SOUL WISDOM – Divine Magic at Play!

In the modern world as we know it, a great emphasis is placed on things learnt, information exchanged, knowledge acquired and productivity optimised, and this practice has been in motion for a few hundred years, ever since the birth of the Industrial Revolution.

For most multinational conglomerates and management/HR consultants etc., management principles are all about hiring and training new employees, management graduates and managers about how to increase production efficiency, forecasting and budgeting, and essentially toeing the line – i.e. following the rules laid down by the organisation.

But whatever happened to the ancient principles of wisdom? Those principles and teachings that always taught us about ‘brotherhood’, about ‘the energetic science of the body’, about living true in the body and then walking that talk – the energetic science and truth of all things that was practised and lived thousands of years ago. Why did it take a backseat in our quest for speeding up evolution, so called? Why have we allowed ourselves to bastardise ‘evolution’ in terms of what we accumulate and/or our success in terms of material living – ticking the box with how we are told or taught life ought to be and then tagging it as evolving, when actually it is anything but…?

Why did we trivalise it so? Since when did life become all about efficiency on the outside, without truly integrating what we were all meant for at the original point of evolution? A race of beings that were meant to live and love in harmony, beings that have the greatest compassion and understanding for each other, beings that always look out for each other, knowing very well that only oneness and equality in all its forms can evolve everyone. This was the ancient wisdom of what evolution was meant to be about, was it not?

Why did we allow our Soul to take a backseat when it is without a doubt the foremost driver of all things divine in the cosmic scheme of things?

What then is this SOUL WISDOM?

Have we ever considered THIS within our precious lives and truly deeply pondered over this?

I am sure most of us have, but then what have we done about it? Have we figured out the truth yet?

I know of one man who has not just figured the truth out, but has been living it and has been bringing it back to humanity!

This amazing man – an adept master and yet, in his own words, a “forever evolving student” – has pretty much mastered driving a vehicle (the body) so preciously, which no Maserati or Bentley can even hold up to, that he is able to navigate the roads in the absolute-ness of the way he lives his life.

An amazingly tender, and yet, oh so powerful a man if I have ever seen or met one, he has brought about a vast and significant access for all of us to truly re-connect with our own Soul and understand once again this ancient science of energy that was once, long, long ago propagated, taught, philosophised and lived deeply in ancient cultures with utmost respect. This ancient science of energy, currently known as ‘The Way of The Livingness’, is presented by Serge Benhayon with absolute compassion, understanding and deep, deep love for humanity!

How did it all begin for me once again?

This Soul wisdom – the ancient memories of it – for me was first triggered when I heard Serge’s teachings in a few audio files that were sent to me across the world at a time when I was experiencing the dark night of the Soul, so to speak.

A time when I yet again was struggling to land back on my feet, almost defeated from life and battle weary for the umpteenth time… And this was the shift that I had been seeking all my life, little realising that it was a spark within me, waiting for me to feel it… to remember it once again. I recall this ancient wise saying – “When the teacher is ready, the disciple appears and when the disciple is ready, the teacher appears”! And so appeared Serge Benhayon – A World Teacher, a mentor that I had been seeking all my life, for almost 40 years at that time.

Headshot of Serge Benhayon smiling - Founder of Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

When I heard Serge’s voice on those audio files, it took me back to lifetimes lived long, long ago. I felt the powerful essence in his voice and most importantly, I clearly understood and recalled each and every word he spoke. It was as if my entire being carried the ‘recall’ of his voice and words. It was like one of those science fiction movies that I have grown up watching, where the protagonist goes into a cryogenic chamber on his spaceship that is hurtling into deep space and finally wakes up many light years ahead of time… everything intact and yet something deeply shifted!

It was as if I had come wide-awake, finally!

I felt that I knew that I too carried the imprint of this ancient Soul wisdom.

It was time for my Soul wisdom to kick into motion once again! I took that choice, and so began my true journey on this ancient path of return again. Returning back to understanding what true evolution, the return to Soul, is all about, starting with deep, honest, challenging changes in my own life.

I deeply and fondly remember that day when I first travelled along with my precious partner to meet Serge in June 2012; what a time and what a year it was!

There are some very special moments in life when we all are stopped in our tracks, and meeting Serge – meeting Soul and the embodiment of love – for me definitely tops the list. It was as if my entire body was shaking with this meeting; this manifestation of a master teacher and a long lost brother that I had spent many lifetimes together with.

