THE MOVING BUBBLE – A Simple Lesson in Staying with my Movements and Claiming Who I Am 

I recently attended a Universal Medicine Saturday event where I discovered the impact our movements have on our body and all that surrounds us. I could understand the impact on people, but this time around I began to realise that our surroundings include our relationships with each and every object we come into contact with, and this is of equal importance.

It made me stop to review how often I would move in a hurry or constantly move in the zone of wanting to get from A to B, not taking into consideration the speed in which I would place my plate on the table, how I would open and shut doors or the simplicity of plugging a cord into a socket, all of which are movements that impact on each and every one of us.

In many ways my movements were classic to those of any inbuilt drive motor that was constantly in top gear and would only switch to the ‘off’ mode when the exhaustion levels kicked in – never realising all that I was in contact with and what mark I had left behind.

Taking this on board, and with what I discovered at the workshop, I became aware of how over time my movements did change. With no perfection, I was more open to moving in my home and workspace with less drive and becoming aware of the responsibility that my movements carry. Over time I noticed that even though I had changed my movements there was still an element of drive that was pushing me in my daily routine, and that when I stopped I could feel the tension I was still carrying. The self-care was there, but not to the level that I knew was true and it didn’t feel as though this was coming from my body.

A lesson in the simplicity of movement …

Last week I was asked to make a quick dash to the shops to buy a gift for a work colleague in one of the local shopping centres. It was a busy Saturday afternoon and I only had an hour to spare before I needed to be at another appointment. As I entered the gift shop I was greeted with a busy showroom full of customers buying from the sales rack. Each shop assistant was serving and the traffic was consistent. I viewed the various pieces of jewelry in the glass cabinets and waited patiently to be served by the staff.

As I looked up to make eye contact I noticed a small bubble floating in the air. I turned to see where it could have come from. There was no bubble making machines on display. This bubble literally came out of nowhere but I had a feeling that there was a lesson to be learnt.

I observed the bubble as it circled the room. Its small yet simple spherical shape made its way effortlessly to all the corners of the gift shop. It floated up high and came down low. Amongst all this were people moving around quite frantically in a buying frenzy. The bubble did not jolt or react when customers moved at a fast pace. The bubble kept steady and slid along the front counter case with no one realising it was there and then took off again. It circled a couple that were disagreeing over which item to buy and then landed on the table top near me. I stood and looked at the bubble. It was clear, transparent and delicate in its structure. It was not hiding, rushing or holding back what it was – a simple bubble moving delicately amongst the crowd.

I noticed the bubble

  • Kept its own pace
  • Stopped every so often and then took off again
  • Travelled high and low and was not affected by the crowds coming in and out
  • Rested on surfaces that would have been considered high traffic spots and was never crushed
  • Was transparent, yet easy to miss with a blink of an eye
  • Didn’t react or jolt when customers moved by at a fast pace
  • Moved in one direction and the other effortlessly but with a purpose

The bubble then made its way down the tiled entrance area, smack bang in the middle of the busy pathway. I was sure that this bubble would be gone in a matter of seconds. I watched and observed how it sat patiently, did not move, held its own and was still in its full state.

Within a few minutes I was being attended to by the staff and purchased the gift. On my way out the door I stopped to see if the bubble was still there. Sure enough there the bubble stood – still in its full size as more people entered the shops – not wavering from its position.

As I left, I came to realise that I was being shown a lesson in how my movements could be; where I am still holding my space, yet not affecting all that is around me, from the people, to the angles of the cupboards, to the shapes of the doors and cabinets. Everything is part of a whole and this bubble was showing me the delicateness of who I am and how I can live unrattled, unwavering, and be part of the whole movement of the universe just like the delicate and fragile bubble.

My deep appreciation to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for presenting the work of the Ancient Wisdom that offers the opportunity to be inspired to bring simplicity back into our lives in the simplest of ways, knowing that we all have a part to play in the movements we make in this amazing universe we live in.

By Anonymous

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693 thoughts on “THE MOVING BUBBLE – A Simple Lesson in Staying with my Movements and Claiming Who I Am 

  1. Although I am not able to move like this consistently all the time as yet I have noticed that I have moments were my awareness takes me back to this quality of movement and it is amazing how this then prepares me for the next.

