives and truly deeply pondered over this?

I am sure most of us have, but then what have we done about it? Have we figured out the truth yet?

I know of one man who has not just figured the truth out, but has been living it and has been bringing it back to humanity!

This amazing man – an adept master and yet, in his own words, a “forever evolving student” – has pretty much mastered driving a vehicle (the body) so preciously, which no Maserati or Bentley can even hold up to, that he is able to navigate the roads in the absolute-ness of the way he lives his life.

An amazingly tender, and yet, oh so powerful a man if I have ever seen or met one, he has brought about a vast and significant access for all of us to truly re-connect with our own Soul and understand once again this ancient science of energy that was once, long, long ago propagated, taught, philosophised and lived deeply in ancient cultures with utmost respect. This ancient science of energy, currently known as ‘The Way of The Livingness’, is presented by Serge Benhayon with absolute compassion, understanding and deep, deep love for humanity!

How did it all begin for me once again?

This Soul wisdom – the ancient memories of it – for me was first triggered when I heard Serge’s teachings in a few audio files that were sent to me across the world at a time when I was experiencing the dark night of the Soul, so to speak.

A time when I yet again was struggling to land back on my feet, almost defeated from life and battle weary for the umpteenth time… And this was the shift that I had been seeking all my life, little realising that it was a spark within me, waiting for me to feel it… to remember it once again. I recall this ancient wise saying – “When the teacher is ready, the disciple appears and when the disciple is ready, the teacher appears”! And so appeared Serge Benhayon – A World Teacher, a mentor that I had been seeking all my life, for almost 40 years at that time.

Headshot of Serge Benhayon smiling - Founder of Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

When I heard Serge’s voice on those audio files, it took me back to lifetimes lived long, long ago. I felt the powerful essence in his voice and most importantly, I clearly understood and recalled each and every word he spoke. It was as if my entire being carried the ‘recall’ of his voice and words. It was like one of those science fiction movies that I have grown up watching, where the protagonist goes into a cryogenic chamber on his spaceship that is hurtling into deep space and finally wakes up many light years ahead of time… everything intact and yet something deeply shifted!

It was as if I had come wide-awake, finally!

I felt that I knew that I too carried the imprint of this ancient Soul wisdom.

It was time for my Soul wisdom to kick into motion once again! I took that choice, and so began my true journey on this ancient path of return again. Returning back to understanding what true evolution, the return to Soul, is all about, starting with deep, honest, challenging changes in my own life.

I deeply and fondly remember that day when I first travelled along with my precious partner to meet Serge in June 2012; what a time and what a year it was!

There are some very special moments in life when we all are stopped in our tracks, and meeting Serge – meeting Soul and the embodiment of love – for me definitely tops the list. It was as if my entire body was shaking with this meeting; this manifestation of a master teacher and a long lost brother that I had spent many lifetimes together with.

I can safely say that it’s the biggest and the bestest gift I could ever give myself – meeting Serge Benhayon and coming to Universal Medicine – coming home to myself – for all times – and as Serge told me when we hugged, “Welcome back, dear brother.”

What a welcome it truly was! – beats the living daylights out of any red carpet at Cannes or the Oscars.

It was pure magic and little did I know, it had only just begun. And since then it’s been truly Divine Magic at play…

Chetan Jha smiling as he reflects on the Soul's Wisdom
Chetan Jha

By Chetan Jha, Blessed Student of The Way of The Livingness

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999 thoughts on “SOUL WISDOM – Divine Magic at Play!

  1. ‘”The Way of The Livingness’, is presented by Serge Benhayon with absolute compassion, understanding and deep, deep love for humanity!” An inspiration for us all to evolve on our way of return to truth.

  2. I was with some work colleagues recently and we were struggling with the concept that there was the need / expectation that the company had to be more efficient, be more profitable but there was also an understanding that there should be a deep level of care for the customer and ourselves. That life should be more about taking care of each other and not harming; and how to do this and achieve the financial goals as well. It was as though taking care of the customer and ourselves couldn’t go hand in hand with making money for the company we worked for. That to make money meant you had to sell something to the customer that they don’t need and be cut throat, climb over each other to get that commission cheque.
    It feels as though there is a call for a change in the way we work but we haven’t quite come to an understanding of how this should work or would look like. I guess we are a work in progress with at least a willingness to be more compassionate and understanding with each other.