I can safely say that it’s the biggest and the bestest gift I could ever give myself – meeting Serge Benhayon and coming to Universal Medicine – coming home to myself – for all times – and as Serge told me when we hugged, “Welcome back, dear brother.”

What a welcome it truly was! – beats the living daylights out of any red carpet at Cannes or the Oscars.

It was pure magic and little did I know, it had only just begun. And since then it’s been truly Divine Magic at play…

Chetan Jha smiling as he reflects on the Soul's Wisdom
Chetan Jha

By Chetan Jha, Blessed Student of The Way of The Livingness

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855 thoughts on “SOUL WISDOM – Divine Magic at Play!

  1. HI Chetan, great article in words, but more in the energy, where I clearly feel the way you have been called back to serve once again, being a source of inspiration to many many other people to resurrect and serve.
    Thank you.

  2. A beautiful blog Chetan Soul Wisdom and Serge Benhayon are one and he is bringing this back to be lived again for us all. Inspirational and loving allowing the ancient wisdom back as our way of living and the true magnificent we are.

  3. Reading this blog make me remember my first meeting with Serge. I too had listened the audios where he presented the Ageless Wisdom and there was always such a beautiful feeling in my body that responded in becoming more relaxed and in a state of rest, loosening the tensions of the creations of life. Meeting him in person made me feel so respected and completely equal, not only to him but to everybody else. I do now understand that I was connecting with my Soul, that part in me that is uniting us all as one.

  4. As it was for you Chetan, following the impulse to meet Serge Benhayon was also for me, the “biggest and the bestest gift” I have given myself in this life; it felt like it was a most precious gift that had been waiting so long to be opened. And open it I did, and even though at times bringing this gift into my life has had its challenges, I haven’t once wanted to put it back in its box and back on the shelf where it had sat, gathering dust for way too long.

  5. Thank you Chetan for your deep appreciation, your claiming and celebration of what Serge Benhayon has offered and. The world is full of ‘Divine Magic’ at play and it is beautiful to now live with our eyes open to it.

  6. I can only agree and cofirm, ” The Way of the Livingness” lived in absolute love for humanity by Serge Benhayon, is a life changer. It supported me deeply to know Serge Benhayon and observe him and gradually there occurs a change in my own thinking, in my movements and my way to be with myself and with others.

  7. ‘I know of one man who has not just figured the truth out, but has been living it and has been bringing it back to humanity!’ I too know this man and what a power and authority he carries simply because he lives truth in every moment – that is – power or authority , not over anyone, but of himself, from living life with love and truth first and foremost, before anything else, and yes this is for all of humanity.

    1. This is true in my experience too, Ariana – Serge Benhayon imposes no power or authority onto others. The power and authority in which he lives in alinement with the all, universally so, is true service to all of humanity.

  8. To be having these conversations is incredible and the work of one man: Serge Benhayon. Divinity intervened when I was introduced to Serge for the first time. Through him, Ageless Wisdom teachings and The Way of the Livingness many of life’s unanswered questions became clear. To meet a teacher that relates to you as an equal and dedicates his life to ensuring we all evolve together is rare and extra-ordinary. Serge gives us practical tools to re-connect our body to its natural way:harmony, stillness and love, the rest is up to us.

  9. Often we make life a struggle but when in truth it is as simple as re-connecting with our essence the gentle tenderness of who we truly are and accessing the wisdom within the science of the body with the one purpose of the ever evolving student for brotherhood to return to co-creation.

  10. A beautiful sharing Chetan! You remind us to not take for granted the wonderful Teacher (Serge Benhayon) who we have to thank for our awakening once more to the Ageless Wisdom (Soul Wisdom).

  11. It’s great to talk about the “modern world” in this way. I mean when life or the world becomes about the doing things of life how far can we truly go? I mean we can only push this so far before something will need to break. What Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon bring us back to is quality of anything that is done. So being more aware of who is doing the doing and not just doing. These systems have people in them and if we are bringing in more efficient systems without supporting the people in them then who will all this truly benefit and what is it’s purpose? Do we really want a world with the most efficient this or efficient that with also the most unwell people then any other time in history? It’s time for us all to ask what is the purpose of us being here, the true purpose. Can it be just to ‘evolve’ in efficiency or are we here to evolve the way we are with each other, the true quality of our relationships with people?