  2. Being aware Adrienne brought the magic of god to you in the simplest of ways as you stood waiting to be served. We really don’t have to go far to be inspired.

  3. I so love this story Anonymous, it’s the perfect symbolisms for how we can chose to move through life, unwavering in all our beauty.

  4. What a great story Anonymous and what powerful simple lessons a bubble has to reflect to us; through you, thank you.

  5. ‘never realising all that I was in contact with and what mark I had left behind.’ – This blows the idea of having an ‘off switch’ or ‘time off’ to be irresponsible out of the water… If we’re constantly connected with everything we’ve chosen, written, worked on and done in the past, then the quality of how we live in every moment has an impact on the quality of that thing and how it is affecting people. This asks us to consider the unseen link we have with our movements and not just look at what’s happening on the surface.

  6. Anonymous, I can really feel the truth of what you are sharing here, I can feel that my movements are not as gentle and still as they can be; that there is still an element of drive and this is reflected in me having sore legs and so I can feel how there is a need to deepen the way I move; to move with presence and grace and not have the push.

  7. The moments when we stop and observe are full of wonder and magic – they feel like a direct link to God – they are our connection with God and the Universe. God is in the stillness that we feel in these moments as we breath in true union.

  8. Amazing how we often choose to be present only when our bodies become very uncomfortable if we allow our minds to wander. For example, I recently spoke with a woman who mentioned that when she is hung over from drinking alcohol and ends up vomiting in the toilet, she is totally present in her body…which clearly shows we are capable of being present and that it is a simple choice.

  9. “Everything is part of a whole and this bubble was showing me the delicateness of who I am and how I can live unrattled, unwavering, and be part of the whole movement of the universe just like the delicate and fragile bubble.”This bubble is truly a gift from God with lessons for all of us.

  10. It can be so subtle, our tendency to change how we are based on those around us. For me recently I have really noticed this in my swimming, pushing harder or faster than is right for me to keep up with or beat the other people in my lane, or to fit my swim into their rhythm rather than swimming with myself. But if I am doing that in the pool, then that is also what I am doing on land.

  11. Knowing when to be a flow is quite a feeling – knowing when to take action, when to wait, when to simply observe at any given moment is a very beautiful way to live.

  12. You could have missed the bubble, not seen it in the busyness of a day… but you did see it and in so doing have shared some magic with us… thank you. It brings my attention to how many wonders and blessings I miss in every day and inspires a deeper attention to, and appreciation of, the detail and the importance of moment by moment awareness

  13. “Everything is part of a whole and this bubble was showing me the delicateness of who I am and how I can live unrattled, unwavering, and be part of the whole movement of the universe just like the delicate and fragile bubble.” What a beautiful reflection the bubble is, showing us that it is possible to live a life full of delicacy, lightness and strength wherever we are and whatever it is that we are doing. This is a wonderful image to take into my day, thank you.

    1. It is also transparent and reflects the light, sometimes rainbows shine on its surface, it is beautiful, and everyone feels and sees the magic of a bubble. If we allow ourselves to follow the movement of this bubble we will also be all these things.

  14. “we all have a part to play in the movements we make in this amazing universe we live in” what an incredible reminder of the effect that each of our movements has on the universe, the impact is far greater than what the eye can see.

  15. I love this blog, I have seen bubbles come of the washing up recently and pondered their quality and referred to this blog….they where so gentle and moved with the ebbs and flows of the air around them….not resisting but flowing.

  16. Movement has been one that I have taken for granted and just assumed it was what we do. After understanding the presentation of Serge Benhayon and still I am digesting the magnitude of what he presents. The simple truth that ‘Everything is Energy, therefore, Everything is because of Energy’ brings in our quality of movements and the significance that they have. So every day it is about checking in and seeing what energy I am choosing which is going to determine the quality of my movements. A choice that will never change, it will always be there to be made. I still have moments where I check out or even days but I know now that I keep returning to this truth and how powerful it is.

  17. I know I can change the angles of some things in the rooms of my house and how this order changes how lots of things feel. It is like how a teenagers messy bedroom can affect the whole house. When we know everything is energetic, we have a great responsibility because this has a huge impact of reflection elsewhere. It is time to be the flowing bubble in my home.