  3. Waking up to Truth is a journey of knocking out those ways of living that do not serve us or humanity, and usually it starts with at-least being in decency and respect to our friends and family, with also opening to everyone else, so we can then re-connect to our Souls and the ensuing Love.

  4. To learn is to see through our the meisma of ill-formed constructs & begin to live from your inner heart.

  5. We do live in the dark age of being disconnected from our Soul and despite all the so called modern technology we are searching for the Soul-full-ness that you have share Chetan.

  6. So many people began their journey back to their soul either by hearing Serge Benhayon, reading the Purple books or meeting him in person. It is an ancient path we tread something we know but have somehow buried under layers of survival. Returning back to our soul is challenging but so worth the effort because every day is a day truly worth living.

  7. ‘There are some very special moments in life when we all are stopped in our tracks, and meeting Serge – meeting Soul and the embodiment of love – for me definitely tops the list. ‘ Yes, amazing. I once had a usual ‘bucket list’ of things to do before I died but I no longer have a need for this. Each day doing whatever I have to do when in connection with Soul is so full of appreciation and wonderment I have no need to do the things I thought I once did to feel fulfilled.

      1. Could a holy-day be when we are reconnected back to our soul and in that reconnection every day feels like a holiday 🙂

  8. It seems to me that when we say yes to our souls love the next opportunity appears, this is divine magic following the flow of Gods Rytham.

  9. The Souls wisdom has not been acted out so much and you can see this by looking at the mess the world is in, there have been many soulful teachers yet we have turned away from their love.
    Time now to wake up to the greatest love in life.

  10. It is life changing to connect to the Soul’s wisdom… a very simple and practical way to live that brings a deeper understanding and a grandness that is magical in every way.

  11. Never had I heard a person before Serge present clearly the nature of our Soul and the understanding of how and why we are here, and how to grow and advance all of us. It makes sense of what the teachers of all the religions in this world that I know have been presenting but that which has been so obscured or distorted by those who seek to represent, but have reinterpreted and corrupted as they do not live the same quality that those teachings were originally presented in. I have observed Serge walk and talk that absolute clarity of the truth and hence what he presents calls back the truth to what religion is all about – and that living connection we all can re-access once more should we but choose.

    1. Indeed we do. I feel it is just a case of are we willing to truly and deeply feel this. I feel this is something I have just stated to be more willing to do. Connect to my truth and my past. Not in a reminiscing way but in a way in which I can claim all of me in order to move forward now bringing and living all that I am.

  12. I’m just beginning to understand just how much we function in life, which is completely different from actually living it. Watching people at an airport is a great way to see how we function; it’s the auto pilot of life. And for many of us we do not even know we are in auto pilot. After all how do we know we are in the mud when all we see is the mud?

  13. When I hear (or speak) the Soul’s wisdom, there is a deep settlement in my body. A deep knowing that is the truth, a long held truth known as the Ageless Wisdom. It brings a deeper understanding of life.

  14. Here we are striving for the ultimate efficiency and function where all the time our bodies in their natural homeostasis knows how for all the systems to work in harmony.

    1. Ironically it’s our ‘striving for the ultimate efficiency and function’ that prevents our bodies from being in their natural homeostasis and therefore their harmonious way of functioning. If we all didn’t interfere then we’d be so much better off.

  15. “I know of one man who has not just figured the truth out, but has been living it and has been bringing it back to humanity!” I know of that man too…Serge Benhayon lives and breathes the epitomy of truth on earth so that all of humanity may know what it means to live a life in this way.

  16. As you say… It was when you felt the actual vibration in the words spoken by someone who lived truth deeply within every particle of their body, that your body was able to respond, and to feel this resonance, and align to it

  17. I too had this feeling of being finally awake when I had my first Esoteric session. It felt like I had woken from a deep sleep and since then my life has changed from one of searching for answers to a feeling of returning home to my Soul to take the steps of true evolution.

  18. There is nothing more powerful than allowing the body to be the vehicle through which the soul can be expressed. It brings an enormous vitality to the body.

    1. When the soul starts to reactivate our bodies, they become so precious that there is no way you would want to abuse it. and this then ripples out to the fact that there is no way you could abuse another person because there is nothing in the body that has a registrar of abuse. So lets just stop for a moment to consider what our lives would be like if we all made the effort to connect to our soul and the difference this would make on this plane of life.