      1. We need to question where things are at every turn, every time. Life isn’t going in the ‘right’ direction and personally I have found that most things appear almost upside down we have gone that far away from who we truly are. We need to return to quality and allow quantity to come from there. No longer can we invest in just getting things done as this will only return to us again and again for us to bring a true living quality to it. As hard as we think it may sound every moment we choose to breathe is a choice to either be bringing in a true quality or just doing it because you need to do that to survive.

  12. Beautifully summed up Chetan, ‘There are some very special moments in life when we all are stopped in our tracks, and meeting Serge – meeting Soul and the embodiment of love – for me definitely tops the list.’ There have been many times when I have looked deeply into Serge’s eyes and felt an unmistakable sense and knowing of myself.

  13. Serge Benhayon and The Way of the Livingness can bring the individual much clarity and understanding about life. It can offer much simplicity, love, joy and harmony. But it comes with a great responsibility and a letting go of individuality, with the offering to live in the way that we are all connected. You can find out more here: It is a way of life definitely worth exploring.

  14. The Ancient wisdom has always been there, our Soul is always with us. We have spent centuries, thousands of years, running away from ourselves – our divine being. Thank you Serge Benhayon for inspiring and supporting our return.

  15. I think many of us have brushed up against – if not deeply delved into – the teachings of the Ageless Wisdom in the past, and have encountered past masters of it. Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon are its current day ambassadors, arrived again to prompt humanity to return to the truth of who we are.

  16. Beautiful sharing Chetan of your brushing up against a man that was able to illicit such a knowing inside of you. I know that to be true as I’ve had similar experience. Listening to Serge Benhayon not only has deeply allowed me to connect with myself, but he has reminded me of the ageless and divine beings we actually are.

  17. Knowledge is very important, and I for one hope that every engineer I come across studied hard so that the bridge they designed does not fall down. However, as you express, knowledge is not everything, and in fact it is worthless in many ways if it is not coming from a body that is whole and true and in alignment to the whole entire universe around it, and if the imparting of such knowledge does not respect people and life as the most rudimentary tenet.

  18. It was the same for me when I first heard Serge Benhayon’s audios. I recognised every word. He was speaking about something I knew. The clarity that it brought me was profound and it changed my life. I know I have lived by the ageless wisdom many times before in previous lives, and this was the awakening I had been waiting for in this life. It is all within me. I just need to connect and then live what I know.

  19. A beautiful testimony Chetan. Meeting Serge for me was like suddenly coming to life after someone turned the light on, and I could see that the space was not as dark as I had believed it to be – all of a sudden the questions I had been asking myself, and God were being answered and life started to make sense again.

  20. Hearing Serge Benhayon talk for the first time rekindled a flame within that was flickering…I feel this wisdom and understanding of life just there underneath layers of habits, it is truth, it is steady and timeless and I have begun to live from it and the more I do the more it unfolds and burns brighter,

  21. Listening to Serge present the first time was like hearing the words of truth straight from Heaven, from a man who lived it fully. Finally a beacon of light and truth in an otherwise clouded, confused and crazy world.

  22. ‘I can safely say that it’s the biggest and the bestest gift I could ever give myself – meeting Serge Benhayon and coming to Universal Medicine – coming home to myself – for all times ‘ – I couldn’t agreed more Chetan!

  23. When I first met Serge Benhayon it was such a shock that I did not appreciate what was happening. What he presented turned my world up side down and to re-adjust took a long time. From that first meeting though, I knew that what I was hearing, feeling and experiencing was The Truth. As the years have past I can say without a doubt that meeting Serge has been “the biggest and the bestest gift I could ever give myself” and my appreciation of this, and of him, is ever deepening.

  24. Soul wisdom is equally available to us all as the more we live in deep appreciation and awe of the all the easier it is to surrender and connect to our souls, where everything is available at our fingertips for the benefit of the all.

  25. It’s no mistake that the word ‘evolution’ has been used to get to a point and further our intelligence, material goods or physical form. Using the word this way is a huge distraction away from the fact that evolution is the exact opposite of all those outside markers and actually about returning to our Soul – from which we came.

  26. ‘The biggest and the bestest gift I could ever give myself – meeting Serge Benhayon and coming to Universal Medicine.’ I second that – it is the greatest gift I have ever given myself. Thank God for Serge Benhayon and the love and wisdom he brings to the world.

  27. Chetan, it is beautiful to read your appreciation of Serge Benhayon and the Ancient Wisdom. I feel blessed to have come to the work of Universal Medicine, from the moment I heard about Serge from a friend I felt the truth of what he lived and presented and it has been an amazing journey ever since.