  18. I love how this is so profoundly inspiring in what it offered you and us all via this blog. Yes I can relate to how much learning can come from observing nature being with itself, and in harmony as this bubble was- so much we can all see and learn here.

  19. I love this blog and the beauty and movement of the bubble comes alive in the gentleness and flow it offers us that can be felt is so real and attainable thank you.

  20. Anonymous, it’s lovely how you had enough space in you to notice the bubble and observe its movements. It shows how there are so many opportunities presented to us to learn from the simple things in life if we can pause enough to take note of them.

  21. The bubble is a very graceful reminder of the love I come from and I am here to be, by its flowing movement and its unwavering shape.

  22. Beautiful to read how re-connecting with our bodies in self-care and self love is an ever deepening and refining process where we can let go of that drive and the need to push ourselves out of our natural rhythms in life.

    1. Yup this is what gets me too… the realisation that all the ‘tuff nut’ exterior I thought I had to adopt to survive, is actually counter to my true strength, which is in living the tenderness and delicacy I naturally am.

  23. This little bubble reminds me of the way that children are and how we as adults use to be, a quality that is not lost but perhaps put aside in favour of the activities of life. It is amazing how many little events there are like this one available to us as a reminder of how we once were and can be again.

  24. I was walking slowly through an airport a couple of days ago, feeling connected to myself and in a beautiful rhythm. Lots of people were dashing past me and rushing by, but I met up with them all again at the baggage area. I felt I had been like the bubble you describe here, not getting affected by their impatience but giving a different reflection.

  25. What strikes me today re-visiting this beautiful blog, is how the bubble at times rested and at other times moved around, all in its own rhythm. There is something important for me to learn from this way of being, taking moments to rest, to stop and appreciate in the midst of a busy day.

  26. Amazing that a symbol of a bubble in this way can reflect so much of how life can be lived! Imagine if we actually lived with the grace and knowing this bubble held for you and everyone in the shop! We would have effortless harmony. Why we complicate our lives with trying and control is beyond crazy, when life can be so different.

  27. I am revisiting this blog and am still blown away by the power of symbolism and the magic of God that surrounds us on a daily basis as we go through the movements that make up the sum total of what we call ‘our day’. We live in a 3rd dimensional plane of existence and in this sense we belong to the temporal world (all that can be perceived through our 5 senses), yet our origin reaches much further than this. Through our 6th sense, our ability to feel and read energy, we are reminded of a place we long ago called ‘home’. And even though many of us may have seemingly forgotten what this home looks like, we are showered with reminders that we come from something far greater than what we, as a group, are currently willing to express here on Earth.

    The truth here is that we belong to a much vaster intelligence than what we currently subscribe to and that this intelligence is truly universal and thus spherical by nature in the sense that we are all interconnected and thus going around in cycles until we arrive back at the point from which we departed from such beholding Love.

  28. I love the playfulness and profundity of this article. The delicacy and power of this bubble and the inspiration it has offered as it stopped you in your tracks and you went onto share the teaching you were offered. Thank you.

  29. I love re-reading this for the confirmation and feel that grace brings to us and is there at all times – it’s just a question of making the choice to notice.

  30. Walking is one example that is very easy for me to practice movement with, for I find the signals from my body are quite clear on what pace I should move at on any given day and time. Some times it will be faster, other times I know I need to walk slower, but with both this should never compromise on the quality I walk with, I suppose you could say the pace I walk is determined by the need not to burst the bubble. Finding the rhythm that suits me.

  31. I also appreciate more deeply everyday all that has been shared and reflected by Serge Benhayon. Each day my body reflects back to me that there is a gentler deeper way to go about my movements, and I’m really starting to understand and feel that if I don’t honour this I might just burst. What is wonderful about this feeling is that I am truly inspired to honour it, and even stating to be obedient to it. This is a huge difference from the person who in the past would push through most things at the expense of my body.

  32. The reflection of the bubble gently floating with its own purpose and connection is very inspiring and real to feel in my body and something to be inspired by constantly as a reminder in all movements joyfully.

  33. I have found that to be aware in what energy and at what speed I make the big movements, such as walking, is quite easy and as a result the speed and the force that I used to walk in has reduced considerably, but it is often in the smallest movements that I lose my awareness. To take the time to make even the tiniest movement in total awareness is such a delicious thing to do with each movement then flowing naturally on to another; a beautiful ripple effect simply from expanding my awareness.