  19. Soul wisdom brings the fullness, universal intelligence and all-inclusiveness that linear education and knowledge cannot come close to. There is never a finite end to soul wisdom, always more to be revealed, so we remain the forever student.

  20. I love that greeting of “welcome back” because it is so apt. Most of us have wandered far away from our true selves so when we reconnect with ourselves we are returning home.

    1. There is such a settlement in reconnecting back with our true selves in that the seeking is now a deepening within one’s own essence. Rather than an eternal seeking for truth outside of one’s self.

  21. We all know the word wisdom, but how often is it even considered? Our Phd ordered world which is wisdom-less dictates that regurgitation is intelligence and wisdom is just another word in the dictionary, with no relation to intelligence, but the fact is that wisdom is true intelligence and the intelligence we call intelligence is nothing more than an ability to recall and regurgitate information. Hardly intelligent at all.

  22. Our voices are very powerful and carry a vibration that can be healing or harmful. Serge’s voice also re-awakened and re-connected me to myself and God – the greatest gift ever!

    1. Understanding and experiencing this about voices and tones has made me very aware of the responsibility we all have when we speak as to how and what we express or more importantly from which energy source we are speaking – for we too offer healing or harm in our expression.

    2. Each time Serge speaks we are offered a quality of love and trust that allows us to feel that we are all from this same quality.

    3. Same for me Nicola, I can truly feel how healing Serge Benhayon’s voice is as it carries the energetic quality of the wisdom and love he lives and it is deeply powerful indeed.

  23. “When the teacher is ready, the disciple appears and when the disciple is ready, the teacher appears”! And so appeared Serge Benhayon “ – he appeared for many of us to make sense of life, to help us answer the questions we have all been asking.

    1. Yes for those that are ready the true teacher appeared and then they learnt and became teachers themselves simply by the way they lived and at the same time always remaining a student – and thus we all offer and learn.

  24. The phrase “the dark night of the Soul” is rather common and whenever I hear it I am reminded that for the night to be dark it has to be a night without the Soul, for sure.

    1. Is this another of those moments when the words soul and spirit have been used interchangeably when in fact they are very different energies? Would it be fairer to say that it is a dark night of the spirit?

  25. This is a great reminder that how getting caught in the doing, we neglect our beingness, and by the time we know it, we don’t know why we are doing the doing in the first place, and that consistency is not about being like a robot, keeping on producing carbon copies come rain or shine, but it is about being able to choose the same quality and respond from that place.

  26. One spends life and life-times searching for connection to one’s Soul and when one does it is not the end instead it is but beginning of the journey back to oneself.

    1. We search endlessly for who we truly are looking everywhere except within until we re-turn and re-connect to that which was and is always there within… and then we are found and from there it is an ever deepening expansion.

      1. Yes that is the irony, that we spend all that time looking outside ourselves when the answer has always resided within and the irony is further compounded by the fact that we have been told and taught this by many, many great teachers over the centuries.

  27. The Wisdom of the Soul and Divine Magic brought to us as one through the Ageless Wisdom presented by Serge Benhayon.

  28. Chetan, I like how you call yourself a blessed student of The Way of the Livingness because it is a blessing to be a student of our own soul.

  29. It is not that science and the industrial revolution are bad in intention, it is how we have walked with it from our mind that made life so demanding as it is today. But this should not be accepted as the normal as science and the technologies that we now have available can also be used to advance our evolution and that key of how to do that, we collectively still have to find, but soul wisdom for sure will help us in that.

  30. We have made evolution about things outside of ourselves, how tall a building can be made or how fast the internet can go. All manner of supportive changes or ‘advances’ can occur if we focus inwards and make evolution about our return to soul. Everything changes around us as we grow.

  31. Focusing on knowledge doesn’t seem to have benefitted humanity so much, considering the wars, the illness, the abuse etc that currently occurs in societies worldwide. Wisdom benefits everyone. What could be more important than connection, living from our heart and honouring our body in every moment?

    1. We try to blame focusing on knowledge and technology is at the root of our troubles today, but it is how we go with it that makes this happen. It is not that knowledge and technology are bad in essence, it is the human mind that continues to twist and turn and is using knowledge and technology to escape the inescapable to return to where we truly come from and belong to.

  32. We are all ‘forever evolving students’, and Serge Benhayon has shown us what this means and continues to do so. No one is higher than another, and there is no shame in being a student. Whereas, with the educational system there is this belief that we are better than others the more knowledgeable we are – I know which modal I choose.