  28. Yes, I can agree with this wholeheartedly. This is the Soul Wisdom and Divine Magic at Play when all is in place to constellate with A World Teacher to light The Way for our Path of Return, to that which we know as true and had separated from.
    “When the teacher is ready, the disciple appears and when the disciple is ready, the teacher appears”! And so appeared Serge Benhayon – A World Teacher, a mentor that I had been seeking all my life, for almost 40 years at that time”.

  29. What is written here is profound and true… simply the voice and words of someone who lives and knows their inner truth, who is connected to the one heart and the one life, just this voice alone can re-awaken humanity to who and what it truly is, and what is life’s purpose.

  30. How great is our Soul when we consider that almost everything in life as we know it is purely an attempt to fill the void of not living it in full.

    1. This is one big statement Kylie, it is very humbling to know that what we have championed are things that mask the connection to our soul and living that connection openly and in full. It is humbling and hard to admit that we have been running away from ourselves. Therefore I have noticed there is a bit of an internal battle as the safety lines are assessed. Crazy!

  31. What a beautiful blog Chetan, thank you for your appreciation and celebration of what Serge Benhayon has offered to us; what an absolutely divine man he is.

  32. I totally understand what you are saying here Chetan
    “For most multinational conglomerates and management/HR consultants etc., management principles are all about hiring and training new employees, management graduates and managers about how to increase production efficiency, forecasting and budgeting, and essentially toeing the line – i.e. following the rules laid down by the organisation.”
    In this example there is no consideration about the actual people, who are employed by the multinationals, they seem to me to be treated like expendable material merely to be used and thrown away if the company feels it needs to contract its business. If business were to truly connect to its employees in a way that they felt fully engaged in the company I feel we would see some amazing business taking shape.

  33. ‘Wide a wake’ it is I agree, this is how I feel, I was sleeping and then Serge Benhayon walks in the room and rekindles the bright light within me, through his reflection. The words he speaks, offer wisdom way beyond this planet and yet the most simple, modest sense of life I have ever heard. True philosophy, religion and science rolled up in a beautiful round ever expanding package of divine light and love.

  34. This is awesome….“When the teacher is ready, the disciple appears and when the disciple is ready, the teacher appears”! And so appeared Serge Benhayon. The greatest teachers there are inspire us to live all that we are…we step into our true potential and power and they humbly observe without the slightest need for any recognition….this is Serge Benhayon and I now walk so much taller and ready to support others with their own potential because of this humble man.

  35. Gorgeous Chetan, I love what you have expressed here and like you, I love being the forever student;
    “It was pure magic and little did I know, it had only just begun. And since then it’s been truly Divine Magic at play…

  36. So beautiful Chetan, I couldn’t agree more with all that you have shared about Serge Benhayon.He is someone who really does live soul wisdom, so much of the choices I now make in how I live, is based on what I have felt to be true for me, aligning to the soul wisdom that I know is equally within me.

  37. There is something in the way that Serge Benhayon speaks that does resonate through our bodies, it’s a vibration that wakes up the particles in us which have become so dense that there is little room for them to move around. The vibration allows space enough for them to start to move and to me they get a positive charge which reminds them of their alignment to the universe. The more space we have in our bodies the less dense we become and the particles can zoom around all over the place they hardly stay in our bodies, its quite magical and it’s a science to.

  38. Thank you Chetan, this is such a beautiful sharing on your love and appreciation for Serge Benhayon and the Ageless Wisdom. When I meet Serge Benhayon I knew my search for truth was finally over, it was clear he was the ‘real deal’ and lived his life with absolute love, integrity and truth that reflects to others that there is another way – a true way.

  39. Beautifully shared Chetan. I too remember my first Universal Medicine retreat and sitting and listening to all that was shared by Serge Benhayon on living our lives from our inner knowing and connection to the body was so deeply tangible and relatable too. I found I enjoyed and continued to enjoy exploring what was shared by Serge Benhayon was something lived by him in his every movement and for me it was about exploring that for myself. A truly inspiring way to live, move and connect with all is when we connect to our soul and move from its divine expression. Thank you.

  40. “I know of one man who has not just figured the truth out, but has been living it and has been bringing it back to humanity!”
    How blessed we are that this one man, Serge Benhayon, shares his love, truth and wisdom with us; so that we to might re-awaken our inner wisdom.