  34. There is so much to be learnt and appreciated about the quality of our movements, because everything can be considered a movement from our breath, thoughts, feelings, reactions and behaviours. If everything is a movement we are constantly changing our relationships with other people and things in life? The question then arises does the quality of our movements contribute or negate to our harmonious interdependence?

  35. One of the most powerful and life-changing teachings I have received through Universal Medicine is the understanding that we are to ‘observe and not absorb’ life around us. By using the Gentle Breath Mediation ( I have learnt what this means in a day to day practical sense, and cannot believe the difference it makes to how I feel at the end of a busy day. That bubble was ‘breathing it’s own breath’, unaffected and undisturbed by all around it, just going about it’s own wanderings. A beautiful lesson indeed, simple but very powerful.

    1. The “bubble was ‘breathing it’s own breath’”, what a great understanding expressed by this blog. Thank you Jenny.

  36. To live life in mastery consistently like the bubble shows is a great thing…Universal Medicine’s presentations and presenters show truly what is possible. This is deeply inspiring and I know that by making different choices I can live this way too.

  37. This blog came to me today when I was doing some housework. Remembering to stay with me rather than clock watching to see how much time I had left before I had to head out today. Letting go and trusting showed me that more was done not out of speed but by the simplicity of not attaching to worry and choosing to trust time for the first time! Thank you this blog has shown me that it really does work!

  38. The bubble reflects to us also, that we can communicate vast amounts not necessarily with words, but most certainly with movements.

  39. I am ongoingly inspired to recognise the qualities of this bubble in us all… and marvel at what it will look like when we all live and move like bubbles. There is such innate respect, grace and awareness in us.

  40. I get a greater sense from reading your blog, how everything in life is a reflector, no matter how small or insignificant we think they may be. Thank you for the reminder of how super important it is to pay close attention and read everything that life is reflecting to us. If we fail to do this we may miss out on golden opportunities that are being presented to us to learn and grow from.

  41. The power of simply being is beautifully expressed in this. We do not have to be any more and not any less than who we are.

  42. Quiet regularly if in a rush or drive I flinch at how I put objects down. Coming back to this blog I feel a sense of appreciation for this level of sensitivity. It’s not about doing everything slowly, especially not at work as a waitress! But doing what I do with an awareness of my body. I am pretty sure that bubble was anything but slow and I feel we can be the same in our movements. Being gentle or present with our bodies doesn’t mean slow. If anything I am learning when connected there is a lot of ‘get-up-and-go’ without a drive.

  43. Thank you, a very inspiring blog that shares the aspect of space and the brilliant example of that in daily life. We create a bubble of space by own choice. So thank you for sharing this with us.

  44. Great article – the only thing I would add by way of clarification is that moving delicately or indeed from a foundation of stillness has nothing to do with speed, and everything to do with quality. One can move fast and be non-imposing, and one can on the contrary move slowly, or indeed sit still, and impose their weight and stance upon the whole world. Similarly, one can move quickly and be in rhythm with life and themselves, and yet move slowly and still be caught in the rush of things.

  45. Amazing, a tiny, delicate bubble still standing on the busy shop floor. This really contradicts a theory about the survival of the fittest, doesn’t it? No need to be tough skinned or big and strong, but the ability to surrender and be carried by the flow can take us very far.

    1. Beautifully said Fumiyo. I visited my sons high school this week and saw how many choose to be tough and rough and hard to say to others, back-off. Fragility and preciousness or even gentleness is not honoured.

  46. I love returning to this blog and the grace I feel reading it. Today I felt myself pulled different ways with a changing list of tasks asked of me. It meant my plan to complete a necessary number of jobs couldn’t be fulfilled. I felt angry and stressed, a feeling of injustice arose like don’t criticize me for not being able to complete what is asked when asked to do other jobs takes precedence. Reading this reminds me of what is important, quality, and if systems fail because people are not supported then I can accept this and not invest in other’s opinions of me. This bubble teaches me I am loved and am love regardless of what business goes on outside of me.

  47. The experience of seeing our surroundings when moving like the bubble, is totally different to when we are not, things either seem disturbing or they are observed for what they truly are.