  33. There is a natural way to be with each other and another way, which is unnatural created on top of it, that rules the world. The former leads us to our path of return; the latter allows us to go nowhere while we live in the illusion that we are moving.

  34. All this time humans have been alive – and all we’ve learnt is how to build smart phones and bombs? Surely there is something more essential for us to understand about the way we live life.

    1. There is Joseph and to actually stop and consider quite what we can and have achieved is phenomenal when we look at the advances in technology. But as you point out these our not essential to human life, far from it. So what if we have gotten it wrong that we have been advancing on the outside than the inside? Could this be where we have gone wrong?

  35. Just looking into those eyes Chetan, one can feel the pure delight and playfulness of reconnecting back to the soul.

  36. Soul wisdom is more than we currently live in this world. We can connect to our innermost and begin to walk it, feeling the change in our movements and the impact that has, a true gift from the Universe.

  37. I have known Serge Benhayon for 11 years now and in that time he has shown me consistent brotherly and fatherly love without question, he has reflected a way of living that is simple and easy that anyone can achieve. My life has changed dramatically that’s for sure I’m living more in my body and less in my head. Now I can catch those thoughts that come in from nowhere that try to undermine me. That has been one of the most profound teachings that our thoughts are not are own but fed to us from a pool of consciousness that surrounds us. This turns life upside down because for most of us we are convinced that these thoughts we have are our thoughts, we thought them up. And this makes complete sense to me if we look at all the text books we have in the world it is just a regurgitation of information, set out in different ways to make it look as though it’s fresh information when actually is just been re-packaged. But who wants to admit we have been fed a diet of ‘crap’.

  38. That innate knowing that we are all are one and the same and all are soul, can only be felt when we are able to let go of the investment in self, the personality we have fallen for.

  39. Straight to the of beauty of our soul wisdom: ‘to be able to navigate the roads in the absolute-ness of the way we live”

    1. Indeed Alex, the soul has that absoluteness that makes life simple and straight forward in whatever situation we may encounter in life, as for our soul there is only one way and that is the quality of the way we live.

    2. … because, what else is there? What else could there possibly be other than the Livingness as lived from the physical body, our vehicle for life on earth.

  40. ‘…he is able to navigate the roads in the absolute-ness of the way he lives his life.’ Serge Benhayon is a daily inspiration for me and so many others who’ve met him. What he presents is truth that I know from deep within, there is no doubt there, but I have to be honest and say however well intentioned I may start my day or re-start my day, I often come a cropper living what I know to be true. When I look at how Serge Benhayon lives, and his family, I see what is possible and know that though there are forces there trying to stop us from living in brother-hood, it is possible to do so without compromise. That is huge.

  41. Serge Benhayon presents the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom and rekindles the knowing spark within that recognises the truth that we all have equal access to.

  42. We have life before Soul and then life after with Soul, once you have a taste of life with Soul one wonders why you would ever choose anything else.

    1. Without Soul life feel dull and mundane and yet we can so easily get caught up in it. I do agree why would we choose any less when we know and can sense the magnificence on offer.

    2. So well said Anna. I couldn’t agree more. Life before connection to my soul simply can’t compete with my life post this connection, and even when there have been challenging times, there is still no doubt in me that I would choose to go back to a life without it.

    3. Exactly Anna, I have wondered this many times myself. It is through the connection to our Soul that deep healing is offered to ourselves and to everyone around us. When one connects to their Soul, the power of healing is beyond words and this can travel way beyond what our minds can comprehend, it works for a divine purpose that serves us all in our entire universe and beyond.

  43. Being a forever evolving student leaves a legacy of development that in no way prevents us from being full and wise each day, but offers an opportunity to deepen in that wisdom and awareness.

  44. The world we have created and the ideals, beliefs and roles we have invested in can all too often impede our opportunity to live our everyday with the wisdom and grace of our potential.

  45. Until we know exactly how and why the pyramids were built thousands of years ago, we haven’t got a leg to stand on when we champion our current level of intelligence as the ‘be all and end all’ of our race. In order to truly evolve back to what our ancient ancestors lived and breathed, we need to access a deeper level of intelligence within us so we can peer a bit deeper below the curtain. This can only be done by reconnecting with the Soul’s wisdom – its love and its light – and not giving voice to that of the human etheric spirit that has us playing much less then we in-truth are.