  41. Chetan this is a great article for bringing through so much on so many levels, and in particular for me, bringing much more the truth that I now know and are choosing to hold for myself, out into the world. Serge is one deeply loving and universally wise man that needs to be appreciated more, through my own living of this return in full, as holding back feels disrespectful.

  42. Because Serge Benhayon is a master of his own body and ‘ in his own words, a “forever evolving student’ he shows us how to be that for ourselves…. a student and master of our own self.

  43. ‘Driving our vehicle (our body) so preciously’ is a huge point of difference in this world and when you live that, you stand out and can sometimes be seen as ‘abnormal’. But what’s the ‘normal’ then? Look around, everything we do for entertainment, a lot of work we do and most of the socialising culture is all based on escape from the body and usually abuses the body in some way or another.

  44. Divine magic at play indeed Chetan; how blessed we are to be forever evolving students. Your blog is a stunning testimony to love, truth and innate wisdom lived here on earth.

  45. I know that expression ‘battle weary from life’. How often has it reduced me to that where all I can feel is the onslaught of everything that is going on around me… and boy its busy these days with the addition of e-mail, social media on top of the more well established TV, parents, education, bosses, friends. All these outside influences… but as I learn to listen to myself more this becomes background noise. If I am full of myself I don’t take this on and instead chart my own course. The difference is immeasurable.

  46. Very few people are clear about what the soul is and what it actually means for them, that is, even if they feel they have one, or that we all belong to the One Soul from where we all draw the same wisdom. For many it is just a vague notion referred to in passing and often confused with the spirit. In the Middle Ages many clerics and monks spent long hours debating “the seat of the soul” and its whereabouts in the body. My experience is, through the teachings of Serge and my own observations during healing courses and sessions, that my soul, when I connect to it, is throughout my body in every cell and particle, and that the fiery glow and expansion it brings also emanates beyond my body into the space around me, and then I feel one with everything, and know that the One Soul is our source and sustainer, every particle that makes up the universe moving in rhythmic pulse together. It is the essence of me, not the personal me, but the place where we all meet within me. This has made such a difference to the way I live.

  47. I know I have read this before but I felt like it was the first time today. Your expression is one I really enjoy because you bring an appreciation of what Serge Benhayon brings to us all that I have, I suspect, forgotten and perhaps taken for granted. Serge is unlike many others I have seen, he just stands out for me and it is because of his love, his lack of judgement, his lived way within his body which means he doesn’t carry his hurts as guards and shields which influence how he interacts with others. He shares the way to do this openly with all of us so we too can choose to live in this way and inspire others. We have such a grand opportunity in this life to bring back a level of love that has been undervalued. I am right there on the front line for more love!

  48. Indeed what did happen to the ancient principles of wisdom and more so why did we allow this to be bastardised or/and be forgotten? A great question to feel, be with and ponder on in order to never let this happen again. It is an absolute blessing to humanity what Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are living, holding, teaching and bringing through.

  49. It is a totally amazing journey back to soul, one I’m very appreciative of Serge Benhayon’s loving inspiration and reflection of the fact that it is real and not just a dream.

  50. “And since then its truly been divine magic at play”. Thank you Chetan. Is it not amazing that this is the possibility for all? The choice is to re-connect with our Soul and live from there and not from what the world dumps on us no matter how attractive it may seem. We have the opportunity of “divine magic at play” just lovely .

  51. What would the world be like if we knew that everything we need to be we already are, just not yet brought into active expression? Perhaps we would give up the fight that sees us so desperately searching for ‘something’ simply as a means to be identified and recognised because we have withdrawn from such expression. In not too long, more and more of us will come to realise that we cannot try to be something we already are, we can only surrender to it. This ‘something’ is Love.

  52. ““When the teacher is ready, the disciple appears and when the disciple is ready, the teacher appears”! And so appeared Serge Benhayon ” This is so true, we don’t have to do anything all we have to do is listen to the impulses and be willing to be open to what is offered. When I met Serge in 2003 my life from 2000 if not before, there were a series of events that brought me to the place where I would meet him and while it wasn’t an instant ‘this is it’ I knew I could not walk away something resonated with me that I wanted to know more about and now in 2017 I feel like so many that I am truly blessed and I would not want my life any other way.

  53. I know exactly what you mean Chetan when you said that there was a time when you where struggling to get back on your feet almost defeated from life and battle weary. Meeting Serge Benhayon re kindled the spark within me too, he has this ability to see us all to our very core with no judgment only a deep appreciation of who we truly are. And it is because there is no judgment or condemnation that I like many others was able to come out of the misery I was living with and reclaim myself back again by building a trust within myself, a bit like a child learning to walk holding onto the hand of their parent as support and then having the confidence to walk by themselves.