  48. His gives me a lot to
    Consider – how am I moving and in what quality. What is the driver behind my
    Movements. Is it to connect more or is it to get from a to b. I know I am very much in getting from a to b and this blog comes as a welcome stop moment to look at quality first.

  49. “With no perfection, I was more open to moving in my home and workspace with less drive and becoming aware of the responsibility that my movements carry” – great self-experiment to do Anonymous, and also even when we’re are not moving, and asleep or at home resting recuperating after illness for example, to think that we are still affecting things, people around us, is quite something and a responsibility too – we are working even when we’re not at work…changes the whole paradigm of what ‘working’ truly is.

  50. I love your connection with the bubble and movement and how the bubble showed you a way you could be that held your space at the same time as being in the busy hectic world. I could really feel as I read your blog how we can still be delicate gentle and be aware of everything, and yet move within our own space without disruption staying in the flow of everything. What a beautiful message you were given that you could have so easily ignored in the rush to get everything done.

  51. The bubble for me is also symbolic of the beauty, delicateness and preciousness amongst other divine qualities that is always present in the space around us. So we can choose to know and move with this or we can choose to stay in our ‘own bubble’ which feels more like a box, with hard edges and flat screens which say I’m not coming out nor letting anything in.

  52. “Everything is part of a whole and this bubble was showing me the delicateness of who I am and how I can live unrattled, unwavering, and be part of the whole movement of the universe just like the delicate and fragile bubble.” The simple beauty of a movement expressed from our whole being can be delicately shared with the all, just as you have superbly described here Anonymous. Thank you.

  53. For me the bubble also represents how we can be in situations just observing not judging and allowing people to be… and a biggie for me not taking everything so seriously. It’s amazing how much do you notice and feel of his movements when you start to be aware of your own. Now if I let a door slam or I put something down too hard I realize straight away because it’s like a jolt in my body and I know I have affected others around me… this I never even realized before.

  54. I find this blog such a greater reminder to stay ever aware and present, deepening my connection with myself in everything I do and to observe and not absorb.

  55. What I find revealing is how can we use movement to our advantage (be with ourselves, come back to ourselves, deepen the relationship with ourselves, confirm ourselves) or to escape from what are we feeling.

  56. Yes being able to stay with ourselves, connected, not being impacted by other peoples rhythms, not dropping to someone else’s attitude or behaviours, and staying with our own movements is a way of being that can take some practice, with no perfection of course. But when we do stay with ourselves and not align to others, we build up that muscle within, that saying, ‘hey, this is me, I am going to be love no matter what is going on around me’.

  57. Esoteric Yoga is a great and powerful support in developing a relationship with our inner stillness and how to move with that in everyday life. Our bodies naturally know how this works, how stillness moves in motion, it is us (the mind) that have busied ourselves beyond reach and relied on nervous energy to feed that instead.

  58. It’s the commitment to staying steady with ourselves no matter what is around us, that I can feel really supports us to see and feel clearly what is going on, and not to get involved or take other people’s stuff on.

  59. It is very revealing to realise that we are in fact in a relationship with everything and that our every movement carries a quality of vibration that we are connected to, be it love or otherwise. When we bring our attention to the quality of relationship we hold with ourselves, we then start to bring awareness and responsibility to the fact that, this is quality of relationship we then share with everything and everyone. As through every move we make, we communicate the vibration we choose to pass through us.

    1. Great comment Carola, what you’ve shared really confirms what I have been noticing lately around how I react and respond to people around me. It shows how important it is to always be aware of what energy I am choosing to move and communicate in because it affects my next move, next thought and actions.

  60. “…Never realising all that I was in contact with and what mark I had left behind.” This line really stood out to me, how many times do we move in the day and we are not aware of everything and everyone we are in contact with, and what marks we have left behind? For me the sand on the beach is one of the greatest reminders of this, because whatever you do and however you move, it leaves a imprint of your exact movement.

  61. I have been noticing how I move at home is slightly different to how I move when I am elsewhere. At home I tend to move with a drive to get things done and I notice how I tend to be more agitated, frustrated and impatient. My change in behavior I feel is related to my movements and your blog certainly confirms this. I am going to place more attention to the energy and quality of my movements to see the difference it makes in how I feel and respond to others.