  46. The tenderness, care and love you express towards Serge Benhayon is palpably felt through your words, and herein does it convey such insight and reflection of the qualities and sheer depth of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine

  47. Strange how we seem to have thrown the baby out but kept the bathwater in our quest for evolution. Here we are centuries on from the building of the Great Pyramids, an unsurpassed triumph of brotherhood and alchemy in action, making up stories about who built them! When humanity realizes the truth of our past, we will pay much more attention to restoring our connection to a great and ancient wisdom that lies deep within us all, for there are many incredible resolutions to our current ills waiting to be initiated with the same divine quality that built the Pyramids.

  48. “I felt the powerful essence in his voice and most importantly, I clearly understood and recalled each and every word he spoke. ” – I can recall having this same feeling Chetan the first time I read Serge’s first book ‘The Way It Is’, where it almost felt like I was the one who wrote the book during a past life and was reading again in this life. Every word rang true throughout my body and felt so familiar in a way that I knew it through and through. The Truth finally confirmed.

  49. It really is true… Sometimes we hear a voice that is so embedded in truth that it realigns us to our very core… This is the voice of Serge Benhayon… The ultimate in sound healing.

    1. Beautifully said and so very true. With the cacophony of disconnected sound in and around us drowning out the sounds of our soul it seems hard to believe but when the soul is expressed through a body it has the power to realign instantly.

  50. ‘I know of one man who has not just figured the truth out, but has been living it and has been bringing it back to humanity!’ And that one man is the extraordinary Serge Benhayon, who works an 18 hour day – not for his benefit, but for the benefit of all. He is the real deal.

  51. I have lived in the world of corporate management all of my adult life and it is only now at 67 in a new relationship in a new country on a visa that does not allow me to work, that I find myself looking at life differently. I never thought to retire, and in fact I haven’t, I’m still involved in several voluntary projects, but with a difference. I come with love, with an attitude of equality, of support for colleagues, my life is about people not results and I thank God for the opportunity I have been given to experience this.

    1. It is crazy the systems we have established that do not allow people to work and has us retire at a certain age no matter what our state of being. We need to learn to take responsibility over our own life again and make decisions for our own always with everybody else in mind. We are here to work together and learn from each other and not simply follow the rules because that leads to taking advantage of things where we can instead of following that which we know is true.

      1. “We are here to work together and learn from each other and not simply follow the rules” when we take this as a premise for life, then we can indeed never actually retire, nor would we want to.

  52. A life lived in function is a living hell compared to the richness of Heaven on offer when we live in connection with this pulse within us.

  53. You are a true story teller Chetan, bringing the ancient wisdom tangibly alive into and what it means to live in this world.

  54. It is amazing that the ancient principles and teachings that will most support us to live full, meaningful, loving lives have been lost/forgotten and replaced by valuing productivity, profits, output before anything else. This definitely isn’t evolution and statistics on public health and welfare attest to this.

    1. This is beautiful to read Fiona, as it show that these ancient principles and teachings are not lost forever but that we need to reawaken them within us and that they have been there all along, by the simple fact that we live on a planet that is part of an immense universe.

  55. I remember so clearly the day my inner ‘spark’ was re-ignited and that was the day I heard the name Serge Benhayon for the first time. It wasn’t just a tiny spark but my whole body lighting up in response. And from the day I sat down in my first Universal Medicine workshop that spark has continued to grow as I have been presented with so much that has made sense of the world and my place in it.

  56. How awesome it is to feel the truth from our bodies so effortlessly and to note that all the wisdom that we could have ever dreamed of starts within and we only need to be still, listen and move in a way to support this knowing.

  57. In a recent visit to the British Museum in London, I saw at play this human trait of believing that evolution has occurred based on what material items we have developed. When in fact some of the people from our ancient past who had a strong connection with divinity seemed to be far more advanced than they tend to get credit for. But, saying that, I could also see how this human trait of desiring evolution through objects has been with us throughout time, it is not unique to our current time or ways of living because it has always been there – it’s just the style and the mode for expressing this has changed, but not, I feel, the intent to reach a other than human state by objects acquired.

  58. Totally agree Chetan it is amazing to feel and hear Serge express it unlocks a freedom within. The reconnection to soul.