  54. Learning how to bring the divine quality in to the mundane and the domestic, the practical and the repetitive is part of what life on earth is all about. And, surprisingly, it happens to be very unifying because essentially life is mundane and repetitive as we all continuously circle the same sun on the same planet again and again.

  55. That just the quality and sound of Serge Benhayon’s voice is enough to rekindle the spark of truly Divine love in another is a true testament to what is being presented to the world

  56. When we live with the awareness of equality we are saying yes to being aware of the fact that we are one. In other words, equality says that we are equal in quality, equal in a being-ness that unifies us all.

  57. Soul Wisdom available to all, with all and not owned by anyone….thus the issue is exposed, in this world we attempt to own knowledge, “that was my idea” etc…True wisdom comes from an openness to the all, a surrender, not ownership. We have something upside down when we rely on our heads so heavily to deliver us information, when our hearts and souls are communicating with the Universe.

  58. It seems to me that scientists want to own knowledge, that they feel they are the only ones that know anything and want to dictate to the rest of humanity what is and what isn’t. This doesn’t seem to be any different from the dark days when religion ruled in a similar vein. It is said that religion is loosing ground and does not hold the power it once did. But all we are doing is swapping one dictatorship with another. So my question to humanity is why is it that you want someone else in control rather than being the master of your own destiny?

  59. Thank you Chetan, a great reminder to confirm we indeed are all-knowing when in connection with our soul, as there is no “I” in it only the vehicle through which we serve humanity at large.

  60. The words “Welcome back, dear brother” says it all for me today as they touched me deeply. We have been so lost in the miasma of physical life, even such that we are not able to step out ourselves that easily and see the light we are from. Thanks to Serge Benhayon who is unwavering in living the divine on earth, we have a reflection that reignites that inner spark we all still carry and actually know so well if we allow ourselves to connect with it.

  61. Soul wisdom. I think we should be teaching our children to connect to this first before they take on any other learning. We as adults also need to reconnect to our inner knowing. It has never left us, but it seems we have left it.

  62. We have all have this soul wisdom accessible and within us, we just have forgotten, gotten distracted by the stimulation of the mind.

    1. True Samantha. The mind can be so dazzling that we think it must be the one to follow, but the simple, still and exquisitely joyful quality of the Soul, felt through our bodies, is powerful beyond belief – in fact no belief is required, it just is.

  63. Re-connecting with our inner wisdom is as natural as re-connecting with the teacher that confirms it with his reflection.

  64. I love returning to this blog as I find something new to inspire me each time. This time there was so much again but this time I was stopped by your photo. As I looked at it I felt that I was being wrapped up in a big, warm, loving embrace by a beautiful man who knows who he is, and lives by the light of his Soul, not for himself but for humanity.

  65. There is a feeling of coming home when we are attending the presentations by Serge Benhayon who is relaying to us, as you say, the wisdom of the ages. And in the Way of The Livingness there is a coming home to the body, a recognizing of its innate wisdom and the friend and ally we have in it. With a clear body the soul has easier access and with our openness and willingness we allow more space and more love in our bodies and in our lives.

  66. The thing I love about the return journey to our Soul is that we move inward and do not travel anywhere. The cycle of life brings us back to the same point moment by moment, each time deeper than the one before when we consistently choose love.

  67. I love the way that there can be an easily brought to perception of the fact that everyone does actually care for eachother. I find this very reassuring in a world that seems to be falling apart.

  68. Why indeed do we not do everything in our power to access our soul, welcome it with open arms and cherish it thereafter? There has to be other forces at play that we align to and then the question because why align to something that is not love? These are the deeper questions that we need to keep asking of ourselves.

  69. What Serge Benhayon presents is deeply a part of us all and that is why meeting him again is like a homecoming and such a blessing.

  70. Not figuring out the truth (intelligence) but living the truth (body intelligence) is the gold that is offered from Serge Benhayon for all to feel and be.

  71. “‘I know of one man who has not just figured the truth out, but has been living it and has been bringing it back to humanity!’” I, too, know this man and it is the greatest blessing in my life. Through his inspiration becoming a student of The Way of The Livingness my life now is totally unrecognisable as to what it was before and it now has true purpose not only for the benefit to myself but also for humanity.

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