THE MOVING BUBBLE – A Simple Lesson in Staying with my Movements and Claiming Who I Am 

I recently attended a Universal Medicine Saturday event where I discovered the impact our movements have on our body and all that surrounds us. I could understand the impact on people, but this time around I began to realise that our surroundings include our relationships with each and every object we come into contact with, and this is of equal importance.

It made me stop to review how often I would move in a hurry or constantly move in the zone of wanting to get from A to B, not taking into consideration the speed in which I would place my plate on the table, how I would open and shut doors or the simplicity of plugging a cord into a socket, all of which are movements that impact on each and every one of us.

In many ways my movements were classic to those of any inbuilt drive motor that was constantly in top gear and would only switch to the ‘off’ mode when the exhaustion levels kicked in – never realising all that I was in contact with and what mark I had left behind.

Taking this on board, and with what I discovered at the workshop, I became aware of how over time my movements did change. With no perfection, I was more open to moving in my home and workspace with less drive and becoming aware of the responsibility that my movements carry. Over time I noticed that even though I had changed my movements there was still an element of drive that was pushing me in my daily routine, and that when I stopped I could feel the tension I was still carrying. The self-care was there, but not to the level that I knew was true and it didn’t feel as though this was coming from my body.

A lesson in the simplicity of movement …

Last week I was asked to make a quick dash to the shops to buy a gift for a work colleague in one of the local shopping centres. It was a busy Saturday afternoon and I only had an hour to spare before I needed to be at another appointment. As I entered the gift shop I was greeted with a busy showroom full of customers buying from the sales rack. Each shop assistant was serving and the traffic was consistent. I viewed the various pieces of jewelry in the glass cabinets and waited patiently to be served by the staff.

As I looked up to make eye contact I noticed a small bubble floating in the air. I turned to see where it could have come from. There was no bubble making machines on display. This bubble literally came out of nowhere but I had a feeling that there was a lesson to be learnt.

I observed the bubble as it circled the room. Its small yet simple spherical shape made its way effortlessly to all the corners of the gift shop. It floated up high and came down low. Amongst all this were people moving around quite frantically in a buying frenzy. The bubble did not jolt or react when customers moved at a fast pace. The bubble kept steady and slid along the front counter case with no one realising it was there and then took off again. It circled a couple that were disagreeing over which item to buy and then landed on the table top near me. I stood and looked at the bubble. It was clear, transparent and delicate in its structure. It was not hiding, rushing or holding back what it was – a simple bubble moving delicately amongst the crowd.

I noticed the bubble

  • Kept its own pace
  • Stopped every so often and then took off again
  • Travelled high and low and was not affected by the crowds coming in and out
  • Rested on surfaces that would have been considered high traffic spots and was never crushed
  • Was transparent, yet easy to miss with a blink of an eye
  • Didn’t react or jolt when customers moved by at a fast pace
  • Moved in one direction and the other effortlessly but with a purpose

The bubble then made its way down the tiled entrance area, smack bang in the middle of the busy pathway. I was sure that this bubble would be gone in a matter of seconds. I watched and observed how it sat patiently, did not move, held its own and was still in its full state.

Within a few minutes I was being attended to by the staff and purchased the gift. On my way out the door I stopped to see if the bubble was still there. Sure enough there the bubble stood – still in its full size as more people entered the shops – not wavering from its position.

As I left, I came to realise that I was being shown a lesson in how my movements could be; where I am still holding my space, yet not affecting all that is around me, from the people, to the angles of the cupboards, to the shapes of the doors and cabinets. Everything is part of a whole and this bubble was showing me the delicateness of who I am and how I can live unrattled, unwavering, and be part of the whole movement of the universe just like the delicate and fragile bubble.

My deep appreciation to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for presenting the work of the Ancient Wisdom that offers the opportunity to be inspired to bring simplicity back into our lives in the simplest of ways, knowing that we all have a part to play in the movements we make in this amazing universe we live in.

By Anonymous

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703 thoughts on “THE MOVING BUBBLE – A Simple Lesson in Staying with my Movements and Claiming Who I Am 

  1. David Bowie made me so envious in the kid’s movie from the 80s’ The Labyrinth, there was this scene that he is able to touch the bubbles, I always found bubbles magical and I still love them as an adult. I did however want to be able to touch them and as a child I was disappointed that they popped if you tried. What I did learn though, is if you are very delicate, they can land on your hand and remain whole.
    The depth in which you have ‘read’ the meaning of the bubble in the shop is brilliant, these types of reading are available to us constantly in life, if we only stop for a moment and allow the magic in. That bubble was equally there for everyone in that shop to learn from but we only notice what is right in front of us, when we are ready

  2. I still love bubbles too. They are so delicate and most people love them – they have a movement all of their own – wafting along until they touch someone or something – then burst. We too are sensitive and delicate and just our presence affects others – like the bubble. Do we move with grace and delicacy like the bubble – that can uplift peoples hearts?

    1. “Do we move with grace and delicacy like the bubble – that can uplift peoples hearts?” A beautiful invitation Sue to be open to the gracefulness that lives in all of us.

  3. I love these moments where there is so much reflected back/shown and there’re so many of them, it is only a matter whether I am open to see them or not. And you put it so beautifully into words how rich and vibrant and full these moments are.

  4. Yes we do, we all have a part to play and it can be one that adds to the rush or stays with stillness and offers a reflection of another way. Thank you to the delicateness of the human and nature ‘bubbles’ that have been my reflection along the way, to inspire and call me home 🙂 Thank you for the perfect timing of this blog this morning – another bubble!

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