  59. “I felt the powerful essence in his voice and most importantly, I clearly understood and recalled each and every word he spoke. It was as if my entire being carried the ‘recall’ of his voice and words.” I felt this too Chetan. Every cell in my body was deeply nodding with the awakened knowing of the simple wisdom Serge presented.

  60. Nowhere in my education have I been told the difference between soul and spirit, maybe as a child in those few times when I went to Church the priest mentioned the word lost souls and spirits of the underworld but to me it didn’t make any sense.
    Serge Benhayon has presented on many occasions the difference between them and how we all came to be on this plane of life. Now this to me this is fascinating because it does make complete sense to me and now I know why we are living such a wayward life.

  61. Every cell in my body recognised the divine wisdom when I heard and saw it presented by Serge, complete recognition because it is the truth within me and each of us.

  62. ‘And this was the shift that I had been seeking all my life, little realising that it was a spark within me, waiting for me to feel it… to remember it once again.’ Ditto, Chetan. What a gorgeous, transparent and open sharing of your walk back to Soul.Thank you.

  63. I can so relate to what you say about the ancient saying – “When the teacher is ready, the disciple appears and when the disciple is ready, the teacher appears”! And so appeared Serge Benhayon – A World Teacher, a mentor that I had been seeking all my life, Serge Benhayon has been able to show beyond any doubt for me that we are indulging in a fake life. To me our current way of life is all smoke and mirrors, there is so much more; that we are so much more than this physical body. For now we are trapped like the Butterfly beating its wings against the window pane trying to get out and not succeeding.

  64. Chetan this is maybe the most well mastered account I have read about Serge Benhayon. The magic and power of Serge Benhayon is beautiful displayed and felt…. This offers much to humanity, as it offers an accessibility I had not seen translated into written form before, Thank you.

  65. Soul wisdom is so effortlessly delivered, so easy to access and equally available to us all – that we take it foregranted and overlook that it even exists. If we feel something and get delivered a message honour it in full for the gold that it is with no need for justification or research. Thank you Chetan.

  66. What a Divine article – bringing us back to ancient ways of doing business, God’s business, which actually relates to everything on this planet because in its truth everything we know, see, touch, feel and smell should be there to bring us closer to brotherhood, to bring us home and to tangibly know the joy in Gods love.

  67. Why did we allow our Soul to take a backseat when it is without a doubt the foremost driver of all things divine in the cosmic scheme of things? A truly needed question indeed and then lets go on our way back with our Soul as the driver, to return to our divine nature, making changes to our lives along the way is The Way of the Livingness.

  68. Soul wisdom as presented by Serge Benhayon brings such a richness to life. It is nothing like the 2D version of life based on efficiencies and material improvements you speak of. It offers the depth that we need first in order for all the practical things to work and actually support us to evolve.

    1. And the name of the game is nothing short of living the quality that the soul provides when we say yes to more love, understanding, patience, harmony and of course bucket loads of wisdom!

  69. Management teaches you that there is a bit that is and has to be in and, that there is part that is and has to be out. It is therefore, about selecting aspects of us, ways. Management is about impulsing a specific type of movement. That company sponsored movement is by-and-large totally alien to our body and to us. Much of what is natural and proper of us stays out. It is only a reduced/refashioned version of you what is sought and required. You are required to be seen to move in a particular way and you learn to do it in the name of income security.

    1. What you have shared here Eduardo epitomises the majority of my work experiences and I’m sure many others’. My sense is that whenever I have brought my true caring and people-oriented self to my work while letting go of the typical emphasis on ‘profit before people’ it has been met with a load of criticism and/or an attempt to be manipulated by management in order to ‘keep me in line.’ That being said, there is certainly a way to be in this environment, as long as that personal security that you mentioned is not at the forefront of one’s concern, but when the expression and holding of Truth and what is right is held as the number one focus.

  70. It is so gorgeous what you have shared Chetan on your path of return embracing the divine magic at play with connection to Soul, I too appreciated the oneness, the equality, and deep love that Serge in his livingness reflects out to mankind. We are so blessed that our constant searching is now over for we have at last come home.

  71. ‘Why did we allow our Soul to take a backseat when it is without a doubt the foremost driver of all things divine in the cosmic scheme of things?’ Great question and one we all need to sit with, for the responsibility is there in us all to go for the fake life or the real Soul connection.

  72. When we’ve been on a wayward path, stepping back on to the path back to our soul is a glorious moment. And from there, the glorious-ness only deepens.

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