  62. A beautiful sharing Anonymous. For us this bubble shows us just how easy it is to be truly in our lives in a very natural way by not allowing pressure to build that then throws us off balance.

  63. Being able to move like the bubble in this blog is a possibility for all of us and can be achieved effortlessly if we choose so. But here is the crunch, we do choose so or not, thus choose differently, what are we then choosing for as this is peoples common way of living? To me the answer is simple as them we choose to live in reaction to what the world is reflecting to us instead of what is really asked of us and that is to respond and in that to be like the bubble that is there to live that what is needed in any moment, not for ourselves but to serve others to show them the way out of this mess we have created on this earth.

  64. Really beautiful to also see that the bubble is just itself, despite any pressures that come it’s way they are all coming from outside it. If it took these on so to speak it would indeed be crushed.

  65. ‘a simple bubble moving delicately amongst the crowd.’ And we can be the same within crowds, not crushed, hurried or driven, but moving ever so gently.

  66. I was in an elevator yesterday and there was a couple arguing. When I went in I stood very still. They stopped arguing. It brought to my attention that every one of our movements are affecting everyone, and we do feel it.

    1. Wow that is gorgeous and so powerful Adele. I have had similar experiences which are rather fun to observe!

  67. Very gorgeous and so apt, when we take care of us, how we are, how we move we offer a quality back to the world, one that says no matter what i am here and I will be open, loving and steady. Part of the all yet choosing how to be in it. This is how we can live.

  68. What you share here is super powerful and truly shows the simplicity in life. There is so much to observe and be if we allow ourselves to be aware of all that is going on around us beyond the business and daily pace we take as so normal.

  69. This morning in a Workshop I just experienced what you describe Anonymous, the space all around me and within me. I felt weightless and transparent, so this strange feeling of being unseen and yet totally visible at the same time to all if they choose to see me for all that I am, seemingly vulnerable but totally unaffected by any threat, like your bubble.

  70. What a powerful message for us all from a simple bubble;
    “It was not hiding, rushing or holding back what it was – a simple bubble moving delicately amongst the crowd”.

  71. The delicacy and transparency of a bubble and how it moves ever so light. What an awesome reflection of choosing simplicity in life just being present in our movements and feel how we are connected with the universe and its flow.

  72. This is a beautiful story to keep to be reminded that I can always be tender and delicate in any situation. That being rough and tough to get through life is simply not true.

  73. The movements we make can be very disruptive, or totally in harmony with the space we are in, it is a beautiful science and it takes dedication and Harmony to live and move this way.

  74. There is a world of difference between affecting everybody and everything with our harsh movements or blessing them and the all with the presence, poise and unimposing manner of how we can and would innately move.

  75. A simple example of how we move and how we interact and how this results in our surroundings is when we walk in nature if we keep the simplicity of the bubble we will see the magic of nature , the playfulness of nature and feel its complete harmony.

  76. It is so wonderful to connect to how our movements affect all because they can be either harmful and healing and once we have the awareness we then have more choice. The joy and magic that often happens when we move in harmony is out of this world!

  77. Effortlessness in movement – That’s what we have available to us, but how many of us choose to struggle and bludgeon the body so much that movement feels like an effort?

  78. I just love the bullet points you have given us here and the statement that I am also confirming “Everything is part of a whole and this bubble was showing me the delicateness of who I am and how I can live unrattled, unwavering, and be part of the whole movement of the universe just like the delicate and fragile bubble.’’ A very precious blog Anonymous.

  79. I have enjoyed watching a bubble move gently along on its path, it gently moves with the wind and rolls over obstacle lightly. It responds to the wind and vibrations we see can to see. Can we move more in life responding to vibrations rather than just what we hear and see?

  80. There really isn’t anything that is random. We are constantly being shown things around us, it is simply about us tuning into it and seeing it for what it is…how can life be boring when life is in constant communication with us. So always developing awareness is key.

  81. The details of the things that happen in our day, and the fact that you noticed the bubble and shared your observations in this blog is lovely. A reminder for me to be aware of the small acts of magic that happen all around us, that can so easily be missed in our busy days.

  82. Such a gorgeous sharing thank you, a reminder that magic happens and is all around us if we are open to receive the message we are being gifted with beautiful observations of how we can effortlessly move through life.

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